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Day seven. It had been a week now since he had been carted into a dusty, dirt-floored prison, and although the young man?s native government had tried everything to learn of his true nature, Graydon Joseph, more currently in his older brother?s form, had somehow still slipped under the radar. Interrogation after interrogation Graydon had somehow convinced the local authorities that he was Joseph Gray, even though their records showed no person with that name. He was even subject to finger-printing which he thought was safe due to his deceased kin?s lack of criminal record. There was no way without blood work that they would discover his secret.

And that was that the mutant was a metamorph of sorts, and while he had never retained the same shape for over an hour prior to his involuntary visit in the government ?pens?, he continued to show the body of a twenty year old. It had almost been a year now that Gray learned of his special gifts, and even though the young fifteen year old had begun to age into the sweet sixteen he would be in two weeks, all the of forms he had acquired over the last calendar remained the same in age and beauty.

It was unspoken, but he realized that even when the master mutant himself turned forty, he still might hold his brother?s twenty year old shape inside him. The appearances didn?t change. Almost as if they were ghosts inside him that he could bring out on command.

With a stretch of the arms, the young one felt the mild aches of his bones and muscles. It could be a combination of preserving his current state for so long and the lack of nutrition he had received over the last few nights. Either way, one thing was certain to him. The X-men were not coming for him. It was time to devise a plan to rescue himself. Or maybe his teachers and friends had been captured as well, so this left Graydon in the role of hero.

During his short stay he had learned much from the fearful lofters that shared his room. They were housed in what was more communing referred to as ?the human pen? while those with powers were taken to a darker place. Horror stories of zombie-like ex-heroes were seen wandering around the common grounds. Thankfully however, Gray did not find his teachers or Sheila to be a part of them. If they were taken in such as him however, maybe they were kept under certain watch seeing as how they all carried alpha-level x-genes.

The student knew had those with power still possessed any type of coherency they would have plotted some sort of escape. The only revolution Graydon had heard from the human folk at the hidden camps was a human revolt who named themselves, ?Chimera?. The name was simply put that way due to the fact that it was people from all different walks of life coming together for a common purpose or goal. All the avengers were human, run by a middle-aged couple. Supposedly, the plan didn?t go according to plan and all but a few died during the rebellion. No names were known, but the statement was made by the government officials that they would not tolerate insubordination from mutants, let alone humans.

Thankfully however, Graydon?s powers made him a bit of both. And animal as well.

While the pen gates prohibited any of his forms from fitting through, there was one other option for the young boy to make. There were two things commonly found within his room. People without hope, and rats. The mutant had watched them move in and out of his cage for days now, but they were so quick, the callused hands could grab one fast enough. So the boy had hatched another plan. He pretended to sleep until one rested itself next to him.

With a quick jerk, Graydon was able to wrap his fingers around the furry creature with little difficulty. The small animal lashed out in fear and anger, and its sharp teeth bit deep into the mutants flesh allowing a small cut to form, and a river of crimson water to flow down his hand. ?Thanks,? the deep voice of Riley spoke out. He knew what he had to do was primal, but it was the only way to save himself and possibly those he traveled with.

The blood mutant lifted the living creature to his mouth, and sharply bit into its little neck. The animal screamed loudly as Gray moved his teeth around to open a gap between its flesh and inside. Blood began to fly between the two wrestling creatures. Enough so that drops of the rodents liquid fell onto Graydon?s fresh cut. The young hero knew that it only took a single drop of blood to mix with his for the DNA to be copied. For the first time in months, the Xavier student acquired a new form.

As he laid the now lifeless creature on the ground, the blonde man stood up and cracked his neck slightly. His body stilled ached from retaining this form for so long, but that was about to change. Within seconds, his body began to kneel over and curl into a ball position. Short spikes of brown fur began to cover him from head to toe as his frame began to shrink as if his body had been thrown in the wash. Out of his tailbone, a long slender tail began to poke out of his flesh, and his teeth forced themselves into new and unusual locations.

The smallest form Graydon had ever assumed before was his falcon, and every time the pain he felt while shifting was almost unbearable. This form was just as bad, but it was a necessary sacrifice he had to make in order to scout the place unnoticed. ?Graydon the Rat? was not a great superhero name; he had to think of something better. He remembered the flight over and how much Roberto mocked him for not getting a codename in on time. That would have to wait for another day, because today, the quick mouse had to discover who was truly running the show around here.

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It never seized to amaze Graydon at the different senses he gained whenever he shifted to an animal form. While in his falcon form, not only did the ability of flight add to his roster, but also a keen sense of sight that allowed him to see further and clearer than he normally could. His wolf shape possessed strength and agility, but also an acute taste of sound and smell, and lastly his deer form granted him stealth and speed. Now, as a common farm mouse, his sense of touch seemed to echo throughout his body. The tiny grains of sand that would normally pass through his human feet with little to no distinguish now pounded into his minuscule claws as the spackled walls dug like sandpaper into his soft, brown fur.

The world seemed so much bigger to him now, but that also made him more aware of his surroundings. A leathery tail trailed behind him as the young rodent made its way down the slim corridors looking for any type of signage that could point him toward his correct course of action. Even without windows, the young teen knew that night had fallen over the Canadian horizon, and this meant one important thing. While security may be found within the cold confines of the penitentiaries, very few lab techs could be discovered within the hub of the facility.

Finally an exit revealed itself to the shape-shifting mutant. His small body pushed itself through the small opening under the door and an aroma of freshly cut grass filled his nostrils. The rat?s tiny eye?s surveyed the scene, and Gray was quick to notice three main, but separate buildings. One was the area he had just forced himself out of, while another stood about a hundred yards away, almost enclosed by a small brush of trees. The access door for the second compound was quite different from the one the Canadian teenager had just squeezed himself through. It was a giant metal slab, which seemed to be controlled by an electronic panel sitting near the right of entry. Even in his smallest form, the blood mutant would not be able to access the building unless he followed a guard inside.

Three strong, well-armed soldiers hovered the area, guns posed and ready for action. Make no mistake about it; the second compound is the place where Graydon should have been taken seven nights ago. The mutant pens.

Across a low-cut field lay another structure. This one had an entrance much like the human hold, so Graydon breathed easy knowing that access to that chamber would be less of a challenge. No guards seemed to cross over that area, so the rodent moved himself closer to the doorway. Not a single light shone out of any of the windows, seeing as how many of the doctors, officials, and lab techs would be at home during this point, nuzzled up to their loving partners. Again, the brown-furred creature pressed itself through the crack of the door.

In this facility, many signs were placed around the building, so the small hero worked his way from hallway to hallway, up and down stairs until he reached a door that read, ?Control Center?. For the third time in as little minutes, the Xavier student worked his way into the office the same way as he had prior. How useful this new form was when it came down to tactics and stealth? If every mission needed a spy, maybe the young child would be brought along more often.

His feet ticked lightly as the boy made a run around the room to ensure that no one shared this space for the time being. He hadn?t seen a living thing since he entered this new building, but it was better to be safe than sorry. At this time, his heart began to beat hard, as his breathing became slightly erratic. The fur on his body began to flake off as his muscle and bones grew at a steady rate. Within moments, the almost sixteen-year old boy appeared, and a quick flash of this Shi?ar sliver ring, (which he had kept invisible the last week), made a holographic leather uniform appear over his body. A bright and shiny yellow ?x? placed itself on the left-hand side of his chest.

There was a moment of relief for Graydon when his change was completed. He hadn?t been in his natural form for over seven days now, and the strain it brought was beginning to become unbearable. It was comforting however to know that he had gained some control over his abilities during his times in Danger Room Sessions. It was the thought of that which made him realize that he was not going to take being at the manor for granted anymore. He did not want to be the wallflower, it wasn?t his role. Before Riley?s death, Graydon was one of the most popular kids in his school, captain of his football team, and ran track. Everything had changed this past year, and the boy now knew that it was because of his own guilt that things were the way they were.

For now, however, he needed to focus on rescuing his fellow teammates, the other captured mutants and humans, and his parents. Inner recreation could be done if he somehow survived this?

The mutant began flicking switches on computers and reading papers left on pine tables in search for a way to get away from this hell. He needed to push back thoughts of leaving now to grab over members of the X-men and allowing them to return to do the rescue. None of the others that shared a flight with him would have left without the student, so it was now the student?s job to rescue the staff. ?Come on,? he muttered quietly, ?Come on!? His fingers raced across a black keyboard to a computer he found left logged on. Within a few seconds, the boy was able to track down a map of the complex. It was indeed correct that the secured building was the cells holding mutants. It also appeared that many of the rooms housed a form of power dampeners to retract mutant abilities, while those mutants in rooms that did not share that technology were induced by power-stripping drugs.

Either way, neither road looked good for Graydon. He was able to find the names of Roberto, Jean-Paul, Henry, and Sheila, but could not come across Nur?s name. The three men were being held in a room with one of the highest power dampener?s the government could find. While Sheila was being held in a cell with one other mutant simply known as Victor. They were two of the unfortunate that were dealing with drug-induced power swiping.

A closer look at the map showed Gray a generator for the dampeners. It rested outside the main building, and if the young student could shut it off or destroy it, maybe the X-men would be able to free themselves. Sheila, however, would have to be rescued in person. Graydon decided that he would shut off the main power to the generator and than go for Sheila. He hoped that Beast and the others would be able to find their own ways out of the complex.

As the hero turned to exit the room, he noticed one other file on the computer. It read ?Chimera?, so the boy thought it must be a file based on the human revolt. Curiosity got the better of Gray and he pushed open the file and began reading. A quiver fell over his voice as a single salty-tear fell down his check.

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The light clipping of sharpened nails danced on the cold black and white tiles that made up the hallways of the Canadian Pens Lab. Graydon was now racing back toward the entrance he had squeezed through only fifteen minutes prior. Only this time he was not worried about stealth and invisibility, so his body was now housed in the flea-ridden form of the blood thirsty beast which killed his brother some eleven months earlier. By the time he reached the solid timber door, his eyes burned with fury and hate. A hatred for his country for making this situation so bad on events that hadn?t even occurred on their own land.

The world had a reason to fear mutants. They had powers that no normal humans did, but what the foolish governments refused to believe was that it was the good mutants that had allowed the human governments to run in office for as long as they had. Normal, powerless individuals would not have been able to stop the Shi?ar, or Magneto, or the Blood Queen. The world had a reason to fear mutants. But not all mutants should be taken accountable for the mistakes of some.

As the muscle-bound body of the wolf leaped forward, breaking through the wood sending tiny splinters in all directions, Gray continued his thoughts which drove his actions more toward the primal ways of life, than those based on logic. Should each German be destroyed because of the memories of the Holocaust? Should all white individuals be taken off the face of the earth due to their slavery toward Africans, Asians, and Natives?

The world had evolved and mistakes were forgiven. These were the teachings of a human race. If the powerless saw mutants as a separate law from them, then Graydon would have no problem being unforgiving to them over the next hour or so.

Shots were fired in his direction as the three armed gunmen he noticed earlier took observation of his noisy exit and began a pursuit. The padded paws of the wolf pressed hard into the ground as the animal began its journey to the left side of the mutant pens. It was there that Graydon would be able to find a series of generators that powered the entire facility. If those were to be demolished, all doors would be accessible, and all homo superiors would be powered.

By the time the mutant made his turn along the side of the steel prison, a stray bullet crossed Graydon?s side, causing a small tear throughout his chest. The wolf howled in pain, as he dug his sharp claws into the ground and did a three-sixty allowing himself to now face the fastest of the patrolling officers. The man was heavily protected in his wears, but the mutant teen was able to find a small area of opportunity. Gray?s back legs pushed off the solid ground and sent his hairy body flying toward the armed man.

More shots were fired, but the rage that filled the young boy?s heart was so much that he couldn?t tell if any of the metal shots had made impact. The beast?s large jaw crept open and turned slightly so that Graydon was able to make direct contact with the guard?s neck. Without a second thought, the child bit down, and he could hear the crushing of the man?s throat.

The mutant was quick to recover his steps and continue on down the path and around the building as the sounds of the two other men hauntingly echoed behind him. He could smell the fear on their bodies as the passed by their fallen comrade. And that is when Graydon saw them, three large, steel machines that hummed the same that a large fan would. These had to be the generator?s to the plant.

The boy wasn?t given much time to think, as shots raced by his head. He quickly darted around and made a pass in-between the two villains. One lowered his weapon, knowing that the animal was trying to bait him, but the other guard was not as logical. He kept his weapon running as the primal dog zoomed by them, hitting his companion with stray bullets. ~Two down, one to go~ Graydon thought as he repositioned himself again, this time running into the gunman causing him to fall onto the rock ground below them.

The wolf was quick to hop onto the closest of the generators and stood there waiting for the young man to shoot. Sure enough, the guard did such as Gray hoped. Bullets began to tear through the first generator, causing the hum it rang to die softly. The dog quickly hopped over to the second generator, and with its jagged teeth, began to pull at the exposed wires it revealed.

The second machine began to drift into a silent abyss, as Gray cocked his head to view the single enforcer once more. He appeared to be reloading his weapon, which gave the blood mutant enough time to think his next move. He raced to the third controller and began digging into it the same way he had the second one. He didn?t, however, have enough time, as the armed male began to shoot at him once more. The wolf leapt up and began making his way around the building, but after he turned the corner, he noticed a set of boxes positioned so that he could place himself on the roof of the mutant pen.

Once the dog made his way up, Graydon was quick to position himself into view of the last foe. The young man was working his way through the two broken generators, but as the black-dressed guard made his way over the last, semi-wrecked machine, the wolf pounced down off the tin roof and pushed the man?s body onto the exposed wires Gray had worked out moments earlier. The electricity from the cord was enough to overheat the machine and caught the death of the last guard.

All generators were now destroyed and Graydon could hear a rumble from within the pens. It was the sounds of mutants and human beginning to free themselves. He didn?t wait long as he worked his way around the building one more time. He hoped the X-men would take this opportunity to free themselves and once the student of Xavier?s brought Sahara to freedom he would find the son of a bitch who created these pens and give them a fate worse than death.

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"Do you know who I am," Roberto roared at the guards by his particular mutant pen. "I'm speaking to you, ignorant filho de uma cadela! I could buy your entire family," the Brazilian roared. Not for the first time he hammered his fist on the barrier that he was trapped behind to no affect. The Canadian government had, apparently thuroughly researched the mutant problem and how to nullify the powers of mutants through the use of physical and energy oriented barriers. "Amaldi?oe-o quando eu saio aqui do mim estou indo rasgar fora seu bra?o e o bater com ele!"

"Whatever you say, mutie," the guard replied in an accent that was just vaguely French and would seem to indicate that this man had been raised in the province of Quebec. The guard slammed the butt of his rifle into the fence where Roberto had dug his fingers into the chainlinks. The Brazilian rattled off a string of expletives in Portugese and tried to power up, not really expecting it to work. To his amazement, and delight, his skin and clothing were soon blacker than the night around him.

"Stand back, our powers work again," he roared at his fellow mutants. With a yell he fired concusive blasts from his hands into the fence that tore through the chainlink fence to great effect, allowing those of his brethren that were encumbered by the inability to fly to make good their escape from the pen. In two quick steps the Brazilian was through the hole in the pen he had made, and was generating a heat shield that would protect him from anything fired from long range.

Wrapping his right hand around the guard he had earlier threatened in Portugese, Roberto flexed his muscles and ripped the guard's arm from his body and summarily beat the man with his own arm, making good on his earlier threat. "Deus que sentiu bom," he roared in Portugese, discarding the arm and soaring into the starless night. The Canadians had pissed off the wrong man, and now that he was free there would be hell to pay, but first the other members of the team needed to be found. While the Brazilian was most certainly angry as a wounded elephant, and stronger than one, he still had the mental wherewithal to know that Beast, Northstar, Nur, Sahara, and the kid needed to be found and rescued, though he assumed one of them, likely Beast, had escaped and shut down the pen power.

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(Present Day ? Somewhere in the woods of the Northwest Territories, Canada)

With most of the power in the facility off, Graydon was able to whip around the largest building and find the electronic door he had feared so much flushed open with a current of pink, brown, and purple flesh. Canadian mutants that had once been held at bay were now discovering that their publicly-disgraced energies had returned to them, and that this was the time to fight back. Padded guards seemed to appear out of thin air as the deafening sounds of gunpowder began to ignite.

As the boy in wolf?s clothing began to force himself through the frightened crowd, the irony of working his way into a building that so many were trying to flee from had not been lost onto him. But the young mutant would do whatever he had, to save his fellow teachers and teammates. ~ No one else I care about will die in this place! ~ he contemplated as his matted fur ripped across a running mutant who seemed to protrude razor-like spikes from his forearms.

No matter how many injuries he took on, the bullet wound from earlier or the tear he had just gained across his side, he wouldn?t stop until all the X-men were together again. This place had to be shut down, and Graydon Joseph would be the instrument of its demise.

************************************************** *********************

(Three months, One week, and Two days earlier ? Union Station, Toronto, Ontario)

?Are you sure he?s ready Chris? I mean, he?s only fifteen,? his mother?s loving words carried further than she would have ever known that day as the scared teen pushed his body along the ceramic walls of a public washroom. The boy had gone to relieve himself before his parents ushered him onto a train destined several hundred kilometers away.

?Melissa,? the words of this father began, ?You know as well as I do that we?re not equipped to handed this type of situation.? There was a pause in his speech, as Graydon lightly cocked his head as to better hear the not-so-hidden conversation his parents were having. ?This doctor in New York, Henry McCoy, may be able to discover what?s wrong with our son.?

The words, ?wrong with our son?, was a phrase that the child had remembered since he left their side that fated day. It was the first moment he learned that something may have been wrong with him. It hadn?t been long since her brother had passed, and the guilt still ripped apart his insides. Assurance had been given time and time again that the teenager was not responsible for his sibling?s death, and that he should be thankful that he survived the horror as well.

And although the teen didn?t know he was a mutant at the time, he had felt like something other than just he survived that day. A piece of his brother held onto him, as did the primal monster which took his life. He couldn?t explain it, but it was almost as if his body shared all of their souls.

Gray was saddened when the echoes of his mother?s tears entered the small lavatory. ?What if they find something wrong with him?? she sobbed, ?I can?t lose both my boys Christopher, I can?t!?

?And you won?t!? he softly comforted her, ?Our son will live much longer than either of us.?

************************************************** *********************

(Present Day)

It still amazed the boy at how quickly he could pick up the faintest scent within the largest complex. Even though he had never met Sheila while powered within his furriest state, the dog-like nose was able to grasp the faint trace of her individual skin. It was a mixture of lavender and sea-sand.

The boy hustled himself along the hallways leading to her room, quickly taking out any who got in his way. The body count had risen above ten, but the exact number had been lost to Gray as rage and anger fuelled his mass. At this rate, the student believed he could tear through this place for days without even stopping to rest.

The smell grew as the creature worked its way down the last corridor of the western section. Most of the pen doors had been unlocked during the shortage of power, but those that hadn?t unfastened were found ripped asunder but whoever housed them last. The final gateway was left ajar and Graydon glanced inside it.

Within it?s small stone walls, a young green boy, roughly the same age as Graydon, if not a few years older, was found huddled over Sheila?s appearing-lifeless body. ~ Basterd! ~ Gray wanted to yell, but his jaws couldn?t form the human words, ~ if you?ve hurt her! ~ But all that was let out was the meanest, and deepest of growls.

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Jean-Paul had been resting in his captive pen. A small line of blood stain crusted from the corner of his mouth with a large blue and purple bruise around his jaw. The Canadian mutant had his back against the wall as he sat on the floor and his head bent down. Thoughts of his teammates safety and his twin sister consistently ran through his mind. He could only shake his head slowly in dissappointment. The mission didn't go as he thought and now his student, Joseph was somewhere in the facility with Lord only knows what kind of injuries he may have sustained. Unfortunately, the only thing Jean-Paul can remember was the burst of light exploding before he was suddenly knocked unconcious and awoke in his pen.

There was a sharp pain on the back of Jean-Paul's head and neck. He was obviously blasted from behind, not just his jaw. The X-Man could only hope for a moment that he could have a massage by a cute guy! The thought was to provide some kind of humor, but it only lasted a minute. Before the speedster could slip to think about his fellow teammates, something happened. The pens were unlocked! Mutants all around were suddenly escaping!

"What the? How?" thought Northstar.

The man rose up on his feet, taking a couple steps towards the entrance of his pen. Prisoners were running rampant! Quickly, Northstar opened his pen. He was careful to survey his surroundings. The escape must've been caused by his teammates. Northstar didn't know who it could've been, but whoever it was, he was thankful.

This is the speedster's chance now. His opportunity to find his friends and maybe his sister. If anything, using his powers of super speed should help him to easily bypass the mass escape of prisoners and guards trying to hold them back. With any luck, Jean-Paul could slip by through many obstacles and find a familiar face.

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Roberto soared through the night sky by merit of his mutant abilities, his complete darkness making him nearly impossible to spot against the cloudy, starless night sky landscape. While he was extremely angry with what the Canadian government felt they could get away with when it came to treatin mutants he also knew, somewhere in a back corner of his mind, that he must be careful to maintain something of a reign on his power output to make sure that he did not run out of juice at a critical time and leave himself vulnerable. If there was one lesson that he had learned from his past experiences, both before and during his time with the X-Men that was it.

Up ahead of him, on a building roof that overlooked the mutant pens he could see a trio of military gunners readying heavy machine guns to open up on the mutants that were escaping from the pens down below. "Now, that isn't very nice," he shouted at them, pointing the palms of his hands towards the rooftop and triggering a pair of concussive blasts. He watched with an almost sick sense of glee and amusement as the force of the blast sent one of the soldiers flying from the roof of the five story building to the ground below. This was one time when there would be no quarter given by the Brazilian mutant and he watched and listened as the man fell to the hard concrete ground below with a sickening dull thud, effectively snuffing out the spark of life.

Looming ahead in the distance, Sunspot could make out the massive communications and head quarters building. Easily ten stories high and seemingly made of some kind of steel/concrete mixture, it would be difficult for even a mutant with Sunspot's power potential to knock down, but that would not stop the Brazilian from trying. Light poles surrounded the building, as did a chainlink fence topped in razor wire, and there were sentry towers at each of the four corners of the fence, but that mattered little to Roberto.

Almost effortlessly he touched down in the middle of a handful of mutants. "Help me friends, the Headquarters building must be destroyed and the records within it or more of our people will suffer at the hands of this Facist goverment!" With barely a grunt of effort the Brazilian hoisted a massive army cargo truck above his head and prepared to heave it in the direction of the HQ. "Follow me," he bellowed, throwing the truck with all his might towards the gateway into the HQ building and watching it tear through as if the gates were made of tissue paper.

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Victor sat against the wall for what seemed like days but never had the sun outside drooped below the window sill. He had dosed off a couple of times, but every time the darkness of sleep began to overtake him, his head would wall back and knock itself against the hard stone wall. Even as his eyes began to close and try to rest once more, Victor told himself that it would only be a minute or two before he would be awake again.

His self pointed statement had been true, but not in anyway that Victor had expected. His eyes snapped open as a tingly, almost painful, sensation took place inside his closed mouth. However, the thought was quickly forgotten when the first color to reach his eyes was green. The lizard color pigment of his rough skin had returned, along with it, the carapace cap, and extremely long tongue (the source of discomfort in his mouth.) The seventeen year old was overjoyed with his returned powers, but the celebration didn?t last long.

Hearing an awful commotion, Victor ran to the window. Peering outside, he could see many mutants, some of which had returned to their animal-like forms, others now possessing powers of fire or energy, running aimlessly through the courtyard fighting their way out. The teen?s first instinct was to join the mutants in the pandemonium and escape, but his heart jerked him backward as he reached the threshold of the door. Still lying on the cold stone ground was Victor?s cellmate. She still looked the same as she had before, when the cells had been equipped with neural inhibitors, and her position of discomfort had not changed.

Realizing that it was a very good possibility that the humans would kill her if she didn?t get out, Victor approached her. He was a physically fit teenage boy and there was no doubt in his mind that fueled with adrenaline, he would be able to carry her at least far enough to get away from the guards. As he bent down to pick her up, planning to throw her over his shoulder, a horrifying sound reached his ears. He turned to see a wolf standing in the doorway, showing his sharp deadly teethe.

Fear gripped Victor?s brain and wouldn?t let go, causing the young mutant to become temporarily paralyzed. Finally, Victor took in the situation and began to act upon it. With great swiftness, he leapt onto the nearest wall and ran across the stone toward the canine animal. His returned elastic like tongue reached from his lips and went to strike the mammal on the face. He hoped that it would be enough to scare the animal away so that Victor could get himself and the woman safely away. If not however, he was ready to put up a fight.

09-17-2006, 04:12 PM
The green, lizard-like man that had placed himself over Sheila was quick to notice the wolf-shaped Graydon when he appeared at the doorway. ~ That?s it, ~ he thought to himself, ~ Forget the girl. I?m the one you want. ~ A slight growl poured out of his jaws as he began to inch closer into the room. His eyes quickly darted from Sahara to the lizard and than back to Sahara. She remained completely still, but the wolf could smell no scent of crimson blood within the cell, so at least for now, it appeared that she was unharmed physically.

During his short train of thought, his adversary had found the courage to take action. With speed much like Dr. McCoy?s and the agility of Toad, Gray observed the young man jump quickly to the left, and placed himself horizontally on the wall. His bare feet appeared to glide over it as if gravity played no part in his life story. In shock and amazement, the wolf could only stare at the mutant teenager as another of his gifts became visible.

The lizard began to drop his mouth, and in doing so, a cherry tongue began to unravel from his lips much like a whip would release from someone?s hand. The student of Xavier had very little time to react, and thus was slapped harshly along the side on his right face. His furry body natural began to fly back as he felt a tear begin to rip above his right eye. By this time, all the pain from all three of his injuries had begun to take its toll, as the shape shifter instinctively began to morph back into his human form.

Howling in pain, the dog-like legs began to stretch out revealing a bloody tear that Gray had gained when he made his way into the pens. A human hand formed and reached over his abdomen to hold a circular wound from a bullet that he remembered plunged its way into one of his ribs. Finally, the wolf-like head began to soften, showing Graydon?s true face with the addition to a freshly received scrape long his eye-line.

The pain was almost unbearable, but the teenager pushed on, completely unnoticing that during his fall back his sliver Shi?ar ring had removed itself from his body. The picture of a naked, toned teenage male lay ruthlessly on the ground; his body positioned such so that he was turned slightly to his side, one leg lifted somewhat over the other so that his genitals were not exposed. The boy?s breathing was very heavy now as he stared up at the monster that had attacked him. Why after what had happened to them would this creature choose to attack his own kind and not retaliate toward those that had imprisoned him?

Graydon?s caramel eyes surveyed the scene quickly as to look for some hope of escape, and that hope came in the form of a deceased guard laying some three feet away. His body was ripped open by something more feral than Gray?s own wolf form, but attached to the side of his belt was a pistol, that the student was quick to duck-and-cover to retrieve from the corpse. ~ It seems Mr. Summer?s tactic lessons paid off! ~ he thought to himself taking in all that his teachings had showed him.

The almost sixteen year old rose from the dusty earth and lifted the gun toward the unknown mutant. In this position, he was left completely expose but he didn?t care if this lizard saw him naked. He would be dead soon anyway. ?Back away from her!? he demanded, taking a few steps closer to the cell. Underneath his feet he could feel a tiny metal circle form. He must have been standing on his ring, but he didn?t chance retrieving it. It might have been the move the villain was hoping for to gain the upper hand again.

?Sahara!? he called out, hoping for a notion of movement within her body from the corner of his eye, ?Sahara?? When no such movement arose, he focused his complete attention on the green one once more. ?What the hell have you done to her?? he questioned the new mutant, but before either of the two had any time to respond, a large blast could be heard from the tiny window within Sheila?s cell.

The earth shook slightly, as the roaring noise slowly phased down to a rumble. There was a war going on out there. And as much as Gray wanted to be a part of it, he had a war to deal with in here first. ~ I?m sorry mom and dad, ~ he thought to himself, gun still aimed at the creature, ~ Maybe I?ll see you soon. ~

09-18-2006, 03:04 AM
As the cargo truck rolled after being heaved by the Brazilian mutant, Roberto took aim and fired a concussive blast into it, hitting one of the vehicle's large side fuel tanks. He was more than satisfied by the resulting explosion caused by so much diesel fuel going off at once. Around him, windows shattered with the force of the unleashed blast of the detonation, and there was a very large hole where two very small guardshacks and their guards had been.

"My fellow mutants, the way is clear. It is time to send a message to those that would seek to rule and dominate us! Will we stand for it," the Brazilian roared, a little spittle flying from his mouth as he addressed those assembled around him.

"NO," the crowd of mutants around the Brazilian answered in unison.

"Then will you all stand with me? Will you storm the gates of Hell itself and send a loud clear message that we will not be squashed or repressed," he continued, stirring the crowd still further.

"We stand with you," one of the mutants nearest Roberto answered in a loud strong voice. "We are united!"

"Than come with me, fellow mutants," Roberto cried, hefting a second massive cargo truck with a similar lack of effort to the first. "For our lives, for our freedom!" On freedom, Sunspot soared high into the night sky, disappearing against its inky blackness. Seconds later, he hurled the truck down upon the headquarters building from directly above it, unleashing his second massive explosion of the night. Around him, he could hear the war cries of other mutants as they engaged the enemy soldiers and he grinned, his white teeth standing out against his midnight skin. Sunspot descended into the gaping hole he had made in the roof of the headquarters building, an Angel of Darkness who would vanquish all who dared try to stop him.

09-18-2006, 10:37 PM
Victor stared, horrified, as the wolf began to distort figure. The legs covered in white/gray fur began to go bald and grow significantly bigger. The paws, once armed with sharp claws began to lengthen and the nails turned into long human fingers. The wolf?s snout was pushed back and the fur began to melt away to reveal a human face. Victor?s heart dropped as the realization hit him. He had attacked another mutant.

The boy?s naked body dropped to the floor, looking lifeless. The seventeen year old started at the body, but figured it unwise, seeing as though he had just attacked what he now wished to help. ?Oh my God,? Victor muttered under his breath as the teenager who didn?t look too much younger than him reached out and grabbed a pistol from the side holster of a guard. With the gun in hand, the stranger stood to his feet, revealing himself for the first time. Victor blushed in embarrassment for the mutant, not sure if he knew of his nakedness or if he didn?t care. ?Back away from her!? the teen ordered.

?Listen,? Victor said holding his hands up in the air like the bad guys did in the action movies after the cops bust in and save the day.

Either the mutant didn?t hear him or wasn?t up for listening to excuses, because he only continued to shout: ?Sahara? What the hell have you done to her??

Victor looked down at the woman?s body next to him and figured that she must have been the person he was calling for. ?I didn?t do anything to her,? Victor answered slowly as to not seem aggressive. ?The humans did it. She was like that when they transferred me over to this cell earlier this morning. I swear. I was about to get her out of here when you came in.?

Feeling that the situation had calmed down a bit, despite the gun barrel staring him down, Victor dared himself to take in the condition the teen. He wasn?t like a lot of the other mutants he had seen during his week-long sentence in the prison. A lot of the others were grungy from being in the isolated environment for so long, but the stranger seemed fresh, aside from the bullet hole in his abdomen. That was the first time Victor noticed the injuries caused to the teen. ?Oh my God,? he whispered. Then clearing his voice and speaking louder, he continued, saying, ?You?re shot. I mean you?re hurt.?

Victor was close to running over to the naked kid and applying pressure to the wound (he figured that?s what needed to be done. That's what they did on television, anyway.) but the gun still aimed at him was the reminder that the other mutant had the upperhand. ?I swear to you, man. I just want to get out of here. Can you help me??

09-19-2006, 02:54 AM
(OOC: Ok, so truth be told, I did some light, light, light, GMind with Victor's character toward the end. Anole, if you have any problems with this, please let me know and I'll edit.)

As the green skin began to inch ever closer, Graydon Joseph could feel the hard steel shake within her sweaty palm. The visitor?s demeanor seemed calm and collected, unlike that of a potential threat to the boy. Still, he found it hard to listen and trust him as the lizard-man began to plea, ?I didn?t do anything to her.? A note of sincerity filled the cold prison cell, as the stranger extended his arms in a show of surrender. The Canadian native was confused as he felt more of his life fluid pour from his earlier wounds. He continued to push harder on his open sore, while regaining his focus at his assailant.

?Liar!? the injured one commanded eyes wide open from fear and distrust. All the other cells he had passed on his way in showed no other mutant passed out on the dirty penitentiary floor. Why would things be so different here? What had Sheila done to deserve this special treatment?

?The humans did it,? he tried to coax the bloody mutant into believing, but the student of Xavier?s had nothing to do with it. Although he didn?t know her well, Sheila was a fighter, and she wouldn?t allow anyone to render her unconscious without a fight. The scaled-skinned teen appeared to have no wounds or cuts to claim, so this means that he had somehow caught her by surprise? Or maybe he spoke the truth?

?How?? the shapeshifter yelled, hoping somehow his voice would be heard and recognized by Mr. Beaubier or another of the X-folk. He shook his head wildly as he noticed his vision begin to blur. The boy tried to press on. He couldn?t pass out now when his goal had not yet been achieved.

?She was like that when they transferred me over to this cell earlier this morning. I swear. I was about to get her out of here when you came in.? Again the sincerity of the boy?s voice shone through. Maybe this odd-shaped mutant did speak the truth, and unfortunately for Graydon, his allies were few. Now was that time that some might say, you had to take a leap of faith. The injured teen lowered the gun to the ground, and in doing so picked his Shi?ar ring back up and placed it once more on his pointer finger. Within a second, a pair of loose-fit jeans materialized around his waist.

The boy glanced into the emerald eyes of his new comrade, ?I?ll believe you,? he paused, ?But not because you have proof. Only because I?m going to need your help getting her out of here.? His footsteps dragged slightly as the gifted student began entering the small cell. It was hard to imagine that the government would try and shove more than one person within these walls, but for now he?d have to believe the young man?s story.

With his hand still pushed hard against his ribs, the fifteen year old made his way beside the sand mutant. ?My God, you never should have come here Sheila,? he spoke softly into her ear. By this point, blood had begun to seep through his fingers. As much as he tried to hide his pain from his new friend, it was now obvious that the boy had taken damage during the night. It must have been apparent to his follower for he was quick to speak up.

?Oh my God! You?re shot. I mean you?re hurt,? the boy tried to keep the shock, and his own fear, inside, but it was obvious that he was scared. Neither of them deserved to be in this place. They were both so young, but Gray had chosen to come here. He figured it was not the same way with his companion.

?It?s nothing,? Graydon pushed the pain aside, but only for a moment. He reached across Sheila?s body and asked, ?Here, give me your shirt so I can relieve some of the pressure while we move her.? Within a few seconds, Graydon had the boy?s white tee wrapped tightly around his abdomen and a large puddle of crimson began to stain in the front. ?Now grab her right arm,? the teen instructed, already wrapping Sahara?s left arm over his shoulders.

Even though the young woman weighed next to nothing, it still would have been impossible for Gray to have lifted her to safety by himself. He placed his right arm around her back and felt it rub softly against the arm of the lizard-like man. It was than that the stranger looked over to Graydon and spoke to him with full eye contact,
?I swear to you, man. I just want to get out of here. Can you help me??

Graydon nodded lightly as he began to walk side-by-side with his two companions. ?You help her,? he motioned toward Sahara, ?and I promise you, we?ll get out of this.? The two continued to walk further down the hallway toward the exit. Graydon could only hope that once he reached the outside, the X-men would be waiting for them.

09-20-2006, 08:53 PM
As Sunspot entered the tenth floor of the headquarters building through the hole he had made he could hear the sounds of raging conflict far below him in on the first floor. The staccato of the M-16's the soldiers were toting told him that there was a massive conflict going on between the mutants and the humans below, and that losses were being accrued on both sides. While the Brazilian was in a fiercly angry mood, he did not care whether humans were killed or not. However, mutant losses were simply unacceptable. At the end of the hallway Sunspot had dropped into his entrance was not unnoticed by a pair of guards as they hurried for the first floor.

"No more will we be oppressed, humans," Sunspot roared, pointing a palm towards the two men and triggering a concussive blast from his hand. The blast roared down the hallway and hammered into the men with enough force to blast them outside the building through the walls and down to their deaths below. Walking over to inspect his handiwork, the Brazilian spied an elevator. From the readout above it, Roberto could tell it was stopping on the floor below, and the sound seemed to indicate that a not insignificant number of people were boarding.

'We'll see about that, yes we will,' the Brazilian thought to himself, ripping open the doors to the elevator shaft. Placing his hands on the cable, it was a simple matter to tear through the cable with his bare hands like a hot knife through butter. With a malicious smile, Sunspot allowed the cable to slip from his fingers, plunging the elevator and all the soldiers in it down the long elevator shaft to their deaths below. "That was naughty," came a voice from behind Sunspot.

Wheeling around, Sunspot confronted the woman who was speaking to him. "Who're you," he demanded in a brash and slightly cocky tone. This new comer was of little consequence to the Brazilian. Few could stand in the face of his righteous anger when he got mad.

"Just one who feels similarly as you do," she replied with a shrug. "And one who's been interrogated in this building often enough to know her way around. Would a guide be of use to one as powerful as yourself? She stepped into the light as she spoke and the slight orange tint to the woman's skin became apparent.

Sunspot regarded the woman for a moment and then shrugged. "What can you do," he asked after a moment.

"This," the woman replied, walking up to a locked door and opening it without ripping it from its hinges. "I also have a photographic memory, so what do you say, big boy?"

Fuxxy Elf
09-22-2006, 01:23 PM
?Most interesting,? Beast murmured as he looked up from his book, ?Most interesting indeed.? His hearing had suddenly become a lot more acute, as he could hear the faint sounds of trouble surrounding his cell. As he stood up he tested his balance and found it much improved. Hank?s mutation was a difficult one to turn off, his dashingly handsome blue fa?ade had been a chemical accident and thus not part of his natural mutation and he had always been built like a football player on steroids. What the inhibitors did take away were the various accentuations of a normal human?s senses, and his superhuman agility and strength.

As he rose though, he felt his power flow back through him. He flashed a toothy grin, ?Someone has turned the generators off. Excellent! Now with just a bit of creative thinking I can get out of this cell and rejoin my colleagues.? He dropped the tattered copy of The Count of Monte Cristo onto the dusty floor and loped over to the cell door. The guard that had been posted outside for the majority of the past week was missing from his post. If Beast ventured a guess it would be that the guard was investigating the trouble that was brewing throughout the pens, the perfect distraction to make the perfect escape.

Kneeling down he got close into the lock, giving it a once over before taking his reading glasses off. The right hand arm of his glasses came off cleanly ending on one side with a virtual point and a small lift. Digging deep into the lock, Beast began turning carefully, a couple of times to the right, a couple to the left and then a little wiggle.

?Just one more?? Click! ??aha!?

The heavy metal door swung open naturally revealing the corridor beyond. Noises were plentiful as other captured mutants were finding themselves free. Hank made for the outside, he didn?t think that running around the corridors would help the situation. But getting outside where the situation could be monitored, hopefully the other X men would find their way to him. And so he leapt into action running down the various corridors, turning left and right, avoiding any patrols that might be trying to sort out the emergency.

He turned the last corridor to see Graydon and a strange green mutant lifting an unconscious Sheila outside. From behind he could hear the clip clap of hobnail boots on metal floors.

?Gray!? Beast hollered, ?Guards! Move!? The sight of Sheila hurt had inflamed his anger. He turned round to keep the guards busy and provide cover for the younger mutants, ?Perhaps we can talk about this?? he said with a smile as he grabbed the first rifle muzzle that turned the corner. He tugged it out of the guard?s hands and swivelled it round hitting the guard square on the leg. The guard fell to the ground, crying out in pain. Beast shrugged, ?Perhaps not then. You want to pick on a mutant?? He asked as three more guards turned the corner and saw the fate of their colleague, ?Pick on me.?

09-23-2006, 04:10 PM
?Perhaps not then. You want to pick on a mutant??

The guards rounded the corner, stopping short to maintain safe distance, confidence buckling at the sight of the one the blue mutant had just dispatched.

?Pick on me.?

Like a herd of wild horses corralled, the guards milled and shifted, each exchanging looks as though to ascertain that yes, they were going to do their jobs today, whether it meant getting their heads squished or not. The tallest of the three stood in the middle, at first sharing their nervousness, though he suddenly went still, a wide smile slithering its way across his face. One of the others caught it, but not quick enough to avoid getting the butt of a rifle in his face.

The third was stupid enough to talk as opposed to run. "What are you...?"

And a similar fate was met.

The tallest guard sniffed almost delicately and dropped the rifle at the feet of his groaning but mostly unconscious comrades and dusted the front of his armor. "That was interesting," spoke a decidedly not-male voice. He pushed his goggles off of his face, revealing a pair of bleachy-blue eyes, and one winked as the body beneath the uniform and armor appeared to surge, shrinking in places, growing in others, altogether reforming before the large mutant's eyes, all until a rather familiar face remained where the guard's had been.

Nur paused and kicked the one guard still moving, and he stilled.

"And how was your week?" she asked conversationally.

09-23-2006, 05:47 PM
The cold canadian air did little to hinder the flight of the true Angel of Darkness, Death the very incarnation of Apocalypse's wrath, Warren Worthington III once again transformed into a creature darker than night itself. As snow hit his gruesomely wicked wings it sizzled away, leaving bits of green smoke behind the warrior, not slowing him in the slightest. It was hard to recognize the mutant, save for his metallic wings -- gifts bestowed unto him by Apocalypse the first time he served as Death. A mantle he swore he would never take again -- at least not conciously.

No this time Warren had been changed on a much greater level, not simply swayed by circumstance and tradgedy, this time the Great One had taken what he desired without asking. A demonic artifact was all it had required, and although Apocalypse was not one to so easily give out such a gift it was clear in watching the warrior move what he ha desired -- perfection in Death.

Now he wore pitch black obsidian armor, instead of the tights he used to don. As he flew the helmet of the armor seemed to become part of the neck, revealing his once deep blue skin was now a much lighter tone, and that his long flowing locks of golden hair had been sheered away.

As he cut through the air with unmatched speed he spotted his target, his master Apocalypse had deployed him to this facility to liberate the mutants held here. However liberation would of course come at a price, and judgement would be put fourth onto all mutants present -- fit or unfit. Death spoke only the truth, and was perfect for such a prestigous task nay, such an honor.

However the leader of the horseman was slightly alarmed when he saw an explosion come from the top of the building, and the burning bodies of two guards fly to an untimely death below. A wicked grin crossed the lips of the horseman, perhaps there were some fit to stand with Apocalypse in the coming days. Other parts of the building burning, and what appeared to be the remains of a truck hanging from the top of the facility only confirmed his beliefs.

He decided there was no use in beating around the bush in this matter, he would approach the mutant who had caused such destruction directly. Without any motion his helmet once again covered his head, coming to life from the rest of his armor and cloaking him completely in obsidian. He outstretched his arms, increasing his speed greatly as he approached the facility. Claxons were releasing a deafening howl, however it did little to hinder Death.

As he approached the gaping hole in the building he slowed, outstretching his massive wings. Flapping them a few times he came to a landing inside of the facility. A heavy thud rang out that shook the walls and floor around him.

What stood before him were two young mutants one of whom looked rather familiar. Yes -- it was one of the children of Xavier, Sunfire? No, that was right -- Sunspot, a former new mutant. Had he been captured? Or had the children of Xavier beat him to the facility, attempting to righteously free these mutants from the prison with promises of false salvation.

Archangel extended his right hand, beconing to the boy that seemed so determined to lead these mutants to freedom. "What say you, boy?" Death spoke, his voice was much deeper, more twisted than that of Warren Worthington III. "What brings a child of Xavier to such a place, what pushes a man to cause so much destruction, so much death." The green glowing eyes of his helmet squinted as he spoke the word death, his voice takign a decided twist. He could feel the youngsters anger, it brought him great joy. However as he spoke a strange eeriness came from him that likely shook the young man to his core. In the face of such pure evil it would be suprising if he could even muster a response, much less stand up to the harbringer of death itself.

Monet St. Croix
09-23-2006, 07:04 PM
Jean-Paul quickly ran through the various corridors, taking many lefts and rights to search for his companions. Along the way, the Canadian speedster blasted a few patrol guards, knocking them unconcious with ease. For example, he currently battles a female guard, shooting her riffle in every direction with hopes of nailing the speedster. She's frustrated that she can't shoot the mutant and he's getting closer and closer to her! She's worried and she's pulling the trigger several times! Just as he comes within inches, her eyes close and she hears a loud thud. The female stops her shooting and slowly opens her eyes. Her head bends down and below her was the body of Jean-Paul Beaubier, or Northstar as the speedster is also known.

A relieved grin forms on the female guard. Her muscles relax and she slowly eases her riffle to her side. The woman reaches for a communicator in her pocket to hold up to her mouth. "I got one. Moving on to next level. Sniper out." spoke a now cocky and cold voice. The woman turns her back and begins to move on when suddenly she's stopped by a grip around her ankle! The breath escapes her chest. Her heart drops. Her mouth drops. She turns her head back to see Northstar's hand tightly gripped around her ankle and his expression is not that of a happy man.

The woman tries to run, but Northstar pulls her ankle back, making the woman fall to the ground hard! "Ugh!" echoed from the female guard's mouth. The guard tried to reach for her gun, but the extremely fast Northstar has alread completed his move. The woman got her gun, points it below her, but the mutant isn't there.

"I believe who you're looking for madame...is right here." boomed a deep voice. The woman on the ground turned her head to see in front of her a pair of feet in boots and her eyes trailing up to see Northstar standing in front of her with a gun pointed at her face. Northstar had played possum. Instantly, the woman gave in and Jean-Paul decided to lock the guard in a pen, weaponless. Needless to say, she was not very pleased, but Jean-Paul got a kick out of it as he left with a slight grin of arrogance.

Meanwhile, the speedster went back on his trail, searching for his friends and with some hope he'll find his sister. After about five minutes of nothing, Jean-Paul saw a group of familiar faces. Before him was Joseph, Beast, Nur, an unconcious Shelia, and an unfamilar green mutant. "Beast!" Northstar shouted, greatful he found his friends. As French Canadian drew near to his friends, he saw Shelia out cold. Concern drew upon his face. "What happened to her? Is she..." his voice trailed off as he checked the woman. He saw she was still alive. Thank God. His eyes darted toward Joseph. He can tell by the look on the young boy's face something wasn't right. "Joseph, are you okay? Are you hurt?" Northstar's voice commanded, but he meant well as the boy's well-being was Jean-Paul's concern.

09-23-2006, 08:19 PM
Murmurs of unclear words and groans escaped Shelia?s mouth. She was almost completely conscious. She could tell that she was being held up in a standing position and by the few words spoken around her that she could understand she was now in the safe hands with her X-Men friends.

Forcing her heavy eyelids open, Sahara glanced at the people around her. Beast, Nur, and Northstar. Then an unknown green male held her up with the help of little sweet Graydon. The brave teenager that she had grown to love only in her short time of knowing him.

?About time,? Shelia said in a low soft voice, that was almost a whisper. ?I was about to think ya?ll forgot about me.? She said this with a slight smile on her face, but in fact Sahara had not the time to worry. For some unknown reason she was being drugged, and every time she was about recover she was being drugged again.

?Thank you,? Sahara said while glancing at the two mutants holding her up. Shelia was grateful that the same routine was not waiting for her this time she awoke. In fact the strange feeling she felt every time she awaken was gone. She again felt whole, and that tingle in the tips of her fingers was back. Which only meant one thing her powers had returned.

Even though she had her powers back, Shelia was not sure she had enough strength to walk but she tried to find out. She removed her arms from around her two supporters and as soon as she was supporting herself she fell backwards. Right back into their arms she went.

09-24-2006, 12:08 AM
Despite her frail one hundred and twelve pound frame, Sheila?s body began to get heavier to glide across the dust-ridden floor. For a split second he believed he felt her jolt ever so slightly, but he dismissed it as an illusion or mind trick seeing as how she was unconscious from a band of experiments the humans had obviously conducted upon her. If the three young individuals had been anywhere but where they were, Graydon would have turned to the emerald stranger and asked about the horrors that took place since his arrival.

A part of the young Canadian?s mind was thankful that his mutant gifts had allowed safe passage into the human pens for the long week. Without them, this escape would not have been made possible. Gray also knew however that the freedom of these captured souls was not based on the blood mutant?s hands alone. Somewhere, not within his sights, his fellow teachers and friends were conducting what they needed to do to release as many of these tortured bodies as possible.

Without his canine muzzle, the boy was unable to remember the correct passage he needed to take to get Sheila and the frightened green boy to safety. If was after the students had turned, what had seemed to be the twentieth corner, that a ray of light appeared before Graydon?s tired eyes in the form of a blue, humanoid fuzz-ball. ?Dr. McC,? the child began to scream but than quickly remembered his lecture about codenames in the field, ?Beast!?

It was at that moment that his teacher turned to face him. ?Gray!? the genius bellowed, and as the frightened children took a step closer to the hero, a trio of armed soldiers appeared through a hallway in-between teacher and student. ?Guards! Move!? the blue-furred Avenger commanded. Graydon was quick to fall back into his defense tactics he had learned during his three months at Xavier?s. He quickly pushed himself and his companions against the cool, concrete wall to block them from any gunfire that may explode around them.

A set of caramel eyes turned back in the direction of his mentor to find a flash of blue claws spiraling toward the enemy. Unsure whether to retreat or remain close, Graydon Joseph could only stare in amazement as the X-men went to work. Although the shape shifter had behaved similarly some twenty minutes ago outside, it was still awe-inspiring to watch a professional at work. He turned to address his conscience company, ?We?re goin? be okay now. The X-men have arrived.?

As the scene played out some ten feet away, a form of another hero began to take shape before Graydon and the Beast. A powerful woman melded out of the presence of an armed guard and the teenager knew exactly who it was. The one who was suppose to protect the child as they scouted ahead some seven days earlier. The all-powerful Nur. "And how was your week?" a monotone voice carried over the hallway.

Graydon pulled himself off the wall and began to motion his party toward the two X-men. ?Interesting,? Gray interjected as he readjusted his arm across Sheila?s back, again feeling his light arm hair brush against his scaled companion. He didn?t even know this young boy?s name yet, and somehow through this situation he felt as connected to him as he did Dr. McCoy or Mr. Beaubier.

"Beast!" began to echo through the corridors in a heavy French accent. As the boy?s beloved French teacher darted around the corner, the younger Canadian began to feel a sense of joy. Almost everyone was accounted for. Mind you, Sheila was not in the best of health, Mr. DaCoasta had not been discovered, and an army of armed soldiers awaited them outside, but still, an excitement began to stir inside Graydon?s belly with the thoughts of actually making it out alive.

As the speedster focused his attention on the sand mutant, Graydon was able to release his grip somewhat and rest mildly against the wall. He cupped his gun wound in one hand while continuing to hold Sheila steady with the other. It was than that his actions had gained the attention of the Canadian hero known as Northstar, "Joseph, are you okay? Are you hurt?"

The fifteen year old shook his head mildly, ?I?m okay Northstar. Let?s just find your sister and Sunspot and get the heck out of here.? He quickly jerked his gaze to everyone during his comments, ?I know we got a long ways to go, but we just have to fight our way through a few hundred more soldiers and we?ll be good, right? Just no more surprises. Magneto?s not planning on showing up is he?? he finished with a chuckle.

It was than that Graydon felt more of a tug from his dreaming passenger. Sheila had begun to stir. He was very thankful that she was alive and smiled at her and she raised her head and thanked everyone. ?About time,? she choked in a dried out voice, ?I was about to think ya?ll forgot about me.?

With a laugh Gray continued, ?I was trying to, but I?m pretty sure I?d be flunked in every class if I did that.? As the group began to make their ways to the outside, the blood mutant continued to focus on the whereabouts of his history teacher. He hadn?t seen, or heard, him at all since the craziness began, nor had he gained any access about Northstar?s sister when he had broken into the computer offices. Maybe the heroine codenamed Aurora wasn?t here after all? Either way, he knew the X-men wouldn?t leave without Sunspot and Northstar wouldn?t leave without knowing about his sister, which meant Graydon was here until the end.

Havok (Inactive)
09-24-2006, 11:42 AM
There was a certain irony in War being sent to create salvation. But the Lord Apocalypse?s orders were clear; rescue the mutants that had been placed in the holding pens in Canada and offer them the salvation of Apocalypse. Death had flown on ahead, whilst Havok created the feeling of flight using Stryfe?s enhanced telekinetic power. He was holding back and telepathically seeing what the Angel of Death could see, floating high above the Canadian mountains he was a vision of darkness. The silvery sheen of his long hair hung lustrously down around his black armour. Eyes the colour of ebony shone from the pale face that wore a small self-satisfied grin. He was looking forward to what destruction the Horsemen were about to cause.

From Archangel?s vision, Havok became aware of the explosion. He saw the small figure of an X man surrounded by burnt bodies. Havok hissed through his teeth, so Xavier had sent his sanctimonious children to rescue these mutants too, the Lord would not be happy to see that. The Angel of Death confronted Sunspot, but Havok knew that X men were more numerous than fleas on a homeless cat. Somewhere in the facility there would be others. Stryfe?s telepathic scan ran through the pens, locating various unfamiliar mutant minds until one?

?Aaah, McCoy,? Havok muttered with a slight hint of dark glee. One of his oldest colleagues would be one of the first to fall before War. He glided down towards the genius mind of one of the original X men.

The picture that unfolded before him was awash with action, Beat was fighting off some of the pens guards, seemingly protecting a small group of children who were crouched nearby. Havok landed silently behind the children, hidden by shadows from the appearance of another X man, Northstar.

One of the kids whiny voices rang out with hope, ?We?re goin? be okay now. The X-men have arrived.? Havok smiled, how wrong could the kid be?

He watched the scene silently, seeing the gushing hope come from all the children aimed at their saviours sickened him to his stomach. Carefully he created a telekinetic wall around the children and himself, separating them from the X men. The same kid who seemed to be looking after the others spoke up again, this time with misplaced humour, ?Just no more surprises. Magneto?s not planning on showing up is he??

Havok stepped forward with a deep wolf like grin on his face, his left hand was glowing with energy, ?Oh child, you have no idea,? he shook his head and echoed the innocent chuckle, ?After I?ve finished you?re going to beg for Magneto to come and rescue you.?

~Innocent child! Stryfe, stop?~

~Shut up, Uncle Alex, the Lord Apocalypse orders, and we obey!~

He shook his head and then looked up at the X men, ?Northstar. Beast. I hope you don?t mind but I shall be taking these children for my Lord.?

09-24-2006, 01:59 PM
Everything was happening so fast, but still there seemed like no end in sight. It seemed like forever ago that he had pulled his shirt off to help stop the bleeding gunshot wound of his newly acquired friend, but in reality had had been only minutes. The two teenagers had been walking down the stone corridor, ready to escape when a blue furry animal began to run at them. Victor?s first reaction had been to turn around and run but his role of supporting the woman known as Shelia kept him from doing so.

Victor?s new companion had called out to the beast, calling him just that, and the blue fur had responded back. He ordered that they move out of the way as a threesome of armed guards entered the hallway. The other teen, which he assumed was named Gray, flung himself and the other two up against the wall, to escape any stray punches or bullets. Victor hadn?t dared to turn around to look, but hear could hear grunts and groans coming from the guards.

?We?re goin? be okay now. The X-men have arrived,? Gray assured him. Victor nodded and turned around to see the three guards slumping to the ground. Although others had entered the fray as well, they stood no chance against the Beast. A woman soon arrived on the seen, and Victor had missed her entrance. She arrived with no explosions or battle cries, rather, she just seemed to appear. She had felled the last of the threats and feeling safe, the green mutant back off the wall with Gray.

A shout broke through the greetings of the heroes, a signal of yet another X-Man?s arrival. The man covered the length of the hallway in a split second, leaving Victor to gape at the man?s present figure. He was amazed at how the man had managed to be so fast. The presence of yet another team member seemed to strengthen Victor?s new friend and the smile on his face, in the mist of such disaster, hinted so as well. ?Joseph, are you okay? Are you hurt?" the man had asked.

The young man beside him shook his head. Victor closed his eyes in disappointment. He had hoped that with all the newcomers, Gray would be able to admit to his injuries and be treated. But there was no such luck. The mutant?s determination to get out of the horrible place had apparently stripped away some of the pain. After reassuring the man with a Canadian accent, Gray finished with a joke that was lost on Vic.

The woman in between the two teenagers stirred and Victor was delighted to see that she was coming around. He continued to hold her up as she tried to gather her strength and stand. The second he let go however, her legs gave out and he caught her tired body before it hit the ground. Victor held up the right side of the woman?s body as Gray (or Joseph, now he wasn?t sure) continued to hold up the left.

The threesome began to walk after the X-Men but stopped when a deep threatening voice sounded behind them. ?Oh child, you have no idea. After I?ve finished you?re going to beg for Magneto to come and rescue you. Northstar. Beast. I hope you don?t mind but I shall be taking these children for my Lord.? The tone of voice the man chose, along with his appearance gave away the fact that he was in no way a friend.

Passing the woman over to Gray, Victor jump to his left, grasping hold of the stone wall. The instant he made contact, his green skin disappeared and only the wall was to be seen. That was until his pink tongue shot from his mouth at the unfriendly newcomer. He knew that it wasn?t much of an attack but he hoped that it would be the X-Men enough time to attack. They were the heroes after all.

09-25-2006, 06:09 PM
Roberto looked up from his exchange with the woman mutant he had happened across at the sound of the noise that the new comer had made. To his surprise the face behind the helmet appeared to be a familiar one, though Sunspot couldn't be for certain becuse of that same helmet. The Brazilian mutant cooly regarded the newcomer as he subconciously moved to stand in front of the other female mutant whose powers would be no match for anybody's in a fight.

Archangel extended his right hand, beconing to the boy that seemed so determined to lead these mutants to freedom. "What say you, boy?" Death spoke, his voice was much deeper, more twisted than that of Warren Worthington III. "What brings a child of Xavier to such a place, what pushes a man to cause so much destruction, so much death." The green glowing eyes of his helmet squinted as he spoke the word death, his voice taking a decided twist. He could feel the youngsters anger, it brought him great joy. However as he spoke a strange eeriness came from him that likely shook the young man to his core. In the face of such pure evil it would be suprising if he could even muster a response, much less stand up to the harbringer of death itself.

"You seem familiar to me, though I can't quite place you at the moment. But, I'm not a boy anymore," Sunspot replied, staring down the seemingly more experienced fighter. "These humans, mere mortals, were much out of line in their decision to imprison mutants. Our kind," the Brazilian began as he slowly started to take in energy and recharge from the ambient light in the building. While the building's light was nowhere near as good as sunlight, Roberto had a feeling that every little bit would help if it came down to a confrontation between himself and this mysterious stranger. "These foolish humans had to be taught that we will not stand for their oppression any longer. There must be peaceful coexistance between man and mutant, and the destruction of this facility is but a step in the right direction. Sometimes, sacrifices must be made for the greater good. Human and mutant alike." Roberto had used up about half of his energy in his earlier rampage through the compound and wasn't ready to engage just yet. Hopefully, he'd be able to keep this guy talking long enough to gather some more energy from the lights to put up a good show and maybe defeat this stranger if the need arose.

09-25-2006, 07:18 PM
A twisted grin fored on the mans face, albeit hidden by his helmet it was there. The youngster was willing to play, and if he didn't think Warren was aware of him gathering his power he was wrong. The youths situation was dire, he had exhausted nearly all of his energy in damaging the facility and judging by his body language the women behind him would not last long in battle.

He had a strong sense of who he was, speaking of mutants as 'our kind,' however after that much hope was lost for the boy. He continued on about humans and mutants living peacefully together, and that lessons had to be taught to either side about how to do just that. How wrong he was...

"There will not be peace between man and mutant, believing that humanity will ever grow to understand and respect their mutant superiors is wrong." The helmet that covered Archangel's head peeled away, becoming part of his armor once again and revealing his changed chilling features. "You supposed you knew me, and perhaps at one time you did. However know now that I am Death, lead horsemen of Apocalypse and harbringer of mankinds doom." Archangel's wings rose, and he crouched down into a predatory position, looking like a track runner about to spring fowardinto a sprint. "You show promise boy, stand with Apocalypse." Archangel's eyes and wings both quickly flashed green as four of his razor sharp flechettes fired from his wings. T

he deadly metallic feathers now glowed a green color, and moved with an unholy speed that had not been seen before. The blades cut through the air avoiding Roberto and stabbing his female companion with uncanny precision. Each of the women's arms and legs were impaled, and she fell to the ground with a sudden scream. Within moments it was clear that Warren's feathers carried some kind of deadly poison, as the life itself was seemingly sucked from the young women. She gasped, clutching onto Roberto's leg with the last bits of her strength as her eyes were sucked into her head, and she became little more than a withered corpse.

As the last bits of life left the women, Archangel stood up straight once again. A strange noise came from within the women's throat, almost like a muffled coughing however as a green light began to shine from within her throat it was clear that the gasps were not at all of a human nature. A bright green ball of light rose from the corpse, the ball flickered in the air for a moment and then instantly darted to Archangel's wings and was quickly absorbed by them. A look of satisfaction came across the Dark Angel's face as he absorbed the energy, stretching his shoulders back, a refreshed look came across his face. "Make your choice or prepare to join your friend in death." Archangel cracked his knuckles, the young girls soul had been a refreshing treat.

09-25-2006, 08:21 PM
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"There will not be peace between man and mutant, believing that humanity will ever grow to understand and respect their mutant superiors is wrong." The helmet that covered Archangel's head peeled away, becoming part of his armor once again and revealing his changed chilling features. "You supposed you knew me, and perhaps at one time you did. However know now that I am Death, lead horsemen of Apocalypse and harbringer of mankinds doom." Archangel's wings rose, and he crouched down into a predatory position, looking like a track runner about to spring fowardinto a sprint. "You show promise boy, stand with Apocalypse." Archangel's eyes and wings both quickly flashed green as four of his razor sharp flechettes fired from his wings.

There, as the helmet was peeled away was revealed the owner of the voice and body that Roberto thought he had recognized when the stranger had entered. Warren Worthington III, formerly known as Angel and Arcangel. The one that had betrayed the X-Men in Washington, and in so doing was responsible for more death and destruction than Sunspot would likely ever cause in his entire life, no matter how angry Brazilian became. As the feather flachettes fired from Arcangel's wings Roberto was smart enough to not move, knowing that to move would be to die. "Don't kill her," he barked, addressing Death. "She may yet have use."

The deadly metallic feathers now glowed a green color, and moved with an unholy speed that had not been seen before. The blades cut through the air avoiding Roberto and stabbing his female companion with uncanny precision. Each of the women's arms and legs were impaled, and she fell to the ground with a sudden scream. Within moments it was clear that Warren's feathers carried some kind of deadly poison, as the life itself was seemingly sucked from the young women. She gasped, clutching onto Roberto's leg with the last bits of her strength as her eyes were sucked into her head, and she became little more than a withered corpse.

As the last bits of life left the women, Archangel stood up straight once again. A strange noise came from within the women's throat, almost like a muffled coughing however as a green light began to shine from within her throat it was clear that the gasps were not at all of a human nature. A bright green ball of light rose from the corpse, the ball flickered in the air for a moment and then instantly darted to Archangel's wings and was quickly absorbed by them. A look of satisfaction came across the Dark Angel's face as he absorbed the energy, stretching his shoulders back, a refreshed look came across his face. "Make your choice or prepare to join your friend in death." Archangel cracked his knuckles, the young girls soul had been a refreshing treat.

Anger boiled up inside of Roberto. Who was Arcangel to decide who was worthy to live and to die? Who was Apocalypse to power such a man to this end alone? Roberto grinned, his teeth showing up white against his powered up midnight black skin. "You would kill those you seek to redeem? You are no friend of mutant kind," Roberto roared, raising his right hand towards Death and pointing his left hand straight down at his feet. "I will never serve Apocalypse! May you and his horsemen all perish! V? a inferno!"

Roberto punctuated his outburst of Portuguese with a pair of twin outbursts from his hands. The blast from his right hand travelled out in the direction of Death, and from this close it seemed unlikely that Roberto would miss. Although, given Death's armor and strength it also seemed unlikely that Sunspot would do much more than royally piss off Death. At the same time he was trying to blast Death, Da Costa unloaded the superheated blast from his left hand straight down at his feet, dropping through the nifty holes he had created, all the way to the first floor. "A m?e de deus! A corrida, corrida, corrida!"

With his last remarks of "run, run, run" Roberto took off pell mell through the Canadian military building, powering down as much as he could, and only firing small concussive blasts at targets of oppertunity as he beat a hasty retreat and went in search of the rest of the team. Together, they might have a chance at stopping Arcangel and whatever other horsemen might be lurking about outside in the compound. In a few seconds the Brazilian was bursting out the front doors of the building and soaring up into the night sky to look for Beast, Northstar, Grey, and the rest of the team, which he wasn't long in spotting.

Apparently, another 'old friend' had already cornered them. "There's no time for this," Roberto barked, as he floated some fifty feet off the ground. Bringing his hands around, he pointed them in the direction of Havok's back. He didn't have much juice left in his solar battery tanks, but he poured every ounce of what was left into the biggest blast he could possibly generate. Unfortunately, the blast left nothing for Sunspot to use to continue flight, or even land for that matter, and he began to drop from the sky like a comet. "O Aw, dammit todo a inferno!"

09-26-2006, 01:17 AM
Just when everything seemed to be under control, and Shelia felt that she was so close to ending the nightmare she had gone through over the past week, the unthinkable happened. Out of the shadows appeared a dark man. Everything about him alarmed Shelia, and placed an uneasy feeling upon her soul. His presence made her feel nothing but evil, and his words were even more sinister.

?Oh child, you have no idea,? he shook his head and echoed the innocent chuckle, ?After I?ve finished you?re going to beg for Magneto to come and rescue you.?

Shelia thought what she had just went through would be the darkest of her life, but the way the situation started to unfold, it seemed as though the past week was just the beginning. Never in her life had Shelia Williams felt that her life was endanger. Not even all the criminals she may have put behind bars, or even at times defended. But the man in front of her sent a chill into her heart. The dark man had spoke of Magneto, and from her knowledge, Magneto had been half the cause of that terrible day in Washington D.C. If what the evil man spoke was true, and he was worse than Magneto, Shelia felt far from safe.

?Northstar. Beast. I hope you don?t mind but I shall be taking these children for my Lord.?

Shelia glanced at the X-Men then back to the dark man. He spoke of taking them to his lord, so Shelia knew that if they did not get out of this soon it may not be any hope. She did take something positive from the dark words the man spoke. He thought she was just a child, and just like she did to witnesses in the courtroom, Shelia was hoping she would turn his own words against him. If he thought she was a child, then maybe he would underestimate her. And even though she was physically exhausted from the constant drugging, the affects were wearing off her mind, and she was sure she was able to focus and concentrate hard on the task at hand. An attribute she would learn in the coming months, that is essential in being an X-Man.

Then suddenly Shelia felt her support to the right give in. The green teenage boy leaped on to the wall and disappeared. A pink tongue then emerged from the wall and headed towards the man. Then to add to the distraction, A bright light came from above, which eventually revealed itself as Sunspot.

This was exactly what Sahara needed, and during all this her mind was focusing on the grains of sand and dirt near her. She felt it and sensed it. A feeling she had not experienced while being drugged and held captive in the pen. And since she knew that there was no possible way she could stand on her own two feet, she started transforming into her sand form. Shelia knew that this would startle and maybe even scare Graydon, as her body turned into grains of sand seeped through his hand.

As her transformation completed, an order came out from her mouth. ?Gray, cover your eyes!? Sahara said as a body of a sand woman rose 3 feet from the ground, and with her a circular wall of sand, around the dark man, Graydon, and herself. ?You aren?t taking us anywhere without a fight!? Shelia yelled at the man while noticing that some kind of invisible barrier was stopping the sand from spreading. She didn?t not let this distract her as she manipulated the sand wall and caused it to whirl.

Then she sent it all at once towards the man. Using every bit of energy she had, not even knowing the damage, if any it would impact on the man. Her body then started changing back to flesh and bones as she collapses to the ground. Exhausted, she looked up towards the man. As her hazel eyes, with bags underneath them stared at the man. She was anything but her normal appearance. Make-up from a week ago smeared from tears, her golden brown hair looked trashy, and her clothes torn. Scrapes and bruises cover her body from the dogs that attacked her. Dried blood was over her clothing and she had a burst lip, but these were not the only reason she was not the nervous Shelia Williams that stood in Hank McCoy?s lab a week ago. Now there was a fierce vengeful passion deep inside her, from the horrendous week she had just experienced. And that was what stared back at War, a Horseman of Apocalypse.

09-26-2006, 03:46 AM
Among all the rage and destruction that roared underneath the night blanketed sky, Graydon found that time had slowed to almost a half of what it should be. Images were being stored in his memories like a picture placed into a scrapbook. And he realized with only thirteen days left until his sixteenth birthday, the boy already had more horrific memoirs than most people twice his age. Hell had come to earth this day, and the devil would not leave until his dues were paid.

~ When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, ?Come!? Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other. ~

A sinister chuckle left the young teen paralyzed as he continued to lift Sheila within his arms. He didn?t even need to turn around to realize that something terribly menacing was about to occur. ?Oh child, you have no idea,? a deep and malevolent voice poured over the grasslands in between the three Canadian offices. The student?s caramel eyes darted quickly behind him, as he felt Sahara and lizard-boy pull him around to get a better look at the new villain. His face was unknown to Gray, but at the present, he was not trying to focus on the identity of the new arrival. His only interest was in the form of a glowing power-ball which seemed to stream out of the wicked?s right fist.

?After I?ve finished you?re going to beg for Magneto to come and rescue you,? he finished, his bellow trumpeted like a war-cry across a battlefield. A heavy ball of spit was forced down Graydon?s throat as the boy began to harvest of fear of needing a dry pair of pants within the next few minutes. His pupils widened hard as the threat continued his evil sermon, ?Northstar. Beast. I hope you don?t mind but I shall be taking these children for my Lord.?

~ Take the children? ~ the shape shifter repeated through his mind as he felt Sheila?s opposite side drop somewhat. He didn?t even have that much time to notice as Sahara?s cell roommate leaped swiftly to a nearby wall and quickly camouflaged his body so that he blended with the cream-coloured stone. Within a matter of a few seconds, a flaming pink tongue began to throw itself from the wall and head directly toward the muscle-bound rogue. Through observation, Gray could only assume that the effect of this appendage would be much like if you were struck by a whip.

As the tongue fell back into the teenager?s mouth, the mutant lizard was now invisible to the world, but a blinding flash of silver light began to pour toward the powerful villain. It took Gray?s eyes a moment to adjust, but finally he was able to see that from far above, Mr. DaCoasta, or Sunspot, had begun an aerial attack on the horseman. Also, something about the blast seemed off as Sheila rose herself from Graydon?s grasp and began to shift into a more transparent form.

?Gray, cover your eyes!? the former attorney hollered, but the boy could only maintain his view of his laid-back history teacher. He wasn?t sure if Roberto?s attack even made it to his target. It seemed that the dark pulses that Sunspot had sent down had somehow reflected just before hitting the villain. Could the powerhouse have placed a force field around the young? He didn?t even have time to test his theory as he watched Sunspot promptly shift back into his more charming, and Cuban, form.

The youngest mutant quickly turned out to his teachers, knowing that if the field around them did exist, Beast, Nur, and Northstar would be of no help to the young blood. ?Mr. Beaubier! Northstar! Sunspot?s falling! You?ve got to get him!? the child cried as he inched closer to his friends, only to be greeted by a wave of shocks that forced their way through his entire body. It was true. The children would have to face his madman alone.

By the time the shifter returned his focus back to the sand mutant, she had already sent a whirlwind of dust and grain toward the assaulter. Graydon was unaware what kind of damage he would be able to do to the creature if an elastic whip and a sandstorm left not a mark on him. ?You aren?t taking us anywhere without a fight!? the brave X-woman spoke out. If she lived through this, she would make a fine addition to the team, but somehow Graydon worried that an invisible reptile, a wounded animal changer, and a pile of dust was going to be enough to stop a man who embodied the meaning of ?War?.

Fuxxy Elf
09-26-2006, 09:38 AM
Beast crouched down intending to attack all three guards at the same time, he was calculating the perfect trajectory of a roundhouse kick to hit all three satisfactorally. However the guards did all the work for him, as one of their team rebelled against the other two. Swiftly the rebel guard was able to incapacitate them, and standing over them she revealed herself to be Nur.

?How was your week?? She said with a wink.

Hank shrugged, ?I caught up on a bit of reading. I see you put yourself on the job market, I must say I had been wondering where you disappeared to, this certainly hadn?t been one of the options I had considered.?

"Beast!" Northstar shouted as he ran close by before showing some concern over the unconscious Sheila. Beast nodded in his direction, ?Excellent, all we need now is to find Sunspot and we can start trying to create some order within the pens.?

He turned towards Gray, Sheila and the mysterious young man. Gray was grinning, ?I know we got a long ways to go, but we just have to fight our way through a few hundred more soldiers and we?ll be good, right? Just no more surprises. Magneto?s not planning on showing up is he??

Beast echoed his grin and was about to make a witty reply when a strange shadowy figure walked up to the younger members of the team. Beast frowned, he sensed that something was wrong, very wrong.

?Oh child, you have no idea, After I?ve finished you?re going to beg for Magneto to come and rescue you. Northstar. Beast. I hope you don?t mind but I shall be taking these children for my Lord.?

Beast crouched down, keeping himself prepared for an attack, but as he heard the voice he cocked his head in confusion, ?Alex, is that you? Your Lord?? His eyes widened as he glanced at the still mainly disguised Nur. This was certainly an interesting and unexpected sidestep in proceedings. Event?s suddenly lurched forward as Havok?s hostages suddenly fought back all at once. ?Nooo!? Beast leaped towards them, they had little experience and if Beast?s hunch was correct then Havok?s powers would be greatly enhanced.


Beast fell to the ground groaning. A telekinetic wall? Since when did Havok have telekinetic power? Beast glanced up to Northstar, ?He?s protected himself. They are on their own, we need Sunspot. Now.?

And as if on cue, a huge flare appeared from the air. Sunspot had arrived, and now Havok had to be outnumbered and outgunned. The only thing to worry about now was Nur?s reaction to a Horseman of Apocalypse.

09-26-2006, 01:03 PM
It became more than apparrent that this had turned into a good deal more than playful banter in a potentially dangerous situation (for everyone else). Nur cocked her head to the side to listen to the new, more interesting exchange that began on the other side of Mccoy, showing no signs of alarm. Going largely unnoticed, she took in the sound of each voice, the vibrations on the world around her, suggesting position and intent.

From this objective vantage, Nur could surmise just as much as those that were directly involved already. The new intruder was so new to her at all, but he was one she'd been expecting. Not the exact one, but there was little guessing who sent him. Either way he seemed perfectly intent to take a share of the flock for himself.

End of the day: he was after the children.

Silly commitments. It'd been one thing for her to excuse herself a week ago; the authorities weren't going to kill them, and if they got out on their own, it would build a bit of character, wouldn't it? This was another thing entirely, however, and Henry seemed to agree, as he launched himself toward the one who'd gathered a number of the former inmates in with him.

Naturally, the Horseman planned for protection -- from outsiders, anyway. He'd obviously not seen to the same measures for the ones he was attempting to take.

"They are on their own, we need Sunspot. Now.?

Nur moved around Mccoy, then, pushing the goggles off her head irritably as she did so. Stopping just before the field Mccoy'd discovered by crashing into it, she pursed her lips contemplatively and poked a finger at it. There was a buzz and a crackle of psychic energy as the digit bounced back, determining the field of resistance, there.

The grey mutant grunted.

"I wasn't aware that your Master approved of such cowardly tactics," she remarked, looking altogether far too casual about all of this. She sized up the man briefly, a look of challenge in her eye, that could easily have been missed considering his captives weren't going quietly.

"You're not taking us anywhere without a fight!"

As was the proper arrangement on any ground for the 'worthy' as her counterpart might have supposed. Graydon called out to them to aid Sunspot, and she glanced to Beaubier and Mccoy, the look almost saying 'take care of that; will you?'

She wasn't going to allow that there was little she could do. Barrier or no; all that was required was a way around it.

Monet St. Croix
09-26-2006, 06:25 PM
?Oh child, you have no idea,? he shook his head and echoed the innocent chuckle, ?After I?ve finished you?re going to beg for Magneto to come and rescue you.?

The deep voice came from behind Jean-Paul. The voice...it was so familiar, but yet the speedster couldn't quite image a face in his mind to match it. The beaten and battered Canadian stood erect, turning to face the direction of where the new presence was coming from. An eye brow arched and eventually, Jean-Paul saw the man before him and his teammates, suddenly getting a clue on who this man was.

?Northstar. Beast. I hope you don?t mind but I shall be taking these children for my Lord.?

Before Northstar could say a word, the man used his powers on the children! Concern grew on the face of the speedster. Beast reacted fast, leaping in the air, but he didn't get near the man! As Northstar rushed to the blue furry mutant, Jean-Paul looked back up at the attacker, now realizing the man was a former X-Man...Havok.

?He?s protected himself. They are on their own, we need Sunspot. Now.?

Northstar agreed with his companion. Shelia began to use her powers in hopes of helping out the team and as Jean-Paul was going to help Beast, Joseph called out Northstar's name! Northstar's head quickly turned at Joseph, ?Mr. Beaubier! Northstar! Sunspot?s falling! You?ve got to get him!? cried out Joseph. Northstar shifted to see the Brazilian mutant falling towards the earth. There wasn't much time and Jean-Paul reacted fast, sprinting into the sky for his teammate. With his arms out and open, Jean-Paul caught Sunspot! "I got you my friend." said Jean-Paul as he landed back on the ground and easing Sunspot to his feet. Glancing at Sunspot and Beast, "I don't know what has got into Alex, but we don't have much time or the man power to handle Apocalypse and the humans. We have children to protect. We might try to slow these guys down and make a quick get-a-way." suggested the speedster.

09-27-2006, 06:34 PM
Northstar agreed with his companion. Shelia began to use her powers in hopes of helping out the team and as Jean-Paul was going to help Beast, Joseph called out Northstar's name! Northstar's head quickly turned at Joseph, ?Mr. Beaubier! Northstar! Sunspot?s falling! You?ve got to get him!? cried out Joseph. Northstar shifted to see the Brazilian mutant falling towards the earth. There wasn't much time and Jean-Paul reacted fast, sprinting into the sky for his teammate. With his arms out and open, Jean-Paul caught Sunspot! "I got you my friend." said Jean-Paul as he landed back on the ground and easing Sunspot to his feet. Glancing at Sunspot and Beast, "I don't know what has got into Alex, but we don't have much time or the man power to handle Apocalypse and the humans. We have children to protect. We might try to slow these guys down and make a quick get-a-way." suggested the speedster.
"Nothing doing Northstar," Roberto panted, hands on his knees. "If you haven't noticed, I'm tapped out and it's the middle of the night." Sunspot looked all around his body for any significant light source that he could use to recharge. Even though the sun was not shining since it was the middle of the night there were other weaker light sources that he could use to get at least a partial charge to do something. Finally, his eyes came to rest on a pair of massive search lights that were on top of one of the guard towers flanking the team's current position.

"We have a more serious problem than him in any case," Roberto got out, finally managing to stand straight without assistance from Northstar. "Warren is here too," he began grimly. "And he's much stronger and more deadly than he used to be." Sunspot stretched his arms and legs quickly and then tapped Northstar. "Get me right in front of those search lights, I can boost a little off them," he said, indicating the pair of lights on the tower. "I can't do anything until I get some light in my cells though."

09-27-2006, 09:39 PM
Death's wings quickly folded in front of his chest, acting to protect him from the solar blast that had been launched toward him out of desperation. Underneath his wings Warren did not react to the attack, such an action was needless, the youth had exhausted himself already. His attack did little to phase the Horseman, although he likely knew that in launching it. He would receive merit for his bravery, but his foolishness far outruled his bravery.

As Warren's wings unfolded in front of him, it was clear that the youngster had at least been intelligent in his motives. He had taken his chance to escape, although it would not take Warren long to find him and excise his wrath upon him. The Horseman's wings sizzled slightly, green smoke rising from them as what little damage the attack had done on them.

Archangel stepped to the edge of the hole Sunspot had created for himself, leaping gracefully down it. He landed on his feet, his massive wings settling into place behind him as he landed. Looking up Death saw why Sunspot had chosen to flee to this area, it was crawling with X-Men. War it seemed had already found them, and was dealing with some rather unfamiliar looking members of the team with his new powers.

Beast, Northstar, Sunspot and the female version of his master were left for him, fantastic. Archangel extended a hand toward Northstar as Sunspot asked him to be moved into a spot where he could recharge his power. "Aid the child and you chose your fate is sealed. Relinquish him unto me, he has chosen to defy the will of Death and will duely pay." A sneer came across Warren's face, his eyes flashing bright green as green energy began to eminate from his wings. He doubted the X-Men would give up one of their own, or that any of them would come to him with Apocalypse this day, but he had his orders and would follow them.

09-28-2006, 04:45 AM
War and Death. Formitable opponents on any scale. Even moreso now that chaos reined throughout the group. Causing slight panic and stricken faces. It was then that Famine decided to make her appearance, having watched the whole scene from the comfort of her shadows.

Betsy Braddock no more, now made into some sort of terrifying legend gone horribly wrong. The former X-woman known as the Wild Card of the team had made a disappearance at the battle at Washington. This would be the first time that any had seen her transformation. Before, Psylocke had been beautiful and deadly, with the grace of a killer, but the moral of a hero. Now, that morality shattered, she was still deadly, and didn't have the conscious to stop her self. Her lovely locks, once kept long and straight were now in uneven tatters around her slender face. The general color had been dyed to the onyx black it once was on this body, with a few shocks of purple to mock her former fashion sense. Her face was drawn with deep shadows making prominent cheekbones more than a runway model standard. Large eyes were dark and slightly sunken with a terrible beauty to them. Her general physique had always been tall, but now with a svelt touch that looked more hard, cold steel than anything frail. She wore a sleeveless suit made of leather, where there was skin that showed, there were tatoos. Horrible and numorous, runes and symbols that was the mark of Apocolyspe and that none too many could identify.

She stalked through the area like a restless cat who had missed one too many meals. Darkness seemed to flow around her, dimming any light that came in contact with her. It was almost as though the light was scared of her. Nearly materializing beside Death, she let her hallow eyes scan the group.

"Salvation my children, is what we bring. A life with purpose and strength. Denial of His will and Famine shall consume all!" Her voice no longer held that sultry accent of the British, but a husky darkness that came from screaming it raw. The words held power behind them, because as she spoke a true Darkness started radiating from her form. Spreading and inching towards the group. Should anyone get close to that darkness, Apocolypse forbid, touch it, they would find themselves in a sticky situation. The darkness liked flesh and would start to suckle energy from said person like a babe on his mother's tit.

Havok (Inactive)
09-28-2006, 07:58 AM
The children attacked first. It was a move that War had been prepared for, these were friends of the X men and therefore obviously had some guts. But such bravery wouldn?t do them much good before the almighty power of Apocalypse and his Horsemen. He watched their attacks as if in slow motion. The girl seemed to have some sand based mutation with which she could attack, and the green skinned boy had some sort of chameleon power with which he could hide and throw out tentative attacks with his tongue. The third boy seemed more concerned in gaining help from the X men than fighting himself, perhaps his mutation was useless in a fight like being able to translate languages or something equally as terrible.

Havok shrugged. It was time to show them what new tricks he had up his sleeve. Energy swelled around his fists, glowing a bright, cold yellow and with Stryfe?s TK he moved it around himself, coating his whole body in the solar powered energy until he was completely covered and totally shielded. The sand attack melted on contact, small crystals of glass fell to the ground. He grinned maniacally as he batted away the tongue without a second thought. Beast bounded at Havok, but he hit the invisible wall that he had first created when he had arrived.

War laughed, ?What?s the matter, Henry? Confused? You don?t like being left in the dark, do you? Perhaps my friends can clarify a few points.?

As Sunspot fell from the sky and was caught by Northstar, two figures appeared out of the shadows. Death and Famine, formerly Archangel and Psylocke respectively. Finally the three current Horsemen together, a semblance of power that a whole team of X men could destroy; never mind a couple of stragglers and a few weak children. Havok smiled at the fear and confusion that surrounded the small group of weaklings, he was going to enjoy this.

From the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of another person behind Beast. He had assumed it was a guard caught in the crossfire when he had first landed, but he realised that it was a girl in disguise. As she withdrew the disguise and stepped forward, War could feel the power emanating from within her, a power so familiar and yet so different. She moved forward gracefully and reached out with her finger touching the TK shield almost nonchalantly, simple testing it. There was no fear, no anxiety, there wasn?t anything but ambivalence present around her. He frowned and glanced at Death, this was an unknown quantity. Take the prisoners back to Apocalypse. Destroy the X men. They were their orders, but this girl, she didn?t fit into either of those categories. She was?different.

And suddenly Havok did not feel so confident. He held the heat shield around him, but let the TK shield drop, he felt he needed all the energy he could muster. ?I don?t know who you are, girl.? He said, trying to keep his voice straight, ?But we are taking these mutants back to Apocalypse, and you can?t stop us. As young Bobby will attest to, I?m sure.? He nodded at Sunspot as he stood up a little unnsteadily.

"I wasn't aware that your Master approved of such cowardly tactics." The girl stated.

Havok sneered, ?And how exactly do you know what tactics my Master prefers??

10-02-2006, 12:35 AM
It was difficult to see through all the smoke and sand that had blown its way around the grassy field, but Graydon was able to somehow make out a large feminine shadow lurking slowly behind the powerful foe. As a layer of dust began to fall into his eye, the Canadian native knew that Nur had made her way from the front of the force field to the back. ~ What is she? Deaf? ~ the frightened student thought to himself as he cowered closer to the earth.

With a quick wipe of his iris, the boy refused to focus his attention on anyone other than the Amazon and the villain. He had hoped that Dr. McCoy or Mr. Beaubier had listened to him and gone off to retrieve the fallen comrade. If the children, (Sahara included), could somehow survive this, they would definitely need the X-men?s help in bring this opponent down. ~ Thank God there?s only one of them, ~ the child remarked completely unaware of the events which were occurring some thirty feet above him.

?I don?t know who you are, girl,? the villainess man spoke out toward the multi-powered woman, ?But we are taking these mutants back to Apocalypse, and you can?t stop us. As young Bobby will attest to, I?m sure.? It became obvious to Gray that as the Horseman spoke, the invisible telekinetic field that had surrounded the young vanished. He was only able to note this due to the fact that the swirling sandstorm that Sheila had created began to flow freely out into the openness.

?Now?s our chance to get outta here,? the shape shifter quietly advised his female friend. His bare hand reached out and grabbed hold of Sheila?s arm and pulled her closer to him. He wished that he was able to give the same comment to the green-skinned boy that had helped carry Sahara from the torturous mutant pens but his invisible shape still held true and Graydon was not able to view him with his human eyes.

Within a matter of seconds, the young teenager was able to relocate the drugged member of his group closer to a patch of forested trees. ?I think you?ll be okay here,? he tried to point out to her as he looked back to the vision of warfare behind them. The ambiguous Nur seemed to have caught the villain?s attention, so Gray than decided to focus his gaze upward.

~ Then the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, ?Come!? I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death. ~

The scene in which unfolded before the young child was that of his beloved French teacher, Monsieur Beaubier cradling Mr. DaCoasta within his arms. Near them, another stood, whom Gray was unfamiliar with but sensed the same dark presence within him that surrounded the man with the TK shields. ?Oh hell,? the blood mutant cursed. It was bad enough that one big meanie had entered the scene but now two stood before them?

Make that three.

~ Then the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, ?Come!? I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. ~

Beside the winged creature, another appeared within thin air, and although she was rather rough looking, she did appear to be female. These things were beginning to appear out of the woodwork, and it wouldn?t be long before the rag-tag team of X-men was outnumbered. Graydon Joseph was going to have to act, now more than ever, like an adult. Pushing his pain aside, the youngest began to jump in the air and take flight as his falcon form took over. It still amazed him that he was able to push himself into so many transformations within a short period of time. Maybe his time at Xavier?s was well-spent after all.

"Salvation my children, is what we bring. A life with purpose and strength. Denial of His will and Famine shall consume all!" a deep and despairing voice bellowed out of the throat of the newest rogue. It was at that moment that a swift falcon dove violently toward the woman?s head. He knew that it was a small attempt at a rescue for Northstar and Sunspot, but he needed to buy them some time so that Jean-Paul could get Roberto to safety.

The falcon cried heavily as the mutant bird continued to peck and scratch toward the female?s face and body. He didn?t even know if he was making any contact, or if he was even doing any damage. All he knew is that he had to buy his team some time so they could better assess the situation.

Fuxxy Elf
10-02-2006, 08:50 AM
"I wasn't aware that your Master approved of such cowardly tactics."

Hank heard Nur speak to Havok as he picked himself up off the dusty floor. This situation was already complicated with a Horseman of Apocalypse, and an old friend as well, arriving on the scene. But it was clear she knew exactly who he was and where he was from, and that just threw up a whole load of new complications. Hank had no idea how she would react to lackey?s of this universe?s Apocalypse, and quite frankly he didn?t really want to be around to find out.

"Aid the child and you chose your fate is sealed. Relinquish him unto me, he has chosen to defy the will of Death and will duely pay."

?Oh my Stars and Garters,? Hank muttered, it was almost a prayer for help as Archangel and Psylocke landed, both under the influence of Apocalypse?s power, ?Warren? Betsy?? Hank was almost drawn to tears as he saw his oldest friend once more under the power of Apocalypse.

The shuffling of Graydon and Sheila caught his attention, and turned his mind to the severity of the moment. Quickly his mind assessed the situation, three Horsemen, three X men, three rookies and an unknown. They were not the best odds. Retreat was the best option open to them. They certainly didn?t have the power to face three horsemen alone.

He glanced at Northstar and Sunspot, the latter was just getting to his feet, he hoped the former New Mutant was not too injured. Everything was stacked against them as it was without them going a man down too. ?Northstar. Sunspot. Exeunt.? He hoped the Shakespearean stage direction was enough to tell them to get the children away as quickly as possible. He regretted asking Sunspot so soon after his fall, but circumstances were grim and needs must. Satisfied that the trained X men were capable of a hasty retreat, Beast stepped forward level with Nur and stared hard at his former team mates.

?If there is any of you still inside there, Warren, then you will know that we cannot let you take these young mutants. I would advise that you cease this useless tirade and go back to your master with a message.? He stood defiant beside Nur and looked at all three Horsemen, ?The X men do not tolerate captivity of mutants. We are here to stop the humans from acting like animals. We certainly don?t expect Mutants to join in. I know we don?t have the power to stop you, but that does not mean we will not try. Leave. NOW!?

10-04-2006, 06:06 PM
?I don?t know who you are, girl, but we are taking these mutants back to Apocalypse, and you can?t stop us. As young Bobby will attest to, I?m sure.?

Nur did not bother to look back at Sunspot, immediately aware of whom he was referring to. She could sense enough about the mutant to know that despite a quite visible energy emission, there was a strong telepathic undertone flowing through -- even the sign of divergent minds -- and that was not something one readily took their eyes away from in a standoff.

The horseman sneered, ?And how exactly do you know what tactics my Master prefers??

She chuckled at that. "Silly pup, who is it that you think told him what the Canadians were doing?" A blink of the eye and she vanished, coming up half an instant after just next to him; she moved first to strike -- seemingly in vain. In fact, the minute she came in contact with the solar shield around him, she drew back in visible pain. Her hand clenched, drawing in defensively at her side. The near-black of her striping appeared to shatter, the pieces dissipating in pops of energy as they drifted down, leaving the color a vibrant blue.

Nur slumped, tensing as she pushed to regain her footing though she appeared suddenly visibly drained.

Should have expected that. How was she to know the energy she took from Sinister would react in such a manner, though?

She met gazes with the horseman, allowing him just half a second to believe he'd gotten the upper hand, the look of bewilderment quickly replaced by something decidedly more predatory. "Very well then. Waste not, want not."
Her hand shot out again, stopping just short of the barrier, and it pulsed briefly, the color dying away and washing up along her limbs. No longer hindered, she rose up on her feet, visibly gaining a few inches in height as well. Blue gave way to red, even the usual whites of her eyes taking on the scarlet, an appearance which gave the smile slithering across her face a decidedly mad quality, like she'd just gotten a taste of something she particularly enjoyed. The only thing that could have made the image all the more complete would have been her licking her lips.

Comrades seemingly forgotten, even the other horsemen out of mind, her head rolled to the side as she faced him fully, like the contemplative shift of a wolf staring down a formidible meal. In that moment, no other mattered.

"I think I should like some more," she hissed.

Monet St. Croix
10-08-2006, 04:48 AM
"Get me right in front of those search lights, I can boost a little off them," he said, indicating the pair of lights on the tower. "I can't do anything until I get some light in my cells though."

Northstar's eyes darted towards the lights on the tower as Sunspot had indicated to. With a nod and then a quick glance at the grim situation, Northstar realized getting Roberto to the lights would be neccessary. "Alright 'Berto. Hang tight. I'm going to get you to those lights." seriously spoke the Canadian mutant. Before he could do anything, a raspy and ill tone echoed from near Warren...or Death as he's now referred to.

""Salvation my children, is what we bring. A life with purpose and strength. Denial of His will and Famine shall consume all!"

Jean-Paul's eyes widened. Was that really Betsy? The friends of the X-Men, former teammates are suddenly the enemies? A brief moment and Jean-Paul felt like the world was collapsing. There was no sign of Jean-Marie, his twin sister, the children are in danger if this fight escaltes, the humans are still rampid, and now old friends are looking to bring back mutants to Apocalypse. This is just not a good time and nothing but stress for the speedster. The stress would only irritate him, but Jean-Paul has to remember to keep his cool and stay focused. While Nur kept herself busy with Havok, suddenly Beast stood up to his old friends.

?Northstar. Sunspot. Exeunt.?

What is Beast thinking?

?If there is any of you still inside there, Warren, then you will know that we cannot let you take these young mutants. I would advise that you cease this useless tirade and go back to your master with a message.? He stood defiant beside Nur and looked at all three Horsemen, ?The X men do not tolerate captivity of mutants. We are here to stop the humans from acting like animals. We certainly don?t expect Mutants to join in. I know we don?t have the power to stop you, but that does not mean we will not try. Leave. NOW!?

Jean-Paul then glanced over at Sunspot with a look of concern and caught the idea what Beast was trying to do. Whispering, "This is the time to get the children away. I can stay with Hank and Nur. If anything happens, I can help them out quickly and hopefully escape. I think its best you get the kids away. Along the way, your body might be able to find some light to get your abilities working. You're the last strong line of defense for the children." exclaimed Northstar, looking Roberto in the eyes. The speedster hoped that Sunspot can understand his reasoning for asking the former X-Force member to get the children far away as possible. From there, Northstar's eyes looked over at Joseph and Sahara and the lizard-like young boy. If anything extreme were to happen of those mutants, he couldn't forgive himself.

10-09-2006, 11:30 PM
Worried hazel eyes stared astonishingly, as the sand turned into crystal of sand when it made contact with the dark man. Shelia was exhausted and it seemed that the little she could do had no effect on the Horseman War. It seemed as if there was no hope for her and the teenage boys near her. The unknown young mutant was still hidden somewhere amongst the stone wall and Gray seemed to be at shock. Sahara saw Beast launch himself towards them in hope of trying to help, only to be shocked as he hit the telekinetic wall. It pained Shelia that she was the only adult locked up with the kids, but there was nothing she could do.

Then there was a glimpse of hope as the barrier seemed to suddenly give end. The endings of her sand storm swirled freely and scattered throughout the area, since Sahara had taken her focus off of it. That?s when she felt Gray grab her and yank her up. Fighting through the pain Shelia tried her best to run and keep up with the pace of the younger boy, but he mostly drug her along.

It was during this time that Shelia noticed not one but two other dark mysterious figures had appeared. Dangerous mutants, she figured just like the one who had held them captive. Death and Famine they called themselves. Just like the horseman in the book of Revelation. Evil that killed, starved, and hurt people during the end times, but in the Bible, it spoke of a fourth. Again a new level of fear hit Shelia maybe there was another one out there.

As they reached the edge of the forest, Graydon let loose and Shelia came down on the ground.

?I think you?ll be okay here,?

All she could do was stare as he ran off, changing into his falcon form ready to fight. He attacked the female horseman. ?No!? She screamed out hoping to stop the boy. In the short time that she had known the teenage mutant, she had grown very fond of him. His knowledge and braveness were two of his biggest characteristics he had shown, and it was time she shown some bravery of her own.

Shelia?s body once again made the transformation to sand. Her own flesh and bones turning into grains of sand. As soon as she was completely changed her body seeped through the ground. Traveling through the ground, the molecules of her body connected to the dirt and sand as she moved quickly to the spot near the woman. Once she was in place her body arose in its sand form, dead in front of Famine?s eyes.

Four rays of sand emerged from Sahara?s hand. Two towards each of her eyes and the other two towards her mouth and nose. Maybe she could temporarily blind and smuggle the Horseman, to buy Graydon some time.

10-10-2006, 03:31 AM
Victor?s tongue attack proved futile as the dark man batted the muscle away. The pain of having his prehensile tongue being thrown against the stone walls caused Victor to cry out in pain and release his grip on the wall. As the reptilian mutant hit the stone ground, his eyesight went black for a couple of seconds, his body going limp as well. The blackout was an obvious sign to Victor that his body and mind were growing weaker and weaker by the second.

The green skinned boy knew that if he pushed himself too far than he would fall and be know help to the group of escaping mutants. Instead of returning to the fray, Victor continued to hide himself using his powers of camouflage. It made him angry that he couldn?t help those who were helping him. This group of people that Gray had called the X-Men were fighting a vicious battle and there was nothing he could to about it. The woman that seventeen year old had helped carry was lead away from the scene by Graydon and Victor followed them, his skin changing with every step.

The two stopped at the edge of the deep forest but both took off again only after being safe for a couple of moments. Graydon and the woman had picked out a new target, the female newcomer. As a bird of prey, Victor?s new friend attack the woman, making dives at her, trying to lay a blow anywhere he could. Sahara, who got a late start, took a different approach. She used her mutant abilities to disperse into dust and travel across the ground toward the shadowy woman. Then, springing up from the sand was the X-Man?s shape, four appendages of sand flew forth at the woman as a distraction.

?We have to get out of here,? Victor said to himself as he dropped his camouflage, his green skin contrasting to the white snow on which he stood. Earlier Graydon had reassured the lizard-like teen that the X-Men could handle the situation, and Victor had believed him. Now, he wasn?t so sure. It was tempting for Victor to just dart into the forest and never look back. He was free after all, and he had no association with these people. But would that be right? They had sacrificed themselves to help him escape, he felt like he owed them the same courtesy.

Still, what could Victor do? These people were trained professionals and they were still losing. He was just a teenager that was on his way to boarding school after having a nice family vacation. It wasn?t fair that he was dragged into this mess. It wasn?t fair that any of them were there in the first place. Victor was disheartened to know how cruel people could be to others just because of a genetic difference. Just because their DNA was a slightly more advanced, they had been punished and treated like animals in the zoo.

Now, people who appeared to be mutants were fighting their own kind! How ridiculous was that? The three dark, almost demonic mutants were hindering the X-Men and Victor from escaping the bondage of the radical humans. Getting away was the first objective for the green mutant, they could deal with these ?horsemen? another day.

10-10-2006, 05:30 AM
It almost seemed unreal, like life had somehow become one of the countless video games the boy had played when he was relaxing at home. Explosions shot out in all directions, streams of light which in reality were powerful plasma blast connected with flesh and metal causing increasingly larger amounts of pain onto a group of individuals who were already weakened by a week of unforgettable treatments and experiments. The worst part of this reality was the fact that neither of the native members of the group had even retrieved a living body of who they came for.

For the young man?s favourite teacher, Jean-Paul Beaubier, his twin sister had not appeared at all from the hoards of escaping mutant prisoners. Surely if she had been the hero that the X-men known as Northstar claimed her to be, she would have stayed and waged war until every human and mutant who was held against their will was released. The blood mutant also queried if somehow the two would be able to sense one another if they were close enough. Her powers would be greatly appreciated given the current state of affairs, but alas, it appeared she was no where near this cold Canadian station.

The student on the other hand was not near as lucky in his quest for lost kin. His parents, Christopher and Melissa Joseph, had been ripped by the government?s seemingly evil hands and forced to maintain a prisoner?s life in the woodlands of the NorthwesternTerritories. They were much unlike their son. They stood up for what they believed and, with or without powers, they were going to find a way out of these jails. Together with a group of close to twenty, the humans formed a resistance calling themselves ?Chimera?. It was Graydon?s own parents who were planning on leading the revolt. It ended badly however, and even though the facts weren?t stated clearly, Gray knew that his parents died heroes.

It was apparent that his swooping dives were causing little effect on the powerful vixen that had appeared only a short time ago. She seemed to barely move at his attempts. But he continued to push onward, flying nearer to her face with every decent. It wasn?t until the blowing grains of sands from his dune-like partner that he had to face a retreat. A part of him understood that Sheila was strictly trying to protect him, but he didn?t need it. It truly didn?t matter if he lived or died this night. He had not family, nothing to go home to. All he cared about was ensuring that everyone else got out in one piece.

He wished he could speak these words to her, but his pointed beck did little to allow anything more than a powerful cry from his jagged lips. His keen eyesight ripped to the left as Sahara?s second sand attack began to blind the bird mildly. It was at that moment that he witnesses the green-skinned boy along the tree edge looking somewhat confused and afraid.

The Xavier student began his journey back to the new guy and quickly shifted to his normal form when he appeared several feet to the left of him. After the transformation, his X-uniform covered his body once more, save the shirt due to the pressure it would instill on his wounds. His clothing may have been holograms but they were still solid, and inflicted as much pain as a real sweater or tee would cause. ?You there!? he called out to the boy, reaching a hand out for the new boy, ?You?ve got to get to safety.?

Gray rested a blood-stained hand of the lizard?s bare shoulder. The Canadian had forgotten to give the newbie back his shirt after using it as a bandage. It now most likely rested back in the presence of Nur, Beast and the unknown telekinetic. The boy continued, ?Our plane is about two kilometers that way,? he stated, pointing slightly to the east, ?It should still be there. I hope. If you can make it to it, I?m sure my friends can get to outta here.? He released his grip on the odd-coloured mutie, but continued to stare into his emerald eyes waiting for a nod in agreement.

10-10-2006, 06:16 AM
OOC: Please forgive any spelling or grammar errors. Typing this up in only fifteen minutes, didn't want to hold up the storyline. Also, borrowing something from the comics of Jeph Loeb (it has been cleared by Pale, Blue, and Chimera and is NOT a permanent thing at the moment)

"This is the time to get the children away. I can stay with Hank and Nur. If anything happens, I can help them out quickly and hopefully escape. I think its best you get the kids away. Along the way, your body might be able to find some light to get your abilities working. You're the last strong line of defense for the children."

As Roberto listened to the words of Northstar, his hot Brazilian blood slowly coming to a boil. Who were these bastards, anyway? Low-life scum who could not even resist the temptation to join with the most evil force in the known world, people that would turn on their friends and allies to do it. Havok. Angel. Psylocke. All had once been at least acquaintances of Roberto, and he had thought he had known each and every one of them, but apparently not. Hank and Northstar both outranked him, however, in terms of the chain of command of this little mission, so he'd heed their orders.

With an angry bellow, his skin suddenly reverted back to its midnight black hue as did his clothing surprising the Brazilian greatly as he'd been tapped out in terms of energy. In the process a massive wave of dry heat was realeased in a 360-degree circle around Bobby that would make even some of the most powerful individuals in the world think twice about taking on the mutant known as Sunspot. Bobby soared up suddenly into the night sky, though not before stooping to take a jagged rock in his hands. As he tore off through the skies in the direction of the avian member of the team, and one of the children he'd been ordered to escort back to the plane he gashed his left hand deeply with the rock. But, before he could reach Graydon the boy had landed next to the reptialian appearing mutant and was telling him how to reach the plane that was roughly two kilometers away.

"Boy," Roberto barked roughly at Graydon as he touched down next to the two youngest members of the team. "Make yourself useful, and you'd better never impersonate me without my express permission!" Bobby held out his gashed and bleeding hand to Graydon. "We don't have all night, and I'm a might more powerful than you!" Sunspot turned his right hand in the direction of the mutant formerly known as Psylocke, palm facing her. With a grunt he triggered the biggest concussive blast he could generate with one hand in her direction. "Sahara, Lizard Man! Let's get a move on, I won't repeat myself!" Sunspot punctuated his remarks by triggering another powerful blast from his right hand in the former Psylocke's direction.

10-10-2006, 11:19 PM
As the Beast roared at Death his eyes turned to slits, a grin crawling across his lips. The man had actually been at one point a candidate to serve his master, however Apocalypse had decided against the blue furred ape deciding instead to travel down a much darker path. He was in every sense of the word expendable, and it would bring Death great joy to destroy the man. He was one his oldest friends, but those sentiments were from a much older life. He now only heeded the sweet melody of the singing of the dead, and soon the Beast would join their choir.

"Try?" Death quirked an eye brow, his eyes beginning to glow bring green once again, "yes, I suppose you are more than welcome to try and stop us." As the group scrambled to save their children like a bloated mother hen Warren broke into laughter. His razor sharp wings rose from his back, gleaming menacingly down at the shorter Beast. He could not describe the joy it would bring him to slice the mothers head off, then bathe in the blood of her helpless chicks.

"No matter what you do, how far you run" Death pointed a finger at Beast, his wings spreading apart clinking slightly as razor sharp flechettes prepared to fly. "You can never escape Apocalypse, you can never escape Death itself!"

With those words Archangel sprung toward the Beast. He pushed with his right foot off of the ground toward his old friend, swinging his right wing around as he did. His shoulder flew toward the mutant's chest, his right wing ready to swing all the way around and impale Henry through his lower back.

10-11-2006, 03:30 PM
A hallow laugh filled the night sky and shadows seemed to come from every direction, trying to grab at the children. It seemed the falcon boy went away once his attacks were dodged by the lithe assasin that could more than handle a pesky bird. Once Sahara made it to the scene, the former X-man could only curl her lips. Bravery only got you pain and suffering in the end. She was living testimate to that. How hard had she fought the devil inside of her beloved before it had consumed herself as well? Shaking these thoughts from her mind, she embraced the sand mutant with welcome arms. Even in her scattered state, the woman was still prone to Famine.

Shadows began where the woman's arms ended, stretching and reaching with hungry intent. Betsy didn't need her eyes to see, she had telepathy for that, and her nose was only a mind torture among many that she had endured over the past weeks. The shadows struck out, seeking to evelope the girl. Where ever the shadows touched, the girl would start to feel drained. Words rang out in her mind, and she opened her eyes, despite the sand clouding them.

"We don't have all night, and I'm a might more powerful than you!"

The laugh echo'd once again as he saw the blurry form of his arm reaching up towards her. Quickly, the shadows would seek to evelope them both, wrapping around the two. If Sahara didn't move, she would find herself in a place that she would neither recognize nor find that she had control in. The shadow realm, where those inky forms would seek to claim her, and it was only Famine's will that they remained at bay. When Sahara was dumped out, a few feet away, she would be nearly complely drained, on the verge of blackout, no matter what form she was in.

And now, to deal with the other one. Infront of Roberto, but still several arm lengths away and out of his "bakers circle", Famine would appear in all of her deathy glory. Only, this Famine was a telepathically conured form. Of course, to Roberto, it would seem that she was cheating death. From behind him, tendrils of darkenss would appear, slowly making their way to snake around his ankles. They had no tangibility as far as someone like him would feel. He would just find hismelf growing weaker and weaker.

Havok (Inactive)
10-13-2006, 08:21 PM
"Silly pup, who is it that you think told him what the Canadians were doing?"

Havok cocked his head in amusement, ?You, little girl? You are in contact with the Great One?? He threw his head back and laughed raucously, ?I like that, a small minded creature who believes herself above her station. You do not have the ear of Apocalypse, he only gives that honour to his Horseman. You are simply a tool to be used and casually thrown away.? He paused, ?But wait, do your friends know of this betrayal, hmm??

The female ignored his jibes and suddenly appeared in front of him with a predatory smile. He had sensed power within her, a great well that if tapped could rival even Apocalypse. But he didn?t think she knew how to use it yet, though it appeared she had some control over her abilities. She reached out her hand and he stretched out his arms welcoming her presence, ?Go on,? he purred, ?try it.?

As she touched him, he felt her power and his meld for a second, before his took control aggressively. It flowed into her and he saw pain, surprise and possible a small flicker of fear. He smiled and simply watched, not needing to act at all. She flew away from him and he saw her inner power shatter. She stopped uncertainly. He took a deep breath and reached up his fist, preparing to send a huge blast of solar power her way, obliterating the small nuisance from his sight.

She looked up, and the look in her eyes gave him pause, she spoke and he could almost hear her wanting to lick her lips, "Very well then. Waste not, want not." She leapt towards him as if to attack again, this time although he couldn?t place his own uncertainty, he was not so cocky. Her hand reached out but did not touch, however he felt her. He felt her deep inside his own well of power and slowly she started to take it, in dribs and drabs at first but quickly the trickle became a flood, like a small crack in a dam that widens under pressure.

Havok cried out.

Stryfe cried inwards, ?You little bastard. Stop her!?

Havok looked down at her hand and then up at her hungry face, a look of bewilderment on his own. His new found power was his greatest strength. And this little bitch was using it against him.

"I think I should like some more," she hissed.

He grimaced, breathing heavily through his nose. ?Really?? he threatened and reached out his arm and grabbed her round the throat. He began forcing his own channelling of power but instead of a flood, it became a torrent, surely there had to be a limit to what she could take?

10-17-2006, 04:28 PM
It was enough. The young fifteen year old could barely take anymore, so as the battle raged on behind him, he dared not even look. He continued to address the young green-skin in front of him as his five senses tried to block out the wounded cries and screams of the lost mutants which had not made themselves vanish already. If his memory wasn?t so jumbled by the events that had taken place over the last half hour, he would have remembered seeing the word ?Victor? etched along the words of his and Sheila?s cell. But alas, due to the strain and hostilities that surrounded the group, the usually polite student had little time to even request a name.

Finally, a familiar voice roared through the crowd. It was that of a teacher of his, Roberto De Costa, and the news he brought offered a small glimmer of light onto a dreadful situation. "Boy," the high-strung professor called out, "Make yourself useful, and you'd better never impersonate me without my express permission!" Even in a time of battle, the Cuban was able to make light of a current situation. How infuriating it much have been for some of the more reserve members of his team to always deal with this constant blabbering.

As the former New Mutant jabbed himself in the palm with a pointed rock, Graydon was able to notice a flow of crimson stain pour from his jagged wound. Was his teacher?s intent to have Graydon copy his genetics? The only person whom Gray had copied before was his brother, and this was done strictly by mistake, not on purpose. He had never mimicked a mutant before and now wondered if he would have the knowledge to use the powers stolen by my gifter. His train of thought was pulled, "We don't have all night, and I'm a might more powerful than you!"

The boy quickly took his mentor?s bloody hand and set it on the tear he had received on his leg. It was odd. Normally whenever he gained a new form, he felt nothing. However this time something different seemed to pulse through his body, as if some new power was being given. Or something was being lost.
?Okay, okay,? the Canadian hushed as his hand rested on Sunspot?s arm. He only needed to hold it for a moment to know that the transference was complete, so only two seconds in, the child let go.

"Sahara, Lizard Man! Let's get a move on, I won't repeat myself!" the cry was given out by the sun mutant after firing a powerful blast at the female enemy. Graydon didn?t wait to watch her react. Instead, he began to take on his new form. His skin darkened and grew slightly. The teenage muscles that he carried on his body were forced to expand and tighten to fit that on an adult. Within seconds, where once stood a boy, now a man took shape.

?Sahara,? he called out in a deeper, voice which even carried a slight Caribbean accent,?We have to go.? And with that, the newly created Sunspot darted into the forest, hoping that that the lizard-boy and Sheila would soon be following close behind.

(Exit thread, continued in 'Into the Woods')

10-18-2006, 09:55 PM
OOC: Rescuing Sahara with prior permisson to do so from player.

Roberto grunted as Greydon took his hand and placed it over the wound in his leg. There was a slight tingling sensation in the true Brazilian's palm and wrist as the child copied his DNA, no doubt a result from the copying process. When Greydon released him, Roberto pulled his hand back and instinctively wiped his palm on his pants before using his ability to generate heat to cauterize the wound in his palm that he had himself created. "You done kid," the Brazilian asked. Normally, he would have called Grey by his name, but he didn't want to give away the youngster's true identity, just in case. He was answered a moment later when the Canadian turned into the Brazilian.

“Sahara,” he called out in a deeper, voice which even carried a slight Caribbean accent,“We have to go.” And with that, the newly created Sunspot darted into the forest, hoping that that the lizard-boy and Sheila would soon be following close behind.

"I'll get her," Roberto barked to the retreating Roberto, taking off into the sky just ahead of Famine's stretching tendrils. From his vantage point he could easily make out the form of the battling Sahara. Her sand and dirt based attacks did not seem to be doing much to even phase the horseman at the beck and call of Apocalypse. "Sahara, arm!"

Sweeping low over the ground Sunspot snared Shelia's arm as she held it aloft. With a soft toss and roll he gathered the dark skinned Canadian woman more securely into his arms. However, holding her as he was Roberto was unable to offer any kind of parting shots in the direction of Famine, War, or Death. "Hard fought, but you're not doing any damage and in no condition to continue," he commented, being able to tell that the woman was a little winded from the whole ordeal. Less than a minute after Greydon and Vic had entered the forest, Roberto blazed in right behind them, staying low enough to the ground that he could avoid low hanging tree limbs. Once he had secured the children and Shelia, he would return to help the other team members if his miraculous discovery of power did not suddenly fail him.

[Sunspot and Sahara exit to "Into the Woods"]

10-19-2006, 01:43 AM
At a point in time where it seemed as if there was no end, the only thing that exist was a fight to the end, Shelia Williams, once living an ordinary human, was in the midst of a fierce battle. Against forces she had no idea existed and could not comprehend their reason for attacking the present mutants.

Sahara watched as the falcon flew away from the dark woman. Why is he leaving? I came to help him.

"Sahara, Lizard Man! Let's get a move on, I won't repeat myself!"

Shelia glanced at the mutant known as Sunspot as she started to retreat towards him, but during that small loss of concentration, something evil and more harmful was happening to the sand woman. Even with the small blasts of sand aiming towards the dark woman, she was still able to see or sense Sahara somehow. Unknown to Shelia were the telepathic powers given to the woman, once known as Psylocke.

"We don't have all night, and I'm a might more powerful than you!"

Darkness and shadows surrounded Sahara as she heard the words of the dark woman. Even in her sand form it grasped and arched around her body. Starting at her hands and her feet, slowly moving upwards. Where the darkness made contact it drained Shelia, giving her an unbearable pain. As if it was sucking the life out of her, causing her head to ache and her body to shiver. The worst of it though was in her soul. A pain that didn?t really occur physically, but giving the feeling of death and famine deep inside of her. As the darkness covered her eyes and she was completely surrounded she let out a terrifying scream. It was heard all across the small area where the mutants were battling in.


Then she feel backwards into the ground soaking in since she was in her sand form. She began to move through the soil of the Earth, not consciously knowing what she was doing. But trying her hardest to get away from the darkness.

(OOC- Continued in Into the Woods)

Fuxxy Elf
10-20-2006, 07:53 AM
Hank mentally berated himself, he was getting angry and letting that anger force his actions. Logic stated that the younger members of the team needed to time to escape and that a diversion was the only way. However the way he was acting, if you looked up diversion in a thesaurus you would find entries for kamikaze and deathwish. However, that was done, and now he was being mocked by one of his oldest and dearest friends, with the sanctimonious laughter of Death surrounding him.

"No matter what you do, how far you run" The former X man opened his metallic wings, a show of force that warned Beast of the impending attack, "You can never escape Apocalypse, you can never escape Death itself!"

Hank forced a wry grin to cover his insecurities, ?That?s what I like about villains, the hyperbole. Really, Warren, how many times have we escaped Apocalypse? And you yourself have escaped Death at least once before. If you haven?t got something sensible to rant about, then don?t rant at all.?

The Angel of Death threw himself forward with grace, swinging slightly to the left and favouring his right wing. Hank saw it coming and jumped backwards, landing on his large simian hands and pushing hard. He ducked under the oncoming wing and flipped over landing just to the side of Warren.

Taking a brief second to compose himself; Hank said, ?I mean it just cheapens it. Less is more Warren, less is more.? And he leaped over onto his left palm and swung the full power of his legs towards Archangel?s head hoping the counterattack would be enough to catch him off guard.

Monet St. Croix
10-20-2006, 11:20 PM
The furry blue simian looked to have things under control against Warren or Death as he's now called thanks to Apocalypse. Jean-Paul looked on as Sunspot left to get the children. As he tried to get a grip of the current situation as Apocalypse's minions came out of the wood work, it wasn't long enough that the speedster heard a scream from the young girl, Shelia! His eyes quickly darted in her direction as the Apocalypse femme fatale, Famine already hurt one of the inexperienced mutants. Racing over to the direction was Roberto, who grabbed her and took the children away from the scene.

Seeing Sunspot get the kids away, Northstar jets to where Famine stands. "What are you doing, Betsy? How could you attack someone not experienced in the battlefield?" called out Jean-Paul to the former X-Men member. The woman formerly called Psylocke was not the Betsy Northstar remembered. He had to realize it, but if he could distract her long enough for Roberto and the kids to escape, then all is better for them to get away. Jean-Paul stood erect, his hands balled into fists, and a serious expression upon his face as a slight breeze slowly skims his dark and silver locks.

Northstar again spoke to Famine, "Vous vous appelez un guerrier, madame. Comment de choisir sur quelqu'un qui pourrait pouvoir vous ?galer juste dans le combat physique?" (You call yourself a warrior, ma'am. How about picking on somebody who just might be able to match you in physical combat?) and just as he finished speaking in his native french tongue, the sarcastic side of the X-Man came through with a raise of his eye brow and slight crack of a grin on the corner of his mouth. "You're psychic, so figure out what I said, Famine. I dare you." challenged Northstar. Jean-Paul may not have the martial arts skills that the female minion of Apocalypse may have, but through years of training in the Super Hero business, the former Alpha Flight member has been trained in physical combat that he's sure to use to take care of himself. It was anything he can do to make sure the children get away safely.

10-21-2006, 02:00 PM

His hand came about her throat, and in the instant before the blast of power came, the tick of a smile came to her face at being touched; she was partly glad to see he wasn't completely cowed just yet, but he would be. And then the energy came swimming in, and while she hadn't been drawing in the moment that he'd grabbed her, on instinct she opened the doors again. The flood burst forth, and she uttered a sound of neither alarm nor pain -- rather satisfaction, as it overrid her senses; her eyes rolled as though passing into a natural high. Every nerve in her body tingled with sensation, the sentry of one of those rare moments when she was made very aware of how truly alive she was.

Her height (and proportion with it) shot up another foot in a matter of seconds, the bulk of her muscle finally tearing at the clothing she'd donned out of sheer novelty. Another second or two, and still she grew, neck finally coming out of reach of the mutant's hand, and she allowed herself to pull still more of the power there. The last of garment tore away, revealing in its macabre glory the full array of markings the Eye of Ages strung across her body, now the same glowing, bloodlet red of the solar energy she took in. Most of the stripings followed a familiar pattern to her counterparts, but in other places there were differing nuances: the tracing of veins and bones, even patterns to mimic them.

And still growing.

She dropped to one knee as she finally willed herself to take no more -- and still at that diminished stance she took up most of the passageway, neck craning against the ceiling above her. That smile that'd been there just before it all came in was still there now, and she regarded her opponant as one might at catching a child caught invariably in some horrid mess they've made -- done to such a scale that all one can really do is laugh at how pitiful they look.

"Do you understand now?" she asked, voice taking on a strange resonance then, like a second set of vocal chords activated.

Nur did not give him time to answer, mind. Her hand shot out again, this time easily wrapping itself around the now much smaller mutant's torso. In a swift, smooth motion, she lifted and thrust his body through the wall behind him.

Fuxxy Elf
10-23-2006, 05:04 PM
Havok saw the smile and realised he had just made a mistake. Fuelled by his own ambition and single mindedness, he had believed that his newborn power could destroy anything, especially some pretentious girl with a God complex and an attitude to match. But he could not let go, his fingers would not move from their deathly grip, if anything they just tightened.

What are you doing? He shouted into his head.

The girl asks for power, we shall oblige. Stryfe replied with such relish that Havok had to suppress a shiver, She cannot take all our power. She must have limits and we will find them.

How can you be sure? Havok felt the girls neck widen, forcing his fingers apart. She was growing, physically, at an alarming rate. She?s feeding from it.

Don?t you think I know that? Concentrate, boy!

His fingers were slipping from their original strong grip as the woman grew. He grunted with annoyance as she fell to her knees. Letting himself slip off completely, he fell to the ground and landing weakly. His power was severely drained. He looked up at the mutant who was almost twice his size and bulk, even when bended down on one knee, and sneered.

Bending over, Havok wiped the palms of his hands onto his trousers. As he rose back up he felt what power he could muster reach his balled up fists. However, his next action was caught short as the giant woman grabbed him by the torso, "Do you understand now?" her voice echoed. He felt a rib snap as she squeezed and lifted him up. He then found himself flying through the air and crashing into a nearby wall. The wall crumbled around him as she thrust him through, bits of debris falling onto his head each bit more painful than the last.

Havok's head hung limply but the rest of his body was held fast by Nur, a painful grip that continued to increase the pressure. Havok opened his eyes slowly, they glowed with what remaining physical power he had left but he still had the mental power of Stryfe to tap into. "You can squeeze the life out of my body," he panted, gobs of blood and spit landed on the huge mutants fingers, "but you'll never have my mind."

A sharp cracking echoed through the corridor as huge pieces of masonry were pulled roughly from the hole that Havok had created, each one hung in mid air, leaking dust into the air. Havok forced a smile as each piece of the wall flew towards Nur at varying speeds and from various directions.

10-26-2006, 01:37 AM
A laugh fell from her lips as Sheila fell to the ground. It was as the way things should be. Roberto flew to her side, and Famine let him, exposing herself from the shadows that she had been consumed in. They were scattering, in different directions, heading for the wooded areas surrounding the area. Eyes drifted towards Death, and his battle with Beast. The blue man was turning out to be more formidable an opponent than previously anticipated. Just as she was about to approach, to help uneven the odds a little, or perhaps pursue the fleeing kids, she heard a voice, calling to her.

"What are you doing, Betsy? How could you attack someone not experienced in the battlefield?"

Her head swivelled towards the sound. None other than the original Jean-Paul. A sadistic smile came to her lips. A child, yes, a wonderful prize, but to have a full grown X-man at their disposal? A treasure that He would certainly be proud of. "Betsy is no more. I am Famine." And with that, she takes a few steps towards him, arms out. Shadows extend to her beck and call, surrounding her form in a rough circle and crawling out away from her, on the ground, towards him.

"Vous vous appelez un guerrier, madame. Comment de choisir sur quelqu'un qui pourrait pouvoir vous ?galer juste dans le combat physique? You're psychic, so figure out what I said, Famine. I dare you."

Famine throws her head back and laughs, deep throated and scratchy, as though her voice was damaged sometime previously from screaming, or crying. "Think you I care about something as silly as what you might say?" Ragged hair falls over her eyes, hiding the hallow shadows, and making new ones. "Psychic I am, but I don't need to waste time reading your mind." And as the shadows approached, she would begin to deliver psychic blows, not enough to knock out, but enough to stun for a few seconds. She was playing with him. Testing his bravado.

Monet St. Croix
10-26-2006, 05:55 PM
"Betsy is no more. I am Famine." And with that, she takes a few steps towards him, arms out. Shadows extend to her beck and call, surrounding her form in a rough circle and crawling out away from her, on the ground, towards him.

"Merde sainte." mumbled Northstar under his breath in French as the sight of Famine was awe filling and very dark. Betsy was indeed no longer there. Her over all look and attitude was completely different. It was hard to believe that the woman once called Psylocke was now this sadistic and sickly imaged minion of the dangerous Apocalypse. Though taken back for a moment, he didn't let it show on the outside and kept his fighting stance. Famine maybe very powerful, but Northstar was going to make sure the children got far away as possible...even if it meant Jean-Paul could not meet up with them later.

"Think you I care about something as silly as what you might say?" Ragged hair falls over her eyes, hiding the hallow shadows, and making new ones. "Psychic I am, but I don't need to waste time reading your mind." And as the shadows approached, she would begin to deliver psychic blows, not enough to knock out, but enough to stun for a few seconds. She was playing with him.

The shadows reached out toward Jean-Paul. His eyes went in every direction, trying to watch the flood of incoming shadows that Betsy, or rather Famine was sending at him. Using his super speed mutant born abilities, Northstar was dodging left, right, back, and forth. Shadow after shadow was missing and in the course of this, Northstar found it upon himself to inch closer and closer towards his opponent. He was sure Famine was going to be trying harder and harder to find her target, perhaps even slightly irritated missing so much, but Jean-Paul kept inching closer towards her. Just as he thought he could be close enough, he was caught off guard with a blow to his jaw and then a blow to the back of his knee! The Canadian speedster feel to one knee, crying out in pain and his fists still balled. He looked up at Famine with anger, "I...will not...let you win this battle." deeply voiced Northstar. As another shadow approached, Jean-Paul quickly rolled over to dodge it successfully and flew off the ground to jet towards Famine with a fist aiming at her jaw in return.

"Merde sainte." = Holy sh*t (I will change this if this mods desire.)
Also Sorrow, if there's something you think I should change in my Rp concerning the battle, please let me know. Thanks.

11-05-2006, 01:01 AM
(( Sorry this took so long. ))

"I...will not...let you win this battle."

A laugh erupted from Famine's mouth, deep and sorrowful, nothing like a true laugh should be. She continued with her horrifying ministrations and when he came at her, with his fist aimed for her jaw, she embraced it. It connected, but she rolled her head so that the impact wasn't as devestating. The ...conditioning that she had undergone at the hands of her Master was nothing compared to a little punch in the face. But what this did was bring him close enough to do damage to his person. He punched her alright, but she sought to wrap her arms around his body, the shadows leaking around her form in excess. She was going into the shadow realm, and pulling him with her.

Either way she was going to be gone. It was up to his resourcefulness whether or not he escaped conscious. As she dragged her body into the shadow realm, his would be dragged along with it, and once inside, he would be powerless, as Famine controlled this realm in totalitiy. He would feel something pulling at his very essence, drugging him, dragging him and consuming him. When he woke up, he would find himself yards away from the initial site where he disappeared, only he would be drained, perhaps feverish, with a headache. She was Famine.

Famine consumed all and left nothing but a hollow shell. Famine drained and devored that which powered other things, to fulfille her own needs. It was selfish in its desire to consume. It thought of nothing else besides its own needs and wants. Not of the big picture, what might happen when it was done, but of the feeling it got in the present. Famine. Disease. It was all the same.

11-06-2006, 05:58 PM
((IC this is for Archangel, i'm in a hurry so changing accts is a no no atm. PS sorry for the delay, registering for classes next semester and trying to graduate in the forseeable has made me really busy lately. Also Fuxx I hope you don't mind I took a little bit of liberty with Beast, will edit if necessary.))

As the graceful Beast threw his legs toward Warren, his wings instantly reacted, causing the lurching creature's "paws" to slam into hard steel. The Archangel chuckled as the spot where Hank had hit his wings began to glow green, and it was likely that his former comrade got a slight taste of his new power.

Warren would never go outright and explain it, but his powers had been once again augmented by Apocalypse and his mechanations. When Hank hit his wings, he had momentarily been able to sap a small amount of the man's strength. Of course nothing noticable at first, but prolonged exposure to his wings, which were now nothing short of toxic, would leave the man exhausted and eventually dead.

His banter was nothing short of laughable, and Archangel answered it with a chuckle, turning toward his former friend as he did. He spoke of cliche, enemies defeated before, overused ideas and plotlines. Unfortunately for the Beast, everything before this had been a test, even his own initial defection from Apocalypse's ranks had been a test. The mantle of Death was not so easily given, and was not something to be coddled. Apocalypse required his prodigal son to spend time to himself out in the world, and that he had. It was only a time before the Archangel returned home, and deep down inside both men knew that. Whether or not Archangel would ever admit it.

"You are far too intelligent to make such foolish assumptions Hank, or at least I would liked to have thought you were." Warren spread his wings from the defensive stance they had taken, licking his lips as he did. J"The cliche this time shall be the X-Men's undoing, all whom stand against Apocalypse will fall!" Archangel spread his wings inward, floating through the air backwards a few feet. When he landed he let out a grunt, spraying half a dozen of his razor sharp flechettes directly at his furry former companion.

Monet St. Croix
11-08-2006, 08:55 PM
Excellent! That was the word brought to mind when Northstar connected his fist to the jaw of Famine. However, the fist wouldn't derail Famine much. She only laughed and grabbed hold of Northstar. The Canadian speedster felt her grip around him. Shadows erupted and looking at her manical-like eyes, Jean-Paul could sense that this was not a good situation to be in. She would soon drain the essence out of Northstar. When Apocalypse creates a powerful being, he really goes all out! That was the case with the former Betsy Braddock. Though feeling slightly sluggish, Jean-Paul's brain was going rampant with trying to escape. Though Famine was quite powerful, she was still just a person, but she is not fast as Northstar.

Grinding his teeth and his face brewing with a passion to fight back, Jean-Paul looked into Betsy's eyes, "I am not done fighting you, witch!" exclaimed the speedster. He rose his arms into the air above his head, gathering as much strength as he could. Suddenly, Northstar brought his arms down, crashing like thunderbolts sent from the Greek God, Zeus, fast as lightning! Both his hands were balled together, bound like the hammer of Thor, smashing Famine to her skull between the eyes and her nose! Before she knew it, the speedster's abilities allowed Northstar to take advantage as he unjoined his hands, bringing both fist and forearms down hard to the neck and collarbone area of his foe! With any luck, Famine would be hit hard and distracted with a fast as lightning physical attack, hopefully losening or ending her grip on the X-Man. For a moment, Northstar felt as though her grip wasn't lasting and that he'll get away before she completely goes into the shadow realm.

11-11-2006, 02:37 PM
"You can squeeze the life out of my body," the mutant said, his breath labored, blood spattering onto Nur's skin, "but you'll never have my mind." My, but that sounded like a challenge. If only there were time to indulge.

"It's not your body," she said simply.

Nur grunted as she was jostled suddenly by the repeated strike of varied masonry, some of which she saw coming only to move into the path of more coming from different directions. Some of the particularly larger pieces managed to cause some minimal pain, but the fact that she was using the hand she was holding him with as a shield probably contributed to the maneuver's inability to make her let go of the mutant, though she'd stopped squeezing at this point.

She laughed, the sound rumbling irritation in her throat as she first, almost thoughtfully, nudged the blood off his chin and buttom lip with a finger, then finally set him down. Now what had he done before? she wondered. A familiar reddish glow formed around her person, and she shrunk down some -- not enough for her to stand on her feet just yet, but at least she didn't have to crane her neck to keep from hitting the ceiling now.

When it seemed she might have spoken, she paused, distracted by something else entirely. That look of vague annoyance still hung there on her face, and she shot a glance off away, projecting a mental check to someone who had, as yet, not followed through on her expectations.

If I'd known you would be this late, I wouldn't have set you free at all. Where are you?

Fuxxy Elf
11-21-2006, 09:08 PM
"Try? Yes, I suppose you are more than welcome to try and stop us."

Hank echoed Warren?s cocked eyebrow, however his was with concern not to mock the horseman. It would have been obvious even if he did not have his large intellect that Archangel was attempting to instil a despondent attitude amongst the ranks of the X men, if he could make them believe they were already defeated then he was halfway to completing his masters mission. Beast could not let that happen, hope was the only thing that could fight the darkness.

?I did not mean try as a derogatory word, Warren. You say it as if try means fail; to me try means endeavour, which is a word of hope for the future. You cannot take that away from us, old friend.? Beast crouched down in preparation for Archangel?s inevitable attack.

"No matter what you do, how far you run. You can never escape Apocalypse, you can never escape Death itself!"

Death leaped forward favouring his right side. Beast leaned backwards and held his hands out, grasping the shoulder that flew towards him with relentless power. He knew he could hold it, maybe even push him back but he hadn?t factored in the metal wings of his assailant. Warren?s right wing swung round behind Beast?s back and speared his side causing him to stumble with a cry of surprise. Falling to the ground, he struggled to steady himself with one hand, but the bulk of Death was upon him and Hank was at his mercy.

Hank?s face twisted with determination as he tried to keep himself in the fight with only one hand, he would not..could not let the Horsemen destroy the X men. Hope, however was a withering flame.

11-30-2006, 07:52 PM
In some kind of emphatic fashion the time traveller known as Cable could related to the situation that Doctor Henry McCoy was in. It was only a few months ago that Apocalypse had almost finally destroyed Nathan Summers (See X-Factor board for more info), and even Cable could not believe to this day how he had escaped.

What was important was that as in times past, he had survived. And he would continue to survive, and aid the enemies of Apocalypse in anyway possible. This promise, this mission had brought him once again to the great white north, a country where he had multiple warrants out for his arrest, and was likely killable on sight. However when he had heard of the evil that had been unleashed by his arch nemesis, that Havok was not the only of the children of Xavier to betray his kin, Cable knew he had to act. On top of that, Apocalypse had been leveling cities while he recovered, and it was time to put a stop to Apocalypse and his maniacal practices once and for all.

Cable trudged through the snow with heavy combat boots, he already had a picture of the scene going on inside of the quickly deteriorating complex. Three of Apocalypse's most elite soldiers had been deployed, three of the four horsemen. That was at least how it appeared, and Cable knew to be on his guard for a possible fourth. That did not mean he was not going to head into this scene in classic Nathan Summers fashion -- guns blazing.

The Beast was both physically and mentally crying out for help, and Cable could also sense many younger, newer signatures that he had not encountered before running through the woods. They were mostly young, likely children in the charge of the X-Men.

One thing Cable was aware of was the fact that young X-men could take care of themselves. He himself had taken the New Mutants under his wing when they were still just youngsters, and the natural abilities they had were nearly endless. He doubted this new class was any different, and the older X-Men seemed to need his help more than anyone.

Cable now broke into a run, trudge quickly through the falling snow, exhaling clouds of white carbon dioxide as he trudged. For a split second the thought of why he still put himself through this almost entertained itself, then like countless times passed left his mind, not even getting a moment of the war horses attention.

He had been evaluating the building with his psychic gifts, and with the help of this he had found an enterance that would be to his liking. As he approached the doorway, one of the last doorways still standing in the building, he quickened his pace. Then with a leap he barreled through the doorway, breaking it down with all his might. As he charged he pulled two plasma pistols from his hips, and immediately on entering the room, fired two shots at Archangel. As he fired he yelled, "You alright Hank? I hope i'm not too late for the fun." As he finished he continued to fire at the traitor, hoping to get his attention away from Beast.

12-01-2006, 10:58 PM
Archangel hissed as hot plasma hit his wings, causing them to sizzle, dark burn marks appearing on his wings where he was hit. As if the party had not been crashed hard enough Cable, whom was recently prisoner of his Lord and now public enemy number one decided to show up. Just peechy, though the Archangel of Death. Warren cackled for a moment, noticing all the areas on Hanks body where he had hit him. They were decidedly unique, as his healthy blue fur appeared to be dead anywhere Warren had grasped him in his bare hands. As he pulled his arm back, ready to administer the killing blow to his old friend, Cable continued to fire.

Archangel howled, wipping around like a serpent and turning to face the time traveller with eyes that now glowed bright green. "Would you stop? I'm trying to work here." For the moment at least, the Beast could wait. He had been disabled and could be disabled again, besides bringing in a big gun like Cable would find him in further favor of his lord.

However at the same time he was beginning to feel the fatigue of battle, and his new augmentations required that he feed. Archangel pushed his shoulders foward, spraying four razor sharp flechettes at Cable. "It's high time someone stopped those little bastards from escaping, try and stop me if you dare."

Archangel sprung into the air, his metallic wings guiding him through a gaping hole in the facility and out into the cold. The Beast, and his show of his new abilities had taken quite a bit out of him. It was time to replenish his energies.

((OOC: Archangel to Into the Woods))

12-02-2006, 01:19 AM

The road that they had travelled previously was a long and hard one. Forged yet again closer together by adversity, they now stood in the face of the foe that had held them both prisoner. Not directly, no, the adversary was much too cowardly for that. Instead, he had poisoned those who they once thought were their friends. Making them instead turn against those they once loved. For that, they were as good as dead. Running behind Nathan, she only vaguely took note of her surroundings. That wasn't information that they needed at the moment. Wilderness around a compound was pretty much standard this far north. She had studied the map around the facility enough to know a general area to travel should they get lost.

Donned in personally approved outfit for such a mission, her feet were housed in thick but mobile steel-toed boots. They ran up her legs, buckling firmly into place around her calves and ending just below the knee. They doubled as armor for that area of her body. Her thighs were covered in a black armored flexible fabric that climbed up the length of her torso. A vest covered her chest, set with various weapons in little straps and pockets. She had on fingerless gloves and her hair which had gotten slightly longish, and had gained back its glossy hue, hung straight around her shoulders. Her thighs held holsters for two automatic guns, as well as a couple of knives. With every movmenent she could feel them rubbing against her. There was another gun slung around her back and one in her hands. The white skinned Lady Luck was back for the prowl, and it was evident she was out for blood.

Cable shot through the trees, aiming two shots first at Death and then continued to fire. Domino quickly hurried over to Beast checking the damage, holstering her weapon at her hip as Death climbed into the sky and rode away. "Better late than never, eh?"


His blows were useless, as when his hand came down he would find it disappeared into the darkness that she had created. Already he could feel his lifeforce becoming sucked out of him as each moment past that he remained locked into that position. The only thing that remained of her form was her face and her arms that had snaked into the position of his waist. A lover's embrace it was not. Foul and full of hatred. He was givin her all the ammunition that she needed. If the speedster didn't move, Famine would not stop stucking. She was at the advantage, for any blow that he would try to deliver would be met with that same shadowed darkness.

Had she planned it all along, wanting him to get close just so she could place a check-mate on him? It was very possible. A likelyhood that the former Britasian would have delighted in. The old Betsy, with her cunniving ways and stealthy approach could be seen in the whole setup. Maybe she was twisted and maybe she had been brainwashed, but deep down inside, her mind still worked the same. She still craved that up close and personal combat, the thrill of using her abilities both physical and mental. She was now just power drunk enough and darkly tainted that she could be reckless and get away with it.

Apocolypse had been wise to take Betsy that night that she had tried to redeem Warren. Not only did it make them stronger, bonded together in that way that was in no relation to love, but was nearly just as strong since that had been the basis all along. It was almost a double bind for the Terror Lord in that holding one of them captive nearly gave the subconcious of the other a reason to resist any type of redemption. Even if one were to save themselves, pull themselves to the surface, which might not even be possible for Warren, the other was surely still in Apocalype's clutches, and that would neutralize any rebellion before it started.

Havok (Inactive)
12-03-2006, 11:46 AM
?It?s not your body,? Hatred slipped out of her mouth and aided in her strangulation of Havok. He struggled to breathe and felt his strength dwindle. His mind remained alert, helped by the fact that Stryfe was mentally slapping him and keeping him awake. The attack of masonry that his mind executed distracted the giant woman as she shielded herself with her free hand.

Although distracted, she did not seem too flustered. He had hoped that the best attack he could muster would have shaken her up, but she simply looked at him and smiled enigmatically. He sneered back, as she wiped his mouth with a finger, almost like a mother cleaning a child?s face of melted chocolate. He felt his feet find the floor again as she planted him carefully on the ground. As she let go, he slumped against the wall as his mortal weakness overcame him, weariness covering him like a welcome blanket.

Stryfe looked up as Havok tried to recover. The woman?s distracted nature had taken a new turn as Stryfe sensed her send a message to a fellow psychic. Then both Havok and Stryfe heard a voice that immediately wiped any weariness away.

"You alright Hank? I hope i'm not too late for the fun."

Havok took a deep, yet raggedy breath and stood up. Cable ran in, firing on all cylinders, closely followed by his bitch. Death took off almost immediately, and War laughed, Cowardly bastard!

?How did you escape the clutches of the master?? He sneered, the voice indistinguishable as to whether it was Cable?s clone, or his uncle talking, ?I hope he?s just sent you to me so I can finally destroy you!? He prepared his shield, but with slightly wild eyes he found his well of power was empty. He glared at the woman now shrinking, obviously using up the power she had stolen. ?Stupid bitch!? he shouted and with a small effort on Stryfe?s part, he lifted off the ground and flew in the direction of Death.

((Exuent - War - Into the Woods))

Monet St. Croix
12-05-2006, 03:07 AM
Northstar struggled, using crushing blows with hopes of weakening her grip, but the sadistic Apocalypse follower wouldn't let up. She was holding on tight and she wasn't about to let the French Canadian go. Seeing that his physical attack wasn't getting anywhere with his former teammate, Jean-Paul stopped. "Well Bets, I guess..." stopped the speedster's voice with a moment to struggle and then looking at her face to continue, "...when you really grip a man, you don't let him go. I take it this is how you snagged Warren, lucky bitch." sarcastically remarked the speedster despite the danger he is in and the fact that Warren Worthington is quite handsome or rather was handsome.

Obviously, Famine was not in a joking mood. Her concern was sucking Jean-Paul into her shadows. That was something that Northstar was going to resist with every breath he's got. He could feel the shadows swarm. He was getting weak. It was finally taking a toll. The dark, silver streaked-haired mutant couldn't believe how his body was feeling weak. It was not a great feeling. He hated it. "You know Bets, I'm really dissappointed in you. I thought you were a fighter moreso than using you're abilities. What kind of warrior do you call yourself? You're showing me you could not defend your master with honor."

"Talk is cheap." thought Northstar. His brain went into overhaul, trying to figure out how he could get away from Famine's gloomy grip. Jean-Paul's head slowly looked around. A bit of dizziness was beginning to settle in. Not a good sign. "I got to find a...got to find a way...out." His eyes glanced around the environment. Suddenly, Northstar's head looked above. An opening to the skies. "Thats it!" crossed Jean-Paul's mind, "If I can somehow take Famine with me, I can fly into the atmosphere...high enough to where the air gets limited. Famine needs oxygen. There's no way she could survive with no air."

Praying for a moment that it could work and Famine's arms still visible, Northstar put his hands under her arms. "God, I know we haven't had talked in a while, but if you can help me get through this situation, I'll try to pray a little more." and with that said, Jean-Paul turned his attention to Famine. "How about a flight plan, Bets?" as the speedster composed himself, ignoring the effects of Famine's power. Using his mutant gifts, Jean-Paul shot into the air and through the opening above the compound to the skies. Going fast as a bullet, Jean-Paul kept hold of Famine's arms, looking straight above as he went higher and higher! The air was beginning to get thin and now the rest was in fate's hands.

12-07-2006, 02:57 PM
He thought he had her. He honestly thought that he would be able to play check-mate and finish the one called Famine. In itself, finishing Betsy Braddock as well, for even if the dominent entity wasn't the lethal asassin, somewhere deep inside, burrowed under layers of energy, Betsy still resided. Watching out through those tortured eyes what she was doing to all of her friends. "You know Bets, I'm really dissappointed in you. I thought you were a fighter moreso than using you're abilities. What kind of warrior do you call yourself? You're showing me you could not defend your master with honor." Those were words of a desperate man. Because even though Famine brought with her characteristics of her former personality, she was not completely in any way linked to that person. So his words hit no chord within the woman.

She could care less in what way she used her abilities to defeat the opponent. Nor did Lord Apocalypse. She was superior, her abilities, superior and it was as such that she could defeat whom she chose. They were not worthy. End of story. As her two other horseman disappeared into the woods after the children, she made her decision as well. She had enough of this fool's energy to last her for a while. And so, even as he lept into the air, struggling to regain the upper hand, it wouldn't work. For as his abilities worked int he blink of an eye, that was all that she needed to force the remaining shadows over her face and arms. The force that took Famine away would not yield to the miniscule power that his hands presented on her skin, trying make her stay with him up into the atmosphere.

In the blink of an eye, Famine would be gone, leaving the Speedster high, dry, cold and drained of energy and hopefully morale. He could not win against the forces of the Dark Lord. It was sad to see that he tried. The shadow that engulfed Famine, filtered out into the darkness of night as though it was nothing at all to begin with. Where it would appear next, no one would know. Fate was a funny thing. Famine didn't believe in fate. No, she believe in circumstance and chips falling down in the right place at the right time. Fate was for fools. No one could have predicted that Betsy Braddock, shinning star of the X-men would become one of their greatest foes.

EXIT - Famine

Monet St. Croix
12-12-2006, 10:46 PM
The air was getting cold and thin. Energy was draining. Jean-Paul Beaubier could only hope that Betsy's grip would let go. Finally, in the blink of an eye it seemed, Famine was gone, swallowed in her shadows. Northstar was getting no air, but the powers of Famine left a lasting impression. The speedster stopped and cracked a smirk, holding himself in the air. "At least my plan somewhat worked." thought the cocky Canadian, "But the only problem is, I feel so tired." lazily his mind computed.

Slowly, Northstar began to lower himself from the air. Eventually, air was returning to normal, allowing the speedster to regain oxygen in his lungs. The environment was still cold. His body began to tremble. Suddenly, something didn't feel right. With his right hand, Northstar pressed the communicator over the left side of his chest with the symbol of an "X". The "X" lit up upon his touch. "Beast...this is Northstar...don't know if you're still....still alive...but I need your help...I'm falling from the sky..." and just like that, Northstar's hand slipped from his communicator and his eyes closed. His flight abilities are suspended and his body tumbled in the air, falling at a rapid pace to the hard and cold earth below. As Northstar plummeted to the ground, one thought escaped the speedster's mind before finally falling into unconciousness, "If I survive this, Betsy's gonna pay."

12-13-2006, 02:50 PM
Finally, he'd arrived and in doing so had effectively taken Havok's attention off of her for at least a moment. Nur grunted, feeling out that connection she had to the far plane that provided much of her energy, and she forced more of it out there, allowing herself to return to an almost normal size, though that aura of red still flew about her.

Cable had been given -- well, not so much instructions as they were conditions or requests when she helped him and his companion to leave Apocalypse's stronghold. One in particular had been her requirement that the two of them attempt to retrieve samples from any encounter they might have with the horsemen. Archangel, quite unknowingly, provided one rather easily when he shot a flurry from his wings and then fled, promising to catch up to the children.

Nur frowned and steeled herself, deciding she had to be done with her first opponant before trailing after another.

Havok was not looking quite so formidible as he had before their battle began. ?How did you escape the clutches of the master? I hope he?s just sent you to me so I can finally destroy you!? In theory that might have been a worthwhile threat, but Havok soon realized he didn't have the strength to put up such an assault, and Nur sneered at him as he turned his hateful gaze toward her. ?Stupid bitch!? He alighted and followed after the seeming leader of the Horsemen, and Nur did not wait long before chasing after.

It wasn't so much about finishing the fight this time, though; it was more for her duty, that she'd agreed to look after the children. And while naysayers might point out that she did vanish for a good week, she'd done so with the foreknowledge that they'd still be alive when she returned to claim them. What the Horsemen failed to realize was that this was now an issue of territory, a notion she'd brought to their master's attention as well.

(Exit Nur - Into the Woods)

01-15-2007, 03:37 AM
((Continued from Into The Woods))

Aurora arrived back at the spot where she had left her fighting companions in time to find Sunspot aiming to use the metallic-winged mutant as a golf ball, swinging the tree with more rage than she thought possible for one human to possess. As the silver haired flyer watched the sun mutant attack, she saw Victor from the corner of her eye, his green skin becoming as white as the snow that covered the ground. Jeanne-Marie wasn't sure if he was using his chameleon-like power to attack or to escape but no matter which it was, the diversion that Sunspot was providing would be more than enough cover. She still had her brother to find.

With the image of Jean-Paul firmly locked in the forefront of her mind, Aurora left the clearing, heading back in the general direction of the compound. She still had no idea where her twin was but the compound was her best starting point and it felt like the right choice. Perhaps there would be a clue there as to where Northstar was, and even more important, if he was still alive. Jeanne-Marie flew as quickly as her powers and her body would allow, Sunspot's words of the battle the X-Men were facing ringing in her ears. If the others were anywhere near as deadly as the mutant that had been attacking the children, the X-Men were facing formidable opponents and they would need all the help that they could get. With all of her experience with Alpha Flight, Aurora would be an invaluable asset.

Her eyes were set straight ahead as the compound came into view when the former Alphan noticed a small, dark shape falling through the sky. Curious, Aurora adjusted her flight path to pass near the falling object but as she got closer and closer, the lithe beauty realized that it was a person plummeting to Earth, one that began to look startingly familar. "Jean-Paul!" she cried, stretching her arms out towards her brother's unconscious body. Deftly, she caught Northstar, wrapping her arms around him as she flew back to the ground. Looking into her twin's face, Jeanne-Marie felt as if she had been hit in the stomach. His normally handsome face was haggard and pale and Aurora feared the worst.

She landed softly and gently set Jean-Paul onto the forest floor, cradling his head in her lap. Aurora quickly checked his pulse and let the breath out that she hadn't even realized she was holding in. "Jean-Paul, reviens a moi."*

*Jean-Paul, come back to me.

Monet St. Croix
01-16-2007, 09:12 PM
His body was limp. It was weightless, but falling sharply to the cold earth below at a rapid pace. Jean-Paul was unconcious. He sensed he was out of touch with reality. His eyes would slightly open, but he just didn't have the strength. At a last moment's notice, the speedster tried contacting his teammate, Beast for help, hoping before he slipped into an unconcious state that his fellow X-Man got the message for his plea for help and save him in the nick of time. However, the mutant called Northstar continued to fall from the skies and no sign of help heading in his direction.

Suddenly, a miracle occured! One that Northstar would soon discover to be truly a blessing from the heavens. Someone came to his aid. A woman. A dark haired, silver streaked beauty. The woman caught him in the air and gently landed him on the ground. She held his handsome face, cradling the man's head in her lap. A light voice pleaded from the beauty, who became Northstar's savior.

"Jean-Paul, reviens a moi."*

The man's eyes began to open. They blinked fast, hoping to regain full vision. Jean-Paul awoke to a familiar voice. That voice he knew for a long time. The voice that belonged to an important figure in his life and that led him back to Canada on this mission. Eventually, the blurry vision he had began to clear away revealing the a miracle indeed..."Jeanne-Marie?!" cried out a shocked Northstar. He lifted himself up quickly and now both siblings on the ground facing each other. Northstar eyed the woman who looks like his twin sister. Is it really her? The speedster looked her up and down and then reached out a hand to place on her cheek. His hand softly rubbed her and his fingers brushing through her thick dark hair. "Please don't be a hallucination. I'm not dead am I? Is it really you, Jeanne-Marie?" softly spoke a tear swelling Jean-Paul as he was absolutely floored to see his sister. A tear finally fell upon his cheek, slowly dripping down. Jeanne-Marie...Aurora...she's alive!

02-27-2007, 03:07 AM
The black and silver maned beauty had her head bowed over her unconscious brother, praying rapidly to God in French to save her closest family; indeed her only family. She whispered fiercely, begging the Lord to save Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie found her prayers answered as her brother regained consciousness and shouted out her name. The twins knelt on the ground facing each other, each in his or her own state of disbelief at the sight in front of them. "Please don't be a hallucination. I'm not dead am I? Is it really you, Jeanne-Marie?" A single corner of her mouth lifted up sightly and Aurora tilted her head to the right as she answered. "No, I am as real as you are." No longer able to contain herself, the former Alphan threw herself forward and wrapped her arms around Northstar, inhaling his familiar scent.

How long had it been since she had last seen her twin? Too long, much too long. They had gone their seperate ways to live very different lives. His as an X-Man and hers as a devoted religious instructor but it didn't matter that they were vastly different, it had never mattered. Time and time again the twins had met on their distinct paths as they crossed and no matter what caused them to seperate once more, Aurora now knew, had in fact always known, that they would find each other. And here was the last remaining member of her family. A little bruised, a little battered, but there nonetheless. And this time the flying mutant vowed that they would fight this and any other evil together.

Evil. Of course. Jeanne-Marie's thoughts quickly flickered back to the battle taking place deeper into the forest and she let go of Northstar, sitting back on her haunches before standing tall. How could she have forgotten the others? They were surely fighting for their lives! Well, there was only one thing to do. "Jean-Paul, we must go. There is a mutant with metal wings attacking Sunspot and the children, they need my help. Are you able to fly?" Pausing only take a breath, the tall mutant continued, a new train of thought beginning to beckon. "Sunspot has a plane. There are many mutants already on it, one of which I think you know. Graydon? He is hurt quite badly. Perhaps it would be better for you to go back to the plane and tend to the others. You may not be strong enough to fight."

Aurora paced along the forest floor as she listened to her brother and they decided on a course of action. Whatever the twins decided, they would need to act fast; there was no telling how long the others would be able to hold on against their fierce foe.

Monet St. Croix
03-02-2007, 06:48 AM
"No, I am as real as you are."

Her voice softly responded to his confused and shocked state. To make reality settle even more, Aurora embraced Northstar. Her grip was tight. Jean-Paul took in a deep breath. His mouth cracked a slight smile and he wrapped his arms around his twin. It was really her. So much of his enery, his thoughts revolved around Aurora for many months. He wondered about her safety. Though he had no idea where she was, deep down to the very core of his being, feeling it in his bones, the speedster knew she was alive. Even if he wasn't to find her today before now.

"Where have you been?" asked Jean-Paul. It was the first thing he wanted to know since he couldn't find her anywhere nor heard from her. But as many questions as he may have had for his beautiful twin sister, there was no time for catch up. That would have to wait for a later time. Aurora went on to explain other happenings in the woods, bringing up the name of a student that Jean-Paul considers one of his prized pupils.

"Jean-Paul, we must go. There is a mutant with metal wings attacking Sunspot and the children, they need my help. Are you able to fly?" Pausing only take a breath, the tall mutant continued, a new train of thought beginning to beckon. "Sunspot has a plane. There are many mutants already on it, one of which I think you know. Graydon? He is hurt quite badly. Perhaps it would be better for you to go back to the plane and tend to the others. You may not be strong enough to fight."

Despit feeling wiped of energy, so drained thanks to the woman formerly called Psylocke at one point in her X-Man career, the now Famine really took a lot out of Northstar. The simple act of standing up took a lot of enery. But for the safety of Graydon and his friends, there was no way Jean-Paul would stand by or wait to go to their aid. He couldn't live with himself if something awful were to happen to them. "Sister, I will be fine. We must hurry if what you say is true. We must hurry and get back to the mansion. We can't continue this fight. We've done all that we've can for now." solemnly spoke the Canadian as he observed the chaos surrounding his current environment. Apocalypse's henchmen are extremely powerful. There isn't enough X-Men to handle their attacks. The safety of the children and the other mutants are what is most important. "Quickly. We must rescue the others and then retreat. Lead the way." and with that said, Jean-Paul ignored his drained energy, using everything he's got left to fly following his twin to where she last left the others.

The Beast
03-07-2007, 12:05 AM
(ooc: I hope that this is okay, I've tried to answer everybody who spoke to him, and cover all ground. Someone let me know if I missed something?)

"You alright Hank? I hope I'm not too late for the fun."

Cable's shots pinged off of Archangel, flaring him up, and the rider acted as though the bullets had merely annoyed him. Beast knew better than that by now; Death had taken enough hits to know better than to continue to fool around with him, particularly since he was under fire from actual weaponry. Sure enough, the Angel alighted, tearing towards the sky and towards the children, daring Cable to follow.

"Of course not, Cable, in fact, I'd say you're quite on time," came Beast's weak voice, the gentle genius realizing that he was saved by Nathan's timely arrival. "But this must be some strange usage of the word 'fun' that I wasn't previously aware of."

Hank struggled to stand up, now freed from Death's grip, and reached around, clutching at his wound, giving a small groan of pain, feeling the quite large gash in his back. Pulling his hand around, he saw quite a lot of blood, but, taking a few quick deep breaths, he deduced it not to have punctured the lung. He took a deep breath and reached around again, pressing a finger into the gaping hole.

Clenching his teeth to keep from screaming out in pain, he felt into the hole for any sign of a ripped artery or serious injury. Finding nothing of the kind, he pulled his hand around again, and held his side, beginning to limp.

"Better late than never, eh?"

The Beast couldn't help but smiling at the sound of his teammate, and he turned to face her.

"I should have known that a Domino effect always follows Cable," he started. "I suppose in this case, that's as true as anything. Although I do seem to have gotten myself into a bit more than the usual scrape."

He indicated his back with a shrug, trying to conceal how much Death had truly taken it out of him.

He knew he was barely conscious, the places on his flesh and fur where the rider's hands had been, places where his blue fur was dead, burned and stung painfully as the flesh slowly died. His back-wound was large and bleeding quite profusely. Hank was a doctor; he knew that he was feeling so weak because of the blood loss, and if it wasn't stopped soon...well.

Suddenly, his communicator kicked to life.

"Beast...this is Northstar...don't know if you're still....still alive...but I need your help...I'm falling from the sky..."

Beast straightened as much as he could, and gave Domino a quick nod.

"You and Nathan should get to the plane and protect it," he said urgently to the woman with the black spot over her eye. "I've got to do this, and then I'll meet you there. The best we can do now is get the children out of here, and back to safety at the mansion."

He began to run, galloping along using his fists, like a gorilla. He didn't know where he found the strength for it, but his eyes scanned the sky, and he barreled down the area, searching for his fallen teammate. With every bound, he felt the wound in his back open more, with every yard passed, he grew more dazed and dizzy.

Suddenly, he spotted the falling figure he knew to be Northstar, and positioned himself under, ready to grab him, when suddenly...

"My God, it couldn't possibly be...!" Hank gasped, shocked as Aurora caught her brother and landed deftly. Wasn't she supposed to be imprisoned? The blue, furry mutant ran over to where Jean-Paul and his sister were making a hasty reunion, keeping his distance, but catching the back half of their conversation.

"Jean-Paul, we must go. There is a mutant with metal wings attacking Sunspot and the children, they need my help. Are you able to fly? Sunspot has a plane. There are many mutants already on it, one of which I think you know. Graydon? He is hurt quite badly. Perhaps it would be better for you to go back to the plane and tend to the others. You may not be strong enough to fight."

Dear God, thought The Beast. Death is already attacking the plane? Mercy, mercy, Sunspot will only be able to hold them off for so long, and the children...

"Sister, I will be fine. We must hurry if what you say is true. We must hurry and get back to the mansion. We can't continue this fight. We've done all that we've can for now. Quickly. We must rescue the others and then retreat. Lead the way."

Henry watched as Northstar bravely lit up again, flying into the sky alongside his sister, and he knew that the only thing he was fit to do right now was get in the damn plane and fly it home, to safety. He felt a measure of anger that he was so injured, that, with all his abilities, he wasn't able to stop Apocalypse's riders.

"Come now, Hank," he muttered to himself, "Sometimes, as the great poet Von Baron said, 'Retreating is half the battle'. Just a little more, and then rest."

He took another great swell of breath and began to run, following Aurora and Northstar's path of flight on foot, hoping to any higher power that happened to be up there, listening to his thoughts, that he wasn't too late to get the team and the children out.

(exit - THE BEAST)

03-08-2007, 05:56 PM
Aurora nodded, her black and silver hair swaying with the movement of her head. Without another word, she took to the skies, checking back to make sure that Jean-Paul was following behind her before taking off back to the clearing where she had left the others. The flying heroine pushed her body as far as she could, wishing that she could go just a little bit faster and be able to put this entire nightmare behind her. Humans trapping mutants, mutants attacking other mutants, the horror seemed to be never ending and Aurora found herself deeply troubled by the events that had transpired. Who was this metallic demon ? Where had he come from? And who was behind him, pulling all the strings? Her questions only led to more questions, each more disturbing than the last and Jeanne-Marie forced herself to push the thoughts aside and to focus on getting back to the others.

Not long after leaving the ground, Aurora spotted the clearing and instantly felt a wave of relief. The fight with the metallic mutant was still raging but they were at least alive although the former Alphan noticed that Sunspot's light, formerly giving off a radiant glow, had dimmed considerably and Aurora had an idea that this indicated his strength ebbing away. As she watched, the sun mutant dropped an enormous tree on their foe and took to the skies. Following swiftly behind, Jeanne-Marie took another look behind her and indicated to Northstar that they were going on and following Sunspot's flickering lead back to the plane.

At last she spotted the glowing white outline of the plane and gratefully landed, waiting for Northstar to do the same. Once her brother had touched ground, noticeably pale, Aurora wrapped her arm around her twin's thin waist, helping him into the aircraft. The twins maneuvered their way inside and the blue eyed beauty was relieved to see that the group she had left behind was all right. Slowly, she helped Jean-Paul lower himself into a seat in the passenger cabin and said, in a low, comforting voice, "Rest now, Jean-Paul. Regain your strength," before giving his arm a reassuring pat and moving towards Sunspot. Sighing heavily, Aurora gently sat down beside his stretched out form and looked down into his upturned face. "Are we ready to leave or... there are others, no? Other X-Men that came with you?" The tall beauty looked up, focusing her gaze outside. She only prayed that the other X-Men had managed to escape and were en route to the plane. She felt guilty for wanting to leave but there was at least one mutant on board that needed medical care immediately and Aurora was worried about her brother. His thin face look pained, pale and drawn. "No," she said to herself. "We must wait for them."