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Abhorsen wannabe
10-24-2005, 09:59 PM
((OOC: This takes place after my sample role play))

Tj shivered slightly as the wind blew around her, despite her layer of fur, it was still cold. Pulling her red hoodie closer around her, she looked around, her glowing eyes for anything, anyone, that might help her.

"Where the hell am I, anyway?" she muttered, before leaping lightly off the stone wall she had been crouching ontop of and landed neatly on the roadside making as little sounds as possible, if there were hostile units around she didn't want to alert them to her presence.

She walked to the middle of the road, staring down both sides for a clue of which way to go but both sides looked identically unappealing, if only she knew where she was meant to be going then she might have a vague idea of which direction to go in, or which direction not to go in, at any rate.

She looked back at the sign that had been the main focus of her attention several moments previously.

Xaviers school for Gifted Youngsters, Massachusetts, the phrase glared back at her. Maybe if there was a Massachusetts Branch, there would obviously be a West Chester Branch, that was where it all had began, assuming this world was similar to hers. It was worth a try.

Sighing, she crouched down again, planting her three fingered hands on the floor as she took one last look around, trying to decide which road would take her to the Academy quickest.

Deciding to go left, she stood up and started running quickly and lightly, using the road as a path.

Then, she was struck by a thought, what was she going to do, prowl up the school, knock on the door and say, "Hi, you don't know me, but I'm from another world"?

Apart from being very lame, that plan might also get her put in a mental asylum. She was going to be very careful about how she acted.

She looked down at her blue furred body, and perhaps she was going to have to avoid public places as well....

Abhorsen wannabe
10-28-2005, 06:50 PM

Tj sat in a tree, watching the sun come up, she had suddenly been struck by a thought, she had no idea how to get to where she was going.

Running a hand through her shoulder length blue hair she stared around, even if she did make it to a town without starving to death, what was she going to do there? She had no money for food, one often forgets to pack money when they are fleeing for their life....

Staring around, she suddenly noticed a car coming down the road, music blaring loudly out of the open windows.

Tj leapt down from the tree and watched the car come closer, if she timed it right, she might just manage to pull it off.

As the car came closer, Tj crouched down low, ready to leap at the car as it went passed her.

Tj's eyes watched it every centimetre of the way until, suddenly...

She leapt towards the open window, out of which an arm was hanging and... hey presto.

"That went rather well" commented the man sitting in the car seat as his eyes glowed briefly yellow, proof that Tj had complete control over the man's actions.

Staring around, Tj was suddenly at a loss of what to do, now she actually had to drive the damn thing, and this wasn't a simulation, she might actually kill someone if she wasn't careful.

Tentatively she used the man's body to put a foot down on the pedal and the car picked up speed, driving quickly along the road.

"This isn't too difficult" she told herself, but heard the man's gruff voice instead of the one she was used to.

She looked carefully around, cursing her hosts lousy vision, "I wonder if I could drive all the way to the Academy" she wondered aloud as she turned a corner on the road...

Syaoran Vividali
11-03-2005, 02:58 AM
((sorry about the wait on this... college sucks))

As the car rounded a bend in the road, the pair came across an unusual sight. A mobile home had apparently jack-knifed across the highway and a couple and their family was attempting to get the long camper truck back on the road from where it had slipped off onto the soft shoulder. Their efforts had blocked both lanes of traffic, so that Nocturne would have to stop the car in order to avoid striking the camper. The shoulder had been washed away by some recent storms, making it dangerous to try and swerve around them from the other side.

A woman in her early forties was by the back of the truck, giving directions to the similarly aged man leaning out the driver's side of the vehicle as he struggled to get the camper on the road. In the windows of the camper, three shadows gave indication that there were others inside the truck.

Abhorsen wannabe
11-03-2005, 10:12 PM
Tj sighed in annoyance when she noticed the blockage, "Could this day get any worse?" she muttered, marvelling at how horrible her host's voice sounded, "This guy sounds like a chain saw" she added to herself, as she opened the door, intending to hop out, and tripped over.

"Man this guy is fat!" she muttered under her breath, other rather his if she wanted to get technical, as she pulled herself up with extreme difficulty and sauntered over to the couple.

"Need any help?" she asked, staring over at the mobile home, "And by that I mean I'm in a hurry and need to be on the road" she added, "I'd be happy to help"

Running her hands over the machinery, "I guess I could use my car to help pull yours out" she suggested suddenly, she really had to get to the Academy.

She really needed to know what was going on. Why were things always easier in simulations?

Syaoran Vividali
11-29-2005, 03:49 AM
"Oh, we're sorry to hold you up, hun," the portly woman stated with a genteel wave of one hand as she looked at the man for a moment from behind thick plastic glasses that were colored red. The frames were shaped like something out of the 1970's and her look was a frightening kind of retro to match. "Rabbit just leapt right in front of the camper and you know I just had to shout at Lloyd so he wouldn't hit the little scamp," she added with a little laugh. Of course, the man wouldn't know, but such wasn't bothering her mind, if even occurring to her at all.

"We'll have this out of the way in a jiffy if you can give us just a wee second, okay, hun," the woman assured the man, as the camper's front wheels finally made it to the blacktop and it began to ease back onto the road.

"There, just let Lloyd straighten it out a bit and we'll all be on our way," she commented with a nod before looking over at the man. "So where you headin' all in a hurry like you are, hun?"