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06-23-2008, 09:03 PM
After a 13 hour flight, Kitty stretched her legs as she was awoken by the voice of the Captain welcoming the passengers of the Boeing 747 to New York from London. Realizing her head had been resting on the man seated next to her, she apologized politely, quickly undoing her seat-belt as she noticed a couple of drool marks on his collared shirt.

As she walked down the terminals of JFK, Kitty was reminiscing about her time with Excalibur, mainly her recent love affair with Pete Wisdom. Simultaneously, she was wondering how the X-men were doing, and how they would react to her return to the states. Would they welcome her back at the Institute? She thought of course her old team-mates would, although it's always awkward when someone takes a leave of absence and returns.

Suddenly, the voice of a crowd huddled around a tv monitor at one of the gates caught her attention.

"My God Stuart! The mutants have gone crazy!"

She quickly walked over wondering what the commotion was about. She gently pushed her way through the people, until she was able to get a good look at the monitor. What Kitty saw next was too horrific, dropping her duffle-bag to the floor.

As the newscast was narrating the recent Mutant Registration Act and the political issues behind it, the voices faded away as she saw a bright beam flash across the screen, hitting Charles Xavier with enough force to send him flying out of his char.


Stunned, angry, and scared at the same time, She grabbed her duffle-bag and quickly sprinted out of the airport.

Kitty could only hope the Professor was okay....

06-27-2008, 10:38 PM
James Proudstar, formerly once known as Warpath, disappeared into obscurity. After the disbanding of X-Force, none of his friends from the X-Men or X-Force could get in contact with James, nor locate him. It was as if Warpath never existed. He was just a dream. However, the Apache native was not a dream. He was a real, living, breathing person. When his former team split ways, James couldn?t find it in his heart to go back home. He didn?t want to be constantly reminded of his childhood memories and then the slaughter of his home town. Instead, the man once called Warpath left to the remote mountains of West Virginia to start a new life. He lived in a small community where he kept his X-Force days behind him, no way to be revealed, including his mutant powers. All was kept a secret.

As time progressed, James became acquainted with an older man named Fred. He one day introduced himself while James was raking leaves in the yard. ?Howda you do there, sir?? the man said, approaching James. The Apache native turned his head to see the older man walk up to him, slightly raising his hat above his face. The former superhero stopped raking, standing straight up, much taller than Fred. ?Good morning. How are you this morning?? James asked politely, being kind to his neighbor. The men shook hands and since that first meeting, the two had become best friends.

For the first time in his life, James felt like there was someone to talk to. Fred became a brother to reconnect with. From that point on, Fred discovered James? past, his history, his adventures, and his mutant powers. Worried to be revealed as a mutant, Fred was kind enough to keep it a secret. The secret was soon blown away when the community was building a church. A group of men were trying to put a wall up to the structure. Seeing them struggle, the much larger James Proudstar walked past a group of people watching the struggle of the construction. With his powerful might and brute strength, the former Warpath picked up the gigantic wall, walking it towards the structure to stand up. The town?s people were in awe. When the wall was pressed against the structure, the crowd applauded. It was then that James felt like he was home and accepted amongst his neighbors, though being the town?s only resident mutant. The people respected James and from then on, James became a known and well liked character amongst the community. He volunteered and assisted his new hometown.

?The whole town likes you, James. I told you, ya had nothin? to worry about, didn?t I?? proudly said Fred with a smile on his wrinkled face.

James smirked back at his best friend and nodded. ?You were right my friend. I really do like it here,? admitted James as the two sat in a bar, having drinks. Suddenly, Fred noticed James? eyes trail to the beer in front of him, both big hands wrapped around the big glass mug. Above the bar, Fred saw the news, reporting more and more on the mutant and human hostility, considering it has grown so much over the last several months.

?You know buddy, I think you miss it.?

James looked up at Fred confused. Fred let out a growl like laugh to then explain, ?The adventures, I mean.?

James shook his head, ?You mean with the X-Men? Nah, I think you got it wrong, old man,? as the very muscular man lifted his mug to sip his beer. Putting the drink back on the table, James took in a deep breath, enjoying and savoring the great cool taste.

?I don?t believe that. You set things right back then. Y?all did nothin? wrong. I don?t know about you, but I felt like things were much better then during you?re time with the X-Fellers,? as best said by Fred to his friend.

?That was all a long time ago, Fred. I can?t just go back. They don?t even know I?m here. They haven?t heard from me in a couple years now,? James said to give an excuse to Fred to disguise his true feelings. Fred maybe old, but he wasn?t stupid. He?s seen James keep glued to the recent happenings. He saw the reports about the massacre in Washington and the attack on the Mutant Registration site. The mutant hate crimes committed by ignorant, scared humans. The Warpath from within missed the action. ?You can?t lie to me, James. I can tell. You?re always watchin? the news. Readin? reports on that darn Internet. You know the hell the world has been seein? lately isn?t right.?

He was right. Fred was always right. James nodded in agreement. ?Go back, James. I know ya like it here, but you know you belong there. You?ve had your time to rest. You?ve seen how a community such as here can be accepting of mutants. It is not impossible for the majority of the world to do the same,? beautifully said from the old man who has lived in the mountains of West Virginia all his life. Fred had seen some of the worst ignorant folks put on God?s green earth. He had remained friendly to his neighbors, family, and friends. He had always been welcoming and he knew there was always something special about the gentle giant next door. As for James, he knew Fred had a point. He had his time to get focused, for James had witnessed a miracle; humans accepting mutants. In his heart, James knew the X-Men needed Warpath; the world needed Warpath.

Following their drinking time, James returned home to pack his bag. With a sack over his shoulder, carrying all his clothes and small personal items, James showed up at Fred?s door. Answering the door to see the tall James Proudstar, the Apache native passed his home keys to the older man who had become his brother. ?Watch the place while I?m gone. Warpath is back in business,? as his deep voice gently pronounced his return to the X-Men.

An Airplane Ride Later...

The plane ride was exhausting. James didn't know what it was that all of a sudden people everywhere decided to ride the plan to New York at the same time. The Native American was glad to be back on solid ground and out of a stuffy plane. There was finally room to stretch as well as room to breathe. Now that he was out of the cramped space, the real battle was going through the tremendous amounts of crowded people through the airport.

A military bag over his huge shoulder, wearing his civilian clothes, combining a red t-shirt and jeans, the returning Warpath went through the crowds, bumping shoulder to shoulder with many. Well, maybe not neccessarily shoulder to shoulder as Warpath is well obviously taller than most. Thankfully, he can see through the easy turns and twists to get through the people faster as he could see over their heads for pathways. The traffic of the crowd was annoying, people were loud, and the families were crazy. They were in a hurry, getting the kids to stop crying or arguing back. Mothers on the cell phones and threatening to spank their children if they didn't behave. All of it made James roll his eyes.

Philosophically, James got to thinking how much people have grown to take over this world. The population is much bigger than before and so many do not care about their environment. It seemed like the people were all ignorant of their surroundings. Trashing things around them, not caring about where they throw their trash, so long as they were no longer were responsible. Taking a breather, the Apache native took in a deep breath and relaxed. The annoyance of the crowded airport was getting to him. He shook his head, telling himself that he will be out of the airport soon.

Along his trail to the exit, James can see a crowd of people around the television screen showing above. People were in awe of the carnage they witnessed. As he stepped up to the screen, he could hear the calm reporting voice of a news anchor woman, "As you can see, it has been reported that Professor Charles Xavier, was attacked today in Washington. He was immediately sent to the local hospital for immediate care. There is no word yet on his condition." said the woman as the footage ended and the cameras returned to the view of the news anchor.


The echo carried near by. The voice was so familiar. James arched an eyebrow, looking around him at the many, upon many people surrounding him. Suddenly, he saw a brown haired woman trying to scurry away. It was...

"Kitty! Wait!" cried out James Proudstar at the direction of the former X-Woman known as Shadowcat.

06-28-2008, 09:40 PM
Running quickly towards the direction of the arrival's exit, Kitty had to slow down and increase her speed, shuffling her steps to avoid bumping into anyone at the very crowded airport. She was obviously tempted to use her "gift" to expedite her exit, thinking she could just run a straight path through anyone that got in her way. The horrific sight that Kitty had witnessed of the Professor being blasted, however, made her nervous to show anyone she didn't trust her talents. The government wanted mutants registered, Mutants wanting their civil rights honored, and mutant blood being publicly spilled. This was going to be a war, Kitty thought, and she hadn't drawn the lines yet.

As she could start to see the outline of the automatic doors that lead out of JFK, she heard a shout that halted her instantly.

"Kitty! Wait!" was the shout that escaped a man with a deep, but booming voice.

Kitty didn't recognize the voice immediately, and hadn't informed any of the X-men her return to the states. Had she been followed on the plane from London? Or another henchman that had tracked her down? This wouldn't be the first time someone attempted to recruit her anyways.

Dropping her duffle-bag, Kitty took a deep breath. Becoming in an intangible state was a precaution she took to confront the man or men that had called to her. Turning around, she instantly knew who he was. Looking past the crowd of busy travelers, he had stood out quite obviously; standing at over 7 feet tall.

"James Proudstar?" Kitty whispered to herself. James Proudstar was a man she didn't trust, after all he did render her unconscious in a revengeful plan to get back at Xavier, who she knew he resented because of his brother's tragic death on a mission with the team. Kitty didn't know either of the Proudstars too well, but from what she remembered, he had made peace with the X-men. The last she knew of his whereabouts, he was with the affiliation X-Force, whom given their history with the X-men, were their rivals.

Picking up her bag slowly, she walked towards her former foe. Her heels echoing against the floor, slicing through the murmurs and chatter going on in the busy New York airport. She stopped when she was about several feet away from her acquaintance, cautiously asking,

"James...what are you doing here?"

07-08-2008, 10:03 PM
James yelled for Kitty?s attention. He was hoping that his loud voice would carry over all the hustle and bustle of the J.F. Kennedy Airport. People scurried around, trying to make it to their specified terminals. Kitty was almost hard to spot, even for James, and he was a tall man.

It had seemed, however, that his effort of being loud had worked. James noticed that Kitty stopped dead in her tracks, and turned around, confused, trying to find who it was that yelled for her. James started to walk towards her, cautiously, as he knew that they were not exactly the best of friends. Soon he locked eyes with Kitty, and he noticed that she too was walking toward him. People seemed to go on about their business, crossing in front of James as he walked away from the television and toward Kitty; not that it mattered, as he could easily see over most of them. The mutant known as Warpath drew even closer to the dainty Shadowcat. He had forgotten how small she was.

?James, what are you doing here?? she said in a concerned tone.

?I have decided come home, but?? James pointed to the TV monitor that he had seen the news about the Professor and said, ?Did you see it? Xavier?he was attacked.? James could hardly say the words, as he was still finding it hard to believe that this icon of mutant rights and equality had been attacked, and worse, there was no report of Xavier's condition. ?Who would do such a thing?? James never considered Xavier a close friend, but Xavier mattered a lot to his deceased brother, and therefore, James had an obligation to Xavier and the X-Men.

"Kitty, where were you rushing off to?"

07-18-2008, 07:39 AM
As Kitty stood in front of James, she couldn't help but notice that he seemed different; his demeanor was kind, absent of the hate that she once remembered him with. With her time with the X-men, she knew the change of heart mankind was capable of: good to evil, hero to villain, and vice versa.

?I have decided come home, but?? Kitty followed Warpath's gaze over to the news report, now drawing a larger crowd.

"So you saw it too huh.." Kitty asked rhetorically. She knew in a time like this, Kitty was relieved to have found a friend, a fellow student of the mentor that has taken the place of a father figure in her, and so many others' lives.

"We gotta' hurry James. We don't know how serious this is, but judging from the impact, I'm guessing it's..... pretty serious.

From New York, they weren't far from Massachusetts, where the Institute was, and most likely where the Professor would be taken to, considering the amount of advanced technology the Mansion had thanks to the Shi'ar. Although most taxi's were reluctant to take on this road trip, Kitty hoped her pension she received from her time with Excalibur would persuade a driver.

"C'mon. If you can stomach it, I know a shortcut to the taxi line" Kitty whispered with an ever so slightly smirk.

She reached out her hand to James. Looking around, she saw most people's attention were fixated on monitors around their terminal. Logically, she knew she shouldn't draw any more attention to her kind, mutants, out in the public. But she was young, after all, still a teenager. She figured her youth trumped wisdom during these years.


07-22-2008, 08:32 PM
"We gotta' hurry James. We don't know how serious this is, but judging from the impact, I'm guessing it's..... pretty serious."

James nodded. "I agree, Kitty. We need to find a way to get to the mansion fast!" James wasn't acustomed to moving so fast. His quiet life in the remote mountains of West Virginia spoiled him in taking his time in doing his tasks, but now, in the heart of the urban forest, James was forced to switch his mind set. A few minutes in New York, and James was already thrust into chaos and confusion. "Whatever happened to the philosophy of live and let live?"

"C'mon. If you can stomach it, I know a shortcut to the taxi line" Kitty whispered with an ever so slightly smirk.

James was taken aback by her response, not out of shock, but rather intrigue. He liked that Kitty was a quick thinker... it proved that she was a resourceful individual, and warrior, a trait that James admired, especially since being trained as a hunter and warrior, it was something that he learned to do ever since he was a young boy. Among his tribe, resourcefulness was most certainly appreciated. Obviously, this girl had an ace up her sleeve, and James was ready to hear what that was.


He knew that this girl was young, but now was not the time to be discrete in who they were. James was older than Kitty and knew that whatever this girl was thinking, he'd probably regret later, but he needed something to pep up a slow day. Kitty put her hand forth to James, and he looked down at her dainty hand, and looked back up at her face, and returned her offer with a smirk of his own. "It looks like I'll have to experience your plan, rather than hear it." The mutant known as Warpath reached out and grasped Kitty's hand, only using a few of his large fingers to hold onto her hand. To an outsider, it would look like a newborn grasping an adult's hand. "Let's roll."