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Leaning back in the less-than-comfortable command chair of the X-Men?s technological war room, Cyclops reached a hand to the collar of his button down shirt and undid one of the restraints, allowing his body heat to radiate a bit more easily now. Scott liked to maintain a professional appearance during his administrative time in the school, and though he hadn?t dressed specifically for Lucinda?s visit, he did want to look prepared in case someone arrived at the school. Better to greet guests in a nice shirt and slacks rather than blue and gold spandex and a tactical chest strap.

The multiple screens in front of the X-Men?s field leader were displaying too much information for a normal mind to take in. Though the mutant powers of Scott Summers did not extend to his mind?s ability to shift through and assimilate information, it was a skill that he?d honed as much as he could through his own tactical exercises. Being able to discern that which is important from that which is not was a key quality of a competent leader, so as Scott watched the monitors in front of him, it didn?t take him long to figure out what was worth paying attention to and what he could zone out.

The news of the day was dreary, and nothing immediately jumped out to grab his attention. Scott thumbed through the control panel directly in front of him, muting a number of the news feeds until he?d settled on just a few that seemed to be regulars in his personal rotation. He took a minute to catch up on their commentary, concentrating on each one for only a few seconds before moving to the next. Nothing of interest just yet, and the irrelevance of the broadcasts caused Scott to push himself up from the seat as he contemplated getting a cup of coffee to help bide his time. But before he could leave the room, he heard a phrase that made him stop in his tracks.

??passed the Mutant Registration Act??

His head turned, his attention now at full capacity. Returning to the control panel, Cyclops? fingers quickly eliminated everything else except for the broadcast which had caught his ear. He watched intently as the local news station covered the event from a downtown location in New York City.

??and with overwhelming approval in the House and Senate, it did not take long for President Archer to sign the bill into law. Though it?s only been a few days since the bill was signed, we?ve already seen nationwide steps towards making the language of the bill a reality. Mutants all over the country are being required to register personal information at secure locations in major cities, such as this one behind me??

The video footage displayed on the screen changed, zooming away from the reporter and instead focusing on the large multi-story building in downtown New York, where a line of what had to hundreds of people extended down the sidewalk, essentially outing themselves as mutants while awaiting their turn to register with the federal government. Scott?s fist tightened as he watched the scared faces of children and families bunched together like animals being led to the slaughter.

Panning away again, the camera now focused on a group of protesters across the street, holding up derogatory signs and chanting at the mutants. Some could be seen in the trademark white Friends of Humanity shirts that the X-Men had become familiar with. The reporter continued with his analysis. ?Obviously after the Washington attack, mutant affairs have been a hot-button issue across America. Opposite of the registration site, you can see a group of protestors have assembled to peacefully demonstrate their opposition to mutants even being allowed to remain in the country. Things are tense here, but thanks to a small police presence, they seem to be under control for the time being.?

The words were ominous, Scott thought to himself. Whenever the Friends of Humanity were involved in something, peaceful wasn?t typically used in describing their role. As Scott watched the last glimpse of footage from the New York City site, the angry protestors waiving their signs and shouting at innocent families, his mind began to churn about the deployment of a concealed field team to ensure that the peace would be kept?

Fuxxy Elf
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Lucas Bishop. A man who carries the future on his shoulders. A lawman out of time. So many clich?s so little time. But as he entered the mansion with a light pack on his back the only clich? that was flying around his head was that he could eat a horse. So his first destination was the kitchen in search of food. For the past couple of days he had been away for some quality time to himself. Since the attack on Washington and then the escape of the Brotherhood members one of which had been under his charge, he had had a lot to think about. The cool breeze off the Atlantic in a remote coastal town in New England had done the trick. He returned to Xavier?s refreshed and calm, ready for whatever challenge was thrown in front of the X men next.

The kitchen was empty but Bishop had had enough silence so he flicked the switch on the portable tv in the corner before he began to raid the fridge. He was too busy pulling various cold meats from the fridge to notice what was being said, he had not even noticed what was on, it was simply the noise to accompany his actions. He grabbed a large knife and a loaf out of the bread bin and began roughly cutting some thick slices, onto which he placed various types of spicy meats.

Bishop began opening cupboards above the worktop, he wiped a palm over his stubble as he considered his options. English mustard seemed the best, so he made a grab for that, his huge hand dwarfing the small jar. ??Mutant Registration Act??


He looked down at the small pile of mustard mixed with broken shards of glass absently, his ears concentrated on the TV. ??it did not take long for President Archer to sign the bill into law.?

Bishop?s head hung low, he was no longer concentrating on the mess he had made. His thoughts were focussed on the future. Or the past depending on your point of view. ?Not now.? He muttered, ?It can?t happen now. I thought I?d?? He shook his head and strode out of the kitchen. Leaving the mess. Leaving the TV on. Leaving the sandwich uneaten. He didn?t care, he wasn?t hungry any more.

The elevator ride down to the lower levels felt like an age to Bishop. As the doors opened he found himself disappointed not to see people milling about. This was the single most important event in his history. He had expected to see more?action. He strode to the War Room with authority, feeling confident that the X Men would already be here, in preparation for what came next. The doors whooshed open to reveal Cyclops.

?Scott.? Bishop?s deep voice boomed as he entered the room, ?What do we do now?? He saw that Cyke was watching the same report that had been on upstairs. Not being a man of many words, Bishop had come right to the point. He hoped the leader of the X men had a plan, the X men?s future depended on it.

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Roberto made his way to the elevator and punched the button to go down with his finger. He was having to make a conscious effort to not destroy the button at the moment. His lip curled slightly and his left eyebrow was twitching a little. 'Who do these Americans think they are,' he thought angrily to himself as the elevator descended into the sub-basement levels. "We save their asses and this is how they repay us," Roberto muttered to himself.

Stepping out of the elevator, Roberto made his way down the corridor towards the War Room. He suspected that Cyclops would be found inside. Just as the oft firey tempered Brazilian heard the voice of Bishop speak wondering what was to be done now. "We show them that we're not going to stand for this kind of prejudiced treatment," the Brazilian replied before Scott could, his upper lip curling slightly. "I believe in this country it is illegal to discriminate against someone just because of what they are, right Scott? Things are not nearly like this in Brazil."

Brushing past Bishop the fiery solar-powered mutant appropriated one of the chairs around the War Room table. Making himself comfortable, he turned his attention to one of the Mansion's defacto leaders, waiting for a response. It was remarkable to think that in the time Roberto had been at the Mansion as a teacher he had actually done very little in the way of actual teaching of the students that were living there. It seemed as if circumstances were always beyond his control, preventing him from carrying out his assigned task.

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Paige Guthrie sat on her bed, taking as many deep, cleansing breaths as her anger would allow. Her cheeks were still mottled red with rage from the encounter that had just taken place between herself and Chamber and it was all Paige could do to stop herself from finding him and punching him right in his disintegrating face. Clenching the bed cover in her fists, Husk ran through the day's events, a day that was supposed to have been filled with laughter and delight at seeing her friends again after so long. Instead, her return had been marked with an unprovoked attack and a heated exchange with the man who claimed to care about her. The man whom she had given her heart to and had given her nothing in return.

"I can't just act like nothing happened, Paige." His words echoed in her head like a ghost, like they, in fact, always did. If she concentrated, she could practically see his hunched figure in the doorway of her room. "I hurt my best friend and I won't pretend like it doesn't bother me and I won't go to a dance and mingle with teeny-boppers that I can't even be bothered with on a normal day." Teeny-boppers? Was that what he thought they were? Was that what he thought she was? It had been at that moment that Paige had lost all semblance of control. "FAHNE. THEN GET OUT. You are the LAST person that Ah would want to go to a dance with ANYWAY!" she had shouted before pushing him out the door and slamming it in his face. Breathing hard, almost as hard as she did after her regular 3 mile runs, Paige had slowly sunk to the floor, her legs folding underneath her as angry tears dried stiffly on her cheeks. She had stayed that way for several minutes until the blonde felt that she could stand and made the journey to her bed, a trek that seemed to her almost as long as the one she had taken to arrive back at the mansion.

Finally Paige felt that she had gathered herself under control, doing one final check on her rage before allowing herself to leave. The hayseed closed her eyes, pictured Jonothon's face and upon feeling the bloom of heat in the pit of her stomach, understood that although she was likely to break something the next time she saw Chamber, it wouldn't be anything that was a part of his body. Husk stood and took one final deep breath as she reached for the door handle, half dreading, half hoping that he would be standing there waiting for her to emerge. Her mouth turned down on finding the hallway empty and the farm girl heaved a sigh that was a mix of regret and relief as she closed the door behind her.

With nothing to do and no one at the Institute with whom she wanted to do it with, Paige found herself allowing her feet to take her wherever they liked as she lost herself deep in thought. Her thoughts were centered on her family rather than on Jono and Penance and she would have been surprised to learn that the entire Guthrie brood had followed her footsteps all the way to the Xavier Mansion, had in fact left the office of Mr. Summers only a little while before. She speculated on the fate of her brother Jay who had recently become depressed and isolated himself from the rest of the family. With the manifestation of his mutation and the freedom having wings offered him, Jay had often left the farm early in the morning only to return late at night. Paige had wanted to speak to him, had wanted to console him over the loss of Julia but found that of anyone, she was probably the last person he had wanted to speak to. So instead, Husk had left him alone and tended to the farm chores her mother had entrusted her with.

Finally snapping out of her thoughts, the blue eyed Southern teen took a look at her surroundings and was surprised to realize that she had wandered all the way down to the second level of the sub-basement, absent-mindedly entering codes as she went. She was now only a few feet away from the War Room, a chamber in which the X-men gathered before any mission that took place. As she took another step, Paige heard a voice and creeped still closer, eavesdropping as best as she could without giving away her presence. The voice that she had heard could only belong to Mr. DaCosta, the Brazilian economics teacher and since he had addressed Mr. Summers, she could only assume that the headmaster was inside with him. What were they talking about? Prejudiced treatment? Paige's stomach dropped as she realized the only subject that was likely to get Sunspot so fired up. Grimacing, the Kentuckyan turned on her heel, intent on going back the way she had come but stopped herself, swaying forward slightly with her sudden stop. Why shouldn't she go in? She was an experienced fighter (she used the term experience rather loosely), she had good instincts and followed orders. Hell, she was surprised that she wasn't already a member of the X-men!

With a determined nod, Paige turned again and entered the War Room, faltering in her steps when she saw that there was a third occupant. Bishop, the time-travelling tough guy that always made her feel 5 years old. Managing a weak smile in his direction, Husk turned to the two faculty members that she knew well, and joked, "Ah'm home."

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Logan calmly walked through the hallways of Xavier Mansion, maintaining a slow pace, as he wasn?t one to hurry. Even in situations like this. Though his recent discussion with Jean had risen up the harsh memories he had managed to bury for a moment in Nicaragua, his mind was now focusing on the recent developments of the relationship between humans and mutants. That relationship had never been very good to begin with.

Now it looked like it might be destroyed for forever.

The Mutant Registration Act. A ghost from the past that he thought would be gone for good. Well, obviously it wasn?t. It now looked like the mutant hating bigots of this country had finally gotten what they wanted. Now they would know who is, and who isn?t a mutant. Bastards like Friends of Humanity wouldn?t need to waste their efforts for uncoordinated attacks in places where they believed mutants lived; now they would be able to coordinate their efforts better and cause more grief and destruction.

What made this whole thing more ironic was the fact that the recent developments were the fault of a mutant. Logan cursed Magneto under his breath. Why did the dirtbag have to go and attack the freaking capital of the country? To him, the leader of the Brotherhood was as bad as the Friends of Humanity were. His goals were only their opposite, power to mutants instead of humans. Two sides of the same coin.

And like always, the X-Men were left in the between. Against both of them. Humans wanted to destroy them because they were mutants. Mutants wanted to destroy them because they protected the humans. Neither side could ever be reasoned with. Yet they tried. Even he, forever the pessimist, supported the dream of Professor Xavier with his heart.

Logan had now made his way to the War Room. Like he had presumed, he was not the first one there. His ears picked up sounds from afar, and he could already recognize the voice of Cyclops. The eternal Boy Scout had of course been there first, ready to lead the troops. He also recognized Bishop. Bishop had always reminded Logan of himself. Both were soldiers. Stranded in different places, Bishop could not return into his own time, and Logan could not return to his own life, for he did not remember anything about it. Both had found place from the X-Men.

He also picked up the voices of two kids. After few seconds of thinking he could give names to the voices, Husk and Sunspot. Husk was now speaking.

"Ah'm home."

?She ain?t the only one.?Logan said, entering in the room, and not bothering to say more greetings then that. He sat on his favourite chair, and put his feet lazily on the table of the War Room, letting out a long yawn.

?So, heard the news. Bet that's why we are here??

Monet St. Croix
07-19-2007, 07:48 AM
The scenario was a re-creation of the disaster made in Washington many months ago. The X-Men were on a field mission stopping Magneto and his control over the Sentinels. The day has lived in the memory of the Nova Roman, haunting her. Humans were laid out on the ground. Blood flooded the streets as human body parts littered the ground. Amara Aquilla - the one they call Magma was blasting metal parts, saving as many humans as she can. Ash covered her face and her uniform in shreds. One human child was running and then stopped in her tracks hearing a whistling sound behind her. She turned around with a sharp metal object flying straight for her temple! The child's eyes were wide and Magma conjured a lava blast to quickly dispose of the object. The object dissolved and the child ran.

Magma fell to her knees, breathing heavily. Strands of dark blonde hair gently flowing in the slight breeze, waving in front her eyes. Finally, from the corner of her eyes, she saw the one man she wanted to confront. Her stomach felt like a pit and her heart dropped. Fear was wanting to overwhelm her as the master of magnetism appeared before her. His eyes were cold, gazing upon her tired body. His face was mainly covered with shadows. Magma rose into a stance. "Computer, freeze scenario!" cried the Nova Roman. Everything around her, to the sounds of the scene, people stopped moving, and smoke paused. Everything was still including the floating appearance of Magneto.

Amara raised her head up, "Computer, delete everything but Magneto." calmly stated the woman. Her stomach eased and regained composure. Suddenly, her feet flickered and quickly, her body began to change into a flowing fiery lava form. A huge ball of flames curled in her right fist. Like a Louisville slugger, Magma threw the flames at the fake Magneto. The figure dispersed, fading out. "I can't afford to be afraid anymore. Never again. On this day, by witness of the Gods, I move on." vowed the Nova Roman. No more haunting. The past is in the past and it was time to grow up.

After a session in the danger room, re-living that infamous day in Washington, Amara cleaned up downstairs in the nearby locker room changing into standard civilian clothes. Exiting the locker room into the hallways of underground, Amara caught a glimpse of Wolverine entering the War Room. Since witnessing Wolverine's entrance into the War Room, it peaked the blonde's curiousity. What could Logan need in the War Room? Using a towel in her hands, Magma began drying her hair as she too approached the War Room. The doors opened and apparently a lot is going on. Logan wasn't the only one in the room. Right away, Magma felt out of place. Her eyes went from Logan to other X-Men in the room to then finally ending at Cyclops. "Oh my. My apologies, Scott. I didn't know this was a private meeting. I can leave if you wish." politely spoke Amara as she took the towel away from her hair to place across her shoulder and began to turn around to face the entrance for an exit.

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The Xavier Institute had many residents, so it was often not possible to reside in one room for too long without receiving company. Such was the case in the War Room, the X-Men?s main tactical observation post. One by one, members of the mutant team filtered into the operations center, all having watched a similar report to the one that had caught Scott?s attention. What was the axiom ? bad news travels fast? It couldn?t be more true, judging by the reactions of his teammates.

As Bishop greeted the X-Men?s leader, Cyclops nodded a silent response. The two men watched the screen for a moment before Bishop offered a question that was on both men?s minds. ?What do we do now??

"We show them that we're not going to stand for this kind of prejudiced treatment," another man interjected, and Cyclops instantly recognized the opinion as having come from Sunspot. The tone was almost dangerous, and Scott instantly wondered exactly what means Roberto had on his mind in order to show the protestors what mutants will and won?t stand for.

Biting his tongue, Scott let the Brazilian finish his thought. ?I believe in this country it is illegal to discriminate against someone just because of what they are, right Scott? Things are not nearly like this in Brazil.?

?It?s not always that simple, Roberto,? Cyclops offered, leaning forward in the control panel chair.

A tepid voice caught Scott?s attention, and he turned ever so slightly to look at the rural teen who had also joined them, knowing that only a few moments earlier he?d met with the girl?s mother. ?Ah'm home,? Paige seemed to innocently proclaim, almost as if she had to excuse her intrusion.

After her came a man who provided no excuse for his behavior or his attitude ? Wolverine. ?She ain?t the only one.? His voice was gruff, the kind you?d expect to hear if sandpaper could talk. Cyclops didn?t look in Logan?s direction, as he wasn?t sure where they stood. Their relationship was? complicated. Some might say more so than Logan?s relationship with Scott?s wife. There was a mutual respect between the two, but that didn?t necessarily mean they got along. ?So, heard the news. Bet that's why we are here??

Scott prepared to correct Logan, but the entrance of Amara Aquilla ? the mutant known as Magma ? postponed Scott once more. ?Oh my. My apologies, Scott. I didn't know this was a private meeting. I can leave if you wish.?

?It wasn?t a meeting,? Cyclops clarified, turning his attention now back to the screen. His eyes remained focused behind the ruby quartz lenses of his glasses. ?But it might as well have been, because we?re going to need to address this.? He took a moment to let all of them follow his lead and look at the situation developing before their eyes. This was the start of something; he could feel it. He was sure they could as well, just as he was sure every mutant shared the sense of foreboding. Generations from now, people would look back at this moment ? this recent period of intolerance and unrest ? and will question how men and women like the X-Men responded. Something had to be done.

Cyclops rose from his chair, his attention still occupied by the screen. ?The situation, sadly, is nothing new. On one side, men, women, and children are forced to betray who they are simply because they were born different. On the other resides those who would hate and fear such differences, sometimes to excessive, violent ends. Holding the two sides apart is where we come in.? His head dropped slightly, almost weighed down with a sense of fatigue ? or was it disgust? ?It?s times like these when the dream of coexistence feels as futile as ever.? The situation in fact was one that had been repeated before. Just as the world seemed to be on the precipice of change, the walls came crumbling down. His body felt heavy, as if he were standing in that rubble simply by looking at those images.

?But this is the cause we?ve chosen to fight for,? Scott rebounded, turning his head to address those standing around and behind him. ?And this is the fight we will win.? He exuded inspiration if only because he needed it, but also because that?s what was expected of a leader. The truth of the matter was that it pained him to watch child after child enter the gates of this school with intentions of growing as a person and accepting their gifts only for the world outside to sputter and stall in the face of such acceptance. Fatigue was a common hazard of the job, but like his mentor, Scott Summers dreamed of a world where his children could walk the streets of their neighborhood without fear or threat of danger. And dreams of that nature would not come to pass without the action and sacrifice of the dreamers themselves.

He?d looked at the images long enough; turning from the control panel, Scott cut through the group that had gathered around him. As he walked towards the room?s exit, he called back to the assembled team, ?We leave in ten minutes.?

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"Good to see we're not going to take this sitting down, Scott," the Brazilian man said, heading for the men's locker room. Entering the clean looking locker room, Roberto made his way to his personal locker and opened it. One of the nice things about the Mansion was that the Brazilian multi-millionaire never felt the need to lock the door to his room or his own personal lockers anywhere on Mansion property. He trusted in the students to consistently do the right thing, and so far they hadn't let him down on any occasion.

Removing his blue and orange uniform from the locker, Roberto quickly changed into the work clothing that the Mansion sometimes required when you lived and worked there. Pulling out a thin orange mask last of all, Roberto tied the mask around his head and adjusted it so that he could see easily out the eye holes. As ready for the upcoming mission as he was going to get, and still feeling quite angry with an American government that he felt had betrayed mutant kind, Roberto exited the locker room and headed for the hanger area to await the arrival of the rest of the team that would be heading off to deal with this latest, and perhaps greatest, brushfire.

Monet St. Croix
08-14-2007, 03:48 AM
Magma watched the screens, seeing the media film the sight of mutant registration. Many people surrounded the area and tensions were at an all time high. Humans were shouting, holding up signs with degrading messages about mutants. The fear...the hate on those many human faces brought a hint of sadness to Amara. Sometimes, it was things like this situation that has before made her wonder if fighting for a dream for humans and mutants to co-exist is possible. Is this an ever fighting struggle? Who knows? She only called upon the Gods for strength, guidance, and peace.

Just as the media kept covering the situation, Cyclops announced that the X-Men will be heading out. It was obvious that the situation will need an extra pair of eyes to keep things calm. Hopefully there will not be any sort of chaos. However, with those of the Friends Of Humanity around so many mutants, anything was possible. The Friends Of Humanity have been nothing but trouble, spreading lies about the mutant community. Amara was familiar with the controversial group as they've been on many news outlets in the past.

After a good shower from a hard work out, making a break through to overcome her nightmares about the Washington mission, Magma must now get ready for a new mission. She heads back to her room above ground, changing into a uniform. Her long soft golden locks fell down her back as she then finished putting on a yellow glove. She balled her hand into a fish to tigthen the glove, making sure the fit was perfect. Amara left her room, heading back downstairs to underground. As she walked the steel halls, she pondered about the possibilities of the situation. She wanted to get the negative thoughts out of the way and remain positive. There was no way she was going allow the negative thoughts - or the negative voices ring throughout her mind during what could be a potentially dangerous mission. Amara was going to be calm and she was going to be a great X-Man. "Well now, duty calls." thought a grinning Nova Roman.

09-22-2007, 03:24 AM
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His tone in the war room had been bleak at first, inspiring at its conclusion. If Scott Summers was anything, it was a leader. He would lead this team onto another battlefield, one where clouded judgment from both sides would likely mean there would be no true allies. Their mission was to keep the peace, to keep this firebed of tension from exploding into the atomic bomb it very easily could become. They didn?t accept this mission because it was easy, far from it. They accepted this mission because they knew they were some of the few that could actually achieve success.

Cyclops had wasted no time in the ready room getting changed into his mission gear, sliding into the blue and gold jumpsuit, strapping the tactical harness over his shoulder and across his chest. He saved the gold plated visor for last. Call it a superstition, but Scott always saved it for last. And as he?d done many times before, he took the briefest of seconds peering into the ruby quartz lenses of his visor, almost as if he needed to take a moment to make that transformation from a man trying to lead a normal life with his family to a super-powered mutant fighting for the rights of an entire species.
The doors of the ready room slid apart, and Cyclops entered the metallic hallway with gait befitting of his power, his optic energy held back by that same ruby visor he?d been entranced by only moments ago. He expected to be the first in the hanger to begin pre-flight preparations, but was pleasantly surprised to find two from the mission?s roster already there. Scott gave a brief nod to Sunspot and Magma before walking over to their Blackbird jet, exposing the hidden security panel on the plane?s underbelly. He quickly typed in the appropriate access code, and in immediate response, the ship shuddered as it extended a lower ramp to the hanger?s deck.

Scott could hear footsteps behind him as he entered the Blackbird, knowing that the rest of the team would join them soon. Sure enough, they did. By the time the final member had entered the plane, the warm-up and diagnostic procedures had been finalized. Take off was exponentially smoother than any commercial flight any of them had experienced, and given the short flight distance it would not be long before they arrived at their destination. Cyclops took this short amount of time to remind everyone what was at stake.

?Tensions are hot, people,? he said in his typical militaristic style. His tone was cold, experienced. The confrontation was approaching, and he wasted no breath with unnecessary orders. ?Our objective is not to incite either side but to ensure minimal casualties should any violence erupt. Given the sheer volume of people and the crowd?s attention on the registration line and building, we shouldn?t have to worry about being noticed.?

Cyclops punched in a few commands on the Blackbirds control panel, and a holographic map of the scene flashed in the space between the passenger seats of the jet. The map showed the main registration building ? normally a courthouse ? on one side of a wide street. A blue line paralleling the outer courthouse wall and sidewalk marked the approximated position of the mutants who were in line to register, while a series of red dots and globs marked the position of the protestors. What few law enforcement officers present were represented in green, spaced sparingly between the two groups.

?I?d like to see everyone at a different position forming a perimeter around the street that?s bisecting the two crowds,? he continued, the jet nearly at its destination. ?Choose a location that will allow you to respond quickly. Maintain regular radio contact as well. We?re all going to need to know everything that?s going on here.?

The jet lurched in the air as it approached the inner city, its cloaked exterior going unnoticed to the bystanders below. As the Blackbird approached the designated courthouse, Cyclops slowed the jet so that it was nearly hovering in mid air, then proceeded to set it down on a low rooftop a block or two away from the scene. With the engines cooling and the jet in stand-by mode, Cyclops lowered the ramp and turned to his team of X-Men.

?Move out, people!"

09-22-2007, 08:58 PM
Roberto belted himself into one of the Blackbird's passenger seats, such as they were, just before the jet lifted off. Scott seemed to have a fairly balanced team selected, especially given the impromtu nature of the mission they were headed out on. However, looking around the interior of the jet at the rest of the assembled team the Brazilian noted that he was the only flier in the group. It would likely fall, therefore, to the Brazilian to serve in the same role as an AWACS plane in the military, floating above the situation and calling in reports to those that were not blessed with the mutant gift of flight.

The firey tempered Brazilian mutant listened as Scott again ran down through the mission objectives and gave orders in the same clipped military tones he always used in situations like this. In the time it had taken for Sunspot to change into his uniform and board the plane his anger at the gall of the Homo sapiens requiring mutant registration had cooled some, though it was still lurking just below the surface. Beneath him, Roberto could feel the jet beginning to slow and there was a barely audible thump as, a moment later, Cyclops dropped the jet down for a nice landing.

Standing from his seat after unbuckling himself, Sunspot stretched his arms above his head for a moment. "You want me in the sky or on the ground," he asked Scott as the ramp slid down on the plane to allow the team to disembark. "Given the spread out nature of this thing it might be nice to have someone up there that can see everything that is going on."

As Scott answered the inquiry, Roberto powered himself up, his skin turning from its normal tan to jet black a few small black globes appearing around his body. Turning his head to look at Magma, Bobby asked another question though this one was not directed at Scott. "Magma, you want to be dropped down somewhere? I can drop two people for more rapid deployment of the team."

Monet St. Croix
09-28-2007, 03:42 AM
The blonde female reached the blackbird where she stood with Sunspot. They were eventually met with Cyclops, who gave a nod to the two to acknowledge them. Magma slightly nodded back and then followed on board the blackbird jet. She was surrounded with her teammates as the jet flew through the air, but then cloaked for the bystanders below to not see. The X-Men's ruby quartz wearing leader went over the objectives. Everything seemed clear, but just from a glance below, there was definite tension amongst civilians. Mutant and human. Once the jet stayed in place, the ramp lowered and Amara began to unbuckle her seatbelts.

?I?d like to see everyone at a different position forming a perimeter around the street that?s bisecting the two crowds,? he continued, the jet nearly at its destination. ?Choose a location that will allow you to respond quickly. Maintain regular radio contact as well. We?re all going to need to know everything that?s going on here.?

The Nova Roman rose from her chair. She fixed her gloves as she took a moment to think about the mission. She knew anything could happen down there with so much tension. Being connected to the earth, Amara's emotions can be hyper sensitive of sorts to any disturbance...basically feeling what the earth can feel. If not careful with her emotions, Amara could cause seismic activity. She can only hope that with the strong tension below, it will not cause her to be too emotional. Believe it or not, but the earth can sense and feel disturbance amongst it's life inhabiting it. That is how Magma is conected to mother earth in a sense.

?Move out, people!"

Magma nodded and began to take a step until a Brazilian voice echoed in her direction. She turned her head to look at Sunspot, offering to help her down to the ground below.

"Magma, you want to be dropped down somewhere? I can drop two people for more rapid deployment of the team."

"That would be greatly appreciated, Roberto. Let's hope we don't get into trouble." advised Magma. She figures that with Roberto flying in the air, nobody really sees him. There's no telling what law officials may do if they see a couple of mutants coming down from the sky. Not to mention the ignorant humans who have nothing but discriminating comments to make towards mutants. Seeing the faces of many of the mutant hating humans, it was their hate...their fear that happens to frigthen Amara on the inside. She didn't allow her fear to show on the outside, but with so much hate in the air, Amara couldn't help but be scared to be near them. For some reason, something was different about today and she couldn't put her finger on it. Instead, Magma returned to focus on the mission and then glanced at Sunspot. "Let's move, Roberto. I am ready."

10-04-2007, 04:52 PM
Bobby sat alone in the back of the jet. He listened to Cyclops as he explained the mission. ?Great crowd control at an I hate muties rally this should be fun.? He said aloud but was not sure if anyone had heard him, so far it was as if he was not even there. Bobby looked around at his teammates happy to be getting out of the mansion, it had been some time since he had been in the field and he was beginning to feel a little antsy. Hopefully the situation would not escalate to the point of violence, but if it did, Bobby would be prepared.

For a brief moment Bobby let his mind wonder and he began to recall his last encounter with Emma. Before it could go any further, he quickly expelled the thought from his head and focused on the mission and the Holo-map.

He stared at the holographic map as it showed the main registration building ? normally a courthouse ? on one side of a wide street. A blue line paralleling the outer courthouse wall and sidewalk marked the approximated position of the mutants who were in line to register, while a series of red dots and globs marked the position of the protestors. What few law enforcement officers present were represented in green, spaced sparingly between the two groups. Bobby figured he could mingle in the crowd this way if something went down he would be at ground zero.

They finally made it to the city and the jet was set down on a low rooftop a block or two away from the scene. With the engines cooling and the jet in stand-by mode, Cyclops lowered the ramp and turned to his team of X-Men.

?Move out, people!"

Bobby wasted no time; he exited the jet before anyone else could. Walked over to the roofs edge, looked over and saw that it lead to the alleyway, there was no one down there. Looking over at his teammates, he saw Sunspot and Magma getting ready to depart. ?Be safe out there guys.? Than Bobby created a spiral slide from the roof to the pavement and slid down. He began walking toward the direction of the courthouse, closing his trench coat as he walked in order to cover the X symbol over the left breast of his uniform. As soon as he was out of the alleyway the spiral slid began to melt rapidly, in less than a minute it was nothing more than a puddle of water heading for the drain.

10-14-2007, 01:05 AM
As Cyclops neared the Blackbird?s exit ramp, he grabbed his worn leather jacket and slid both arms into the padded sleeves. Something to help blend in, he thought to himself as he descended from the Blackbird?s exit ramp. The day?s sunlight had made the concrete rooftop resonate with heat, and Scott was instantly thankful for the specially insulated uniforms the X-Men were equipped with. With eyes scanning the skyline from behind his ruby quartz visor, Cyclops approached the building?s edge and looked down at the sea of people below.

From behind he could hear Sunspot?s voice, and Scott answered his teammate?s question without looking back. ?In the sky, if you can maintain some discretion.? Cyclops knew the large crowds on the ground would keep them from being the center of attention, but a brightly glowing threat in the sky might be another story for both the bystanders and the government agents.

As Sunspot and Magma coordinated their approach, Cyclops rushed to the fire escape on the far side of the roof. In the background, he could hear fellow X-Man Iceman give the team a brief good luck wish. ?Be safe out there guys.? Scott could hear the sound of the moisture in the air crystallizing, the sound of Bobby forming his ice slide. Good luck to you as well, my friend, Scott said to himself as he hopped the roof?s edge and began his own journey to the ground level. The stairs were rusty, hadn?t been used in years, he thought to himself. On peaceful day or a quiet night, he?d have given his position away. But the sound of his boots against the metal stairs were lost against the shouting and scuffling of people a few blocks away.

He hit the ground running, it was only a few dozen feet to the city sidewalk. It wasn?t a sprint, but with the crowd?s attention diverted he could afford to move quickly. As he neared the corner, Cyclops slowed his pace to a halt, looking out into the mass of heads, shoulders, and torsos. He could only tell which way the courthouse was based on which way everyone else was facing. He knew he wouldn?t be able to cross here, and he was too far away from the action to do much good should something happen. He needed to move.

Scott turned and backtracked, hoping to cut through one of the side alleys so he could get closer to the courthouse. As he walked, he clicked the red communication badge draped on his chest strap. ?Someone give me a situation report,? he barked with authority, knowing his other X-Men would be nearing their positions. He could feel the tension in the air, the sizzling of the flame as it ran along the emotional fuse he was now in the middle of. It would only be a matter of time, and they wouldn?t be able to stop it. By God help them, they would be able to save some lives.

((OOC: Feel free to be liberal with your own sitrep, but I'll make a GM post when the action officially gets under way.))

Logan (inactive)
10-14-2007, 09:14 PM
(OOC: Okay, I?m really sorry about the insane delay I had with this post. RL stuff can be crazy sometimes. I'm covering few missed parts of the thread in this post, I hope nobody minds)

Ah, the ol? Summers pep talk. It was funny, but Logan had almost missed it during his long voyage from the Mansion.


Logan knew what to expect, as he had heard thousand of such speeches before. So he dozed off for the duration of the speech, barely listening to it. He picked off some of the expressions that he had heard so many times before, and he counted them in his mind. Holdin' the two sides apart...the bleedin' dream of coexistence, and of course we can't forget the damn cause we have chosen to fight for...same old, same old. The routine would make a great drinking game. A shot for "protect the innocent", another for every "dream"...next time he saw the Elf, he should suggest it. Even with his healing factor it probably would take nothing but a moment to get wasted...

The kids looked at their brave leader with a concentrated glow on their eyes, listening to every word that came from his mouth. He had seen similar looks in the faces of every kid that had ever joined the X-Men, hell even some long-time members too. Not him. He wasn't one for authority figures. Never was. Generals on the battlefield got on to some people. Not him.

When Cyclops notified that they would be leaving, Logan was the last one to rise up from the chairs. He walked to the lockers, behind the rest of the team. He was happy to notice that his assortment of yellow and blue uniforms was still in the same place where he had left them...and they were in the same shape too. Logan chose the one of them that looked less battle-damaged then the others and put it on. He then headed for the hangars. The Blackbird was already there, ready to leave. He sat to one of the chairs in the plane. He probably should have taken the seat next to the pilots chair, being the second most senior member of the team present, but he did not really feel like sitting next to Summers.

The time during the flight was of course reserved for the pre-battle pep talk. Another oldie. Like with the first one, this was far from the first time he had heard one of these, so his attention was reserved for only the important parts. Strategy. Position. Perimeter. Logan did not deny the fact that he was occasionally, well, a loose cannon. But that didn't mean that he didn't understand those things when the situation called for him. After years in the X-Men, he'd be dead by now if he didn't. So, Cyclops's ears did not go to deaf ears.

Of course, that didn't mean that he could not infuriate the man by making it seem like it did. A guy had to get his fun from somewhere in these missions.

?And?which part of that has me carving someone a new one, bub??

And like always, his quips got mostly ignored. But the stern look on Summers? face easily made up for the lack of comeback.

When the order to roll out came, Logan was again the last one to move out. This time there was an actual reason besides laziness, though. There was a crowd below. And when his shouting, flying and jumping team-mates got out of the plane with their colorful costumes, they got all the attention?leaving him with none. One should never make him a center of the attention in a battlefield?because a battlefield has enemies. And when their attention was onto someone else?he would be the one to cut their throats when they least expected it.

And this situation looked like it was shaping up to be a battlefield...minute by minute.

10-15-2007, 02:39 PM
OOC: Not to nitpick or anything, but Iceman could I convince you to use teal for your dialogue? I know I've used blue in the past for Copycat too, and it's kinda hard to read on the board, teal's about the same color and much easier on the eyes. Just a suggestion, take it or leave it as you will.

"We will be," Roberto replied to Bobby as Drake moved off and ice-slid to the ground below, moving in the direction of the court house, no doubt. The Brazilian stood next to Amara and watched as their fearless leader moved to the edge of the building and peered over the side into the, no doubt, wriggling morass of people below. Sunspot didn't miss it when Cyclops told him to take to the air, but not become a target. That made sense, there was no need to antagonize the angry crowd more than was necessary. As Scott finished talking he hopped over the side of the building and started down the fire escape, the noise of his footfalls lost to the noise of the crowd. No sooner had he disappeared than Logan disembarked from the jet as well.

"If we don't get a move on soon, the party will be over," the Brazilian quipped to the Nova Roman. Turning, Roberto gathered Amara into his arms, sweeping her off of the impromtu rooftop landing pad of the blackbird jet. "It would seem your chariot has arrived," he continued with a somewhat boyish grin as he lifted off from the rooftop and into the air. Given the direction that Iceman and Cyclops had disappeared in, Sunspot thought it might be most prudent to drop the firey Amara near the South side of the courhouse since it had looked like Cyclops and Iceman were headed for the northern side of the building.

In just a few moments, Sunspot was touching down on the ground outside the court house. Gently, he set Amara down on her feet on the pavement outside the building. "Run along now and try to play nice with the other kids," Roberto said with a soft chuckle, gallantly kissing Amara's hand before turning her loose to perform her little part of the mission as he lifted back off into the air to be the team's eye in the sky. Not a moment too soon, either, as Scott called for a sit rep.

"Well, from the west things don't look too bad, Cyclops," Roberto said, tapping the communicator on his own uniform. "Looks like most of the crowd is along the southeast and northeast corners of the building, though they're fanned out in a semi-circle around the east, north, and south sides. More people seem to be joining them by the minute, and they're getting louder, though Magma and myself have deployed without making any hostile contact with the crowd."

10-16-2007, 07:37 PM
(Occ: No problem Sunspot happy to oblige. )

After exiting the alleyway, it only took Bobby a couple of minutes to reach the edge of the crowd. He looked around at the mess of people yelling and waving signs as he made his way through the crowd Bobby looked at one of the signs and saw that a child was holding it, the child didn?t look like he wanted to be there. Bobby stopped dead in his tracks; he could not believe that someone would bring a child to an outing such as this. Anger began to build within the X-man, ?Will it ever stop? Does ignorance know no bounds?? He thought to himself as he saw the father of the child yelling some anti-mutant chants and trying to make his son do the same. Bobby had to fight the urge to freeze his mouth shut. For a second he daydreamed what it would look like.

Suddenly he was yanked back into reality by a voice in his ear. ?Someone give me a situation report,? Cyclops?s was a great leader and an even better friend to Bobby but to him his voice always sounded rather uptight like he was trying to make a diamond or something. Before Bobby had the chance to respond Roberto chimed in "Well, from the west things don't look too bad, Cyclops. Looks like most of the crowd is along the southeast and northeast corners of the building, though they're fanned out in a semi-circle around the east, north, and south sides. More people seem to be joining them by the minute, and they're getting louder, though Magma and myself have deployed without making any hostile contact with the crowd."

Bobby waited for Sunspot to finish his report before he tapped his communication badge, ?I?m here in the Northeast area headed towards the court house. I?m not to far from it now and I can see the stairs. It?s getting crazy down here and can you believe some yahoo brought his kid? I mean the boy looks no more than 8 years old and his dads got him out here yelling I hate muties.? Looking over at the pair Bobby continued to speak, ?I?m gunna try to get closer to the courthouse, Iceman out.? Bobby looked around to see if anyone noticed that he was talking to him self but no one paid him any mind.

Before he continued on to the courthouse Bobby took one last look at the farther and child and he couldn?t help himself, he walk past them and while no one was looking Bobby crated a little ice patch in front of the fathers feet. Bobby then continued on his way towards the courthouse content with the fact that as soon as the man took a step forward he?d be in for a surprise. He must have gotten ten feet away before he heard the commotion behind him, taking a quick look back Bobby saw the man flat on his ass and looking very embarrassed. A couple of the people around him were laughing; they had seen the whole thing. The man was pumping his fist in the air yelling ?no more Muties, no more muties.? And when he took a step forward he slipped on something and fell right on his behind.

Laughing to himself as he walked away bobby said ?Muties one, douche bag daddy zero.?

Monet St. Croix
10-16-2007, 10:09 PM
""Run along now and try to play nice with the other kids,"

Roberto in a cute, but funny way kissed Amara's hand. The blonde mutant smiled at her teammate as he then lifted off into the skies. "Watch yourself, Sunspot." warned the Nova Roman. She didn't want anything to blow up with the mission. Glancing around her area of the south side, Amara could see many humans protesting and chanting ignorant names towards mutants. The X-Woman approached the crowd, shaking her head in dissapproval of the humans. While her attention was focused on the swelling bodies surrounding the courthouse, it was then Magma heard Cyclops over her communicator.

?Someone give me a situation report,?

Scott's authoratative voice rang from her communicator. Softly pressing her communicator on her belt, Magma responded to the X-Men's leader. "Everything is fine on the south side, Cyclops. The tension here today is very thick. I wonder how the Gods must think about the situation." exclaimed the lava controlling mutant. Magma could see that the humans were pushing their limits at the border rope and curiously, she wondered if it might be best to interface within the group. Blend in other words to keep a better eye on them incase the situation was to get worse. "Cyclops, I'm entering the human group. I'm going to watch from the inside. Just incase. Magma, out." taking her hand off the communicator and walking into the group ahead of her.

Walking through the threshold of the human bodies, Amara looked around her. Her eyes wide open to the hatred around her. Men, women, and even children had signs with vulgar language, proclaiming their hatred towards mutants. Many using God as an excuse to say homo superior is wrong. Fists were raised in the air with their chants. All of it...the fear, the hatred, the ignorance... Amara could feel all around her. It was an overwhelming experience...it all made her emotional. Tears wanted to swell in her eyes. As she came close to the front of the crowd, Amara closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath. She realized she needed to keep a level head. She can't risk a minor earthquake and be discovered. Instead, Magma focused on the mission at hand.

10-17-2007, 05:15 AM
((Here comes Guthrie, pleased to join in, figured I best change me text aswell to not match Sunspots))

The X-men Cyclops, Xavier the rest.. they would have to learn about what was taking place. Despite orders Cannonball the leader of X-Factor was on route to warn his former team mates. Flying from Washington DC after being registered himself, Sam intended on going directly to the Mansion. However as things often are there was a change in plan. With the news report he had seen earlier in the day, there was no doubt that members of Xavier's house would be present to witness else protect the public from the growing number of protestors.

The jet stream Sam left in his wake was a little too obvious for him to make an entry especially in such a public and heated environment. He wouldn't be able to approach the protestors without causing problems for himself and the mutants that were lining up for registration. Landing some several blocks away and out of notice, the business suit wearing Kentuckian made his way hurriedly towards the courthouse. "Ah wish ah had brought a change of dang clothes" he muttered to himself in panting breathes as his black leather shoes slapped against the pavement.

Before he was able to see the crowds he could hear them. It was obvious that no amount of police force would be able to contain such anger should violence break out. He had seen such protests before and felt somewhat shameful that he didn't hold any sort of emotion either angered or scared at the situation. His goal was to make contact with the X-men and he was focussed on that alone. People were filling up the streets surrounding the last block and so Sam knew he had found the right place. It was incredible how many people showed up, as he ran and dodged another group of people, he spotted his pal 'Berto fly overhead. He was surprised that Sunspot would so openly display his powers. It must've been prudent to think no one would look up.

Pushing past a crowd of onlookers Sam found that there was some police presence roughly twenty or so guarding a wooden set of baricade that could have let in a dozen people already had the protestors grown in confidence. He gulped hard and looked up for surrounding buildings. Where was the military, why wasn't there a SHIELD operative in charge? He didn't even recall seeing any black vans or usual FBI hideouts. This was going to turn into a bloodbath if things got out of hand. Starting to feel stress, Sam's head throbbed as his heart beat sped up.

He wasn't going to get anywhere with all these people around, so Guthrie snuck by to a nearby alleyway trying to cut around to the other side of the building. As he ran he caught the tail end of someone shouting. It was a familiar sound, and as he turned the corner he found himself face to face with the owner of that voice, Scott Summers. "Ah got a sit rep, an your not gonna like it. Not one bit"

10-29-2007, 09:06 PM
Bobby continued through the crowd, everywhere he looked he saw more angry faces. It seemed as if the whole city was there and they were all pissed off. It was hard for Bobby to believe that all these people hated mutants, than he remembered the words of his mentor. ?They hate us because we scare them; they?re scared of us because they do not understand us? Bobby wasn?t sure if those were his exact words but he knew it was more or less the jist of it.

As he made his way closer to the courthouse he began to get upset, it was as if the anger of the crowd was beginning to seep into his being. Bobby began to get angry, he could see himself going into a rage and doing something bad to these people. Visions of him transforming into his Iceform and wrecking Havok danced around in his head. Again, he heard the voice of the Prof in his head ?Violence is not the answer, only love can defeat hate.? Bobby wasn?t sure if these words came from within him or if the Prof was really talking to him. Either way they made him feel better and he began to calm down.

He had finally made it as close as he was going to get to the front of the courthouse. The only thing between him and the front doors was the police barricade and the few officers standing behind it. Bobby slid his hand into his closed jacket and taped his communicator button. As he did so an officer saw him and became suspicious. He motioned to his partner and now they were both watching him out the corner of their eye.

Bobby hand missed it and had no idea that he was now under surveillance. He spoke into his communicator softly, ?Cyke, I?m as close to the main entrance as I can get without crossing the police line and to tell you the truth I feel like a long tailed cat in the middle of a room filled with rocking chairs.? The last part he said in his best impression of Rogue, than he said. ?This crowd?s anger is overwhelming; I didn?t think so many people hated us.?

The police officers watching him noticed he was speaking and saw that no one was listening to him, the first one touched the mic of his walkie talkie, ?Officer Smith here I?ve got a suspicious character over here by the main entrance. He seems to speaking to himself. Johnson and I will investigate.? The two cops began to walk towards Bobby?s position.

Logan (inactive)
11-02-2007, 09:20 PM
There were very few people in the world that could see the world in the same way as Wolverine was able to. ?See? of course was an understatement in his case, missing all the other senses. Logan processed information in ways that anyone who lacked his senses could not begin to convey. He could see the sweat pouring along the skins of humans and mutants alike. He could hear the heavy breathing of the crowd that had gathered to the place, and the sharp words directed at both sides of the dispute. He was able to taste the tension in the air, and feel the restlessness of the people. He also, like always, smelled countless things from everywhere around him, even feelings such as fear, nervousness, impatience...and anger.

Oh yes, there was lot of anger in the air. This wasn?t going to end well.

He heard Summers requesting a situation report in a sharp military tone, through the communicator on his ear. Others were already giving their own, obeying Cyclops?s command like clockwork, but he focused on the situation for a while before giving his own. ?This damn place is the bleedin? definition of an explosive situation. And any of these hysteric buggers could set it off at any moment.? Logan knew that it would happen eventually. One punch, a gunshot, a comment that went a bit too far?any of those things could be the straw that broke the camel?s back?and then nothing could stop it.

For some reason, nothing seemed to attempt to stop it. He knew lot about security, and the one this place had was clearly not enough. The presence of the police was pitiful, for every cop there was hundred protesters. There were no special troops equipped to handle this sort of situation, no military presence or anything similar. It was not a good sign. When the situation would erupt into a fire, there would be nobody to pour water on it?except the X-Men.

It was good to see that they got reinforcements, though?Logan could smell the barely noticeable odor of something that resembled rocket fuel, but not quite. Cannonball. The kid wasn?t obviously stupid enough to land anywhere near the protesters, but although he had not encountered the scent for a long time, he still remembered it, and knew that he was somewhere here.

Logan decided to inform Cyclops about the security situation he had noticed earlier. ?Summers,? he said, opening the comlink, ?I thought you?d like to know that we are alone here if somethin? happens. There is no army. And I can count the boys in blue with my own two hands. And from th? looks of it, somethin? is going to happen??

Logan maneuvered himself closer to the situation at hand, while still staying out of plain sight. If something did happen, he would want to be there to eliminate the potential threat as fast as possible?even if it required the usage of his claws.

11-03-2007, 04:19 PM
((OOC: GM post with more action and an image for our scene to come soon...))

Scott felt eerily disconnected from the action as he navigated through the largely deserted back alleys of New York City. That wasn?t to say he couldn?t feel the tension in the air or hear the angry voices protesting in unison only a few dozen feet away from him. But he couldn?t see it, and that inability to visually locate the objective was frustrating, especially for a mutant whose sole power was through visual acquisition. But as his boots clicked with every step he took towards the courthouse, Cyclops listened to the situation reports of his fellow teammates and began to piece together an image of what the scene looked like.

Sunspot?s was first ? the west remained relatively secure as most of the crowds gathered along the southeast and northeast corners of the building. Stragglers were present on all of the surrounding sides but nothing that warranted major attention. This made sense, as the main courthouse doors were on the eastern side of the building. That would undoubtedly be where the registering mutants would be entering, and thus, where the major section of the protestors would be standing.

Iceman was next to check in, relaying that he was heading towards ground zero from the northeastern part of the building. Hopefully he was doing so in his human form so as to not draw further attention, though in a group of registering mutants it probably wouldn?t matter. Silently, Cyclops respected Bobby?s willingness to put himself right into the fire, not only because of the bravery it showed but because having someone in such a position would be advantageous if things got hairy.

Amara?s voice filtered in through the comm. channel now, alerting the team that the south side remained relatively clear. This fit with what he?d learned from the other reports ? the focus of everyone?s attention was on the east near the entrance. This could be good or bad, depending on how the situation unraveled. This meant less surface area to cover and contain in case something did break out, but additionally, the room for error in one central location would be so much smaller.

As he walked through the northern back alley heading towards the courthouse, Scott now had a working mental image of what the scene awaiting him looked like. Not because he had any kind of power to see through the eyes of others, but rather because his experience as a tactician and battlefield leader was such that he was able to visually picture the field of combat within his mind, like an expert chess player plotting what piece to move next. Knowing that Iceman was advancing towards the doorway, Scott knew it would leave the northern side of the courthouse exposed should something occur. Fortunately the alley he was on would take him right to the northern outlet above the courthouse, allowing him to take that position.

But something, or rather someone, was waiting for Cyclops as he rounded the last corner of the alley. Standing right across from him matching Scott?s own expression of surprise was the mutant known as Cannonball. ?Ah got a sit rep, an? you?re not gonna like it,? the former New Mutant stated. ?Not one bit.?

Quickly digging into his mind?s version of the dossier that Xavier kept on his former students, Cyclops recalled that Cannonball was being employed by the government as a member of X-Factor. Was Cable?s group here at this protest like the X-Men were, or was Sam Guthrie alone today? These were questions that Cyclops would need answered, but not at the expense of taking proper position.

?Then I hope you?re ready to talk and walk,? Cyclops said, matching his pace from a moment ago. It didn?t even cross his mind that Sam may be trying to stop him; he simply continued down the street towards the sound of the scene ahead. ?The situation right now is volatile, thanks to the government?s decision to forcefully register mutants.? Scott?s tone was serious but also carried a bit of resentment, knowing that Sam was working for the people who put such laws into action. ?The security force won?t be able to contain these protestors for long.?

Before Sam could elaborate on his reason for being here, Cyclops stopped near the corner of the courthouse and put a finger up as he listened to another report from a teammate. This time it was Bobby Drake, who was nearing the main entrance of the courthouse. Scott began to wonder how much closer Bobby could get without putting himself in danger, either of being discovered by the police or targeted by the protestors. As Wolverine explained it though, Bobby might not have much to worry about when it came to the cops. Logan?s account was grim; there simply was not much of a law enforcement group present at the courthouse. Bobby being discovered quickly fell down the list of concerns, but knowing they wouldn?t have much if any help from the police or military rose back up the list.

Scott silently approached the corner of the alley where he could see the protestors across the street and the mutants lined up against the courthouse wall like men to the firing squad. Looking back at Cannonball, Cyclops? face was grim as Logan?s last message came through Scott?s chest-strap intercom so both could hear. ?And from th? looks of it, somethin? is going to happen??

The ruby lenses of Cyclops? visor were trained on Sam. ?So what is it??

11-03-2007, 11:40 PM

?There?s something in the air, something electric.? At least that?s what Officer Smith thought of the situation.

Beside him, Corporal Johnson shrugged his shoulders and chuckled a bit. ?If there?s something electric in the air, it?s probably from one of them.?

Smith turned his head to see the line of mutants behind them, pressed up tightly against the exterior wall of the courthouse as they waited their turn to go inside and register themselves. The officer turned back to his superior and rolled his eyes a bit. ?Yeah, could be.? Looking across the street at the hundreds of protesters waving their brightly colored signs and shouting indignities at the families in line, Smith wasn?t quite sure. ?Could be them, too.?

?People are allowed to express their opinions, Smith,? Johnson said with a sharp tone in his voice, a tone that suggested he?d be right there beside them if he hadn?t been assigned this duty. ?It?s called the First Amendment.?

Smith knew better than to continue to challenge Johnson in this line of discussion. Not only was Johnson the superior, but if the corporal couldn?t see the looming potential for danger, then the obnoxious words from an underling weren?t going to illuminate him. Instead, he decided to turn to a bit of humor. ?I wonder how long they spent on those signs.?

?What?? Johnson finally turned to look at his partner.

?Well, look right over there,? Smith said, nodding his brimmed hat towards one section of the protesters. ??God Hates Muties.? You look at a sign like that, and you say to yourself.. what?s missing? Oh I know, some sparkly glitter!? Smith shook his head a bit. ?Who puts glitter on a protest sign??

?People will do anything to get noticed,? Johnson muttered as he looked back along the line of mutants. Something stood out to the corporal, and his eyes thinned as he focused on a mutant in a trench coat who seemed to be triggering something in his pocket. Johnson?s attention was now consumed by the mutant, who appeared to be talking to himself and inching closer through line rather than waiting his turn like the rest of the mutants. ?Take a look at this,? Johnson said to Smith, nudging his partner in the shoulder before taking a slow step out towards the sidewalk so he could get a better look.

Sure enough, the mutant was talking quietly to himself, his coat hugged tightly against his body.

?So he?s wearing a coat,? Smith said, unimpressed. ?It is autumn, y?know??

?And talking to himself,? Johnson interjected.

?Yeah, I feel like I?m doing that around you sometimes,? Smith joked.

Johnson turned to his partner, irate. ?If you think this is something to joke about, junior, then you can go back to the station. Some of us have a city to protect.?

Smith rolled his eyes. ?Jesus Christ, enough with the dramatics,? he said to himself, pulling out his walkie-talkie. ?Officer Smith here. I?ve got a suspicious character over here by the main entrance. He seems to be speaking to himself. Johnson and I will investigate.? Smith then gave Freedman a look of ?Are you happy now?? before standing beside the corporal as they moved forward.

The mutant was still talking to himself, his coat Johnson was a few steps ahead of Smith as they approached. Though Johnson was the more experienced of the two, he?d already made up his mind about what was about to happen and had concluded he needed to act ? a rash judgment. In one fluid motion, Johnson reached for his sidearm and pulled it from the holster, aiming the barrel directly at Robert Drake. ?HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM, MUTANT!!? Johnson barked, surprising even his partner.

?What the hell are you?? Smith began, but the fury of the crowd caused him to stop mid-sentence.

That was just the spark they needed.

?He?s got a weapon!? one protester shouted. ?He?s gonna kill us all!? another chimed in. The warm pot had now completely boiled over, and the sound of bottles breaking caused the two policemen to flinch in their stances. Many of the mutants ducked to the ground, screaming. Children hid behind their parents as glass broke above their heads, some of the mutants in line were cut from the broken bottles that exploded like fireworks above them. Across in the distance, the sound of a pistol discharging could be heard, and instantly talk over the radios asked for the officer who fired. None answered, alerting the group to the grim reality that they were facing an armed mob.

Most of that mob had scattered; they?d voiced their opinions but wanted nothing to do with an outbreak of violence. Instead, only 100 or so remained, many of whom were wearing the painted Friends of Humanity t-shirts. Among the scattering group was Wolverine, who had done his best to blend into the large mass of people but was now beginning to be exposed as the bodies separated.

The mass of protesters ? now rioters as they raised arms ? began to move forward, seemingly indifferent to the presence of children at the courthouse. The few police officers present outside also advanced towards the street, their own weapons drawn. To their credit, they showed every intention of squelching this uprising, and briefly the twenty families who remained pinned against the side of the courthouse were thankful. But the police were vastly outnumbered, and it showed. The Friends of Humanity-led mob crossed the street, prompting the police on the other side to draw nightsticks and hold their ground at the sidewalk. The mob did not shudder or stop, and soon the police were face to face with their aggressors.

The situation had officially gotten out of control.


OOC: Okay, there's a map of what the scene should look like right now. The front entrance to the courthouse is marked by a thin black line on the east side. Iceman, who as you can see is in the middle of a line of registering mutants (in green), is closing in on the entrance. Across the street among the protesters (in red) is Wolverine. Sunspot is above the courthouse providing the bird's eye view. Magma is on the south, which is relatively quiet according to her report, and is closing in to the eastern side. Cyclops and Cannonball are in the northern alley and are now near the northeast corner of the building.

The darker sections of color mean people are more concentrated there. So there's a larger concentration of protesters immediately across the street from the door than a ways north or south on that same sidewalk. Those protesters are now making their way across the street and are directly challenging the police barricade. The mutants, on the other hand, are generally well spread out since they're in line. Each blue box represents two police officers, which should be consistent with the number Logan gave. Four are manning the entrance, one is directly in front by the street, and four more are manning each of the two corners of the building. Assume there are a few more inside, but they are primarily doing the registering for incoming mutants. I would say four to six more at most. Obviously there are more entrances/exits around the building but they for the time being have not been diagramed.

Now that the shit has hit the fan, the protesters who aren't turning to violence are scattering. Assume that around 100 violent protesters remain and are throwing bottles or even firing handguns, and the majority of those remaining are wearing FoH shirts. Some of the mutants have dispersed and have run for safety but most remain cornered against the building afraid to move. The post says about 20 families remain, so assume that's about 60 men, women, and children.

For the time being you're free to respond as you wish, but I'll tell you right now - Cyclops' orders will be to strengthen the barricade between the protesters and the mutants so that the families can fall back either into the courthouse or down the back alleys. I personally think the best thing would be to retreat into the courthouse because it takes them immediately out of the line of fire, whereas retreating down the alleys doesn't offer much protection should the crowd follow.

So, there you go. How about those little mini X-Men in my picture, huh? Spiffy stuff, I'd say. :ok

11-05-2007, 02:11 AM
Before Sam was one of his role models, the leader the X-men. His command and leadership skills were instantly evident, as the no nonsense Cyclops kept on walking never skipping a beat. Scott marched onwards whilst informing Sam of the current situation. 'Good soldier' Nathan would've said. Sam let on a grim face, but behind it he was somewhat giddy with joy. He had face all kinds of adversity before, but this was Cyclops, The boss-man of the X-men, talking to him like an equal! Any tone of resentment that Scott may have expressed was lost on the Kentuckian. Sam nodded, it was true the security enforcing the court house was pathetic.

Sam followed the stride of the man towards the corner. He was able to begin conference with Sam's old sparring partner and unauthodox mentor of sorts, Logan. The news the feral man offered wasn't the best, but in Sam's opinion Wolverine always viewed the world in a rather skewed and pessimistic way. 'Realistic' Cable echoed somewhere in the back of Cannonball's mind. He didn't get a chance to look around the corner but the sounds of people could be heard quite clearly from their position, and getting louder by the minute.

Sam hugged the wall, his business suit would be tarnished fairly shortly if his premonitions about confrontation were to play out. The fact of the matter was that innocent lives were at stake, and he would personally do everything he could to protect those mutants that were trying to do the right thing. Turning to look at Scott, Sam stared at the ruby quartz lens. He blinked once or twice before breathing in deeply. 'Here goes' he thought. "Ah got commitments that need to be put in order, but for now our priority is to those people out there. Mutants, police and civilians alike."

The sound of gunfire alerted Cannonball to action, it was time to put aside talk and explanaitions. Sam kept it simple, he wanted to keep the peace just as much as the rest. "Ah don't want to have to come to blows with you or ya team Scott, let me aid you in this one. It's the last time Ah'm gonna be able to offer the help." Sam reached into his jacket with one hand and removed his badge from his breast pocket. The silver painted medallion hung on his chest from a simple chain that he looped around his neck. It would atleast offer the police officers some comfort to know that an agent of SHIELD was there on the scene. Even if it hadn't been officially sanctioned.

"How about a comms device, Ah'd like to keep the friendly fire to a minimum." he offered in explanaition. The contemplation of taking over the operation was there for only a moment. Sam trusted the judgement of his elder and was confident in Scotts leadership skills. The younger Sam would have been ready to jump at the opportunity to see his friends and get in on the action, but this was a matter for proffessionalism and as a represntative of the government team he would see to observing and formulating his own strategy. Stepping out past the corner, the oncomming bottle hurled caused him to do a quick count of protestors before retreating back to the safety of the alley. 'Stab their eyes' Sam thought almost letting it slip from his lips, another of Cable's bizzare futuristic lexicons. The breaking of glass could only just be heard as the roaring of people grew in volume. Sam threw the back of his head up against the wall, there was a satisfying yet dull thud.

As much as he was a mutant he and all the others there were still human. If only others 'normals', 'flatscans', 'baselines' could see it that way. "Ready whenever you are" he stated still looking straight ahead.

11-05-2007, 11:47 PM
One second, things seemed just fine and dandy. The next, gunfire had erupted and many of the mob were fleeing away from the courthouse, though many still remained. Roberto would have been content to simply stay on high station as the eyes in the sky. That was before one of the bullets went whizzing past his head. Uttering a long string of swear words in Portugese, Roberto fired back at the protestor with a concussive blast of his own. "Mine's bigger," he snarled, watching as the man in the Friends of Humanity shirt was blasted backward into a pair of his buddies. The Brazilian tapped the communicator on his chest. "I'm moving to engage," Roberto snarled into the comm device.

Without waiting for the go ahead from Scott, Sunspot turned up his heat output to somewhere in the range of being able to melt bullets before they could touch his skin and descended over the top of the courthouse towards the middle of the crowd. The heat could be visably seen rolling off of the midnight black mutant in waves. Roberto's eyes narrowed to slits as he touched down in the middle of the road just in front of the most forward group of cops. "Cease and disperse now, or I shall blast the next of you through that brick wall," Roberto snarled, pushing out the heat waves from the front of his body, knowing that those in the middle of the group would now be feeling uncomfortably hot.

11-06-2007, 08:32 PM
Bobby was just about to end his transmission when, ?HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM, MUTANT!!? Two officers had moved to his position and one of them was pointing a gun at Bobby, ?What the hell are you?? the other officer began to ask but his question never fully left his lips before the crowd behind him reacted.

People in the crowd had began to yell and throw bottles; some of the families by Bobby tried to take cover from the falling glass, but the outside of the courthouse provide no shelter to protect them. Bobby transformed into his Iceform and prepared to act. The police officers where preparing for the attack from the angry mob, while bottles and bullets whizzed through the air. Bobby used his mutant powers to build a make shift wall.

The sound of air crystallizing and hardening caught one of the officers off guard, he turned around and saw what Bobby had done and his jaw dropped. Looking at the other mutants in line Bobby yelled ?Everybody into the courthouse now and barricade the doors, we?ll handle this.? Than he created a tunnel of ice leading towards the entrance of the building. ?GO!!? he barked at the stunned mutants, the ones that were with children scooped them up and ran into the tunnel. One man stayed behind and said, ?I want to help.? ?Then make sure they make it inside.? Bobby replied.

Just than out the corner of his eye, Bobby saw one of Roberto?s concussion blasts hit one of the rioters. A moment later, he saw Sunspot descending upon the crowd and he didn?t look happy. Bobby could feel the heat he was putting out and feared that it would melt his tunnel before everyone had made it in side. His fears were put aside when a bullet ripped through his arm breaking his concentration. Bobby tapped the button on his comm-link

?I?m trying to get everyone inside but I?m taking heavy fire, I could use some backup before I?m turned into ice cubes out here.? The hole in Bobby?s arm began to heal itself as Bobby went back to work on maintaining the tunnel. Bobby raised himself on a pillar of ice in order to escape Sunspots heat output, it also gave him a better position to finish the tunnel and see the large crowd moving in on them and the police.

?Guys... This is not looking good at all.? He said into his comm-link before ending his transmission.

(OOC: Oh by the way those little X-men are very spiffy:ok )

Monet St. Croix
11-07-2007, 11:30 PM

Gun shot echoed and Amara's head quickly looked around the area. Protestors were over the edge, gone crazy. People began running and spreading about. Floods of people ran past Amara giving off a breeze, brushing through her golden hair. "Oh no!" thought the mutant called Magma. Concern raised on her face. Humans wearing shirts with the letters, "FOH". It was the Friends of Humanity". Many of them were chanting and the most noticable being "Get the mutants!" screamed one FOH human male with a burely beard.

Suddenly, Amara's eyes began to glow with slight flames gleaming from her body. Her flesh began to transform, becoming more like a human volcano! Running towards the man, now looking more like her code name, Magma, the Nova Roman yelled out, "Put down that gun, human!" in a deeper and more menacing tone. The man froze, looking straight ahead at the lava glowing woman leaping at him. His eyes wide open, all the man last saw and felt was a swift kick to the chest, caushing the man to lose his breath and drop the gun. Caughing and trying to catch his breath on the ground, Magma summoned a small lava pit from below the ground to swallow the gun. "I don't think you'll be hurting anyone else. As my friend Rogue would say, "scat"!" jokingly exclaimed the X-Woman.

?I?m trying to get everyone inside but I?m taking heavy fire, I could use some backup before I?m turned into ice cubes out here.?

?Guys... This is not looking good at all.?

A small gasp escaped out of Magma's mouth. Iceman was in trouble. Immediately, Magma looked around to find a way to meet up with her troubled teammate. A crowd started buzzing around a block of ice. The ice obviously having been formed from Bobby. The only problem was trying to get through the crowd. There was one way Magma could think of, but if not careful, there could be a risk of casualties. Using her comm-link, "Hang on, Iceman. I'm on my way." assured the Nova Roman. Closing her eyes, the blonde concentrated on her emotions. She thought of the fear around her and in her, it brought out sadness. Just as quick, Magma's emotions were in touch with the earth's crust. Vibrations waved underground, starting out small. The crowd of people surrounding Iceman stopped in place and turned around to see the glowing Magma. The ground split apart, revealing hot molten lava. People started screaming as the crack in the ground led straight through the crowd. People jumped away and Magma began gliding through the lava, surfing past the crowd.

Leaping off the lava onto solid ground trying to reach Iceman, Magma called out to her friend, "Bobby! I'm here, my friend." Magma walked towards Bobby and her glowing eyes still showing concern for her teammate. In the crowd, amongst with the people trying to regain their composure from the unexpected quake, another man wearing an "FOH" shirt turned to another faction member beside him. "Look at that. She's a mutie too. We got to do something about her before she kills everybody." spoke the mutant hater in a decieving voice. His partner agreed and pulled out a small glass vile that looked like it could be holding perfume. "Try this on the bitch." grinned the partner, passing the bottle to his friend. The man took the bottle and began to slowly creep around running people, closely stepping towards Magma.

Almost able to reach Iceman, "Hey mutant! Go to hell where you belong!" boomed a dark voice behind Magma. The blonde spun around and suddenly sprayed in the face with a mist of some kind of moisture! Magma started caughing and fell to the ground! She couldn't catch her breath! "Can't...stop caughing...what did he do...to me?" furiously worried Magma. Her eyes started buring. Standing above her, the human man grinned a big smile, holding the vile in his left hand. Staring down at his victim, "You might start to feel a little tummy ache and feeling hot, but it's something to eventually wipe out your kind." solidly said by Magma's attacker. Still caughing prefusely, hardly able to breathe, Magma searched deep into her soul to survive. She glanced up at her attacker to see he was pulling out a knife and raising it above his head to then use on her. Using whatever strength she could find, Magma suddenly stopped caughing and her powers returning to normal. Her glowing red eyes staring at the man, "You're going to wish you didn't do that." said Magma as a fiery ball of lava shot from the cracks of the ground, splatting on the man's chest! The man fell hard to the ground, screaming in horrendous pain, rolling on the ground to try to put out the fire. The man fled the scene and Magma crawled towards her teammate. "Are you all right? asked the Nova Roman with a slight caugh following after her question.

(OOC: Hope this is okay. If there needs to be changes, let me know. This is sort of a start to a future plot for Magma. Nick knows what I'm talking about.)

11-11-2007, 06:40 AM
Watching from behind the lenses of his ruby quartz visor, Cyclops could see the situation was nearing a boil. He needed to know what Sam?s intentions were. As part of a government sanctioned team, there could be any number of reasons why Sam would be here ? security, a terrorist threat, stopping the X-Men. Scott had to hope that his purposes would not run contrary to what the X-Men were trying to accomplish on this day. As it turned out, they were not.

?Ah got commitments that need to be put in order, but for now our priority is to those people out there. Mutants, police and civilians alike.?

He liked what he heard, and turned his focus back to the crowd. The young country teen had turned into a wise young man before their very eyes, and Scott admired Sam?s willingness to put his own agenda on the back-burner so that he could help quench this growing fire. Just as Scott began to feel more at ease about Sam?s presence though, the Kentucky native dropped a suspicious line.

?Ah don't want to have to come to blows with you or ya team Scott, let me aid you in this one. It's the last time Ah'm gonna be able to offer the help.?

And there it was. The battle lines were drawn in the sand, Cyclops on the side of the unsanctioned vigilante team and Cannonball across from him standing with the government sponsored group of defenders. Sam would help them now, likely out of a sense of loyalty and moral obligation to the innocent people out there, but were the two of them to meet again, the results may not be so cooperative in nature. Cyclops accepted that as the nature of the path that Sam had chosen. For both of their sakes, Scott hoped that future meeting wouldn?t come any time soon.

Sam requested a comm unit so he could keep in touch with the rest of the field team, and Cyclops obliged, digging into his utility belt and producing a spare device. He clipped the pocket shut as he surveyed the crowd in front of them. Suddenly it seemed as if something had stirred the hornets? nest; the crowd rumbled with new life and bottles broke in the air. Sam ducked back from exposure as glass rained down near them.

Cyclops didn?t flinch.

?Ready whenever you are,? Sam stated, a sign of respect for the leader that stood beside him. Scott hesitated, putting a hand in the air to signal Sam to hold. The pot was boiling over, but there was no sense rushing into chaos until you figured out where to step.

Apparently Cyclops? team didn?t all share that focused sense of thinking before acting. The pair?s communicators buzzed as Sunspot checked in. ?I'm moving to engage,? came the Brazilian?s voice over the private channel. Cyclops looked to the air to see the solar-engulfed form of his teammate descending from the sky.

?God damn it,? Scott muttered to himself, stepping forward to get a better view of the situation. The protesters were beginning to scatter, more than half of their numbers dwindling as they retreated. The rest ? about one hundred by his estimate ? remained and were even more agitated than before. Most wore white shirts with a familiar logo across the chest: the Friends of Humanity. Well, the outbreak of violence now made more sense to the X-Men?s leader. Scott quickly glanced towards the mass of people who still remained pinned against the side of the courthouse. Some had taken cover behind marble pillars, holding down their children as the sound of gunfire began to interrupt the screaming mob. Others simply froze, unsure of what to do or where to run. They had no police presence to lead them to safety. Well, not yet anyways.

Gloved fingers tapped the red and black X imbedded in his chest harness. ?X-Men, converge on the crowd. Establish a barricade between the mob and the mutants; I want to have something between the two as soon as possible, something that will give them time to retreat.?

He turned his head slightly to the side to address Sam. ?Now we?re ready.?

Cyclops stepped forward to the corner of the courthouse building, peering through bystanders that ran by frantically. He could see armed protesters closing in, approaching by the second. The numbers around him started to clear as those who ran had run while those too scared to move remained steady. Soon he would have a shot, but the gun that currently drew his attention could be discharged at any minute. Translation ? there wasn?t time to wait.

Stepping forward, Cyclops reached out his arms and gently grabbed the shoulders of a mother, shooing her towards the courthouse?s east exterior wall. ?Let?s go, let?s go, let?s go,? he said quickly, almost as much to himself as it was to her. The mother?s hand was clenching her child?s nearly to the point of breaking it, and they soon found themselves huddling behind the athletic form of a man in blue and gold. Scott?s hand instinctively reached for the side of his visor; they?d climbed a small set of stone steps to get to the side of the building, and the slightly elevated position gave him the line of sight he needed. His index and middle finger depressed the visor?s activation switch ? he could have accomplished the same task using the micro-button in his glove, but old habits were hard to break. Instantly a thin beam of optic energy exploded from the opening of his mask, and had onlookers done so much as blink an eye, they may have missed the gun shattering into nearly a dozen pieces.

Another voice through the comm unit caught Scott?s attention; it was Iceman, only a few meters away with an ice barrier already formed to protect those around him. ?I?m trying to get everyone inside but I?m taking heavy fire, I could use some backup before I?m turned into ice cubes out here.?

?Advancing to your position now,? Cyclops barked into his radio badge, pushing the mother and daughter down the wall towards the door of the courthouse. He dropped back down to sidewalk level where Bobby had formed the ice wall; bits and pieces were beginning to fragment as bottles and bullets collided with the hardened shield. One giant chunk of ice broke free and shattered on the ground as an arm extended a baseball bat through the gap; Cyclops quickly released another optic blast into the vacated space, knocking the attacker back into his comrades.

Iceman?s voice once again filtered in though the surrounding noise. ?Guys... This is not looking good at all.?

There were too many bodies between he and Bobby for Scott to respond, but he agreed with his long-time friend. The situation was nearing a worst-case scenario, and though they?d taken steps to get those around them to safety, the growing animosity of the mob did not look like it would end any time soon. Though some families seemed to take to Bobby?s aid, rushing into his ice tunnel and carefully maneuvering back towards the courthouse door, others simply stood around, unsure of which force was more terrifying ? the advancing mob or the super-powered mutants taking action into their own hands. The not-so-faint gunshots, now increasing in regularity, seemed to convince them that perhaps the ice tunnel wasn?t such a bad alternative. Scott finally shuffled his way through the crowd and tried to help those in line enter into the tunnel. He was so focused on getting them into their path to temporary safety that he almost didn?t notice the ground shaking beneath his feet. Almost.

Cyclops cocked his head up, trying to determine if the disruption was something he needed to be concerned with. The warmth that followed the quake informed him that it wasn?t; it was simply Magma?s way of assisting them with the oncoming violence. Her help was appreciated, but the rumbling concrete beneath their feet didn?t seem to calm the mutant families any more than the fiery mob on the other side of the ice wall.

"Are you all right?" Magma?s voice was filled with concern for her teammate but something wasn?t right, and the cough confirmed it. Now wasn?t the time to be getting the sniffles, and Cyclops intervened before Iceman could respond. ?We need to fall back into the building and secure it for the time being. We?re fighting a losing battle out here right now, but in there at least we?ll have fortification.?

No sooner had he uttered the words than he began to take action, slowly backpedaling while his covered eyes surveyed the battlefield. The mob had nearly overtaken what few police remained on the street, and Iceman?s ice wall was cracking at its foundation. They could continue to engage the group on the streets, or they could take cover and focus on protecting the innocents. Cyclops preferred the latter, and as he reached the courthouse?s main entrance, he tapped the comm badge on his chest to relay his decision. ?X-Men, fall back to the courthouse!?

((OOC: Check the OOC thread for this scene in the OOC forum please; I need some quick opinions.))

Logan (inactive)
11-11-2007, 12:03 PM
And so, it had begun. In a single moment, hell had broken loose. And Wolverine was standing in the middle of it. Just his luck.

He was surrounded by a hysteric crowd of people. Everywhere around him, people were doing what a hysteric crowd always did. They were shouting, trying to escape, getting trampled by the moving crowd, throwing bottles?there were hundreds of different actions done around him, and it was, at the moment, overloading his senses. He could barely concentrate on his own thoughts, much less to what was happening around him. But he would not be here now if he had not learned to cope with the sudden sensory overload. It was something that he had acquired more then half a century ago. An old ninja trick, passed from master to student for hundreds of years. His master had been Ogun.

Wolverine closed his eyes and started processing the information around him. It was an instinct by now, his mind was working like a supercomputer, separating unimportant sounds from the important ones, putting the ones he did not need into the back of his brain, until he found the one he needed to deal first. The process took only few seconds?and there it was. A gunshot rang in his ear, and it did not come from a handgun used by the WashingtonDC police department. Thus, it was a danger. That needed to be neutralized.

Logan quickly pinpointed the source of the gunshot, and started moving towards it. With honed skill, he moved through the crowd with impressive speed, making sure that he did not bump into any of the crowd. It didn?t take him long to find the threat, considering that he was waving his gun in the air. Logan simply silently positioned himself behind the gunman and took him out with a swift blow to the head.

He could hear Cyclops?s voice in his ear, but he didn?t have time to answer to him right now. He however could follow the orders. The protesters were threatening the small crowd of mutants, and they needed to be stopped. Logan now moved more aggressively, pushing people away from his way, and finally getting free of the crowd he was in. He could now see what was happening at the courthouse itself. He spotted a familiar red flash, which meant that Cyclops was there. Another flash, coming from the sky notified him of Sunspot, and he could spot Magma, Drake and Guthrie too.

However, his teammates could take care of themselves. His attention needed to be on the oncoming crowd of the protesters. Running with speed that was beyond human capabilities, Wolverine raced past the crowd and stopped near the entrance of the courthouse. He was now a lone man, standing between the people at the courthouse and the anti-mutant protesters. There were about a hundred of them.

A bitter thought crossed his head. Logan knew that he could end the conflict right here. These opponents were not a threat to someone who had taken down entire groups of trained combatants and killers in his life. Most of these protesters did not even have a weapon. Every instinct in his body screamed at him, ordering him to pop his claws out and slaughter the crowd in front of him?but he was an X-Man now. And he could not kill these people, even if they were bigots. So he had to try a different approach.

A familiar *snikt* could be heard when he unsheathed his claws.

?HEY!? his voice roared through the air and the attention of the protesters was on him, ?Look, fellas?how about all of you calm down. I don?t want to hurt anyone, but if you want to get to those people, you have to go through me. And trust me,? he said, waving his claws in the air, ?you don?t want to try to get through me.?

?He..hey! Look at those things in his hands! He?s one of them, a mutant!? Someone shouted.

?Jesus, are those knives!? He?s trying to kill us all!?

?Kill the mutie!? A loud voice said and Logan could see a bottle coming towards him. With one swift movement of his hand, he cut it to pieces while it was still in the air.

?Anyone else want to try??

However, the crowd was too far in the mob mentality to get scared of his little display. Instead of getting away, they started coming towards him. Someone even shot him, but wasn?t good enough to actually hit him. Logan didn?t have many options left anymore. He readied himself to a fighting position, but he heard Summers? voice in his ear again.

?X-Men, fall back to the courthouse!?

With no other option that would not lead into potential casualties, Logan decided to follow Cyclops?s orders. He started advancing towards the courthouse.

11-12-2007, 06:28 PM
Iceman watched as his teammates responded to his request for back-up, so many times Bobby had found himself in a bad position and his team was always there to lend a helping hand. This time was no different, faced with a mob of angry mutant haters carrying guns and throwing bottles the X-men would stand together and protect those that could not protect themselves.

No sooner had Bobby sent out the request for, had their leader responded ?Advancing to your position now?Scott never failed to be there when he needed him. Another reason why no matter what Bobby would follow Cyke into any battle he was family to him. As he and Scott tried to get everyone to safety the ground began to tremble. ?Hang on, Iceman. I'm on my way ?before he knew it Magma was making her own way through the crowd. Bobby watched as Magma Leaped off the lava onto solid ground trying to reach Iceman, Magma called out to her friend, "Bobby! I'm here, my friend." he could see the concern in her eyes as she walked towards him.

In the crowd, another man wearing an "FOH" shirt turned to a fellow member beside him. "Look at that. She's a mutie too. We got to do something about her before she kills everybody." spoke the mutant hater. His partner agreed and pulled out a small glass vile that looked like it could be holding perfume. "Try this on the bitch." passing the bottle to his friend. The man took the bottle and began to slowly creep towards Magma.

Bobby watched in horror as the scene played out, "Hey mutant! Go to hell where you belong!" boomed a dark voice behind Magma. The blonde spun around and was suddenly sprayed in the face with a mist of some kind. Magma started coughing and fell to the ground! She couldn't catch her breath! Before Bobby was able to attack, a fiery ball of lava shot up from the cracks of the ground splattering on the man's chest. The man fell hard to the ground, screaming in horrendous pain, rolling around trying to put out the fire.

The man fled the scene and Magma crawled towards her teammate. "Are you all right?? asked the Nova Roman with a slight cough following her question. Before Bobby could answer Scott responded, ?We need to fall back into the building and secure it for the time being. We?re fighting a losing battle out here right now, but in there at least we?ll have fortification. ?Bobby reached out to grab Magma and help her into the building ?Come on hot stuff you look like you could use a hand!?, as the ice wall he put up began to completely give way under the constant attack from the crowd. In the distance he could see Logan drawing the crowd?s attention, than someone threw a bottle at him, which he made short work of. The crowd on the other hand was not impressed. Than Cyke gave the order ?X-Men, fall back to the courthouse!? ?You don?t have to tell me twice!? Bobby said as he tried to help Magma into the building. Everyone that had ran into the tunnel was now in the building, Bobby hoped that they would be able to hold off the attackers without having to really hurt anyone, the way it looked at the moment, these people were out for blood and they wouldn?t stop until they got it.

11-12-2007, 11:33 PM
Cannonball took hold of the comms device from Cyclops and clipped it to his belt. He waited patiently for Scott to take the situation into hand and on his call he moved out. Moving from their position, Sam found that people were running this way and that in the chaos. Many of them had no idea where they were going, some just seemed to want to get away from the gunfire or the newly presented fire and ice show that seemed to be playing out a little too publicly.

Sam spotted two police officers trying to hold back a few dozen protestors. He ran to their side and flashed his SHIELD badge at them. "Get on the horn and request back up immediately, we need ambulance teams ready tah retrieve injured civilians and an anti-riot squad pronto!" Whilst the police got to work on his order, Sam turned to look for Scott, and a crimson flash caught the Kentuckian's eye. Cyclops was close by, but the man had already taken off and it seemed he was ushering in some stragglers into the main foyer of the building.

The line of protestors had gotten to his position and like a flame to gas his blast force ignited around him and the two officers. "Stay calm, they cannot bring any harm to you while Ah'm here blastin" a bottle flew and shattered against the field as if to prove his point. Sam scanned the crowd for the one that did it, "When will ye learn that yah shouldn't throw things if ye don't expect retalliation" Sam looked up to the heavens as if searching for an answer. With a stern look on his face, Guthrie looked the two police up and down, they weren't prepared for this sort of confrontation. "Get yourselves back to the line, make sure them folk get inside the court house safely. I can manage here."

With his concentration on the group in front of him, Sam clenched his hands together as a wave of his blast force spread out from him and blocked the peoples path. There was still the issue of rioters from across the road. At least these ones wouldn't be able to advance on the retreating mutants. A rather brave or stupid man ran at the field and tried to attack the fiery force field. The rough looking man learnt a disasterous lesson then and there as he was flung high into the air as his actions were met with resistance. Sam scowled, as much as he wanted to keep the FOH people away, he didn't want to be responsible for causing one of their deaths no matter how stupid they may be. Leaving his post, Sam rocketed into the air to catch the man before he hurt himself. "Yah fool, go home now before you or one of you friends get me real mad."

The struggling, teeming wave of people was starting to come across the road to surround the front steps of the court house. Sam could see an imminent outcome, one which did not favour those that were hurrying inside. Dropping the man at a safe distance from the crowd, Sam blasted his way to the side of an old friend. "Hey Bobby, since when did you figure out how to fly? Ah think ye've been holding out on me pal" He grinned at his old sparring partner and stood back to back with him squaring off against an ever increasing number of resistance.

11-17-2007, 01:17 AM

Officer Smith deserved a lot of credit; he could see the problem before it started and anticipated the kind of reaction that his partner?s actions would bring about. As soon as Johnson had drawn his weapon at whom he considered to be a suspicious mutant, the protesting mob sprung into action, as if waiting for Johnson to light the fuse toward the eventual explosion of violence. Bottles shattered, pistols fired. The police radio suddenly had more traffic than any street in the city did, the sergeant inside barking into his unit, seeking answers to questions those outside did not have the time to answer.

Realization finally washed over Johnson as he watched wide-eyed at the horror he?d unleashed. ?I? I didn?t mean?? was all he could muster, his gun now dangling at his side as his eyes remained affixed to the hundred or so protesters that remained, more than a few with weapons of their own, most wearing the colors of the Friends of Humanity. The grizzled veteran that their lieutenant thought would be a good influence on Smith now stood like a statue, almost as if he were frozen in his tracks.

Judging by the mutant activity around them though, he very well could have been frozen. It didn?t take long for Smith to notice the large ice barrier that was suddenly created between the mutants trying to register and the protesters closing in on their location. Smith turned to see one mutant whose body was made entirely of ice ? he assumed this person was the one responsible for the wall that now appeared in front of him, a wall that was slowly deteriorating as the mob unleashed their fury. Another mutant in the distance shot what seemed like a beam of energy from his face. Yet another caused the earth to shake and the ground to part, giving way to molten lava. But none of them were on the offensive; instead they were defending the helpless from the protesters that were rushing the courthouse.

With nightstick drawn, Smith knew he couldn?t stand here and let these mutants fend for themselves. The police had been sent in to maintain peace on the streets. The protesters broke that peace when Johnson had mistakenly drawn his weapon, and now innocent lives were at stake. Over the radio Smith could hear his sergeant commanding the exterior officers to fall back for their own safety, but instead, Smith tightened his grip on his nightstick and stepped forward, screaming at the protesters across from him. ?Cease and desist immediately!? His voice fell silent on an already roaring mob, but by God, at least he was doing something.

It was his actions that prompted Johnson to snap out of his haze. The corporal had seen enough; this scene was out of control, and he knew the approaching mob was not going to listen to reason from a group of mutants defending one another. His pistol remained in his hand, and for a moment Johnson thought about firing a round into the air, but he knew that wouldn?t make a difference just yet. Instead, his best statement would be one of support for his partner, and within a moment, Johnson was next to Smith trying to hold back the crowd. ?Stand aside, by order of the NYPD!?

Seconds later, a young man approached from the side, flashing what looked like a government ID. ?Get on the horn and request back up immediately, we need ambulance teams ready tah retrieve injured civilians and an anti-riot squad pronto!? Neither of the two police officers knew if this man had true jurisdiction over the situation, but frankly at this point, they didn?t care. Those orders sounded much more sane and reasonable than the abandonment command being spoken through the radio.

With Smith still holding his own a few feet from the line of opposition, Johnson took a few steps back, holstered his sidearm, and got on the radio as ordered. As the corporal relayed the commands he?d been given, the crowd grew closer and closer. Within a moment, the government suit had suddenly ignited and created some sort of energy field. Johnson?s stomach jumped to his throat ? he was one of the mutants, and Johnson had just taken his orders.

?Stay calm,? the well-dressed mutant shouted. ?They cannot bring any harm to you while Ah'm here blastin.?

Smith seemed happy to oblige, standing close to the suit as bottles and rocks rained down on them, falling helplessly to the ground after colliding with Sam?s field. Johnson wasn?t quite as relieved, and seeing a mutant in the distance unleash three long blades from each hand didn?t put the corporal?s mind to ease at all. His palm was getting sweaty now, making the grip of his pistol harder to clench. But as chaos enveloped him, he couldn?t seem to make up his mind which group to turn his weapon on. He?d made a mistake earlier in drawing his gun towards the mutant, but from this angle they looked just as dangerous if not more so. It was only a matter of time before someone got hurt, and from the reflection of the sun in those metal claws, Johnson wasn?t so sure it wasn?t going to be a human.

Before he could act on his uncertainty, the suited mutant spouted out another command to the two of them. ?Get yourselves back to the line, make sure them folk get inside the court house safely. I can manage here.?

Smith wasted no time in nodding an affirmative and falling back to the courthouse door, where a small group of uniformed mutants seemed to already be herding the families through the courthouse entrance. Smith took a few steps beyond Johnson before turning his head to see if his partner was coming. He wasn?t, not yet anyways. Johnson?s eyes were fixed on the blade-wielding mutant who seemed to be on a suicide mission, standing solo in front of the mob, almost urging them to fight.

?Let?s go,? Smith said as he put a hand on Johnson?s bicep, pulling him with enough force to jolt his attention.

Instead, the corporal nodded towards Wolverine. ?He?s urging them on. He?s as blood thirsty as anyone here.?

Nearly overcome with frustration, Smith stepped into Johnson?s view. ?He?s doing what we should be doing ? keeping this mob away from the families that came here for protection.? Smith then turned his head to look at the lone warrior as he sliced through a bottle with ease. ?Besides, he looks like he can take care of himself. Now let?s move.?

Though his suspicions of the mutant presence hadn?t been completely alleviated, Johnson did agree that their best move would be to fall back into the courthouse with the rest of the families and what looked like the primary mutant force. He told himself that he?d be able to keep a better eye on their actions from within the hornet?s nest.

So the two partners raced to the courthouse door and followed the line of mutant fathers, mothers, and children into the building. They walked quickly down the stone hallway, passing more marble pillars and plaques, rushing by small outlet hallways on either side. The main hallway extended towards the center of the building, where it expanded into the building?s lobby. It was a large circular space occupying two stories, very open and impressive. Two spiral staircases mirrored each side of the room, taking patrons to the second floor where more legal matters would be decided. From the ground floor, one could look up at the balcony of the second story where the stairs met the second floor. Across from the hall in which the group entered was another path that would lead directly to the rear of the building. It truly was an impressive sight to behold, and many of the few remaining mutant families found themselves slowing down in awe as they looked up toward the ceiling high above their heads, decorated with murals of the country?s defining days.

Johnson and Smith weren?t newcomers to this environment however. They immediately began to look for their fellow officers only to find that they?d already fallen back through the rear exit of the building. The two officers rushed down the rear hallway and found the exit leading to the back street ajar, with no sign of the rest of their team.

?Protect and serve, my ass,? Smith said with bitterness in his voice, his eyes nearly burning a hole into the wooden double doors.

?Can that, right now,? Johnson barked, knowing that getting control of the situation was likely out of reach but he?d be damn sure to get control of his partner. ?We?re the ones who aren?t following orders here. You heard the Sarge on the radio, but your dumb ass was too idealistic to listen. Now we?re stuck in here fending off a mob of angry citizens who don?t want to see their capital blown away again.?

Smith defiantly got into the face of his partner, seemingly ignoring that Johnson in fact had rank. His arm shot to the side, pointing to the dozen families that stood huddled in the wide vastness of the lobby?s ground floor. ?You look at the faces of those children and tell me they?re the ones who attacked us.? Smith shook his head and began walking back towards the main room. ?They don?t deserve to be chased like fugitives; they deserve protection. Orders or not, I?m staying here.?

Johnson watched his partner?s back as Smith returned to the lobby. Smith approached a number of the adults and children, checking to see if they were wounded in any way. The young officer tried to give the children a reassuring look or pat on the shoulder, but most of them simply wanted to be clutched in the arms of their parents. As Johnson began to contemplate the reality of Smith?s chiding, the radio secured to the breast of his uniform fluttered with static before a voice appeared on the other end.

?This is NYPD Special Operations, our estimated time to arrival is ten minutes. Request status and location update, over.?

Johnson?s eyes returned to the front door of the courthouse; even inside the thick walls of the building, the voices of the protesters outside could still be heard. As he reached for his radio unit, he couldn?t help but wonder if they even had ten minutes?

11-17-2007, 06:46 AM
((OOC: Feel free to write your character?s entrance into the courthouse however you see fit, but for the sake of moving things along, my post assumes that everyone gets in the building.))

The order had been given, and it was being followed to a tee. Cyclops stood firmly at the entrance of the courthouse, eyeing the situation that was unfolding in front of him. Nearly all of the families who had remained near the courthouse had been shuffled through the doors and were now inside. Two police officers who had been on the receiving end of orders from Cannonball now rushed through the doorway as well; Scott felt somewhat relieved to know that they at least had some form of the law on their side.

As the mob of protesters continued to near the building, Cyclops positioned himself so that he would have a shot on the group if need be. It wouldn?t be hard to find a reason to unleash his optic fury into the mass of hateful bigots from the Friends of Humanity. But at this point, the thought of public exposure began to creep into his mind. Here they were on the streets of New York fighting the exact battle that didn?t need to be fought right now, not so terribly far removed from the DC attack ? human versus mutant.

Once the civilians and the rest of the X-Men had fallen back into the courthouse, Cyclops retreated as well, closing the doors behind him. He looked back to see the families following the hallway down to the main lobby of the courthouse. Flashing his attention back to the doorway, he could hear the mob nearing on the other side. They?d be within these walls within seconds if they didn?t fortify their position. There was little time to act.

The field general pointed a gloved finger at the entrance, calling out commands with the voice of a veteran leader. ?Iceman, secure that door, three feet thick!? Another wall of ice should make it difficult for the protesters to penetrate the X-Men?s make-shift line of defense, but just for good measure, Cyclops waited until Bobby had complied before firing an optic beam into the base of one of the hall pillars. The large stone mass teetered and fell against the courthouse entrance, further blocking off their route.

As the dust settled, Cyclops walked the length of the hallway and entered into the grand lobby of the courthouse. Whereas others were gazing around the two-story open room and marveling at its magnificence, Scott was making a mental picture of the area, analyzing it for tactical strengths and weaknesses. He instantly saw the rear hallway as well as the lone police officer standing in the path, talking on his radio. Was there an exit back there that they could use for escape? Damn it, he couldn?t remember from the blueprints where the rear exit to the building was. He?d have to investigate and then make sure the back street was secure before moving the civilians out. Normally he?d curse himself for the time that would take, precious time they may not have. But from the look of these people, they needed a moment to catch their breath and comfort their children, many of whom had never truly experienced hatred and violence until today. If only they lived in a world where they?d never have to experience it again.

That was the world the X-Men were fighting for.

Scott crossed the lobby quickly and was largely ignored by the resting mutants. He entered into the rear hallway and began to approach the police officer with corporal chevrons on his uniform. As Cyclops approached, the officer seemed to tense up and dropped his hand slowly from his radio to his side.

?Is there an exit back here where we could get these people out of here?? Scott asked, assuming the officer would know since he had to be back here for some reason.

The policeman ? Johnson, according to his name tag ? was slow to answer. ?Yes, it leads to a back side street.?

Cyclops stopped a few feet beyond Johnson and looked down the hallway, taking a moment to listen and think. Finally, he turned back towards Johnson and retraced his steps to the lobby. ?I?m going to need you to check that street to make sure it?s secure, then we?ll begin moving them.?

Johnson?s reaction was not quite as receptive as Scott had hoped. ?You're not my boss, mister,? the policeman said, and instantly Scott recognized the suspicious tone of someone who hadn?t quite figured out that the X-Men in front of him were people he could and should trust.

Stopping in his gait, Cyclops turned his head halfway to look back on the officer. ?According to my last tax receipt, I am.?

They didn?t have time to play these kinds of games. Lives were at stake ? innocent lives ? and obviously this man had entered into the courthouse for a reason. If it wasn?t to help, then so be it, but Scott had to think that Johnson joined the police force in order to make a positive difference in this city. Was there a greater cause than saving children from a potentially violent situation?

The tension between them was palpable, but Johnson seemed content to let Cyclops get the last word. The uniformed officer turned and walked down the hall toward the exit while Scott continued back to the lobby. As he once again approached the wide room, he tapped the comm badge imbedded into his chest harness. ?We appear to have an exit in the rear of the building. One of the boys in blue who accompanied us inside is looking into it. Stay on your toes, people.?

11-19-2007, 09:22 PM
Bobby in his human form helped Magma into the building; he had her arm around his neck and his arm around her waist. Had she not looked ill and been coughing they would have made a cute couple Bobby thought to himself. The thought was quickly pushed out of his mind as the events around him continued to unfold.

Bobby was one of the first X-men to enter the building with Cyclops standing guard at the doorway ready to blast the on coming protesters to kingdom come. ?Ok Mags you rest here for a moment and get your strength back, we?re gunna need all the help we can get handling these yahoos.?After Bobby helped Magma to a seated position, he turned around returning his attention to the door. Scott still stood at the door guarding as the others entered, it would be so easy for him to annihilate the on coming mob but he showed great self-restraint. At that moment, Bobby knew they would be ok as long as they stuck together and stayed calm.

He was yanked out of his thoughts by his team leader, ?Iceman, secure that door, three feet thick!?Everyone was inside and Cyclops had shut the door and was standing a few feet away from Bobby pointing at the door. Without hesitation Iceman stepped in front of the door in his ice form again, he raised his hand towards the entrance and the faint sound of air crystallizing filled the air as a three-foot thick wall of ice materialized in front of the entire door area. Seconds later, Cyclops shot a beam at one of the pillars closest to the door and it came crashing down against the ice wall and kicking up a small cloud of dust.

?Well looks like they?d need the Juggernaut to get though that now Cyke.? Bobby chuckled as the cloud of dust cleared. He turned to see if Magma was still ok and instead saw a small child crying in the corner, he walked over to him and said, ?Hey little guy are you ok?? the little boy was barely 6, and he had fangs and claws. There was no doubt that he was a mutant but his parents were nowhere to be found. Bobby knew that he had to stay alert and that now was no time for side missions but he could not just leave this little boy alone it would not have been right. ?Great now I?ve got a babysitting gig too.? He said as he lifted the boy in his arms smiling at him, ?Don?t worry I?m not as cold as I look.?Bobby turned to look at the door and saw that it was still holding and knew he could spear a couple of minutes to find the kids parents, but he could not find Cyclops anywhere. He carried the kid towards the large crowd of mutants and after finding out his name, he began to question the crowd.

Than his earpiece came to life, ?We appear to have an exit in the rear of the building. One of the boys in blue who accompanied us inside is looking into it. Stay on your toes, people.? Bobby laughed at the thought; it was a cop who started this whole thing in the first place. It was nice to know that at least one of them was not a complete waste of life. ?Good to know not all the boys in blue hate us.? Bobby said after pressing the X on his chest, the little boy looked at him fascinatingly when he began speaking and Bobby turned his head and pointed at his ear so the child could see the earpiece. ?I found a lost child and am in the process of finding his parents, but the front is still locked up like fort Knox. I will get back up there ASAP.?He hoped to find the parents shortly; it wasn?t the best idea for him to leave his post and he knew that it could end up costing them if he didn?t get to the front door soon.

After a few minutes he found two adults that were searching the crowd franticly and walked up to them, ?Excuse me but did you guys lose something?? The parents of the child were overjoyed when they saw the boy and the mother reached out for him, the little boy wasted no time and jumped into his mothers open arms. The father shook Bobby?s hand and thank him repeatedly as he introduced the rest of his family, in total their were six of them and Bobby could see why they lost track of the little one.

Not wanting to waste anymore time Bobby said his good byes and hurried back towards the front door to make sure the barricade was still in tact.

(OOC: Blaze sorry I used Magma, I tried not to do to much with her. I hope the whole lost boy thing was ok, my imagination kinda got away from me on this one.)

Monet St. Croix
11-20-2007, 09:09 PM
(OOC: You did fine, boogiedown. Thanks for helping Magma. She defitnitely needed it.)

Bobby's warm touch was nice against a now human form, Amara. The blonde beauty felt almost entirely weak. Thankfully, the caughs had died down a bit after that strange spray from the human FOH member moments ago. Gentle as he was, Bobby sat Amara down, giving her a chance to finally catch some momentum and breathe. She noticed it was a little hard to breathe...as if she suddenly had a cold. Just as he took a seat, the Nova Roman looked up at her teammate with appreciation. "Thank you, Bobby. This is much better." sofly spoken and graciousness in her tone. Slightly leaning over, Magma closed her eyes, hoping to die out the spinning in her head. Immediately, Magma could feel she had a fever...it would explain the chills she was getting. "What did that man do to me? What was that stuff he sprayed on me?" calmly questioned the only female X-Man on the mission to herself.

Lifting her head up slightly and gently brushing her golden locks behind her ears, she saw that Iceman was helping a young boy who seemed to be lost. A grin cracked her lips as she admired Bobby's helping hand. He's been fantastic throughout this entire mission. Suddenly, the blonde was experiencing a horrendous wave of nausea. Her stomach was tossing, just slushing around. She felt a heave to her surprise. Right away, Magma rose from her chair to find a near by restroom. She rushed through the door and into a stall, quickly and violently vomiting into the toilet. After a few heaves, the nausea dissappeared much to Amara's relief. She stood up to exit the stall and now washing herself.

Looking at he mirror, the blonde was certainly worried. Defitnitely the human from outside the courthouse did something to her thats made her very ill. The symptoms were that of a flu. Could it really be just a flu? It couldn't be. The flu doesn't hit a person that fast. It was very odd. Not the one to want to be defenseless for her team, nor hold back her team, Amara put on a brave face. Repeating to herself in the mirror, "I will make it through this mission. I got to be strong. Gods, please watch over me. Keep me strong." adding in a small prayer to the heavens.

After washing herself, Magma came out of the restroom. She saw that Bobby was checking on his handy work. The cold barricade looked to be good enough. At least to Magma's eyes it did. "Good work, Bobby. The barricade will help us. Let's hope it will give us enough time to help these families and get out safely." as Magma rubbed her hand gently on the barricaded ice, feeling it's cool effects. She took her hand off the ice, which she then saw wetness left over that she used to place on her forehead to help the fever that was brewing.

Logan (inactive)
11-24-2007, 07:22 PM
With the speed he was capable of moving, it didn?t take long for Logan to reach the courthouse and get inside with the rest of the team. Of course, he didn?t survive from the trip unscathed ? some of the protesters had guns and they were better at using them then he believed. Few bullets had hit him. This wasn?t the first time he had been shot, though, and while he still felt the pain, by this point he really did not care about it. So he sat down for a moment and let his healing factor to patch him together and get the bullets out of his body.

After the healing was done, Wolverine stood up and took a quick look on the situation. There was a large amount of mutants inside, some personnel of the courthouse and few law enforcers, besides the X-Men. He got a few fearful sights of the scared families and children, which didn?t surprise him, seeing as his costume was all bloody and tattered. ?Don?t worry,? he said to a teenaged girl who was looking at him with particularly scared expression on her face, ?It?s all my own blood.?

This, for some reason, did not make the teen any less scared.

Wolverine silently chuckled to himself, and went up the stairs to the second floor of the courthouse. He went to a window to take a look at the angry mob of protesters below. There were certainly a lot of them. He wished that Jeannie or some other psychic was here, because a mind-controller was exactly what this situation needed. He, of course, had his own ways of calming down a furious group of people, but none that didn?t include a large amount of spilled blood and at least a few casualties. He didn?t really have any defensive applications to his powers or skills, which most likely made him the least useful X-Man present.

Well, at least he could tag along if something happened. He heard Cyclops barking in the com-link again, ordering them to stay at their toes. The command was useless to Wolverine, who had learned to stay at his toes all the time, ever since he was trained to do so long time ago. Since he was as useful in everywhere at the moment, he decided to get to wherever Cyclops was and see if he could do something over there.

11-25-2007, 06:24 AM

Corporal Johnson didn?t like taking orders from mutants. He really didn?t like taking orders from anyone, though at the rank of corporal, it was something he had to live with. But taking orders from these mutants was not what he signed up for. Sure, he?d come on behalf of the force to monitor what should have been a peaceful registration event, but after that everything just got out of hand. Humans attacking mutants, mutants attacking humans. And now Johnson found himself barricaded into the local courthouse, being ordered around as if he was part of the mutant rebellion.

It just didn?t sit right with him, but like it or not, the tall guy wearing the funky eyepiece had a good plan. Johnson was to make sure the rear street was secure and free of violent protesters before the group would then begin evacuating the families that were trapped inside the courthouse. The corporal walked to the rear door and peered outside, his sidearm drawn. He saw nothing of importance, and took a few steps into the alley, his eyes scanning his surroundings like a seasoned veteran officer.


Backpedaling towards the door he?d just left, Johnson kept his sidearm in one hand while he used the other to reach for his radio. Depressing the activation button, he checked in with his status report, knowing that Smith was in the middle of the lobby and would be able to relay his message. ?Smith, the back alley?s clear. Tell that red eyed guy.?

The crackle and voice coming through Smith?s radio snapped him from his small trance. He?d just watched one of the mutants ? one of the more threatening ones ? walk to the stairs with a bloodied uniform. Smith couldn?t help but wonder if they truly were on the right side here, but he figured any group willing to help protect women and children was a group worth fighting beside. As Smith processed Johnson?s message, he walked over to the tall mutant with the eye accessory. ?My partner says the back is clear. Are we going to be moving soon?? Smith?s tone was not challenging, but he wanted to be sure his voice was heard, and he thought it best that they get a move on as soon as possible.

Before the mutant could answer Smith, a loud crack echoed down the front hallway of the courthouse. As Magma tried to compose herself in the restroom, she could nearly feel the vibration through the walls. Something was happening, but as they were virtually cut off from the front side of the courthouse, it was difficult for them to tell what exactly was happening.

Of course, not all of the X-Men were blind to the situation. Logan had made his way to the second floor and was peaking outside to scout the situation. The number of protesters had trickled down about halfway, now a little bit more than fifty total. All of these, however, wore the white shirts of the Friends of Humanity. And they weren?t just biding their time outside, either. The loud crack had been the sound of the side of a park bench slamming against the middle of the double doors that acted as the courthouse?s entrance. The large chunk of ice on the other side would prevent the doors from opening, but that wasn?t stopping the mob from trying. Other FoH members seemed to be fanning out along the eastern walls of the courthouse, as if they were looking for another entrance into the building while their friends wore down the front door. They were determined to get in, even though most could hear the faint call of a police siren still many blocks away from the action.

As all eyes were turned to the front of the building, Johnson?s radio buzzed with excitement as he received a new transmission, this time from the Special Operations group that had contacted him earlier. ?Corporal Johnson, we received your previous transmission. We are two minutes out and will be entering through the back door to assist with your evacuation. Please stand by and wait for our arrival.? A smile crept across Johnson?s face as he heard the news, now feeling more secure that another force was arriving to take them to safety ? a human force.

Perhaps fifty feet away in the main lobby, Officer Smith turned his head back to look at his partner. Having also heard the message, Smith immediately wondered how the Special Operations force knew that they needed to evacuate from the courthouse, but he brushed his suspicion away as he recalled that the group had requested a sitrep from Johnson when they first checked in.

Just as Smith was about to flash Johnson a thumbs up, the sound of breaking glass erupted near the front of the building. The ice wall that Iceman had constructed remained intact, but the sound came from hallways off to either side of the front door. Iceman and Magma were in prime position to hear both breaks clearly, but the loud shattering carried down the hallway and was hardly faint even in the main lobby.

It soon became obvious that the ice wall, while effective, had slowed down their opposition for as long as it could. Now, they Friends of Humanity had scattered and had broken into the building through various windows of offices along the eastern wall of the building.

Within seconds, armed protesters ? some with clubs, some with knives, and a few with firearms ? were entering into the main hallway and the main lobby from side halls like ants crawling to the juicy lollipop sitting helpless in the middle of a room. The invasion had begun, and with the police team still over a minute away, only the X-Men stood between innocent lives and those that would take them.

((OOC: Alright, time to kick some ass. Leave the evacuation and police force stuff for me to handle in the next GM. You guys just worry about whipping some butt. :)))

11-26-2007, 12:21 AM
Sam stood about in the midst of the crowd of people. They were scared and anxious, the Kentuckian could understand, he had been through a whole range of emotions, but put on a brave face. Cannonball had to take lead, the safety of these mutant folk was still at jeopardy. He put his hands up in the air to try and get the attention of worried families. "Everyone please settle down, please people. The police and the X-men are doing their best tah overcome this here situation." he began, he raised the badge on his chain up above his head. "This means ah have authority. Ah will listen to yer concerns, but ya'll got tah stick together, nobody goes running off." He looked around, there were people huddled in little groups others were on the corner of his vision.

The blonde haired leader of X-Factor walked around calling for people to remain calm and to join everyone together in the rear of building under the watchful eyes of historical figures decorating the ceiling. He spotted Roberto again and hastened to meet up with him, this time he hoped to get a word in sideways. "Hi Bobby, ah heard your teaching now. Do yah still get a chance to do any training, or are yah getting slow in your old age?" he smirked falling into an old friendship/rivalry with his good friend. There was the hint of a challenge, but Sam did his best to hide the jovial attitude from the public. He had to look like he was concerned and stern, sort of like Cable did, but with less worry lines across his forehead.

There were enough people still scattered around to make a quick exodus quite difficult, Sam hoped that Scott was doing something useful to organize an escape route in case the re-inforcements didn't make it in time. To think they weren't being pinned down by sentinels or super powered aliens or an evil team of mutants. Ordinary folk, acting crazy like, out of fear or anger. A bitter feeling inside Sam began to emerge, he just wished that people could accept one another regarldess of differences. His thought process was interrupted when there was a sound above the noise of the scared people. It was the thundering crack of people attacking the doors outside.

Sam decided to leave the people and investigate the situation, it wasn't likely but the Friends of Humanity might succeed in breaking into the fortified courthouse. As Sam ran into the main foyer he noticed Logan upstairs peering out of a window. "Wolverine! What can yah see up there?" he came to a stop several yards from the blocked entrance. The big block of ice and the downed column seemed to be doing fine. But the shuddering door behind was starting to loose dust and splinters of wood in small sections where it had been weathered by age. It was minimal dammage, but the sound of breaking glass wasn't. Sam spun as he heard the invaders start up at multiple sections of the court house. Pressing down on the borrowed X emblem buckled to his belt Sam called out "We got a problem, looks like," he paused as he spotted a man climb through a nearby window "Yeah looks like we're in for round two"

The man who had climbed in clumsily fell to the floor amongst the shattered glass that had fallen in with the break. He was a fairly solid looking ginger heard guy with a beard. Cannonball stepped over to where he had landed. "Mister, your hurt as it is don't make it any harder on yourself." the man roared angrily and drew himself up, his barrel shaped body had a few spots of glass and streaks of blood on him, but it didn't slow him down any. The adrenaline fueled protestor came at Sam swinging his arms around, Sam stepped to the side and threw his forearm in the man's neck. Cannonball moved in behind and with some speed applied a lock on the man with his other arm. The man struggled whole heartedly even when Sam put enough pressure to choke the guy. "Fine be that way." Sam sweeped a leg out from under the protester and dropped him to the ground unconcsious.

11-26-2007, 08:21 PM
"Good work, Bobby. The barricade will help us. Let's hope it will give us enough time to help these families and get out safely." Magma said to Iceman as he inspected the wall, so far so good he thought to himself. Than without warning and from both the left and right sides came the sound of breaking glass. Bobby looked at Magma and said, ?Guess I should have done the windows too.? On his earpiece, Bobby heard a familiar voice "We got a problem, looks like? Yeah looks like we're in for round two.?

Within seconds the protester were flooding the halls leading into the main area. Wasting no time Iceman turned to face the closest set of rampaging lunatics, most of them brandishing clubs or knives. ?Ok guys can we talk about this, I mean why can?t we all just get along?? One of the men at the front of the line yelled, ?Die you piece of shit!? as he rushed at him with his club in the air. That was it, Bobby had had enough these people were beyond reason and they would only respond to one thing, Force!

Before the man could finish his attack, Iceman blasted him in the chest with an icebeam that sent him tumbling backwards into the wall. ?See I tried to be nice to you but you just had to be a douche bag, now look at you.? The man hit the wall and remained there frozen to it. The others saw this and responded the only way they knew how, with even more anger. Two of them came running at him, the one on the left had a huge knife and the one on the right had a club. The one brandishing the club made it to him first and swung at Bobby, the swing was wild but Bobby was able to block it. One round house kick to the mans head and he was down for the count.

The other man was a little smarter, he seemed to be up to something. Instead of rushing in like a wild animal, he stopped a couple of feet away from him. He had dark hair and light eyes, he wore jeans and a white t with the letters FOH embroidered on it. Bobby prepared himself for the man to attack, but instead the man ducked and behind him was yet another attacker only this one had a gun. The gunman began to open fire; before Bobby had a chance to react, he was hit with three bullets in the chest. Smoke rose form the bullet holes as Bobby fell to one knee.

The man with the knife stood up and laughed at Bobby, ?Not so tuff now huh you fucking mutie bastard?? He lifted the knife over his head and prepared to plunge it into the stunned Iceman?s head. ?DIE!!!?

12-07-2007, 05:15 AM

The sound of glass breaking did little to help the already anxious men, women, and children taking shelter inside the courthouse. To his credit, Sam Guthrie did his best to try and keep the mass of innocents calm in spite of the calamity of the situation. "Everyone please settle down, please people. The police and the X-men are doing their best tah overcome this here situation."

Officer Smith couldn?t help but turn his head. The X-Men? These guys were widely considered vigilantes, not exactly a solid ally of true law enforcement officers. More than once had the department put out a bulletin that any known member of the X-Men should be detained for various reasons. And yet here he was fighting alongside them?

He turned to look over his shoulder at Johnson, and the look on the Corporal?s face indicated that he?d also heard who they were standing beside. And he was none too happy about it either, especially when one of them started flashing his badge around again. For a moment, Smith thought that his partner had had enough. Johnson began taking wide steps, quickly covering the distance between himself and the main lobby. But rather than react to the news that the X-Men were present, Johnson instead approached one of the families in the rear of the group, motioning for them to head towards the back hallway and the rear exit. Finally, it looked as if they?d be able to evacuate these people.

And not a moment too soon, either. Smith turned to look back towards the main entrance. The ice wall that one of the X-Men had created remained firmly in place, but the protesters had found other ways to infiltrate the building. They were now pouring out of side hallways and directly challenging the mutants they came across. The mutant who had been waving the badge engaged a protester immediately while the man of ice did the same.

Unfortunately the human popsicle didn?t fare so well, as before long bullets blasted from the chamber of a gun and, while some ricocheted down the hallway, others planted themselves right into the chest of the ice man. The mutant fell to the ground, and it looked as though his assailant was saying something to him ? perhaps taunting him before they finished the job ? but the screams of frightened families who were witness to the act drowned out the sound from the hallway.

Near the backdoor now, Johnson stood in the open doorway as he ushered a few families into the alleyway. He could see the flashing lights of the Special Operations vehicle at the end of the alley, where two masked specialists stood and waited for their arrival. A handful of additional men in similar garb were jogging down the street, heading for the back door to offer assistance to the group. Johnson nodded his head for a moment before shooing the next group into the street; it wouldn?t be long now until this was all over.

Meanwhile, Smith drew his revolver and thumbed the hammer, not entirely convinced that he was about to fire on these attackers but also recognizing that one of the X-Men who had helped them escape was looking death in the face. As Smith began to close in on where the lobby met the hallway, some of the doors around the rest of the lobby area had begun to open, revealing even more protesters behind them. It had seemed that while some had chosen to head for the main hallway, others made their way through offices and other rooms to arrive directly at the source of their frustration.

Halting in his charge, Smith?s eyes glanced between the two groups. In the front hallway, a handful of men clad in white t-shirts seemed prepared to take the life of an X-Man. But closing in all around, others smelled blood and were making a dash towards the innocent families. He had to make a choice, had to chose who to protect and who to abandon.

In the end, he marched forward.

Smith entered into the hallway at a pace that his body had been trained to move at. Within twenty feet of the scene now, he raised his weapon and took aim. He?d only be wasting time giving these criminals a verbal warning; they?d crossed the line when they opened fire. Smith returned the favor, firing off two rounds that connected with the gunman?s chest. The man buckled as if he?d just been punched. He dropped his weapon and staggered backwards into the arms of his ally, the one wielding the knife. The blade fell to the ground as well as one man struggled to adjust to his comrade falling on top of him.

With precious little time to stand around and watch, Smith continued to move towards them, yelling out to the man of ice, hoping he was able to comply, ?Move! Move!?

12-08-2007, 04:09 AM
?My partner says the back is clear. Are we going to be moving soon??

Before Cyclops could answer the officer?s inquiry, sudden crashes erupted from the front of the courthouse. The ice wall that Bobby had constructed to barricade the door was under siege, though it stood no immediate danger of cracking. However, it was the other noises Scott heard that worried him even more ? the sound of breaking glass and wood that signaled the Friends of Humanity had found another way into the building.

It was only a matter of time, and Scott knew that would have been the case. The front door wasn?t the only way in, but he thought it would slow them down a bit longer. A tactical miscalculation on his part, one that he hoped wouldn?t end up costing them dearly in the end.

As the cracks and shatters grew louder, Scott watched as Sam inched forward to investigate the scene. Through his borrowed comm link, Sam relayed his assessment, ?We got a problem, looks like? yeah looks like we're in for round two.?

Instantly, the X-Men?s field leader was in motion, marching forward toward the outlet of the front hallway. He raised an arm and pointed into the gap towards the door as he tapped his communicator with the other hand. ?Defensive positions, X-Men! Priority number one is protecting these people! I need two levels of defense ? one at the front entry point and the other directly shielding the families!?

Cyclops? order was crisp and clear, and his X-Men followed to perfection. Iceman and Cannonball had advanced forward as part of the frontal defense line, combating the protesters as soon as they emptied into the main hallway. Scott himself drew back and motioned for the families still inside the courthouse to get down. Some he?d noted had retreated to the back door, where one of the two police officers seemed to have already begun evacuation procedures. But as infiltrators began to appear not just in the main hallway but through the surrounding office doors directly adjacent to the lobby itself, Scott knew it would be dangerous to send any more innocents across open ground.

Pushing a mother and daughter behind one of the central information desks, Cyclops took up a sniping position, knowing the well-crafted piece of oak would provide adequate cover for the time being. Scott looked to the northern side of the building ? to his left ? and saw that a pair of FoH protesters had emerged from a side office and were scanning the lobby for targets.

They would need time ? precious seconds ? to find their targets, raise their weapons, and fire.

The mutant known as Cyclops needed only to look.

As soon as he?d spotted them, two blinding red beams of optic energy split the air between Scott and his opposition. The concussive energy slammed into their chests with enough force to knock them back to the room from which they came. Unfortunately their journey back into the room was not as smooth as their previous exit, as evident by the cracks and missing pieces in the door frame caused by their flailing bodies. Cyclops did not relish in the pain of his enemy, but he did admire the effectiveness of his response.

His attention was rerouted to the main hallway as gunfire broke out. From behind the lenses of his ruby visor, Cyclops could see his teammate and friend Bobby Drake fall to one knee, smoke gliding through the air. Had Iceman been shot? Another man approached, this one with a knife. He was ducking in and out of Scott?s line of sight as he walked, meaning Cyclops didn?t have a shot. But someone else did.

Two more gunshots rang through the massive chamber of the courthouse, and Scott turned his head to see one of the two police officers charging towards the scene, flooring the man who had shot Bobby. Cyclops clenched his fist in approval of the officer?s actions, but didn?t have time to celebrate. They couldn?t make this stand forever, not without continuing to risk the lives of these innocent families.

Quickly, Cyclops tapped the red and black badge strapped over his chest, activating the communications system the X-Men all shared. ?X-Men, keep the pressure on! Cover the evacuation by keeping these punks busy!?

Leading by example, Scott strafed away from the desk so that he could get a better view of the hallway. It was as if everything was moving in slow motion; the second Cyclops had a clear line of sight to another protester near Iceman and Cannonball, he depressed the microbutton in his glove, which shifted the lenses of his visor just enough to release a thin but precise burst of energy right into the man?s chest.

As long as these FoH bastards were focused on fighting the X-Men, they wouldn?t be paying attention to the few remaining men, women, and children making their way to the back exit.

12-10-2007, 06:44 PM
Iceman was down on one knee, the Pain from the shots leaving him temporarily stunned. The man standing over him on the other hand was more than ready to strike, as he prepared to plunge his blade into the head of Iceman. Time seemed to slow down, what only took a couple of minutes felt like days.

Just as the man with the knife was, about to stab Iceman two shots rang out, the bullets hitting the man with the gun in the chest and he crashed into the attacker with the knife, and another that seemed to be standing close by. The three men fell to the ground as the police officer that saved Bobby?s life headed towards him shouting, ?Move move!? Iceman began to stand, the bullet holes in his chest began to close and the three bullets fell to the ground making a thud sound. Shaking his head trying to get his thought together, he saw the cop and a flash back of the events that started this entire fiasco hit him. This man was one of the cops that stopped him when he was in line.

?Great out of the frying pan and into the fire? Bobby thought to himself as he recognized the man, ?I?m good officer thank you for the assist.? He was not sure if the cop recognized him, but he figured at the moment it didn?t really matter. A voice barked over his intercom, ?X-Men, keep the pressure on! Cover the evacuation by keeping these punks busy!? Iceman read the name on the officer?s badge, ?Officer Smith we?ll take it from here while you help the others with the evac.? As he turned to face a new set of attackers, a red beam came out of nowhere and struck one of the protesters between Bobby and Sam. Bobby was happy to see that, as always Cyke was there to provide back up.

?Now it?s time to cut lose.? Iceman said as he drew in moisture from the air around him, adding mass to his frame. He was now two and a half times bigger than he was a moment before. Knowing that his new menacing look would go a long way he charged towards a group of protesters that had their sights set on a mother and child hiding in the corner. Even though he was a lot bigger he lost no speed and closed the gap between himself and the attackers quickly, one of them turned around just in time to see a huge fist coming right for him. ?What the F?..? the man never finished his question, as the huge Iceman struck him square in the chest lifting him into the air and sending him flying across the room, than he grabbed the two closest to him by the heads and smashed them into each other. Both men crumbled to the ground unconscious, the last man was not going to stand around and wait for this ice giant to do him in, instead he turned tail and ran back the way he came in the process he crashed into two others who were on their way into the main area.

Bobby tapped the communicator on his chest and spoke into it, his voice a little deeper than normal due to his enlarged form, ?How?s the evac going? I?ve got two here needing a way out.? He turned to the mother and child extended his hand to them and in his best terminator impression said, ?Come with me if you want to live.?

12-10-2007, 09:45 PM
Cannonball experimentally kicked the leg of the man he had downed, before looking up again. Things weren't progressing too well, there were still more unwanted FoH members climbing into the building. Sam adjusted his position, stepping back against a wall as groups of rioters came thundering down the halls. As before they had climbed in through broken windows or from the outer offices. He watched them keenly, a mad rush of pure adrenaline, fear and anger. The frenzied throng came upon him, they passed over their fallen comrade without even stopping. Sam shook his head, it all seemed surreal.

There was gun shots heard close by, even after all his time in action the cracking thunder like noise till made Cannonball blink. In the heat of battle, that's where Cable thrived, Sam was different he felt the need to prove it. As his eyes readjusted, Cannonball instinctively called upon his blast shield and throwing himself forward tackled several of the men in white FoH shirts. It wasn't enough to do any permanent damage and struggling hands and feet that thrashed in vain at him announced that some of them weren't even knocked out.

It wasn't really fair on them, the homo sapiens had nothing in their arsenal that could even slow Cannonball. Sam was used to fighting giant robots or super powered foes and yet these crazed men were willing to hurt and kill innocent children and their families. Sam had no choice, but he still showed an amount of restraint and mercy, something the Friends of Humanity could learn a lesson from. Leaving the men unconcious and suitably restrained, Sam pushed himself up off one man heavily and threw himself back into the fight.

Cannonball radiated with the glow of sonic jet, a stream of flame and smoke poured from the honorary X-Man as he propelled through a much larger crowd of rioters. He pulled his punches fearing that he could quite easily cause casualties even to those that would not hesitate to do so to him or the team. Sam believed that justice should prevail, especially in the hallowed halls that they fought in. The Kentuckian felt he had to uphold the law else none would. With each round of Friends of Humanity that were taken on, he silently hoped that they would be lawfully trialed and punished accordingly.

Sam looked out at the mess that had been caused, he felt guilt ridden even strangely sacreligious. The Kentuckian had strong a moral compass, home bred by a loving and tight knit family. Enlightened by Xavier, strengthened by Magneto and encouraged by Cable. Even in the midst of their arduous task, Sam felt his mentors silently supporting him. Cannonball looked back to the team leader Scott, Cyclops had already given his orders. Sam nodded at the man sending him his vote of confidence and overheard Bobby Drake from his borrowed comms device. Snapping to attention The blonde man strode over to Iceman, and provided back up by throwing blast enhanced blows at a number of men that tried to hit Bobby from behind. "Ah got this one pa-tner!" Cannonball stated as he turned his attention on the two that Iceman had saved, he nodded and smiled before returning to the fight.

12-16-2007, 07:28 AM

To Officer Smith, it felt as if time was standing still.

He?d just taken a life ? a human life ? in order to protect a mutant vigilante. But hadn?t that been the right thing to do? It was the X-Men, standing here before him, that had been protecting the families that had come here today to register and sacrifice their privacy for the sake of national security. The humans, the so called Friends of Humanity, were trying to interfere, trying to kill not only the X-Men but the women and young children as well. Mutants not being the bad guys most made them out to be was not as new a concept to Smith as it would be for Johnson, but a part of the younger officer couldn?t help but be surprised at the lengths he?d just gone to in order to protect one of them.

Regardless, he?d have to save the analysis of the situation for when he was debriefed back at police headquarters. Right now, the paperwork and retelling of events needed to be pushed to the back of his mind; there were still innocent lives at stake here, something one of the X-Men wasted no time in reminding him of. ?Officer Smith, we?ll take it from here while you help the others with the evac.?

The comment was short and to the point, as if this mutant had experience keeping his head in this kind of fire fight. But what surprised Smith more than anything was that this was the same guy that had just taken more than a couple of slugs to the chest. He was made of ice? did that help him in some way? Smith wondered how it all worked, but like his police briefing that was sure to come in the not-so-distant future, they didn?t exactly have time for an in-depth demonstration about the ins and outs of mutant abilities. Smith simply had to resign himself to the fact that, for the time being, this guy was alive and kicking and needed him to help with the evacuation.

Smith nodded his acknowledgment of the request and turned back to look towards his partner, whose hand was much further dipped into the evac effort than Smith?s currently was. It hadn?t seemed like enough time, but the Special Operations unit must have been moving quickly as Smith could already see four officers in the rear hallway with Johnson, who was closer to the lobby and directing the families on which way to go. Two of the SpecOps men took positions right with Johnson, where the rear hallway was connected to the main lobby; their assault rifles were drawn tight to their shoulder but they didn?t fire, content at this time to simply secure the entrance to the hallway for those traveling through. Behind, near the rear doorway which emptied out into the alley, were another two SpecOps officers, also with assault weapons. They were coordinating the actual exit from the building, pointing the families towards the rest of their unit which Smith only assumed had secured an area outside the courthouse.

Everything seemed to be running smoothly, and it would go even better with another officer in the back. Smith turned his back on the front hallway, where the ice man and his explosive partner seemed to be cleaning up based on the sound of bodies colliding with the floor, walls, and anything else that could get in their way. Without a clear and immediate threat, Smith decided to holster his sidearm so that he could run more freely to the back hallway, not having to worry about an itchy trigger finger slipping and discharging his weapon. He?d fired it enough for one day, as it was.

It took him only seconds to reach the central information desk of the lobby, where the one-eyed mutant and some of the families had taken cover. Not wanting to spend too much time out in the open, Smith ducked behind one of the multiple wooden desks and looked around ? the families were gone, as was the one-eyed mutant. He was on the run now, seemingly trying to get a better vantage point to help his teammates. Smith turned to look back towards the hallway, checking on the status of the evacuation. The last of the families were making their way down the hall, with Johnson acting as the caboose, protecting the rear of the line. Two of the SpecOps remained at their post near the mouth of the rear hallway; the other two were still guiding men, women, and children through the back door. It would only be seconds now before they finished.

Turning his head the opposite direction to gauge the intensity of the front-line battle, it appeared as if the X-Men were starting to emerge victorious. Many of the Friends of Humanity members that had so brazenly marched upon the courthouse now found themselves unconscious on the floor. A substantial portion of those who weren?t knocked out had viewed the writing on the wall and retreated back into the side rooms from which they came. Now only a handful of rioters still remained, and based on the efficiency of the X-Men, they wouldn?t be a threat for much longer.

Could it be that things were starting to look up, that this hostile situation was entering the beginning of the end? It appeared that way, and to celebrate that revelation, Smith turned to the back hallway and gave his partner a big thumbs up.

Nearing the back door, Corporal Johnson turned to see Smith?s hand ? thumb extended ? waving in the air. By God, they just might make it out of here alive, and heroes to boot. In front of Johnson was a shortening line of mutants, all of whom were being directed through the rear doorway. He hadn?t noticed any serious casualties among them, though the psychological scars of having gone through this experience would last for a lifetime.

For a second, Johnson scoffed at himself. Here he was, helping a criminal mutant team save some of their genetic brothers and sisters, and he was actually caring about the welfare of their mental capacities. Had someone told him twelve hours ago that that?s how he?d spend the day, he would have laughed in their face. But blood-thirsty rioters attacking innocent kids will tend to change your perspective on life sometimes. Who knows, maybe by the end of the day, Johnson would actually be drinking a celebratory beer with these X-Men?

Nah, he?d never quite go that far.

With the last of the families out through the back door, Johnson flushed himself up against the wall next to one of the rear SpecOps men. ?Alright, that?s the last of ?em. You can tell your boys up front to start falling back,? Johnson said, motioning to the two men at the lobby?s end of the hallway. He didn?t care if he had the authority to tell these guys what to do or not; he just wanted to get the hell out of there, especially now that it looked like they just might have a shot at doing that.

From behind the tinted shield of his helmet, the SpecOps officer that Johnson could only assume was in charge responded quickly. ?Go ahead outside with the civilians, corporal. My team will continue to provide support to the X-Men until the threat has been neutralized.?

Johnson nodded and turned towards the door with a jog. He pulled the radio unit from his shoulder and clicked the call button, relaying the orders to Smith. ?Time to bug out, partner. Head for the back door!?

As Johnson neared the sunlight that was awaiting him through the rear exit, a thought entered his mind. How did SpecOps know the X-Men were inside? When Johnson had radioed in his sitrep earlier, he hadn?t yet known they were fighting alongside the X-Men. When he?d found out, he hadn?t had the time to relay that update either. And surely the team hadn?t been on site long enough to properly distinguish the X-Men from the other mutants inside the building, had they? Johnson?s face crinkled in confusion as he passed through the door frame and landed on the outer concrete steps.

The cloud of uncertainty soon changed to a cloud of red. What happened next, Johnson couldn?t even process. No sooner had he exited the courthouse than something swung from the side of the doorway, unseen to him prior to his exit. It was large and black and smashed into his face, breaking his nose the instant it connected. Johnson lurched backwards, losing his footing. He fell hard to the concrete, his head landing with a hard thud against the top steps. His vision darkened as he tasted his own blood in his mouth. Through hazy eyes, before he went unconscious, all he could see was the dark face shield of a Special Operations officer.

Whereas Johnson couldn?t see the aftermath of his attack, his partner saw the entire thing. Smith had received the order to fall back just seconds ago, and wasted no time in heading towards the back door. But he stopped suddenly as he saw his partner get ambushed from outside, and a sense of horror shivered down his spine when Smith saw that Johnson?s attacker was part of the SpecOps team. The attacker looked down at Johnson?s body, then looked up at the commanding operative, giving him a nod as if to signal that his job had been accomplished. The commanding officer turned from the back door and started walking down the hallway, towards the main lobby. Towards Smith.

A wave of uncertainty flooded through Smith?s mind. This was supposed to be the back-up. They?d stood there and helped the mutant civilians escape the building? only to turn on Johnson? It didn?t add up, and though Smith?s gut was telling him to redraw his weapon, he couldn?t bring himself to take aim against another group of law enforcement officers. There had to be a reason? didn?t there?

Smith got his answer soon enough. The commanding operations officer barked something that only his underlings could hear. Smith?s eyebrow raised, and in response, so did the rifles of the other officers. Before Smith could react, the two commandos standing at the edge of the lobby near the back hallway took aim and fired. Two shots rang out and collided with Smith ? one to his left collarbone shattering it instantly and one to the left bicep tearing through the muscle with little resistance. The shock of being shot combined with the sudden impact and drove Smith off of his feet; he fell to the ground helplessly. The second of the two operatives, having taken a moment to find the various X-Men located around the room, pulled the rifle to his nook in his arm and fired short, controlled bursts towards the mutant heroes.

For whatever reason, the Friends of Humanity were now the least of the X-Men?s concerns.

12-20-2007, 06:45 PM
Bobby ushered the mother and child towards the back exit completely unaware of the threat behind him, out of nowhere Sam Guthrie appeared throwing blast enhanced blows at a number of men that tried to hit Bobby from behind. "Ah got this one pa-tner!"Cannonball stated as he turned his attention on the two that Iceman had saved, he nodded and smiled before returning to the fight.

?Thanks Cannonball.? Bobby said as the two he saved joined the group of exiting mutants, ?I think there all almost out.? Bobby said as he began to return to his normal size but stayed in his Iceform. Bobby surveyed the area, he saw a number of would be attacker fleeing and the ones that remained were either unconscious or about to be thanks to the efforts of the X-men.

Bobby began to head for the back exit to make sure that everything was going good there, when he heard a sound that froze him in his tracks.

Gunfire again and this time it was not Bobby who had been hit, it was Officer Smith. Bobby watched in horror as the two commandos standing at the edge of the lobby near the back hallway took aim and fired. Two shots rang out and collided with Smith ? one to his left collarbone shattering it instantly and one to the left bicep tearing through the muscle with little resistance.

?NOOOO!?Bobby yelled as the Officer fell to the ground, Bobby could not believe what he was seeing, why were the Officers sent there to help them now attack their own? The second of the two operatives, having taken a moment to find the various X-Men located around the room, pulled the rifle to his nook in his arm and fired short, controlled bursts towards the mutant heroes.

?Not this time!?Bobby yelled as he extended his hands towards the Assailant with the rifle and shot an icebeam that froze the bullets before they made it more than a few feet away from the weapon and froze the weapon itself. The tinted shield of the commando?s helmet concealed his face but his Bobby still heard his voice, ?I need backup?.

This he knew was not going to be good, without hesitation, Bobby began to create a wall of Ice to separate himself from what was sure to be a barrage of gunfire. The sound of air crystallizing and hardening filled the air, Bobby quickly tapped his communicator and said, ?Umm guys we?ve got a bigger problem now. Can someone tell me why the people sent her to back us up just shot a cop and are now coming after us? I don?t know about you but something here just doesn?t seem right.?

12-27-2007, 11:08 PM
Sam left no time for explanaitions, all he knew was that they weren't out of the fire just yet. The officers he had tried to protect were taking fire from the SpecOps team? They had been called in to rectify the problem not escalate it. Hearing the tail end of what Bobby had said Sam jumped into the fray using himself to shield others from the bullets that flew towards the X-Men. "Back down! in accordance to SHIELD directorate Ah have jurisdiction over.. aww forget it" These people were fitted out with armourment and high powered weapons, Sam couldn't afford the same amount of leniancy that he had displayed earlier.

"Cyke, I'm beginning to think your team is in need of some new stratagem." They were easily getting out manned, and these weren't emotionally charged disorganized rioters. These were combat ready cold and calculating soldiers. They had fanned out to take shooting positions and certainly knew how to wield the firepower that they had. Thankfully Sam could protect himself from such an assault but some of his fellow mutants didn't have such luxuries.

Cannonball roared forward, his blast field encompassing himself and large pockets of air around him that were fired off as concussive blows. Striking out at the closest of the black suited men, Sam directed a forceful blast that sent the man sailing back into one of his comrades. Sailing over top of the two downed men, Cannonball stamped a blazing foot down on their weapons crunching them underneath. The second of the two was still conscious and was pushing his buddy up off of him whilst reaching for his side arm. Sam didn't let him get that far. His firey field leapt out and grabbed the man by the ankle and swung him into the far wall leaving a satisfying thud noise. The man slumped down as the blonde Kentuckian turned to face his next oponent.

"Ah really hate t' have tah do this.." Sam muttered before raising up into the air. He soared up to the highest peak in the hall and threw himself forcefully down into the ground smashing into the years old floorwork and sending vibrations out knocking nearby commandoes down or taking them off balance. Shots rang out loudly pinging off his blast field. Guthrie looked around for the source of the attack and squinted at a man who was lying with his back against a post firing whole rounds at him. Cannonball plowed into the man and lifted him up by the neck. "Ya'll are making a big mistake" he said before dropping an over arm hook into the man's black helmet.

The limp body still held by his right hand pivoted and was hurled at another group of men who were regaining their footing. Sam clenched his teeth and snorted as he pumped up his fists at them in challenge. "Give this up, your only gonna hurt yourselves!" The field around Sam magnified and intensified as fiery streaks slashed out and licked limits of the blasts radius. Cannonball sent a punch that carried on several feet with his field flying forward to knock the SpecOps men down like a bunch of bowling pins. The leader of X-Factor stamped angrily over to the downed agents and got to work breaking their weapons down.

12-29-2007, 12:34 AM

This was the first thing Cyclops heard that caused him to turn his attention away from the remaining protesters. The group had thinned quite a bit since they first infiltrated the courthouse, and now it was simply a matter of picking off the stragglers that simply did not want to give up their hate-filled mission. Another optic blast or two convinced them that perhaps it was time to fall back and lick their wounds.

But Iceman?s voice echoing out in the large lobby of the courthouse forced Cyclops to pivot so that he could see the support team behind them. What he saw, however, changed his mind as to whether or not to think of this group as a support team. Two of them stood at the entrance to the back hallway, their rifles raised. Shots had been fired, bullets had torn through one of the police officers that had stood with the X-Men in defending the innocents. The officer?s body fell to the ground lifelessly, and a closer look down the thin path to the back door revealed that the other officer had been incapacitated at the hands of some additional SpecOps members.

Before Cyclops could bark out an order, Iceman reacted with speed and instinct, freezing the short burst of ammunition that was meant for him. A part of Scott wondered how Iceman was handling the fact that he?d already been shot once today, and now he got his answer ? Bobby was going to do everything in his power to not let the same mistake happen again. The X-Men veteran not only froze the bullets in mid flight but also enclosed the assault rifle in ice, causing the operative to drop it to the ground and call for back-up.

Help arrived from the back hallway as three more agents joined in the firefight, causing Scott to duck back behind the central lobby desk for cover. Over the intercom, Cyclops could hear Iceman?s disbelief. ?Umm guys we?ve got a bigger problem now. Can someone tell me why the people sent her to back us up just shot a cop and are now coming after us? I don?t know about you but something here just doesn?t seem right.?

?Because they?re not who we thought they were,? Scott said coldly through his comm unit, seemingly recognizing the betrayal that had taken place somewhere along the line. He didn?t doubt the intentions of the two officers that had barricaded themselves with the X-Men inside the courthouse simply because both of them were on the ground hurt. But something went wrong when it came to summoning reinforcements, and unless the bullets stopped whizzing over his head sometime soon, he?d have to figure out the whys and the hows later.

Another voice broke through the turmoil; it was Cannonball. ?Cyke, I'm beginning to think your team is in need of some new stratagem.?

No kidding, Scott thought to himself. They?d retreated into the courthouse because of the need to protect innocent life, but the families had been evacuated. There was no going backwards at this point. The only choice was to charge forward and meet this new threat head on. Tapping the insignia on his chest, Cyclops issued his commands. ?Agreed, Cannonball. X-Men! Spread the line and advance! Hit them from multiple sides!? Rising to his feet, Cyclops sprinted to the side of the lobby opposite Cannonball, knowing that by spreading the line, the opposition would be unable to aim at multiple targets in one area.

The tactic seemed to be working. Cannonball advanced quickly and efficiently, taking out two of the operatives while slamming into the floor to unbalance the rest. Seeing the opportunity to strike, Cyclops depressed the microbutton sewn into his right glove, activating the lenses of his ruby quartz visor. Two quick flashes of optic energy shot across the lobby and collided with the chests of two agents, knocking them off their wobbly feet and onto the hard ground. As the group began to get back to their feet, Sam disposed of them quickly with a powerful punch that knocked the entire group back.

Just as the tide was turning, a crashing sound from the front of the building interrupted the conflict and caused all involved to look. Large quantities of smoke poured from the broken doorways into the front hall, and the loud voice of a true police commander warned those inside the building of the gas that had been launched through broken windows. Now there really was no turning back.

The X-Men swung back to the fight at hand, ready to finish off the SpecOps team and make their own escape before they were caught in a spiderweb. But as they turned their attention back to their opposition, it became clear that the operatives they?d been fighting wanted even less to do with regular law enforcement. The agents had taken the brief pause in action to completely retreat through the back door, leaving Officer Smith laying in the middle of the lobby while Officer Johnson?s downed body was nowhere to be found.

Cyclops cursed under his breath, unsatisfied with how the battle had played out. Though the X-Men to their knowledge had successfully evacuated the families and had pushed back the Friends of Humanity led rioters, they?d done little to confirm the identities of the second group of attackers. And now, with one police officer shot dead and another missing, this wasn?t a scene the X-Men needed to hang around much longer.

Moving towards the back hallway, Cyclops motioned for the rest of his team to follow. ?That?s our cue to leave, people! Back to the jet!?


The engines of the Blackbird jet were silent in their activation, and within seconds, the craft had made a flawless vertical takeoff. In the pilot?s seat, Scott Summers was still mulling over the situation they?d just departed. His gloved fingers moved quickly over the control panel, keeping the plane in cloaked mode as it flew over the New York City skyline towards Westchester.

Things just didn?t make sense, no matter how many times Cyclops played them back in his mind. The operatives at the back door had helped them evacuate the mutant families into the back alley? and then turned on the X-Men and the police officers that were assisting them. That meant they weren?t associated with the New York police department, nor did they fear having to answer to the law for their actions. They were well financed and well trained, exactly what you would expect from a private militia or group such as the Friends of Humanity. But if the F.o.H. were willing to use those kinds of methods, why not just do so in the first place? Instead, they exposed their own lesser-armed people first, leading Cyclops to believe the second group was unrelated to the Friends of Humanity as well. So, just who exactly were they?

Needless to say, the X-Men were left with just as many questions as answers, if not more.

01-02-2008, 04:57 PM
?Because they?re not who we thought they were,?Scott?s voice rang in Bobby?s ear as he saw more special opps members entering the building.

?Cyke, I'm beginning to think your team is in need of some new stratagem.? Sam?s voice came over the comm; Bobby could not help but chuckle at the remark. ?Thank you, Captain obvious.?He said to himself aloud as he saw Sam rush into the fray, dispatching opps members with every blow.

?Agreed, Cannonball. X-Men! Spread the line and advance! Hit them from multiple sides!?Iceman wasted not time, no sooner was the order given he was engaging the enemy. As Sam?s ground pound caused the operatives to lose their balance, Iceman used his powers and created an Iceslide under his feet, which he rode straight towards a group of trained attackers. The four men saw him coming and prepared to raise their weapons to fire when they were struck by one of their fellow members. Like bowling pins, they all fell from Sam?s massive attack.

Just then, a crashing sound from the front of the building interrupted the conflict and caused all involved to look. Large quantities of smoke poured from the broken doorways into the front hall, and the loud voice of a true police commander warned those inside the building of the gas that had been launched through broken windows. Now there really was no turning back.

The X-Men swung back to the fight at hand, ready to finish off the SpecOps team and make their own escape before they were caught in a spider web. However, when they turned their attention back to their opposition, it became clear that the operatives they had been fighting wanted even less to do with regular law enforcement. The agents had taken the brief pause in action to completely retreat through the back door, leaving Officer Smith lying in the middle of the lobby while Officer Johnson?s downed body was nowhere to be found.

Bobby ran over to the fallen Officer and fell to his knees, checking his pulse with his now human fingers. ?He gone, and guess who?s gunna get the blame??Bobby could not believe it, this man had saved him yet Bobby could not return the favor. All at once, it hit him; it was Bobby that had sent him to check on the evac. In essences, it was Bobby who sent him to his doom, this officer that was only doing his job. Grief began to fill the Xmen, he wanted to help this poor man but what could he do?

Moving towards the back hallway, Cyclops motioned for the rest of his team to follow.?That?s our cue to leave, people! Back to the jet!?As Bobby rose from the ground, he looked at his team leader and said, ?We have to find out who they were and we have to make them pay.?


Bobby sat silently in the Blackbird as they took off. What he did not notice was that when they had first landed he was lost in thought also, only those thoughts were regarding his powers. Now he had another train of thought, he wanted to avenge the man who had saved him regardless of how the man truly felt about mutants, when the chips were down he choose to do the right thing and Bobby vowed to do the same for him.

Bobby looked around at his teammates; he knew that they all must have the same questions. Bobby knew what he would do when he returned to the mansion, he would see the professor maybe he could help them figure out who it was and why did that poor man had to die.

(Exit one Bobby Drake)
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