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Codename: Rictor
Real Name: Julio Esteban Richter
Alias/Nick: Ric
Age: Early twenties

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 145lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown

Place of Birth: Mexico
Relatives: Father; Louis Alejandro Richter (deceased), Mother (mentioned by previous player, unnamed), Uncle and Cousins (all unnamed, as far as I can tell)
Group Affiliation: XF


X-Factor: Rictor's mutant ability allows him to project powerful vibratory waves of energy from his body. He is capable of projecting these through the air as well as through solid matter, the effect of the latter being similar to that of a seismic force. Rictor is capable of controlling the magnitude of an attack, both through the duration and the frequency of the vibrations themselves. An attack by Rictor can potentially cause considerable damage. As a boy he levelled buildings within several surrounding blocks of himself, from one uncontrolled, albeit, prolonged burst. This is likely to be the full extent of the range, as "The Right" had to place the boy in a device to amplify his mutant power, to be able to threaten San Francisco (tectonic plates included).
Solid objects are particularly vulnerable to the attack if the vibrations are channelled through them. This can cause structural damage, enough to collapse larger, more sturdier objects or even shatter smaller ones. The longer the seismic effect the greater the potential damage. The extent of this is based more on the structure's properties. A material with a high tensile strength is likely to withstand an attack longer than a brittle one. The vibrations can be channelled through a living opponent as well. Considering the damage that can be caused to a building, this type of attack could result in severe damage for the target. However, Rictor has rarely, if ever, resorted to this level of personal violence. In closer quarters, Rictor's attacks strike fast, often tearing up the earth and throwing opponents to the ground in seconds. An attack like this at a longer range will be far less accurate, due to the increased time it will take for the physical effect to reach the target. It is chiefly through manipulation of his environment, that Rictor will confront his opponent. When projected through the air, attacks are somewhat less severe but are much faster. If the vibrations are focused on a narrow front, the attack can be used as an effective concussive strike. Widening the effect of this type of attack, will only result in a weaker effect, generating a result that can vary from a slap across the chops to a breeze and buzzing noise, unless a concerted effort is made to increase the magnitude.

Rictor is often depicted using this power, channeled through his hands. This isn't necessary, but does help him focus his ability and better his aim. The vibratory waves are emitted from his body. The key point of control is just prior to the attack leaving him. Rictor is capable only of changing the magnitude and trajectory of the vibrations at this point. Once they are emitted they need to fade from effect naturally. This is not a terrible disadvantage, as to cause greater damage, Rictor must sustain the effort for the attack anyway, but it does reduce Julio's fine-tune-control of his powers and ergo; differentiates it from a use similar to that of telekinesis.

A second side to Rictor's power exist. He is capable of sensing as well as locating the source of vibrations and seismic activity around him. The more powerful or persistent the tremor, or the closer it is; the greater the chance is for Rictor to detect them. For example; he can feel the vibrations from a heavy shower of rain, within the effective distance of his primary attack power, due to it's persistence. He can potentially detect the footfalls of people, the chance would be increased if they were running, but if these people are attempting stealth, Rictor may not pick up on their presence or location. Rictor is even able to predict an earthquake by sensing early tectonic activity, prior to it's initial shock-waves, and if he is within several miles of the fault-line. If anything, it is this side of his power that Rictor has embraced more fully.

Skills/Weapons/Other: Rictor is Mexican, he has demonstrated that he can speak both Spanish and English, with only a slight Spanish accent effecting the latter. It is certain Julio can read and write both languages as well. Julio has also received schooling, both from X-Factor and while at the boarding school with the other "X-Terminators"; as well as within the New Mutants. Rictor may also have picked up some other useful information on enemies and allies of the X-Men and affiliated teams. From his time with X-Factor, when Julio had access to "Ship", the team's sentient command centre; alongside Boom-Boom, Rictor has demonstrated aptitude in using various computer systems to locate secure information. However, his knowledge of complex programming languages will be little more than amateurish.
During his unusual schooling, learning how to best harness his mutant ability, Rictor was also taught, or picked up on some decent combat experience. This has been developed throughout his time in X-Force, among others. Typically these skills have been kept to unarmed fighting techniques of no fixed discipline; and combined with Rictor's ability to generate seismic and vibratory waves. However, recent months have been spent with little or no practise in this area. Rictor is also able to drive, but it is doubtful that he would be able to pilot aircraft, unlike some, without an experienced pilot at hand to guide him.

Weaknesses: Rictor has a quick temper and has often exhibited the tendency to make rash decisions at key moments in a fight or otherwise; often willing to put himself in harm's way when the situation doesn't necessarily call for it, even when there is a viable alternative. This is particularly the case when a teammate or friend is in danger. He does not always realise there may be an alternative course of action, which goes to show that he can often head into a situation half-cocked, or be willing to let one his darker moods get in the way of reasoning with clear judgement. This is not a death-wish however (not anymore).
Rictor, except for his extraordinary abilities, shares the same prowess and vulnerabilities as most typical human beings. Since he has been out of practise, the physical conditioning he had developed sparring with his friend Shatterstar and fighting alongside X-Force; has atrophied.

As for his mutant ability, while Rictor is immune to the rigours that emitting his vibratory attacks would supposedly incur, he is not safe from the structural damage that they may cause. When he is in confined spaces, buildings or subterranean environments he is careful not to risk over use of his powers. Rictor must also consider the effects his powers may have on restricting his companion's ability to manoeuvre in a fight, due to their broad reaching effect. He also remains particularly concerned with over applying his powers near susceptible tectonic fault lines, for fear of unleashing a level destruction he cannot control.


Physical Description: Rictor is of average build. Since departing X-Force and the company of his friend Shatterstar, due to the lack of activity and consistent training, Julio's athletic physique has atrophied a little. His gait has suffered in the prolonged downtime and no longer carries the confidence he once had as a part of the team.
In general, he has taken a bum "Indie" look. His dark brown hair has some length to it still, in that it covers his ears with an unkempt look and is occasionally left to look lanky and unwashed. His style is pitched for the boyish and cute, but falls somewhat short of Doctor Chase, leaving Rictor often looking dishevelled and lazy. Julio maintains a pair of short sideburns, these vary in length from week to week, depending on accuracy of symmetry. In theory he shaves regularly, but stubble is quick to grow, after day two it may look pretty good, but it doesn't stay like that indefinitely. Despite this shadow and tired look, Julio's complexion helps to give him a mostly healthy appearance.

Rictor has not worn field gear in some time, his look and the company he keeps have changed since then. Previously, his aesthetic changed to match contemporary alternative fashions, particularly along the punk influence and it's watered-down descendants. Hence the Skid-row look turning to Grunge and more lately; the ironically named "Indie" look. Typically Julio is to be seen wearing informal clothes, that give him careless, rough and ready appearance. These are usually from his limited selection of neutral coloured sweaters or casual shirts and his few denim trousers. When out, he likes to don a his weathered short leather bikers jacket. For footwear Julio goes for rugged shoes, occasionally, when not travelling; a pair of discoloured canvas shoes. Rictor no longer goes in for accessories, except, perhaps, for a cheap watch and wristband bracelet.

Personality: At first Rictor hated the impact that his mutant nature had on his life. He caused great destruction, and probably loss of human life. Julio was victimised for it in a plot of The Right. As a boy he hated his powers, he feared being ostracised by people in general or targeted because of them. When Rictor was rescued and introduced to other mutants, who had equally destructive or entirely bizarre powers; knowing there were others like him, he came to identify himself as part of the "mutant community", learnt control of his powers and even embraced his new abilities. Rictor is chiefly concerned with the affairs of mutants and regards himself as other than plain human.

Rictor has a smouldering character and a quick temper, but is often weighed down by piques of sullen fatalism. This is not to deny his general kind hearted nature. Julio is guided by a simple moralistic attitude not necessarily confined by lawful responsibility but very much conditioned by typical behavioural conventions ("You keeled my seesta, Gringo! Get some!" --joking,joking). However, Julio is quite introverted, he has little charisma. He can be quite outwardly defencive, suspicious and quick to provoke. Previously, Julio could be characterised by his penchant for trying to look tougher than he actually was. Today he keeps to this pattern by exhibiting a glowering look about him, to ward away troublemakers. But Rictor's rebellious attitude is largely for show, he has low self-esteem. Rictor takes to blame easily, he rarely believes he can be thought highly of. This has led to a few instances where he would be willing to throw it all away in a single moment of tragic heroism. This is one way that Julio has tried to seek for acceptance from friends and acquaintances. Recently he has come to believe that he has let himself fall behind the success of his friends, and no longer earns their respect, this has driven him into a particularly sullen mood.

Rictor is more confident in a position of supportive responsibility to a team, it's leader or other dominant role model, rather than being in a position of authority himself. Rictor, however, does not take well to dictatorial leadership or formalised command structures, but prefers a the role to be based on mutual trust or friendship, such as with X-Force leader Sam Guthrie, aka Cannonball. Julio's relationship to a role model may become more complex. Considering Rictor's family history, the murder of his father, Julio has perhaps continued to seek guidance, finding it from a surrogate where ever he could, even from friends close to his own age. However, due to the shady character that Rictor's father was; Julio has a history of being outspoken or sparing in trust with authority figures outside or trying to infiltrate his clique (Cable and, I think, Cyclops at first). When Julio does make friends he is fast with them. He considers the friends he does have to be family, more closely than his own blood relatives, although he feels a guilty responsibility to those as well, despite the time apart. Among his closest friends are Wolfsbane, in whose character he found many similarities and sympathies, and Shatterstar. The details of that relationship are still, supposedly, ambiguous. Rictor is bisexual, but this has not been a topic for public discussion, to date, and beyond his closest friends (Shatterstar and with a slim chance; Wolfsbane), this is likely not to be known.

Judging by Rictor's outward appearance over the years, his interests probably reflect "Indie" influences. Seminal named directors and cult genres rather than Hollywood blockbuster types. Artists from smaller music labels... and so forth. Anything to differentiate his identity from the mogul and industry.

History: As a child, Julio Esteban Richter watched as his father, an arms dealer, was murdered by a mysterious white haired figure. The young Mexican boy was haunted by the image of his father's killer, for many years the man's identity remained unknown to him.

When Julio's mutant ability first manifested, he unwittingly levelled the buildings of several surrounding blocks; with a prolonged and uncontrolled wave of seismic force. For this incident, Julio was tracked down and kidnapped by the hereto secret criminal organisation known as "The Right", headed by Cameron Hodge. The Right aimed to utilise the boy for his mutant ability, to create an earthquake in San Francisco that would cause massive destruction and so point the blame to mutants and super-folk alike.
The boy was rescued by the group X-Factor, under their mutant hunting alias. Julio was given safe haven. There, he was introduced to fellow X-Factor wards: Tabitha "Boom Boom" Smith, Rusty Collins, Sally "Skids" Blevins, Arthur "Artie" Maddicks and the Morlock Leech, among others. The youngsters struck up an early friendship and together they were trained to use their powers under supervision from the original X-Factor lineup.

Once again Julio found himself targeted by The Right. Desperate to escape, he was ready to commit suicide to avoid being the reoccurring victim of Hodge's organisation, but Tabitha convinced him to not give in. After escaping The Right, Julio went back with the others, until X-Factor, overwhelmed by their own difficulties, decided that the best course of action was to enrol the children into boarding school (It is to be assumed at this point, that Julio's immigration status would have been settled, legally).
The group kept together and branded themselves the "X-Terminators", a title taken from another of X-Factor's early aliases. Their stay at the school did not last long, after the events of the "Inferno", where the children rescued Artie and Leech from the demon N'astrih; tired of feeling ostracised by the other students at the school, the X-Terminators left and were subsequently inducted into the New Mutants. In this team, Rictor, as he was also known by his friends, soon formed a close bond with Rahne Sinclair, Wolfsbane. Julio shared several adventures with the New Mutants, even travelling to Asgard to help battle Hela.

When the leadership of the New Mutants failed, the group found themselves accepting the direction of an enigmatic character known as Cable. For Rictor, this man's appearance brought back the memories of his father's killer, with whom Cable shared an uncanny resemblance. Rictor at first kept silent, then after a stressful event during a danger room session, fled. Julio used the hidden entrance taking him towards the Morlock tunnels. Rictor was soon caught in a fight between Caliban, an old friend from his X-Factor days, who now served Apocalypse as a Horseman; and the Marauder, Sabretooth. Rictor was nearly killed, but for Cable and the New Mutants. However Rictor's hostility towards the team's new mentor did not stop there.

Rictor was among the small number of mutants captured by Genoshan Magistrates from the grounds outside the ruined Xavier mansion. The combined X-teams that had withstood the assault elsewhere, banded together to stop the plot hatched by elements of the Genoshan government and Cameron Hodge, who had become twisted creature since the events of the Inferno. Julio narrowly avoided being transformed into a mutate. A fate that his friend Wolfsbane was not fortunate enough to avoid. With help from Tabitha and Jubilee (a wonderful pairing), Julio escaped captivity.
Although the oppressive elements of the Genoshan government were overthrown, the country still had to contend with the issue of it's slave-like mutates. It was in this state that Wolfsbane was left behind, her friends somehow convinced that she was freely volunteering to stay. Julio had his suspicions, promising to free Rahne and still seething at Cable, Rictor vanished from his place in the New Mutants. As it happened, Rahne, who had been bonded to the Magistrate Alex Summers, followed Alex back to the US to join a government team, the all-new X-Factor. What Rictor's reaction to this was, was not expressly covered, he still had Cable to deal with (Go Liefeld, yeah!).

The New Mutants morphed into X-Force, a group with a pro-active agenda, gunning for the Mutant Liberation Front, a terrorist organisation headed by Cable's enemy, Stryfe. There were general suspicions that Cable was; or worked in league with Stryfe. In this light, SHIELD operative Washington Bridge was also on the hunt. Agent Bridge was instrumental in mobilising Weapon PRIME, a Canadian secret strike force, to take down Cable. Rictor readily agreed to be drafted into this unit for their operation. Weapon PRIME failed, but Cable vanished for a little while. Without their leader, Rictor accepted the offer to join X-Force and so reunited with his friends.

It was soon believed Cable had reappeared, when, during a live televised broadcast, he was seen to shoot Charles Xavier. Both X-Men and X-Factor united to chase down their only visible lead, X-Force. After a brief skirmish, the rogue team were held in custody. At this point Julio and Rahne were reunited, the first time since their separation in Genosha. The two embraced but Rahne's feral kiss left Rictor bloody mouthed and alarmed.
Finally, tracking down Cable after routing out the MLF, it was revealed that Cable and Stryfe were clone siblings, one way or another; and that Stryfe had been the perpetrator of Xavier's attempted assassination. Cable was cleared of charges and Rictor came to the realisation that the image of his father's killer had been that of Stryfe all along. Before Julio could reconcile this revelation personally, Cable was sucked into the time-stream along with Stryfe and was killed, seemingly.

Julio remained with X-Force and throughout Cable's return. A particular friendship developed between Rictor and Shatterstar. When the team was reintegrated into working from Xavier's Mansion, Rictor departed the line up, speculating on Cable's intention to command through telepathic contact. Julio also had personal issues, regarding a resurgence in familial arms dealing, both his uncle and cousin were killed. After his departure from X-Force, he returned to Mexico to investigate, without closure at this point.

UXRPG and Downtime. Rictor returned to visit Westchester several times since X-Force and it's members disbanded. Cable, except for a brief stint fronting the US government's X-Factor program, has kept a low profile as a free agent. Rictor did, however, follow his friend Sam Guthrie and joined Cable in X-Factor for a time. The team appeared to be a restructured and legitimate line up of X-Force, with many of the team, at one time or another, staying at Falls Edge as prospective agents. Julio joined X-Factor on a mission to Genosha, but even then he showed little commitment and left soon after, despite Sam staying on.

At the point of the Washington attacks and Apocalypse's destruction of Falls Edge, it seemed that Sam and the rest of X-Factor had been destroyed. Rictor decided to stay on in Genosha, and drifted aimlessly. He found a small job, mopping the floors in a Carrion Cove hospital, making enough money to pay room-and-board. Without his friends, or sense of motivation, Julio's physical and emotional state weakened.
Rictor realised X-Factor had resurfaced, along with his friend Sam Guthrie; some time after the event in which team returned to Genosha, to help in the evacuation of the X-Corps. News of this event was largely here-say, Rictor had not actually witnessed the event, only that military activity had increased over the island. News of the team's survival left Rictor with many nights to consider whether it might be worthwhile to face his shame and return to fight alongside his friends once again.

Player Name: Simeon (alias Forge, Caliban)
Contact Information: (Preferable contact is via PM)


Julio Richter made just enough money for bed-and-board, and for a little something extra, every now and then. It kept his eyes off-the-ball. He had spent the last few months throwing a mop about like this, across linoleum, for several organisations. Out of all the places he had worked in though, cleaning here would somehow mean more to the world. It was the excuse he pictured winning the argument with, except; he had never truly convinced himself by the merit of it. The fact was; Rictor had a gift and he had bottled out on it. So mopping and moping about in a Carrion Cove hospital, taking pride in helping a fundamentally helpful cause, by reducing the chance of infection on the wards, was just that; an excuse. About the only thing of value Julio could claim to be able to take away with him, from his time in Genosha; was the lesson on how quickly he could let it all slide. That and a practical lesson on how you should never kiss a shark-lady on the mouth, but that was just common sense, in most hypothetical cases. Actually, in retrospect that incident was pretty funny, if simultaneously terrifying. Hell, this is Genosha, if you're going to come across anything; this is the likeliest place.

Rictor discovered that he had been grinning inanely at the floor during that particular recollection, when a disapproving doctor scowled at him on his way past. Julio, at once ashamed, made an attempt to collapse the painful rictus that had spread over his face and return to his work with a display of dutiful perseverance.
'Hijo de puta!' Julio whined sullenly under his breath, after the doctor's malignant panning gaze was intercepted by an interventionist branch of the corridor. The mop head streaked back and forth, spreading oily, citrus, anti-bacterial goodness, for the well-fare of others. Then, not long after, Rictor had finished another night's shift. After slinging his scrubs into laundry, he packed himself into his leather jacket, then considered paving the way home.

Rictor was almost to the doors in the foyer, when a surge of activity burst in through the hospital entrance. He could feel the tumult of their haste through the hard floor. Red and blue whirled and bled into the bright interior light, as a gurney was rushed inside. Nurses flocked to attend. As soon as the first trolley had passed, a second and then third were pushed by the doors. In a flurry, the whole of the medical staff at reception were brought into action, shouting out words for stemming trauma and shock. Those lethargic citizens caught in the waiting room, roused about and looked on in wide-eyed anticipation. Rictor was struck with alarm, and blurted out his revelation.

'I know him! I know him!' Rictor shouted with urgency, pushing through in an effort to reach the second gurney. Almost immediately he was wrestled back by one of the paramedics. 'I know him!' He shouted again.

'Sir, stand back!' The driver stressed.

'I work here!' He added lamely, seething with frustration. Rictor fought for a chance to see the injured mutant, learn what had happened. Somehow discover why, in all the places, the two of them would be brought together again, here in Genosha, like this. Julio met with little success. He called out the mutant's name. 'Caliban!'

'He's a damn cleaner, get him out of here!' Raged the disapproving doctor, as the staff wheeled the trolley, at speed. Rictor who had been brought to a run in pursuit, relented, and after a final few steadying paces, looked on as the patient was carried through into the theatre. Julio turned away, his thoughts raced, a look of pale horror drawn across his face. He stumbled, caught in two minds, and pushed his way through the doors before stopping and clapping a hand to his forehead in distress. Julio groaned, but then caught sight of an unoccupied paramedic, standing at the open door of his ambulance. Rictor thought of nothing else, he took running strides and reached out to get the attention of the medic, who at once turned into the disturbance with an expression of petulant irritation.

'Excuse me!' Asked Julio, breathlessly. '--But the... ah, the people you brought here, what happened, where did you...?' The paramedic's face cast a wrinkled frown at his intruder.

'I don't really know what happened. On the coast... something fell, crushed everything... Say, do I know you?' The medic's own question went unanswered. Rictor's gaze had settled elsewhere, as if on some unspecific object, beyond the other man's sight. The medic correctly guessed that his part in the conversation had ended, and shrugged himself free of Rictor's hands and shot him with a black look. If Rictor had his bearings, he had felt the impact of whatever it was that the man had seen earlier. A huge collision, the sudden sensation and impetus of the tremors that he could sense through his particular abilities; it had jarred him. It had been akin to the force of a collapsing building, although larger and far removed. He hadn't known what it was, and now Caliban had appeared to have fallen victim. Why had he let this one go?

(Moderators willing; this is intended to be continued. As if you hadn't guessed)


Also note the player has attempted to bridge the contemporary era Rictor with the character portrayal closer to the current XF run. I've tried to keep it to a logical change and within character, along with an explanation of his activity during downtime i.e; since the character was last active.

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Impressive as always. I look forward to seeing the sample RP and have no comments on the other parts.

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Thank you. Okay, I've read through this many times, on and off-line. So I think everything is now officially in place for appraisal, with Sample RP included. If this first sample hasn't quite covered the character of Rictor enough, I'll gladly submit a second, less attached to a plot than the first.

I'm jumping the gun on approval here, I know, but at least early on, I'd prefer to run the Genosha bits in UX, then move on to XF. I would almost certainly need to discuss plot points with mods, at some point as well. Happy reading.

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Note for the record that this player is also the player of Caliban (hence the use of Caliban is acceptible in the Sample RP).

A few minor grammatical points in the sample RP, but nothing I feel compelled to attack with the Red Pen of +1 Death. I'm good with this.

Rictor is one of those characters that confuses me, to be quite honest. As someone who avidly read X-Factor when it first hit the shelves in 1986, I'm more familiar with the 12 year old Rictor than the contemporary one. I've always found it odd that Rictor, Rusty, and Skids have been aged to their 20's while Artie and Leech remain children. Especially when another character who appeared at roughly the same time is Jubilation Lee, who has been relatively unaged since.

That tangent aside, this application is approved by me.

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do i have to read through all this, we all know its gonna be good anyway.. Can't I just approve *sigh*

*couple minutes later* Ok can't fault this. There is something about the Genoshan incident that might be of interest. As Blob and Avalanche were around, it would be expected that the degree of seismic activity would have been felt by Rictor, but perhaps he was off somewhere else.. I'll leave it to your better judgement. I do like the idea of trying to connect him to Genosha. Perhaps this could lead to some RP with Magma or other residents. (She is still in Genosha right?)

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Boogiedown Bio-mod back in effect.

Man it's been a minute since i reviewed an app and even longer since i reviewed a good one.

This is very good, full of all the good stuff mods go for. I like the sample and am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Nice job, ok ok I'll stop rambleing and get on with it.

By the powers vested in me by the mods of higher power, i pronuce the app Approved.

(Austin Powers accent) And i'm spent.

Edit: As is see u now have 3 approves, I'm going to move this into the correct slot..

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Thanks guys. To wake up in a morning, and read your comments ( as off-beat as they were, 'Slushee ); it really made my day.

I have a rough plan of action for Rictor. Expect to see something over the weekend, to open discussion on feasibility of parts. I hope to draw a small group of other players in for a brief mission. But we'll judge that by the reception it meets with you all later.