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He approached Magneto?s door in nervous apprehension. He didn?t like coming near this door when he had no excuse to be in this area, but even with a perfectly good reason, he loathed the thought of an unnecessary visit with the man. In a sense it was necessary, their kind were being caught and captured like animals down there. That mutant he?d seen had done nothing more than be on the plane at the time it needed to land for repairs, he hadn?t even meant to go to a place as cruel as Latveria.

However, he could, if he wanted, forget about it, retire to his room and ignore it so he didn?t have to see Magneto, but the thoughts of what he?d seen left him too unnerved to not report it. Once he did, he could leave it in his leader?s hands from there, and he could make the plans. Mortimer only had to follow orders once he reported what he had to report. He just hoped Magneto wouldn?t be too unreasonable about his rest being cut short.

He knocked on the door. He had everything he needed with him, aside from a computer. Upon seeing the report, he?d raced to his room and found a disk, returning to make a copy of all the information. He didn?t want to risk losing it, or make an impatient man wait longer than necessary, after all. The quicker he could convince him that this was important, the better. Still he felt nervous, crouching there, lower than normal and he glared down, frustrated that he had to meet with this man. Now he?d just have to wait, and see what kind of mood the man was in.

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Hours had passed, but far too few for Magneto?s taste. It hadn?t taken long to put Tinx to bed; the girl was exhausted from the trauma she?d been through and was finally ready for what was likely the first good night?s sleep she?d had in quite a long time. Erik and Magda had gently put her under the sheets of Magda?s bed, which was adjacent to Erik?s quarters, making it close enough for the two of them to hear her should she need something during the night.

With Tinx in the neighboring room, that meant Magda would be sharing a bed with Erik that evening. It was certainly a large step for a couple that, in the grand scheme of things, had only been reunited a short time. But after everything that had happened since the Washington attack ? and even during their farewell before Magneto had set off for that assault ? the two of them had been growing closer and opening up to one another again. It hadn?t taken long for Erik at least to realize how much he now depended on having her near him once more.

His slumber was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the metallic door. His irritated blood-shot eyes sprung open instantly, not only aroused by the sharp audible sound but also the vibration in the metal slab that separated his chambers from the hallway. Whoever had come to his chambers this evening was either incompetent or na?ve; whatever was worth disturbing Magneto for could have likely been taken care of by Exodus who, unlike the Master of Magnetism, did not seem to require much rest at all. But instead here they were, at his doorstep in the early hours of the morning, disrupting him for what was sure to be some mundane trivial task.

Erik rose from the bed and wrapped the cloth belt of his robe firmly around his waste, sealing the layers of cloth around his aged yet firm frame. As he walked towards the doorway, Magnus ran a hand through locks of white hair, combing them back so that they fell behind him in a more presentable manner. He wasn?t exactly worried about appearances, but one must maintain a sense of power and authority to rule this mutant haven, and that was not accomplished by looking disheveled, no matter the hour.

The door parted suddenly and without warning, likely startling whoever was standing on the other side. Awaiting him was Toynbee, a slime of a man who now was just asking to be made into more of a whipping boy. Had the man no common sense? Their relationship was at best strained, and though Magnus tried to hold his own tongue when it came to Toad given Magda?s mysterious affection for the man, the proverbial camel?s back had just been broken.

Resisting the urge to throw a palm to the creature?s throat, Magneto simply looked down at Toynbee through thin eyes. ?For your sake, I hope this is important,? his voice echoed through the hallways even though he?d spoken no more than a quick hiss at his minion.

05-25-2007, 07:17 AM
The door was still for a moment, then parted with such sudden swiftness, revealing the tired, angry, yet strangely still well groomed man that despite the fact that Toad knew what had to be coming, he jumped, startled. He didn?t yelp in fright, he could say that much for himself at least, but suspected his initial reaction even further lowered him in his leader?s eyes. He could feel the man?s gaze on him, furious that he?d be woken, and likely already judging whatever it was that would sputter out of Toynbee?s mouth as unimportant.

Perhaps he should have waited at least until morning, but then, what was morning in a place like this? Their nights and days in space would shift as they pleased, and no two of them would likely take the same schedule unless they bothered with some sort of clock. Of course, he was feeling a bit weary from the mission and could have assumed Magneto was as well, but then he was also antsy, had been about Wildside?s proposition, and before that wanting to talk with Magda. Now he just wanted to put the burden of dealing with his discovery on someone else?s shoulders, and then he could go to sleep, but who knew between them who would have wanted more sleep anyway.

It was too late for ?should haves? now, though. He just had to move swiftly to make amends before risking the full force of Magneto?s fury.

?I found this,? he said, shoving the disk in front of him.

He considered explaining what it was, but suspected that further words from him would only irritate the Master of Magnetism further. Then again, more time between Toad?s arrival and an explanation for why he had awoken his leader, which he clearly had done by the man?s appearance, despite how neat it was, the more time there was for the anger to mount before the man understood just why this was important. Perhaps he?d explain it a bit more, but try to keep it short.

?Something's happening in Latveria, they?re taking the mutant there somewhere.?

Surely that should be enough to convince him that this was important, at the very least, even if he'd still be angry at Mortimer. Disapproval of the batrachian was a normal state, but he'd at least like to try and make it abate, at least to it's normal level rather than right before the brink of his own destruction.

05-27-2007, 05:23 AM
?I found this.?

Toynbee wasted little time producing the object which had forced him to come down to Magneto?s chambers at this hour, and it was probably for the best that he managed to bring something for his troubles, like a cat in the night who returned to his master?s porch with a bird in mouth. Disturbing Magneto in this manner and being empty-handed on top of it was a quick way to find oneself in an airlock on the express trip back to Earth. Who knows, maybe when it was all said and done, that?s what Toad?s fate would still be for this little incursion.

Erik took the disk into his hand and examined it for a moment. It appeared to be a typical data disk, likely holding information that the Asteroid M computers had picked up while monitoring news channels or other communications arrays. There wasn?t much else to see physically about the disk, which is why Magnus thought it strange that Toad paused for a moment, as if unsure whether or not he should continue to elaborate. For his own sake, Erik thought, he needed to.

Finally, Toad continued.

?Something's happening in Latveria, they?re taking the mutant there somewhere.?

Latveria? The mutant? For a split second, Magnus felt out of the loop, a realization he was not accustomed to. Thinking through things logically, there had to be something important happening in Victor von Doom?s nation for Toad to intrude in this manner. And come to think of it, Erik had heard recent rumblings of Latveria becoming rather anti-mutant, and where Doctor Doom was concerned, nothing could be truly ruled out. The man possessed an intellect on the genius level, and when he set his mind to something, it was only a matter of time before it was accomplished.

Magneto took another glance at the disk he now held, and folded one arm beneath the other. ?Continue,? he commanded of Toad, seeking elaboration of the story. His tone was not of a master demanding something of a servant, but now, of someone genuinely interested and captivated in this news.

05-27-2007, 07:34 PM
Magneto examined the disk and seemed almost confused. Toad felt a bit of irritation swell up within him, and fought the urge to explain what a disk was. After all, with something like that there was little point in looking at the exterior. If he?d only find a computer and watch what Mortimer had extracted, he?d have all the briefing he needed, and in clearer terms than Toad could put them.

Then, after he gave a brief explanation, enough, he?d thought, to pique Magneto?s curiosity and lead him to go to the nearest computer to see just what Toad was talking about, he asked the slimy mutant to continue. He was clearly interested, but Mortimer wasn?t exactly good at explaining things. Now he was being expected to describe what he saw in as great of detail as the news report itself, or so it seemed, and he wasn't sure he could. He tried again. At least Magneto seemed no longer irritated, but curious.

?Latveria was claiming to be mutant free, and someone took a video of a mutant that was on a plane that landed there for repairs. A bunch of soldiers attacked him and forced him to come with them. I don?t know what they?re doing to the mutants there exactly, but??

Would that be enough for him? Or would Mortimer have to discuss the video in greater detail? He thought he got all the important points there. Enough that the man would know that something was up on Earth, and that he should investigate it and come up with a plan. Then again, he?d thought he?d given enough information before that the man would choose to look into it further on his own and Toad could go to bed while he figured out a plan. Of course, this time he gave a more thorough explanation, and before he had to admit there were a lot of holes in what he was saying. He'd simply expected the man to use the cd to fill them in.

05-30-2007, 04:16 AM
The disk in hand was of no use until Magneto sought out a computer terminal. Since Toad had not brought a portable unit with him, that would have to be later. Until then, Erik thought that Toynbee could at least continue to describe what he saw and what the contents contained, but after requesting he do so, the slimy mutant seemed to squirm a bit as if lacking the confidence to adequately meet Magnus? expectations.

This wasn?t a surprise ? Toad was hardly the confident type and typically failed at his assignments. If it were strictly up to Magneto, the creature would have found another home off of Asteroid M long ago. But it wasn?t completely up to him, and furthermore, it was hard to bill this place as a haven to mutants when you?re kicking some out through the back door. Regardless, Magneto listened intently to Toad?s further explanation, knowing full well that though he disliked the messenger, the message itself was quite provoking.

?Latveria was claiming to be mutant free, and someone took a video of a mutant that was on a plane that landed there for repairs. A bunch of soldiers attacked him and forced him to come with them.?

Dear God, Erik thought to himself as his gaze shifted from the stuttering, incompetent storyteller to nothing at all, his eyes looked beyond everything as he visualized the scene. What in God?s name was Doom doing? Ridding his country of the mutant population, though contemptible in its own right, at least was not some form of irradiation but rather an exodus. Those mutants could find homes elsewhere where they are welcomed, another reason why a haven such as Asteroid M was necessary for the short-term while Magneto plotted to regain the planet in the name of homo superior.

But actually attacking and apprehending foreign citizens due to their mutant abilities? This was a borderline act of war, one he was sure that the mutant?s country of nationality would likely not pursue given its opponent in such a conflict. Doctor Doom was not an enemy one chose to upset, though for a mutant as powerful as Magneto, Doom represented just another homo sapien standing in the way of evolution. While governments across the world may cower at the thought of upsetting Doctor Doom, Erik gave such concerns little thought. In fact, it was Doom who should worry about upsetting the Master of Magnetism with these heinous actions.

?I don?t know what they?re doing to the mutants there exactly, but??

Toad?s report diminished into silence as the minion?s mind trailed off, allowing Magneto to finish the thought as he so desired. It?s true, it would be hard to tell what was happening to mutants in Latveria, but whatever it was, Magnus was not going to sit back and let it happen any longer. He took a step back into his quarters, awaiting the door to seal the pair off. Before it did so, Magneto offered some final thoughts to Toad. ?You?re fortunate that the news you brought was of note, Toynbee. It saved you from punishment for such an invasion of my privacy.?

As he cut off his sentence, the sliding metal door closed between them, and Erik turned back to his chambers. Magda was still motionless in the bed, though Erik could not ascertain if she was asleep or mimicking that state. Regardless, he didn?t want to wake her, nor did he want to stir the young girl sleeping in the adjacent room, so he made his way to the terminal as quietly as possible. The computer booted up quickly, and Erik inserted the media disk in order to let his own eyes view the actions of Victor von Doom.

05-30-2007, 06:09 PM
After Tinx was sound asleep, Magda had taken the opportunity to bathe herself before bed. Settling that was not nearly as difficult as she'd first surmised; Erik did not reject the notion of her spending the night with him. Perhaps it was that they were both tired, or that the day's events had worn a bit of familiarity into the two of them, but it was not long before they were both fast asleep. It served as some assurance for Magda; she was all too aware of how Martinique's eyes wandered, and she was in no way prepared to compete with anyone.

Erik rose sometime in the night; she was not certain how long she'd been asleep when it occurred, but half dozing she listened to the soft whisper of his voice somewhere a distance off, his own aura mingling close to another familiar one, and she turned over, mumbling. It was much too soon for there to be business discussions going on, what with a mission being recently finished. Once she might have been eager to keep herself busy and distracted, jumped at the chance for another excursion, but now?

Now, all she wanted was rest.

Her husband returned to the chamber and rather than rejoin her in bed had settled close by at the computer terminal. She lay still, listening for a moment before stretching lazily, eyes finally giving in and opening. He was watching a video of some kind? Confused, she sat up and climbed out of bed, coming up quietly behind him.

"Where is that taking place?" she whispered.

06-02-2007, 06:35 AM
It took only seconds for the data to load, and as Erik peered at the screen in front of him, images flashed to life of a foreign news organization providing what looked like camera phone video of a young man being removed in restraints from a commercial airliner. No sound emitted from his speakers, not because of a lack there of from the report but rather because of Erik?s desire to not wake anyone within earshot. So instead, he read the captions at the bottom that detailed how this airplane was forced to land for repairs and the young mutant, who had become disoriented during the plane?s time in Latveria, was taken after initially resisting assistance.

Magnus leaned back in his chair, watching the remainder of the cell phone video. It was barely distinguishable, and it seemed as if the camera person was moving frantically before eventually the video cut out. His eyes moving from left to right as he read the bottom of the screen, Magneto frowned upon discovering that no country has contacted Latveria regarding the status of their citizen, and no additional information about the individual has been released.

His head turned away from the monitor, partially in disgust of what he saw but also because he heard the sounds of someone stirring behind him. A moment later, Magda had approached from behind, and as Erik looked back at her, he could see her eyes were tuned into the broadcast as well.

?Where is that taking place??

He resisted answering her for a moment, not sure that he wanted to bother her with such details so soon after they?d just returned from a mission themselves. Just because he was the Magneto, Master of Magnetism, needed by his subordinates at a moment?s notice, did not mean that she had to be disturbed in such a way as well. But Erik knew immediately that he could not keep this from her, primarily because he wasn?t going to let this incident occur without his intervention. So she could find out now or she could find out later, and truth be told, he wanted her thoughts on this situation.

?Latveria,? he said in an equally quiet tone, knowing the country?s name would be familiar to Magda given the time they?d spent in their younger days living near the Carpathian Mountains. He continued. ?Rumor has it that von Doom has made his country completely mutant-free, by any means necessary, it seems.? The video of the individual being apprehended was running on a loop now, repeating itself. Magneto remained silent through the second showing, his hands interlocked over his torso as he leaned back in his chair.

06-03-2007, 04:27 AM
The importance of the news saved him, did it? Hardly. Had it been anything less, it may very well have not gotten to Magneto, and certainly not before Mortimer could get in some sleep. Despite what his leader thought, he wasn?t a complete fool. He knew any disturbances would grate the man?s nerves, even if they were unintentional, but particularly such blatant attempts at disturbing the man?s solitude. Earlier he?d done his best to sneak by the room, and he wasn?t even looking for Magneto, simply feared catching the man?s attention.

It seemed that the Master of Magnetism was unaware of this to even think Toad would approach him with anything less than monumental news. It mattered little now, however, for his leader had retreated into his room with the disk. The issue, therefore, was off his hands until they were called for a briefing, and sent off to save their kind. For now, he would catch up on his rest, the very thing he robbed from his leader, so he?d be ready to go when they did.

With that thought, Mortimer turned and hopped off, headed toward his room. It was a little far away, for while Magneto allowed Toad to stay on Asteroid M, he was hardly going to put the slimy creature right next to him. If he did, he?d have to worry about him stinking up the area, and seeing him more than he absolutely had to. Toad?s loathing wasn?t one way, after all, and it had come from Magneto before it had ever risen in his minion. Soon reaching his own room, Mortimer entered, closing the door behind him before going to bed. He didn?t have to worry about locking it or anything, the smell would keep others away.

((Exit: Toad))

06-04-2007, 05:17 PM

Magda watched intent, as the young man in the small picture argued through obvious discomfort with a man in uniform, obviously a soldier, as many others started to circle them in. The angle made it difficult to make out, but she clearly saw another soldier strike him with the butt of a rifle. Pandemonium broke out then, first with his struggles and then the panic of the other passengers. A soldier approached the camera man, who by the panning angle appeared to be backing away. The camera moved, as though to be hidden, before the shot very quickly shifted, showing a sideways view of the airport floor and a hand lying close next to it before the signal buzzed out.

?Rumor has it that von Doom has made his country completely mutant-free, by any means necessary, it seems.?

She nodded grimly. She'd been to Latveria once, about twenty years before, but her job there had been minor and she was out just as quickly. Her ability to stay under radar was just needed for some trivial thing in a potentially dangerous place.

Inwardly the gypsy hated the idea of another mission so soon, but already the wheels in her head were turning in that direction. "You have some familiarity with Von Doom?" she asked.

06-09-2007, 07:44 AM
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As Magda watched the video intently, Erik rose from the chair, his mind focused, concentrating on what he?d just witnessed. He worked silently, his genius-level intellect piecing together the sections of the puzzle, trying to figure out what Doom?s ultimate goal was. Pacing on the floor area behind the terminal chair, Erik continued to think. He wants his country to be mutant free but has no qualms about abducting and detaining foreign mutant citizens of no notoriety.

It wasn?t adding up, and Erik feared that it wouldn?t make much sense until further information was acquired. Which meant some kind of operation, the extent of which had yet to be determined.

Almost saving him from his mind?s own proposition of another mission, Magda posed a question.

?You have some familiarity with Von Doom??

He hesitated momentarily before offering a somber ?Yes.? Their history was not extensive, but the two had squared off in the past and Magneto had made it a point to at least have a rudimentary knowledge of those classified as the most powerful and intellectual beings on the face of the planet.

In another world, another situation, Erik couldn?t help but wonder if the two of them could have been colleagues, perhaps even friends. He found himself pondering about the kind of work they could do together, both of them incredibly adept in the creation of new technologies. Silently, and only for a moment, Magnus cursed the world in which they found themselves orbiting, the world that kept these kinds of men at war rather than peace.

But no, Doom?s own actions were painting the battle lines rather clearly. If the rumors were true and Latveria was in fact entirely mutant-free, it was a direction that seemed rather counter-productive to a man such as Magneto, who viewed mutation as the next and more importantly rightful step in the evolution of humanity. Surely an intelligent man like Doom would realize this. Perhaps he did, and upon recognizing the threat that this homo superior race posed to him, he wanted their kind as far away from his homeland as possible. Or perhaps it would turn out that behind the iron mask and blazing intellect rested the soul of an ignorant bigot.

There was only one way to find out.

Erik walked back over to the table and lifted a hand to Magda?s shoulder. ?This is something we?ll have to address, but not without our rest.?