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03-04-2006, 10:35 PM
The Sundering, Part 1

Magneto, self proclaimed mutant lord and liberator had come to Washington today, and it went without saying that all hell had broken lose. The skies were now darkened with swarming Sentinels, the metal monstrosities numbers were at this point seemingly endless, and the X-Men -- heroes today to both man and mutant, found themselves unable to do more than battle the mechanical menaces.

On top of all of this there was fighting among the ranks of the X-Men. Archangel at this point had clearly lost all grips of his humanity, and was now flying through the chaos, his razor sharp flechettes finding their way not to the Sentinels that sought to put down his mutant brethren, but the last few humans who were in the area, attempting to flee for their lives. Amidst all the noise, one could have sworn that the Archangel was screaming something about only the strongest should survive.

Psylocke had followed her lover in his defection, and was locked in fierce combat with the mutant Wolverine. Although the X-Men's field leader Storm had directly ordered Wolverine to stand down, the psychic ninja would allow Wolverine no such luxury, continuing her attack on the mutant. She was going stronger, something was happening to her, although luckily for Logan he was not overwhelmed although likely admittedly confused by the fight the woman put up.

The rest of the X-Men were too busy battling the Sentinels at this point to mind the war that was raging on the roof tops. Two of their most powerful members, Jean Grey and Bobby Drake had already fallen today. Although both seemed to be unconscious the full extent of their injuries was unknown, and now the X-Men battled not only to protect what humans they could, but also their injured friends and themselves. The field leader Storm barked orders as loud as she could, the air was now arid and hot, the massive amount of laser fire coming from the Sentinels sucking most of the moisture out of the immediate atmosphere.

Even Magneto's hired guns, the merc with a mouth Deadpool, and the Unstoppable Juggernaut found themselves battling the Sentinels. Although neither man was technically a mutant, Deadpool had given his word to protect Magneto, and the Juggernaut simply could not refuse a fight. Although it was hard to say the two were even working together, as often they disregarded each others positions and during many points in the battle it was only Deadpool's teleporter that saved him from being inadvertently destroyed by the Juggernaut.

Of course regardless of all that went on around him, there was one man that was at the focal point of all of this mayhem. Magnus, he had gone into the White House with the intention of retrieving the man he referred to as his prize, his quarter, his bounty. And he had done just that. Magnus now powerfully strode across the charred lawn of the destroyed home of the leader of the free world, pulling the man by his tie, dragging him along with no care as to his well being. His chest was pumped forward, and his eyes war sparking with power, this was indeed a great victory for the Mutant Lord. In his mind the Sentinels would have no choice but to stand down, this was end game, he had won.

All around the nation this was all that was on the news. No one outside of Washington was certain what was going on in the city, all they knew was that it was bad, and that mutants were behind it. The people of the United States watched in horror as one of the most notorious terrorists in the world dragged their leader around like he were a dog. Magneto now had the man floating in the air next to him, he was speaking into the cameras but very little was audible, he was saying something about the superiority of mutant kind, the short comings of humanity and their leaders. One clear message could be heard throughout the chaos though, "American has fallen, your leaders have failed you." Seeing the pained look on the President's face as he struggled to break free from Magnus's grasp that held him by his very blood made this message all too real.

However there was quickly hope, as four Sentinels landed on the white house lawn, surrounding Magneto. The mutant lord growled, carelessly tossing the President across the lawn with his magnificent abilities, letting the man lay lifeless. The President was now in tears, yelling something Magneto could not hear as the Sentinels spoke, "Mutant target identified, threat level minimal. Exterminate at all costs."

Before Magnus could realize what exactly the machines had meant by "threat level minimal," it was over. They had turned toward the President and fired on him, four crimson beams one exploding from each of the monsters palms. The President howled, and the mutant Mountjoy -- who had been hiding inside of the President's body for many months now screamed out in agony at Magneto, finally giving up his ruse.

Magnus looked just as shocked as all of those who watched at home, he unfortunately did not have as much time to react to the smoking skeleton and mess of flesh the Sentinels had left behind. He screamed as loud as he could, blue orbs of energy crackling around his hands growing bigger as he did. Magneto was not upset to see the man die, but only upset because this was not the way he had planned for this to end. The American people would now either realize that a mutant had infiltrated their government, his attack simply wouldn't hold the same sway it was originally supposed to. However as the man ripped the Sentinels that had killed the so called President apart, a much darker presence was about to let itself be known. The skies grew dark and the sun itself was completely blotted out, and as the clouds broke an unbelievably massive bulk dominated the horizon. Magneto was not the only mutant to come to Washington today with a grudge, Apocalypse had come, and his wrath would not be denied.

To be continued....

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