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01-17-2008, 10:49 PM
It was a week after Crystal had received an anonymous manilla envelope that arrived at her Williamsburg apartment doorstep. She had relocated several times, assumed fake aliases, to disappear from the government radar after she realized they had discovered much more about her personal life than she preferred. Enclosed in the message, were directions to meet under the Brooklyn bridge for crucial information about her Royal Family of Attilan. Every nerve in her body told her that it was a trap, however, knowing whoever sent the message knew her whereabouts, she had to confront them.

She was only 10 yards away from meeting point, underneath the south end of the bridge's pass, when she looked back at Luna, who was securely strapped to her back. If this ended up being a trap, she preffered to have Luna with her where she could defend herself and her daughter till the last of her breath.

Out the corner of her eyes she saw 2 shadows moving underneath the water besides her. A second after she had took notice, 2 men dressed in military scuba attire soared out of the surface and into the air. Each holding what looked to be a rifle, they shot a grappling-hook at her, connected to a metallic cable. She quickly raised a wall of earth from the ground, repelling their attack. Clenching her fist, she sent the earth-wall into several boulders, the debris thrusted at her opponents.

Looking to the right she saw 3 more shadows underneath the water moving quickly towards the scene. Assuming that this group would leap out with the same velocity, she waved her hands towards the water above them. Manipulating the water particles, she froze a small, dense area above the moving figures. The shadows stopped and the ice had crack with a great THUMP. Smiling, her plan had work.

Running along the water away from the scene, she knew there would be more. She didn't know who these people worked for, but she couldn't continue to fight, not with Luna. Lifting her right hand to her mouth as she ran, she spoke into a saphire jewel on her ring finger.


A small silver dart-like projectile whizzed by her head and smashed the jewel into pieces. Skidding to a halt, she spun to face her pursuing foes, only to be greeted by now 10 masked military trained men, and a helicopter in the distance coming in.

Throwing her right arm out, she sent 3 pillars made of the ground from the hill they were next to horizontally at the group, knocking out 2 of them. With her left arm, she conjured up a small wave that hovered over the remaining and came down with a hard splash.

While Crystal could see the helicopter coming in fast, she began forming a tornado, hoping to immoblize it. Just as she formed the winds to the height she was satisfied with, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her left thigh.

The tornado dissipated, her strength was fading, and her eyelids began to grow weak. She looked back through a hazy vision to see a tranquilizer dart had hit her, from one of the masked men that was able to sneak behind her. She formed an ice-projectile from the water next to them and sent it at her attacker, only to miss completely. Falling to her knees, the last thing she saw before falling into unconsciousness was the hellicopter now above them.

The last thing she heard was Luna crying.