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The team was quickly escorted to a jet that had been fueled and prepped moments earlier. Each person, with the exception of Graydon, held a briefcase in their hands. Within those hard, leather cases were uniforms that the squad would place upon themselves once they took off. The youngest of the group however did not need such trivial items. Once powered up, clothing in general meant little to him. It was his body that changed shapes, not the clothing that he was dressed in.

In most cases, this would be an inconvenience to himself, but he had something better than the cool touch of spandex. A galaxy away lived a race much like that of earths, but their technology was thousands of years more advanced. The race was known as the Shi?ar and one of their known, the young child known as Sy, was left on earth years ago. Along with his bubbling personality, the intelligent alien race also left the X-men with several pieces of machinery that would help better their lives. A new and improved Danger Room was one of these things, which now used solid-light holograms to help train the growing population of mutants within the world. This technology could also be customized to fit other things.

Like a silver ring, that could be found on Graydon?s pointer finger. While that ring remained on, he could cast a low-level holographic field around himself to make those in his company believe he was wearing clothing. During his first trail of the ring in a Danger Room session months ago, Gray felt slightly awkward knowing that he was completely naked around his companions. However, because of the solid-light machinery he wore around his skin, no one was able to tell that truth.

By this time in his training, the feeling was completely normal to him. In a small way, it made him feel alive. The risk was always there that the tiny trinket could fall from his body, or that it could malfunction, and his naked flesh would be exposed to all those around him. But maybe that was part of the reason why it made him feel alive. You feel most alive right before you die, and being naked in front of several female classmates is definitely like dying.

The steel jet door closed tight as Graydon began buckling his belt. He was slightly nervous, so he turned to the seat across from him. It belonged to the newest member of the manor, Sheila. The boy hadn?t gained her last name yet, but he knew she was a sweet heart. A fake smile crept from his lips as the engines began to roar. No turning back, he thought to himself.

06-19-2006, 04:11 AM
OOC: I borrowed some material from comedian George Carlin and edited it a bit for Roberto's safety lecture.

Roberto sat at the controls of the Leer Jet having already run through his preflight checklist. When he received confirmation that the last hatch had been sealed he started the Leer's engines and began to taxi towards the runway, putting on his headphone and mic as he did so. After receiving permission to take off from runway two he thumbed the plane's comm system on to address the cabin. Everyone had seemed so somber boarding the plane, the mood needed to be lightened.

"This is your captain speaking... Graydon, there's no need to look around in a dazed fashion for the Almighty, I assure you I'm not God, but I will answer to it if you insist. Hank, I will thank you very much to not shed in the plane please... the blue fur would clash horribly with the upholstery, as I'm sure Shelia and Nur would agree. I will remind everyone that this is a non-smoking flight and that goes for mutants that can become smokey, so Nightcrawler and Liam, if you're stowing away you'd better not bamf or smoke it up."

"We will be cruising at an altitude of 25,000 feet this afternoon, so unless you're special and can fly, like your captain, I suggest staying in the plane. Nur, that means you need to keep your hands, arms, feet, legs, torso, and head inside the ride at all times," Roberto slammed the plane's engines to full throttle suddenly, and without warning and the Leer Jet rocketed down the runway and into the air, banking upwards at a steep angle. After all, everyone liked a killer take off once in awhile, right? "Now that I have your attention we're airborne, as you probably already guessed. For those of you that wet yourselves during take off, the lavatory is in back, feel free to change. Now, if you don't mind I'm going to give the safety lecture. Hank, would you be so generous as to explain the inner workings of the belt buckle to everyone?"

Roberto waited a couple of minutes, and snickered to himself as the plane leveled off and headed north. He could well imagine a less than thrilling lecture from Hank all about belt buckles. After a suitable time had passed he cued the mic again. "We've now reached our cruising altitude. In a few moments Shelia and Nur will be along to begin complementary beverage service on this non-stop flight to Canada. I suggest trying the macadamia nut cookies, they're quite good. Also, please note that the cabin has been pressurized for your comfort, so please Northstar, avoid shoving your fist through the windows, it would be unplesant. The same thing goes for anyone with any knives, weapons, bats, or small children."

"However, in the event of a sudden depressurization, for example the roof flying off into the stratosphere, oxygen masks will drop down. Those of you travelling with Graydon, place your own mask on first and let the little guy fend for himself... he has to learn self-reliance sometime. Now that you all want to kill me, this is your captain... Kirk, signing off." Roberto waited to see if anyone would come banging down the cockpit door.

Fuxxy Elf
06-21-2006, 01:56 PM
The Leer Jet stood proudly on the airfield, glinting in the sunlight showing off its? power and majesty. The X men were fortunate that their members included the likes of Warren Worthington III and Roberto da Costa, their seemingly limitless resources were a boon for the globetrotting missions that the team was often called upon. Not that the salary of a world renowned Doctor of Genetics and Physics was to be sniffed at, but Hank did not consider himself one of the big hitters. By the definition of teamwork, everybody has a role to play in that team, it might be to provide comfortable first class travel for your team mates, it might be to provide scientific analysis on a situation or it might just be to provide the tea and biscuits, but whatever your role, you were a valued member of the X men. And that was what Hank loved about his life as The Beast. As he leaped and bounded up the portable staircase into the jet all he could think about was that finally, after months of sitting around in his lab hearing about events in the world, finally the X men were going out there to do something again.

As he took his seat near the front of the compartment, the speakers crackled on and Bobby began his Captain?s speech, filling it with quips and witticisms to lighten the mood. For obvious reasons, Graydon and Northstar were in sombre moods, thinking about what was happening in their home country. Nur was her usual quiet self, and Sheila still seemed nervous over the whole thing. Hank could appreciate Bobby?s need to cut through the tension, and admired his ability to laugh in the face of danger and hostility. The Beast was known for his humour, but when it came down to it, he was as nervous as anybody and he used the humour to cover that up somewhat.

?Hank, would you be so generous as to explain the inner workings of the belt buckle to everyone?"

Bobby?s request made Hank smile, he stood up and faced the team and began doing random arm gestures, pointing at all the doors, ?Exits are here, here, here and here. If you feel the need to use them please make sure we are on the ground, otherwise mind the step.? He paused and listened to the engines kick in, ?Oh and, fasten your seatbelt. Now!!?

The plane lifted off, and quickly levelled out, Bobby came back on with more amusement. Hank left him to it and sat by the window, watching cloud formations pass by; he attempted to name them all, there was always time to brush up on the weather science?s, it was a long way to Canada.

06-22-2006, 02:45 AM
Sahara was sitting calmly in her seat on the jet. Not that long ago she was just arriving to the X-Mansion, now she was on her way to her first unofficial mission. Would she be an X-Men after this. Shelia was going on a mission with X-Men to save people, so could she call herself a X-Man.

She had received a special uniform, using Shi?ar technology. Shelia didn?t know much about the Shi?ar, except that they are an alien race with advanced technological skills. Twenty-four hours ago Shelia would have checked herself into a mental clinic for believing in aliens. That changed after being at the mansion. Shelia?s whole thought process was altered into that of a more believing and accepting individual.

On the jet, there was Roberto, the crazy humorous pilot. Shelia had yet to really laugh at any of his jokes. It wasn?t that they weren?t funny, it was just that she was not in a laughing mood. Hopefully the flight to Canada will loosen her up.

Beast was also there. In the lab he had mentioned codenames and that Professor Xavier had given many names out himself for his X-Men. However, Shelia had came up with her own. Sahara, she would call herself. It may seem odd to everyone except Beast, because at this point the was the only one aware of what kind of powers she had. It surprised Shelia that no one had tried to discover the type of powers she had. It did make sense though because so much had been going on. The broadcast and then the rushed plan to get to Canada, Shelia didn?t even know the powers of anyone else, herself.

There was the ever so quiet Nur, and Graydon. The amusing, young, outspoken boy that Shelia was becoming very fond of. She returned his smile with a grin of her own before leaning back in her chair for take off. Shelia had made it up in her mind that, if she didn?t do anything to help anyone on this mission that she would at least protect Gray. She felt a sisterly love towards him in the brief hours they had known each other.

As the jet settled in a cruise mode, Shelia glanced at Jean-Paul. His presence made Shelia feel protected herself. It was odd for Sahara to feel that way about anyone, especially someone she only had known less than a day. She didn?t know if it was his French accent or confident speech, but something about Northstar made her feel safe. A feeling she would want during her time at the institute, even so more as they headed towards Canada.

Sahara slowly closed her eyes as she took a deep breath. Her chest rising and slowing coming back down as she inhaled and exhaled. It had been quite a long day and it was no where to being over. She laid her head back and drifted into a light nap, and finally relaxing for the first time, since she arrived at the mansion.

Monet St. Croix
06-24-2006, 02:39 PM
People were loading onto the leer jet. Jean-Paul followed along with his mind trailed off elsewhere, thinking about his twin. He only hoped she was okay and not treated wrongly. Depending of course if the government caught her. Thats the big reason for why the speedster is going on this mission. Honestly, Jean-Paul doesn't know what to expect. He didn't know if he and the team would run into trouble or if there was a safe investigation ahead, which sounded better than having to fight an entire government. Apart of Jean-Paul wanted to do that, he knows that mutants and innocent families of mutants don't need to be treated in this way. It was wrong! But Jean-Paul didn't know if the fight against an entire government would be worth it. He had untrained people on this mission. Is their lives worth putting on the line?

The dark haired mutant took a seat in a chair, locking the seatbelts over him. He watched with a grin at the humorous antics that Sunspot and Beast had displayed. It was great to see them keeping a positive spin on things. As much as Jean-Paul could appreciate the softer side of things, it was really hard. He only cared about making sure these group of people he's surrounded by come home safely and that the well being of his sister was okay. Possibly she could join him here at Xavier's Institute. Hank is an amazing scientist and doctor. With Jeanne-Marie's condition, he could perhaps help her dramatically when there really was no one else!

As Jean-Paul sat in the chair next to a small window, he put one elbow on the arm rest and rest his head against the inside of his hand, gazing out the window. His silence and distance from the other teammates wasn't meant to be cold in anyway, but right now, it was very important for him to get settled in the right frame of mind before landing in Canada. The French Canadian wasn't going to allow failure for this mission.

06-27-2006, 01:24 AM
Though her arrival at the jet was some minutes later than the others, it took very little for Nur to settle herself inside in time for departure, and she was quiet for some stretch of the journey. In her time in this world, she'd been conveyed by a number of primitive vehicles, moreso than she thought she could have in her lifetime -- but that was only what she could remember, of course. What else could contribute to the feeling of being out of place?

All things considered, however, her usual solemn stare was still in place, though there was a decidedly smug gleam in her eye, anticipation for the things she was about to witness and for the job that awaited her when they returned here again. Energy replenished, she felt what many englishfolk might have called "chipper". There was also a decided satisfaction in putting certain folk in their place that made her feel all the more like herself.

It'd certainly taken her mind off that nasty business with the shuttle's message, something she would deal with in time.

Right now, she had other commitments to see to, if anything so she could address the matter more objectively later.

06-27-2006, 02:54 AM
The light crackle of the speakers echoed through the metallic jet just before take-off. For a brief moment Graydon was pulled from his horrific visions to listen as his teacher produced wise-cracks about the current situation. Mr. DaCoasta was behaving just like he did within his classroom, light-hearted and never serious. Even as the younger X-man spoke, the boy didn?t respond with a laugh. In another time, Gray would have found what ?Sunspot? recited quite humourous, but this was not another time. It was now, and now was no laughing matter.

"However, in the event of a sudden depressurization, for example the roof flying off into the stratosphere, oxygen masks will drop down. Those of you traveling with Graydon, place your own mask on first and let the little guy fend for himself... he has to learn self-reliance sometime. Now that you all want to kill me, this is your captain... Kirk, signing off."

Jack Ass, the blood mutant allowed the thought to cross his mind. The boy adjusted himself within his chair and he clipped his seatbelt into place. With a quick peek out the spot-free window, Graydon could see the tiny airstrip slowly fading into nothing. ?Holy cow,? slipped through his lips. He didn?t want to admit it in front of the other veteran members of the group, but the flight made raised his nerves ten fold. What would they find when they arrived there?

?Monsieur Beaubier?? he lifted his head away from the window to motion the quickest of the X-men, ?Did your friend tell you where we might head to find out what?s going on? I mean, are we flying in blind, or does Mr. DaCoasta know where he?s heading??

06-27-2006, 05:09 PM
With the plane now at cruising altitude and the course to Canada locked into the autopilot there was really not a whole lot for Roberto to do in the cockpit. He knew the Leer would be fine if he left the cockpit, with its myriad of switches, dials, and gauges, for a few minutes. So, the Brazilian mutant unhooked his harness and exited the cockpit, leaving the door open in case an alarm sounded or something needed to be tended to while he was in the passenger cabin.

"I see Nur and Shelia haven't begun the beverage service yet," he said with a chuckle as he tsked his tongue at the two women. Ducking into the plane's very small galley he retrieved a coke and popped the tab to open it. "So, whereabouts are we headed Northstar," he asked the elder of the Canadian mutants. "Drinks anyone?"

Monet St. Croix
06-27-2006, 07:29 PM
Jean-Paul rested comfortably and lost in his thoughts. While he admired the humor of some his teammates, he wasn't in the mood to be funny. He just wanted to get to Canada, hopefully find what he's looking for. In the meantime, as Jean-Paul sort of schemed a plan of action in his thoughts, a voice carried from nearby towards him. For a moment, it took being called by his name to register in his brain. Jean-Paul jerked his head around to see his student Joseph call out to him.

?Monsieur Beaubier?? he lifted his head away from the window to motion the quickest of the X-men, ?Did your friend tell you where we might head to find out what?s going on? I mean, are we flying in blind, or does Mr. DaCoasta know where he?s heading??

"Oh! I'm sorry, Monsieur Graydon. I wasn't sure you called my name." said a semi-startled Northstar. The speedster adjusted in his seat and faced his student to try and answer the young man. "What did you ask again? Oh, right! Yes, I do think you're right."

Jean-Paul turned his attnetion to look towards Roberto's way, but just as if he read the minds of Northstar and Joseph, Berto was right on time to ask the question on people's minds. Where was the team to head to? For a second, Jean-Paul was clueless as well. His whole idea was going to the city and look around. Perhaps pick up some information from the streets. Maybe it was best to try and blend in with the crowd, but for Nur and Beast's sake, that might be hard. Guess it looks like another plan is in order. One idea came to mind.

"I think we might have to look to landing in the wilderness. We hide in the woods with the jet, we might have a better playing field. We can then work our way to planning how we should investigate once we land. How does that sound to you, Hank?" as Jean-Paul slightly turned his head to glance at Beast. Hank is a dear friend, whose also wise beyond his years. If anything, Jean-Paul has come to trust Hank's opinions and his opinion on the course of action thus far would be greatly needed considering that for the speedster, his mind seems to go back and forth on wanting to know about his twin sister and the actions and well being of the team once in Canada.

07-09-2006, 04:26 PM
?Get away from me you freak.? Shelia looked stunned as she stared at her fianc?. She had just confessed to him about being a mutant and the disgust on his face was unbearable. The words he spoke a he slowly back away from her hit Shelia harder than a bullet. ?You?ve known all this time and you just now telling me. I can?t even look at you. You make me sick. Get OUT!? Damon screamed pointing towards the door leading outside from the living room of their home.

Tears started to pour from Shelia?s eyes. How could the man she love talk to her that way. Scream and yell at her as if she was nothing. ?I ? I?m s?s?so sorry baby.? Shelia started to say in a shaking weak voice. ?I wanted to tell you but ?but I was scared. I didn?t want to lose you.? While Shelia spoke she saw her fianc? close his eyes, shake his head, and ball up his fist. The anger inside him was growing. The thought of being lied to for so long was a betrayal Damon could not accept. To him their whole relationship had been built on a lie a secret. He was in love with a mutant and he was a human.

Shelia started to walk towards the man she loved. ?Listen Damon?calm down. I?I love you. Please forgive me. We can work this ou??? Before Shelia could get the last word out of her mouth, Damon raised his fist. The pain was to much to bear as the fist of the one person Shelia could trust hit her squarely on her cheek. The impact knocked Shelia to the floor.

Then as if it that wasn?t enough, Damon didn?t stop there. Shelia cringed as she felt the astounding pain in her stomach, as her fianc??s foot made contact. She clutched her stomach and pressed her body towards the bottom of the sofa. ?Shut up you mutant bitch! I can?t believe I was going to marry you! Get out NOW!?

Even in miserable state of pain Shelia was in, nothing hurt more than those words from Damon?s mouth. She had been hurt so many times before. Left alone and abandoned so often that she promised to never let anyone close to her again. Damon broke down that wall she had built, but now he was breaking her heart.

Shelia grabbed the leg of the sofa. She was not leaving. She was not being hurt again. Then suddenly a tight grip closed around her wrist. An even tight grip grasped her already aching stomach. ?No!? Shelia screamed as Damon yanked her up dragging her towards the door. Tears rolling down her face. Creating a sting as it made contact with her bruised left cheek.

Shelia struggled to get loose from Damon?s grip but it was no use. He opened the door and the cool, crisp, night air hit them both. Then the hands that belonged to the man she loved, dropped Shelia on the porch. Scrambling Shelia tried her best to make it back into her home. BOOM. As the door was slammed dead in her face.

-- ------------------------------

Sahara jumped slightly in her seat on the jet, startled by the terrible nightmare she just had. She looked over to Graydon seating near her and gave a weak smile. Shelia hoped he or anyone else on the jet had not noticed how she had awaken from her short nap. The last thing she wanted was for these people she just met to think she as weak or scared. She quickly picked up her purse and started wandering through it to avoid eye contact with anyone at the moment.

From what she had taken since awaking was that the rest of the mutants on the jet were discussing were they would land. It had almost slipped Shelia?s mind that she was heading to Canada. She was no longer worried about danger as she had been back in the lab. It seemed as though her conscious would not allow it, focusing her thoughts and causing her to worry about other things in her life.

"Drinks anyone?"

Shelia looked up at Sunspot and replied. ?A water please.? She needed something that would calm her nerves and help her relax again. She wish she had brought a book because, at this moment sleep was the last thing she wanted to do.

Fuxxy Elf
07-13-2006, 02:42 PM
"I think we might have to look to landing in the wilderness. We hide in the woods with the jet, we might have a better playing field. We can then work our way to planning how we should investigate once we land. How does that sound to you, Hank?"

Hank moved his gaze from the interesting cloud formations outside, and instead concentrated on the occupants of the jet that he was sharing the journey with. He nodded sagely towards Northstar, ?That does seem the most prudent course of action, Jean-Paul. The local authorities are going to be spooked enough with the current amount of mutant hysteria. They may not cope well with a Jet filled with mutants landing at the local airfield. I know most of you can pass for human with barely any effort, but I am afraid I have neglected to bring my fedora and dark glasses. Wandering around a city in the middle of the day, I think I would stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.?

A slight yelp from behind him announced that Sheila had awoken from her unintentional nap. Hank frowned as she asked for water from Bobby, ?Are you quite well, Sheila?? He inquired carefully. She seemed a little shocked, though he could not tell whether it was the surprise of finding herself asleep, or something she might have dreamed during her nap.

As he was looking over his shoulder he noticed Nur sitting at the back of the jet, deep in thought. His frown deepened, this wasn?t a jolly outing for any of them but only Jean-Paul, Bobby and himself were seasoned pro?s at this kind of mission. Everybody else seemed either nervous or (glancing at Graydon) overexcited. Hank could understand such sentiments but hoped they would not get in the way of the difficult mission ahead.

Monet St. Croix
07-13-2006, 10:36 PM
?That does seem the most prudent course of action, Jean-Paul. The local authorities are going to be spooked enough with the current amount of mutant hysteria. They may not cope well with a Jet filled with mutants landing at the local airfield. I know most of you can pass for human with barely any effort, but I am afraid I have neglected to bring my fedora and dark glasses. Wandering around a city in the middle of the day, I think I would stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.?

"Hiding in the woods is a bad thing? I wasn't talking about walking out plainly in the public eye, Hank." sarcastically spoke the dark haired speedster. Jean-Paul again pondered if letting everyone come on this mission was such a good idea after all. Already there was unplanned action when arriving in Canada. The native of Quebec put his hand on his forehead and then shook his head, sighing. Suddenly, there was some concern at Shelia. Jean-Paul glanced at the woman and then he turned his head away, rolling his eyes.

Besides Sunspot, Beast, and himself being the pros when it comes to dangerous missions, was letting everyone else on this mission really such a good idea? Right when Jean-Paul seemed confident in everyone else, he was now thinking twice. The speedster felt a little frustrated. He was deeply concerned about his twin sister, yet its like things are trying to keep him away from finding out if she's okay. Apart of him felt like leaving the jet and ditch his teammates. He was sure he could get in and out of Canada fast and quick, while also finding out the status of Jeanne-Marie.

While an aggravated Jean-Paul glanced around at his teammates, he knew that if he did such an action, he would more than likely be frowned upon...and they would follow him. Though he could try to dodge and hide from his teammates, they would be bound to find him one way or the other. All Northstar could do was remain in his seat, tapping his foot on the floor of the jet, rest his chin in his hand as she gazed out the window beside him.

07-18-2006, 01:33 AM
(OOC: I have jumped us a head a bit, just to keep the storyline moving. We have kinda lost our posting order, so let's continue with me, Nur, Sunspot, Sahara, Beast, and Northstar. Blue, feel free to post at any time, and we'll adjust order than.)

It had taken some time for the group to decide exactly where they?d land, and to simplify a strategy that would keep them as far from danger as humanly or as mutantly as possible. For the most part, the mature fifteen year old kept his pink lips sealed. It wasn?t stated, but his inexperience would overshadow any idea or commentary that he could produce over the ?war-room? talks. A fair percentage of the plan poured out from one of the founders of Xavier?s school, Dr. Henry McCoy a.k.a. Beast.

The blue furred hero spoke the obvious most of the time, but his insight was well-respected and earned. He was one of the most acknowledged genesis? the world had ever known and stood along such great minds as Moria MacTaggert, Reed Richards, and Charles Xavier himself. McCoy wasn?t as blessed however as the other members of the team. Removing him from the picture, the plane could easily be compared to a cast of a famed WB show, the O.C. or Charmed. All were youthful, attractive, and human-looking, whereas the good doctor stuck out like a sore thumb in a crowded room.

Graydon?s caramel eyes darted out the small patch of window that rested next to his cushioned seat. The plane had been airborne now for almost two hours, and the merry band of mutants found themselves starting to soar deeper into the Canadian wilds. Several hundreds of feet below them, acres of bushy forests covered the lands. In the far horizon, which now held little light as day began to form into night, a distant lake could just slightly be seen. Geography was never his strong point, but the native Canadian believed that the party was now hovering over the Northern parts of Ontario. Welcome home buddy, he thought to himself as stars began to slowly appear in the sky, Just hope everyone?s still around to wish you that themselves.

************************************************** *********************

Canadian Federal Radar Centre (C.F.R.C.)
Sudbury, ON
9:36 P.M.

Stationed above a steel apparatus, a single guard perched himself in a wheeled seat across from a series of blinking computers and endless switches. The ?funny pages? lay across his lap, and his eyes intently read the words that raced across the sheets. A mild giggle peeped out of his lips as the comedic climax of a ?Family Circus? spread was shown.

Martin Lewis had been working at this post for almost seven years now, but it wasn?t until recently that things had started getting interesting at work. His main objective was to monitor flight crafts that passed through his radar area, which mostly included day-to-day flights from Toronto to Vancouver. However, since two weeks ago, it meant watching for unauthorized aircrafts trying to cross over the border without proper government authorization.

Tonight however, the elderly man would find something different. As a tiny green beep appeared on his screen, Martin quickly folded up his paper and set it aside to pay closer attention to the unknown bleep. There was to be no activity within his area for another two hours, so he quickly tried to scan the aircraft and received no id from it. Another startling piece of evidence was that the ship wasn?t trying to fly out of the Great White North, but into it.

Wheels squeaked as the man turned his seat and rolled in sideways to reach a phone nearby. As the phone pushed against his ear, a number began to dial automatically. It only took two rings before an unknown voice answered the call. ?Sir,? the security agent spoke out, a light quiver to his voice, ?We have a situation!?

************************************************** *********************

The seat that the boy had placed himself on began to get uncomfortable. He removed his seat belt and stood up. The plane had been level for quite some time, and with very little turbulence, Gray could only assume that it was safe to stand. With a quick adjustment to the ring he wore on his finger, the teenager began to approach the tiny vendor bar that Mr. DaCoasta had had built into his plane.

He pulled a can of Pepsi out of the tiny fridge and opened it with little difficulty. ?Does anyone else want anything?? he asked before closing the appliance. After receiving orders, he walked back to his seat and sat next to Sheila a.k.a. Sahara once again. He smiled at her once more. ?So, you ever done anything like this before?? He knew that Sunspot, Northstar, and Beast were all trained X-men and all had stories they could reveal, and he figured that Nur was a professional as well, but he didn?t know much about Cuban heroine. He figured if she was assigned to protect him, and Nur was assigned to protect her, he should at least know the powers and experience she possessed.

07-20-2006, 01:11 PM
She'd forgotten how irritating these manmade transports could get, though for all purposes she was the picture of patience until discussions began on where to land. Nur unbelted herself and rose. "Best to get this heap on the ground soon; I should like some fresh air and would rather not do it at forty-thousand feet," she said, though in a way that said there was no point in her announcing it. Her tone had an odd bounce to it, a sign she was still particularly pleased with how things had gone on before she boarded with the others.

That situation, of course, was why she did not merely translocate herself outside. Best to conserve all that new energy for now. She paused to examine the markings on her hands, realizing they were, indeed, darker than normal, no longer the usual royal blue. Still an interesting side-effect, but she had no idea when it would wear off. She also had no idea what other changes the new energy might have brought about that were invisible.

There would be time for that, though. For now, the outdoors awaited.

07-20-2006, 06:22 PM
"My aircraft is hardly a 'heap' as you so eloquently put it dear Nur," Roberto replied to the Egyptian mutant. "After all, without it most of the team would have to walk into Canda, not all of us are gifted with the ability of flight like Northstar and myself," he said with a grin. He watched as the kid got the water for Shelia and a Pepsi for himself. The Brazilian had been just about to go to get the drink for Shelia when Gray had gone to obtain the drink.

"Grab me a Coke, will ya Gray," Roberto called to the Canadian mutant. "Thanks in advance," he finished before turning back to the rest of the group in the main cabin of the plane. "I agree with Hank, in principle, that we should land somewhere in the wilderness, preferably in a forested area," Roberto began. "However, the Leer is not the Blackbird. This is not a V/TOL aircraft, I need some kind of paved surface to land on, and definitely some kind of paved surface to take off from. Therefore, I think landing just outside of some major city at a small regional airport with a paved runway long enough to handle a Leer is the place to land. I have a few business contacts in Canada, I should be able to arrange a waiting vehicle for us on the tarmac so we can quickly get Hank and Nur out of the public eye," Roberto concluded.

07-27-2006, 02:15 AM
?Are you quite well, Sheila??

Shelia?s hazel eyes glanced up from her purse at the blue and furry Beast. Guess they did notice me. The last thing Shelia wanted was for anyone to worry about her. She was not scared and actually thought she could be some help to the X-Men. The situation did not turn for the better, when Sahara caught Northstar rolling his eyes. She didn?t know if it was because of her uncommon awakening or the situation itself, but Shelia felt she played apart in his nuisance. Shelia stared at him as he placed his chin in his hands and looked out the window.

?I?m fine Hank, really. Just forgot where I was for a second.? It was not the truth, but Shelia figured it was very believable. How could it not be? The matter of the fact is, she is the only person new to the X-Mansion. In fact Shelia had only been there a couple of hours and wasn't sure if she would be allowed to stay when they returned.

?So, you ever done anything like this before??

Graydon asked when he returned with the water Shelia had asked for. To her it seemed he may had been trying to lighten the mood. The mood was intense, not from disagreements or arguments, but from worry and uneasy feelings about the task ahead.

"Not really Gray. The closest place I?ve been like this is a courtroom with murder suspects.? Shelia?s lips curved into a slight grin as she thought of the really slight relation of the two situations. ?I?m learning right along with you I guess. I?m kinda putting myself in a bad situation. I don?t know where I will go after we go back to the mansion .?

Shelia turned towards the rest of the team. ?What exactly is our plan. What type of action are we going to take when we arrive in Canada. I think we should have some type of plan so we can be prepared..? Sahara didn?t know exactly how everyone would take her input, but she was serious. When relaxed Shelia may not talk or act like a lawyer, mainly because of her age, but in the years she spent in law school and the couple she spent on her own, when it came to business she was as serious as anyone. And one thing she did not do was go into a courtroom unprepared, and she wasn?t landing in Canada without a plan.

Monet St. Croix
08-06-2006, 12:22 AM
"Our plan my dear is to rescue the ones we love. Perhaps even find out why Canada is setting up such a terrible thing to capture mutants and family members of mutants." nonchantly replied the dark haired speedster, Northstar from his chair. The reply was for the new recruit, Shelia. He turned his head away from the window next to him to look over at her.

"The first thing we're going to do when we land is cruise the grounds. We don't want to rush into anything too blindly. At least I'm hoping I don't." continued the speedster. The number one thing on his mind was the safety of his twin sister, Aurora. Her dissappearance and no sign of her has made him worred for a long time. He only hoped there was a miracle he would run into her on this mission and take her with him back to Xavier's. In her condition, there was no telling what savage human beings who call themselves scientists would do to experiment on her, if they are experimenting on mutants. It wouldn't be the first time mutants were lab rats.

For the time being, Jean-Paul just winked at the young woman and then sat back in his chair to watch out the window once more. If someone had better plans, he was more than welcome to hear suggestions from his teammates. The French Canadian only cared about getting to Canada soon.

08-06-2006, 01:53 AM
"Best to get this heap on the ground soon; I should like some fresh air and would rather not do it at forty-thousand feet.? As the monotone woman known as Nur forcefully pushed out her demand, Graydon could only slightly giggle under a small breathe. With the exception of the males on this flight, the young Canadian had only known the crew a short time. The powerful Amazonian woman was a fog of mystery that even the brightest light could not pierce through. Her actions seemed to speak louder than her words in the brief time the two had shared together, but her words were as powerful as a tsunami, which made Gray fear those stronger actions that had yet come to play.

It was the bumbling History teacher that remarked to Nur?s words. "My aircraft is hardly a 'heap' as you so eloquently put it dear Nur," the goofball superhero known as Sunspot released, "After all, without it most of the team would have to walk into Canada, not all of us are gifted with the ability of flight like Northstar and myself." It was time like this that the student wished people would remember what he could do. Mind you, he didn?t keep his mannish figure while he flew, but it was a power he did hold. At least for now.

His entire time at the mansion, his powers were still a riddle to him. The brilliant Dr. McCoy had deciphered that Gray?s abilities were received through ?blood contact? but was given no knowledge on whether or not those abilities were permanent. Only time would tell whether or not the young student would be able to maintain the four forms he had already acquired. Some of those forms he wished he could remove. Mainly his brother?s shape. Knowing that at any moment he could shift into an exact likeness of his deceased keen was not a memory Graydon grasped through his mind for very long.

"Grab me a Coke, will ya Gray," was enough of an order to pull the blood mutant from his thoughts, "Thanks in advance." The youngest raised his arm up to acknowledge his tutor. As his arm wrapped around two Cokes and a water, the child slowly moved back to the soft seat he had spent most of the trip in. Quickly, he dropped his can on the armrest and quickly tossed the other soda toward the self-proclaimed ?Cuban Brad Pitt?. Graydon didn?t even watch to see if his toss was caught. Mr. DaCoasta was an X-man after all; their reflexes were as sharp as nails.

When the child placed himself comfortably in his seat, he turned his attention toward the other female of the group. Not knowing much about her other than name, Gray began to feel inquisitive. He waited for her to finish speaking with Dr. McCoy and than turned a personal question toward her, ?So, you ever done anything like this before?? She was definitely beautiful. She appeared to be someone that men fought over when she was younger. Almost a Phantom or Reverie of her day.

"Not really Gray. The closest place I?ve been like this is a courtroom with murder suspects.? Her answer surprised him. One of his fluffy brown eyebrows cocked slightly as she continued her response, ?I?m learning right along with you I guess. I?m kinda putting myself in a bad situation. I don?t know where I will go after we go back to the mansion.?

His caramel eyes connected with her as he softly spoke, ?You?re an X-man now Sheila, you go where people need you.? He wasn?t sure if it was because of embarrassment or lack of interest, but the youngest woman seemed to turn her attention back toward the rest of the group. Graydon admitted to himself that he was lost in the conversation the adults were having. It felt like Christmas again where Riley and he had to sit at a kiddy table, only this time, Gray sat alone.

?What exactly is our plan? What type of action are we going to take when we arrive in Canada? I think we should have some type of plan so we can be prepared...? The boy was unaware if these questions had already been brought up, and a small feeling of guilt ran over his body for occupying Sheila with his trivial questions.

"Our plan my dear is to rescue the ones we love. Perhaps even find out why Canada is setting up such a terrible thing to capture mutants and family members of mutants. The first thing we're going to do when we land is cruise the grounds. We don't want to rush into anything too blindly. At least I'm hoping I don't." The quickest of the mutants was the one to respond to Sahara?s inquiry. Mr. Beaubier was one of Gray?s favourite teachers. Maybe it was because they shared a similar love for Canada that connected the two, but either way, Gray was pleased that Professor Xavier had found someone like him to teach at the school.

But what Northstar had spoken set off a light within Graydon?s mind. His thoughts the entire trip had been how to contribute to the plan. The French-Canadian had given Gray the opportunity. ?I could do it!? the boy spurted out, almost jumping out of his seat. He quickly recovered himself, and placed his bottom back in his chair, ?I mean, I could cruise the area no problem.? Blank stares seemed to focus the young ones way so he thought he better explain in more detail.

?Mr. Beaubier may be quick, but that?s not a detailed search. Sure Mr. DaCoasta can fly, but it?s a flying human the last thing Canada wants to see right now,? the boy took a breathe in before finishing, ?I got three different forms that could help up. My wolf or deer form would work quickly on ground and no one would care if they saw that! Or my falcon shape could cover twice the ground in half the time, and birds are supposed to be in the sky. Big whoop if you saw that!? Graydon than turned to the teaching staff at Xavier?s knowing they would be the one he would have to convince, ?You guys gotta let me do this. I?d be out of dangers way, and I?m the safest bet of not being caught five minutes after we land.?

08-06-2006, 01:36 PM
"One of at least two, anyhow," Nur put in at Graydon's suggestion, smiling in a non-deviant way for once, a sure sign that she only ever seemed to normalize when some distraction held her fancy. She was amused, and partly even impressed, at Gray's initiative and determination in this situation. Mind, the boy hadn't ceased to amaze her since she'd met him in the lab. Honest, perceptive, and not too cocky; if nothing screwed him up he would grow into a most agreeable man one day.

The eyes that came to her made her stop in her train of thought, for half a second forgetting what she'd said. She shook her head. "I can go and keep an eye on him," she clarified. "Two might be better than one in this case, cover more ground." Before someone could suggest that might detract from the whole 'keeping an eye on him' bit, she added, "I can watch at a distance. Besides." She paused and glanced at Gray. "If for some reason one of us were caught, then there'd be at least one who could raise the alarm."

Fuxxy Elf
08-07-2006, 08:19 AM
The journey to Canada was quite a lengthy one even at the magnificent speeds that Bobby was flying at. Plenty of time for various conversations to develop, as well as a couple of new relationships. Hank smiled as Graydon threw himself into the role of newbie X man, bantering with Sunspot and chatting with Sheila. The poor child was doing his best to keep his mind off the mission ahead; the danger was unknown but at the same time enough of a worry to be afraid. It was a paradox that often happened to people, a fear of the unknown. Such a fear never occurred to Hank, as a scientist the unknown was exactly what spurred him on in life. An ambition to discover something new was always at the forefront of his mind. Though he was loathe to admit that fear of the unknown was exactly why mutantkind was in the state it was in, particularly the relationship between humans and mutants. Hank often thought that although not everyone could be as open in their thinking as him, they could at least carry a modicum of common sense and maybe half the troubles in the world could be rectified quite easily.

Nur?s comment about fresh air caused slight alarm and a slight raise of a quizzical eyebrow from Hank, ?I wasn?t aware that flying was within your capabilities, Nur. Though if such a power lies within your grasp, I would very much like to see it; just,? he smiled slightly, ?not right now.?

He lay back and closed his eyes, whiling away the time with a perfectly remembered rendition of Mozart?s Concerto for Piano No. 14 in E Flat Major. His left hand swayed slightly as he mentally conducted, and his mind became calm and soothed, well prepared for the mission to come.

?Mr. Beaubier may be quick, but that?s not a detailed search. Sure Mr. DaCoasta can fly, but it?s a flying human the last thing Canada wants to see right now,? Gray was hastily planning as Beast finished off his mental concerto, ?I got three different forms that could help up. My wolf or deer form would work quickly on ground and no one would care if they saw that! Or my falcon shape could cover twice the ground in half the time, and birds are supposed to be in the sky. Big whoop if you saw that! You guys gotta let me do this. I?d be out of dangers way, and I?m the safest bet of not being caught five minutes after we land.?

Hank sat up and turned to face the group, ?Whilst I?m sure your abilities are prodigious and helpful, I?m still slightly wary of letting you go ahead as scout. What is you went too far afield and was somehow caught or lost. Unfortunately we don?t have a psychic to monitor you which is what the usual course of action would be on a normal X man mission. No one goes alone.?

"I can go and keep an eye on him,? Nur spoke up, much to Beast?s surprise, "Two might be better than one in this case, cover more ground, I can watch at a distance. Besides, If for some reason one of us were caught, then there'd be at least one who could raise the alarm."

Hank clasped his hands together and rested his chin, deep in thought, ?Two of our rookies going on ahead,? he muttered, ?but Graydon?s power is ideal for scouting and Nur has certain benefits that will keep her out of trouble. Okay, at the moment it seems like the most pertinent plan. I think your falcon would probably be the best, if you truly have the abilities of a falcon then your eyesight should keep you out of harms way. So we have our scouts, but where do we go from there. Northstar, I think you have a particular interest in this mission, what would you suggest??

08-09-2006, 02:55 AM
(( OOC: This is Graydon Joseph?s summery for the jump. I just want to thank Treyos again for helping me get my storyline in focus? Here we go.))

By the time the Leer jet landed, the team had gone over the exact plan and knew precisely what each person needed to do. The initial plan was simple; the youngest of the group would assume his feathered form and scout the area by air with the quietest following in stealth below. After the two were able to determine the danger surrounding the area, they would return and the more veteran members of the group, the members known as the X-men, would than patrol the pens and find the most logical means of access. Graydon, being only a fifteen year old student at the school, was meant to stay behind and guard the two hundred tons of engineered metal. So in other words, he was meant to baby-sit the jet, or vice versa, he hadn?t decided yet.

By now, the cool breeze flowed underneath his outspread wings. In the corner of his sharp vision, he could barely make out the small ant which was his powerful teammate, Nur. It amazed him how agile and quick the Amazon appeared. It was just a second power of her seemingly endless supply of abilities. In the past few hours, the Canadian child had only witnessed her shift her colours when they were in the lab, and now, she possessed a tremendous amount of stamina.

He had been coasting the area for almost an hour now and nothing unusual had come across his view. Part of him felt a bit lonely during his search. He knew that he was always watched by Nur, but without any type of telepath on the team, he couldn?t communicate with anyone. One of the cons of his powers was that while in a new form his vocal cords changed as well. So while he loved the feeling of flight, he wished he could scream out in joy, instead only a loud cry pierced his razor beak.

Dankness covered the sky like a blanket, but it didn?t really matter to Gray. Seeing a bird in the sky would cause little alarm to anyone who witnessed it. He quickly tilted his wings slightly to turn left when a large flash of silver light blinded him. The light also seemed to follow with a powerful blast that forced the wind out of Graydon. He didn?t know what caused the blast, but it was enough to send his small bird-like frame to fall from the sky. He couldn?t recover and as he fell he wondered what his next course of action would be.

It was apparent that once his body hit the ground, whoever made that blast would most likely attempt to find him. Also, somehow, he knew that it was the Canadian government that caused the explosion. How had he been found out? He was so careful. During the descent, the young child thought up many situations that could get him out of harms way if the authorities did discover him. Only one seemed the most plausible. As his body began to hit the whipping branches, he shifted his body once more into something more human.

?Ow!? he cried as his soft body hit the ground. His fingers quickly reached for his holographic ring, he twisted it slightly so a hunter?s uniform appeared over his body. Where was Nur, he questioned? As he rose from the ground his blonde hair and blue eyes shone through. It wouldn?t be apparent to his teammates but Graydon had taken on the form of his deceased kin, Riley.

Within a few moments, Gray heard some rustling in the trees behind him. Had Nur arrived? Maybe he should shift back to his normal form, but something in his gut told him to keep his current state. All of a sudden, lights appeared. Followed by guns. The government had discovered him. He was a goner. His only hope was that now his teachers would be able to rescue him! ?Hold it right there!? one of the three yelled out to him.

Graydon froze, and extended his arms out slightly as to show no weapon to the three approaching officers. ?I?m unarmed,? the mutant spoke out in his deep voice. Memories of Riley began to flood his mind. He rarely took this form due to the fact that it hurt too much to see his face. To hear his voice. The three men encircled the lone hunter.

?What are you doing out here?? another man questioned. All three pointed their weapons toward the unknown boy.

?Nothing,? he spited out quickly, ?Just going for a walk.? It was a stupid lie seeing as how they were several kilometers from any town or highway. Neither of the men seemed to believe it as one dropped their weapon and pull out what looked like a Star Trek tricorder. The instrument lit up as the government official began to race it up and down Graydon?s body. What the hell was that thing?

?Name?? one of them demanded as the second armed man joined the one holding the scanner.

?Gray?? he began to speak out realizing how wrong it would be to realize his true name. His attention was than pulled to the two off to the side. One was mentioning the fact that there was no visible mutant d.n.a. within his body, which made Graydon thankful for his powers. Even though he didn?t fully understand how they worked, he was told by McCoy that whichever form Graydon held at that time was the most dominant d.n.a., so as Riley, who was not a mutant; the x-gene would not be apparent unless more extensive tests were done.

?Name!? the gun-wielding enforcers demanded.

?Joseph Gray!? the seeming twenty year old barked back. He wasn?t sure what was going on. Where was Nur or the others to rescue him? She was supposed to follow him and keep him out of danger. How had things gotten so far out of hand?

?Well Mr. Gray,? one of the men spoke out, ?You?re going to have to come with us until we can figure this thing out.? Graydon wanted to protest but he figured that doing so would only raise more suspicion. One of the larger men grabbed hold of the mutant and forced him to follow to a nearby car. The Canadian was pushed in the back seat, but before the door closed he could hear one of the men say, ?Take him to the human pen!?

08-10-2006, 11:27 PM
(OOC If my mentioning of other characters is not accepted let me know and I'll edit.)

As the heavy eyelids, that belong to the woman name, Shelia Williams, opened, all that was in her view were; men in white coats and several small blinding lights, surrounded by darkness. The bright lights, which were probably no more than small flashlights, caused Shelia to squint her eyes. This was due to the fact that it had seemed, to long to remember, since the last time she saw any light. The only thing that had been in her view, were the back of her closed eyelids, while she slept, almost unconsciously. Only awakening and conscious for minutes at a time, only to be put back to sleep again.

Shelia felt her arm been raised, she started to twinge and squirm to try her best to get loose from the grip, that had taken hold of her. She knew what was coming. She knew what they would do to her next. Sahara just closed her eyes when she knew that all the jerking were to no prevail. There was nothing else she could do. She was to weak too fight back, too helpless. A small whimper escaped her mouth as the needle pierced through her skin. The serum was injected into her blood stream. Flowing and mixing into her blood fully in a matter of minutes. Shelia?s already heavy eyelids started to close again. As she drifted again into sleep.

This was the exact routine she had been going through for God knows how long. It had only been less than a week but to Shelia it felt like forever. There were no days and nights for her. Just countless times, awakening in a weak and helpless state. Not being able to defend herself or escape, or even tell the difference between reality and a dream. Shelia had dreamt of many things the past few days. They would all jumble together, or change after a time. She would dream of her fianc?, Damon and her sister, Keshia. At times they would be loving and caring and at others they would be the men in the white coats, sedating her. She would dream of how she was brought to this place, but with her memories and thoughts so scrambled, she doesn?t know how she really ended up in here.


She had been left behind. While the X-Men went to search for the missing Graydon, she was left to watch the jet. Gray was sent to scout the surroundings, so the team would not walk into something unexpected. Unknown to Shelia was the cause of his disappearance, but he nor the Amazonian woman, Nur, who had been declared to keep an eye on him, returned to the jet. With suspicion of the safety of the inexperienced members, that had been on the minds of the X-Men Northstar and Beast heavily, they advised her to remain on the jet, while they were accompanied by Sunspot to look for the missing members of the team.

Sahara was very nervous while she remained on the jet. Jumping at tiny sounds and seeing things that weren?t there, were only actions that proved this. It was getting late in the evening and the sun was setting. Still there were no word from her team. Shelia had the nerve to try to use the radio to contact the mansion, but it was to no prevail.
She was scared half to death as a small bird flew into one of the windows of the jet. Shelia thinking maybe it had been Gray, since he was scouting in a bird form, ran to the window to investigate. As she watched the bird quickly recover and scurry off, she figured she should have known better to think it was Graydon.

Looking out the window, to worsen Shelia?s fears she saw two soldiers with flashlights approaching the jet's entrance. How did they know we were here? Shelia thought to herself, but unknowingly to the X-Men was that, their presence had been discovered while they were still in the air. The soldiers were sent to investigate the situation.

Shelia panicked. She had no clue what to do and how she was going to get out of this mess. There were no telling what kind of weapons the soldiers had. Then it hit her. She had special weapons of her own. Sahara glanced at her hands. She controlled sand and those soldiers will be eating it if they tried to get through that door. Standing in front of the door to the jet, Shelia started focusing in on her powers. Sand was forming right before her eyes and circling around near the entrance of the jet. Her body started changing, slowly going form flesh and bone, to billions of grains of sand.

BOOM! Was the sound heard as the soldiers knocked down the door. Sahara reacted just as quickly as the door flung open, she ducked and sent a small sand storm dead at the two soldiers. The sand formed a cloud circling around the soldiers and worsening their vision. Figuring it was a perfect time, Shelia jumped through the door in her sand form, becoming one with the small sand storm she just created and emerging on the opposite side. With that she took off running. She heard one of the soldiers yell ?Stop that thing!? as she ran as fast as she could. She soon heard dogs barking behind her, but she didn?t worry because in her sand state she could run straight through branches and only feel a slight tingle. She also heard gunfire, but the bullets did the same as the branches and Shelia figured she just needed to get to a safe place and hide.

Then suddenly two soldiers appeared in front of her. They threw two small bomb like devices on the ground, which when they hit released gases into the air. As Sahara ran through it she felt something change. Her body started reverting back to its human form and she ran straight into a branch, cutting her face. Shelia could not believe it she had lost her powers, but she soon started worrying about other things and the canines jumped at her and tore her down. Growling and biting at her. Tearing her uniform to shreds and brutally attacking her. Shelia tried her best to fight off the dogs but it was no use. She gave up thinking that this was it, but the soldiers came up and called the dogs off.

Helpless and aching from the bruises the dogs just inflicted on her, Sahara could do nothing but scream, as the soldier grabbed and pulled her up by her hair. ?Take her to the mutant pen, with the other loner.?


Shelia awoke again to the men in white coats. As she felt that familiar grasp around her arm, Shelia tried her best to protest. ?N..N?Nooooo? Her words were low and rasp, mostly because of her dry throat and not talking for days. ?Give her a stronger dose.? One of the men said. ?She?s recovering too quickly.? Sahara felt the needle being injected into her skin. She was being sedated again. Her hazel eyes were no more, pale from the drugs or the lack of energy. She had no clue when the last time she had eaten, but somehow the affect of the drugs made her not hunger. She would try to use her powers and it seemed as nothing would happening. Aren't I a mutant? She would ask herself, at times not believing it, because in this pen her powers were obsolete. Just as they were the night she was captured.

Soon her eyelids began to close once more. Shelia Williams was drifting off to dreamland, or could she be there already and was now on her way back to reality?

08-24-2006, 01:09 AM
Victor didn?t make it. It had only been seconds after escaping the small room where he was held when a tranquilizing dart had pierced the skin on his back. His body went limp and he fell from the wall from which he clung, his camouflaged skin turning back to its original green as he fell. The last thing the seventeen year old could remember was staring up at the blurred faces of airport soldiers and the bald man who had accompanied them.

Now, the mutant teen was huddled in a small corner of his cell. It had been seven days since his capture and there was still no way for Victor to get out. All the cells, at least as far as Victor could tell, were equipped with power inhibitors which blocked the effect of the mutant gene. The Borkowski boy?s skin was no longer green, and his carapace cap was left bare. The tongue that at one point could stretch a great distance and hold the weight of his body could barely even reach up to the tip of his nose. With his powers of camouflage and adhesive hands taken away, there was no hope for escape.

Not only was the cell in which Victor lived dark, but it was extremely cold. Snow was gathering on the barred window, and more often than not, a handful of the precipitation would be his only source of drink. A majority of the mutant?s clothes had been taken from him, leaving only his jeans and the thin wifebeater that he had worn under his long sleeved shirt. A blanket was provided but Victor had made the mistake of leaving it under the window and water from melting snow had dripped down and absorbed into his only source of heat.

Every other day Victor was seized and a collar, which kept his powers turned off, was clasped around his neck. They would lead him outside and give him half an hour to walk around a large pen with other people, whom he assumed were mutants. Unlike some of the other mutants, the seventeen year old made no efforts to make friends. It wouldn?t solve anything. The way Vic saw it, even if all the mutants could join together and find a way to escape, it wouldn?t work. There were too many soldiers, too many power inhibitors, too many things that would keep them from reaching their goal of freedom.

Still, the days he was let outside were his favorites. Even though he wasn?t social himself, it was a comfort to see others and hear voices that weren?t barking orders or yelling insults. Every time he was let out, here would be at least one new face and most of the time the new prisoners came in groups. Victor had overheard a conversation saying that they were starting to hold two prisoners in one cell. This news perked the teenager up a bit, giving him hope for someone that could maybe carry a conversation with him throughout the eventless day.

His hopes of having a companion were granted sooner than he thought. The next day, the guards who seemed to roam the prison grounds stormed into his cell and grabbed him by his arms. After slapping the power inhibitor around his neck, the shoved the seventeen year old out into the cold corridor not even acknowledging his request for his thin shirt which he left laying on the floor. They led him down the hallway randomly jabbing him with the butts of their guns as they went. Finally they came to halt in front of one of the many cells doors, each one looking identical except for the number engraved at the top.

With an overuse of force, the human men swung the door open and through Victor through the threshold, one of them following him to remove the cruel collar. It wasn?t until they were gone, the door shut and locked behind them, that Vic looked around the room. It was the same as his previous cell only everything was reversed, the reason being the cell was on the opposite side of the hallway. In one of the dark dank corners, Victor saw a woman laying on the floor. She was obviously drugged and carelessly left in her prison. He could tell because he couldn?t name one person who would be comfortable in the position she lay. He kept his eyes on her sleeping body as he paced the room, finally settling down against the wall across from her.

?So,? he said not expecting a response from the woman. ?I guess we?re gonna be roomies??