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Monet St. Croix
09-24-2009, 10:28 AM
*** - FREAK SHOW: PART I - ***

The skies were clear and only lit by the beautiful stars and bright glowing full-moon hanging up high. For the trip, the nicely dressed Beaubier twins, Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie, flew side by side and the wind jetting through their dark thick hair. Arms stretched out ahead of them, the twins looked straight ahead and thankfully with mutant powers that gifted them super speed, they?re point of destination wasn?t too far away now. It took some convincing, but Jean-Paul was able to talk his sister into finally going to Atlantic City, New Jersey for a night of some fun and sibling bonding. [Seen In Uncanny X-Men: Siblings Unite]

Called Northstar amongst the X-Men ranks, he understood Aurora?s concern over her trouble multiple personality disorder. The stress of the disorder has been tremendously damaging to the speedtress for so many years. For a long time, it drove Jeanne-Marie insane and even caused her to disappear without so much of a trace. Jean-Paul remembers times of searching for his only family, but at last was able to find her when Canada created mutant camps. Needless to say, many could imagine his relief to finally re-unite with his sister and to know she was not hurt during the dangerous crusade. [Seen Uncanny X-Men: Zero Below, A Disney Rescue, Into The Woods, & The Great Escape]

Slightly turning his head to look over beside him, he sees Jeanne-Marie flying next to him at the same speed. Her eyes staring straight ahead, her thoughts seemingly lost in her mind. He remembers before leaving for Atlantic City listening to his concerned sister about her struggling personalities. They meet a balance finally after so many years, but yet she senses the strength of her conservative and most judgmental persona of Jeanne-Marie, wanting to burst into control. Thinking way back to his days of Alpha Flight, the Jeanne-Marie persona was one who was incredibly strict, preferring to not use her mutant powers, and condemned Northstar for his homosexuality.

It was obvious that Aurora returned to the mansion with hopes of Professor Xavier?s help to control or cure her MPD. Her balance of both personalities couldn?t have happened at a right time, in which has now been able to bring both twins together again. By going to Atlantic City, Jean-Paul figured that it might take Aurora?s worry away for a period of time and not be so centered on her struggling disorder. He also hoped that this would be a great opportunity to gain a deeper bond with her.

Sensing her brother?s stare on her, Aurora glanced back at her bother. She smiled and winked at him. Northstar smiled back and then looked back to stare straight ahead. They say twins often think alike, which couldn?t be any truer. The speedtress glanced back at her brother and his stare no long fixated on her. She knew then that she calmed her brother?s concerns over her well being. Staring straight ahead again, Aurora knew deep in her thoughts that Jeanne-Marie, the strict disciplinarian was trying to call out to her. The persona trying in all it?s power to reach a medium of some kind of control. Using an exercise in control, Aurora used her imagination to put up a block ? a wall to keep Jeanne-Marie far back in the recesses of her mind.

Finally, the woman was glad to be with her brother in this time of need. There was a feeling of security being around family. She was safe. That security, warmth, kindness, and love is what she needed more than anything in the world right now. Aurora knew she drove her brother crazy with her antics thanks to her psyche?s troubles, but Jean-Paul was always there. No matter what happens with her disorder, being with her brother and for this night out with him, it was her way of letting him know she loves him.

Though still jetting through the sky, Aurora inched closer and grabbed Jean-Paul?s arm so that she may slightly hug him. Surprised, Jean-Paul saw his sister?s smile as she then let go of her grip. Inching back in her place beside him, he smiled back at his twin. ?I am glad you are here. Tonight will be fun, Jeanne-Marie. You?ll see.?

Happily replying, ?I am counting on it, brosair. Thank you for dragging me wiss you. I have never been to Atlantic City before.?

?I have never really been there too, but I have read much about it. It sounds like there is a lot to do. Amusement parks with rides, the boardwalk, and some fried food. You know how Americans love their fried food.? sparking a humorous joke in the end of his response.

Giggling, ?Why Jean-Paul, as if you have room to talk. I have seen you scarf down fries and hushpuppies. It is not like you always eat zee healthiest of foods.?

Nodding and laughing in response, Northstar shrugged his shoulders. Turning around on his back, flying across the starry sky and going through clouds, ?I can?t help it. The hushpuppies are magnifique!? admitting his guilty eating pleasure with fried foods. He follows his admitting of the truth with a kiss of his fingers and then spreading his fingers ? sort of the well known Italian gesture when it comes to good food. ?I was never really exposed to fried stuff until my time with Alpha Flight and especially since joining the X-Men. It?s no wonder I work out harder these days in the gym. But it?s also good to have speed powers and a speedy metabolism. I get a lot of jealousy from Jean and Storm at the mansion.?

?Nice to know my brosair has not lost his sense of cockiness since joining zee X-Men as well, but instead his French accent.? joked Aurora while she stayed on her laid out in the open sky on her front side, compared to Northstar flying on his back side. Proud of his sister?s words, ?I?ve had more exposure in other regions. And since when did my sister become the sarcastic one??

?I don?t know. Scary isn?t it?? said Aurora.

Flipping back on his front side, Jean-Paul turned his head enough to see his sister in his view. ?Yes it is! Stop it. That?s my department,? answered Northstar. Up ahead, Jean-Paul spotted lights and amusement park rides. The destination point was coming up in a matter of seconds. ?We?re here. We better start finding a safe place to land out of the sight of civilians.?

Nodding in agreement, the two continued to get closer to the boardwalk. The boardwalk looked like a good place. It was dark and semi-secluded. People were busy with the rides and games; no one noticed the twins land on the sand underneath the boardwalk. Once on ground, Aurora and Northstar began to adjust their civilian clothes. Jean-Paul was the first to begin walking ahead, but then Aurora caught her brother?s arm and his attention. ?Brosair, I?m beginning to have second thoughts. Maybe we should go back,? expressing concern on her face.

Gently, Northstar assured, ?S'il vous pla?t ne pas s'inqui?ter. Everything will be fine. Remember we are here for some fun. No troubles. Believe me dear sister.? Offering his hand out to her, Jeanne-Marie used her hand to let him take her. Smiling with assurance, Jean-Paul guided Aurora behind him, holding her hand. The expression on her face of concern began to disappear upon seeing the majestic lights and the fun people all around them were having.

There was the smell of cotton candy, the laughter of the people with friends and family, the loud noises from the operating rides and the screams from people riding those rides! It was a lot of excitement building in Aurora as she has not seen so much stimulation in a long time. Under her breath, ? Mon Dieu. C'est beau!? the words flowing with her breath and amazement! Slowly, Aurora let go for Jean-Paul?s hand as she stepped up ahead of him a couple of steps. Without anything said for a long moment, Aurora turned to look at her smiling brother as he watched her amazement, ?Jean-Paul, you are right. Everything will be all right!?

?See, nothing to worry about. Let?s go join the fun.? Putting an arm around his smaller twin, Northstar escorted her to the entrance of the park.

*** To Be Continued ? Nothing To Worry About? We'll See! Stay Tuned for Part 2! ***

Jubilee (old account)
09-24-2009, 11:54 AM
*** - FREAK SHOW: PART II - ***

A Few Days Ago -

It is a sunny day and the airplane was traveling over the blue oceans below and through the white stuffy clouds. Watching out the window and going through the air, it was no wonder that Storm and Rogue loved flying. It all seemed peaceful in the air, but of course that?s saying away from several people and a crying baby. The Nova Roman Amara Aquilla, famously known as Magma among the group the X-Men is flying back to New York to visit her friends ? her family. For a long time now, Amara has been gone from the X-Men shortly after finding out she was infected with the mutant killing Legacy Virus. [Seen In Uncanny X-Men: A&C Crowd Control & Feeling Blue]

Following her departure from the X-Men, Amara left the United States to fly to the one country that is a safe haven for mutants and a lead research in the Legacy Virus for those infected ? Genosha. Genosha became Amara?s home, where she since abandoned the super hero lifestyle, assimilating into civilian life as a waitress on the beach and living in a small apartment. She got herself a doctor in order for regular check-up?s, takes medication to control living with the Legacy Virus, though it is an aggravation at times. Taking twelve different pills a day can be a pain and a distraction from normal every day living. But it helps with the effects of the Legacy Virus so that her powers don?t go haywire unexpectedly. Amara became a spokeswoman for a support group for mutants living with the virus, which has actually been a great thing for the blonde. Talking with others living with the virus, having the support of others to relate has been in a way a life saver as everyone has the goal of living for a long time and hopefully find a cure one day. [Seen In X-Factor: Her New Life]

Despite living life as normally possible and no longer in the super hero business, the one time X-Man has missed her life with her friends. There?s not a day that goes by she doesn?t think about the X-Men. Scott, Jean, Bobby, Gambit, Beast, Rogue?everyone at the mansion. It wasn?t too long ago that Magma heard about Xavier?s assassination attempt as it made headlines in the news across the globe! After seeing the reports, Amara became concerned for the X-Men?s well being and Xavier?s status. Saving up her money, Amara immediately purchased a plane ticket to New York so that she can be with her friends during a difficult crisis. The Professor is like a father to her and helped her to assimilate well into today?s society away from the secret civilization that was Nova Roma.

The plane landed smoothly in New York and Amara after going through checks was able to get her bags. A lot of people were at the airport today, she thought. Pulling along her bags and carrying one on her shoulder, the Nova Roman made her exit out of the building. Stopping along the edge of the sidewalk, she began to signal for a cab. Cabs were driving by, already with passengers. Sighing, Amara became restless and then definitely wished she had flying powers. It would so make things easier right about now. To her surprise though, a black limousine pulled up to her.

The back dark window rolled down a woman poked her head out. ?Hello there. I am so sorry to bother you, but I am afraid my driver is a little lost. He?s foreign, go figure.?

Pulling back some golden locks of her hair behind her ear, Amara nicely replied, ?Oh, well I?ll try to help you as best as I can.? The woman in the limo smiled, relieved to hear Amara?s willingness to assist her with directions. ?Oh will you? Thank God. You are so sweet. I?ll be happy to re-pay you for your help.?

?That is not necessary. I have lived in New York before, so it is no problem. Where are you trying to get to,? asked Amara.

The woman holds up in her hands a map, then trying to show it Amara. Suddenly, the map blows out of the woman?s hand! Amara was quick to react, reaching for the map. But like the blink of an eye, Amara was in the limo, grabbed by a pair of hands! It was the woman in the limo as she tossed Amara into the limo. As soon as the woman got back in the limo, the car took off from the airport. Sitting up, Amara was snapped around the neck with a blinking collar! Her powers are gone! The collar prohibits her powers!

?What the?! What is the meaning of this?! What?s going on?!? questioned and shouted Amara a man held her arms behind her back. The man was strong, holding her tightly in place. However, her shouting is stopped when a deep and bellowing booming voice speaks over her. The tone of the voice ? a man ? it was all too familiar. Amara?s eyes widened as she slowly turned her head to look ahead of her. Sitting before her with an entire half of the limousine all to himself because of the sheer size of the man?s body filling the area?

?Blob! exclaimed a shocked Magma.

Sickly smiling and enjoying a bucket of chicken at his side, the veteran foe of the X-Men, Blob was indeed there and the man behind her capture. He smiled with grease around his mouth and on his hands. A large napkin covered his nice dress shirt. Of all surprises, the Blob is dressed in business attire, not like his usual attire. ?What?s the matter, Magma? Your powers aren?t workin? for ya?? laughed Blob in an airy and cough like twisted tone. Not amused and disgusted, Amara?s eyes were fixed on the man like daggers!

?I demand you let me go or I will make you regret what you?ve done,? commanded Amara in an authoritative voice.

Laughing again at Amara, Blob put down his chicken in the bucket and then began to dust and dry off his hands. Pouring some wine into a glass, ?I don?t think you?re in a position to demand anything. And your powers are for now not workin'. Do you want some wine?? The Blob playing host is certainly unusual. He dressed differently, but his mannerisms still the same and disgusting. Calm and cool, ?What do you want with me? Why am I captured??

?Well, I?m sure you heard about Xavier?s assassination attempt. Of course that must be the reason you flew back to New York. Well, it didn?t take a lot of brains to know that almost every X-Man around the world was going to come flying back home,? said Blob. Continuing on, ?So I had me and my crew scout the airport for any familiar X-Men. You were recognizable. Hence why you?re here, darlin?.?

?You show up in a limousine, you are dressed in professional attire, apparently keep up with world events on the news, you got sneaky henchmen,? replied Amara as she took a glance at the woman who tricked her at the airport before looking back at Blob and adding, ?And you find me, a former X-Man at the airport to kidnap. Exactly what the hell are you up to??

?You asked just in time. See darlin?, I opened up a business in Atlantic City. A casino as a matter of fact! I?m makin' lots of money now, so Blob is now running Dukes Inc. And as for you, I want you to be my star attraction,? revealed Blob.

Amara?s mouth dropped from the stun of Blob?s intentions.

*** TBC ? Magma Returns! Blob Is Back! What now? ? Stay Tuned For Part 3 ***

The Blob (old account)
12-16-2009, 03:31 AM
-NOTE- Due to unforseen circumstances, I am going to summarize this plot to move things ahead. This is so that The Beaubier Twins are returned to the mansion and get Magma set for something new. Thanks for understanding. Permission to NPC The Blob was given by Nick (thank you, Nick). Now for the exciting conclusion of "Freak Show"!
Jean-Paul Beaubier and Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, twin sister and brother from Canada. Close again at last after so much time spent apart, really since birth. It always seemed that once they are close, something always comes in between them to drive them apart. But not this time. Considering the current climate of anti-mutant hysteria, it is now a time for friends and family to be close, including the twin speedsters. A long time ago, Jean-Paul, better known as Northstar eagerly joined the X-Men, almost by accident. He assisted Cyclops and Generation X to escape the Sentinel hunt in Alaska and then back to Xavier's mansion. Since then, Northstar became a permanent member of the X-Men and as an instructor for the youth.

Thanks to the massacre in Washington and the death of the U.S. President, much of the human/mutant relations suffered greatly for the worse! Eventually almost every country in the world began plans for ways "to deal with" mutants. In his home country, Canada actually had set up a Mutant camp for all mutants and family members of mutants, which would also include humans! It was there that after so much time away, Jean-Paul would reunite with Jeanne-Marie, better known as Aurora. Aurora on the other hand, she has suffered so much with split personality disorder. She was fine at the time of when the twins reunited and with the X-Men, Aurora joined her brother back at the mansion, but only a short time. Suddenly disappearing again, it would be sometime before Aurora would show up in Northstar's life.

Now back and seemingly fine, Northstar wanted to get away from the anit-mutant drama for a night of some fun. Together, the twins flew to New Jersey to Atlantic City where they hit the boardwalk for some rides on rollercoasters and bumper cars. Even there, the duo managed to flirt with a few boys, but soon the park was winding down. That wasn't going to be the end. The night was still young. Recommending the casinos, Northstar dragged Aurora for a night of gaining some money, but then losing a lot.


the former Brotherhood of Mutant villain, The Blob has returned to the scene of things, but not as the usual destructive terrorist and not as a Brotherhood member. Instead, the gruesome giant man has taken up nice button-up tropical shirts, dress pants, gold watches and necklaces, and running his own Casino in New Jersey. Despite keeping a low profile and no longer committing terrorist acts, The Blob isn't so much just a citizen. He's still in the bad guy business, but more behind the scenes. Realizing that his Casino needs a new act in town to beat out all other Casinos, The Blob surprised former X-Men member, Magma at the airport! Magma, who is a carrier of the deadly Legacy Virus, left the X-Men for Genosha as a means for better care for his illness. An illness she contracted during an X-Men mission against the Friends of Humanity.

Genosha being mutant friendly, Magma knew that Legacy Virus contracted mutants would have better health care services there compared to staying in New York, where many mutants have been turned down for health care services in hospitals out of fear. Since being in Genosha, Magma has been living a normal life and keeping the virus under control, albeit through much medication. She's also been a speaker for support groups, fighting against anti-mutant hysteria. Despite doing all right in Genosha, Magma does wonder how the Friends of Humanity could be using the Legacy Virus as means for bio-weaponry against mutants! If many of the organizations have the virus as a means to attack mutants, the mutant community is trouble.

Coming back to New York for a visit, Magma was suddenly kidnapped into a limo where she came face-to-face with The Blob, who wants Magma as new star attraction! Ever since keeping Magma captive, The Blob has used her medication as means to subdue the woman and keep her performing. The performance is dance and show act that has the finale with Magma as a Goddess and using her volcanic powers for show! Catching Magma in performance, Northstar wants to visit his former teammate with Aurora suspicious. As it would turn out, Aurora was correct and now The Blob wants to use The Beaubier twins for a new act!

The twins decline the offer until they see how Magma is treated. After her shows in her private dressing room, Magma is locked up with a mutant inhibitor collar and medicines sometimes denied to keep her in control to the point of her becoming very sick. The twins decides to free Magma, getting in a tussle with Blob's gang, but it was The Blob who became tough. Aurora is caught and Northstar escapes. Joining Magma, Aurora keeps Magma safe and spirits high, while Northstar recoups. Aurora begins to have inner struggles with her alternate prudish Jeanne-Marie personality, while not letting Magma know.

While recouping blocks away, Northstar is caught by a familiar face. It is a gentleman whom Northstar met months ago in India, while on hiatus from the X-Men. Flash back to India, it turns out the man and Northstar had a fling during their time to which Northstar really began having feelings for the man. After a night of passion between the two, the man was gone in the morning. The man actually turned to be Detective David Boyd - NYPD. The two men share their time in India, discussing good times and only for Northstar to admit his anger about David leaving without so much of a note! David says he couldn't be in a relationship because after finding out Jean-Paul was a mutant and considering the modern climate against mutants, he didn't want to cause any trouble for the speedster and his own family.

Unsatisfied with the reason, Jean-Paul also finds out the David is undercover, investigating The Blob and his casino. Unable to arrest The Blob on terrorist acts due to scheming over the legal justice system, David decided he would investigate The Blob's unusual Casino activity. For months, David has spied on heavyset mutant, finding out that Blob is actually stealing money - stealing his profits. As it turns out, The Blob has become apart of the mafia! That's a big change for the Texas big man.

Together, David and Northstar work to infiltrate Blob's Casino, not only to get proof of Blob's illegal habits, but rescue Aurora and Magma as well. Succesffuly, the former lovers invade the Casino, soon going into battle with Blob's henchmen and culminating in a giant battle in the theatre of the Casino against The Blob himself! David managed to find papers in Blob's office that show The Blob using his money in illegal affairs, while Aurora and Northstar confront The Blob. The Blob manages to deal with the twins brutally, but it was Magma's uncontrolled mutant abilities thanks to the Legacy Virus that stop Blob in his tracks! Bursting in Magma form, the floors beneath Blob explode from balls of molten lava blasts and tremors, causing the theatre floor and rows of seats crashing into the basement below heavily! A shocked Blob fell into the ground, buried beneath the rubble and subdued.

In the end, David tells Northstar and the others that Police and higher up's (in reference to SHIELD) were on their way. He recommended that Northstar and the gang quickly leave. David was going to take the blame for the mess and Blob's downfall. Before Northstar left with Aurora and Magma, he apologized to Jean-Paul, then said they worked great as a team tonight. Finally feeling a sense of resentment lifted, Jean-Paul accepted the apology. David says maybe one day he and Jean-Paul could see each other again...and no more running away. The speedster only replied with maybe.

Though she was going to be there for a visit, Magma realized her medication was low due to The Blob losing most of it. She needed to fly back home to Genosha. Telling the Beaubier twins to give a message to the X-Men that she said hello, Magma then thanked the duo for helping her and hopes to come back for a normal visit. Back to the mansion, Aurora asks her brother if he is all right to which he replied yes, though in his mind, he was hurt. And Aurora, the alternate Jeanne-Marie again taunted Aurora.