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02-01-2006, 06:03 AM
"Ok guys, everyone into the Danger Room if you're going to play Dodgeball with me and a few of your teachers," Sunspot said over the voices, hushing them down. "Once we're inside two of you will be picked as captains and sides will be picked. This is a powers on game, within reason. No megasuper strength, limited telekinesis, and no shooting any wierd crap at anyone else. I don't want anyone sent to the infirmary. Everyone got that," Roberto asked as he opened up the Danger Room and allowed everyone to file past him.

Once the students and players were inside the Danger Room Roberto named off the captains and teams were quickly formed. Then, looking at the box he spoke to Emma. "Leech, Ms. Frost, if you please let the games begin!"

02-01-2006, 04:25 PM
Skye stood on one half of the court, a transformed Danger Room, facing the Blue Team with a steely gaze. She was the Red Team Captain and Eclipse had been chosen Captain for their rivals. The teams were, for the most part, even except for a few weak points Skye could see and since powers were allowed, the other team was going to get creamed.

The blonde looked back at her teammates, and nodded at each. Bishop, Lotus, Nocturne, Windtide, Paragon, Sunspot, Sphere and Shield. The 18 players faced each other, ready to begin the game. The teams were waiting for the go ahead from Ms. Frost and Leech. Skye frowned as she recalled that the little green mutant was going to be around while they played. That meant that their powers could turn off at any time, depending on how close the little guy was. That could leave someone very vulnerable.

Skye shrugged to herself. If it affected them, it would affect the Blue Team. The brit focused her stare on Will, and smirked. He was so cocky, talking about their destruction but it was only a matter of time before he ate those words.

The blonde, a normally care-free girl, had a completely different attitude when it came to sports or games. She took the competition seriously and played every game completely focused and with all her energy. She hadn't played dodgeball since she was a 13 or 14 and the thought of getting to play again excited her. Add to that excitement the knowledge that she would get to and would have to use her powers, and what you got was an 18 year old with every muscle in her body itching to move. 'Come on, let's start already,' Skye moaned in her mind.

02-01-2006, 05:23 PM
Oh, he was looking forward to this.

After only a few days at the mansion, he'd already been buffeted around by too many people. But now, now he would get his revenge. His weapon of choice? A dimpled, crimson orb, aerodynamically flawless, just longing to be rocketed through the air at high velocity. The impact of said bludgeoning tool would result in a most angry sting, followed by an immediate disqualification, or death, as he liked to call it. He was a gladiator poised for battle... today, there would be no prisoners.

Yes. He was looking forward to this.

Glancing at his troops, he could recall the fear he felt the first time he stepped into a dodgeball game. But years toiling on the wasteland of the elementary school playground had made him cold, and he would accept no cowardice. There would be no whimpering this day; no tears would be shed. And as God was his witness, no man would be left behind.

Turning his hardened glare to the team opposite him, Eclipse locked eyes with his opposing captain, the one they called Phantom. Abruptly he raised his arm forward, his face still like stone, and pointed towards her. In one fluid motion, quick as lightning, he withdrew his hand to point at his own eye. No word need be said. She knew that at the end of this tournament that would rival even the titanic clashes of the gladiators in the Coliseum of Ancient Rome that she would be as her name truly indicated: a ghost.

Not turning away from his opponent, he raised his voice to his loyal and trusted comrades.

"On my word, unleash Hell."

02-01-2006, 06:42 PM
After the teams had been spoken Sunspot found himself on the same side as Bishop and Nocturne, not to mention the others. He knew that all of the team members brought their own strengths and weaknesses to the table, and that he would have to fight the urge to begin barking orders once the rubber began to fly. On that thought, Sunspot began to engage his powers causing his body and clothing to turn as completely black as the inside of a closed coffin eight feet under the ground.

With a dazzling smile of white teeth against his otherwise dark contenance, Roberto began to lift off from the ground. He and Windtide were the only fliers on Red Team, so they would be patrolling the unfriendly skies above the Red Territory. "Windtide, once this kicks off let the Blues have it full force. Storm isn't playing, so they can't counter it. They'll never get a shot off," Roberto called to the blonde flier.

In the area immediately around Sunspot's body he began to raise the temperature knowing that if he did it slowly and carefully enough he could control it to the point where he could melt incoming rubber missiles before they struck him. Nodding to the rest of his earthbound team he waited for the order from Skye to fire.

02-01-2006, 08:57 PM
Leech sat quietly above the teams on a viewing platform, he swung his legs in the open space between his chair and the floor. Cupping his hands around his chin he looked down, it looked like a fun game but no-one was doing anything yet. Leech wondered about what 'Berto was saying with powers, he felt that dampening field that constantly surrounded him was slowly but surely spiking in response to so many mutants in the room. Luckily he and Emma were high enough up to not interfere, for now..

He turned to look at the blonde woman beside him, remembering his manners he removed his beanie and asked "Miss Frost, Miss.. Leech want to know why dodgeball in danger room?" He had been plodding around the mansion all day long and when none of the staff had volunteered to mind him whilst the game was played he was forced to sit with his old teacher. Leech tried to make light of the situation by smiling, but Emma was a tough nut to crack.

After staring innocently at her for a few moments he was drawn to the playing field where the players had already started the ritual of talking one another down.


02-01-2006, 10:15 PM
Hiram chuckled as he walked into the Danger Room. So they were going to have a little dodge ball tournament, sounded like fun. Like everything else in life Hiram took the thing casually, it looked like everybody else was taking things a tad too serious though. He chuckled as he walked next to Will, and took off his hat and tossed it aside.

?Unleash hell? Isn?t that a little much, Cap?n?? Hiram chuckled and shook his head. ?Maybe we should start with unleashing Purgatory. Then move up to Hell. Or I guess it would be move down to Hell. We don?t want to get Heaven on their asses we? That would be a mistake.?

He glanced over at Skye and gave her a friendly wave. He couldn?t help but laugh at the serious look on her face. She was his best friend, but it looked like he was going have to bring her down a peg or two. Seeing Sunspot power up, Hiram figured he might as well do something to. He clenched his fist and powered his static field on. The feint glow spread all across his body and once again his hair shot up at the top of his head, and he gave a crazed cackle.

?Hey Blondie!? Hiram smiled and pointed a finger at Skye. ?You?re going down! It?s going to be the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 all rolled into one.... only with balls... this time around.?

02-01-2006, 10:29 PM
Skye's serious expression broke once Hiram finished speaking. She laughed and shook her head as she crossed her arms. Smirking at the other team, she said, "You'll have to find me first." Closing her eyes, the blonde concentrated on her body, on her nerves and thought of only living up to her name. She thought of all the boys at home who saw her as another one of them, of her parents pushing her aside for Farrah, of a man that would never see her the way she wanted him to... Her feelings of inadequacy and insecurity narrowed into a beam of pure focus and Skye felt her nerves sing. The sensation spread to her entire body and without even having to look down, the blonde knew she was invisible.

She moved swiftly from her place so the other team wouldn't know where she was and filled her lungs. "Team, FIRE!!" she yelled with all the breath in her body. It wouldn't be her team going down today, it most certainly would not.

02-01-2006, 10:51 PM
Will's hardwork at keeping his facial expression smile-free as he prepared to lead his team into a heated, though undoubtedly awesome, dodgeball match was completely shot to Hell when Hiram picked on him about his supposed seriousness. Losing all ability at trying, no matter how poorly, to intimidate the Red Team, Will's face cracked into a huge grin as he punched Hiram in the arm, jokingly.

"Come on, dude!" Will said, breaking his death stare on Skye so he could turn and address Hiram. "You don't remember that part from Gladiator? Maximus getting all crazy before they go and ruin the German/Viking guys? Now let's beat more ass than Russell Crowe!"

And with that, he whipped back around, dodgeball in hand, towards the Red Team, only to see Roberto in the air, the rest of the team scattering about, and Skye...well...wasn't there anymore. It wasn't until that point that he realized jsut how useless his power was going to be compared to everyone else in this game, as, unless someone hit the lights or he saw a shadow that was wider than his own, he had no method of escape...

And that was just not acceptable.

Grinning broadly, he started to move all around the Blue side of the Danger Room, making sure not to stay in one place too long, constantly scanning so that no one could surprise him.

"Allright, guys!" Will shouted. "As cliche' as it might sound, remember: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge! Oh, and throw hard too!"

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02-02-2006, 12:14 AM
"Team, FIRE!!"

"You heard the boss," Sunspot called to Windtide. "Windtide, give this a little push when I throw it our target is Hank." Roberto said, letting his super-strength begin to seep into his body. "Hey, Beast, CATCH!" Roberto yelled at Hank before unloading the ball at him with everything he had behind it. Sunspot knew the blue-furred mutant was quick and nimble, but he didn't think even the mighty Beast could dodge one that he put everything behind. Sunspot figured that the velocity was simply too great.

02-02-2006, 05:20 AM
This was interesting.

Only moments after returning to the mansion, being left by her fellow companions, Simone had been entered into a war. This war didn't contain guns or slaughtering, but youth with uncontrollable super powers didn't seem too different from this blonde's opinion. Although it was just a friendly game of dodge ball, a game that had completely been void within the wind manipulator's mind, something told her it would be too friendly in the end. Nevertheless, Simone was always one for a challenge, and this was her chance to prove to the others why she was deemed worthy of being Generation X's team leader. She was, simply, the best. At least, that's what Emma had envisioned within her.

Speaking of the cold telepath, Simone looked up moments before the game had started. It was the first time she had seen her mother, Simone's departure one of complete confusion. Her blue orbs of beauty scanned against the woman's frame and she remembered. Nothing had changed. Simone hoped that was the case. Was she still the team leader? Emma's little counterpart? Simone thought so, but in actuality, she was much more. She had to realize that and understand that she had developed, but it was a hard task to accomplish.

"Windtide, once this kicks off let the Blues have it full force. Storm isn't playing, so they can't counter it. They'll never get a shot off,"

Roberto's voice entered through the daydream Simone withheld. At that moment, she had come back to reality in a snap-second. At first, she didn't realize what the male had said, everything becoming second nature to the wind manipulator, but then it all registered. She was playing dodge ball. Oh, yeah, Simone thought to herself as her glance toward Emma and her green companion ceased to exist. Had it started already? The answer was more apparent now that she had been paying attention to the scene, the changes from the metallic surfaces, and the others running about. This was the place to be. But, was it?

"Team, FIRE!!"

The sharp command sliced through Simone's senses as she realized that she was not the leader of the Red team. Wait a minute, who was on her team again? Not one of introductions, Simone had spazzed at the idea of memorizing her foes and enemies. Nevertheless, she felt the urge to wing it. It was more fun that way, at any rate. Simone hoped it was.

"You heard the boss,"
"Windtide, give this a little push when I throw it our target is Hank."

Simone grinned. She watched the ball travel through her domain toward its intended target. At first, she didn't know what to do with it, then Sunspot's advice came to mind. Simone's grin transformed into a hulled expression, informing those watching that her concentration was building. The blonde, then, closed her eyes from reality and felt the air molecules become more action. More than that, Simone could feel the air molecules around the fired ball become more active. It was her job to develop its pace, and with a reassuring pause, Simone's eyes opening to become fully covered with a milky surface, the wind within the Danger Room increased.

Arms in complete conjunction to her shoulders, Simone stepped forward, and the wind slowly increased, the ball speeding through the air because of the invisible push. "For those who know me, you know the drill. To those who don't, be prepared to learn!"

Wintery Delight
02-02-2006, 05:55 AM
When you were a telepath, you knew things would happen before it did. You could feel the thought of the idea peaking into fruition, then take action moments before. Or, if you were Emma Frost, you would have conjoined the idea and roll with it, making its outcome your own. This was Emma's plan. She could sense minds miles from her, through towns, cities, and states. It was not unusual for her to have sensed one of the most perverted minds within the mansion, concocting ideas.

Roberto DaCosta - one of the original New Mutants, a group whose intention was the birth of the Hellions. He was bored. Emma could sense it. Why do something important when immaturity was a better, easier desire? That's what separated the Frost sisters from the others. It was all about business. Although interest had been sparked within Emma, concocting ideas of her own, the desire to control the minds of the weak and fragile almost overwhelming her senses, she would simply judge the event that would be forthcoming. Which was why she sat high above the others - watching, preying on their flaws, and complimenting their accomplishments. Time would only tell, and with the developing interest rising within the student body, the time was sure to come.

"Once we're inside two of you will be picked as captains and sides will be picked. This is a powers on game, within reason. No mega super strength, limited telekinesis, and no shooting any weird crap at anyone else. I don't want anyone sent to the infirmary. Everyone got that,"

She crossed her legs after Sunspot's introduction. Emma would have allowed the students to use their powers to the full extent. It was only natural for students to venture into an abyss of darkness before they found their way. How would they do such if their were restrictions? Unfeasible restrictions, at that. The blonde beauty didn't worry her intellectual head over the small IQ's of those deemed useless to her. They and she, herself, knew that she was better at everything, which was why she was the Headmistress. As a healthy amount of students entered the Danger Room, many familiar and others unexpected, Emma continued to watch as the former New Mutant named the captains: William Leforn, cousin of one Emma's former students, a shadow teleporter; and Skye Walters, a copycat Invisible Woman.

This was interesting.

"Leech, Ms. Frost, if you please let the games begin!"

Analyzing Roberto's choice, wondering why he had choice these specific individuals, Emma observed the game. Frequently, Emma would peer into the minds of many of the unfamiliar students. She wanted only the best in her school, and she would give the best advice to those that needed it. To do so, she needed information, all of which was held within the mind. A minute or so went by as Roberto's comment registered. "Yes, my darlings, lets begin. I have much to accomplish."

"Miss Frost, Miss.. Leech want to know why dodge ball in danger room?"

The voice of a smaller individual crept upward toward the towering beauty. Emma smiled in return, resting the palms of her hands against her knee caps. How to put it in a way a child can even comprehend? "The minds of youth are so fragile, my dear, Leech. Instead of learning to overthrow companies and become rich, they waste away the years with foolishness." Emma began. "Its not the youth's fault, however. MTV and VH1 are to blame. Nevertheless, we can learn from this experience, as helpless as it seems."

02-02-2006, 06:22 AM
The ball which Simone had propelled toward the Blue team's side was stopped short by a small hand which had clamped down on the rubbery sphere hard enough for a resounding thuuumph to have been heard. Without a paused, the lithe Shi'ar had jumped up off the floor...

...And just as suddenly lit the Danger Room up like a disco hall.

The shower of lights sparkled in a multicolor array, as the shining child darted up into the air, his Avinian reflexes trained on Simone with all the attention a raptor pays its prey, an arm cocked back as Sy prepared to unleash a furious toss. "Learn what? That you throw like a girl," the youth taunted Windtide.

"Let me teach you something. Like how its done," the boy added, as he snapped his arm around, the ball fired off like a shot from a gun and carrying all the kinetic potential of a beanbag round fired from a double-ought rifle. Like a rubber bullet, it streaked through the air. Having seen his target in action, however, Syaoran didn't expect it to hit Simone. He'd bet she'd dodge it. When it struck the floor however... the recoil on its bounce was going to be wicked.

Where it went from there... there was no telling. Other than it was going to smart like hell when it struck.

02-02-2006, 06:58 AM
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As the small feathered Syaoran unleashed a cannon-shot of his own towards Simone, Roberto zipped over to interpose himself between his teammate and the ball.

The Brazilian realized that he had absolutely no realistic chance of catching the rocket shot. That alien kid sure had a cannon for an arm too. "Nice try Syaoran, but watch this," Roberto called to the child, channeling power into both hands for a concussive blast.

Doing some very quick calculations in his head, Roberto unloaded the concussive blast on Syaoran's shot not a moment too soon. The blast struck the ball and sent it careening away towards Sunspot's intended target, James Svitek who was in the process of stalking Bishop to get close enough for the shot.

02-02-2006, 07:14 AM
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James focused in on his target, Bishop, and locked in on his heat source as he stalked the older and more wizened mutant. James had made the logical assumption that since Bishop was an X-Man that he would be a far more dangerous dodgeballer than, say, Skye. James truly didn't think Skye would try to hit him until she had to as the blonde Brit was his friend. James knew he wouldn't try to hit Skye until he had to, not that he had much choice in the matter since she had gone invisible. However, he knew right where she was because of her heat signature. Even though she was invisible, she couldn't turn that off, and he knew her well enough to single hers out... well, hers and Lani's.

Honestly, James had been a little hurt by the fact that Skye hadn't picked him to be on her team. True, he'd never played before, and true he was the tallest player on either team, making him a target. Still, it had hurt a little that the girl hadn't picked him to be on her team, even as other, younger, younger players like Paragon and Syaoran were picked. Why hadn't anyone wanted him? James had been the very last player picked.

'Well, I'll show them. I'll show them all that I'm not the worst player here,' he thought, keeping a careful eye out to make sure Lani, who was his teammate was not getting herself into trouble. Suddenly, there were several bright, multi-colored flashes around James and he looked up and around, not sure where the lights had come from. During his arial scanning he picked up a rubber ball headed his way with tremendous force behind it. "Dammit," the Reptilian swore, quickly bringing some of his acid up. When the ball entered range James unloaded on it, and was gratified to watch the ball dissolve into nothingness under the acidic onslaught of his powers. Rubber was no match for him. As long as he had acid in his body and was careful where he sprayed it he would be able to not only defend himself and others, but also avoid injuring anyone with his potentially life-threatening ability.

James looked around a second later, after dealing with the threat of the rocket ball, and was pleased to see that during his exploits Bishop had turned his back to James in an attempt to deal with Syaoran before the Shi'ar could unload another cannon ball. Grinning at Bishop's exposed back, James popped out of his hiding place and launched the ball at Bishop with everything he had, hoping that the elder mutant wouldn't wheel around and catch him in the act of assassination.

Fuxxy Elf
02-02-2006, 07:52 AM
Beast crouched on the Danger Room floor and grinned at his team mates as they all stood in their starting positions. This game of dodgeball was an attempt to settle the New Mutants into life at the X Mansion, and also gave the older mutants a chance to gauge the powers and capabilities of the younger generation. And making two of the New Mutants team captains had been an ideal move, giving them the opportunity to learn team work and leadership first hand, both integral qualities if they wanted to become X Men.

He chuckled as his team captain argued the virtues of quoting Russell Crowe with Hiram who was more concerned with French Revolutionary history, ?Really boys, why quote some modern film when you can always go back to the classics,? He stood up straight and coughed with fake pretension into a closed fist, and with a booming voice began, ?Once more into the breach??

Sunspot?s powerful ball headed towards Hank at quite some speed. Without hesitation Hank flipped backwards landing expertly on the palms of his hands. His aim though was not to dodge the ball, but catch it in his feet which he also accomplished, ?Really Bobby,? he called out in mock anger, ?I was busy.? Looking back at his team mates, ?Now where was I? Oh yes, ??dear friends.??

Balancing the ball in his left foot, he kicked slightly with the right causing it to spin, ?And another famous Shakespeare quote I am quite fond of, ?Let?s play ball!? He pushed the spinning ball in the air, flipped back onto the soles of his feet and slapped the ball straight back at Sunspot.

02-02-2006, 04:49 PM
Skye slowly walked around the Red Team half of the court, weaving between her teammates. The beauty was gauging the other players movements when James caught her eye. The reptilian mutant had glanced in her direction, with a knowing look. A moment later, the reason why popped into her mind. He had of course mentioned something about heat signatures before, and that hers was distinct to him. He was tracking her! 'Dammit,' she thought.

As she watched, it appeared to her that James was stalking Bishop. Just then, Sunspot launched a dodgeball missile at the other mutant but was thwarted as James' acid did its work. Bishop had turned his back and James was ready to attack. The blonde filled her lungs and yelled, "Bishop, duck!!" She was the captain after all, she had to look out for her teammates.

The brit had formulated a little plan, involving Caleb and his little blue friend. The impalpable mutant located her teammate and Skye placed herself beside Sphere. Leaning in close to the boy's ear, she whispered, "Ok Caleb, let's use that Ka of yours. I think that you should throw it and a dodgeball at the same time at Seraph. Put as much force as you can into the Ka, hopefully he'll try to catch that and get out. All you have to do is be accurate with the dodgeball."

With her plan in motion, the Red Captain looked up to the ceiling to see what the fliers were up to. As her eyes circled the sky, the blonde noticed a woman perched beside Leech on the platform above the game. The older woman was watching their tournament with a look of boredom and disdain. Ms. Frost, a more perfect name for her wasn't possible. Skye chuckled softly, Ms. Frost appeared to be one of those women that thought themselves perfect and everyone else inferior. If she was one of the brit's teachers, they were more than likely going to butt heads. Skye didn't look forward to future confrontations that were likely to occur but resolved to prove herself. She didn't care if Frost didn't like her, but she was going to be a damn good student.

Getting her head back into the game, the blonde waited for the opportunity she was anticipating to occur.

02-02-2006, 08:46 PM
Bosh was somewhere in the middle of everything, trying to keep up with everything that was going on. He didnt get much sleep last night, for reasons that would remain mysterious to those that didnt know his well enough. After a quick assessment, Bosh knew that the only chance they had of winning was Sy and Beast. The old blue animal had a limp and Sy was just a kid. The others on the team could supply suprise punches, but overall, Sy needed to be protected.

Bosh felt much like a human now. He felt more useful at a dump. He knew the best thing he could do for his team would be to protect Sy, and Beast if he could work with the leg. A ball nearby was a godsend for Bosh. He picked it up and held it in front of him like a sheild then ran over to Sy.

"Sy, you better stay in the game. Dont hesitate to go behind me, or anythin and watch out for the fliers." Bosh ranted off. He knew the kid probably understood what he was doing more than Bosh. He was mostly just talking to calm his own nerves. The other team controlled the skies.

Elf Junior
02-02-2006, 10:02 PM
Tj had been quiet until now, brooding, watching the game unfurl. It was interesting to say the least, Sunspot was obviously playing the stereotypical leader role, barking out orders left and right. She blinked stupidly as the little Shiar dude lit up the whole Danger Room. Crouching down, she wobbled slightly and quickly retracted her long pointy blue tail. The effect was almost instantaneous, her balance was back with a vengeance. Clutching her ball tightly to her chest, Tj started leaping nimbly around the room, dodging the hail of balls quite easily. "Guess gym actually did come in handy, in a dodge ball game no less" she commented to herself as she landed neatly, legs bent slightly. Looking around, she picked out a possible target. Hank came to mind immediately, she knew him, vaguely at least, and if her version was anything to go by she could be sure he wouldn't get too angry if she aimed at him. Or perhaps tried to knock him out first.

"Heads up Hank!" she yelled, as a scarlet hex bolt formed in her hands, "Hope this doesn't hurt too much" she murmured to herself before throwing it at Hank, quickly followed by the ball with deadly accuracey...

02-02-2006, 10:46 PM
Leech looked up as Emma spoke, she used words that made his head feel funny. He smiled nodding in appreciation for her company but not for what she said, a lot of it was too deep for him to understand and went way over the green boy's head.Leech looked down at the ground pointing his finger at his face before turning up again to look at Miss Frost, he smiled cheerfully at the beautiful headmistress.

Opening his mouth to say something Leech stammered a bit as his power neutralised any mutant abilities within a ten yard radious, it was spiking again and with his limited control over his powers it was sure to cut the wings of any fliers in play, not to mention Emmas abilities also. Leech giggled forgetting what he was about to say, he nestled his cheek into his shoulder as he fidgeted around. The tickling feeling in his head was making it uncontrollable for him to stay still.

"Leech done do something bad Miss Frost.. ah heehee Leech can't help it"

He shuddered feeling energy course through his spine and felt a bit giddy. It didn't help that they were high up over the play field, it would be a lot easier if Leech could get down to a level where he wouldn't feel so high up.

((Feel free to play out the loss of powers if you get too close ))

02-03-2006, 12:09 AM
Caleb had known that this dodgeball battle would be an insane one, but he was nowhere near prepared for just how insane it was. Immediately, the ones that could took to the air, and mutant powers were unleashed all over the place. As quickly as he could, he darted forward and snatched up a ball from the ground, then concentrated on not getting clobbered. He felt absolutely useless for a moment, though he hadn't forgotten the Ka, which was currently circling his head in a merry little orbit. Apparently, it sensed the rush of adrenaline that flooded him as he sought out a target.

He was nicely distracted when someone on the other team lit up like shards of a bike reflector. Luckily, it only took a few seconds (and the sight of a supersonic ball hurtling toward their side of the room) for Cal to snap out of it, and he once more began to eye the other team, trying to see who he could take out without much difficulty. His eyes fell on Gator, who was currently tracking Bishop, having already launched a ball at his back. Smiling, Caleb figured that he wouldn't be paying much attention to the rest of the field as he was waiting to see the outcome of his throw. 'Here goes nothing,' he thought with a grin, drawing his arm back.

Just as he did, however, he heard a female voice whisper in his ear and almost toppled over. "Wh- whozzat... Skye," he said finally, his senses returning. It was more than a little alarming to have an invisible teammate zipping around, though he realized with a grin that it would be a tad bit more alarming for the other team. He listened intently to Phantom's plan, and when she was done speaking, he looked up at the mutant that he was supposed to be targeting. "Good plan. Okay. You know, I just saw him launch a superball," he said conversationally as he held out his hand, palm-up. Immediately, the Ka dropped into it. "Well, at least I can distract him for a while," he said with a chuckle.

He clenched his fist lightly around the blue sphere in his hand and the surface of it began to swell. Within moments, it was indistinguishable from the red, pockmarked dodgeball tucked under his left arm--except, of course, for an almost imperceptible blue circle that looked as if it'd been drawn onto the surface. "Off we go," he said, both to himself and Skye, then launched the Ka as hard as he could at Syaoran. He gave it a bit of a mental push to speed it up, then took careful aim with the real dodgeball before letting it fly, its trajectory quite accurate. If Seraph moved to catch the Ka, Caleb would simply swerve it out of the way. Then, with any luck, the real dodgeball would catch him by surprise. That was one big 'if', though, but Cal would take any chance that he could get.

02-03-2006, 02:43 AM
Hiram smiled and laughed at the few moments of calm before the game. He shook his head at Will?s comments. Sure, Hiram had seen Gladiator but it seemed odd to compare a game of dodgeball to a battle between two armies. Then things got heated and Hiram saw that the quote was probably more accurate than he thought.

?I hate Russell Crowe!? Hiram exclaimed then he laughed at the Dodgeball quote. He gave the captain a thumbs up. ?Okay now we?re getting in my realm of movies!.?

The first ball was launched by Sunspot. Hiram remembered some of the things the older man could do with the sun, if he recalled correctly one of those things was super strength. It looked like the hot girl who was flying around was aiding him too. He whistled when he saw Sy catch the ball and then hurl it back. Hiram pointed a finger at the younger mutant and smiled.

?Glad he?s on our team!?

Hiram then dropped his jaw as he saw Beast catch a ball. With his foot no less, the guy caught a ball with his foot?! Hiram shook off the shock then wondered what movie Beast was quoting. Then he chuckled at the name of Shakespeare.

?Shakespeare, huh?? Hiram scratched his head. ?What team did he play for again??

Remembering he had a ball Hiram glanced at the other members on the opposing team. He was going to try to avoid most of the older mutants, no reason to give them a reason to target him. So he continued scanning until he focused on Caleb. He reared the ball ready to fly, but then he saw him targeting the flying kid on their team. Hiram swore under his breath as he made a choice. He chucked the ball over at Caleb without aiming, he would probably be able to dodge it easily, then focused on the Ka and dodgeball. He tried to remember the kids name, but it escaped him. So Hiram yelled the first thing that came to mind.

?Hey! Feathers! Heads Up!? Hiram said then showed off an aspect of his power noone hear had seen yet. He fired off two static bolts from his hands and aiming them at the dodgeball and Ka. Unlike Sphere though, Hiram couldn?t control the direction his bolts traveled so he estimated the best he could of an intercept course. He didn?t know if his bolts would have any effect on the blue thing, but he hoped that he would be able to atleast knock the dodgeball off course.

02-03-2006, 03:47 AM
?I hate Russell Crowe!?

Hated Russell Crowe. An ACTUAL person hated Russell Crowe. There was something more than just the remarkable electricity powers that was mutated about Hiram...there was something mutated about that kid's brain, apparently. Did he not realize the sheer majesty of the one they called Crowe? He makes movies...he writes songs...and, most importantly of all, he fights 'round the world. A Beautiful Mind? Genius. Master and Commander? Any day of the week. Cinderella Man? Good Lord.

Jaw dropping in genuine incredulity, Will continued to move around quickly, trying to keep his eye on every ball in play...though it was beginning to seem like everyone in the gym was in possession of one somehow. This was nothing like the games of dodgeball that Will had played when he was younger...he couldn't remember a time when he tried to nail someone with a rubber ball and then see that ball melt or explode before it ever had a chance to connect.

And he thought kids who were able to just catch an incoming ball were impressive. Yeesh...

Smiling at Beast after his Shakespere comment, still in awe of the giant, blue ape-man he had met several days prior, who was able to bombard the other team with projectiles from four appendages at once. Judging by the other team's attention seemingly shifting to either one of two targets, Beast or Syaoran, it appeared to Will that they too identified who the most dangerous players on the Blue team would be.

Seeing the blue girl on the other side of the court, TJ, throw a dodgeball and some sort of other glowy-thing at Beast at the same time, just after Beast had been required to catch a ball that was aimed at him by Sunspot only seconds before. Oh, this would not do. If they thought they would take his big fuzzy teammate out, they had another thing coming.

"Allright, Beast," Eclipse called to him. "I got your back, big dude! Just keep blockin' em and I'll lay down some cover fire until you can take some people out..."

Will moved behind the genius monkey-man, dodgeball in hand, and was cast into the mutant's shadow. As his body began to tingle as he unconsciously bonded with the darkness, Will began to formulate an idea as to how to take out the darkened Sunspot...

"Oh man...if that worked!!!"

02-03-2006, 06:01 AM
Skye was holding on to her own rubber missile when she felt it. The same sensation she always felt around Leech, that queer draining sensation. 'Oh no!' the blonde thought panicked. Quickly she looked down and moaned in dismay as her body began to reappear. Damn that Leech and his powers. Without her invisibility, she was as vulnerable as any normal human. What to do, what to do... the first thing Skye had to do was move as far away as possible from Leech.

The beauty spotted Will across the Danger Room, in the middle of trying to save Beast from the oncoming bullet TJ had sent the blue mutant's way. Well, Skye couldn't let that happen, definetly not. Still in a half transparent state, the blonde took off running to that side of their court both to escape the little green mutant perched high above them and to take out her opponent. The Blue Team Captain was craftier than she'd thought, those boyish good looks were incredibly deceiving.

As her legs gained speed, Skye took aim and threw the ball with all the force she could muster at Will. The ghost-like girl had a normally deadly accuracy and she hoped her arm wouldn't fail her now. Maybe being a tom-boy had its advantages after all. She stopped running immediately after throwing the ball and nearly fell face first on the floor with the force of her brake. The teenager swiftly skimmed the surrounding area, trying to keep from being surprised by a well placed hit. This captain was not going down.

02-03-2006, 07:40 AM
Enzo couldn't believe they were using the sophisticated Danger Room to play, of all things, dodgeball. Somehow though, it seemed fitting because this was no ordindary game of dodgeball. No, it was more like the dodgeball episode on Dexter's Lab, with robots, dynamite, and rockets. The game had begun and powers were already being used to stunning effect. Not to be outdone, he surrounded himself in his bright orange glow and took a stand near the backline. Discretion was the better part of valor after all.

He watched as the ball volleyed from Simone to Syaoran, back at Simone where it was deflected by Sunspot towards Beast (who caught it in his feet no less) who hurled it back at Berto. "Not on my watch," he thought with a sly grin on his face. An amorphous but some-how handlike appendage sprouted out of his force field and stretched towards the incoming projectile. It noiselessly impacted with Enzo's outstretched "glove," which he retracted back towards himself.

Ball in hand, he selected his first target on the opposing team. The southerner, Hiram, appeared to be distracted with Caleb's tag team throw towards Syaoran and his own electric ball...things. This presented the perfect opportunity for him to strike. Rearing back, Enzo unleashed the rubber missile from a classic baseball throw. Partially assisted by his energy field, it now rocketed towards the Kentucky native.

02-03-2006, 02:12 PM
Angie watched quietly from her spot on the as the game got underway. Dodge ball was great, and she knew she was a lot more athletic that a lot of people gave her credit for. For the game she was dressed in a black Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt, white shorts and a nice new pair of tennis shoes. She'd pulled her hair back in a ponytail, and trapped it in a pink scrunchy.

One little detail she hadn't thought about was that this was a Powers game. What that meant didn't really occur to her until the balls started flying. Flying? No... rocketing! Rocketing, dissolving, disappearing...and she suddenly felt very out of her league. The ominous, brooding, presence of Ms. Frost didn't help any either.

'Change!' she screamed in her brain, but she stayed the same soft female she normally was. She dodged a ball, and hustled across the back of the court, throwing a ball at Sun Spot, but at a pretty mundane speed. 'Maybe it'll be so slow he'll forget about it, and it'll hit em...' she thought. 'Change change change change...' she thought, as she narrowly avoided a wildly bouncing ball with a quick tummy-tuck. But her power stubbornly refused to switch on.

She hesitated, to take a quick scan and look for a fresh ball, and spotted Enzo on the Red team. Scooping up a stray ball, she started to take careful aim at the Italian, then lofted a mortar-like shot at him, lacking the strength to send it more directly like the stronger mutants.

02-03-2006, 02:30 PM
So engrossed was he in trying to make sure that his shots were on the right course, Caleb almost didn't notice the ball that had been lobbed toward him. It wasn't a second too soon that he saw it approaching, and he jumped back quickly as it struck the ground at his feet. Frowning, Cal realized in a second that that ball hadn't seemed very well-aimed. It was almost as if the thrower had had another motive other than trying to get him out of the game. Quickly, he scanned the other side, and noticed that there were two lightning bolts headed toward both the Ka and the dodgeball that was following it. "Hey!" he yelped, affronted.

Reacting to his thoughts, the Ka split in two. One of the fake dodgeballs continued to lead the real one, but the extra careened off and circled backward. Caleb wasn't really sure what a lightning bolt would do to his Ka, but he decided that there wasn't a better time to find out. Quickly, he swerved the second Ka back and through both of the lightning bolts. The rubber acted as the excellent insulator that it was designed to be, and Cal sighed in relief as the foremost dodgeballs soared on unmolested.

The Ka that had been struck reverted back to the small blue sphere and returned to an orbit around Caleb's head. Remembering that he'd dodged a ball not too long ago, Caleb ducked down and went on a search for it. Coming up successful, he aimed his next shot at Bosh. There was no trick on that shot, but Caleb hoped that he wouldn't need it. After all, both he and Bosh were only marginally better than humans in this powered-up version of dodgeball. He launched the ball swiftly, then glanced back up to see the results of his double-throw.

02-03-2006, 06:05 PM
Dressed in full costume, since in his mind this was a training exercise, Nate was almost giddy with excitement when he entered the Danger Room. In the initial part of the game he'd been acting as little more than a cheerleader, hovering up off the ground while he watched everyone trying to hit one another and laughing for the sheer pleasure of laughter. One ball had already been destroyed by the lizard guy, but that still left plenty more so he supposed it wasn't too big a deal. That was plenty enough to win with, after all.

To Nate's mind there was no doubt that his team would win ? if only because he was on it. How could you take out someone with a telekinetic force field? Better yet, they also had Shield, the other resident telekinetic type guy on their team. If only they'd had Syaoran on their team... it felt kind of wrong being up against his best friend. Of course, as competitive as Nathan was, that wouldn't stop him from taking the alien boy out, although he would wait on targeting him.

Besides, like Beast, Seraph was one of their more dangerous players and was already being targeted by everyone else. Nate, while not being any sort of tactical genius, was good at listening when it came to the lessons his dad gave and over the years the man known to the world as Cyclops had taught him that the easiest way to break a chain was to target the weak links, not the strong. Thin the enemy ranks and give yourselves the advantage of numbers. That meant people like Bosh and Angie were prime targets.

Problem was that Bosh (whom Nate still thought of as the monkey-man) was funny and Angie was nice (as teenagers go). It was so much easier to fight supervillains! You could hate the bad guys much more easily. Why couldn't that Frost lady be playing? He wouldn't feel bad about hitting her. Casting the thought aside, Nate saw as Angie threw one at Sunspot. It was a weak throw... but she was a girl, so you had to expect her to throw like one, right? Either way, Nate snagged it out of the air with a thought, bringing it in close to him even as he grabbed a second ball off the floor. With the two balls orbiting him like electrons around an atom, he sought out a target.

Seeing Enzo target Hiram with a telekinetic toss, Nate was more than happy to jump on the bandwagon and gang up on the teen opponent, though since it was a game, far be it from Nate not to have fun with it. Grinning from ear to ear, the two balls hovered up to float one behind the other just over his right shoulder as Nathan mimed out the aiming of a bazooka-like weapon. In effect it was more akin to a psychic railgun, the two balls launching only a couple of seconds apart with impressive force propelling them straight at Lightning Rod, not far behind Enzo's toss. Each "shot", of course, was accompanied by a suitable explosive sound effect.

02-04-2006, 01:28 AM
Standing in the looming shadow that was being cast by the large furry mutant, Will smirked knowingly as he felt his body slide quickly into the darkness, letting it envelope him completely. He had fashioned a plan in the quick second that had taken place since he had spoken to Beast, and Will believed that he know had a plan to take out one of the primary threats on the Red Team...Sunspot.

It appeared that the senior mutant had quite a few advantages in this particular showdown, including his invulnerability to any sort of rubber ball that even came near his personage, as well as his heightened strength and ability to fly. Eclipse had resigned himself to simply avoid Roberto's attacks as much as possible until all other opponents were eliminated, but when his body reminded him of his ability to travel anywhere and through anything that was dark when he stepped into Beast's shadow, Will immediately devised a plan on how to take out the now-entirely dark mutant.

"Allright, nothing is going to be able to hit this guy from the outside as long as he's gone all supernova," Will thought to himself as he flew through the dark dimension he had dove into, coming ever closer to a rapidly moving silhouette composed entirely of light in this world. "So it would make the most sense to try and hit him from the inside, wouldn't it?"

This was not something that Will had ever attempted before, or had even thought to attempt before this very moment. But when it came down to win or lose, life or death, glory or shame (especially in dodgeball...the game of the Gods...), the human mind was capable of being more inventive than it ever conceived to be possible. Clutching the ball tightly to his chest as he neared his target, Will's lungs burned as his breath began to run thin.

"Come on, come on, come on...this is SOgonna be worth it!!!"

Reaching his destination, Will gripped the ball and thrust his arm forward, so that his hand holding the ball emerged through the darkness that was Sunspot's torso. He then jerked his arm upwards, releasing the ball at the same time so that it would smack into Roberto's face. He could only imagine at that moment what it must have looked like to all players on the field, seeing his pale arm burst forward from the jet black torso of the flying mutant. Aliens, came to mind...

Hoping that his plan, no matter how ridiculous, worked, Will blasted through the darkworld at top speed to get back to his side of the field, glad to have hopefully made the first out of the game. Using the momentum he had gained while shadowporting, Will burst forth from the shadow of the Beast, face triumphant.

He was the Blue Team captain! He was their savior! He was their champion, whom they would place upon a golden pedestal, his image immortalized in bronze, infamous dodgeball in hand! He was...


Smacked with a ball sent hurtling his way by the Red Team captain...none other than Phantom herself.

Always having a flair for the dramatic, Will dropped to his knees, one hand clutching his heart, the other reaching towards the heavens.

"FREEDOM!" he shouted, as he slowly sank into his own shadow that was being cast on the floor. "Carry on the fight, my friends! My spirit shall battle alongside you forever...ever...ev...errrr..."

Several seconds after becoming consumed by the shadow, Will reappeared on the sidelines, waiting to be resurrected back out onto the playing field. Raising his voice, he could think of only three words that would encourage his team on to victory:

"Red Team Sucks!!!"

02-04-2006, 02:42 AM
Bosh's eyes darted between the close members of the red team. Enzo, Skye, Sunspot, Simone, and Caleb were all closest. Across the line, defending thy blue was Hiram, Sy, and Bosh himself. Will seemed to be guarding the other gate with Beast. Bosh stood somewhere in front and to the side of Sy, readying himself to defend his young alien teammate if need be. He was simply a roleplayer on this squad.

Things seemed quiet near Sy, but just when Bosh started to ease up he saw Enzo and Nate beginning to hurl their dodge balls at Hiram. They were going for the kill. Bosh quickly reacted, diving into the air between Hiram and the two balls in flight. He threw his own dodgeball directly at where the two balls met, causing them to shoot out at a 90 degree angle, safely missing the two Blue's. Bosh landed in a dramatic slow motion, then grunted and pushed himself to a less graceful stand.

"Oh ye......oof!" Bosh was in the middle of his celebration shout when a ball came speeding into his mid-section. He reacted by spazzing his arms upward, causing the ball to then hit him in the face. It took a second to realize he had been hit. "Jabber and fu...ah crap." Bosh raved, storming off to the sidelines beside Will. "Who bloody threw that?" Bosh shouted back out to the court. He gave Caleb a suspicious look, seeing that he who had a ball before had one no longer.

Hmmmm...........Caleb..... :twisted:

02-04-2006, 04:21 AM
Hiram swore under his breath as Caleb?s Ka avoid his static bolts. And he hadn?t counted on the whole rubber thing either, stupid electricity. He prepared another static bolt when he saw something flicker in the corner of his eyes. His eyes widened as he saw Skye... most of her anyways. He looked around and remember Leech.

?Bless you Green Prince!? Hiram chuckled and looked around for a ball, figuring that Sy could handle his own.

He decided he needed to take care of Skye?s temporarily visibility. Turning his attention in front of him he started to look for a ball, what he saw was Bosh. He was about to ask the Brit what the hell he was doing, when Hiram saw he was saving his life, metaphorically speaking anyways. The Kentuckian was about to congratulate him but then his teammate was quickly knocked out.

?I?ll avenge you!? Hiram exclaimed and dived at the ball that hit Bosh. He quickly grabbed it and hurled it back in the direction he saw Skye, hoping that if even he didn?t hit her it would at least startle her and make her go completely visible.

This was all done rather quickly, and Hiram was about to yell encouraging words to his teammates when he soon learned something. Nate had fired two balls, and Enzo had fired one. Bosh had taken two out, which left....


Hiram swore as the ball knocked him back. It had startled him and caused him to lose his balance knocking him over. He swore again and looked over at Enzo. Smiling he pointed at the Italian, then pointed at his eyes, then a finger at Enzo. I saw that, Hiram communicated with his fingers and laughed hoping someone would catch a ball. He smiled as he walked past Beast and decided to quote something he remembered from Romeo and Juliet.

?To quote Merchellio or whatever his name was, ?They made worms of me!? ?A plague a both your houses!?? As Hiram continued to walk off he thought about it and corrected himself. ?Well, not both our houses. Just their house. Wait, I live in the same house as them, do I want that? Forget the plague!?

He smirked as he walked over and sat with Bosh and Will. ?Well, we?re off to a fine start.? He chuckled and remembered Bosh?s save. Then smile to show he was joking. ?You missed one,?

Hiram placed his hat back on his head and closed off his static field. He glanced up and saw Leech and the stunning blonde woman. He fought the urge to whistle, she definitely had that don?t mess with me vibe going for her.

?So that?s Emma Frost? I think I?m going to like it here,? Then he recalled her vibe. ?Then again, maybe not.?

He glanced at those reaming on his team. He focused on Angie and grinned. ?Ang! If we lose this thing you have to kiss me!?

Chuckling he shrugged his shoulders as he leaned back. ?That ought to encourage her to win,?

He then turned to Will. ?Hey Cap?n. While we?re in this temp realm of the dead thing, I got a question. Do we have a team name? I mean Blue Team is great and all, but no.... no umpf you know what I mean??

He laughed again, taking his hat off briefly to run a hand through his long black hair. ?I think under the current circumstances, Blue Balls is a perfectly acceptable name.?

02-04-2006, 05:53 AM
Sparkling like he was, the New Mutant's resident glowworm was an easy target, but reflexes trained in higher gravity made him incredibly limber in the human's environment. And even when he was attempting to sit still, Sy still moved around alot. Someone trying to get a shot on him was going to need to predict where he'd move. Aiming at where he was in any particular moment would prove a rather ineffective technique. His violet eyes shone brightly as the boy ducked and dived around the Danger Room. This game was a lot of fun and easy, because the aliens were relying on their powers to be able to give more force than a couple of mere pounds to their toss.

Bosh seemed to recognize this fact, as the man called the small Shi'ar over to offer him protection. Though it seemed to Sy's mind that it really should have been the other way around. As the British teammate beside him seemed to take a step to the side, the child's attention was on two approaching balls. He could catch both of them, he imagined. That would give him double ammunition!

As it happened though, his attention was stolen away by a ball which struck Bosh and then bounced off his now 'out' teammate. Waiting for the other two balls to arrive was boring. The avinian alien was ready to snap into motion! Darting off to the side, Sy nabbed the ball that had hit Bosh with both hands and then plunged upward in an explosion of light, sailing over the two balls that Caleb had tossed his way.

The red team was beginning to use their powers offensively, so Sy had in mind to do the same. Holding the dodgeball in his left hand, the boy produced a dull glowing orb from out of the palm of his right, which then seemed to levitate and orbit around to the child's otherside as he paused in midair, throwing both legs out in a kind of split as he stopped his ascent. "Heeeeeere's light in your eyes," the boy declared with a giggle, as he tapped the orb with the back of his heel, snapping his left leg around to hit the sphere of light as a hackey-sack player might have.

The Danger Room was suddenly flooded in white light. The orb a magnesium flare which traveled over to the Red Side in a blinding flash which radiated no heat, but put out over a thousand candles worth of illumination. Syaoran was rather happy to see it work. He used a similar trick all of the time to make nightlights for himself, but had never created one that bright before. Of course, since Syaoran recycled visual radiation, most of which was sunlight, it was possible that he'd just supercharged Roberto... but that thought hadn't really occured to him.

Twisting himself to the side, Syaoran jerked to the right as he sailed through the air. He felt a little winded now, but still had a killer move in mind to take out someone on the red team. He just needed to pick a target and then line up his shot...

And then the light went out. "Wuh-oh," the boy declared, as he found his levitation rather rudely cut out from underneath him and the floor of the Danger Room his rapidly approaching future prospect. Not that he was all that worried about it hurting. It wasn't like he was human. The Danger Room, itself, though... had a different fate in mind for the boy.

As the Danger Room safeties switched themselves on, the deck underneath Syaoran transformed into a trampoline in the moment before he struck, bouncing him upward. "WHOA" the youth exclaimed, as he tucked himself into a backflip and spun around in the air. This was even more fun! Rebounding a second time off the trampoline, Syaoran somersaulted as he looked for a target.

Seeing his friend, Nathan, busy with a target of his own, Sy reached an arm back and let loose a slightly weaker throw than the one he'd aimed at Simone earlier. After all, he didn't want to smear Nate across the Danger Room if it actually struck the frail human.

Fuxxy Elf
02-04-2006, 08:46 AM

He hadn?t really been keen on playing dodge ball in the Danger Room. Dodge ball was a game to be played on a playground or the Basketball court, both of which were available in the mansion. The Danger Room was exactly that, a room of danger, not a room of fun. The last time he had been in here he had been battling Sentinels with Kitty Pryde, now he was playing ball with a bunch of under age mutants. Beast or Sunspot obviously thought this was required training for wannabe X men, but Bishop thought differently. They should be learning battle techniques, investigating weaknesses in the possible villains they would face. It was doubtful that a rubber ball would take down a Sentinel no matter how hard someone threw it.

But these games needed supervision, so he had volunteered to be a player as well as Beast and Sunspot to keep these younger mutants under control. He had chuckled when Sunspot had asked him to join, ?Sure, how hard could it be to beat a bunch of kids, eh?? But as the game started he realised that these untrained mutants had powers that given time could outweigh anything the current X men had to offer. He chose to play defensive at first, keeping his eye on the various members of the Blue Team, figuring out threats and weaknesses just as X.S.E training had taught him far in the future.

Beast and Syaoran were the strengths of the team. Beast for his obvious defensive capabilities, he?d almost fully recovered from his injuries now and it would be very difficult to stop him from dodging anything thrown at him, he was so agile. Whilst Sy had pure strength as his strength, the little Shi?ar had untapped potential that Bishop could see clearly and any ball thrown by him would have some serious speed behind it, difficult to dodge. Thus Bishop concentrated on Sy, keeping him in sight, ball in hand waiting for an opening. The little guy had his eyes elsewhere, and Bishop hoped to take advantage of that fact, in the best interests of the team the little alien needed to leave the floor.

?Bishop, duck!!?

Instinct moved him quickly, training so deep in his psyche that he required no readable thought to move. He rolled forward, keeping the ball in his hands; as he exited the roll he kicked himself back to his feet and spun round catching the offensive ball with the one in his hand in a deflection. As the ball bounced away Bishop caught it in his left hand, now holding two balls.

Turning to face Gator he grinned, ?Ambush? Perhaps kids games are good to learn battle tactics. But how about Multi-ball?? He threw the ball in his right hand first and then a split second later, hoping to judge which way Gator would dodge he threw the one in his left hand too.



?Freedom!!? The blue team captain screamed as he was the first to go down in the game.

Beast merely tutted, ?What is your obsession with bad historical films? Have you any idea?? Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the hexed ball that Kurt?s lovely daughter was throwing his way. Instantly he flipped backwards but continuing his critique of Mel Gibson films, ??how many historical?? He flipped again keeping as far from the travelling ball as he could, ??inaccuracies there are in that film?? With a third flip he reached the wall and simply moved aside slightly, ?Mmm, if a ball ricochets off the wall then it is dead, am I right?? As the ball bounced off the wall, Beast jumped onto his hand and spun, kicking the ball as hard as he could towards TJ, ?Then to quote the vernacular?Head?s Up, TJ!?

As he landed back down he shouted over to Will on the bench, ?I have some intriguing books concerning Scottish Medieval history, you would be most welcome to investigate after the game. Believe me, Braveheart becomes a comedy once you know the facts!? With the flash of a grin he turned back to the game and waited for a free ball or two.

Elf Junior
02-04-2006, 04:03 PM
Tj quirked her lips upwards slightly when she noted that Hank's reply was flying towards her face. Her yellow eyes widened slightly as the full realization dawned on her. She was going to be out soon if she wasn't careful and the ball was still speeding towards her face, "Oh!" she suddenly yelled and quickly raised up her hands in which a large ball sized Hex Bolt was forming.

Several seconds later, the ball exploded as it came into contact with the scarlet energy that young mutant wielded, "Maybe I shouldn't have done that" she said, more to herself to anyone else. She grinned back at Beast, "You'll have to do better than that Fuzzy man!" And with that, she was, yet again, leaping through the Danger Room.

Things seemed different here, the people seemed more relaxed. Mister Bishop was actually grinning, if that was even possible. Maybe it was just a vindicative lull you into false security grin that people were so fond of. She stopped leaping and vaguely considered phasing into Beast to see if she could control him into getting himself out, but would that also count as her being out too? Techinically she'd have also been hit, consdering she'd be inside of him, all non-coporeal-like....

02-04-2006, 05:36 PM
Skye was beginning to get frustrated with her powers as she stayed partially visible. It was like being a bad holographic image or something and the blonde didn't like being somewhere in between with her powers. She needed to get her focus back to become fully invisible again but Skye was finding it harder and harder.

The opaque girl's attention instantly snapped back to the rubber battle going on as a ball came sailing in her direction, thrown by none other than her best friend. Skye yelped as she moved out of the way and her concentration now completely broken, became about as invisible as a semi-truck. The blonde swore under her breath as she knelt to retrieve the projectile just as their court was flooded in white light. Skye shut her eyes as tight as possible in an attempt to keep from being blinded but it was no use, the light seeped in, even through her eyelids. A second later, the illumination went out and she opened her chocolate coloured eyes in time to see Syaoran tumbling towards the Danger Room floor. Skye was amazed to see a trampoline appear as if by magic underneath the small boy and he bounced up and down happily. "Whoa," was all she could muster.

Scooping up her own ammunition, the blonde attempted to regain her focus, to get back to having her advantage. 'Let's see if I can do this.' Concentrating with all her might, this time with her eyes open (she didn't want to get out before doing some more damage), Skye thought the same triggering thoughts as before. Ghost images of all the people centering around her confusion and feelings of inadequacy flashed through her mind's eye and slowly but surely, her powers were triggered. "Woo hoo!" she whooped. Maybe she was actually getting better at this!

Skye slowly looked around and noticed Angie. Somehow, the petite brunette had managed to stay in the game so far and she realised that it would be far easier to take out Seraph and Beast if they were the only targets left. The brit snuck as close to China Doll as she could without crossing over to their side and hurled the ball at the other girl's midsection. No need to be cruel and smoke her in the face. Skye chuckled as the ball became visible once it left her hand and she thought, 'What a surprise.'

02-05-2006, 07:39 PM
OOC: 8 Balls left in play after this post.

Roberto zipped hither and yon across the field of play. To the Brazilian's way of somewhat slippery thinking, the boundary rules only applied if one was firmly rooted to the ground. That left Roberto free to soar over both sides of the field and drop rubber missiles at will on the haplessly terrorized. "I see you!" he called merrily to Angie, dropping a ball directly above her head.

As the Brazilian covered the complete playing field he was careful to stay well below Leech and Emma's floating platform. Somehow, to the Brazilian's way of thinking it would definitely be negative to suddenly plummet from the skies. Sunspot was also being careful to maintain tight control over his heat and temperature controlling powers. The last thing that he wanted to do was inadvertantly give one of the students serious heat burns.

Almost lazily, the Brazilian allowed himself to fly through the air. Only Beast and Sy truly worried him even a little. Sunspot performed a quick barrel roll in mid-air to snare a passing dodbgeball, unsure of which team had really loosed it, and yawned as he did so. However, as he completed the roll he saw Beast's shot come screaming in. "Nice corner kick, Hank! But, I think not..." As Roberto spoke he allowed his heat field to slip out and bump into the ball, causing it to melt before it could get to Sunspot.

Unfortunately, as Roberto was absorbed in dealing with Beast he initially missed someone's arm just randomly popping out of his chest. "What the hell!," he yelled, noticing there was a ball in the hand. As the hand made to plunk Bobby in the face from point blank range two things occured. First, a brilliant white flash lit up the Danger Room, momentarilly spiking Sunspot's powers. Second, he rapidly unloaded the ball in his right hand, the flash allowing Sunspot to generate about thirty-tons of strength behind the throw, which was aimed once again for Hank. Roberto was sure Hank was somehow responsible for the hand, so it was good to get a parting shot. Just as the ball left Sunspot's hand the one from the arm in his chest plunked him in the face, and the Brazilian conceded his own defeat, drifting over to the bench.

02-05-2006, 07:52 PM
Turning to face Gator he [Bishop] grinned, ?Ambush? Perhaps kids games are good to learn battle tactics. But how about Multi-ball?? He threw the ball in his right hand first and then a split second later, hoping to judge which way Gator would dodge he threw the one in his left hand too.

James was momentarily shocked to see Bishop suddenly duck and, consequently, his shot sail high. He knew it was Skye that had warned him and he shot a very quick glance in her direction. That glance was very nearly his downfall as he looked up just in time to see both of Bishop's dodgeball's zooming for him. The reptilian knew his time in the game was up, he was too big, but he determined to go down swinging, literally.

As the first of Bishop's two red missiles came in James spun into it and tucked while at the same time straightening his scaled tail. In so doing he caused the ball to just miss him and made what would turn out to be, a second later, an effective weapon. As Bishop's second throw closed in on James it became apparent the the lizard was not going to be able to duck. So, James settled for throwing all his weight into a swing from his heavily muscled tail.

James was rewarded for his efforts to dodge by hearing, and feeling, the satisfying noise of a solid line-drive blast off his tail. James completed his turn and crouched, his eyes following the ball's arrow-straight path back towards Bishop. James was going to sit right there and watch the ball's flight path to see if he would at least be rewarded for trading his elimination for Bishop's. As soon as the results of the reptilian's desperate tactic were known to him he would happily go to the bench to join his fellow team members.

02-06-2006, 04:03 PM
"Red Team rocks!" Nate gave a loud whoop of excitement as Blue Team members fell like flies. His "plan" was working! Soon, the only opponents left would be his Uncle Hank and Syaoran and even they were no match for him. At least so long as arm wrestling didn't become part of the game. Of course, the real challenge was to win the game before they ran out of balls! Already three had fallen prey to the players' powers, with one being exploded and the other two effectively melted. They'd probably need at least five to take down the Beast as agile as the X-man was, so they really needed to get that under control. Although... maybe one telekinetically-controlled ball would suffice.

Such thoughts were cast aside as he ? along with most of the others on his team ? was blinded by Seraph's brilliant blast of light. As he blinked rapidly to clear the spots from his vision, he caught sight of something dark moving rapidly towards him. Giving a yelp of surprise, he hastily threw up a force field, deflecting the ball away at the last second, though he certainly didn't have the presence of mind to catch it right then, so the ball careened off towards the wall and from there ? who knew?

Gathering himself, he shouted out in defiance at whomever threw the ball at him, even as he searched for the culprit. "You'll have to do better than that... Sy?!" There wasn't many opponents left so figuring out who had done it had been easy. Especially since the other boy had that mischievous grin slapped on his face. "Traitor! We'll be discussing this at the next Mansion Defense Club meeting!" He shook his fist at his friend, but couldn't keep an even remotely straight face and was laughing the whole time. "And why don't I get a trampoline?!"

Elf Junior
02-06-2006, 06:35 PM
Tj smiled at Nate, as far as she was led to believe, he was also from an alternate reality the son of Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Aunt Jeannie apparently, and the man who's name Tj had vowed never to say again, that damn murderer. She smiled at his innocent little superman complex, vaguely remembering herself at that age. A small furry blue little girl running up and down the mansion, playing bump-the-Xman which seemed to amuse only her and Aunt Kitty. Her mother had told her off very badly after the little instant where she managed to bump Aunt Ororo over the first floor banister. Which only she, Kitty and Ororo seemed to realize was an accident. She didn't play bump-the-Xman for a while after that...

Everything was different, even the Danger Room seemed depressingly unfamiliar. It smelt different, the floor felt different, the lighting was all wrong and even the reflections seemed to be conspiring against her attempt to find so more similarities between the two worlds. The furry mutant stood up, rather dazedly, and turned her head sharply as she looked at those on the bench. The Blue Team seemed to outnumber the Reds sitting on the wooden bench and Tj was suddenly struck by how lucky she was to still be in the game. She hadn't even been paying much attention if truth be told. Maybe no-one had been paying attention to her, which was rather strange as she knew she was rather hard to miss.

"Hey, c'mon guys, don't forget about me!" she yelled suddenly as if overtaken by a sudden burst of recklessness and why shouldn't she be? She was in another world! She had a whole new lease on life it seemed, a whole new life to create! How many other people got that chance? "Throw it at me!!" she yelled louder, beginning to sound rather hysterical, she knew it but she couldn't help herself. She had no idea what was happening but she didn't particularly like it. Her senses were growing duller and duller as her predicament finally seemed to fill her brain. She was in another world with little or no hope of ever getting back to her own. She felt tears begin to well up in her bright yellow eyes, as she stared fiercely at the opposite wall, but her demeanor had changed, it had become less confident, her poise slouched slightly as she angrily fought back her tears and managed to choke out one more word, "Please...?"

02-07-2006, 02:38 AM
A smile formed on Enzo's face as his ball struck flesh. Bosh had tried to keep Hiram in the game, but the combined assualt from Nate and himself and done him in. He picked up a ball and reflexively jumped to the side as another deflected ball bounced past him. The other team was thinning out now but they weren't going quietly. Red team would need to step it up if they wanted to put the game away soon.

Unfortunately, that didn't look like it would be happening anytime soon. Syaoran lit the room up like the 4th of July blinding him. Covering his eyes, Enzo staggered about blindly while he rubbed his eyes. The spots cleared a few moments later...just in time to watch Angie's ball land softly on his chest. "How demoralizing..." he whimpered as he slinked over to the sidelines.

02-07-2006, 06:39 PM
So far, everything was going pretty well, more or less. Beast?err, Mr. Beast? Whatever...was certainly a force to be reckoned with, and she was glad he was on their side. She'd been pondering whether a nice pool table shot off the wall might do Sy in, when she was reminded that the ball was dead after it hit the wall. 'Bummer' she thought.

Then a ball simply appeared out of nowhere, heading with excellent speed straight at her. She gave a quiet "oof" as it hit her square in the mid-section, but by blind luck of that she managed to hold on to the thing. She also changed to ceramic around the time it made impact. Looking very startled - and very porcelain, she said quietly "So? I'm not out if I catch it, right?"

About the same time someone, somewhere was saying "I see you?" Her eyes flitted left and right, then a ball bounced off the top of her head. She stared at the thing as it bounced off lazily across the floor, then looked up and realized she'd been dive-bombed. "Oh man?" she said, rolling her eyes, but the effect was pretty much lost when she was in hard form. With a chuckle, she trotted off the court, letting go of the ball she was holding but making sure it bounced into their back-court and not the other side's.

It wasn't all bad news though, as she noted Enzo leaving the court too. She noted that the end of Blue-team's bench closest to the Red team was empty, and she decided this might make a good vantage point from which to subtlety observe the foreign student.

02-07-2006, 07:23 PM
Some captain he was...

Of all the people on the Blue Team, Will had been the first to be dealt a devastating blow in what was soon becoming an all-out massacre of his own ranks, though he could proudly admit that he had most excellently shut down Sunspot in the process.

But as he reappeared on the sidelines and voiced his disdain towards the obviously cheating Red Team, Will watched in anger as the man he had just eliminated was called back onto the playing field before he even had a chance to arrive at the sidelines. One of the most complex and well-executed dodgeball takedowns of our time had gone completely to waste, and Will's standing as the heroic martyr of the hopefully-victorious Blue team was suddenly in jeopardy.

It didn't help matters much that a split second after Sunspot got back in the game, another four of his teammates joined him at the bench. His troops were dwindling rapidly, leaving only a handful of others left out on the field to defend their honor. Sighing to himself, resisting the urge to pull at his own hair as their imminent defeat loomed ever closer, Will glanced at the Red side of the playing field and felt his heart warm at the sight of Enzo and Simone both drifting off of the playing field. The sun rose once more on the downtrodden Blue team, as its captain and one of their soldiers were resurrected back out into the warzone.

And this time, they would not be sent packing back to the sidelines.

Laughing aloud at Hiram's perfect choice for a team name, Will grabbed his roommates shirt and pulled him off the bench as he launched himself onto the playing field.

"Come on, Sparky," Will shouted at him as he did his best to execute a perfect barrel roll onto the gymnasium floor. "Let's crack some skulls..."

Picking up a stray ball as it rolled quickly across the floor, Eclipse reared back and let fly a fast pitch towards the nearest target he could lock on to, which just happened to be the only blue girl on the other team.

"Well...she wanted someone to throw something at her...hope she looks up sometime soon...or else this is going to be REALLY funny..."

02-07-2006, 07:37 PM
"Aw dammit!" Skye exclaimed as Angie caught the ball the blonde had sent her way. Only a second later, the porcelain girl was hit in the head by another ball and the Red Captain whooped. Her invisible eyes followed the tiny girl's progress to the bench and Skye was dismayed to see that the teams were almost even in the eliminations. Frustration began to build in the girl as her team's lead dwindled to only one player. Will was back in as was Hiram, and as much as she loved her spark inducing friend, she needed him out.

Skye narrowed her eyes and focused on Will. He'd proven that although his power wasn't all that useful in their game, it did come in handy when he was given the opportunity. The blonde's eyes widened as she saw him rear back and heave a ball at Nocturne, who wasn't even looking in the right direction. Fighting the urge to run for the ball herself, Skye yelled, "Heads up, TJ!" There was no way she was going to let Eclipse make the teams even again.

The brit looked around and spotted Nate, their team telekinetic. Skye silently made her way over to the small boy and knelt down to his ear. "Hey Nate, it's Skye. You've got to get a hold of all the balls you can and throw them as hard as possible. Don't go for Sy or Beast, we need to get them alone. Anyone but those two. Alright?" The invisible teenager gently patted the boy's shoulder and moved on. Even being imperceptible to the other team, not to mention her own teammates, she didn't like staying in one place for too long.

Skye was itching to get her hands on a ball and take someone out. The blonde was more a girl made for action than she was for talk.

02-07-2006, 11:19 PM
Bobby had just about made it to the bench when one of the opposing team's players got drilled. With a grin, he turned around and took off back into the game. 'Interesting tactic,' he thought as TJ opened her mouth and demanded that someone throw a ball at her. Still, to each his ro her own.

With a chuckle Bobby rolled over in mid-flight and snared a dodge ball that had been launched. He was unsurprised to see that more than a few members of the opposing team had decided to oblige her request for a little action. 'Well now, Kurt would never forgive me if I allowed his daughter to be eliminated,' Roberto thought and pelted across the sky towards TJ. "Hey, TJ! Take my hand," the Brazilian yelled, dropping his empty hand down to her.

"Your powers anything like Nightcrawlers," Sunspot asked as he hauled TJ out of immediate dodge ball danger. "Because, if they are I have a wicked idea. How do you feel about trying to take down Hank with a... somewhat unorhodox tactic?"

02-08-2006, 03:06 PM
Hiram was at first confused at the way people were getting knocked out and getting sent back in. If regular dodgeball wasn?t fast paced enough, personally Hiram felt it wasn?t, then you amp it up with a bunch of people with special powers then it was faster than a squirrel on crack. When Angie came over to his side, he opened his mouth to say something when suddenly he was grabbed by his shirt. Am I in? That?s not how we play back home.... yankees.

?Dammit, Will I was about to make my move!? Hiram exclaimed as he stumbled on to the field. And he laughed as he thought of being called Sparky, but then his thoughts drifted to his father. He had never met the man, but his legacy in basketball had left him a nickname. Hiram thought it only fitting to use it as well. ?Sparky? That?s so demeaning. Please, call me Lightning Rod.?

When he was placed back on the dodgeball field though, Hiram focused more on the game. So it looked like the kid Nate was definitely their most valuable player, but he couldn?t think of a way to defeat him... not on his own anyways. Then Sunspot was probably second and then Bishop, because of their superior strength. Skye was apparently a better leader than he thought, maybe he did hold some stereotype grudge against blondes. He wondered if he?d be able to get Nocturne with a ball but she already had two coming for her and he hated to throw balls at a cute girl....blue... but cute. Finally he made up his mind and grinned as he remembered a scene from Dodgeball.

?Beast, don?t panic!,? Hiram said and gripped a dodgeball and started running toward Beast?s back. The blue furred mutant was about the same height as the teenager, but his mass and strength was obviously greater. With this in mind Hiram leaped over the blue mutant, hoping if he crashed he wouldn?t damage him, and launched himself head first over the mutant. He channeled his static field on and encased his doddgeball with it and launched it at Caleb.


02-08-2006, 07:41 PM
Letting out a cry of triumph as his ball struck its intended target, Caleb commenced a mental victory dance as Bosh trooped off to the sidelines. When he thought about it, though, they were probably equally matched as players, which was the only reason that his direct tactic had succeeded. Anyone else would have done something altogether insane like blowing the ball into small chunks or powerspiking it across the room. Covering his head, he darted behind Bishop (who had just executed a brilliant roll) and made for the other side of the court.

The red team was definitely holding their own, and it was with a grin that Cal kept low, trying to make himself less of a target as he scanned the floor looking for a loose ball to grab. Well, actually, he wasn't looking for a ball--he was trying to make sure that the more efficient players on his side were kept stocked up. One lucky shot does not a winner make, after all. Balls where whizzing around everywhere at varying rates of speed, but finally, Caleb managed to find a spot that was relatively safe, for the time being. The only person that was relatively near him on the other side was Beast, but he was currently shouting toward the bench and seemed to be a relatively tame player, for the time being.

Cal had just gotten used to this new idea of safety when he heard a shout pretty close to him. ?Peek-a-boo!? He whirled around, only to stare blankly as Hiram vaulted over Beast's back and fired a dodgeball at the rather bewildered Caleb. By the time he'd registered what had happened, the ball was already headed straight for him, prickling with static electricity. "Oh, man," Caleb groaned, right before the ball struck him solidly in the chest. The static that it had carried caused his shirt to cling to his body as he crumpled to the ground in a melodramatic heap. "'Tis a far, far better thing I do--" he began, before deciding that this was neither the time nor place for such a performance. Ah, well. Leaping to his feet, Caleb shook his fist jokingly at Hiram and shouted, "You may have won the battle, but you have not won the war!" Satisfied, he trotted over to the bench and began to pull at his shirt, trying to break the static bond that was sticking it to his skin.

02-09-2006, 12:09 AM
After Caleb was struck out by Hiram, Bosh waltzed back out to the court. "Debt repaid, Lightning Rod." He said quickly to the southern teen. Pacing back in a defensive position, Bosh grinned at Caleb on the sidelines.

"Somethin tells me us two are gonna be alternatin all day." Bosh shouted in jest to his 'nemesis'. Although Caleb was more fit with his Ka to help him, Bosh believed he was able to match his skill at dodgeball because of his age and slight combat experience. It was more like assault experiences, but combat sounded heavier.

Bosh got back into game mode. He liked to think his competitive spirit was a good thing. Back in London, he played in a European handball league. He recieved minor recognition in the local section of the paper now and then for basketball and handball. It was a small thing, but for someone from Bosh's path of life, it was suprising. He always contemplated trying to go professional in handball, but with his past health deteriorating behaviors, he would have to work hard to get back to where he was. He wasnt sure if the states had a handball league anyway.

So, with basketball and handball being the only sports Bosh ever cared to take very seriously, Bosh was a finesse kind of strong. For his height and build he was quick and had great coordination with his feet. With basketball and handball, one had to learn how to use their steps. Bosh was always able to fly around people to avoid making contact. Teammates often related his playing style to liquid. He didnt think about much else but where he was going next in sports, so motion was fluid for him, and contact turned him little from his path. With that concentration, Bosh was able to make more daring moves in both sports, not worrying about contact or messing up. Basketball and handball made him feel alive with their constant motion, and it was something he truly missed since coming to the states.

This was different. He was playing with mutants. Speedy Gonzalas would have trouble dodging some of the balls thrown during the game. Bosh was on the bottom of the totum pole. Nonetheless, he kept on. Picking up a ball, Bosh dashed across the team boundary, hurling the ball at an airborn Simone in his run.

"Take down the air squad!" Bosh shouted to his teammates as he threw. He was running as fast as he could across the divide, alert to dodge anything thrown his way.

02-09-2006, 04:19 PM
Cris had been loitering around near the back of the danger room, managing to avoid being a target so far. She green eyes scanned the room, watching everyone that was moving quickly around the room. She was really more interested in looking at the room itself than the game, wondering why it was called the danger room. Cris guessed it got more interesting when there wasn't a load of people playing dodge ball in it.

Seeing a free ball rolling on the ground (I think someone said there was a free one!) Cris moved closer to it, and keeping an eye out for any ball that might be flying her way she reached out with one of her vines and gripped the ball tightly, and brought it in to her body, guessing that the rules of this would be that if her vine got hit that might count as her being hit, but Cris wasn't sure as she had never played dodgeball before.

This was all very strange. Cris had never really played any games with anyone before, apart from in forced PE lessons at school and looking around it seemed so strange to her that everyone seemed to be getting along, with a bit of friendly competition. Cris looked around to see who she could throw the ball at, slightly hesitantly. Still, this was a game, people were supposed to get hit by a ball. No one was going to start abusing her for playing, but it still felt a bit wrong.

Hearing the blue girl shout that she wanted someone to throw a ball at her, and seeing her distracted by Roberto, Cris sent the ball in her direction, with quite a hard throw from her vine. She had never been much of a thrower, but her vines were quite strong, so she guessed the ball would make the distance ok. She hoped it would get there before Roberto got her out of the way.

02-13-2006, 06:48 PM
?Dammit, Will I was about to make my move!? Hiram exclaimed as he stumbled on to the field.

"Guess you'll just have to wait" Angie said with a laugh. She plopped down, and blew Hiram a kiss. Having distracted him sufficiently, the thought occurred to her to commence covert operations against the guys on the other side.

First things first though; it was hard to flirt properly when she was ceramic! Angie stood, and eying where Leach was on the platform above she jogged around the outside of the court to get close enough for the little green mutant's power to take effect. She had to wait for the platform to move a little closer to the edge, but was soon rewarded with a shift back to normal form.

Her captain's antics had given her an idea though. In normal form, she began to trot back around the end of her team's court, just outside the boundary lines. While her teammates were focused on the mutants on the other side of the line, she swooned dramatically behind them, in full view of their assailants looking their way across the court.

'Now if they'll just stop moving long enough to get tagged...' she thought, doing her best not to bust out laughing while "unconscious"