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07-30-2008, 03:10 AM
Alright, genius. Now what?

It was suddenly apparent that this had been a very bad idea. Kevin had left the scrap yard outside Pittsburgh and spent every dime he had on an Amtrack ticket to New York City. Now he stood, alone and terrified, in a small offset alcove of Grand Central Station's main terminal, facing the biggest crowd he'd ever seen in one place. He'd never considered this. Kevin knew he couldn't risk simply wading into the crowd. He'd managed to find some clothing that wouldn't disintegrate upon touching his skin, but he knew that in such a crowd, the possibility of brushing up against someone was simply too great.

But that wasn't the only problem. The hunger. It was if his ability wanted to be used. It was as if he needed to use it... and the closer that Kevin got to the surging mass of humanity passing by him only feet away, the stronger the urges got. Yeah, this had been a real bad idea. He'd thought that if he could find a way to use his ability, if he could control the hunger and use his 'death touch' do do some good, he might be able to deal with the shame and guilt of what happened to his parents. So he figured he had to come to New York City...

What did you think, idiot? Did you think you were going to get here and simply walk up to Four Freedom's Plaza and introduce yourself to Reed Richards? Did you figure you were going to walk into Times Square and Spider-Man would just swing down and offer to show you the ropes?


Kevin knew he was in trouble. He was broke, terrified, and alone in a city where he didn't know a soul. One wrong move, and not only would he reveal himself as a mutant, but with one innocent touch, he could kill someone else. He didn't know what to do next, and the hunger was growing the more scared he got. He knew that even once rush hour passed, his fear wasn't going to subside and no one was coming to save him. He'd managed to find the courage to get himself here, and now that he was in New York, he was in worse shape than he'd been in the scrap yard. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

What had he been thinking?

Ororo Munroe
08-01-2008, 04:03 PM
(assumed to be the day after A&C Chapter 3)

The weather had gotten cool, but Ororo had the top down on the sleek, Toyota Solara convertible which she maneuvered from Westchester in Salem Center to the crowded avenues of New York city. She'd invited people in the mansion to join her, not wanting to be alone on this errand, and it seemed that some of the young had desired a jaunt back to civilization. Ororo could only imagine why. The city was still strange to her. Sterile. Impersonal. Inhuman. Perhaps for that reason, as well as everything else dwelling on her mind, Storm hadn't spoken much on the trip across the state. She'd just put the top down and her foot down on the pedal.

They had good weather at least. A stiff breeze, but little in the way of clouds. Knowing who was behind the wheel doubtless made it difficult to know if that was intentional on her part at all. The voyage down the turnpike had been relatively painless, though traffic became more congested as they got into the city proper; Ororo navigating toward Manhatten.

They were headed toward Hell's Kitchen.

The way that Ororo felt, it was an appropriate place to spend the day. It was depressing to think about the purpose for her voyage, yet humbling at the same time. She was going to speak with Mr. Nelson, Charles' attorney, in order to pick up a copy of his will... should they need it. And while Ororo was adamant for the fact that the X-Men would not be looking for Xavier's executor anytime in the near future... she was left pondering the reality that she had not updated her own will in some time. And she thought that she might do that while she was down at the law office of Murdock and Nelson.

Pulling off at a parking garage less than a block away from the building she was headed to, Ororo glanced over at her passenger. "This might take an hour or so," the woman stated, at last breaking the solemn oath of silence which had existed unspoken since their departure from the house. "Would you care to accompany me or do you have some errands of your own to tend to?" the African mutant asked politely, as the white haired goddess slipped out of the car. Gone was her familiar X-Men costume. In its place, she wore only a plain black pantsuit. The only ornate object being a tribal pendant which was suspended around her neck.

She had conquered the Hellfire Club, sentinels, and even Dracula. And she looked now like she was ready to take a stab at Wallstreet.

08-01-2008, 08:54 PM
There was something about traveling through a big city.

There was something about the buildings and advertisements that decorated and at times dominated the scenery like the pine needles on a Christmas tree. The mix of old relics that refused to be torn down, as if they held a death grip to the very ground they rested on. Then there were the new buildings, some of which had already been tagged by 'artists' to show that they too now belonged. And one couldn't forget the skyscrapers that reached up into the heavens, as if God himself could suddenly find He had neighbors. Though I'd imagine borrowin' cup of sugar might be difficult, Gene Larson aka Dynamo thought as he relaxed in the passenger seat of the Toyota Solara.

He had been the only one of the students to accept Miss Munroe's invitation to visit the city; grateful for the break in his studies that he had throwing himself into when he wasn't working out on trying to get a hold on his powers. Granted, he didn't know Ororo all that much; as a physics major most of time he had been working with Dr. McCoy, whose appearance still made Gene uneasy even though he had worked with him a lot since arriving. Seems she ain't much for talkin', Gene thought noting that the ride through the state had mostly been a quiet one. Which was fine to a point. Gene had made a point to view the sights while he was out, and had not been disappointed at the sights that filled his vision, though there had been times where he needed to put a hand to his head to keep his white cowboy hat from flying away.

Yet Gene knew that there was more to the quiet than just a personality quirk. He had stuck his head into the rumor mill from time to time, and what he had heard worried him. He had heard the Professor was hurt, and from the look of the staff Gene had to admit that much was certain. That's why the other's are worried, Gene thought his fellow students, it be one thang if it was somethin' simple, but if the staff is upset... It was one of the reasons Gene had agreed to come along on this trip. Being one of the oldest students, he felt responsible to try and figure out what exactly what was going on, as some of the staff were not as forthcoming as the students would like.

But really the rumor found was most troubling was that it wasn't another mutant that attacked the Professor, but that supposedly it was one of their own. An X-Man. Man, I hope that ain't true. It's one thing to play for another team, it's quite another to strike a former teammate, he thought. When he and his friends would play pick up football games in grade school, people switched teams all the time, but those who went after certain people because they could never played for long. Sooner or later everyone else wises up on that bullshit...

<< "This might take an hour or so," the woman stated, at last breaking the solemn oath of silence which had existed unspoken since their departure from the house. "Would you care to accompany me or do you have some errands of your own to tend to?" >>

Broken from his thoughts as the car had already parked in the garage, which were becoming more troubled than he'd prefer to admit, Gene gave a nod of understanding before replying. "No problem ma'am," he spoke calmly, like a man who done things like this a dozen times or so. "I'd be delighted to follow your lead, if you don't mind o'course," he said with a tip of his hat. So obscure it was, and yet it seemed to match his demeanor and the brown cowboy boots he wore nicely. He was dressed casually; a pair of jeans and a green athletic shirt hugged his athletic frame. "After all, a country boy like me would hate to get lost in the big city," he said as he exited the door, ready to walk through the big city that easily caught his attention prior.

08-01-2008, 09:39 PM
Meanwhile, back at Grand Central Station...

As the morning rush hour crowds subsided, Kevin worked up the courage to make his way through the station and out into the mid-morning streets of the Big Apple. Careful to keep some distance between himself and anyone else, careful not to risk brushing up against anyone, He made his way north-east along Park Avenue until he came to 60th Street, where he turned west, towards Central Park.

All around him, life thrived. Monolithic towers of glass and stone and steel soared, but to Kevin's eyes they were ruined and crumbling. People went about their lives all around him, and yet Kevin looked into their faces and saw only withered corpses staring back at him. It was the world as he saw it, the world his power wanted him to create. It was what he could unleash on the world if he ever lost control and gave into the hunger.

The Hunger.

It didn't stop, and far more and more it was the only way Kevin could sustain himself. It was like he was starving to death, and he knew that the only way to sedate the sensation was to use his ability. And so, despite the risk, despite the inherent danger of being caught, Kevin made his way to the park. He entered the park at the gate north of the Ritz-Carlton, and made his way along the north shore of The Pond. There, in the thickly wooded area, he glanced around to see if he was alone, and sure that he was, he fell to his knees at the base of a tall, thick oak... rolled up his sleeves, and wrapped his arms around the trunk, pressing the side of his face against the rough bark.

He closed his eyes.

There was no sound. There was no smell. But slowly, the hunger subsided, and when Kevin opened his eyes, the withered, dying oak before him was just beginning to turn to dust and blow away on the cool breeze.

That's when Kevin saw them. 3 young men, probably each a couple of years older than him, perhaps even in their early twenties. Having just used his power, Kevin could see them as they were, young, strong and full of life... his death sight fading along with the need to use his ability. He could see, by the looks on their faces, that they had witnessed exactly what he had done. He hoped that they would turn and run, perhaps stricken with fear with what they had seen... but fear was not the emotion that rose within them.


With that cry, one of the young men picked up a rock and threw it, catching Kevin in the temple and cutting him badly. The hunger suddenly twisted up, differently then before. The power wasn't calling Kevin to use it out of neglect this time... this time, it was out of a desire to destroy. He knew he was in trouble, and he knew what would happen if he stood his ground and let the urge to use his ability take over... so Kevin fled.

He ran northwards through the park, and the youths gave chase. He could hear them as they followed...

Stop him! He's a stinkin' mutie!

Kevin knew he was in deep as the crowd chasing him through Central Park grew.

08-02-2008, 04:18 AM
Man these bags are heavy. The superhuman child known as Zero-G thought to himself as he finished moving the last of his bags into his new New York apartment. He had just moved from his parents house and for the first time he was out on his own for real. He was away from all of his siblings and for the first time he would be having his own adventures. Adventuring and saving the world with his younger siblings was fine when he was younger, but now Alex wanted more. He wanted to move on from the "family of superheros" and become his own hero. What better place to start out than New York?

His little studio apartment was just big enough for him to live and and maybe a one guest if it was necessary. He hadn't really furnished it to too much as the living room had nothing but a small TV set and a couch just big enough for someone to sleep on. The kitchen had come with the empty refrigerator that for the time being would stay just that, an empty refrigerator. His bedroom had his queen size mattress, a nightstand with his siblings and parents picture on it and a clock radio. The walls were the ugliest painted gray possible, but he liked then anyway.

Finished unpacking all of the important things now, Alex figured that he could stop for today. He walked out of his room and sat on the couch in front of the TV and switched it on. I guess I'll just wait for him to get here now. He thought to himself as he mindlessly flipped through channel after channel. Five minutes later Alex was dressed in some blue jeans a blue T-shirt and a black leather jacket and out on the street, chomping on a hot dog, and headed for Central Park. Sitting around watching TV was not exactly his idea of a great time and who sits at home watching TV in New York anyway? This was the big apple and Alex missed his former home. He could spare some time in Central Park before he got here anyway.

He turned into Central Park just as he finished the last bite of his hot dog. Man people should move to New York just for the hot dogs. Hands in his jacket pocket Alex walked through the park taking in all of his surroundings. He had had so many adventures in this city and had been to this park so many times, but still it always looked different,but also the same. The families playing with there kids, the single men and women walking their dogs hoping to "run into each other", and finally the group of people chasing someone yelling "Stop him! He's a stinkin' mutie!" Wait what?

Alex's attention turned to a young enough looking person being chased by a growing mob of people. No doubt he would be getting tired soon and if that mob was able to catch up to him things could really turn out bad for him. Whether he was a mutant or not didn't concern Alex, but his well being did. Alex ran to the crowd and joined it as if he was one of the people chasing the guy. From this point if things got too bad, he would be able to help and now maybe he could find out exactly what happened by asking the person closest to him.

"So whats going on here?"

Ororo Munroe
08-03-2008, 05:47 AM
(Auto on Dynamo approved by Desperado in advance)

"No problem ma'am," Eugene responded. He was being polite, of course. The word ma'am, however, resonated with Ororo; who almost looked to see if there was another woman present as it dawned on her that he'd said it in deference to her. The white haired woman actually froze as a shiver ran though her body. Goddess, do I look so old? In answer to her own question, all it took was a brief glance over to Gene to remind Ororo that she was almost twice his age. With a shudder, Ororo felt ready for a shawl and walker as she strode out of the parking garage and onto 59th Street, all the while reflecting on the fact that her twenties had somehow escaped her between Africa, the X-Men, Genosha, and all points in between.

"I'd be delighted to follow your lead, if you don't mind o'course," the young man remarked as he got out of the car. "After all, a country boy like me would hate to get lost in the big city."

The comment drew a smile from Ororo, which helped to alleviate the frustration she'd felt earlier. "And so you're following the woman from a village with no electricity?" the African mutant pointed out in a teasing tone as she looked ahead to the crosswalk light, stopping on the curb in wait to cross over to the next street, crossing her hands in front of her as she stood there. "Where are you fr..." Ororo began to ask, looking to start a casual conversation with Eugene when several indistinct shouts could be heard. Followed by several more. Ororo trailing off as one shout came through very clear.

"There's a mutie in Central Park!"

Spinning around, Ororo took several running steps over to look back down 59th Street. There was indeed what appeared to be a mob forming, moving northward. And their numbers appeared to be growing. As much as Ororo was concerned over the question of what a suspected mutant could have done to spark this kind of response... she knew the answer could easily be not much. Worse still, whatever had precipitated it... there was only one way a mob like that ever ended.

"Eugene, do you still want to follow me or would you rather head back to the car?" Ororo asked, an urgency slipping into her voice as she glanced back at the Texan teen. Which is when she noticed how he was dressed. And how she was dressed. At least she hadn't worn heels.

Great goddess, she might as well never take off the spandex!

Getting the affirmative from the teen that he was with her, Ororo pulled Gene back toward the shadows of the parking garage. The alleyway seemed unobtrusive. The last thing they needed was to set off further mobs by being seen using their powers. The blue eyes of the dark-skinned goddess faded to pulsating white orbs as she stretched out her arms and summoned a sudden great gust of wind to lift herself and Gene up into the air, throwing them up to the top of a nearby building.

Ororo's shoes clicked against the rooftop as she landed on the move, running across to a corner overlooking the park so that she could get a better assessment of what was happening down there. She watched the field of ant-like people moving en masse. "There," she stated, pointing out the figure who was just barely leading the pack. "That's the person they're after," she observed affirmatively.

Great. They knew who was looking to be lynched. Now what was she going to do, Ororo pondered silently.

08-04-2008, 02:05 AM
Dammit, this isn't good.

The blood streaming from Kevin's forehead and temple was running into his eye and the corner of his mouth. He could feel the mob gaining on him, and he knew he couldn't outrun them for much longer. He was tired, and he was scared. Nothing, from the moment he'd stepped of the train this morning, had gone the way he'd thought it would. He never should have left the scrap yard.

I came to New York to try and be a hero, and now I'm just going to be a headline. 'Mutant Slain By Mob In Central Park'. Real heroic, Kevin.

And then there was the obvious. Somewhere deep inside, something wanted him to stop running. Something wanted him to turn and fight. Something wanted him to kill. It was almost as if his powers had a personality of their own, a personal that wanted Kevin to utilize them. After what had happened too his father, Kevin had sworn never to use his abilities on another human... but maybe there was no other way out. Maybe Kevin was going to have to accept that this is what he was.

He turned an faced the mob.

The action stunned most of them into inaction. It must of painted quite a scene... one lone kid, dressed all in black, facing off against an enraged crowd of mutant haters in a frozen stare-down. In that moment, Kevin allowed himself to actually believe that he might just get out of this in one piece...

...when one of the mob charged forward, baseball bat raised above his head. He charged Kevin, and brought the bat swinging down with dark intentions. Kevin saw his life flash before his eyes, and instinctively reached up to catch the bat...

...and he did.

There was an audible gasp that passed through the crowd as the bat made contact with the palm of Kevin's hand, and almost instantly, the wood dried, cracked, crumbled and withered. The silvery ash fell to the ground like snow. The young thug who had swung the bat stared into Kevin's eyes, stunned. Keven stared back and into the eyes of a corpse.

Do it! This is what you are.


The urge was there, to reach out and grab the man by the throat... but Kevin denied it. He wasn't going to become the monster. He pulled his hand back...

...and in that moment of hesitation, the crowd surged forward.

The first kick caught Kevin in the ribs, and he was sure he felt at least one crack. He turtled, and the crowd was on top of him, kicking and stomping.

This is it. This is how I'm going to die.

08-06-2008, 12:48 AM
The young girl swayed back and forth as she danced in a solitary celebration of her own little world; shut out from the world by the ear bud headphones that connected her to the iPod in her strap pocket of the lime green courier bag she toted diagonally across her body in place of a purse. She didn't really do purses yet. They were too small to carry all her stuff and too easy to set down and forget about. Humming to herself, blond pigtails swung freely about her shoulders as the child bobbed her head in time to the beat of Joan Osborne asking the question of what if God was one of us? The fingers of a small hand tapping against the metal railing she held to as she rode the train into New York.

Her mother had been a little freaked out at the notion of her baby riding the train by herself, but Katie had been adamant. After all she wasn't little anymore, she was getting ready to start high school. Granted, that was only because Katie had skipped over the elementary grades but still. The principle seemed the same. Nevermind that what her mother didn't know was that Katie had traveled the galaxy and even across dimensions by herself. It made sense, to her at least, that if Energizer could manage to go from Earth to Elsewhere okay... the trip to New York City shouldn't be hard at all.

Still, Katie would have to admit that she was a little scared. She'd faced the Horsemen of Apocalypse, the demon Boogeyman, and even Galactus... and she was still a little intimidated to be on her own. It was odd not to have Alex and Julie around, though Katie welcomed the opportunity to put some distance between herself and Jack. She hoped that Alex was happy about her coming to visit, because Katie couldn't have been happier with the idea of helping her big brother set up his apartment. Not to mention visiting grandpa, maybe Franklin, or even her friend Logan that she hadn't seen in awhile.

Shuffling about, the girl raised her sky blue eyes at last to look around the interior of the car she was in; realizing only now how empty the train was. A fact which only compounded the loneliness she felt at walking out on her own, even if just temporarily. Maybe... maybe she didn't need to be in such a hurry to be like her big sister Julie after all, the child thought to herself. Her brooding interrupted as she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the glass windows of the train car. Standing there in pink corduroy pants with a white hoodie that had pink trim and a image of Minnie Mouse embroidered on the chest. The sight brought a carefree smile to her face. She thought she looked cute.

As the train lumbered its way to a shuddering halt beside the platform underneath New York City, Katie let go of the metal rail and made her way to the doors. As they popped open, she peeked her head out to glance back along the tracks. Somewhere in the shadows was an entrance to the Morlock tunnels. Places she'd been before. Shifting through bodies, looking for the corpse of a friend. The memory sent a chill through the girl's body. Adjusting the way her bag hung on her body, the young heroine clung tightly to her sweatshirt as she stepped out onto the platform proper, her eyes scanning upward among the crowd for any sign of her elder sibling.

As she walked, Katie's hand dipped into her pants pocket for a piece of gum. Unwrapping the watermelon-flavored candy, the girl popped the chewy confectionary into her mouth. Returning her hand to her pocket, the youth went through the motions of tucking her trash away there; though a faint hue of golden light reflected the candy wrappers demise, disintegrated at the fingertips of the child as she absorbed the energy from its broken atomic bonds. Cracking a bubble, Katie kept her eyes forward as she strode into New York City. Just an eight year old girl alone.

An eight year old who'd saved the Earth. A few times. Not that she was keeping count. They didn't award ponies for saving the planet after all. It'd be nice if they did though, the small girl throught to herself with a private little smile as she skipped across the platform and started up the steps to the station proper, her eyes still looking for any sign of her brother when she caught sight of an elderly woman gingerly creeping up to the steps. The matriachial, grandmotherly figure was obviously impaired by some form of arthritis in her stalted, fragile gait. Pigtails bouncing, Katie hoped back down the steps to drop beside the stranger. "Do you need some help, ma'am?" the child asked sweetly.

The wisened, gray-haired woman seemed startled; as much by the gesture as being addressed so politely by a stranger in New York. "Aren't you a dear. Would it be a bother?" the matronly figure begged in reply, extending an arm even as the old woman leaned against the wall of the stairwell to help balance herself as she began ascending the steps.

"No, ma'am," Katie answered simply, gingerly taking the woman's arm and helping guide her along the steps to the top of the terminal platform, where she finally let go as the woman seemed to get her bearings. "'Kay?"

"I'm fine, child. Your parents raised you right. And I thank you," the stranger stated with a wearied smile, as the woman glanced up as though expecting to see someone there waiting for the girl. "Are you by yourself, dear?"

"I'm meetin' my brother here, ma'am," Katie offering, skipping a step back as she gave a large wave farewell to the woman. "Bye!" the child stated cheerfully, dashing off across the terminal. As she did, Katie swung the courier tote around to pull out the small, frog-shaped cellphone she carried. It didn't have all the functionality of a regular cellphone. Hers only allowed her to contact numbers pre-programmed into the phone, such as that of her brother. Tapping away with her thumb, the girl dialed out a quick text asking him where he was.

The girl had just tapped the send button when she'd exited the metro onto Central Park West, the piece of West 110th Street that bordered Central Park. A loud commotion caused the fair-haired child to look up in surprise at a sizeable, angry mob inside of Central Park. "Oh my gosh," Katie breathed, as the girl's blue eyes widened at hearing several expletives about mutants. Katie knew a lot of mutants in Manhattan, having had personal experiences with the Morlocks, X-Men and X-Terminators, as well as the mutant son of the New York-based Fantastic Four. The fact that Katie could look up from where she stood and see the Four Freedoms Plaza rising in the distance above the crowd only hastened her anxiety about who the target of the mob could be. She'd seen anti-mutant protests before that had been violent, even targeting her and the other members of Power Pack; who had often been mistaken for mutants.

With a surprising disregard for herself, the small girl snapped into motion. Bolting across the street, pigtails streaming behind her head as the child flipped her tote bag around. Those were her clothes and things for her stay with her big brother Alex. And, in seconds, they ceased to exist. A bright golden aura enveloped her hand as Katie plunged it into the bag... and dissolved the contents. Her shirts, dresses, lip gloss all disintegrated with her touch; followed by the bag itself. Katie tried not to think about the fact that she liked that bag. She'd saved up her allowance in order to buy it herself. As everything dissolved, an aura of pure energy surrounded the pre-teen; one that crackled with a static charge as she charged a pulsating, glowing orb of power on her chest. Two smaller power balls appearing around either hand as the girl gave the command, "Costume on!"

In an instant, the pink-clad child was transformed into the yellow and black suited heroine known as Energizer. Dashing headlong toward the mob, the super-powered youth released a volley of small, concussive bolts from out of the three power balls she wielded. Flash bangs measured internally to have what she hoped was just enough kinetic force to knock back the mob that had begun to pile on top of the man. With powerful explosions and a shower of sparkles, one might very well have thought that Jubilation Lee or Tabitha Smith had come to the strangers aid. "Leave mutants alone!" Katie shouted as she dug her armored heels in just a few steps away from where the man was crouched. Katie's bursts rained outward, five or seven at a time, to blow back the crowd; with a number aimed at their feet in an effort to scare them away. Still not enough to account for the entire mob and Katie quickly had start looking to her left and right in order to make sure no one was advancing on her. The grass beneath her dissolved around her feet, as the girl made use of the available matter to make up for some of the energy she was putting out.

Katie had gotten herself into this mess... really there hadn't been any alternative... but if she stayed there too long she was likely to hurt someone. Not to mention it looked like the stranger was already hurt. They needed an exit strategy.

Luckily, Katie had something in mind. "Hey, mister. Are you okay to move?" the child asked, pausing as she made a wave with one hand; casting three bolts in rapid fire succession that sent several men bowling over backward on the ground. The element of surprise which Energizer had originally arrived with was wearing thin. "I know a place we can get to from here," the girl added, referring of course to the Morlock Tunnels which - conveniently - could be accessed near the metro station behind them.

08-07-2008, 01:11 AM
This is getting worse and worse. Alex thought to himself as he followed the mob chasing the supposed mutant. As much as Alex wanted to help the mutant, from his position there wasn't much that he could do without exposing his own powers and somehow he figured the mob wouldn't take to kindly to his powers, even if he wasn't a mutant. The mob was beginning to slow down which meant the mutant was getting tired. If he did stop, Alex would have no choice but to intervene so that he was not seriously injured or worse.

Then just like that the crowd stopped. Alex stopped as well a little dumbfounded at the sudden stop in movement. He looked around a few peoples shoulders and saw that the man had decided to just stop and turn to face the crowd. What were his powers? Could he really take on this whole crowd by himself? If so Alex was right in the middle of the crowd and could possibly be taken out. It seemed though that even the mob was shocked at his abrupt stop. Everyone just stood staring at the man, wondering what he was going to do.

Buzz!!... Huh? Was this his power? Alex felt movement on his right thigh. Maybe he was a psychic and he was making everyone feel things on their skin. No one else seemed to be shocked though or feeling anything. Buzz!!... There it was again! What was it? Alex looked down and almost laughed out loud. It was just his cell phone buzzing. Katie! I was supposed to meet her at the metro station! Well the metro station was just around the corner so he could still meet Katie, but he couldn't leave this guy alone. CRACK!

A loud cracking sound...what was that? Alex turned back to look at the mutant, but it was too late. The mob rushed forward and in seconds they were all over him. Now was the time to act, forget hiding his powers. He only managed to take one step forward before a flurry of yellowish, orange balls of energy blasted in the direction of the crowd. The entire mob moved back, inadvertently pushing Alex back with them. "Leave mutants alone!" a little voice yelled from the head of the mob. Katie! Of course he recognized his younger sisters voice instantly and thanks to her arrival the mob's attention were on her.

Alex made his way to the back of the crowd and muttered "Costume on!" His street clothes vanished and were instantly replaced by a black and white outfit very similar to Katie's yellow and black one. He lowered the gravity around himself and jumped up, easily leaping over the whole crowd in one shot. He landed inches from Katie who was now kneeling over the unconscious mutant. They needed to get out of here and fast. He looked around for a quick escape and notice a manhole. The Morlock tunnels! " Katie we need to get him underground to the Morlock tunnels." That was their only hope of escaping, but how were they going to get there?

08-07-2008, 03:48 AM
There were many different powers in the superhero world, powers that ranged from the incredible and cool to the just plain bizarre. But despite the varitable sea that the world had become with all the mutants that had been emerging, flight was the one power that always seemed to create a sense of wonder within. Gene had actually experienced the feeling before, when he had fallen off a barn at his grandfather's ranch. His powers had kicked in, sensing that he was in danger and the result had been wings bursting through his shirt as his glided to the gound. Though it ruined mah shirt somethin' fierce, he thought as the epiphany kicked in.

But was a different kind of flying; a gust that sent him upward along with the weather-controlling woman who had summoned it. Landing on top of a nearby building, the green eyed Texan could only wonder as the horizon streched out before him. A man could get lost in a view like this, he thought for a second when the realization of why they were up there came rushing back like a river. Wish it were under better conditions...

<< "There," she stated, pointing out the figure who was just barely leading the pack. "That's the person they're after," she observed affirmatively. >>

"Oh hell, this ain't gonna be good," he said.Gene looked and saw what was quickly becoming a bad situation as the kid, who was probably younger than Gene himself, turned to stand and face the mob that threatened him like the last stand at the OK corral. Though this ain't the kind that you see in the movies, he thought. Case in point when the bat swung, and Gene inwardly cursed himself for not moving, for wasn't he supposed to be the good guy? But I'm up here...and he's down there. 'The hell am I supposed to do? Fly off the damn building?

But the one thing Gene had learned about being a mutant was that things weren't always what they seem. Case in point when the bat withered into nothingness. "Well I'll be damned," he said. But that was quickly lost as the mob crashed upon him like a wave upon the sand. "Beggin' yer pardon ma'am," he mentioned to Ororo as his accent became more pronounced, "but we need to get down there right quick like." Looking around, and wishing for once that there was a phone booth like in the old superhero books. He turned and witnessed two -were those seriously a pair of kids- interviene but were quickly retreating with the young man they had saved.

It was clear that they needed some help.

...then what are you doin up here again Gene? the thought smacked him upside the head, and Gene headed up to the edge of the building, noting with a slight fear of the height that they viewed the scene playing before them. Granted his powers would probably save him; his subconsciousness would kick in once again and grant him superhuman abilities. Though hopefully not wings again, he thought, I'd hate to lose another shirt. He didn't know really what would happen, and that was the problem. With no real control of his powers, Gene couldn't just leap out into the open sky like it was nothing. And while he hated to admit it, it didn't make it any less true.

"...um, not to be a bother or anythin', but um...don't suppose you'd mind given this Texas boy a lift down there..." he stuttered, hating what he was to say next but needing to have some sort of explaination "...I um...can't control mah powers all that well...at least not in the air." He hoped that the need to help the kids in the park would keep him from having to elaborate...

Ororo Munroe
08-08-2008, 02:42 PM
"Oh hell, this ain't gonna be good," Gene stated behind her. Raising her head up as he spoke, the African mutant's cerulean eyes faded to white. The wind was starting to pick up. Her billowing mass of snowy hair dancing free upon the stiff, chill breeze that blasted across the rooftop in the same moment that there came several crackling surges overhead. A rolling thunder seemed to make the world tremble beneath the buttermilk sky in which clouds suddenly rolled across. Gathering. Darkening. New York was suddenly shrouded beneath the eclipse of Ororo's raw power.

"No," Storm replied flatly, lowering her head back to gaze over Central Park with the angry, blazing eyes which reflected the cold white heat which flashed in the clouds. "No. It won't."

"Beggin' yer pardon ma'am," the Texan teen began, as the pair both laid witness to a small child charging into battle. One who, astonishingly, wielded what appeared to be some rather serious power. And more over... control of that power. Confusion stayed Ororo's hand as she watched the pig-tailed girl and felt something akin to... recognition.

It was a sense only confirmed by the appearance of an older child, one about Gene's age, in a costume of white and black which mimicked the pattern of the girl's costume. "Power Pack," Storm commented, somewhat in disbelief as she held up a hand to ease Gene's concerns. The woman turned to glance over at her companion saying, "Friends. Young but... they are well named."

"Um, not to be a bother or anythin', but um... don't suppose you'd mind given this Texas boy a lift down there..." Gene stuttered, hating what he was to say next but needing to have some sort of explaination. "I um... can't control mah powers all that well...fat least not in the air."

"No need to explain. I have you covered," Ororo assured the teenage mutant evenly, lifting herself off the rooftop even as she summoned winds to propel Dynamo along... though just behind her. When the mob attacked, Ororo wanted to be at the forefront. Swooping down into the park from above, Storm circled around so that she dropped behind Zero-G and Energizer. "I believe there were three others in your team last time we met," Ororo commented down to Alex, as the white-haired mutant looked appreciatively at the buffer which the two members of Power Pack had managed to create between the hunted man and the mob. With a thought and sheer force of will, Ororo brought down a bolt of lightning which was channeled through her body and arced from her spread fingertips to the ground in front of the crowd. At the same time, a cold front rolled in from behind; creating a fog as a thermal layer formed spontaneously. It would give them cover.

" Katie, we need to get him underground to the Morlock tunnels." Zero-G stated as Ororo finally landed amid the fog. It was the perfect suggestion, really. Except, they were going to be burdened by the mutant who appeared to be unconscious.

"I can push them back with the winds while providing cover with the fog," Storm stated as the long-time leader of the X-Men assumed charge of the situation. "Zero-G, can you use your gravity powers to move the stranger?" Ororo half-asked, half-ordered as she took an assessment of the people around her and what they could do.

"Energizer, disintegrate that manhole cover," Ororo commanded, casting a quick glance in the girl's direction before looking over sharply at Gene. "Dynamo, take point and make sure the tunnel beneath is clear."

Her orders given, Storm left the children to tend to her instructions. While Ororo focused on using the colossal forces of the Goddess to hold the lynching at bay...

08-10-2008, 11:50 AM
Bright and bombastic, Energizer was casting explosive flash-bangs in a dazzling cascade whose drain on her was revealed in the subtle aura surrounded her. Fading as the atomic 'fuel reserve' was tapped. Without another substantial disintegration she was going to run out of power at this rate.

"Katie we need to get him underground to the Morlock tunnels." a voice declared, as a familiar figure soared over the crowd.

"Ale... uh, Zero-G! Codenames!" Katie blurted aloud, correcting herself in mid-sentence from using his name. At least now she had some back up. Though she'd have liked it more if Jack and Julie were there. "You're late," Energizer complained, casting a pouting scrowl at her brother as the small girl recalled that Alex was supposed to have met her at the train station. Not in the middle of a mutant hate mob inside Central Park.

Even though, as Power Family Reunions went, this was just about par for the course.

Back to back, Gee and Energizer were prepared to take on the crowd though. That was before a crack of lightning burst overhead. Katie had almost leapt into Alex's arms when that had happened. And then quite literally jumped for joy when the thunder was succeeded by a white-haired woman dropping down from the clouds. "It's Miss Storm," the girl cheered happily.

"I believe there were three others in your team last time we met," the African mutant had stated, as the woman calmly looked out over the crowd.

"You seem to be short an X-Man or two yourself, ma'am," Katie chirped, still bouncing up and down with excitement. She'd wanted to see the X-Men while she was here, but she hadn't expected it to happen right away. And just like that, Katie had no more concern for the lynch mob at all. The X-Men and her big brother were here. Galactus himself could have rolled up at that moment and Katie would have had full confidence in their ability to kick butt and takes names. Which was an expression that didn't make a whole lot of sense to Katie, because they already knew Galactus's name...

"Energizer, disintegrate that manhole cover," Ororo commanded, casting a quick glance in the girl's direction.

"Yes, ma'am," Katie responded in a giggling tone, as the small girl broke off her offensive and dissolved the power balls back into her body. Dashing across the lawn to the manhole cover, the pig-tailed child bent down with one hand. And, just like that, no more manhole cover. The golden aura once more faded into view around the child's small body, as the energy from the metal's atomic bonds was transferred into Katie's energy reserves.

"Ready Mister... uh," Katie began, trailing off as she tried to remember what Storm had called her friend. Katie hadn't met this X-Man before. "What was your name again?" the girl asked cordially, glancing over at Gene.

08-12-2008, 07:54 PM
Alex stood face to face with the mob now, all of them wanting to kill the mutant that lie behind him and probably Katie and himself now as well. With just the two of them here, getting the injured mutant to the manhole was going to be a problem, but it was their only chance at a clean escape without having to hurt anyone. "You're late." Energizer stated as she tended to the mutant carefully."Sorry I got a little preoccupied here as you can see. I'll take you out for some ice cream later to make it up." Zero-G stated cheerfully despite the situation.

As if it could get any worse though, a fog started to roll in around the mob and the two of them. Fog in this weather at this time of day? Highly unlikely. A small smile began to creep up on Zero-G's face as a familiar voice rang in in his ears coming from behind him. "I believe there were three others in your team last time we met." "It's Miss Storm!" Energizer squealed while jumping up and down. "Hey Storm! Man you couldn't have come at a better time." Alex stated, relieved to have some more help.

"I can push them back with the winds while providing cover with the fog, Zero-G, can you use your gravity powers to move the stranger?" Storm commanded in that leadership voice she always had when on a mission, which Alex was happy to oblige to. "I'm on it Storm" and with that Alex turned to the man on the ground and placed both hands over the man's chest, not touching him but hovering right above. He didn't want to cause him any more pain by possibly touching any broken ribs he was sure to have. Black spots and energy covered the man's entire body outlining him as well as Alex's as both were lifted into the air.

He followed Energizer as she ran to the manhole and disintegrated the cover to the tunnels below. He turned to the man Storm had come with acknowledging him for the first time and realizing that it was the first time he had seen this X-man. Storm had instructed him to make sure the tunnels below were clear which meant he was going in first. If Storm trusted him than so did Alex. "After you." Zero-G said with a smile looking at Gene.

08-15-2008, 03:53 AM
<< "Dynamo, take point and make sure the tunnel beneath is clear." >>

"Yes ma'am," Gene said with a tip of his white cowboy hat, noting that while the fog Storm was creating was enough to keep their would-be killers at bay, they would need to make some distance quick. Though the man known as Dynamo could only wonder where exactly they were going. Morlock Tunnels? What the hell is that? he thought while still keeping an ever watchful eye on the crowd, concerned that some idiot would get a bright idea and charged onward towards them. Thankfully it hadn't happened yet, but the chance was still there.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see the two kids, although it was quite clear that they were more than that, changing into their costumes and performing their tasks with such calmness that could only come from years of experience. "Heh, I reckon you two done this kinda thin' before huh?" he said softly while the girl bent down and dissolved the manhole cover with incredible ease. Man, that'd be kinda cool to do, he thought for a moment, admiring both the girl's power and the ease with which she wielded it. As Energizer's aura faded, Gene began to back up to it so that he could preform his role.

<< "Ready Mister... uh," Katie began, trailing off as she tried to remember what Storm had called her friend. Katie hadn't met this X-Man before. "What was your name again?" >>

"They call me Dynamo little lady," Gene said as he reached the now open manhole cover, his Texas accent apparent as always, but a bit moreso considering the situation. He turned and gazed down into the darkness of the manhole for a moment before looking up to face the Power Pack members. "I'm a little new to this whole superhero thin,' so bear with me," he said gazing back to Storm for a moment. She was trusting him to follow the plan, and for all the years that Gene had been a football player he had always been good at following the plan. Course, this is a bit different game here Gene, he thought to himself, pretty sure the winners here play fer keeps...

He nodded toward the X-Man, letting out a breath as he descended down the ladder, the nervousness starting to fade as he thought about it. I guess it makes sense fer me to go first, he thought as his cowboy boots 'pinged' on the rungs as he descended further, with my powers bein' what they are, I could serve well as point man. 'Sides, that's what the wideout supposed to do. Breach the defense and make a play. Although going down a sewer hole saving a young mutant from a nasty mob was slightly different from catching footballs on the gridiron. Meh, same difference, he thought as his foot reached the end of the ladder, though not the floor of the large pipe.

Looking downward, he noted that there was a little distance till he reached the end, but nothing major. Using just his arms to lower himself down, he let himself downward until his feet touched cool concrete before letting go and searching the long tunnel. He stood with his legs slightly bent and his hands at his sides, a stance that many would mistake for a quickdraw position, but really was a style for when Gene had played safety. He could quickly shoot his hands up for a block if need be, or use them as part of his stride if running was part of the equation. He green eyes scanned the tunnel which wasn't nearly as dark as he thought it would be, as light from overhead mantinence light gave a yellowish glow that prevented the darkness from becoming overwhelming. Standing on one concrete walkway which parallel with another on the other side on the tunnel, Gene took a long look downward but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Doesn't mean nothin', he thought as he turned as gazed the other way, but again he found nothing. Nothing on the walkways. Nothing in the water that ran it's course between them.

Satisfied as well as he could be, he turned back to the open manhole and peered upward. "It's all clear. Come on down," he yelled to the others topside. In another time and place, he might've said something about the water being fine, but he reckoned now wasn't the time. He had a job to do.

08-20-2008, 07:17 PM
(Sorry about the wait, I'm just super busy with my senior year about to start. Yay me!)

Zero-G stood next to the manhole waiting as Gene made his way over toward them after the instruction from storm. He didn't look nervous, but he did look a little awkward in this situation. It was clear that this wasn't something he did on a regular basis and despite most likely being older than Alex and his sister, he and Energizer probably had much more experience in situations such as this. His assumptions were proved correct when Dynamo turned and talked to them for the first time. "I'm a little new to this whole superhero thin,' so bear with me," Zero-G just nodded recognition, but at the same time he did want to move a littler faster. Storm might not be able to hold off the mob for much longer before they just charge in.

As Gene descended, Alex had time to think of all the things that had happened down below in these very same Morlock tunnels. He and the rest of the Power Pack members had come down here once before during the mutant massacre of the Morlocks. They had descended into the tunnels hoping to help in anyway they could and ended up in hard fought battle with Sabretooth. Hopefully they wouldn't have to fight him again, he was not an easy opponent in the least bit. Pulling him out of his own thoughts, he heard Gene's voice from down within the tunnels, echoing up to him. "It's all clear. Come on down,"

Alex took a step forward and first began lowering the injured and unconscious mutant first. He control the man's body with his control over the gravity around him and shifted his body so he would be going down feet first. Wouldn't want any unfortunate accidents or bumps on the head. As soon as the mutant was far down enough, Zero-G levitated himself down into the whole after him. Upon reaching the orange lighted area below Alex lay the man down on his back carefully. He looked up at the light coming from the open whole as he awaited the arrival of Energizer and Storm so that they could figure out what they planned to do now.

08-22-2008, 04:14 AM
James arrived in JFK Airport. It was early in the day, and James had been awake off and on since six a.m.. The tall Apache native of Camp Verde, Arizona, entered the massive terminal. He had forgotten all about the noise that inhabited the concrete jungle. His time in Athens, West Virginia spoiled James and his senses; particularly his hearing. Despite all the talking, yelling, whispering, and occasional bodily functions, James knew that all would eventually become white noise, once he could adjust to the environment. For the moment, however, James was just needing a place to sit down, center his being, and gain control over his supurb, sensitive hearing.

Before departing the building, however, James need to buy an Airtrain ticket, so that he could catch the subway in Jamaica, just north of JFK. James may have spent some years secluded in the appalachians, but he knew his way around the big city, as he had to navigate his way through it many times before, when he was with X-Force. James even fought enemies, surrounded by goliath architecture; so the city was nothing new to him.

James walked up to the customer service desk. There, sat an older woman, most likey in her fifties. She looked like she was already tired and bored at her job. James couldn't blame her though. He was sure that she had her fair share of getting yelled at, cussed at, and asked stupid questions. "Excuse me, ma'am, but where do I get a ticket for the Airtrain?"

The older woman pointed just beyond James' shoulder and instructed him on where to go. "You go back that way, toward the exit. You'll see a desk on this side of the wall," she waved her hand to the right, as to show him the desk would be on the right side of the building, and she continued, "and you'll see a sign that says, 'Airtrain'."

James thanked the woman, and walked down the terminal. It was a long walk, it seemed. There was no end in sight. As far as James could tell, JFK intended for its customers to get lost and never leave the airport! Alas, eventually James saw a long desk with people dressed in their uniforms, conducting the business of the Airtrain.

"Hello, welcome to our Airtrain desk. How may I help you today?" The woman speaking was young, and had an annoying voice. She sounded like that nanny character on that show. James hated that show just for the shear fact the lead actress had the very same, annoying voice.

"Uh, yes, I would like an Airtrain ticket please. I guess I would like one that goes to Jamaica." The woman airline employee processed his information and her nasal-voice came out again. "Okay, one ticket to Jamaica will cwost you seven dwollas and fifty-two cents." James and the employee made the exchange, and with his ticket in hand, James continued to the exit. Once there, he looked up and a massive black sign with white letters directed him to the Airtrain platform. It seemed that his train would be about twenty mintues still, so James decided to sit down on an unoccupied bench and there, he collected himself. James breathed slowly, and felt his heart slow. The noise of voices, footsteps, segways, electric wheelchairs, babies crying... all seemed to blend together, forming a soft white noise in the background. The smells, god, the smells... those were the worst. People's perfumes, body funk, dirty babies, the bathrooms (not to mention the odiferous stench of shit and piss); all faded out as well. James could feel his nasal cavity clear up. After a few minutes of adjusting, James heard the lound horn and the thundering stampede of his train coming. He threw his bag around his shoulder, and stood by the edge of the platform. The train rushed by him, sending a gust of wind swirling around him. His conan-like hair danced about, until the train came to a stop. The doors on the train opened, and it was chaos all over again.

The Airtrain arrived in Jamaica, New York. James hadn't really ever been there. He didn't have time to look around, and besides, since when did Jamaica, New York ever become a tourist attraction? As soon as he got off the Airtrain, James made a b-line straight to the E-Train sub line. According to his map that he got along when buying his ticket at the ticket booth in the subway, the E-Train led straight into the heart of Manhattan. He figured he'd get off at Lexington Avenue and 53rd Street. If he had remembered correctly, there was a great greasy spoon restaurant that had some of the best Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches that James had ever had.

Luckily, the transitioning from Airtrain to E-Train Sub Line wasn't any trouble. It was all turning out to be a nice day afterall. After a long ride from Jamaica to Manhattan, the speaker sounded loudly, "Next stop, Lexington Avenue and Fifty-Third Street!" James was excited, not because he could get off the subway train, but because his stomach had been talking to him for the last half-hour, crying out for food! The subway, luckily, traveled fast, and James was thankful for that.

The train came to a hard stop (the subway trains never seemed to stop gently... which is probably why New Yorkers are cranky), and James stood up, grabbed his bag and stepped out of the train as soon as the doors popped open. There were a lot of people standing around on the platform. By the entrance, two greasy haired men played recorders. The high-pitch whistle of the instruments stung James' ears. He rubbed his left ear with his left hand after passing by the musicians. His face scrunched up, a reaction to the shriek of the instruments. Once on the upper level on the streets, James looked around. Finally, he was in a pretty familiar place. He remembered coming to Manhattan with his friends for fun.

James' stomach grumbled. He laid his right hand over his abdomen and proceeded to Madison Avenue, which was just a few blocks over from Lexinton. Once on Madison, James would walk north to 58th Street, and there would be his philly cheesesteak waiting for him. He grinned all the way to the restaurant.

After finishing his Philly Cheese Steak sandwich (with a side of French dressing; just the way he liked it), James walked back out onto Madison Avenue. He felt good; his headache gone, his tummy full, James felt like he was ready for anything that would come his way. James wanted to catch the subway line (train 5) up into the Bronx as far as it would go, which was Dyre Avenue. From there, he would have a taxi drive him to Westchester, the spot of "The Mansion", where the X-Men resided.

Around the corner from the restaurant was the Subway. No one could miss the black grating with the stairs that led to the underground trains. As James took the first few steps into the dark sub-tunnels, it was at that moment that James felt a sudden shift in the climate. It wasn?t a part of his abilities; James not only had the ability of heightened senses, but he was in touch with nature, something he learned to do from a very young age, and he could feel when something was off. It was something that he had felt before, and knew this sudden shift was not normal; something nature just did not allow. James decided to investigate what was happening.

Quickly, James ran back out onto the streets. His senses told him to head northwest. From Madison, James ran past FAO Shwarz. There were what seemed to be a ton to children and adults going in and out of its doors. From FAO Shwarz, James ran across 58th Street, and then ran north on 5th Avenue. He came to a stop outside of Central Park. James closed his eyes, and got in touch with nature. He listened to mother earth. From her instructions (James believed that he could commune with nature), James ran into Central Park. He continued to dodge people in the park. It seemed that everyone and their grandmother were out on this day.

James continued to run along Central Park East Drive. As he ran, he felt the climate shift get stronger and stronger, and suddenly, he saw what seemed to be a flash of light. He wasn't the only one, as other vistors of the park looked in the same direction. Soon, in the distance, James could see what seemed to be fog, creeping up over a small hill, and down onto the road. What the..., James thought. "This is certainly not normal..." James ran up over the hill. James saw something unbelievable. There was a thick fog, incircling a small area. Inside, James could hear voices. He used his sense of hearing to hear what was happening in the fog. He heard a familiar voice. James, with his interest already piqued, he decided he'd go in and see what was happening. As far as he was concerned, the source of the mist was in the middle of it. James also knew that with his heightened senses, he could search his way though the thick grey haze. The mist was murky. James could hardly see his hand in his face. There was another shift with the climate. There was a breeze, but not directed at him. He felt the air pushing from behind him, forcing him forward. He found it hard to steady himself, as the wind was just too powerful. The mist seemed to lighten up as he was pushed along, and he saw before him, a white-haired mutant. James knew who this woman was. "STORM! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

Ororo Munroe
08-24-2008, 08:06 AM
Odd how everything just came together. Like a human symphony, and Ororo the conductor; directing the cacophony of chaotic reality and shaping it into their best hope of survival. Charles influence? Or Wolverine?s?

"It's all clear. Come on down," the wind rider heard Dynamo declare, silently acknowledging the teen's remarks as the escape started to come together. Her attention however stayed where it was. On the crowd.


The proud African turned her head to find herself gazing down at the barrel-chested frame of James Proudstar. The regal weather goddess masked her surprise beneath a calculating stare while she mentally contemplated the oddities of today; the fact that she was in New York on an errand she?d not wanted to undertake. Encountering the Power Pack. And now... Warpath? Central Park really was a happening place, wasn?t it? Without answering, Ororo turn back to the mob. Her eyes aglow as several more flashes of lightning reinforced the wall of nature?s wrath which she had erected between her refugees and the lynching.

Yes, her refugees. They were all her responsibility now, because she was Storm. This was what she did. Who she was.

?Saving lives,? Ororo answered James firmly, as the business suited woman landed in the grass beside the now open manhole. Power Pack, Dynamo, and the young man who?d merely been a victim of birth waited below. Rearing her head back, the wind rider cast a stone faced glare over at Warpath. She knew where all the others stood. They?d shown in it their actions working independently to save the stranger?s life and, ultimately, come under Storm?s command. But what was James? agenda here? Storm would like to think that she knew the man... except that Alex Summers had shown them it was sometimes your friends who hated you most of all.

?If you?d care to help, jump in,? Ororo stated finally, drawing the proverbial line for Warpath to make his own choices. She would wait a moment to see if he would join them or not. And, as the leader of the X-Men, she would be the last to step off of the battleground. Where she would lead them underground. Part of her mind was concerned at this course of action, she?d just suffered a claustrophobic attack the other night in the X-Mansion?s med lab. Was she really prepared to delve down into the Morlock Tunnels? A useless question, the better part of her realized. Her people were down there. Waiting... depending on her. She would not fail them. ?Otherwise... I?d recommend that you leave here,? the woman added.

Pausing to look down into the dark recesses of the sewars below, Storm called down below. ?Energizer, a little illumination would be appreciated,? Ororo commanded before raising her head back to look over at James.

?I wish there was time for discussion but there is not. Choose, quickly,? Storm demanded flatly. The kind of localized tempest she?d created was not without limits. Her emotions in check, Ororo was prepared to maintain the fog of war for several more minutes... but could feel a weariness seeping in to undermine her control. If James would just leap down the hole and she could end this madness, then she?d feel a great deal better about the situation.

08-24-2008, 08:28 AM
"They call me Dynamo little lady," the teenager with the cowboy hat and Southern accent had stated before leaping down into the sewers. Oddly enough, Katie had been in the New York sewers before. They were not on the top of her favorite tourist attractions when in the Big Apple. "It's all clear. Come on down.?

Channeling her power reserves, Katie summoned a power ball on her chest to provide cover for Alex and the injured stranger; keeping vigil as Zero-G used his powers to manipulate the hurt teen?s frame through the manhole and fly down behind him. It seemed there was no more need for heroics however, as Storm?s hurricane wall appeared to be holding the line on its own. So instead, once Alex was clear of the hole, Katie dissolved the power ball back into her body as she jumped down into the tunnel below.

No sooner had the young girl?s boots struck the water than the child had sprang forward once more... this time throwing her arms around Zero-G to give her big brother a hug. ?I won?t forgive you,? the pig-tailed supergirl stated plainly, as she craned her head back to look up at Alex. ?Unless its double-scoop strawberry ice cream,? she clarified. He?d offered ice cream. She wasn?t about to let him forget that anytime soon.

?Energizer, a little illumination would be appreciated,? Storm?s voice filtered down from above. Along with another voice, Katie realized. The girl had wondered why the X-Man hadn?t joined them in the tunnel yet. It appeared Storm had encountered another person.

?Yes ma?am,? the child responded, letting go of Alex as she took a few steps away and raised her arms. Energy crackled around her fingers as a pair of pulsating power balls emerged to engulf her hands, casting a pale light to push back the shadows around them.

?Is he okay?? the girl asked with concern, as the golden aura from one of her power balls cast a light across Kevin?s face.

08-27-2008, 05:00 PM
?If you?d care to help, jump in,? Ororo stated finally, drawing the proverbial line for Warpath to make his own choices.

Warpath took a better look around to see what the situation was like. It seemed that there were some people that storm was trying to push back with the strong winds. Luckily, Warpath found his footing, and was steady with his stride. ?It seems you?ve got your hands full!?

"White"]?Energizer, a little illumination would be appreciated.?[/I]

Suddenly, there was an illumination coming from the manhole opening by Storm?s feet that James didn?t notice at the beginning. James knew that Storm was insisting that he jump in the manhole. Not that it?d be a problem, but James knew what lurked below the ground ? the Morlocks. He hadn?t had any encounters with them before, but he had certainly heard the stories; from mutants and humans a like. The stories suggested the Morlocks were a strong, dedicated people, and did whatever they needed to do to protect their kind. Besides the Morlocks, there were stories of alligators in the sewers! The last thing James wanted to do was wrestle a giant lizard to the death.

?I wish there was time for discussion but there is not. Choose, quickly,? Storm demanded flatly.

James nodded his head. "I'll be waiting for you!? The wind screamed in his ears, he could hardly hear himself. With that said James, or since he was now on a mission, Warpath, approached the lip of the open manhole and saw a bright light in the deep pit. ?Look out below!!? James brought his bag around to the front of his chest, and dropped himself into the pit.

When he slammed onto the concrete flooring of the sewers, Warpath was surprised by what he saw before him. It was a group of kids, and one, it seemed, was out.. Without skipping a beat, Warpath asked, ?So, are ya?ll from the Xavier Insitute??

10-14-2008, 10:05 PM
"I won't forgive you. Unless its double-scoop strawberry ice-cream."

That was just like his little sister and after hearing her say that Alex couldn't help but smile down at her. He wrapped his arms around her small frame and pulled her close as they embraced. It felt as though it had been forever since he hugged her and it just felt really good to feel her so close again. Her body was a lot warmer than he would have expected, but that was most likely just due to the energy she had just absorbed and the heat against his chest just made the hug that much better.

As Storm spoke to Energizer asking her for a little light the hug was abruptly ended. Energzer's hands began glowing, illuminating the tunnel they were in and Zero-G was able to get a good look at the boy he had just carried down here. He was still unconcious which worried him a little, but he had taken quite a beating from the mob up there. Storm was taking unusually long from above and he could almost make out the faintest conversation. Had Storm encountered someone? Had one of the crowd members been brave enough to confront her then?

His questions were all soon answered as another man jumped down the tunnel before Storm. It seemed he was an aquaintance of Storm seeing as she let him down first, but it must be an X-Man that Zero-G had never met. The man looked around at all of them obviously he hadn't expected so many people or maybe he was surprised by their ages. It didn't matter either way to Alex and as Warpath asked them the question “So, are ya’ll from the Xavier Insitute?”, Zero-G extended his hand to shake as he responded. "Uh....not exactly. I'm Zero-G, nice to meet you."

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Murky sewer water splashed beneath the tattered soles of the thin shoes worn by Molly Monegan, but that didn?t stop her from running her little heart out. She didn?t quite know where she was running except that she was running away. Somewhere else. A place where she wouldn?t have to deal with what she?d seen and heard. Did such a place exist in the depths of the sewers, where only the Morlocks lived? Would she find comfort in the darkness, alone and afraid? Or would she have to seek solace elsewhere, perhaps daring to venture above ground for the first time in her life?

She?d heard rumblings from others that Callisto had brought back two new mutants, and that one of them was a young girl. She?d been excited at the possibility of a new friend, someone she could get to know and pal around with. After all, it didn?t take much time growing up in a small, segregated underground community before you knew everyone your age. Like, really knew them. Knew them so well you wish you didn?t know them or, sometimes, thought you were becoming them. Truth be told, there wasn?t a whole lot to do down here, so the prospect of having a new friend was one of the most exciting things that could have happened to Molly Monegan in quite some time.

The problem, though, was that Molly couldn?t get in to see her destined friend. The door was being guarded by a rather large Morlock whose name was never important to her due to their obvious differences. She?d have to figure out another way to see what was going on in the room besides just walking through the front door. Intuitive as she was, she noticed the thin layer of water draining through the room and knew there would have to be an outlet somewhere. That?s how the sewers worked, right?

All that time exploring their communal home as she was growing up paid off, because Molly knew exactly how to find the other end of that room?s drain. It had only taken her about half an hour to circle around and get inside the draining area. To most other Morlocks, it would be a rather cramped pipe that they?d try to avoid. To little Molly, it was the perfect size. She found the room in question with ease, and had to hold back her glee as she peered in to find the rumors were true ? a new girl was waiting inside!

But something didn?t add up? her hands were bound and she was in a chair. On the other side of the room, a tall boy was experiencing the same treatment. Within moments, Callisto herself barged into the room, and instinctively Molly drew back and cringed in fear. After a moment, she remembered that she was hidden away in the drain and likely out of view. Putting her fingers to the edge of the drain, she peered inside to see what all the hubbub was about.

That?s when Molly Monegan heard it.

?Your fate had been sealed from the moment our precog foretold of your presence,? Callisto snapped at the boy before turning to Molly?s yet-to-be friend. ?But your careless actions against us have now sentenced your friend to a timely death as well. I hope you?ve had your chance to say some goodbyes.?

Death!? Molly?s future-friend was going to be killed?! This was terrible!!

She dropped from her tiptoes and away from the slit in the pipe only to stand idle for a moment, her little mind processing it all. Why would Callisto want to kill mutants, especially ones who could live down here and become Molly?s new friend? How could Molly live here anymore, knowing that Callisto was bringing in fun new people only to have them killed for some reason? If Callisto could kill that girl, what would stop her from one day killing Molly if she wanted?

The horror was beginning to sink in, and suddenly every force within little Molly?s green-skinned body told her to run.



She took off down the pipe towards the way she?d entered, but rather than running back to her Morlock home, she was running away, as far and as fast as she could. Her lungs were starting to hurt from all the air she was sucking in but she couldn?t stop, she wouldn?t stop. She couldn?t stand to be near them anymore. They were boring and rude and now they were killers, and she didn?t want to be part of any of that. She?d live by herself if she had to, scavenging for food if she had to. Or maybe she could try to find that nice above-ground school that some of the Morlocks mentioned in passing from time to time. The one that was friendly to mutants? maybe that could be her new home.

Whatever she ultimately decided to do, it would be predicated on getting the heck out of there! She turned corners she?d only been down a few times, no sense of direction leading her but just a dire sense of urgency. In the distance, she saw a light? an open manhole cover perhaps? Could she make a break for the world above?

An exhausted Molly rounded the corner only to find that she was no longer alone. She was startled, to say the least, to see a small group of people standing beneath an opened manhole cover. She?d never seen them before, and their mere presence in the tunnel caused her to gasp out loud. She tried to slam on the breaks but her tiny sneakers didn?t exactly have the best tread on them anymore, and instead of stopping, she simply slid and fell backwards, landing abruptly on her backside. It didn?t hurt so much as surprise her, and from that surprise came a muffed sob, a whimper of helplessness. Were these new people going to hurt her, as Callisto likely would if she knew Molly knew of her plan?

Sitting on the wet bottom of the tunnel, Molly could only muster one pitiful word ? ?Help??

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Ever since Zero-G had arrived in New York things had not been going his way. A simple walk through the park now ended up with him being alone with an X-man named Dynamo in the morlock sewers. Was it to much to ask to just have one day as a normal teenager? Most teenagers couldn't control gravity, but that was just a minor detail. Now he and Dynamo were underground looking around and wondering what exactly they were going to do next. Down here there wasn't too much light and he couldn't really see too far in either direction.

Despite having been in these same tunnels before during the mutant massacre he had no idea where these tunnels led. He didn't know if he should go right or left, up or down. He let out a heavy sigh and turned to Dynamo with a look of exasperation. Sometimes having powers could be a real pain. "So........do you know what to do or where to go now?" Yea, it was a dumb question, but he didn't really know what else to ask. Then as if in response to his question someone came bounding around the corner full speed.

Zero-G turned to the girl as she tripped and fell in the water. His first instinct was t go and help her up, I mean no one wants to fall in sewer water. He did know from experience however that the morlocks were not the most kind to people who lived above them. If this girl was indeed a morlock the two of them might have a fight on there hands. The girl looked up at the two of them and looking into he eyes Zero-G knew she was no threat to them at all. She looked like she had seen a ghost.


Thats all he needed to hear from her. He ran over to her side and reached out his right hand to help her up. Whatever she was running from had scared the living daylights out of this girl and if it was coming after her and now them too, he wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. Right now he wasn't really interested in getting into a fight with the morlocks especially since there are seemingly an unlimited amount of them, and just the two of them and this girl. As he attempted to help the girl up he began asking all the questions that popped into his head.

"Are you ok? What are you running from? Was something chasing you? Are you a morlock?

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<< "So........do you know what to do or where to go now?" >>

A plan. That was something that Gene Larson, better known to his friends and peers as Dynamo, wished he had. What had seemed like a routine trip to New York had suddenly become a nightmare, trapped in a sewer system that didn't seem too likely to giving up it's current residents. It's like a godamn maze in here, he thought as he peered around another corner, only to see inky blackness popping back at him. "Can't see a damn thin' either way," he muttered under his breath. He took a moment to take off his white cowboy hat and sratched his head in confusion, as if he motion might give him some unforseen details. It didn't.

It could be worse ya know Gene, he thought to himself, you could be stuck down here alone. It did help that the teen knwon as Zero-G was down here with him, although it seemed he didn't have a clue where they were going either. His cell phone was geting reception, although barely, but he didn't use it. Part of him thought he'd never be able to hold a connection, if he were to get one. But the other part of him wanted to get out of this one by himself; to prove that even though he couldn't control his powers, he could still get out of trouble. What's that ole sayin'? I don't go lookin' fer trouble, trouble just finds me. Yeah, that's 'bout right...

"Your guess is as good as mine I reckon," he said to his cohort, "best we keep movin', lest somethin' else be down here." He had heard stories of people - Morlocks or something like that - living in the sewers of New York. How could people live like that, he thought, for one thing there's no football down here, unless they're stealin' some suckers reception...

He was jolted from his thoughts when a girl younger that would imagine to find down there raced through and hit the water hard. "What the?" Gene exclaimed, even as Zero-G was already on the move, seeing something Gene did not. Gene strode forward, his green eyes looking everywhere in case the girl was not alone. Reaching Zero-G, who was helping the green girl up, Gene realized two things. One: His eyes were not playing tricks on him, she really was green. The knowledge both intrigued and worried the young Texan. Second and more important: She was scared shitless. The look on her eyes was enough to bring some sense into Gene, and despite his reservations of his first observation, the gentleman in him won out. For now anyways.

"Ain't no reason to be afraid missy," he said calm as he could while scouting for hidden dangers that seemed to lurk from every shadow, "we ain't gonna hurt ya. What's yer name?"

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Molly Monegan tried to contain a tiny sob as she sat in the slimy sewer water. After watching what that mean ol? Callisto had said and done, she?d gotten herself so wound up that she sprinted down the sewer tunnels, hoping to never have to go back. She wasn?t even sure she?d ever been in this part of the sewer, but that wasn?t her main concern at the moment. Her main concern was the young men standing only a few feet away from her, perhaps as surprised to see a little green girl as she was two teenagers. They didn?t look that mean, but then again, Callisto had never been all that mean to her before either, and look how that turned out.

Her broken call for help, which was more of a frustrated whisper than anything, was met quickly by the younger of the two men. He couldn?t have been more than sixteen or seventeen, but he still had a kind of innocence about him that made Molly want to trust him. He rushed over to her side and offered his hand, which Molly took quickly. After all, friend or foe, this kid was helping her out of the water, which meant he was okay for the time being. But before she had much of a chance to gather her wits and survey the water damage to her outfit, the boy was a blur with questions.

?Are you ok? What are you running from? Was something chasing you? Are you a Morlock??

?Morlock,? she repeated, her little mind working overtime. ?How did you--??

Were these two people friends of the Morlocks? And if so, did that mean they?d be sympathetic to Molly and help her? I mean, she was a Morlock. Well, not the bad kind of Morlock like Callisto, the one who wanted to hurt people that could have been really great friends and additions to the Morlock community? but wait! If they knew of the Morlocks and were friends of the Morlocks, wouldn?t that make them friends of Callisto? If they were, they wouldn?t exactly be happy to hear Molly running around trying to stop whatever Callisto was up to. Or maybe they were enemies of the Morlocks and therefore enemies of Callisto! But wouldn?t that make them enemies of Molly as well?

Her head was starting to hurt with all of this thinking, not because she wasn?t a bright young girl but simply because she was overanalyzing the situation beyond her young mind?s own limits. She let out a small sigh and dropped her green head a bit, confused as to whether or not these people would be able to help her.

Then, the other one spoke up. ?Ain't no reason to be afraid missy. We ain't gonna hurt ya. What's yer name??

Molly tried not to giggle at the young man?s accent. She knew it was impolite, but he too had something about him that projected a sense of trustworthiness. Maybe Molly was just good at reading people or something. Or maybe? maybe his words were exactly what an evil villain would say as he tried to lure his captive into a trap!

Or perhaps Molly had just read too many old comic books. Either or, she was wasting time, and if she wanted to help her future-friend, she had to act fast. Taking in a deep breath, she opened her eyes wide and began to answer all of their questions.

?Well, my name is Molly Monegan and yes I?m a Morlock and I was walking through one of the sewer pipes and I saw this really cool girl tied up in a chair and I thought she?d make the perfect friend if she wasn?t tied up but then Callisto came in ? you know Callisto right? ? and she said the girl was going to DIE but I don?t want the girl to die because she seems like she?d be a nice friend so I ran down the tunnel to try and get some help (and to try and get away ?cause I was scared) and then I ran into you two.?

It was a good thing her story ended there, because she was out of breath. Molly quickly drew in a gulp of air and stood silently for a moment, her little eyes darting between the two of them. She couldn?t read their reactions just yet, but she decided to continue.

?So do you think you can help me rescue the girl? I mean, Callisto is pretty powerful and she has all of the Morlocks behind her but maybe not as many if they knew what she was doing like I do. Then again I dunno if you two could really take on Callisto and her gang, not that the two of you don?t look powerful enough (then again what do I know, I just met you) but there?s a lot of them. If you know the Morlocks, do you also know the X-Men? I think I?ve seen them a couple of times and they?re pretty powerful and maybe they could help us because they have really cool super powers and can fight like ninjas and stuff.?

Another breath. This was getting tiresome! She?d really said a lot now, and her cheeks were starting to flush out of embarrassment. Nobody liked a kid that just talked and talked and talked, but she had a lot to tell! And if these guys did know the X-Men, then surely they?d be able to call them and get them here so they could help Molly?s future-friend and save the day, right?

Breathing a bit heavier now after her second long diatribe, Molly folded her small arms in front of her and waited for a response.

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Gene had throughout his high school years had the fortune of knowing many different ladies. It went with the territory of being a football star, before fate would send him down a crooked path that he was still navigating. But before that, girls tended to flock to him and his teammates like seagulls after a pizza left in the open. Gene remembered the babble; the constant chatter like a motor rushing from zero to sixty with no signs of stopping. And although Gene considered himself a pretty bright guy, even he had to admit it was brutal to keep track of all that was said. Lucky for me, they were usually happy with a 'yeah,' a smile and a tip of ma hat, he thought with a small smile. How simpler those days were...

But here, down in a dark, dank sewer system that Pennywise the Clown would have a field day in, Gene was standing next to a member of the supergroup PowerPack, talking to a green-skinned girl that would probably be able to mouth-speed as quickly as any of the girls he had known at Midtown.

Clearly this was not that simple.

<< ?Well, my name is Molly Monegan and yes I?m a Morlock and I was walking through one of the sewer pipes and I saw this really cool girl tied up in a chair and I thought she?d make the perfect friend if she wasn?t tied up but then Callisto came in ? you know Callisto right? ? and she said the girl was going to DIE but I don?t want the girl to die because she seems like she?d be a nice friend so I ran down the tunnel to try and get some help (and to try and get away ?cause I was scared) and then I ran into you two.? >>

Gene was a little lost, and not in the sense of direction (though that was certainly the case as well). The girl was talking so fast it was hard to keep track, and for a moment Gene had to wonder if there was such a thing as sound blur. Yet certain phrases did stick within his mind, namely that there was a girl in trouble, and whether or not she a Morlock or not, Gene understood that it wouldn't be right to let an innocent person die. Yet there were other things that concerned him, as was the case being what amounted to a rookie in the super-hero world. He glanced over at Zero-G, and mouthed the phrase Callisto? He had no idea who this woman was. Though ordering a gal to be killed probably means she ain't all roses and kittens, or somethin' like that, he thought as Molly took a deep breath and began to speak faster than normal.

<< ?So do you think you can help me rescue the girl? I mean, Callisto is pretty powerful and she has all of the Morlocks behind her but maybe not as many if they knew what she was doing like I do. Then again I dunno if you two could really take on Callisto and her gang, not that the two of you don?t look powerful enough (then again what do I know, I just met you) but there?s a lot of them. If you know the Morlocks, do you also know the X-Men? I think I?ve seen them a couple of times and they?re pretty powerful and maybe they could help us because they have really cool super powers and can fight like ninjas and stuff.? >>

"Uh," Gene started, trying think the best way to proceed. If Molly was right, if they proceeded to try and help 'save the girl' then it looked like they were walking straight into bad odds. And getting my ass kicked ain't really my idea of fun, he thought while glancing to Zero-G. He had no idea the full potential of the man's powers, and Gene's powers could be too unpredictable at times to be effective. Yeah Gene, I reckon now would be the time to call in the big guns, he thought before turning to Molly.

"Yeah I do know the X-Men; I'm one of their students. Though I reckon they ain't never been ninjas," he said as he took off his white cowboy hat and ran a hand through his brown hair. It was a calming motion; something he did when he was nervous and was trying to think out a problem. "Suppose we get a-movin'," he said all the while eyeing little Molly with something between curious and game-planning. "Can you lead us back to where the gal's being held up? I ain't sayin we're gonna bust in there. We'll probably get rocked harder than a drunk cow in a wind storm. But maybe we could get a better idea of what's up, then call the big boys in." He glanced at the PowerPack member who stood beside him. "I'm thinkin a little scouting won't hurt right? We could always get away." He turned back to Molly.

"What do ya say Molly? Care to lead us on?"

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Warpath was crouched on the ground next to two younger mutants. He asked if they were from Xavier?s, and only one responded, ?Uh?not exactly. I?m Zero-G, nice to meet you.?

James smiled and nodded at the young boy. He glanced over at the other next to him. It seemed that the boy didn?t want to introduce himself right away ? it was cool, introductions could be saved for a later time. Right now, Warpath was responsible for these youngsters.

The one known as Zero-G asked, "So........do you know what to do or where to go now?"

Before Warpath would answer, he was trying to get his bearings straight, survey the dark, and allow his gaze to go deeper into the dark tunnels before him and the two boys before them. If it was one thing that Warpath learned while living in the mountains of West Virginia, it was that one must be patient and take time before making big decisions. Not only was this a way to get things done right, but it certainly helped with keeping stress levels low. Warpath was brought back to the conversation by Dynamo?s response, "Your guess is as good as mine I reckon, best we keep movin', lest somethin' else be down here."

?Hey, look, kid, I?m responsible for the both you right now?, he said while pointing toward both of the boys with his index and middle fingers. ?I think first we need to start moving north, in the direction of Westchester, and then we can decide where to go once we get far enough. The last thing I want to do is stay down here in this sh?stuff? for too long!?

As Warpath finished up his statement of plans, there was a splash in the water. He heard Dynamo?s response, ?What the?? James? eyes fixed into the darkness before them, and he saw a very young girl sitting in the nasty water. ?Help?, she said.

The two boys quickly rushed toward the girl, Warpath followed. Dynamo soothed the girl?s fears, and she began to open up about her plight. It seemed that someone would die at the Morlock?s hands. Warpath had never gone up against the Morlocks, and he knew that by going into this mission, it would mean putting the two young boys in harm?s way, and being the big guy in charge, it added pressure, however, there was a life at stake. Could the little girl be lying, he thought. "I'm thinkin a little scouting won't hurt right? We could always get away", Dynamo said in what Warpath perceived as over confident. Warpath agreed with Dynamo that if it started to seem suspicious, they could always slip away quietly, but on the other hand, Warpath was a bit reserved in nodding in agreement. The girl did seem believable, and the last thing that Warpath wanted to do was leave someone to die. In his heart, Warpath knew that this was the right thing to do, and so he nodded at Dynamo and said, ?I suppose it wouldn?t hurt.?

?What do ya say Molly? Care to lead us on?? Warpath stepped between the two boys and glanced down at the young girl and cleared his throat ? ahem ??Molly, will you show us where this is happening?"

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“Well, my name is Molly Monegan and yes I’m a Morlock and I was walking through one of the sewer pipes and I saw this really cool girl tied up in a chair and I thought she’d make the perfect friend if she wasn’t tied up but then Callisto came in – you know Callisto right? – and she said the girl was going to DIE but I don’t want the girl to die because she seems like she’d be a nice friend so I ran down the tunnel to try and get some help (and to try and get away ‘cause I was scared) and then I ran into you two.”

Zero-G just stood looking at the girl as she talked and talked and talked. Although she was indeed talking up a storm it was a very interesting story. She was going on about some plan that the Morlocks and killing some girl they had tied up. Molly had asked a few questions while talking, but didn’t really give much time for a response from any of them which wasn’t a surprise since she was obviously hyped up. If Callisto was involved in this now and talk of killing a young girl, things just got even more complicated.

“So do you think you can help me rescue the girl? I mean, Callisto is pretty powerful and she has all of the Morlocks behind her but maybe not as many if they knew what she was doing like I do. Then again I dunno if you two could really take on Callisto and her gang, not that the two of you don’t look powerful enough (then again what do I know, I just met you) but there’s a lot of them. If you know the Morlocks, do you also know the X-Men? I think I’ve seen them a couple of times and they’re pretty powerful and maybe they could help us because they have really cool super powers and can fight like ninjas and stuff.”

Boy this girl really could talk. So many questions and so much to try and understand in such a short time. It was starting to remind him of his days leading Power Pack and the first time they entered these sewers. The time for reminicing woulf have to wait though as there was a girl that was in immediate danger. The time for thinking was over and it was time to act.

"Can you lead us back to where the gal's being held up? I ain't sayin we're gonna bust in there. We'll probably get rocked harder than a drunk cow in a wind storm. But maybe we could get a better idea of what's up, then call the big boys in.". I'm thinkin a little scouting won't hurt right? We could always get away." What do ya say Molly? Care to lead us on?"

It seemed that Gene probably didn’t have much experience in the field and that was starting to worry Alex. With the situation that was starting to unfold he was really going to need someone that was going to be ready for anything and someone not afraid to go all out. Was Gene really that person though? He had never met him before so he had no reason to doubt him, but things were beginning to look rather dim. Luckily Warpath seemed to know what needed to be done, but the look in his eyes as he nodded to Dynamo worried Alex yet again. He could tell that Warpath was considering this might be a trap, something Alex hadn’t thought of. Well even if it was a trap taking the risk of a girl dying wasn’t worth it. His natural leadership qualities took over as he began to speak to everyone.

“Molly, were going to need you to take us to the place where this girl is being held, but take us in a route in which we won’t run into any other Morlocks if that’s possible. I want to avoid any unnecessary fighting. We will do our best to save the girl, don’t worry. Dynamo since your with the X-men you should have some way to communicate with them from here right? I'm just making sure because if we do end up fighting, I know how the morlocks are and were going to need all the backup we can get. Now lets get moving we might not have much time left."

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Molly Monegan was scared. Scared of what would happen to her soon-to-be best friend. Scared of what Callisto would do if she found out that Molly was ratting on her. Scared of how these three grown-ups would react if they weren?t the good guys they seemed to be. But if she was going to help her soon-to-be friend escape from the clutches of death, if she was going to help stop Callisto from killing those two young mutants, she had to tell someone about it, didn?t she? All she could do now is wait? and catch her breath from the immense amount of explaining she just engaged in.

Finally, after exchanging glances between each other, one of the two younger guys turned towards her and responded. ?Yeah I do know the X-Men; I'm one of their students.?

That?s all she needed to hear before breathing a big sigh of relief. The X-Men and the Morlocks had had their share of difficulties, but if Molly was in need of super-powered friends that could help stop Callisto, they were the closest thing she could think of. It?s not like the Avengers or Spider-Man or that bat guy she hears about sometimes were going to get worked up over some little mutant girl and her sewer problems. But the X-Men would be sure to help, especially if one of their own students talked them into it!

Molly?s thoughts were interrupted as the Southern drawl of the young adult continued. ?I'm thinkin a little scouting won't hurt right? We could always get away.?

Dumbstruck was perhaps the wrong word, but Molly wasn?t entirely sure she could believe what she was hearing. Scouting? Get away? She wasn?t just talking about a mean hot dog vendor or a couple of punks here? she was talking about Callisto! And the Morlocks! And they were going to kill her soon-to-be friend, like, right now! Molly didn?t exactly think of herself as a battle tactician, but she could at least figure out that ?scout? and ?rescue? were two different things, and by the time they got around to the second one, it might be too late!

She was starting to get worked up again when the older one ? not an old man but definitely the oldest of the three ? agreed with his friend. ?I suppose it wouldn?t hurt. Molly, will you show us where this is happening?"

?Uhh? maybe I need to explain this again?? she said hesitantly, not really wanting to go through the whole spiel again but willing to do so to emphasize the need for back-up. She wanted help right now, and these guys wanted to take the guided tour!

Finally, the youngest of the three spoke up with a surprising sense of authority. ?Molly, were going to need you to take us to the place where this girl is being held, but take us in a route in which we won?t run into any other Morlocks if that?s possible. I want to avoid any unnecessary fighting.? Needless to say, Alex?s plan wasn?t quite the rescue strategy that she?d hoped for. Still, she could at least admire the fact that the littlest of the trio was the one who sounded the most organized and in charge of the situation. Never underestimate what we little people can do, she thought to herself. But she still didn?t think they?d matched her level of urgency yet.

The voice of the youngest boy faded back into her mind as she only now realized she?d drifted off for a moment. ?Dynamo since your with the X-men you should have some way to communicate with them from here right??

Molly cut him off right there. ?Yes, Dynamo!? She wasn?t sure which one Dynamo was, but she used the name anyways. ?If you can talk to the X-Men, tell them to come? now! Callisto means business and? you guys seem cool? but?? She didn?t want to insult these guys ? after all, they were her key to helping her soon-to-be friend ? but she?s seen what the Morlocks could do and apparently so could the youngest. They?d need help, and the sooner they got it, the better.

Before she was able to finish her sentence though, a splash from the section of the tunnel that Molly had emerged from now startled her. It wasn?t a normal ?sewer water flowing down the tunnel? splash, but instead it was a ?somebody?s coming and they?re not trying to be quiet? splash. When she heard it, Molly jumped a bit and instinctively repositioned herself behind the youngest of her three new acquaintances. Molly didn?t know Alex Power at all, but he was smart for his age, like she was. And kinda cute, even though his skin was a weird pinkish color like the normal humans.

The newly formed group didn?t have much time to react before the originator of the splash made herself known. It was Molly?s soon-to-be friend, Nathalie Banx. The right side of her face was darkened, bruised from the massive backhand she'd received from her Morlock captor Lout. Her wrists were reddened from the minor burning of the ropes that had held her to the chair. Her clothes were damp from being dropped in the murky sewer water by the beast that had hit her and planned to kill her at Callisto's request. She was lucky to be on her feet, let alone running through the tunnels. As Nathalie turned the corner and saw the group, she didn?t think about the consequences. She didn?t know who they were, but she didn?t care either. Like Molly, she needed help.

?Kostya,? Nathalie stammered as she stumbled awkwardly towards the foursome, collapsing near Dynamo and into his arms if he?d reach out to catch her. Molly?s hands went to her mouth in a mix of excitement and sadness. ?They have him?? She was weak, could barely talk. Complete sentences were out of the question, but she had to get her message out. ?He has poisonous blood? going to use him as a weapon? Rockefeller Center??

Mustering up what strength was left in her, she looked up at Dynamo and the others. ?Get help, now!? Then she crumbled, half conscious and half consumed by tears of exhaustion that overcame her.

Molly had a hard time taking her eyes off of her soon-to-be friend, but when she?d uttered that last line, the little green mutant folded her arms and looked at the three of them with a sassy I-told-you-so look on her face. ?Isn?t that what I said to do?? Molly knew that she was only able to feign this confidence now that she knew her soon-to-be friend was okay, but she was glad to have her opinion vindicated by Nathalie. Now it seemed like they had a new mission ? call the X-Men and head to Rockefeller Center to save? whatever a Kostya was.

((OOC: Alrighty, I've NPC'd Sol's character and we should be good to go at this point. Dynamo, if you want to go ahead and call the X-Mansion, we can get the X-Men's involvement underway. You can do it in your response to this thread, and then RogueAkira can respond in here as well for the other part of that convo. She'll gather those who signed up to join us in the Xavier Institute forum while you guys get out of the sewer and head towards Rockefeller. When your characters get there, you'll want to move to the Chapter Four thread (http://baku-panda.org/ux/showthread.php?t=3083). That's where the Rockefeller Center action will take place and where the X-Men will arrive. Any questions, let me know in the OOC forum! :ok))

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The ringing sound was ominous as it echoed in the darkness that filled the sewer beyond the small section where Gene found himself in. The unnerving thing was the quiet; it tended to seep everywhere despite the recent splashing of Gene and his comrades and the ladies who had found them. Oh sure, at the moment they were perfectly safe, what with the faint lighting providing just enough illumination to see their feet, and considering that were in a sewer, the man who called himself Dynamo had to be grateful for that. Pity we can't see a dang thin' ahead or behind, he thought for a moment, his cell phone pressed to his ear. Can't tell if there's anyone else coming. And it's too damn quiet. Giving me the creeps somethin' fierce. With that in mind, he quickly glanced down each end of the tunnel that he, Warpath, Zero-G and the two ladies occupied. The darkness gave up no secrets however, and so Gene was stuck waiting, stoic for now but wanting more and more to get out of this mess.


<< ?Dynamo since your with the X-men you should have some way to communicate with them from here right?? >>

<< ?Yes, Dynamo! If you can talk to the X-Men, tell them to come? now! Callisto means business and? you guys seem cool? but?" >>

It had started out simple enough, as both Zero-G and their new colleague Morlock Molly Monegan both requested aid. The first was more professional, while the latter was more about urgency than anything else. "Well shucks," Gene said while pulling out his cell phone, a gift that his parents had given him when he had left Midtown for Westchester. It seemed a lifetime ago compared to where he was now. Flipping it open, he checked his reception, which had been his biggest concern. He had no clue how much he'd have, or long it would last for that matter. "I'll give it a shot fellas," he said, noting that he only had a few bars. Not great. "Though I ain't sure how well it'll work and all."


But that was when she had appeared. At the sound of the quiet being pierced by the splashing that wasn't at all trying to be careful, a startled Gene almost dropped his phone. That would have been disastrous. Fortunately he caught it in mid-air, a much smaller object than the ones he was used to catching. Glad to see I'm gettin' some practice in, he thought with a nervous laugh. Tipping his white cowboy hat down a bit, so it wouldn't fly off in the event of a charge, Gene braced himself for what was to come, noting that Molly had decided to hide behind Zero-G. Probably for the best, he thought, as the person or persons were coming.

Except it was only a person. A girl. Maybe 16 or so from what Gene could tell, damp from the water and face red, yet the look of panic was coming through quite clear despite the gold bangs that threatened to hide her. Like Molly before, she was searching for help, and had found it in the three travelers that had been here by pure luck. She stumbled forward, staggering in a way that would suggest only suggest drunkenness or exhaustion. Considering what Gene had heard about the Morlocks and this Callisto person, Gene was inclined to believe that it was the latter.

She was heading straight for Gene, him being the closest of the three. He took a second, realized that what was about to happen, and reached out as she started to collapse. "Woah there missy!" he exclaimed as he caught her at the shoulders, his hands and arms as gentle as one who caught footballs for a living could be. "This ain't the place to be crashin,' if ya catch my drift," he said as he eased her down to a sitting position, cradling her back with his left arm while still holding his phone with the other. He noticed what clearly where rope burns had left their mark, and wondered if this was the person Molly wanted them rescue, or someone else. And if it was the second, then how many more were there? "Just take it easy, we ain't gonna hurt ya," he said for the second time in this tunnel.


<< ?Kostya...They have him...He has poisonous blood?going to use him as a weapon? Rockefeller Center?Get help, now!? >>

Then she spoke, and Gene could see the panic in those hazel eyes, the pleading as tears took over and she struggled to say anymore. He had no idea who Kostya was, but it was clear that he was in trouble, and Gene had a feeling he wouldn't be the only one. Poison blood? he thought, oh that can't be good. He adjusted the grip of his phone on right hand and began dialing the Mansion's private number, the one he had been taught to use in case of an emergency. One thing was clear as he dialed; it was time to call in the cavalry. This sounded big. Way too big for just the three of them.

"Just relax darlin'," he said to Nathalie, who had crumpled in his arms, "We'll take it from here." He heard the ringing as he pressed the phone against his ear, hopping for many things. That the signal would hold up. That someone would be at the mansion to respond. And that they weren't going to be too late. With that in mind, he looked over to Warpath and Zero-G, concern but determination written upon his face. "Assuming we get topside, how fast could we get us to Rockefeller? I reckon we better get movin' right quick-like." If he couldn't get anyone from the mansion to help, it would only be the three of them. The girl was in no condition to fight. He only hoped it didn't come to that.

And in the silence that only the darkness could provide, the man known as Gene cold only wait...


01-11-2009, 07:24 AM
"Continued From Unexpected Visitor"

With Magneto and all at the mansion, the lovely and sometimes roughly edged, Rogue wasn't sure who would be calling the mansion right now. Mysterious young mutants have been showing up at the front door lately, so it could be possible that another one might have found a way to contact Xavier's school. The call couldn't have come at a worse time. The southern belle was too distracted with Magneto's presence. Playing welcome mistress for the higher learning was not what she wanted to do at this moment.

Despite the timing of the call, Rogue kept her ears and eyes peeled for any and all possibilities that Magneto may pull. There was no telling if Cyclops and the others may need her help. With everything she said to the X-Men's most deadly foe, she meant every word. In a way, she couldn't help but wonder what he would've said to respond to her comments.

But alas, it seems that Rogue may never find out. For a brief period, Rogue thought of Magneto in the Savage Land, with the time they spent together. They got very close. He was a heart warming individual. It was hard to believe considering that Magneto did not exactly agree with the X-Men on several occasions. But for whatever reason, Magneto and Rogue...she remembers the times of holding each other and seeing that this man is indeed capable of compassion, then when coming back from the Savage Land into civilization, he was not the man she knew during their time together. He is now the terrorist who slaughtered innocent people in Washington D.C. and caused the massive global shakedown on the mutant community.

While highly concentrated on the master of magnatism just outside the mansion, Rogue picked up the phone. Calmly and soothingly, the auburn and white streaked haired woman spoke by simply saying, "Hello?" She waited for the caller to respond, hoping that in the meantime, her fellow teammates are handling Magneto just fine outside the mansion, while for a second, she got to thinking about Professor Xavier.

What else could possibly go wrong in the life of being an X-Man?

01-23-2009, 07:45 PM
(OOC: Slight Auto here on Nathalie here. If there's a problem let me know.)

Although not many people realize it the phrase Hello can have various meanings. The dictionary defines it as a greeting, and that's how most people see it as, but that not all it can be. It can be a word of wonder and worry, like in a horror movie when the lone teenager is alone and hears a noise, minutes before she's about to be slaughtered.It can even be used to question a person's intelligence. But there were times when hearing the phrase could be the best thing in the world.

<< "Hello?" >>

Case in point, the clearly female southern voice that came on as Gene called the mansion that housed the famous X-Men. Though it was only one word, a wash of relief flowed over him like a wave on high tide. Down in this sewer, cradling the young girl with whom exhaustion had taken over and surrounded by darkness that could be hiding a plethora of enemies, Gene Larson aka Dynamo had been uncertain that the call would get through or even that he would have good reception. But there it was: a single word that contained so much and so little. For that short moment, he felt good.

But then again, he still had to tell her what was about to happen.

"Hello, is this Rogue?" Gene had only known of one southern lady to inhabit the Mansion, and being from the south himself he could easily spot an accent of the same. "This is Gene Larson aka Dynamo, and we got an emergency!" His voice, despite his attempts to keep calm, was starting to verge on the edge of panic just a little. "I'm with Zero-G and Warpath. The three of us just stumbled on a young girl by the name a..." he paused for just a second and looked down at the young girl that they rescued and spoke softly. "Hey darlin',what your name?" Nathalie stirred, fighting off the unconsciousness but for a brief moment, but that was all that was needed. "... nathalie... banx... I'm from the school... please help..." Gene nodded, his white cowboy hat glowing slightly in the harsh light of the sewer.

"Right, her name is Nathalie Banx," he said back to Rogue, the calm back in voice. "I think she's one of ours. Says she escaped from those them Morlocks, and that others have been taken by some gal named Callisto. Says that one of them bein' used as a suicide bomb as Rockefeller center, and that he's got poison blood to boot. A lot of people are gonna get hurt if that happens. We need some help, right quick like!" He hoped that explained it all, or what Gene grasped anyway. Gene was a team-player but not always the best when it came to explaining. This didn't mean he wasn't smart. Far from it. But given the situation, he could only hope that he had done enough.

<< "Listen, sweet pea. Listen closely. We'll be there at tha Rockefeller Center, okay? In tha meantime, Ah want ya t'tell Warpath and tha others t'stay close and stay low t'keep outta harm's way. Everythang will be all right." >>

"Yes ma'am," Gene replied, "Understood. I'll let the others know. And good luck." He took a moment to compose himself as he hung up the phone, putting it back into his jeans pocket as he did so. He turned his head and looked over his shoulder, looking at Warpath as he did so. "Miss Rogue says to stay close and lie low. She'll be bringin' in people to take care of this.'" He looked back at the girl in his arm then looked back to the others. "We should probably get topside, huh? Try to get her some fresh air." Hopefully the trio, which had quickly become a quintet, would be able to so, and soon.

02-05-2009, 05:25 PM
Here is where James Proudstar, aka Warpath, has found himself; down in the sewer, with a young girl going on about a Morlock torturing another young girl, then another girl showed up, exhausted and beaten. James wondered if any more surprises were going to develop, and alas, more surprises. Nathalie Banx, in her disoriented state, was able to deliver an ergent message; ?Kostya, they have him?" Warpath could hear the exhaustion and pain in her voice. ?He has poisonous blood?going to use him as a weapon?Rockefeller Center?? Then she fell into the arms on Dynamo.

Dynamo suggested getting to topside, and getting out of the sewers sounded like a good idea to James. Warpath's enhanced sense of smell wasn't exactly the best mutant ability to have at this point, and this beaten girl needed to get out of the sewers, away from the infectious organisms that made the underground their home. James looked at Dynamo after he got off the phone, and he had remembered why he had given up this life of playing the hero - it seemed this life was nothing more than a soap opera; and just as much as he didn't care for the role of the hero, this was something that he lived for, and his old friend back in the remote mountains of West Virginia reminded him of that. The world needed people like the X-Men so they could fight against foolish people that were hellbent on using their powers for their own personal gain and struggle for power. Warpath felt no sympathy for what the Morlocks were going to have coming to them. They were the ones choosing to do something stupid.

"We need to head south, towards sixth." He pointed down the tunnel, in the distance. "We can exit these sewers where we came in," James continued, bringing attention to the rays of light shooting through a manhole opening. "I'll carry the girl." Warpath glanced down at mutant youngster holding Nathalie. "We'll need to figure out what we're going to do with her." James kneeled down, and inspected the young girl that was cradled in Dynamo's arms. James first noticed the large bruises on her face, then he panned his eyes downward, looking at the girl's arms, wrists, and could see that she had been through a lot, and based on his quick inspection of her, nothing seemed life threatening, but getting her some medical attention to rule out any subdural or internal injuries would be beneficial for her sake.

Warpath felt rage against these Morlocks, and wondered what state of mind this Callisto person was in, and what state of mind her Morlock followers were in, as it seemed they all were okay with a plan to kill hundreds of innocent people. Warpath picked up the girl with no strain and got to his feet. "Let's move out."

02-25-2009, 11:46 PM
(Continued in A&C Chapter 4)

09-29-2009, 03:59 AM
( OOC: Sorry to revive this, but it was my sample submission and I'd like it counted toward Storm's actual actions within the RP. Please relocate it if need be, but this seemed like the most logical place to add it. )

The mob seemed to be getting restles, and Storm knew it wouldn't be much longer before they too made it through her windy defense. The others had all made it safely down the manhole, and although she wanted to lead them to safety, Storm knew that her work here wasn't finished. She could feel her power waning slowly, and therefore had to act quickly.

She moved her attention from the misty shroud being used to disguise the mutants' escape and instead shot an arctic blast toward the manhole. A thick, icy web wove itself over the opening, creating an ample wall of ice between the fleeing mutants and the mob. Unfortunately, it meant that she, too, had now been seperated from her companions.

The fog disappated completely, and Storm stood defiant against the throng of hate-mongering citizens. The mob seemed stunned by the outpouring of varied mutant power they had witnessed in the past few minutes, and it was evident that their hatred was riddled with mounting insecurity.

"I mean you no harm," Storm announced firmly. "Leave now and stop this madness."

"She's one of them!" a tatooed youth retorted. "She's a mutie, too!" The crowd was teeming with anger, anxiety, and blinding hatred.

"Yes," Storm affirmed, "but I assure you I am one "mutie" you don't need to tangle with." The word "mutie" felt venomous upon her tongue, and she had emphasized it to ensure that the crowd realized she wasn't to be taken lightly. Storm knew that even if she wasn't at full-power anymore, she still knew a thing or two about intimidation. She'd have to tactfully diffuse the mob in whatever means possible.

"She's just an old lady," taunted another. A few snickers were heard amongst the crowd.

"Old lady?" Storm thought, taken aback. What was it today? As if being called Ma'am weren't bad enough, "Old Lady" was certainly overkill. Her eyes whitened to pearls, and a crackle of electricity sprinkled from her fingertips like a firecracker.

The stunned crowd took a collective step back. Their uneasiness grew noticeably, and Storm couldn't help but notice that the crowd seemed to have thinned since the initial onslaught.

"I won't ask you again," Storm warned. "You may have started this foolish pursuit with a little boy, but this is one old lady who isn't in the mood to play games." On cue, a deep roll of thunder echoed between the massive city buildings, rumbling the ground beneath their feet.

"She's not even worth it," the tatooed punk decided for the group.

They all seemd to agree and slowly dispearsed as the electricity continued to crackle from Storm's taunting fingertips. A few stragglers remained for a minute, but a raised eyebrow with another crash of thunder sent them high-tailing, too.

Finally she was left alone in the back alleyway. Her expression softened, and she let out a soft sigh as the tension left her body. She glanced over at the ice-topped manhole and hoped that her rescued refugees had made it to safety as well.

Ororo adjusted her tribal pendant so it sat evenly across her chest and brushed the wayward flecks of ice from her pantsuit. She thought of pursuing the others to make sure they had indeed escaped without a hitch, but remembered the true reason she had come to the city today. There was a grave matter at hand, and certain real-life issues needed to be addressed. She made her way back to the Toyota Solara and headed toward Mr. Nelson's office.

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