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((Information sourced from UncannyXMen.Net))

Codename: Forge
Real Name: Jonathan Silvercloud (name as yet undisclosed for game purposes)
Alias/Nick: The Maker
Age: Middle-aged. Background firmly in Vietnam war would put him closer to 60 now?

Height: 6'
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown

Place of Birth: Likely with the Northern Cheyenne around Montana. Thank you Wikapedia. Forge was never of a specific Cheyenne tribe.
Relatives: None explained. Briefly alludes to Mother and Father. Adoptive mentor: Naze, Cheyenne medicine chief, until recently thought to be deceased.
Group Affiliation: XF

X-Factor: Forge has the ability to create any form of mechanical or technological device from base components. The results take time to achieve, Forge has no specific influence over this duration. The bigger the device or how readily large components can be put into place all effect the length of time for completion. Effort and hard labour are still required to meet a deadline. Access to the quality of base components, or to components at all will also effect general progress. Forge and Storm were stranded (not counting her wanderlust) for a full year because the only materials he had access to were those from his bionic prosthesis. The rest had to be built up in primitive fashion.
Forge's natural mechanical genius often proves to be a great help in his projects. However, considering the results of his work are sometimes beyond even the ken of the most brilliant, it stands to reason that Forge may not entirely understand the forces at work in his own invention. His scientific basis is not the match for Mr Fantastic for example. There is always a little doubt to whether Forge's devices will have the desired result.

This ability is useful on a few different levels. It pays to be prepared but the potential for use off-the-cuff is useful on the front line. The ability to decipher the workings of equipment, friendly or otherwise, may give him the tactical advantage. The ability to grasp, operate and modify any form of technology allows him scope with a wide variety of previously unknown or even alien devices, from vehicles to interfacing software. The latter may take time, but he certainly has had time to study the Shi'ar workings of the Danger Room. It should be noted that Forge can also decipher the intrinsic qualities of substances in the same way.

Exactly how the ability works is somewhat of a mystery. During his run in with the Phalanx, Forge was introduced to the idea of visualising patterns that made up the structure of all things. Similar to how Storm sees shifting atmospheric forces. However, for Forge this remains a subconscious awareness. It has allowed Forge to develop a further ability, to assess the vantage and tangent of his surroundings that goes hand in hand with his combat training. This latter off-shoot lends credence to a whole area of undeveloped potential. However, Forge mainly makes stuff.

Skills/Weapons/Other: Forge is a crack-shot with a gun, this is a skill he has had since his youth. It earned him quick promotion in the US Army. Over the years Forge has shown that he often prefers intelligent tactical procedure, while making use of his combat experience to prove a resourceful team leader. He is a capable fighter, but a human one. Better off with team co-ordination rather than going one on one. It should be noted that he doesn't rabbit on about his army days.

Forge usually has with him a number of devices of his own invention. For a start, his bionic right hand and leg. Typically, his main weapon is his plasma blaster, a small carbine sized weapon, more dangerous due to Forge's skill. Depending on the mission Forge may also find it advantageous to equip himself and the team with specific pieces of equipment. Naturally this will be moderated, but wink if you want to try the EZnuke or DeathOMatic.
Forge is very intelligent, not strictly speaking a genius. He is self-learned in most aspects, thanks to his mutant abilities. Nor has there been any mention of having gained any academic qualifications for his field. As a professional inventor, Forge has been granted a ready supply of resources by the US government for whom he works. These have enabled Forge to progress his talents while the government defence department have reaped the rewards of his work. Through this arrangement he keeps two bases of operation. The first, a rebuilt penthouse atop Eagle Plaza in Dallas, Texas. The second, an adopted military base at Falls Edge in Virginia, this has also been rebuilt, hopefully better than before.

Lastly, Forge is a Cheyenne shaman, and his power in this field appears to be quite vast. Without the experience of Naze but with greater potential. However, Forge is a reluctant practitioner and reserves his mystical heritage only when their is no further beneficial option. Once burned etc.. When explored this will be for story purposes. After all, Forge mainly makes stuff.

Weaknesses: If a weakness is a lack of combat conducive powers this may be an issue. Forge has to rely on his personal equipment, gadgets and military combat training in a straight fight. Ideally situated he'd prefer to not be in a straight fight and while he's had a long background of practising squad based command in combat, his favoured role is in support. Going toe-to-toe with the Juggernaut alone is a bad idea, Forge will have a few tricks up his sleeves but this is entirely context dependent. Despite being an example of prime physical fitness he is no longer a young brave.
Forge is missing his own right hand and leg, albeit replaced with advanced bionic prosthesis that negate most of the disadvantages. Forge disguises this only when in civilian mode, aware that those unused to his company may well be unsettled by their obvious display.
In one situation, during the Phalanx, he was even been held in thrall by his own mutant abilities as he rapidly began to decipher the Phalanx construction. Considering the passive nature of Forge's abilities in general, his development of them without any clear formal training may mean that the true potential of his powers may still allude him.
Forge in his role as consecrated guardian as earned the unfortunate notice of the Adversary. When this terrible monster reappears Forge will be one of it's most vigorous campaign targets. Through the machinations of the Adversary, Forge has already wounded and killed (albeit temporarily) potential friends, the after effects of which have taken years to repair. The next time the Adversary may not play so nice.

Physical Description: Forge is a middle-aged Cheyenne male, he has an olive-brown complexion and dark features typical of his racial origin. He is not overly tall, but this is the impression from his posture. His weight is typical for his height. His build manifests as wiry not, although depending on artist, thick set. He often keeps his hair long, tied back at the nape of the neck. He keeps his facial hair to the usual level plus a well manicured moustache and at times a small goatee beard.
He is an example of prime physical fitness, despite having had his right hand and leg replaced with advance metallic prosthesis. The scars of the wounds he sustained in the Vietnam conflict also continue up the right side of his torso and back. His use of the prosthesis have not altered his general gait, which is, in the most part tall, straight and confident.
Considering that it was a number of years before he even developed his bionic hand and leg it shows how determined and quickly he trained in recovery. This level of physical training is maintained. As, from the comics, it appears that Forge is naturally right handed, to have developed any device at all whilst missing his main mit shows a great deal of adaptivity. Forge is likely to be near ambidextrous. It has also been shown that Forge detaches his bionic elements for physical training. He has been known to hop to and from danger rather rapidly and swim lengths without these on (come to think of it Forge kept a swimming pool in his penthouse, how cool's that). However, no doubt he has become somewhat reliant on their advanced capabilities.

In recent years his costume has been based on the X-Men's blue and gold uniform, altered subtly between illustrators. Often these have been cut away to show (the lady's and readers) that he has some metal leg. Or less cynically, to gain quicker access for detachment or concealed compartments. Forge's personal additions to this pretty number, to avoid confusion over his racial heritage, are a pair of buckskin leather boots and a rust coloured headband. His costume is often added to when transporting his various devices; in bandoleers, tool belts, additional ammo pouches and so forth. When Forge's shaman side eventually pops out there is often no costume at all, only leaving a couple of things to Storm's (.../Adversary's, pick one) imagination.
When in the workshop Forge may well be found wearing the basic X-men field gear, cut down and without surplus equipment. Although when working in a more leisurely way, when grime is not the issue, Forge will often be dressed somewhat conservatively. Pressed trousers, occasionally blue jeans and a black turtle neck sweater. Often with a pair gloves, thus concealing his prosthesis. During the infrequent times that Forge is out of the workshop or not operating in the field, he tends to dress himself formally. A square cut suit in the Texan style, these have often been rendered in a mid/dark blue. The less formal version, may see him in a suit pattern waistcoat with rolled sleeves. Unless in shaman mode he will always keep his hair tied back. Rarely, in contrast with his field gear, are there any rustic marks of his Cheyenne origin, unless the cut of his suit appears a little casino kitch.

Personality: Forge has stated previously that he is proud of his heritage but has maintained that it had nothing to do with who he was or the life he led. For many years, after returning from the war in Vietnam, he concentrated on developing his mutant talents from which he has gained great respect. But Forge's self-confidence has been greatly rocked at several points in his life. He was born into a life where his abilities were lauded, whose role was considered important for the sake of all existence. However, the glory hunting days of his youth were quickly matured if not cooled outright by his own folly. Again, in later instances his confidence was shaken, even by making the correct and necessary decisions. However, he steadily proves to be a decisive and self-motivated worker despite his blacker moments. Although he has, perhaps, yet to succeed in finding a purpose of his own other than the one prophesied for him by the Cheyenne, he hardly ever breaks from his work.

Forge is no stranger to isolation. Often self imposed, a habit, no doubt formed after the incident in Vietnam. The dual character of squad leader and isolationist is one that he has juggled with varying success. Earning, on one side, his comrades admiration and at other times bitter recrimination. Both he accepts quietly. Despite his periods off isolationism he has developed an unusually wry outlook, if not a subtle dry humour that shows in the majority of his interactions with other people. He is a smooth talker but not an habitual conversationalist. His sociability is based on purpose, having as he has, plenty of other gadgets that are capable of making hot air. He is not a shy man, having reached the pinnacle of his profession through making important contacts. He is not without awkward moments, not always expressing all he would like to say.

He currently holds affections for two women, for Storm, perhaps, the strongest. Although this has cooled off due to their time spent in separate pursuits. The other woman is Mystique. While this seems the newer of the two, Forge has in fact known Raven the longest or as should be said, she has known him the longest. While the measure of Mystique's affections for him can only be based on speculation, considering the recriminations aimed at him in the past, Forge has grown to care for her. This relationship was at first based on a feeling of debt for the death of Destiny. Indeed both relationships can be said to have started similarly. The debt owed to Storm was based on the loss of her powers and his promise to restore them. Forge is an oath keeper, not stern but serious in his outlook.

Despite his conflict with his Shamanistic background he has never truly disinherited it. Merely kept it back for its appropriate use. A rebellious attitude he considers fair considering the overbearing nature of his heritage. Forge knows that both sides of his person have caused harm, mutant and shaman. He is now careful and sensitive enough to know with what resources he should use to deal with a certain situation.

Early Years: The mutant commonly known as Forge is a Cheyenne Indian from the tribe located in the mid-north-west of the USA. He was raised in the traditions, and taught to believe in the sources of native American mysticism. Indeed, to such a level that Naze, the tribe's chief shaman, initiated the young boy into their mysteries in order that the young mutant become a shaman also. Here, Forge developed considerable magical powers and was consecrated as the tribe's champion in the fight against the Adversary. A mystical being, both powerful and evil.
The manner in which Forge's mutant X-Factor first manifested or to what level it influenced his upbringing has been explored very little. Unlike most characters that would find their way into the tales of the X-Men, this side of his heritage seemed to be of secondary importance. Perhaps instead it was viewed by his tribesmen has been another facet of his mystical skills.

As a young man however, Forge rebelled against his cultural dogma. He enlisted into the U.S Army at the time of the Vietnam war. He was quickly singled out for his skills has a crack-shot. Forced to kill a Viet Cong boy he soon lost his taste for glory. Despite this he quickly made Sergeant after finishing his first tour of duty. His skills were noted by the agency SHIELD. Forge, however, declined their offer in favour of staying with his squad. What followed was the key event in Forge's past.

The platoon his squad was a part of were drawn into a protracted defence of a valley out in the Vietnamese jungle. They were in the platoon's front line when Forge's entire squad were overwhelmed and cut down by the assaulting Viet Cong infantry. In the carnage, lost to overwhelming rage and grief, Forge summoned the most terrible revenge he could muster from the lessons of Naze. Harnessing the spirits of his fallen comrades, he used them to open up a mystical portal that allowed demons to descend upon his opponents with unrivalled brutality. Forge soon realised he had no actual control over these entities, nor a way to reverse the spell. What he also failed to realise was that with this act he had allowed the Adversary, his profaned enemy, a foothold into this dimension.
In a panic, he radioed in an air-strike without regard for survivors. In the following conflagration he lost his own right hand and leg. The ramifications of what he had done would catch up with him again. At this point he had suicidal intentions.

In time he found the strength of will to put much of this behind him. But in doing so he rejected the teachings of his youth, much to the ire of his mentor Naze. Instead Forge found succour in developing his mutant talents. With the military resources he found at hand he could see the increasing potential for invention. He created for himself the advanced prosthesis for his missing limbs. The life he led as a recluse was conducive to that of a superb inventor. However, he still used this time to make favourable contacts; members of the U.S government as well as those in SHIELD, particularly Nick Fury. So, when Tony Stark stopped his contract with the Department of Defence, Forge stepped in as leading weapons designer.

The Early X-Men Years: At the time, the government became aware of a threat by the race of alien beings, the Dire Wraiths, preparing, as they were, to subjugate the planet Earth. Only the Galadorian space-knight, Rom, had the technical resources with which to fight back. It was Forge who had the task of contriving his own versions of these weapons for Earth's use in the war against the Dire Wraiths. One device he constructed was arguably the most consequential of all his inventions. The Neutralizer, capable of nullifying any superpower.
During this time, Rogue, a member of the X-Men was framed for murder and targeted by SHIELD. It was Forge's prototype weapon that was granted for use in the hunt for her. Leading the chase personally were Henry Gyrich and Dr. Valerie Cooper, both influential members of the American government. Raven Darkholme (a.k.a Mystique and Rogue's foster mother) was Forge's government contact. It was she that alerted Forge to the use of his prototype Neutralizer. He was furious as he had explicitly ordered that this weapon or any of his inventions were not be used until released by himself. Forge set out to stop Gyrich and Dr Cooper using the weapon. In attempting to physically restrain Gyrich from shooting Rogue, the X-Man, Storm was hit instead, losing her powers.
Rather than leave the vulnerable Storm to be arrested, Forge brought her back from Mississippi to his base in Dallas, Texas. Here he attempted to nurse the suicidally depressed woman back to health. In this short period Forge grew to love Ororo Munro. He empathised with her loss. Soon Storm began to fall for him too. However, she learned that Forge was behind the creation of the device that had destroyed her beloved powers. She grew enraged and left, despite his offer to find a way to restore her former abilities.
The Dire Wraiths had discovered that Forge was a threat to their plans of domination. Almost immediately after Storm's departure they struck. Forge's security systems although at first effective were soon circumvented. Storm joined by Naze, returned to help Forge. Not entirely coincidently a small team from the X-Men also joined the fray, those members who had tracked the location of Rogue. The battle was soon over, the Dire Wraiths fled. Storm threatened retaliation if she was to meet Forge again after this point. He was devastated by this ultimatum.
The death of Naze had passed without realisation. Only that Forge and Storm had simultaneously felt a chaotic amalgam of alien thoughts when the shape of old shaman was taken over by the Dire Wraiths. Using Naze's mystical knowledge, the Wraith summoned the Adversary, offering the him the Earth for his aid. The Adversary claimed the Earth to be his already and in turn possessed both Dire Wraith and Naze. This form he kept secret for many months.
In this time Forge completed his work against the Dire Wraiths. At first he was reluctant to let the results of his improved Neutralizer designs be used by the likes of Gyrich, who had already shown that he could not be trusted. It was Rom, the Space knight that interceded in the end. When Forge then saw that the Dire Wraiths were more openly pursuing their goals, with the threat of the merging of their two worlds, he agreed to do all he could.
In an elaborate plan with many of the Earth's governments helping to fund the endeavour. Rom and Forge constructed the Neoneutralizer, an orbital weapon that required the use of the Space knight's own Neutralizer to make it work. In this way the secret of these powerful devices could not be later taken advantage of. Despite successive attempts by the Dire Wraiths to stop construction, the weapon was finished. As the presence of the Wraithworld caused global upheaval, the Neoneutralizer was used. The Wraithworld was banished and the Dire Wraiths power-source severed.

After these events Forge came to the conclusion that his prolonged isolation would not put right the chaos he had allowed the Adversary cause since that one day in Vietnam. Accepting that he had been wrong to put behind him the shamanistic lore, he sought to use it to undo the damage. He set the base of his power on a high pinnacle deep in the wilderness. In so doing he attracted the attention of his enemy.
Storm returned to Dallas in search of Forge, looking to regain her powers. She found his penthouse in ruins. The Adversary still disguised as Naze set about constructing a series of compelling lies and illusions that successfully convinced Storm that Forge had become unhinged. That in his madness he aimed to unleash the destruction of the Adversary by himself. Storm and Naze tracked Forge to his mountain of power, where Storm, still persuaded of Forge's terrible purpose, confronted him. She realised her error upon striking him. Forge had been trying to close a rift. As the Adversary began to tear apart Forge's base of power and exert his chaotic influence over Dallas' Eagle Plaza (Forge's headquarters), both mutants were drawn through the rift into an uninhabited parallel earth.
Forge had been severely injured by Storm and she acted as a reluctant nurse. Both mutants spent, what was to them, over a year on this prison world (while hardly any time passed on the other Earth), an idyllic time in many regards with much of it spent in separate pursuits. While Ororo wondered as far as the African continent, Forge used his time to build a new mountain of power. She had again come to find her love for Forge during this absence. Both agreed to put aside the remainder of any peaceful existence on this plane and find a way to return to Earth and end the Adversary's dominion.
Forge, during the past year had utilised the technology of his advanced prosthesis to create a device capable of undoing the work of his Neutralizer. With Storm once again in command of her elemental powers, Forge harnessed the effects of these to open a way back to their home dimension. In so doing, on their return both quickly became prisoners of the Adversary.
With the X-Men in a similar position, witnessing the Adversary's recreation of Forge's past in Vietnam, they finally worked out a way to banish the Trickster. Striking quickly, enabling Forge and Storm to break free, Forge worked on a counter spell to the one he had cast years ago. Using the souls of the nine willing X-Men to seal shut the portal he banished their enemy. This event was broadcast on television worldwide. Thus to the world the X-Men were dead.
Mystique, by then leader of the newly formed federal team, Freedom Force was on the outside of these events. To her, Forge had murdered the X-Men and with them her foster daughter, Rogue. Forge, unaware that Roma would shortly revive the X-Men to their new secret status, walked away from the devastated Eagle Plaza with Mystique's accusations ringing in the air, believing he had killed the X-Men. Despite Mystique's enmity, Forge began to work more closely with Freedom Force over the next few months.

The X-Men Wilderness Era: To Illyana Rasputin, her brother, Colossus had also fallen victim to Forge's magic. Mad with grief she came looking for vengeance. This encounter had been close. He had dropped his guard purposefully, tempted to allow himself to be killed, mistakenly, if only to join Storm in death. His attacker allowed him to live, feeling only contempt for Forge.
After this event Forge imposed an exile on himself, seeking a balance between his shaman and mutant sides. In an ensuing dream quest he met and duelled the Shadow King, which was a narrow escape, using the aspect of his bionic hand to break the hold over him. It was at this point that Forge somehow realized that Storm was still alive, but in danger.
Acting on this information Forge contacted Val Cooper to seek the help of Freedom Force. At this point the Muir island research base was attacked by the Reavers, a group of mutant-hating cyborgs. Dr Moira MacTaggart, head of the research facility and an old friend of the X-Men's, contacted the team, requesting aid. Mystique ordered Freedom Force into battle and told Forge to stay back to protect Destiny. As the battle drew to a pitch, Destiny urged Forge to leave and save Mystique and that he should grow to love her. The latter notion confused him and he disputed the idea still being heart-broken over the danger he knew Storm to be in. He, however left as she instructed and arrived in time to save Mystique as she faced almost certain death. Destiny, herself was then killed when Legion appeared shortly after Forge had quit her company.
Mystique faced with having lost another close friend, again blamed Forge. Swearing that she would get even for the two lives now owed her. No doubt she also remembered Destiny's words to her prior to the mission. To be kinder to Forge "considering how intimately your futures are intertwined." Forge and Freedom Force parted ways.

Banshee, an old X-Man, had suspicions that not all was right on the Island and asked Forge to develop better defensive systems for the research facility. He agreed and set to work. In addition he also installed a secret way back into Muir Island. So, after helping Alpha Flight with their own issues, Forge joined Banshee in the search for the missing X-Men.
Utilising Cerebro, they learned that Storm was alive and in Cairo, Illinois, but in using Cerebro they had also inadvertently allowed Shadow King to gain access to Muir Island. Unaware of this they departed.
Forge and Banshee secretly made their way to Westchester and Xavier's school. Here, after a run in with the Morlocks they collected Jean Grey, Colossus and the former leader of the Morlocks, Callisto. The success of this mission, led by Forge, was enough to spark the renewal of his self-confidence.
Their trail then led them to join up with X-Factor and from there to Forge's reunion with Storm. A particularly awkward moment considering she, at the time, inhabited the body of a young girl. Fortunately, as it happened, this arrangement was short lived. The pace at which the various members of the X teams found themselves having to act did not allow them any comfortable reunions.
Knowing at last the threat that the Shadow King posed on Muir Island, the X-Men went in search of Xavier whom at the time dwelt in the Shi'ar galaxy. On returning to Earth, Forge played a fundamental role in freeing many of the X-men as they battled and defeated the Shadow King. Making use of the secret way back to Muir Island and formulating the gadgets that broke the Shadow King's hold.

Reorganisation of the X-Teams: With the Muir Island Saga over the X teams under went a major reorganisation. Forge worked in the background helping to improve the X-Men's mechanical resources. With this reorganisation, Storm, again the leader of the X-men had much work to do. Forge made a proposal of marriage to Ororo, but she hesitated. Poor communication between the two led Forge to believe that Storm had ceased to care for him. He retracted his proposal and left with Mystique who seemed to be having problems of her own. Feeling somewhat responsible for the death of Destiny he concentrated most of his time to helping her.

At this time Forge re-established his work as a freelance counsellor to the US government. Both Forge and Mystique remained for some time in Dallas after the completion of his new penthouse. Perhaps the two formed a close friendship, such was hinted at. Whatever happened between them, Mystique also used this time to dig through Forge's personal files. However when Forge became the target of Fitzroy it was Mystique that took the brunt of the attack. The X-Men were able to intervene as Forge tended to the injured woman. Bishop, who had joined the X-Men recognised Forge from his own future, as Genesis, the man that would be instrumental in forming the X.S.E. (Xavier's Security Enforcement).

Shortly after this Forge accepted the post as X-Factor's liaison to the government. This team had been set up after the dissolution of Freedom Force and were practically their replacement. But Forge was keen, being a mutant himself, to furnish the team with its own mandate. This would have been proved later in the canon timeline. In preparation for this he tested the team leader Havok. Forge was pleased with the group and promised to keep the bureaucrats off of the team's backs.
Forge at this time had the chance to settle things with Storm. However, their respective duties kept them apart. Nothing developed further and would in time come to an end in the canon timeline. His business with Mystique also had many loose ends, he had lost track of her after the episode with Fitzroy.

Some time later, the threat of the Phalanx arose. Forge found himself, for the first time, subject to the effects of his mutant ability. Awestruck by the technology that comprised the Phalanx, he was overwhelmed by the beauty of the patterns he saw in them as his mind began to unravel their mysteries. Here he proved the weak link, snapping out of it only just in time.

The team had been on the trail of Mystique when Legion awoke from his long coma, in time forcing the events of the AoA.
Despite his best intentions, Forge had watched as events began to sever the X-Factor team. The apparent loss of Jamie Madrox to the Legacy virus. Rahne Sinclair, having finally shaken off the alterations made to her back on Genosha, quit the team. Guido Carosella sustained injuries that looked as though he might never have recovered. Even Havok had lost it, no longer able to maintain a handle on his own powers. Perhaps it would have been best to have carried out his threat and create the team from scratch.

The UXRPG timeline: Dr Valerie Cooper once again tried to resurrect the old team after it had split. Their new base Falls Edge, Forge's leased facility in Virginia was permitted for use.
At this time the supposedly deceased Naze and the sorceress Roma appeared to Forge and warned him of the Adversary's rebirth. This encounter led to a battle with his old foe. Forge banished him again by combining aspects of his shamanistic and mutant heritage. However the battle was brief which may lead him to suspect that the Adversary may still be plotting his return in force.
In the end this line up met with little success. Things were still far too broken for the team to function properly, with the government trying to force the team to become a home for rehabilitating criminal mutants and other refuse. This was exacerbated by the destruction of the Falls Edge facility at Apocalypse's hands. What survived of the team disappeared.
Forge would have found himself overseeing the reconstruction of the Falls Edge facility while working out of his penthouse back in Dallas. Upon completion Forge returned to Virginia. With signs of Strong Guy recovering, Forge developed a style of pacemaker to aid Guido in the use of his powers of kinetic absorption.
Dr Cooper has once again initialised the X-Factor project with, largely, new blood and a new mandate. However, with the passing of the Mutant Registration Act, it seems likely that the government, in wanting X-Factor to enforce it's practice, still has it's own designs for the team. After all this Forge has yet to take on an official role with the new X-Factor.

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'Improvements, hardly. I've down graded you if anything. So you're in no state to be having allusions to grandeur when your legs are over there and your tackle is out all over the shop.' Strictly speaking the AI wouldn't respond to this as a taunt, but whatever, it was close to a good line. Perhaps not, but it was as good a chance to emasculate one of these tin cans as one gets, even if he had made it from scraps himself.

Looking down from the gantry, Forge saw his project laid out across the workshop. The Sentinel's disembodied head grinned inanimately from the rig above the pit to the door below where he stood. A trail, thick with various cables ran too and from the unit's head, relayed to a third party power unit and out to the Sentinel's upright hand. This hand, as large as a man's torso, faced palm out, fingers up and was secured against heavy recoil with a track of impressive suspension.

'Unit.' Began Forge, he peeled the tinted goggles back down over his eyes. 'Third time's the charm, begin next repulsor test cycle, on my mark...' Forge tapped Enter on his grubby terminal keyboard, beginning the next cycle's diagnostic. 'Mark!' The Sentinel's head expressed an array of suitably violent lights as its eyes flashed in time with the prose.

'I will annihilate you!' It boomed. The deepening hum of the emitter soon roared over the sound of the head's manic cackle. The Sentinel's hand suddenly flared a brilliant blue that carried outwards from it's palm. The rig rocked backwards a few feet under the force of the repulsor and quivered there, rattling chains.

'Unit!' Forge shouted 'Continue cycle... Steady, keep going...' Forge's computer terminal clocked the power consumption, the Sentinel's force in Newton's, the unit's CPU cycles and so forth. Everything looked typical. 'Okay, Unit, end it... End it!' Forge leaned out over the railings bellowing at the idiot until it discerned him above it's own noise and then powered down.

'...And so I said, "was that the impression you were looking for"...tcht.' It concluded. It's lights switched to the less obvious orange of standby mode.

'That joke soon got old. Mercy, but this test should have done it.' The rig of the hand rolled slowly forward as the force from it dissipated, it squeaked to a stop. Forge slung his goggles, logged the latest entry and descended the steps to the base of his workshop. The Sentinel's head was hot underneath but not badly enough to warrant a further rummage. If all fails, Carosella can have it for an alarm-clock.
'PSU's fine, the emitter...' Crossing the floor to check it. Tentatively gauged the temperature and then confidently slapped his hand on it's outer casing. 'Improved.' The measure of the unit had taken a little longer than expected but it had not provided too big a diversion for him.
Forge turned his attention to the target wall of his experiments. Over the last few of tests, the concrete had become visibly worn. There was now a smooth bowl where the force of the repulsor had been continually centred. He traced this with his fingers for verification. He was content.
Forge regarded the remainder of the Sentinel's body standing yonder. From here it was a small matter of winching all the pieces back together.

'Let them wreck it if they like.'


'Whua..?! Whozzat?!? Scream! So many screams, air full of them, killing ground...' His breath shuddered violently and ran ragged. Heart hurting with each beat. The sweat of the jungle clung cold, his skin, clammy. He continued mumbling brokenly to himself, the noise dull in his ears with the roar and thump of his fear.

'I Should be happy, charnel pit, this valley, obscenity, my soul...' Forge gazed stupidly. At the centre of it, he heard the terrified Vietnamese fighting back. Bright moments of gunfire lit up the lower trunks of the trees, when it did so, the silhouette, nightmare figures could be seen stalking through the undergrowth, bearing down, felling the brave and pursuing the fearful. 'I didn't know, I was scared, I was angry, didn't want to die. Wanted them to pay but not like this.' He whined.
Clutched in his arms, still, was the cold body of one of his squad. Why check him? You know he's gone, if he wasn't before he is now, you sent him away with the rest...

'Samuels.' He whispered, gently shaking the arms. 'Samuels.' He tried again ineffectually. The body slid from Forge's lap. Greasy blood caked his arms, his legs. Shaken he gasped. A darted look all about him. Those silhouettes loomed about.
'Listen...' He croaked. 'Listen!' His voice wavered as he tried to shout. Nothing. They won't listen. 'I command you, go, you are released!' Please. 'Go, begone, I am in command!'

Forge collapsed, slunk, dragged himself along the knotted grass, pulled himself over roots, bodies. He fought with the straps of a radio unit. Rolled the operator, another squad member, unfastened the thing and fumbled with the operation.
'Overlord.' Fumbled again. Forge's hands trembled, clattering on the case. He tensed them and tried again. 'Overlord! This is Forge, situation desperate, require immediate Arclight, my position, over and out!'

Forge flung himself against the hollow bowl at the tree's foot. Not too long, but long enough the air above and the valley corridor was filled with engine sounds of the B52's. The jungle erupted.

04-22-2009, 09:59 PM
Hi there slushee here and good to see a familiar name, I enjoyed the read and the research you did into the character is quite accurate. The description appears on the short side but it does cover the image of Forge. I am also impressed at the inclusion of a second rp sample, whilst not required it gives a good idea of what to expect from you.

From me its an Approve

04-22-2009, 10:34 PM
Hello, and I suppose I should say welcome back to the site.

Everything looks really great in this app, save for the description. It does not meet out minimum requirements. Where eveything else easily meets or exceeds this, we need this to meet what we ask for as well. Once you do this, I'm more than happy to send you along with your first approval.

04-22-2009, 10:56 PM
Curse you physical description, I knew I shouldn't have trusted you!

Writing the history almost burned me out and that got left behind. I'll get on to developing it shortly. After sleep.

Also thank you, good to be back. Thought I'd be honest and identify myself early, although I doubt many will remember my old fav' Caliban. Great to see XF still up and running.

04-23-2009, 10:24 AM
Right-o updated that.

Still looks small, but I'm gonna blame the stretchy format of the text for that. :wink:
Anything I can do to improve the format of it to you? I have trouble reading it back myself.

I'd like nothing more than for you to be amused and/or impressed while reading it now... I'm judging you.

04-23-2009, 01:35 PM
The description part looks much better, but there is a part of it that is lacking. What he might wear 'day to day'. Something more casual than his uniform. Does he wear a watch on his good hand? What sort of clothes might he like to wear for a day out shopping? Just a typical outfit for such occasions.

As for being amused. I am amused that you're judging me. ^_^

04-23-2009, 03:01 PM
'cor blimey, slave driver, that one.

Both shopping and watches stumped me. Here I am flicking through the pages of the X-Men and X-Factor trying to find images of Forge with a watch, no luck. The Maker didn't think of that one. :!:

04-23-2009, 05:01 PM
They were mearly just examples of why he might not be in uniform, and examples of things he may or may not wear. I did not mean to stump you. Things do look much better now, thank you.


Just one more to go.

04-23-2009, 08:33 PM
Thank you for the feedback Kinney. Much appreciated.

04-24-2009, 05:42 AM
This is squared up and good to go. As for where to place you it isn't so hard, he was last seen at the Falls Facility. The only problem is that the majority of the team is abroad in Russia. This isn't so bad, it gives you an opportunity to set your own story arc in the meantime. Any thing you require let me know in the OOC channel or else via PM