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01-03-2008, 10:10 AM
It had been nearly 2 hours until Crystal finally found herself, holding Luna in her arms, walking down the corridors of the very busy court house in downtown New York. When she, her child, and the 2 armed guards escorting her arrived at the room at the end, she saw a man in a formal US Military uniform seated behind a metal table with an empty chair across the table from him.

?Ah, Ms. Maximoff, I?m Corporal Peterson and on behalf of The United States, I?d like to thank you for your cooperation. Please have a seat.?

She reluctantly took the seat in front of him, still holding her 1 year old child in her arms.

?And your child! Congratulations. She looks quite healthy.? He turned to one of the guards that stood by the door. ?Private, please see if you can find an accommodating seat.?

?Won?t be necessary.? Crystal had began waving her right hand over the tiles to the right. Made of limestone, she manipulated the properties using her control over the elements to form a concave disc large enough to seat Luna comfortably. Peterson began to smirk while the 2 guards looked frightened.

?Now as you know, Mrs. Maximoff, the Mutant Registration Act has just been approved by congress. Now, we know you aren?t quite a mutant, but you do, obviously,? motioning towards the limestone baby-seat, ?have extraordinary gifts.?

?Corporal, I don?t have a secret identity, and I?m no longer an active member for either the Fantastic Four or the Avengers. The United States government has recorded my file, except for the location of Attilan, in exchange for my naturalization. Now, my question is, why am I sitting here after dodging tomatoes for 2 hours??

Just then, Luna, gazing out the window, began to giggle uncontrollably at the sight of Iceman soaring along his frozen track that no one seemed to have noticed.

?She?s why, Crystal. You see we only found out 3 months ago that you and Quicksilver even had an offspring. You?ve done quite well in cloaking her. But you see, that?s a problem now. With the new bill that is in effect today, we need her resulting mutant ability. And excuse my language Mrs. Maximoff, but there?s no fucking way the United States government will let the granddaughter of the terrorist Magneto grow unrecorded.?

There was nothing Crystal wanted to do more as her nails dug into the arms of her chair than to burn his face off alive right then and there. As she contemplated if she should actually do so, shouts and screams were heard from outside followed by gunshots.

Peterson stood to see if he can get a better look out the window. Crystal didn?t need to. She psionically amplified the vibrations in the air so only she could hear what was going on outside.

?X-Men, converge on the crowd. Establish a barricade between the mob and the mutants; I want to have something between the two as soon as possible, something that will give them time to retreat.?

The X-men..? Crystal thought. Immediately she got up and reached down to pick up Luna in her arms. Peterson redirected his attention towards the pair.

?I?m sorry to disappoint you, but Luna doesn?t have any powers. The mutation genome and the Inhuman gene cancel each other out. Now, excuse my language Corporal, but There?s no fucking way I?m letting a jackass like you run any tests to find out.?

The clacking of her heels cracked through the silent room as she made her way towards the door. The guards were hesitant to block the exit after they had seen what she did to the floor. With a nod from their commanding officer, they stood down as she walked past them.

Peterson then immediately took out his mobile.

?Yes Sergeant. You were absolutely correct about the child.?

An eerie smile escaped his face.