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((For information about New York?s Middle East Side, aka District X, in the UXRPG?s continuity, check out Uncanny X-Men: ?Salem Center Showdown? (http://baku-panda.org/ux/showthread.php?t=441). ?nuff said.))

It was called Mutant Town. A false sanctuary which fostered the illusion of community when, instead, it served as a haven to the criminal element in both societies; homo sapien and homo superior. New York?s Middle East Side was home to high crime rates, a heavy prevalence of gang activity, and any number of racially motivated riots. And that was just on Tuesdays. You didn?t want to see a Monday in this neighborhood. No surprise then that this ?District X? had been visited in the not to distant past by Xavier?s X-Men. For in the battleground of Charles Xavier?s dream, the Middle East Side was the front line. Mutants and humans living side by side. It was a social experiment that often sparked disastrous results, sometimes subtly and... sometimes on the six o?clock news. The bad stories were always the easy fodder for drive-by media, more reclusive were the success stories of neighbors who respected each other as neighbors, because when you traveled this far down the economic spiral it didn?t really matter what color your skin, fur, or scales were.

But for all the negatives, Mutant Town was exactly what it laid claim to be. Businesses and shops owned, staffed, or operated by mutants. Parks where children could run who might have previously only found the same freedom in the Morlock Tunnels. It wasn?t Genosha, and it damn sure wasn?t Eden, but in the long and hard fought hope for some semblance of equality it was a start.

And when you were in that population of mutants who couldn?t blend into human society, the Middle East Side was still the safest place in the state - if not the country - where you could show your face in public. A fact which was of great benefit to the two X-Men, who were well paired despite all their obvious differences. A head shy of six feet tall, German-born Kurt Wagner struck an impressive appearance as a blue-skinned devil, complete with pronounced canines and ears that could have come from a Dungeon & Dragons illustration. Beside the fuzzy elf and only a head taller than four feet, Syaoran, genestock of Synedra Amara and Folken Vividali, of the Galactic Shi?ar Imperium, ironically possessed the more human appearance... though the short crop of black feathers and the tattoo-like genetic markers which spread from the corners of his eyes made it clear to even the casual observer that this young child was unusual. But what they shared in common was the fact that the two X-Men were not from around here, functioning as best they could in an English-speaking America which neither could really claim to understand all that well.

A case in point was the experience of New York public transportation. The bus that the pair rode on was crowded in every part except for the rows of seats immediately before or behind where the two oddballs sat. Only a middle aged woman braved to sit within arms reach of the two, through fleeting glimpses of the cats eye pupils behind her large sunglasses suggested that she was one of ?them?. Oddly enough, Syaoran found the fact that there was another mutant on the bus reassuring. The boy had been apprehensive ever since they?d boarded the municipal transportation bound for the city. In part the nervousness was due to the fact that Syaoran admittedly didn?t get out very much. Other than the Massachusetts Academy, Syaoran?s exposure to Earth culture had been the Fall?s Edge military compound and the Alaskan wilderness. He?d been to New York City one time before... with Generation-X?s student body... and the experience hadn?t been good. At least, what he could remember of it before having been knocked unconscious.

Pressed close to Kurt, the young Shi?ar was obviously struggling with the weight of public scrutiny the pair were subject to. He?d never been made to feel so alien before. As arrogant as they might be, Imperium society was a diverse one composed of dozens of cultures married from different alien races. The diametric shift from tolerance to intolerance was probably the single most confusing facet of the human condition for the lad. All this attention just riding on a bus made the boy wonder if this was what life was like for Kurt all the time.

Would this be what his life would be like on Earth?

If the two accomplished nothing else on this outing, then Syaoran could return to the mansion content with having gained a new perspective on the social dynamic which underscored the human-mutant conflict. But, there ought to be several things yet to be done. A museum of mutant art had opened, which is what had originally drawn the two ex-patriots from their reclusive holes in the X-Mansion. And, as never failed, as long as someone was heading into town the inevitable list of things to return with shortly followed. At least by coming to Mutant Town the pair could be somewhat assured that any dollars spent here would in some way support the resident freaks of New York.

There was snow on the ground, a dirty slush greeting the pair as the bus pulled to the curb at their stop in the Middle East Side of Manhatten. Tennis shoes plunking down in the muck, Syaoran bounced off the bus with an apparent sense of relief. Despite the chill in the air, the thick-skinned Aerie wore a short-sleeved blue hoodie and a pair of chino khakis. Given that he was going to stand out anyway, Syaoran saw no reason in masking his inhuman constitution. Being solar-powered, long sleeves and long pants could be suffocating though he?d been willing to compromise by not wearing shorts. The wrist database clamped on his left arm was quite convincingly masked as a yellow Nike arm band.

Glancing about, the young Shi?ar attempted to orient himself and get his bearings in the unfamiliar landscape of human construction. The stiff breeze blowing through the city ruffled his feathers as it whipped through his quills, the child leaning his head back as he enjoyed the sensation. Particularly after having been cooped up on the bus. Looking up at his chaperon and companion, the small GenXer asked the most common of inquiries to ever come from his mouth. ?Can we get something to eat??

Culture and art were all interesting, but everyone knew that Syaoran?s first priority was always food.

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In all his years as an X-Man, Kurt Wagner had never fully gotten used to being out in public. He had after all, spent most of his life hiding himself from the world, as not everyone was as accepting of his..... unique appearance. "Unique", that was the word Kurt's family used to describe him. Unfortunately, they were just about the only ones who saw him that way. The rest of the world saw him as a mutant, a freak, and among other things, a monster.

However it wasn't how Kurt looked that frightened most people, it was what he looked like. And quite frankly, with his dark blue fur, glowing yellow eyes and spaded tail, Kurt was the spitting image of a demon; a malevolent creature of unspeakable evil, usually found in illustrations of Hell. Needless to say, people tended to react badly to the sight of him. More often than not they reacted by running, screaming----or trying to kill him. Usually the latter, but sometimes all three applied.

Therefore it was perfectly understandable, that the blue-furred man was a bit uncomfortable using public transport. Under normal circumstances Kurt would have just teleported himself wherever he needed to go, but he wasn't going alone this time. He was with Syaoran, one of the youngest students at the Xavier institute-----and making the little Shi'ar boy sick to his stomach by teleporting him all over town wouldn't exactly be good babysitting. Most adults couldn't even handle the effects that teleporting had on their bodies, Kurt himself had to train for years before he became accustomed to it. And for that reason, there was absolutely no way Kurt was going to risk teleporting a child, no matter how strong the boy was.

So instead of BAMF-ing, the odd pair took the bus, and much to Kurt's surprise, no one seemed to mind them. The other passengers just sat as far from the two as they could, either pretending the two mutants weren't there, or trying their hardest not to stare at them. After all, it wasn't every day one saw a feather-haired boy and a fuzzy blue demon, even in Mutant Town. Only one woman dared to even sit next to the two, and if her cat-like eyes were any indication, it was because she was a mutant too. Kurt gave her a brief smile before looking back down Syaoran, who was pressing closely to his side. It was easy to see that the boy was nervous, and Kurt couldn't really blame him. They were after all, venturing out of the safety of their home and into a world that more often than not, feared and hated them. That, and Kurt was a bit nervous himself. He hadn't had very many pleasant experiences when in public, in fact most of them went badly, very badly. Kurt had tried to put these things behind him before, but no matter how hard he tried, he could never completely forget. A small part in the back of his mind would always remember.

When the bus finally came to a stop at their destination, Kurt was a bit relieved. He hated feeling so confined, and honestly the people's stares were starting to get to him. But apparently he wasn't quite was relieved as Syaoran, who had all but rushed out of the bus's doors as soon as they opened. Smiling to himself, Kurt shook his head before quickly following after his young companion. As he stepped of the bus and onto the snow covered ground, Kurt was glad he had actually worn shoes for once. Taking in a breath of fresh air, Kurt smiled before releasing it with a contented sigh. He loved being outdoors, and the sense of freedom that came with it.After all his time with the X-Men, he was still a gypsy at heart.

?Can we get something to eat??

Upon hearing this question, Kurt looked down at Syaoran, with amusement written across his face. ?Now vhy did I have the feeling you vere going to say that?? he asked as he crossed his arms and raised a brow at the boy. Although his posture looked serious, the playful grin on his face proved that he was only teasing.

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In answer to the Neyaphim?s rhetorical question, the young alien just gave Kurt a broad smile that was reflected in the large blue-violet irises that seemed to grow the size of flying saucers as the boy took in the area around him. Human cities were so bizarre, permeated by a square architecture that was built of crude material. Even their concept of refined metals were lacking in sophistication, a fact only exacerbated by their use of primitive ground transport vehicles that used an aliphatic hydrocarbon as a nonrenewable fuel source. It seemed that humanity?s claims of technology were wasteful and even destructive to their homeworld. Which was rather bad considering that Sol III was the only world that humans had a claim to. And Earth wasn?t a bad world, certainly not the backwater despot he?d been told in school that it was, it just wasn?t what a Shi?ar expected from the home of the Majestrix?s Consort. All the same, Syaoran had grown to like Charles Xavier?s homeworld.

From what Syaoran had observed, humanity was capable of both great kindness and great cruelty. It was a paradox of opposites that defied the Shi?ar way of thinking. The Shi?ar defined themselves by war, believing ?friend? and ?enemy? to be one and the same. Your enemy was just a friend you hadn?t yet reconciled with through conflict. In terms of kindness, the Shi?ar gave little quarter in combat. In terms of cruelty, they were guided by honor to the gods and by the fact that their enemies were a force they sought marriage with. Humans, on the other hand, threw themselves at some rather odd extremes. Xavier?s dream, for example, was one that sought change through peaceful protest and social change. The concept alone was unknown to the Shi?ar. What made it even more fascinating was the fact that in human history such a tactic had worked before.

Arguably what Syaoran liked most about Earth had nothing to do with social politics but rather the planet's yellow sun. Holding up a hand bathed in light, the solar powered mutant felt his nerves tingle as the pours of his skin metabolized the cosmic radiation. Of course, the light he received on the planet was filtered through the atmosphere. Part of him wondered what it might be like to touch the raw source of his power...

?Brothers and sisters, ask yourself what it is that you have done to be ostracized as you have??

Hearing a loud voice speak, the boy turned his head. He could see the museum across the street, in front of which a crowd had gathered around an evangelical figure who was speaking to the people from atop the steps to the building. The speaker?s luminous blue skin left no doubt that he was a human mutation. But one of the few willing to rise up and address the discrimination with a social commentary. The audience was a largely free flowing body, as people filtered in and out of the museum or strode down the street. A handful or more appeared to be the dedicated listeners. Some of them obvious mutations themselves and some of them very likely regular members of the human population. Syaoran couldn?t but appreciate that it was a pro-mutant demonstration and not yet another anti-mutant riot as was often seen on television.

?You don?t have to speak English by the way,? the young X-Kid commented, returning his attention to Kurt, as it dawned on him that the Nightcrawler had done so earlier. Kurt was obviously more comfortable than Sy was with the American language, but Sy was able to cheat through the use of the sentient matrix in his Shi?ar wrist database. ?My dad told me you were from a wor... um, a place called ?Germany? so I downloaded the language filters from the mansion computer to my wristband before we left,? the small Shi?ar added, referring to Scott Summers in the familiar role to which the alien had grown comfortable. Holding up the arm with the yellow Nike band and tapping it several times, as Syaoran gave the dark blue skinned man another broad grin. He?d almost said ?your world?. It was odd to think of people as being from nation states rather than unified planetary bodies. In that sense, Earth was like a mini galaxy unto itself.

?The government demands registration. The same government that demands incarceration for those of us it deems ?dangerous?. The government that denies us, belittles us because the government fears us... except when it can use us. Weaponize our gifts for a publicity hound it calls X-Factor!?

Glancing over his shoulder, Syaoran let his arms drop by his side as he looked back at the crowd across the street for a moment. A second passed before the child looked back up and sheepishly inquired, ?Um, Mister Kurt... where do humans go to eat in public?? It seemed an odd question to have to ask, but the boy realized that he?d never actually eaten out in human society before. He was familiar with some human cuisine by now, most prominently pizza, but by and large he had no idea what humans actually ate outside of their own domiciles. ?If we were on Aerie or Chandilar, I?d have to show you this place called Lumxphorjzous. They have the best tjrazka in the whole universe!? the youth added with a burst of enthusiasm. Maybe humanity had something akin to tjrazka... anything so long as it didn?t involve that disgusting human concoction known as chocolate!

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For all the wonders in the world, Emma found that a private car and a personal driver were the one thing that couldn?t possibly be matched by anyone. She sat in the back seat of the town car driving through midtown, mid day traffic as she was making her way to what was not so affectionately referred to as, District X. She checked the email on her on blackberry as they crawled through the traffic, re-reading the details she had been offered. One of her former students from the Massachusetts?s Academy now had a piece of mutant art being exhibited within the walls of the Middle East Side?s poor excuse for a museum. It was better than anything, one step closer to the Metropolitan. She figured she should make a decent donation, especially since she always felt her students should always have the best of anything she could offer them. And with a donation always came some sort of influence within the board of directors so she could also help her student this way. Sure it was slightly sneaky handed, but she didn?t care. Mutants needed every advantage they were given. Just because she had fought her way to the top with under handed tactics didn?t mean she wanted her students to do the same way. Though, in a cut throat world like this, she wished she could sometimes push her students to understand that way of life, they?d survive better, but she had already been proven wrong on that front.

She let out a long sigh as she pressed her left forefinger to her temple. Her thoughts were out of order and were being infiltrated by the thoughts of annoyed drivers and all around horrible human beings. She sorted them out in her mind while placing a great wall of Emma around her mind to block out anything from the outside she wouldn?t want in there. Of course there was a downside to doing this if she had been a novice, not being able to keep in contact with the mansion should the need arise. But Emma had already placed a sort of ?Allowed? list for emergency contacts. The mind was a difficult thing to understand, even for a telepath, but she could at least control the outgoing and incoming messages right now.

?If only the rest of the world could be so kind to do the same?.and I don?t care if they can?t, Richard, it would just be a lovely little gesture towards all telepaths.?

Richard, her driver, she had hired him when she was just starting out at the Hellfire Club. Not in the Inner Circle, but as a stripper. She always felt that she deserved the extra bit of protection, plus, men seeing a woman they desired so much emerging from a limo or personal car, with the assistance of a driver seemed to have a nice effect on her tips for the night. Tony Starke wasn?t above giving Richard an extra bit to make sure she made it home safe as well. It had started out as a parasitic relationship, using one another for the money, but Richard and Emma become family over the years. He had been enough of an uncle that Emma would enjoy a drink or two with her long trusted friend. But he was always silent when she rambled on. He wasn?t a mutant, but he was aware of Emma?s gifts and the fact she ran a school for students who shared the mutant gene, but he wasn?t going to say anything. His daughter had been a mutant, and Emma had done everything she could to help the young girl, but ultimately, his daughter?s mutation was one of the unlucky ones. He wasn?t bitter, he was human, but he had an understanding of the way the world worked.

Emma looked out the window once more and began to notice the buildings becoming smaller and less opulent. They were getting closer to the destination. She had debated with Richard about where to be dropped off. He would always think of her safety while she would consider going through the back entrance to be something of a bother to her. She didn?t like to hide from people; in fact, it?s something she always thought was the most cowardice thing to do. But she agreed to this because it made Richard happy.

Richard pulled into the alley and behind the museum. Emma checked herself over. Nothing to revealing today, though. In this part of town, her normal clothing would make her blend in entirely too well with the fans of today?s pop stars. But she had opted for something that wouldn?t draw entirely too much attention to her. A long white trench coat was draped over her forearm as she swung the thick soled black leather knee high boots on the slush colored ground. She slipped the leather trench coat around over her arms and tied it around her waist over the white blouse and grey tweed pants. She could hear the faint echoes of someone on the front steps and looked back to Richard as he was shutting up the car, and getting his newspaper to walk across the street to the caf? to grab a bit of coffee during her stay. ?Be careful, Richard.? Though she could justify that Manhattan was just as brutal as the Middle East side, just the fact that he was human and working for someone of her stature made his life a danger around here.

She walked around to the front of the building and saw the crowd forming around a charismatic speaker with blue skin. This man reminded her of someone and as she scanned over the crowd, she saw the man of whom she had been reminded of. Kurt Wagner, Nightcrawler of the X-Men, and all around goody catholic. She smiled softly as she saw the tips of the feather crest of one of the youngest students she had ever been given the chance to teach, Syaoran Vividali. She shook her head slightly as her long and loose blonde hair shifted very slightly over her shoulders as she thought of what an interesting pair the two made.

~Hello, Syaoran, Kurt...It?s nice to see you outside of the mansion and not with the use of your image inducer?~

She whispered it into his mind. She knew they would recognize her almost instantly when they began searching the crowd for his mind's invade. Any other telepath would be polite and ask permission first, but not Emma.

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The look of pure awe on the little alien's face was heartwarming to say the least. It brought a fanged-grin to Kurt's face, as well as a small laugh of amusement. It was nice to see that even among all the violence and corruption, there was a little innocence left in the world. Kurt remained silent for a few moments, allowing the young boy at his side to take a look around them. When he had made the move from Germany to America, Kurt felt as if he had stepped into an entirely different world. Everything was different there, from the culture and the customs, to the language. Even the food was different. So in a way, Kurt understood what the boy was going through. Although in Syaoran's case, the young Shi'ar boy actually was stepping into another world.

So of course, Kurt had no problem giving the boy a chance to look around. In fact, he was looking himself. He wasn't very familiar with the area, and considering he didn't get out much---that wasn't a big surprise. As he glanced around himself, Kurt's glowing-yellow eyes brought him towards a building across the street, which was incidentally the museum He and Syaoran had come to visit. As he looked closer, he noticed a crowd gathering around the museum's entrance. He noticed that humans and Mutants alike were all together, listening intently to a Man who's blue skin obviously showed he was a mutant.

?What is it with mutation and the color blue?? Kurt wondered to himself. It seemed like almost every mutant with oddly-colored skin nowadays was blue. ?Well it is a lovely color--? he thought wryly, with a faint smirk on his face. Soon after the crowd had gathered, the Man began to speak.

?Brothers and sisters, ask yourself what is it that you have done to be ostracized as you have??

The man's loud voice reached into the streets, and several people turned to listen to him. As Kurt glanced down, he saw that Saroyan had noticed the man as well. It was actually refreshing to see a Pro-mutant demonstration for once, especially when Mutant-kind needed good publicity more than ever.

?You don?t have to speak English by the way.?

Kurt tilted his head slightly and looked at the young boy in confusion "I'm sorry, vhat was that?"

?My dad told me you were from a wor... um, a place called ?Germany? so I downloaded the language filters from the mansion computer to my wristband before we left,?

Now that he understood, Kurt looked at the Shi'ar boy and gave him a fanged-grin. ?Danke sch?n Syaoran, that vas very thoughtful of you." he said as he reached down and ruffled the boy's feathers. Even though The German-born X-Man had been speaking the language for years, English had never quite felt natural to him. There was just something about speaking one's native language that just felt so right. ?Maybe you can even teach me how to speak Shi'ar sometime?? he added, with a smile.

?The government demands registration. The same government that demands incarceration for those of us it deems ?dangerous?. The government that denies us, belittles us because the government fears us... except when it can use us. Weaponize our gifts for a publicity hound it calls X-Factor!?

The man's sudden words tore Kurt from his musing, and he found that he didn't quite like where the speech was heading.

?Um, Mister Kurt... where do humans go to eat in public??

It was a bit of a strange question, but not a surprising one considering how little the Shi'ar boy knew about human culture. It caught Kurt's attention none the less.

?If we were on Aerie or Chandilar, I?d have to show you this place called Lumxphorjzous. They have the best tjrazka in the whole universe!?

Kurt couldn't help but smile at the boy's enthusiasm, and even though he didn't have the faintest idea of what a ? jrazka? was, he was sure they could find something like it---or at least close to it.

?We eat places called restaurants----and although we don't have have any Jrazka here on Earth, I'm sure we'll be able to find you something just as good.? He gave Syaoran a reassuring smile, and was about to ask the boy what jrazaka was, when he was interrupted by a familiar voice inside his mind .

~Hello, Syaoran, Kurt...It?s nice to see you outside of the mansion and not with the use of your image inducer?~

Although Kurt was used to receiving telepathic messages after all his years with the X-Men, he still found them to be a bit startling, especially when he wasn't expecting them. There was just something so jarring about hearing voices in his head that weren't his own.?Ah Emma, always one to make an entrance aren't you?? Kurt thought with a grin. As he quickly scanned the streets, he almost immediately recognized Emma amongst the crowd. No one else made as much of a statement as she did when she wanted her presence to be known. As she came within speaking distance he smiled his signature Cheshire cat grin and asked ?What brings you out of the office??

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Mutants are good enough to serve the government, at its convenience, but when was the last time that government served you?

Any reply that Syaoran might have had for Kurt was lost as the boy was distracted by the entrance of his teacher and team master. Having been a student of the Massachusetts Academy and a member of Generation-X, Syaoran was quite comfortable at having Emma in his head. If anything it had been strange to not have her presence there, such as when Sy had been away from the Xavier Institute with SHIELD and X-Factor. It was a familiarity that created an odd dynamic, given Syaoran?s relationship with the Xavier Institute?s two premier telepaths. Emma freely traversed the boy?s thoughts and he?d come to welcome the intrusion. It had been through Emma?s machinations that Syaoran had first learned the English language, even if just the basics of it. In contrast, Jean Grey-Summers only very rarely touched the mind of her adopted charge.

Look around you and ask yourself, when was the last time you were not confronted by fear? The people who fear you instill fear in you! The mundanes and the normals, whatever label you apply to them, for they have put a label on you. It says ?freak?. It says ?mutant?. It says ?different?!

Perking up noticably at the sight of the former White Queen, the boy immediately bounced toward the woman. ?Miss Emma!? With a bright and bubbly welcome, Syaoran skipped up to the blonde with a hug. Even though they both lived in the same house it still felt like he only rarely saw his former headmaster. Then again, the Xavier Institute was a rather large house. And even if it were not the case, Emma still deserved hugs for reasons that were almost too numerous for Syaoran to name. Not that he wouldn?t give it his best effort if anyone ever asked.

?Mister Kurt and I were about to find a restaurant to eat at,? the child reported in earnest as he stepped back from the woman, recalling the term that the Nightcrawler had used to describe a public eatery. ?Would you like to com--?

He couldn?t have described how the object snared his attention like it had. The Shi?ar were evolved from an Avinian geneology, making them as akin to birds-of-prey as humans were to primates. A glint of motion captivated and captured the youth?s attention, the projectile reflected in the dark blue mirrors of his eyes until it registered that the object was headed for the back of a man?s head. The same moment, Syaoran moved. Possessed of a dense musculature that was intended for a higher gravity, Syaoran could lift two thousand pounds. He only weighed sixty, which meant that the child could propel himself with great force of motion and very little effort on his part. It was a reflex that Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy had conditioned, through lessons he?d undertaken with assistance from other Generation-X students.

It felt good to exert himself. The indigo irises blanched as the stress incited a physiological reaction that set his blood pumping. The temptation was biting at his nerves. He was Shi?ar. He yearned for conflict. Snatching the bottle from out of the air, the small boy came back down into the slush. Rubber soles skidded through the black snow and sludge, as Syaoran dropped to a three-point crouch in order to regain his balance. There was a horrid grinding as he struck out his free hand to stop his slide. The talons normally retracted into his fingers hand come free, scarring the concrete of the sidewalk. Craning his head back, the young Aerie traced back the projectile's path and fixed his sights on the figure of the man that had thrown the bottle, toying with the impromptu weapon as he playfully tossed and caught it with the one hand. He could easily return the toss, the thought running through his mind as the prospect of a fight crept from the dark recesses of his Shi?ar soul to stir the spirit of that warrior culture in the youth. ?You. Shouldn?t. Litter,? Syaoran stated tersely, staring with such an intent focus on his target that his eyes only faded further as the innate bloodlust began to set in. The words themselves were astonishingly cold, particularly coming from one as young as he.

He could return the toss. It was a simple enough thought. Reverse his grip on the bottle, account for the basics of both physics and geometry, and then apply a medium of force behind the throw. But that was what made it both exhilarating and horrifying. Syaoran wasn?t a mutant, he was inhuman. And his abilities had lethal consequences in application on this world, a lesson Syaoran had learned at the cost of two human lives.

Returning to his feet, the young GenXer held up the bottle for a moment, keeping his gaze solely focused on the inebriated upstart as the boy instead deposited it where it belonged. The trash can.

His blood was pumping now, even as Syaoran elected to back out of further engaging the fight. When he finally tore himself away from the man and looked back at Kurt and Emma, only the outline of his dark eyes could be seen. The legs of his trousers were stained by the slide in the ice, but the boy himself seemed oblivious to this discomfort. What Syaoran was conscious of, however, were the talons that were still extended from the tips of his fingers. Flexing his hands several times, the boy tried to relax his muscles to no avail. He was on edge like he hadn?t been since having been at the Massachusetts Academy.

One didn?t ?throw down? in front of the Shi?ar.

Finally stuffing his hands into the pockets of his hoodie to hide the claws, Syaoran casually stepped back toward his peers. He hadn?t gone more than a couple of steps when the orator?s voice cut through the air again.


Syaoran immediately stopped and looked back over his shoulder in a completely involuntary impulse, as though already aware that the crowd?s attention was on him and that he?d find himself at the receiving end of a pointed finger from the blue-skinned spokesman. ?See the epitome of our dilemma! He defends the very thing that oppresses him! But you cannot defend what it is they have done to us, what they do to us, what they have said they will do to us!?

The child just turned his head, pointedly ignoring the speaker as he stepped between Kurt and Emma. He kept his face downcast, avoiding looking at either with his blanched eyes. He was struggling to come to grips with the feelings of aggression that he had and found himself embarrassed, both for the fact that he was unable to act on them as a Shi?ar ought and because of his peers seeing him in this state. ?I find your culture... frustrating,? Syaoran stated in the same flat tone of voice as before. He didn?t like pointed fingers any more than objects thrown at people?s backs. He wasn?t even hungry anymore. At least, not for food. He?d relish the prospect of crossing the street and introducing humanity to the Shi?ar concept of reconciliation, but he couldn?t do that. He wouldn?t do that.

Because he?d done it in the past and hadn?t liked the result.

?Can we go get something to eat now?? Syaoran asked, forcing a bit of cheer back into his voice as he tried to fake some of his earlier enthusiasm. It was a lie of course. Syaoran?s stomach was in knots from having just walked away from a fight. What he was saying, instead, was that he wanted to get away from here.

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?A former student from the Massachusetts?s Academy, Danielle Spencer, has a scuplture on exhibit.? She offered a smile to Kurt then also smiled down at Syaoran as he hugged her gently, returning the odd sentiment. Believe it or not, Emma was not entirely used to students bouncing around happily and hugging her at random, but she did enjoy the gesture. Patting the young Shi?ar on his shoulders gently to release from his caring grip, she heard him trail off after the subject of food, it was unusually. And as she looked down at him, she then noticed as he was using the training that Sean and she had pushed on the team so rigorously. It only took a split second for him to react to anything, it had always amazed her but it really shouldn?t. She had trained him, she had taught him, and she even placed that bit of humanity in him that he was showing. She knew that any other Shi?ar would continue with the efforts of the fight, but he was backing down. Even though she truly wanted to let him loose, it would cause much more harm to their fellows than a broken bottle.

She had finally caught the trajectory of the bottle and realized that the bottle had been headed for her faithful friend, Richard the driver. She looked back to the man who had thrown the bottle and as she could not recognize him immediately as he had turned to run away. And if she opened her mind up to search his she?d have to deal with all of those around her. She looked to Richard and he could only give her a shamed expression. And she could only nod to him as he took that as the signal to go to the car and get it ready for an interesting get away.

?See the epitome of our dilemma! He defends the very thing that oppresses him! But you cannot defend what it is they have done to us, what they do to us, what they have said they will do to us!?

When the man on the steps cowardly addressed her student, she glared at him, fully intending on forcing the man to realize the Syaoran was doing the right thing in stopping the aggression before it escalated, but she needed to tend to her young charge. She laid at protective hand on his shoulder and turned her icy cold eyes towards the crowd then back to Kurt. She knew the anguish that Syaoran was feeling. She wanted to unleash her powers too at this moment, making each and every one of them fall to the ground in pain and agony, possibly making them relive a horrible memory or just induce pain on them. But she yielded. She had to lead by example and it was only her selfish pride that made her want to punish them for speaking ill of one of her students. ?We can eat where ever you want, Sy, I?m buying?? She wrapped her arm protectively around him as she looked over to Kurt, then back down to their charge.

~You did a very good thing just now. I know it was very difficult for you. I?m very proud.~

She looked back to the crowd and narrowed her eyes as she felt the wave of mistrust and anger pounding at the inner sanctum that is her mind. Empathic abilities really weren?t what everyone thought they were. You felt the good, but you also felt the nightmares that welled up inside people. She could say something, she really should say something, but that was her instinct. She never appreciated when someone twisted the action of another around. She looked down her nose at the man on the stairs with all the attitude of the White Queen as she raised her voice to speak to him.

?I would honestly be thanking this young man for saving your pretty blue skin from stitches instead of condemning his actions as weak and misguided.? She narrowed her eyes as the man began to speak once more, she turned her gaze from her intended target, and believing that what she had just done was only escalating the situation. But she couldn?t stand there and let this happen to them. She was a bloody bitch, and she wouldn?t let some street trash speak ill of Syaoran after her had just denied his nature and resigned himself from a fight., She concentrated on Kurt for the moment, whispering into his mind as the glares shot in their directions.

?This Harlot not only defends the misguided actions of the youth, but she defends the humans and looks down at us who can not pass as human.?

?Oh for?bloody hell? She narrowed her eyes at the blue skinned fiend, she wasn?t even showing skin today, how could he consider her a harlot?! She looked around and found no other option at the moment as she reacted quickly and opened her mind to all the anger and hatred and sent a quick psychic blast towards the fear monger making him fall to his knees as a distraction to the crowd, hopefully pushing all the attention to him and not the three superheros.

~Mr. Wagner...I believe this would be the opportune time to teleport to behind the museum, my car is waiting there.~

She wanted to get out of here now. She felt the anger building as the blue faced man had implanted the seeds of mistrust, not just towards humans and their government, but towards those who would protect the Homo sapiens for any reason. She knew with a crowd like this, and the mob mentality that was increasing, that a fight was imminent, and while she could subdue many, she wouldn?t be able to control the situation fully. Syaoran could hold his own in a fight, but he had already shown he was not outwardly seeking one. But Sy had requested food, and perhaps, if they were lucky, this mob would leave them be once they disappeared from their view. And she knew teleporting two extra people with him was a strain on Kurt, but she could not see them just walking shaking hands with these urchins and making their way peacefully to the car.

02-09-2010, 03:17 AM
OOC - I hope that it's okay to jump in.

Kitty had felt rather smart to have dressed warmly earlier that day before she had set out for the city. She'd donned an unassuming but warm black pea coat that went along well with her jeans, sneakers, and white sweater. However, after venturing into Mutant Town Kitty realized that she was getting looks. Before she had crossed the threshold men had stared at her because, well maybe they'd wanted her to stare back a little or because they hoped she might be easy. But after she crossed the threshold everyone looked.

She knew why it was. Most of the mutants in this part of the city would have joined the Morlocks not too long ago. They stood out and nothing short of a hologram would ever make them look human. Kitty's X-Factor Gene did nothing of the sort and she was blessed, or perhaps cursed, to be able to fit in with a crowd. So when people here stared Kitty tried not to take it personally, unless any of them knew better they would just assume that she was some human girl who was either brave or stupid enough to go slumming.

Still, Kitty did press on deeper into Mutant Town. While some sections of the town were rundown and depressing the town still held its own little gifts. Mutant powers being unpredictable as they were meant that not every mutant's gift was meant for combat. Some mutants, she had found on a previous trip, were excellent tailors and owned their own little shops that were tucked away in Mutant Town. Most were good enough that if the rest of the world paid any attention they would have been employed as fashion designers, engineers, master chefs, or doing any other number of incredible jobs. It was these mutants that Kitty had visited today. She had stopped at one shop where, after nearly an hour of intense decision making, she had ordered a dress to be delivered to the Institute; this dress had been well worth the deliberation because whatever material it had been made out of changed depending on the amount of light it was exposed to so one could never be sure of what color it really was.

Kitty had been looking for a little restaurant in the area when she had first spotted the crowd and she'd decided to move to the other side of the street before she attracted much attention. Unfortunately, as she got closer, Kitty began to listen to the orator's frenzied rhetoric and she was barely a block away when a bottle was launched from the crowd towards an innocent man across the street, only for the bottle to be intercepted by a young boy. Of course she had heard the chastising the orator gave to the boy for defending the man and, naturally, she recognized Kurt and Emma Frost as they stood apart from the crowd; though she would have never expected to meet them in Mutant Town. However, it was the next voice she heard that really caught her attention.

"F*$&, it's another normie. This time Kitty could see the girl yelling, though the yell was now directed at her. Her face was spiked and rocky and Kitty could only guess at what her powers were. Hey normie, why don't you take your skanky @$$ out of here. As the girl laughed at her others joined in and as Kitty's eyes latched onto the crowd another bottle few from the center of the unruly mass and towards her. Without even thinking, Kitty went intangible and the bottle sailed through her incorporeal form and smashed against the building behind her. The crowd went silent at the revelation that she too was one of them.

"All of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!" Kitty's voice cut out through the dead air. "I'm happy that you're all proud to be different, that you all love your gifts, but if you don't learn when to use them then one day you're going to hurt one of your own like you nearly just did." Kitty turned and gave the boy who was now wedged between Kurt and Emma a look of pure sympathy before she turned back to the crowd. "There are better ways for us to use our powers. Instead of lashing out at anyone who's just passing by we need to prove to the world that we can make it a better place because if we don't we're just going to end up tearing each other apart."

It seemed like something Kitty said may have struck a chord with the crowd which at first, in only twos and threes, began to break apart. As backs turned from him the orator tried regale the crowd once more but it seemed like only the most enthralled listeners would remain behind, the rest seemed to have woken up and were moving on. Sliding through the crowd Kitty hurried over towards Kurt, Emma, and the boy. Before she addressed anyone else Kitty smiled at the boy.

"You're very brave for defending that man."

02-09-2010, 07:03 AM
At first, Kurt didn't realize what had happened. One moment Syaoran was by his side, the next he was leaping through the air and catching a bottle aimed at an elderly man's head. It happened all so fast that he hadn't had time to realize it before it was already over. He hadn't expected the little Shi'ar to be as fast as he was. As the boy himself started to walk back, instead of continuing the fight, Kurt couldn't help but feel proud of him. Unfortunately the feeling was short lived, as the blue skinned man spoke again.

?See the epitome of our dilemma! He defends the very thing that oppresses him! But you cannot defend what it is they have done to us, what they do to us, what they have said they will do to us!?

Kurt's eyes narrowed at the man's words, and his spaded-tail lashed angrily behind him. How dare he speak to a child that way. As Syaoran approached Kurt's angry expression softened, and he nodded his head towards the boy ?Don't worry Syaoran, you did the right thing---? he then looked back at the blue-skinned man with a glare ?---No matter vhat he says.? Looking back towards Emma, Kurt noticed how badly the empath was struggling to keep her emotions under control. There was a familiar look in her eye that filed Kurt with a slight dread---she was about to tell the man off, regardless of how much trouble it would cause. He had hoped they could have just walked away without incident, but as the White Queen turned up her nose and parted her lips, the blue-furred X-Man knew that wouldn't happen.

?I would honestly be thanking this young man for saving your pretty blue skin from stitches instead of condemning his actions as weak and misguided.?

Although it was sure to cause trouble, Kurt was glad she had spoken. It was the truth after all, and if he wasn't such a polite man, he would have said it himself. Unfortunately, the fuzzy-elf was about as polite and moral as one could get. But what the blue-skinned man said next nearly caused Kurt to abandon his morals for a moment and hit the blue-man as hard as he could.

?This Harlot not only defends the misguided actions of the youth, but she defends the humans and looks down at us who can not pass as human!?

The way Kurt was raised, one NEVER insulted a woman, under any circumstance. He was taught to treat them with the proper respect, and defend them when they couldn't do so themselves. And although the White Queen was more than capable of defending herself, the sheer amount of outrage that welled inside of the chivalrous X-Man was almost staggering. He was just about to go over and vent his anger on the offending man, when Emma beat him to the punch---quite literally. With one physic blast from her telepathic mind, the man was on the ground.

~Mr. Wagner...I believe this would be the opportune time to teleport to behind the museum, my car is waiting there.~

Glancing from Emma to the now-angry crowd, the German man nodded.?Ja I agree, both of you hold on tight.? Placing a hand on both of their shoulders, Kurt was just about to teleport, when he noticed a familiar face approaching them from the crowd. As the girl's face came into view, he knew it was none other that Kitty Pryde, his longtime friend and teammate from they're days in Excalibur.

?K?tzchen?? he said, in slight disbelief. Kurt shook his head dismissively, there would be time for answers later, right now they need to get away, fast. ?Ach, never mind that---we've got to hurry!? He said as he quickly wrapped his tail around the brunette girl's waist ?Everyone hold your breath--- this is going to be a bumpy ride.? Teleporting with two people was hard enough, but with the added strain of a third person, Kurt knew the trip wasn't going to be a pleasant one. He pictured they're destination in his mind, and with a BAMF and a flash of smoke they disappeared----only to reappear a second later behind the museum.

02-09-2010, 08:11 PM
Simultaneously Syaoran was inundated from both sides with reassurances, one a mental projection and the other aloud. The sentiments of either worked to alleviate some of his anxiety, as the small alien was still at a young enough age where the approval of his peers was a paramount concern. As awkward and different as he might have been as a Shi?ar on Earth, it was still nice to be accepted. The bonus was that each of them were following in the dream of Her Majestrix?s Consort, Charles Xavier. So even while he was living as an alien on a distant world, he could still feel as though he were part of the Imperium by furthering the cause of the Xavier Institute in all its various forms. Generation-X, the New Mutants, and even X-Factor.

Before he knew it, however, Emma was speaking again. And this time not to either he or Kurt. It was nice to hear Miss Frost speak with such passion again. Another time, another place, and with some other people around it would have felt like old times, in as much as a nine year old had any to recall.

?This Harlot not only defends the misguided actions of the youth, but she defends the humans and looks down at us who can not pass as human.?

The orator was obviously even less impressed by Emma?s words than he had been by Syaoran?s actions, which was another oddity in human culture. To the Shi?ar, words meant very little without a show of force or display of physical prowess to back them up. Syaoran had caught the spite behind the speaker?s tone, but had missed the meaning of what he had said. Not for lack of a translation. His wrist database had provided a Shi?ar equivalent to the English word ?harlot? but it wasn?t a word that Syaoran was familiar with in either language. It apparently had some negative connotations to it, however, as the comment prompted Emma to respond in a very Shi?ar fashion that left the boy somewhat envious.

?Ja I agree, both of you hold on tight.?

The sudden statement from Kurt caused the boy to glance up at the Nightcrawler in confusion. Kurt had agreed with what? That Miss Emma was a harlot? And what was he supposed to hold on to? Syaoran couldn?t help but think that his translator had missed some piece of conversation when Kurt planted a hand on the young Shi?ar?s shoulder. Syaoran trusted both adults completely but to say that the youth was lost by this point in the downward spiral of this episode in human social interaction would have been an understatement.

"You're very brave for defending that man,"a new voice offered, the alien child turning his head to see a young woman coming through the crowd toward the trio. Adding even more confusion to everything that was happening, Kurt spoke as though he knew who this teenager was. First an angry crowd and now a teenage girl. Syaoran couldn?t help but feel that this was a turn for the worst. There were few more diabolical forces in the universe other than girls or teenagers... aside from maybe Emplate.

?Everyone hold your breath--- this is going to be a bumpy ride,? Syaoran heard Kurt offer in anxious warning. The child opened his mouth to protest, having reached his limit to where not understanding was working for him and wanting to ask some questions.


Syaoran heard the muffled implosion echo in his ears like a peel of thunder, and felt a sensation like being turned inside out before an acrid odor filled his nose and mouth, somewhere in the midst of which the child realized that he wasn?t in the same location as before. Vertigo slammed into his senses as his brain struggled to cope with this new reality, momentarily uncertain of which direction was up or down. He tried to put out his arms in order to steady himself, his hands ripping the hoodie apart as his desperate movements allowed for no finesse in the child?s strength. The sheer physical stress of the experience induced a panic attack in the boy that unleashed a spontaneous eruption of photonic energy from his whole body. As the light faded, Syaoran was struck by a wave of nausea which doubled the boy over as he gagged on the stench of brimstone, tears springing from his eyes as his olfactory senses were assailed..

At least he?d found the ground, a fact that reassured his displaced mind to where he could begin to reassemble his understanding of spacial location and the vertigo began to abate. He was in an alley, beside an automobile that looked somewhat familiar. The man who?d had the bottle tossed at him was there as well, running up to the car at the same moment that Syaoran was finally beginning to recover his senses. Pushing himself up off the ground, the boy sat back on the street with his legs crossed as he tried to catch his breath... which was when he realized that he?d ripped his hoodie. The front pocket was completely gone, with a five inch tear extending up from one corner of the stitching to the chest. Scott and Jean were not going to be happy when they saw that. Gap Kids really needed to a line of clothing made of unstable molecules, because their cotton-blend concept of children?s clothing was definitely not Shi?ar friendly.

The sound of the car engine starting, prompted the boy to look back at the human vehicle, a detail of which did not look right to Syaoran. When he opened his mouth to make a comment however his words came out in Aerie. Confused, the child glanced at his wrist and saw that the synaptic matrix was no longer disguised. As Shi?ar technology was sentient, it was likely that his wrist computer was as disoriented right now as Syaoran was as a result of the teleport. That left Syaoran with only the basics of language that Emma had telepathically imparted to him and the little bit that he?d picked up from having been around the mansion.

Hearing a gathering noise, the boy turned his head to the front of the alleyway only to find exactly what he?d imagined. A crowd that had now become an angry mob. At least this was an angry Pro-Mutant mob. Even an X-Brat got tired of all the angry Anti-Mutant mobs. At least he no longer understood most of what the people were shouting.

?Round things,? Syaoran stated in his natural voice, which had an unusual tone and accent to it. The child pointed at the tires of the car, though he didn?t know they were called such. Normally inflated, these wheels were quite flat. And with gashes cut into the side. Which wasn?t the only thing. A window had been smashed and there appeared to be a device missing from the center console. Most likely the music control device if Syaoran correctly recalled the functions normally resident to that location in human vehicles.

02-10-2010, 06:10 PM
She heard a familiar if not slightly annoying voice to her. Kathryn Pryde, Kitty to those who cared, and if you asked Emma openly, she would say she?s not one of them. But she did have a bit of grudging respect for the young woman. She may have missed the opportunity to recruit the young woman as a Hellion, but that may have been one of those ?Happy Accidents? the Japanese rave about.

But now the young brunette was heading for them and Kurt yelled her German name. At this, Emma rolled those blue hues of hers wondering just how many language variations there were of one bloody name. But these were the last few thoughts and actions that were under her control of the telepath as she was forced back through the tiny pin hole in the fabric of the world that Kurt controlled as they were then sent forward back into the world with the same veracity and a loud pop in her eyes as she was suddenly deafened.

Upon arrival she nearly fell to her knees, her stomach in knots and dancing the Tuscan Lam Bada. She held her head as well attempting to gain her composure while at the same time to not unceremoniously toss her morning parfait and coffee onto the slush. She did still have some dignity.She held the back of her hand up to her mouth as she held in the lurching feeling that was in her body. She then took a few long deep breaths and looked up to see that all her companions had made it through. Richard was starting the car to the side of her and she was looking back towards the opened and now very crowded alley way. Damnit. She slowly stood up right as she let her body reorganize itself into something that resembles its original form. Never getting used to this?

?Round things??

She was confused for at first by the sound of Syaoran?s natural voice, not having heard it in some time. then as her mind was catching up faster now, she looked to the car and realized what had happened. The tires had been slashed and the radio. ~Tires, Sy. Take a deep breath and let your mind catch up to the rest of you?~ That was easier said than done for most, and she knew that better than those around her.
She let out and annoyed grunt as she attempted walk, her legs not wanting to work but she had to make them work as she pressed forward.

She looked towards the rioters and noticed their numbers had dwindled, if her mind were in its normal order she?d send a calming psychic wave through them to allow them a safe getaway but that didn?t seem to be happening, anytime soon. She looked back to car, they could ride the rims, but at the risk of harming these idiots, which she really wanted to do, but in fighting among your own species really was such a Homosapien thing.

She felt Richard?s guilty thoughts trying to reach out to her, she looked to him. ?You have nothing to be ashamed of, hoodlums are most likely to blame for the disheveled look of the vehicle.? Leasing really was the only way to go, but how would she explain this on the insurance papers? She turned her head once more down to Sy, the looked to Kurt and Kitty.

?You both are much more pacifist in nature than myself, so any plans not involving a fight would be appreciated at the moment!?

She place her left hand to her temple as she looked towards the crowd, fully waiting for her mind to get back into order and force the crowd to do the Macarana and then disperse. It wasn?t enough to just let them go their separate ways at this point, no, she wanted to humiliate them for what happened to her car, and threatening her own.

02-11-2010, 03:09 AM
Kitty took a moment to shake her head clear. She'd been friends with Kurt long enough to have adapted somewhat to going from one place to another without passing through any of the points between; at least she was somewhat used to it. It also didn't hurt that her own powers gave her an interesting understanding of matter and how it could be moved in incredibly unusual ways. However, not wanting to dwell on the ramblings in her own head, Kitty was brought back to reality as the boy awkwardly spoke.

"Round things."

They were words that a three or four year old might have strung together in an attempt to get their point across but Kitty understood that this boy was not a toddler, not after how he had defended the man from the crowd only a moment ago. So Kitty allowed her eyes to follow his pointed finger until she realized that there was something especially wrong with what she assumed to be Emma's car. Kitty frowned a bit but didn't let the moment upset her like she would have a few years ago. Instead, Kitty began to think of solutions and she was only encouraged when Emma gave a brief nod to anything she and Kurt could come up with.

Her phasing, literally, brought in a whole new wave of possibilities to the picture. Both she and Nightcrawler were mutants who were adept at moving people or things from one point to another and they could do it rather safely. But a group this size would probably strain whichever one of them took on the responsibility for moving the party.

"I have an idea," Kitty said with a hint of reservation in her voice, "it would mean diving up our group but I don't think that either Kurt or myself could easily move the five of us very far." Kitty bit her lip for a moment as she tried to figure out how to phrase her suggestion. "Instead of trying to escape as a group we could move as two teams. I could take the kid with me and Kurt could take Emma and... I'm sorry but I don't know either of your name." Kitty said to Emma's friend and to the boy.

"Anyway, it would make sense to divide up that way. Emma and Kurt would make a good team and they could easily protect Emma's friend or Kurt could just port them out of danger. The kid and I could work together to get out of here; he's probably a better fighter than I am but if things got really sticky I could just phase us wherever we needed to go to get out of danger." Kitty thought her plan sounded reasonable and quickly added to it.

"We should probably plan to just get completely out of Mutant Town." Kitty gave the youngest mutant in the group a sympathetic look. "I know you were hungry but even if that whole crowd isn't interested in finding us I'm sure that the ring leader and a few of his stooges are." Looking back to Emma and Kurt, Kitty went on. "The further we get from here and the faster we can do it, the safer we'll be."

02-14-2010, 01:15 AM

As the group reappeared behind the museum, Kurt could immediately feel the effects of teleporting so many people at once. Pain assaulted his senses, and nausea sent his head and stomach reeling. He let out a pained gasp, which did nothing but give him a lung-full of smoke. Quickly detaching himself from the group, Kurt breathed harshly to get some desperately needed air into his lungs. Leaning against the nearest wall for support Kurt took a few moments to pull himself together before looking back at the group. He was glad to see that no one seemed to have been harmed too badly by the teleport, other than himself---and well, Syaoran's hoodie.

?Round things,?

The strangeness of the boy's speech had caught Kurt by surprise, and it took the Blue-X-Man a moment to realize what the ?round things? were.

As he glanced towards the car, Kurt's golden yellow eyes widened with surprise. The vehicle had clearly been vandalized, and with all four of it's tires slashed, it wouldn't be going anywhere. The elf-eared mutant tilted his head back with a sigh ?....Oh that's just wunderbar.?

The four mutants were already in a bad situation, and as the rioters began to approach, it seemed as if things were only going to get worse. Taking Emma's advice, Kurt assessed their situation in his head, while carefully listening to Kitty's plan at the same time. The brunet girl's idea was a good one, but Kurt wasn't very keen on the thought of splitting up.

?We should probably plan to just get completely out of Mutant Town."

Nodding, Kurt waited until Kitty had finished speaking to voice his own thoughts. ?It's a good plan K?tzchen, but it may be an unnecessary one. There is a chance that we can still reason with them.? He glanced over towards the rioters before continuing ?And if we can't, then at least it'll be a good enough distraction for the others to get away.? Obviously Kurt meant for himself to be the distraction. The rioters were more likely to listen to someone who was as physically mutated as themselves, and if they did become violent, he could just teleport out of their reach. All he needed to do was buy time for the others to escape. ?Besides theses people are just angry, not out for blood. They may still listen to reason.? Kurt knew that his plan was a bit optimistic, but he always tried to see the best in people--- even when they only showed him their worst.

02-15-2010, 09:36 PM
The young boy was sick to his stomach and nursing a blossoming headache, neither of which went with very well with a bombardment of alien language going back and forth. Even as he struggled to get the tongue and breath movements right to pronounce the appropriate sounds and syllables of human speech, Syaoran was left in a rather poor disposition with which to handle or process translation. English was deplorably imprecise and illogical, subject to a confusing number of exceptions to any given rule of grammar or form. Some plurals were formed with an ?s?, others were irregular. Child and children. Mouse and mice. Then there were verb conjugations and the formation of negatives. Not having double negatives in a sentence and the seemingly half-hearted attempt to introduce mathematical concepts into language. Humans were as fickle with their words as they were with themselves and their nation-state societies.

His feathers bristled. Those more intimately acquainted with his race would have noticed the pinfeathers in his plumage as raised in an autonomic response that gave his unkempt head of feathers a hint of the triangular formation typical of adult warriors. It was an outward sign of aggravation. He could hear Kurt and Emma and the teenage girl?s voices but, like the shouts of the mob, the words themselves were nothing but an indistinct hum of nonsense. The child held out his left arm and slapped the side of his wrist database to try and get the synaptic matrix to respond. Syaoran could only imagine that its cognitive properties were suffering the same teleportation hangover as he was. And the others as well, as Kurt?s dark complexion seemed somewhat paled and Emma was holding a hand up to her head.

Obviously, in typical human fashion, words were being exchanged in advanced of action. Perhaps to humans the Shi?ar were reckless, but there was something to be said for action preempting thought when time was a crucial factor. And as the mob began to approach arm?s length distance, time was definitely a crucial factor.

Glancing around the alley, Syaoran summed up the available arsenal. There was the obvious car, but the curb weight of the terrestrial vehicle likely met or exceeded the limits of his physical prowess to effectively wield. He might be over to overturn it for use as a barrier though...

The boy?s thoughts shifted tracks when he looked beyond the car and saw an entrance to the museum. Without a word, the small Shi?ar hopped over to the side of the building and slapped both palms flat against the metal fire door. He couldn?t help the smile as he exert himself again. He normally used only a fraction of his potential. This was the second time in nearly as many minutes he?d had to actually put some real real effort into something. There was an earsplitting crack as the door frame itself cracked and shattered, until the door fell in.

Looking back at the others, the child made what he hoped was a universal gesture for moving within the structure at an expeditious pace. Wetting his lips, he made a second attempt at uttering their arcane linguistics. ?Talk... in...? In what? There was a particular word he was looking for that described subsiding in the interior of a building, but it escaped his memory. Particularly with this headache. ?...doors.?

It was not the word he was looking for, but it seemed a fair enough substitute. Taking a step inside the building, Syaoran crouched by the fallen fire door as he waited for the others to make their move. Once they were inside, he could hold the door in its former place - hopefully with the assistance of something to brace it with. Then, once a barrier was in place, they could polish off discussions of their escape. And, who knew, perhaps when the mob had vented its anger on a door and the side of a building it would disperse.

The X-Men were rarely that lucky, but there was a first time for everything.

02-18-2010, 02:35 AM
Emma stood, well leaned slightly to the left and by the grace of god stayed up on her feet, as Kurt and Kitty murmured their plans out into the ether. Well they probably weren?t murmuring, her ears were still recovering from the teleporting. She was right before, she was never going to get used to that. She took deep breaths and realized that Kurt?s plan put him in too much danger, and Kitty?s was nearly sound but it put them all too far apart. No they needed to stay together. She tried to pull her thoughts together into something resembling a coherent thought but it wasn?t working. Between the teleporting and the atomic bomb of emotions that had hit her, her mind wasn?t going to be of much use in the now.

?I?m sorry, Kurt, but as someone who can know the inner workings of the minds of one?s enemies, on a fairly intimate level, the mob mentality is strong in these mutants, and they may not be out for blood, but a fight is not out of the question.?

She was of course attempting to pull her mind?s resources together. A damn good happy thought right now would do wonders for this group. She could stand on her own now. But her mind was still not at its full facilities. But maybe she could offer them the distraction the X-Men desperately needed right now. She began letting her mind find the perfect little mass distraction when she stopped before creating the illusion. Syaoran had grabbed her attention by doing something very, well, very Shi?ar. While she had known this young boy, he had always done his best to blend within the society he had landed, but right now, she was grateful for the rash impulsive nature of his race.

?Kurt, Kitty, go with Syaoran?I?ll give us a distraction and hopefully that should give us the time we need??

Her voice was commanding once more as she found her natural authoritative nature returning to her after the mad teleport to the car. Of course she was wishing her powers would recover just as quickly, but her mind was still a bit of jumble, but to make an illusion she never needed very much concentration. Emma was making people believe she handed them five hundred dollars in cash when all they had was a piece of paper all at the tender age of fifteen without any training. Oh yes, but what sort of distraction should she choose, that would make or break her right now while she was still a bit woozy.

Alright darling, nothing too fancy, just something simple enough to make them forget about you for a moment. Something large and frightening?no maintaining that illusion would take too much concentration. Something shiny?.but what? Nothing in the sky?I?d have to look up..and I may fall of my well toned derri?re.

She was suddenly wishing for that sudden impulsiveness she had earlier but no, she had to plan out her actions otherwise they could seriously fail. She did the only quick fix she could think of, reaching out into the minds of the mob, trying not to throw up in her mouth she implanted a suggestion that they wear suddenly surrounded by a flock of birds flapping wildly about them. Black birds, crows, birds that invoke an odd sense of fear in people. She of course had other fears that she nestled in the back of her head. But that was for another day. She pushed her own thoughts back as she walked with a slow purpose over to the door, not daring to break her concentration as she made sure to keep the crowd going wild with her attack birds.

Fly my pretties, fly!

Okay, she couldn?t help that thought, but she had to admit, the image she was receiving from the temporary link she had with them while she controlled what they saw was rather priceless.

02-18-2010, 06:31 PM
If Kitty had learned anything from her interactions with Emma throughout the years it was that Emma was not to be trifled or argued with. So, with some resignation after having suggested a workable plan only to have it shot down by the woman who asked her for it, Kitty turned towards the museum. It was, in fact, a very nice building. The stonework that surrounded the door suggested that it was once a very regal place in a very nice part of town but, as cities so often do, things seemed to have changed.

Kitty could barely see beyond the door as she cautiously peered inside. The off red and white tiled floor faded back into a darkness that the building seemed like it could have breathed out into the street if not for the door that had, until recently, been holding it back. If asked for a one word explanation, Kitty could have called it "creepy" but no one would ask such a thing.

"I guess," Kitty began, "that I should go first. Syaoran can follow behind me and Kurt can stay close to him in case they need to port somewhere safe." Kitty's eyes hardened as she began to take her day much more seriously. "Kurt," she said looking at her furry blue friend, "if anything happens get Syaoran to safety. I can always phase my way through the building and get out but if I can't get to you then there's no way you could follow."

With that Kitty stepped up and into the building. Her black peacoat seemed to fade into the darkness when she reached out to touch the wall with the hope that her hand might find some light switches. However, she had no such luck. She turned back to look at her friends.

"I think we're going to be doing this in the dark for a little." With her brief quip said, Kitty turned her attention back to the threshold she had barely crossed, took a quick breath, and then took the plunge...

Only to realize that she had been standing on a landing just inside the door and that there were three steps which led down to the floor. Startled, but without making a noise, Kitty twisted in mid air and let her shoulder take the impact as she fell to the floor and rolled once before she stopped. It wasn't a hero's entrance but at least Kitty was inside. It was, however, good for one thing.

As Kitty came to a stop she realized that the building was littered with items and that this room was not a show room of the museum. In fact, from the looks of things, it must have been a holding area for items either going to or coming off of a display floor somewhere; and from the amount of dust it looked like it had been a while since anyone was in there. Still, Kitty felt a knot forming in her stomach.

"I really don't like this plan..." Kitty mumbled as she rose from the floor and signaled for the others to follow.

02-19-2010, 06:37 AM
As Emma entranced the crowd, Kurt couldn't help but wonder just what it was she was making them see. Well whatever it was, seemed to be working.

The moment Kurt stepped through the door and into the museum, he instantly blended into the shadows an disappeared in the darkness. The only sign that he was even there at all were his glowing-yellow eyes, which stood out brightly in the dark. It was somewhat of an eerie sight to see for those who weren't used to it. Not only did he blend into the dark, but he could see in it as well. Kurt glowing-yellow eyes contained the Tapetum lucidum that ?normal? humans lacked, and thus granted him night vision. And even if he couldn't see in the dark, he could still feel where everything was thanks to his spatial awareness ability. It was almost as if the furry blue elf was made to live in the dark.

Kurt glanced back towards the door, making sure that Syaoran and Richard made it in before turning his attention back to Kitty. It took no time at all for him to spot the young girl, as he could see perfectly in the darkness. Unfortunately, he noticed her a moment too late, and was unable to warn her of the oncoming stairs before she had already fallen.

?Are you alright K?tzchen?? He asked as he made his way over to the girl. He knew he was acting like a doting older brother, but after all the time they spent together as X-men as well as members of Excalibur, he couldn't help but feel protective of the young brunet. ?How about I go first instead? After all, I can actually see vhere I'm going.? He said with a fanged-grin, he couldn't resist the opportunity to tease her just a little bit.

Sebastian Shaw
02-21-2010, 01:12 AM
Sebastian Shaw’s fingers fidgeted in his coat pockets as he let out an elongated sigh. The piece of artwork he was examining wasn’t quite as unique as he’d hoped it would be, but the history of the artist simply made it impossible to pass up. An original creation by former Massachusetts Academy student Danielle Spencer? It was quite an accomplishment for Miss Spencer that her sculpture was on display in one of New York’s museums, but Shaw was fairly certain that training in the fine arts wasn’t the kind of subject matter Miss Frost had set out to teach her pupils. It certainly wasn’t the kind of education he funneled millions of dollars to pay for, but there wasn’t much he could do about it now, was there?

Fine as the sculpture was, it would be a bit of a black sheep in the collection of pieces in the Hellfire Club’s grand foyer. Perhaps it was some time for some redecoration within the wall’s of New York’s most exclusive destination. While standard membership certainly wasn’t suffering, the Inner Circle was a constantly shuffling entity. As to be expected, Shaw had his hand in the group’s make-up, doing his best to secure a Circle that he felt he could trust and, perhaps for the first time in a long time, wouldn’t be inclined to turn on each other like rabid beasts. That’s not to say Shaw didn’t approve of a person doing whatever it took to protect their interests while expanding their reach; he simply wanted to be the one doing it, not wondering if it was going to happen to him.

For the moment, the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club was as stable as they’d been in years, allowing Shaw to conduct his business with little impediment. Today, however, was not a business day for him. By this stage in the game, Shaw Industries was running like a well-oiled machine; Sebastian’s involvement was tapered down to regular biweekly meeting with his board of advisors to make sure everything was in order and to handle any new business that needed his stamp of approval. Aside from that, Shaw simply did what he was best at – sat back and made money. With his hand-picked presidential candidate in the dark for a day or so due to various state-hopping meetings, Sebastian decided to take the day for himself.

The familiar ring of his cell phone disturbed the calm within the marble walls of the museum, and Sebastian scrambled ever so briefly to turn off the ringer. Truth be told, he was still getting used to carrying his own phone with him. It was something he’d have previous assigned to an assistant or bodyguard, but in today’s day and age, you never knew who you could really trust. Shaw was beginning to prefer a more solitary existence, when the responsibilities of his business and the Club made that possible. Those moments were few and far between, but practicing a little independence surely wouldn’t hurt him.

Pressing a button on his mobile, Shaw brought the device to his ear. “This is Shaw,” he said matter-of-factly. He listened for a moment as the person on the other end, his driver Lucas, informed him of the situation outside the museum. A disturbance centered around a public speaker had sparked a bit of a mob, which was now on the move into one of the alleys near the museum. Shaw took a few steps towards the museum’s main entrance, where through glass doors he could see what looked like the remains of a sizeable crowd moving away from the steps and sidewalk outside, much to the disappointment of the speaker himself. “I see. I’ll be done momentarily and will be exiting out of the eastern wing. Have the car ready.”

As he was deactivating his cell phone, a tall, slender man approached him, tapping him on the shoulder. Shaw instinctively absorbed the kinetic energy from the tap, though he viewed the man as no threat. “Excuse me, sir,” said the man, a polite smile showing underneath a thin black mustache. He was dressed in his best suit, something he was likely forced to purchase in order to work as the museum’s floor manager. Shaw recognized wealth when he saw it, and he wasn’t seeing it here. “But cellular phones are not allowed in our museum, as they disturb other patrons.”

“My apologies, good man,” Shaw said, pocketing his phone and slapping a hand down on the man’s shoulder, a more powerful blow than the manager was prepared to receive. He buckled a bit under the power of Shaw’s hand, but did his best to recover quickly. “Are you the curator of this museum?”

“No, sir,” the man said with some fluctuation in his voice, clearly not confident or comfortable in his present situation. “But I am in charge of the museum’s operation for this afternoon.”

“Good enough,” Shaw exclaimed, leading this man – Phillip, as the exceptionally cheap nametag on his left breast read – towards the Spencer sculpture. “Phillip, I’m interested in purchasing this piece, along with any other pieces by this particularly artist. Are there any more pieces by this individual… a Miss Spencer?”

Phillip shook his head almost instantly. “A few, yes. However, I’m sorry to say that our museum does not buy or sell artwork, sir. We only display it.”

Shaw’s facial features firmed a bit as he glared at the sculpture. He wasn’t a man who took no for an answer. Especially from Phillip. “Everyone has a price, Phillip. Are you telling me your museum would turn down a… donation… of fifty thousand dollars in exchange for any of the Spencer pieces?”

Phillip’s frame faltered again, likely as he was unprepared for an offer of that magnitude. If Shaw hadn’t been able to sense Phillip’s discomfort, he could smell it. The thirty year old’s jacket stunk with the odor of someone out of their league. “I… I’m not authorized to make that kind of decision…”

Shaw tightened his grip on the man’s shoulder, pulling him closer and lowering the tone of his voice. “That’s a shame, Phillip. I’d hate for the ten thousand dollar finding fee to go to someone else who wasn’t even here to begin with. But if you insist, I’ll call your curator tomorrow morning and finalize the deal.” Letting go of Phillip’s horrible tailored coat, Shaw slowly turned and began to walk away.

“…Wait!” Phillip said in a panicked but still quiet tone. He skipped over to where Shaw currently stood, and signaled for the person at the front desk to join them. “Ten thousand?” Phillip reiterated, to which Sebastian simply looked at him impatiently. “Fine, yes. I’ll sell you the Spencer pieces.” When the desk worker arrived next to the pair, Phillip pulled him aside and began giving him instructions. “Take the Spencer sculpture to the back and box it up. I’ll get the other two from the storage room and meet you at the rear entrance.” The other employee seemed hesitant, much as Phillip was initially, and Shaw watched as the afternoon museum floor manager exercised what little power he had. “Listen to me, goddammit! There’s a hundred bucks in this for you if you help me out here. Cecilia doesn’t have to know shit, you get me?”

Crude words for a crude man pretending to be something he’s not, Shaw said, allowing himself another sigh as he adjusted collar of his own shirt. Having finally convinced his associate, Phillip returned to Shaw’s side and nodded, as if to receive his payment now. “The other pieces?” Shaw said in a tone marked with annoyance.

“Right, yes,” Phillip responded, his mind focused only on the money that waited at the other end of this deal. “If you’ll follow me, I’ll take you to our storage area.”

Following Phillip wasn’t exactly something Shaw preferred, as he didn’t care for the stench of cheap cologne and jumpy nerves. But the matter had been taken care of, and he’d be on the road in a few minutes, having paid only a fraction of what he was prepared to offer the museum’s curator. As they passed a few more exhibits on their way to the rear storage area, Shaw figured out what he was going to do with the piece on display in the main viewing gallery. He smiled to himself as he pictured Emma Frost’s face when she opened the package, a gift from her former and perhaps future colleague at the Hellfire Club. Nothing renews friendships quite like a trip down memory lane, and Spencer’s work would certainly accomplish that.

His sly smile seemed to dissipate as Phillip opened the storage room door and turned on the large overhead lights. The two men stood on a platform, with a set of stairs to their left leading to the warehouse-like storage room below. Various pieces of art, large and small, were packaged in wooden boxes on the floor below, with a sizeable lift in the southern part of the room allowing for their transportation to and from the room. But neither the artwork nor the lift were what caught Shaw’s attention. Rather, he was focused on the group of X-Men on the other side of the room, standing on their own platform, seemingly just as surprised to see another party as Phillip was.

“Well,” Shaw said indignantly. “This is certainly… unexpected.”

Before Phillip could say or alert anyone to the situation, Shaw pulled back and thrust a fist across the man’s face, causing him to collapse into an unconscious heap on the top of the staircase. Casually, Shaw closed the door behind him and twisted the handle’s lock so that they wouldn’t be interrupted.

“I never pictured the X-Men as lovers of fine art,” Shaw said, turning back to the group that stood before him, but having not spotted Emma Frost just yet. “Then again, I suppose Charles has to decorate that mansion of his with something, doesn’t he?”

02-21-2010, 02:40 AM
Holding up his right hand, the young Shi?ar formed an orb of sparkling light, casting it out into the darkened museum with a flick of his wrist where it broke into three smaller, pulsating baubles that radiated brightly as they twirled through the air to illuminate the storage room that the X-Men had just entered. The light baubles themselves appeared to act independent of Syaoran, who had both hands and his attention on the door. As soon as Emma was across the threshold, the small alien had lifted the fire door up and set it back in its place, barricading it with his body as the crowd outside arrived and began pushing, pounding, and pressing against it. As a Shi?ar warrior, Syaoran didn?t doubt his ability to hold the door against the human mob... but he would have been more comfortable having Piotr Rasputin or Monet St Croix here to handle the heavy lifting.

Given how the day had gone, Syaoran couldn?t say that he was really surprised when the sound of a door opening on the opposite side of the room heralded the snapping on of the room?s full lighting. As disadvantaged as he was by the fact that he was holding the door, it was rather nice for the intruders to provide him with a power source for his luminescent mutation. What was surprising was turning to look over his shoulder and seeing the face of a man... he?d seen before.

He?d never forget that face, because he?d seen it at the same time that he?d been introduced to Sean Cassidy at the Massachusetts Academy. SHIELD had dropped him off at the school at a time when Sean had been speaking with a man... with that man. Their conversation had ended and the man had been turning away at the same time that Syaoran was being introduced to the headmaster, but as much as Banshee?s face was ingrained in the Shi?ar?s mind from that introduction, so too was the memory of the man he?d been speaking with.


The single, solitary word dropped from the child?s lips. It was the man?s name, if he remembered correctly. It had been talked about by the Generation-X students. This ?Shaw? had come to the school at that time looking for Emma.

And so that was who Syaoran turned his attention to next.

Hopefully the former White Queen had this situation under control, because with Syaoran guarding the door he wasn?t going to be able to contribute anything to a confrontation.

02-23-2010, 06:41 PM
Emma?s full control was finally returning to her. She felt rather naked without them, and considered how she was prone to dressing, feeling naked was a rather remarkable accomplishment for the former stripper. She took a deep breath and laid a reassuring hand on Sy?s shoulder as he placed door back from whence it came. That?ll do boy, that?ll do. She should get him a present for all of this. Maybe a box of Girl Scout cookies, those thin mints would be a wonderful treat for him. He had been kind enough even to light the room a bit for them as Kitty and Kurt stared around a bit. She couldn?t quite completely make out the shapes from the slight amount of light they had been afforded, but she could smell that oh so odiferous smell of dust, droppings and day old lunch meat rotting about somewhere nearby.

And then, as if on cue for this wacky and eventful day, a door was opened, and the light was turned on to reveal to mean standing above them on the landing a head of them. The first man would go unrecognized but the second man, much to her chagrin, Emma would never forget. Sebastian Shaw. The Black King of the Hellfire Club, the man who destroyed her home, and attempted to destroy her business.

Her eyes immediately settled on him, ignoring the words but not the action. He had already gotten a hit in. His powers were beginning to charge up. And she was certain that every morning when he woke up he still hit a wall to build up his power for the day. She was already formulating a plan against him the moment she saw him, but she wasn?t going to attack unless provoked, not against Shaw. She knew better. Mind games were the forte of both the White Queen and the Black King.

?As you well know, the key to a well rounded individual is immersion in all points of culture, Sebastian. And what is it that brings you to this lovely crevice of society??

Besides being an annoyance.

Of course she didn?t much care, but Shaw enjoyed talking, hell, he loved it. It was his favorite pass time! She couldn?t tell you how often she dozed off while listening to him drone on about something or other. She stood there behind Kitty and Kurt with her arms crossed as she kept her arm on her opponent. She knew him well enough to not telegraph her state of mind, nor what her next move would be. With them, it was always chess faces, never poker faces. She took a breath and looked back to Syaoran who was holding the door in place. She hadn?t thought about the crowd until just now. She had already broken the connection and thus the illusion, and she was quietly hoping that the crowd was as stupid as they seemed and had looked for the group elsewhere.

?How?s that darling little club of yours? Last I heard the London chapter had shuttered up because of lack of interest ??

She stepped forward, putting herself between Sebastian and the rest of her small entourage. She was their best hope in a fight in this instant. She watched Shaw intently, waiting for any sign of him trying something sneaky and underhanded. Of course he would have the advantage until she was able to ?turn him off?. There were crates upon crates between them and the supposed aggressor. She was even looking over the tops of some rather short crates to see him. But he could use them to charge up further, or just plow through them, if he were in the mood to. But Shaw wasn?t so much the wanted destruction type, and she really hoped that hadn?t changed anything.

02-24-2010, 05:39 AM
Falling had been bad enough, but running into Shaw only seemed to add insult to injury; or was it the other way around? Either way, after Emma had tried to recruit her into the Hellfire Club back in the good old days, Kitty had become familiar with the man known as Sebastian Shaw. She gave him a cautious look as the entered the now lit room and Kitty felt her skin tingle ever so slightly. In the Hellfire Club Shaw was known as the Black King, and Kings were not to be trifled with, especially those who were powerful mutants.

As Emma took the lead Kitty slid into a spot just to the left and behind Emma. With Shaw in front of them Kitty could only guess what would happen next but, should Shaw manage to get close enough to Emma, Kitty could at least phase them out of the way to safety.

"Kurt," Kitty began, "Take care of the others. I can back up Emma on my own but they'll have a harder time getting out of here if things go bad." As she spoke Kitty's tone of voice changed. She felt the change come over her body as well. Whereas before she had been tense and nervous she began to calm down. Her voice became somewhat harder and focused and her eyes opened just a bit wider as she looked around the room. Having a secret identity, Kitty found, was a lot like having another person inside of you. So when she became Shadowcat, Kitty knew that she could no longer be her carefree loving self. Wolverine had taught her years ago that if you were going to survive you had to be ready to do what was necessary.

"Emma," Kitty said quietly to minimize her voice's reverberations off of the room's walls, "do you think there's any way we can get out of this without a fight? I don't know Shaw like you do but if the rumors are true, and if he's fixed himself on a prize, he's not the type to just let us waltz out of here. I mean, he knocked that guy out without a thought, so I'm guessing that he doesn't want to have a friendly chat."

For the life of her Kitty couldn't figure out what to do next. The air was tense but, as someone who almost never threw the first punch, all she could do was wait and react. So for now Shadowcat took in a deep breath and waited for Emma, Shaw, or for someone to make their move.

02-26-2010, 03:41 AM
Kurt sighed slightly as the thought over their situation, it seemed as if trouble followed the X-men everywhere, even when they weren't in uniform. He made a mental note to make the day up to Syaoran later, seeing as their current trip wasn't going very well. Getting chastised by a complete stranger, and chased by an angry mob were not on the list of things he had planned for the little Shi'ar that day. Kurt just hopped that things wouldn't get any worse.

And as if his thoughts had tempted fate, Sebastian Shaw walked into the room. Tensing slightly, Kurt prepared himself for the unavoidable confrontation. There wasn't much he could do against Shaw in a fight, considering the man metabolized kinetic energy into raw power. The only thing Kurt could do was teleport with the Black King until one of them passed out, and seeing as he was still drained from his last teleport, it would most likely be Kurt.

Shaw hadn't even been in the room for a minute before he became violent, and knocked out the man beside him. ?Well he certainly knows how to make an entrance...? Kurt thought wryly. His attention was then brought towards Kitty, as the young brunet began to speak.

"Kurt, take care of the others. I can back up Emma on my own but they'll have a harder time getting out of here if things go bad."

Kurt took a glance at Richard and Syaoran before nodding towards her. ?Don't vorry Kitty, I've got them.? His voice was reassuring, although there was a hint of worry in his eyes. Kurt wasn't quite sure if he would be able to teleport Richard and Syaoran safely. Richard was an elderly man, so he most likely couldn't handle the stress, and Syaoran was still ill from the last time he was teleported. So far, the situation wasn't looking up.

Sebastian Shaw
03-04-2010, 03:07 AM
Shaw surveyed the scene, his fingers adjusting the dress shirt sleeves slightly peeking out from underneath his thick jacket. Punching people was such dirty work, and while Sebastian wasn’t afraid to get fist deep into the action, he hadn’t come here today for a fight. Perhaps more than any of the visitors to Mutant Town, his business was legitimate. Of course, the arrival of the X-Men threw a wrench in his attempted purchase, if only because it was wasting his time. Still, for Emma Frost, he could spare a few moments.

“As you well know, the key to a well rounded individual is immersion in all points of culture, Sebastian. And what is it that brings you to this lovely crevice of society?”

“Why, pursuit of the arts, of course,” he said with a grin reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat. He slowly began to walk down his set of stairs towards the solid floor of the storage room, where he anticipated a closer talk with Miss Frost and her companions. Shaw looked down at the stairs casually as he descended, clearly not anticipating any trouble from the X-Men. At least, nothing he couldn’t handle if he had to. “It came to my attention that a certain student of the Massachusetts Academy – one of the few who left the school alive, it seems – had some pieces on exhibit here.”

He knew the comment would cut deep with Emma, the memory of her Hellions dying at the hands of Trevor Fitzroy and the Sentinels likely seared into her memory for as long as she’d live. Given that nightmare, Shaw could only imagine the flashbacks Emma may have experienced when her and Sean Cassidy’s Massachusetts Academy had been attacked in a similar fashion. It was a cruel comment from a cruel man, but he knew more than anyone else in the room the extent to which Emma Frost could play mind games. He wasn’t above some of his own.

“I only thought it fitting, then,” he continued, reaching the end of the staircase and turning to the X-Men, his hands clasped in front of him harmlessly. “That I acquire it so that it could be displayed in the New Academy, once its construction is complete.”

Truth be told, Sebastian Shaw hadn’t initiated any construction on the grounds of the destroyed Massachusetts Academy. But the property had defaulted to the government after Shaw tipped of Senator Kelly that the facility was being used to train mutant terrorists, and it likely came as no surprise to anyone that a silent bid from the Hellfire Club had been accepted. Thus, the Massachusetts Academy – or the rubble that was left of it – was once again under the swooping wing of the Club. Which Shaw knew had to grind at Emma’s skin, given her love for the school and for her students.

Shaw took a moment to glance beyond Emma, where Katherine Pryde – the X-Man known as Shadowcat – slowly moved forward in front of her teammates, standing confidently behind Emma’s left shoulder. Shaw’s face contorted in feigned confusion. “Kitty Pryde? Shouldn’t you have graduated by now, my dear? Really, Emma, just what kind of school is Charles running nowadays?”

Then, pulling deep into whatever acting credentials he had, Shaw’s eyes grew wide and he put a hand to his mouth, as if surprised and shocked at what he said. To anyone with any remote understanding of sarcasm, Shaw was practically dripping with it. “Oh, that’s right. He isn’t running it anymore, is he? What a shame.”

And back came the Cheshire Cat grin.

03-07-2010, 08:05 AM
The pounding at the door continued, the dramatic difference between the child?s weight and his strength such that Syaoran?s shoes scraped across the floor as he pushed against the ground to maintain the physical barrier. One great shove was countered by another, Syaoran sliding several inches back into the room as his tennis shoes struggled for adequate grip with which to halt the advance and reverse the tide. There was a smell like rubber burning as the friction mounted on the soles of his shoes, the boy calmly making one step after another as he pushed the door back into place. The leather stitching had separated from the sole on one foot, the shoe threatening to come apart under the strain in evidence of the fact that humanity just had no idea how to clothe a Shi?ar. Syaoran could be better off just wearing his Xavier Institute, X-Factor, or Generation-X uniform all the time, being that the unstable molecules and reinforcements were made with the idea of supporting his physical abilities which so easily shredded human clothing.

There was a distinctive chirp from the alien device on his wrist, followed by a mechanical male Shi?ar voice which spoke in Aerie. <<?System error. Command required to engage matrix re-initialization.?>>

At least his technology had recovered from the teleporting, even if Sy was still sick to his stomach. Leaving the one hand leveraged against the door - grateful that there seemed a lull on the opposite side - the boy used his free hand to quickly input the necessary algorithm to reboot the semi-sentient device. There was a shimmer as the computerized bracelet resumed its normal function, tactile holographics making use of silicon magnetics to generate a convincing and physical illusion of a wristwatch as the simultaneous translation it provided filtered back to Syaoran?s ears.

?...Emma, just what kind of school is Charles running nowadays? Oh, that?s right. He isn?t running it anymore, is he? What a shame.?

Humans used words like Shi?ar used weapons, a concept that was still largely alien to the child. He knew of sarcasm. Back at the Massachusetts Academy, Bosh Jaric and Marc Leforn had used it rather extensively. Syaoran himself wasn?t very adept at it, the Shi?ar code of honor requiring a warrior to say only what he meant. The child didn?t like it when people spoke falsely. And he certainly didn?t like people impugning the name of Scott and Emma?s school. But what jumped the shark for Syaoran was dragging the name of Charles Xavier - Consort to her Imperial Majestrix - into it. His pinion feathers again bristled in his plumage, so that his feathers were standing even more stiffly than was normal as an indication of his level of irritation. His tolerance for which was significantly lessened by virtue of the fact that he was still sick from the rough teleport, something he couldn?t smack Kurt for... though he?d have very much liked to.

His left hand slapped against the door, impressions dented into the metal as Syaoran?s fingers sought out a grip. Then another slap and the screech of yielding metal as his right pounded against the door in the same manner. Taking a step back, Syaoran pivoted at the waist and heaved the door over his head. Glaring angrily toward the man known as Shaw, Syaoran brought his other foot up as he made a step forward. ?That?s my school, you jerk!? the child yelled, the prepubescent voice sliding up an octave. As his foot came down, the young Shi?ar pitched the door at where Shaw was standing.

As soon as the steel fire door left his hands and he felt the presence of people now uninhibited behind him Syaoran could only think, I shouldn?t have done that.

As though to confirm the sentiment, a force reached out to yank the child back and lift him up by the back of his hoodie. The sudden altercation tore him away from both Shaw and the door, so Syaoran had no idea what was happening to it after he?d thrown it. He was rather occupied with the fact that someone had picked him up. An assailant he couldn?t see. The situation was not unlike one that had happened before... memories of being grabbed on the New York subway instantly activating a fight or flight reaction in the child. Panic mixed with pure impulse drove his actions, as Syaoran threw a hand over his shoulder and unleashed a blinding cascade of luminescence in a stream of color and light.

The person behind him scream in both surprise and pain at the intensity. The light blast worked in the respect that his assailant released him, though Syaoran and his attacker fell back over the threshold and landed back in the alley. As he landed on his back, the child nimbly pushed off the ground and flipped his body in an arc which landed him on his feet. His breathing was rapid, heart pounding in his chest as the panic attack lingered. He could hear the low whine of sirens. Flashes of red and blue assaulted his peripheral vision as Syaoran finally got a glimpse at the person who had grabbed him... the person now laying on the ground and holding a hand over his eyes in pain.

He wore a navy blue uniform. One which Syaoran had seen before. Embroidered with the letters NYPD.

?Officer down!?

Turning his head, Syaoran could see remnants of the crowd from earlier speaking to a handful of men in the same navy blue uniform... one of which was speaking into a communication device on his shoulder as he sprinted toward the young Shi?ar and leveled a weapon at the child. ?Mutant, get down on the ground!?

03-10-2010, 09:56 PM
Emma was of course was severely taken aback by Shaw?s words. Her school, her home for so many years, the center of her nightmares, was now under the jurisdiction of the Hellfire Club. And under this man?s instruction? She was insulted. But of course she couldn?t be surprised by this turn of events, and she shouldn?t. This was Sebastian Shaw and he was a viper with a silver tongue. No, this man was worst than a viper, she was certain of that. But she currently did not have the capability to come up with a more insulting animal, without feeling bad that it had just been compared to Shaw. And this man?s gall, to insult Charles Xavier in such a manner! If it weren?t for Xavier the Hellfire Club wouldn?t have many other reasons to be in business. To further mutant kind with the takeover of businesses and other controlling factors, that was their goal. She was only glad that those around her were in full control over their emotions that they would not do anything too rash.

?Charles was but a figure head and a good will ambassador; I?ve been running the school since my return to New York.? She wasn?t about to note that Scott and Jean have been helping in whatever capacity they saw fit. That would only give the man fodder to use against her. It wasn?t exactly a secret about Emma and Scott and then Jean.

She was grateful that Kitty was feeling the need to back her up. After all of the issues between the two of them, this was rather touching, and if this was a different situation she?d had voiced her appreciation. But then she was taken off guard by the flying door. And she distinctly remembered looking at the flying door and thinking who ever through a door at Shaw was not thinking clearly. And as she turned her head slightly to see where the door had come from, as if she wasn?t certain before. Damnit? Syaoran was a child still and not in full control of his emotions, and most of these little mind game things that were played on earth were lost on the alien child. How could he know that this was actually the most polite way to handle your enemy without getting innocent people involved? That would have been Emma?s job. She should have taught him that. But she had been so busy attempting to make up for past mistakes with her training of Generation X, she had wanted them to live to at least have their first binge drinking experience. She then turned to see what sort of reaction she?d have to use against Sebastian, as he was not known for turning the other cheek.


The words rang through her ears as if they were piercing into her brain. She turned quickly on heels and saw the light shining through the door. She looked to Kurt, asking him to teleport the volatile youth from the scene was a solution. She then looked to Kitty. She could slip in and out, but either of these scenarios would bring about a sort of incident that all here had wanted to avoid. Richard had taken refuge behind some of the crates. She then looked to Shaw and took a deep breath as she really couldn?t believe what she was about to ask of this man. But then again, if it benefited him, Shaw was always willing to lending a ?helping? hand. But she was hoping it would not come to this. She was of course the White Queen. And it took but a slight twist of their minds to make the uniforms stop what they were doing, seeming to stop in their tracks, standing as still as statues as were the rest of the crowd that hovered outside the building.

Without breaking her hold on the officers and accompanying crowd Emma spoke into the mind of her youngest charge. ~Come inside, Sy.~ Unlike earlier, the boy?s mind was much more at ease though there was indeed the red glaring light of Shaw. Every thought and instinct the boy had was focused on harming this man for things he had said about the school and of Xavier himself. She walked to him and looked out over the crowd. Everyone was under her control now. This included the blue skinned man who had assaulted them earlier. She desperately wanted to force this group to do some embarrassing dance on the security camera, but she resisted that urge. Placing a hand on Richard?s shoulder as he emerged to witness the vastness of her power, she turned to him with a smile with a favor on her lips. inside.

?Richard, do look after Syaoran for me.?

The ever dutiful Richard gave Emma the nod of accepting his new job and walked to the young Shi?ar and began to help the young lad up. ?That a boy. Everything?ll be fine, just a slip up I?m sure.? He gave Syaoran a warm smile as he addressed the physical outburst of the child. He then looked around the both of them and marveled at the people around them, mutants and humans. They were like statues but he distinctly heard the officer next to them breathing. And the radio was still going. He wondered what would happen if these men didn?t answer in within a set time limit. Well Emma would of thought of it of course, she was a smart woman after all.

03-12-2010, 08:51 PM
"I've more than graduated by now Shaw," Kitty said pridefully, "it's a shame that with such a great appreciations for the arts that you can't even tell when a grown woman is standing in front of you." Kitty hoped that the insult stung a bit and, if only to rub salt in an open wound. "Though, judging by how well you relate to Emma, I'm not sure you'd know what to do with a woman even if you could find one."

Of course Kitty was sure that Shaw had his fair share of... "romantic" conquests, but that didn't stop Kitty from insulting him. Were he still around, Kitty knew that the Professor probably wouldn't have approved of her insult but still, she wouldn't tolerate anyone who spat on Professor X's name. But even more frustrating is that they were wasting time with an oaf like Shaw when there was a crowd outside just itching to get at the X-Men.

The air was cut by the voice of a male NYPD officer yelling, "Officer down!" into his shoulder radio. Over the past few minutes the police must have been notified and reported to the area and, as it always was in Mutant Town, they seemed to have shown up in force. There were 5 officers, 6 if you couldn't the downed one, and they all seemed to be rather upset at the moment.

Kitty was naturally happy when she suddenly noticed that Emma seemed to have subdued the crowd standing at the doorway. They were motionless, like living statues, and while Emma was talented Kitty didn't doubt that even Emma could only control a mob this size for a limited time. Knowing that when Emma's control was released that chaos would quickly ensue, Kitty slunk over towards the door, keeping her eyes on Shaw the whole way.

Sliding out the doorway Kitty quickly walked over to the officers, knelt down, and checked the injured policeman. He was breathing, and that was enough, but he didn't seem to have been seriously injured by the door that had whammed into him. He was bruised, naturally, but aside from a serve concussion and a number of bruises on his face, chest, and arms the man seemed like he was alright.

With his safety assured Kitty drew his gun from its holster. It was a Beretta 9mm, a nice balanced weapon that was meant for only one end. Quickly Kitty hit the released, popped the receiver forward, pulled out the barrel, and removed the firing pin. With that gun field stripped Kitty quickly did the same thing to the 5 other officer's weapons. It wasn't exactly the friendliest thing to do but it would help to keep the X-Men from getting shot when Emma withdrew her influence.

All this had taken about 2 minutes and, since she had removed her attention from the room, Kitty turned back around and looked up to see what greeted her.

03-16-2010, 03:34 AM
As Shaw droned on, Kurt found himself growing more and more agitated by the second. The Black king actually had the audacity to insult not only they're home, but their mentor----the man who had saved Kurt from a brutal death at the hands of an mob all those years ago. The fact that Shaw was actually enjoying himself only made it all the more aggravating.

Kurt usually had a very good control over his emotions, at the moment however he found his eyes narrowing into a glare and his tail lashing in a manner similar to that of an angry cat's. ?Does this man ever stop talking?? He wondered as he glanced towards Emma, who he guessed was taking this the hardest.

But then came the flying door that proved she wasn't taking it nearly as hard as Syaoran----

After dodging to avoid the Shi'ar-powered projectile, Kurt took Emma's suggestion and quickly teleported outside, placing himself between Sy' and the officer---whom he now noticed was frozen in place. Realizing that this was Emma's doing, Kurt turned his attention to Syaoran, considering they weren't in any danger for the moment.

?Syaoran, you can't let your anger get the best of you like that.? Kurt admonished as he looked down at the young boy. His voice wasn't angry, but there was a clear amount of disapproval in his tone. ?Anger is no excuse for recklessness. You need to learn how to better control your actions, before you seriously hurt someone.?

Kurt wasn't very well known for his strictness, so as he finished his lecture, Kurt gave Syaoran a small smile, trying to end things on a lighter note. ?Besides, getting mad is Wolverine's job, and he's definitely got it covered.? Even when he wasn't there, Kurt couldn't resist poking fun at his old friend. He was after all, one of the very few people that were able to get away with it without getting clawed, or worse.

Unfortunately the lightheartedness of the situation quickly died away, as the sound of approaching police sirens could be heard off in the distance. The sound could only mean one thing---- backup was coming. As the sound reached Kurt's pointed-ears, he quickly turned to Emma and said ?---I believe that is our cue to leave.? It didn't matter whether they ran, phased, or teleported, they just needed to get out before whatever police reinforcements arrived, and made things worse.

Sebastian Shaw
03-23-2010, 06:53 PM
If the reactions of the X-Men before him were any indication, Sebastian Shaw had struck a chord. He could tell he had played the harp strings of the group standing opposite of him, which is exactly what he’d intended. This really wasn’t the place for a physical altercation; though Shaw liked his chances against damn near any opponent, he was smart enough to know when he was outnumbered. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t plunge some metaphorical daggers into the backs of his opposition.

Kitty Pryde was the first to respond. “I've more than graduated by now Shaw. It's a shame that with such a great appreciations for the arts that you can't even tell when a grown woman is standing in front of you. Though, judging by how well you relate to Emma, I'm not sure you'd know what to do with a woman even if you could find one.”

Shaw couldn’t help but smirked. There was something admirable about how the girl could speak so confidently towards someone exponentially her better, but of course he retort lacked in even the simplest form of sophistication. Shaw couldn’t say he was surprised. Unlike the Hellfire Club, the X-Men set little if any standard as to the membership they were willing to allow. Such an open door policy meant that the great minds that roamed the hallways of Xavier’s pretentious little school were watered down by… well, by characters like the infamous Wolverine. It’s no wonder that Kitty responded as she did; she probably hadn’t been taught any better.

Emma, standing in front of her prot?g?, also seemed to take issue with Shaw’s comments. “Charles was but a figure head and a good will ambassador; I’ve been running the school since my return to New York.” An interesting development, to say the least. Frankly, it was hard to imagine Charles Xavier, who spent the better part of his life training his own students to fulfill his dream, entrusting his life’s work to Emma Frost, who on more than a few occasions opposed Xavier and his X-Men to the point of trying to kill them. Emma’s past experience running the Massachusetts Academy was surely a plus on the headmistress r?sum?, but attempting to destroy the school you’re trying to manage would probably be counted as a minus. For all Shaw knew, Emma could be telling the truth. But he had every reason to doubt her word as well, and unlike Frost, Sebastian was not blessed with the gift of telepathy so he could discern the truth.

But perhaps the person most enraged by Shaw’s comments was the small Syaoran, who at present was holding a large door at bay from something on the other side. Shaw’s comments about Emma’s school and Professor Xavier had brought something out of the little guy, causing him to heave the door over his feathered head and shot-put it directly in Sebastian’s direction. In doing so, Syaoran eliminated the barrier between the group in the warehouse and those charging towards them from the outside alley.

The oncoming door was of little concern to Sebastian Shaw. As the steel barrier made contact with Shaw’s puffed out chest, Sebastian’s mutant power took over, instantly sapping all the kinetic energy from the door and transferring the energy to Shaw’s own power supply, effectively charging his own powerful battery. Though he effectively rendered the door a non-threat, its weight caused him to take a step or so backwards while the door itself fell harmlessly to the ground. Shaw adjusted his dress shirt and brushed himself off, feeling the power flowing through his veins, ready to burst in their own expulsion of energy at a moment’s notice.

Noticing that Emma was telepathically controlling the mob, Shaw took a few steps towards his former colleague, approaching her from behind since her attention was now focused on the doorway she’d entered through. “Now what do you think would happen if those police officers broke free from your spell?” Shaw whispered in Emma’s ear. As he spoke, he gave Frost a firm slap on the backside, which thanks to the energy absorbed from the door, would have been hard enough to send her stumbling forward and, hopefully, break her control on the crowd.

If his insertion into the chaos had been successful, and the officers and other mob members were now free-thinking again, Shaw quickly moved back to his own staircase, feigning fright as he pointed at the X-Men he’d just been consorting with. “These mutants are dangerous! They’ve threatened my life! Quickly, apprehend them!” As he ascended the staircase to make his own exit, Shaw looked back at Emma and subtly flashed her a small wink, knowing he’d thrown a giant wrench into their situation.

04-02-2010, 12:51 AM
?Agreed.? Emma was growing increasingly annoyed with the way the situation was progressing. She had intended to have a quiet day away from the institute. Sy and Kurt had intended to visit the museum and grab some food. There was nothing complicated about either situation. But being who they were, often contradicted the plans of relaxation they often conjured into their heads.Emma stood there a bit bored with the scene as everyone stood as still as a statue. But this was for the best. They could make their escape and then everyone here would remain relatively unharmed. At least that was the plan forming in her head.

While Richard was knelt down with Syaoran, he made sure the young man stood up on his own. While he had limited contact with Emma?s students, he understood that they were all capable of extraordinary feats. And when he looked up, he had to admit his was quite impressed by Ms. Frost?s abilities. He pat Syaoran on his back and smiled at the living statues that surround them. He was tempted to something absolutely childish to them, but a man of Richard?s age shouldn?t be having such thoughts. Then they were joined by then young gentlemen that Ms. Frost referred to as ?Kurt?. He was blue and looked like something that went bump in the night, but he seemed much nicer than the horror movies of his youth. ?I believe we?ve been attempting to answer such a cue since the day began.?

Emma hadn?t expected what came next. Shaw had approached her, after giving Kitty a few extra words and just his general chatting away to himself. Speculation and more words. And, then came the hammer, almost literally. Shaw gave what to him was a playful smack, but his true intentions were revealed when she lost her control over the assembled mob.

?These mutants are dangerous! They?ve threatened my life! Quickly, apprehend them!?

?Oh you bloody bastard!?

She turned and glared at Shaw as he drew attention to their existence. He was crying out like a child, which happened to make things much worse at the moment. ONCE MORE, the group had become the absolute center of attention. But this time instead of unknown powered beings glaring, there were police officers pointing guns at them. She was now being pushed more from just bothered and annoyed with the situation to being outright mad. Dangerous? Oh I?ll show you Dangerous, Shaw. She was feeling reckless now, lives were about to be at stake. She could easily push the minds of the weaker ones out of themselves and force them into comas. But that would just be considering she had just given Syaoran light chastising for his outburst against Shaw. She was at that crossroads once more. The one where she either chose the path of the better more kid friendly Emma Frost or where she embraced the White Queen and her pitiless self serving ways.

?Everyone! On the ground now! You?re all under arrest!?

?On the ground!? Do you have any idea how much these pants cost?!?

?I said get on the ground and no more lip or I?ll?!?

~Or you?ll what? Stumble upon your words like an idiot?~

?Shut up! On the ground!?

~She?s on the ground already. What more do you want? Any farther and she?ll sink into the ground. Or is that what you want? Yea, that?ll get you a promotion. No, it?ll be seen as crimes against mutants, and while that may not be inherently illegal, you?ll still have civil rights activists on your behind and there will be an internal inquiry and that would be so hard on your ailing aunt, wouldn?t it?~

?They started this!?

~Did they? You only received a call about a disturbance in mutant town, the suspect could be anyone, or are you going to take the word of the first mutie you see, Georgie? Or what if it was just some innocent humans coming to look at the finer things this community offered. Really, look around you, how many mutants do you see??

?There?s a freakin? devil and a bird brat sittin? in front a me!?

~Two mutants, and three humans, that?s outnumbered by how many others?~

Emma grinned at the man as he now appeared to be arguing with the voices within his head, out loud. The other officers were looking at their partner with confused looks. The blond woman who had complained about her pants getting dirty was quiet as a mouse since the attempted threat, but here Harrison was, arguing with someone. This was mutant town, but they didn?t have dossiers on anyone, it?s not like mutants were registered so you knew their powers. That would come in handy for situations like these.

As one of the officers approached him, Richard stayed on the ground but cast a protective glance towards Syaoran. He and Mr. Kurt had been charged with the young man?s protection, and the guns being pointed at him were not going to help with the young man?s current state of mind. Then the officer closest to them began to ramble on a bit. The officer that was next to them, the one examining the fallen officer, had his pistol in one hand while checking his comrade with the other. ?Young man, I was a medic in the army?If you?ll let me..? He was discreet and the young rookie was responding in kind to him, allowing Richard to take a look while still holding a gun to them all.

04-03-2010, 04:00 AM
Kitty hated moments like this, times when she felt utterly useless. Unlike Emma who could control crowds and manipulate people or Kurt who could disappear and reappear hundred or thousands of feet away, all she could do was walk through walls. It was remarkably frustrating to, all in the same moment, watch Shaw get away and to see her friends surrounded by the police. Apparently the officers whose guns she'd taken apart, had backup far closer than any of them realized, and the count of officers in the room was steadily rising.

With little else to do, and seeing no immediate opportunity for them to escape, Kitty's mind began to race. The only thing, it seemed, these police officers were interested in was catching a mutant and so, either Kitty needed to provide them with a mutant to focus on, or she needed to offer them another distraction altogether.

As the seconds ticked by Kitty developed a plan, a rather stupid one, though it was the best she could come up with, and she slowly started to breath heavier until she was taking in quick loud breaths that echoed throughout the room. Suddenly, she took in a deep breath and wheezed hard and then continued to do so.

Her act quickly made the officers turn towards her as she doubled over and clutched her throat.

"Oh.... oh God... I c... I can't bre....." With little else to do Kitty collapsed onto her knees while still holding her throat and wheezing. Two of the officers rushed over to her while the rest continued to watch. Then Kitty kicked her act up a notch and let out a scream.

"Oh God he's inside my head, the man who ran away, he says that he's going to come back and...." Kitty let the tension go out of her muscles and she hit the floor with a thump before her contorted her muscles again. "Th... these mutants tried to help me and my dad," Kitty shot her eyes over to the unconscious man who Shaw had knocked out, "but when you burst in he lied and ran away." Kitty let out one more loud scream that drew even the crowd's attention.

"Oh God he's going to come back here and kill us all. He's... he's..."

As Kitty wailed she shouted as loud as she could in her mind.


In one last effort to help out her friends Kitty locked eyes with Kurt and yelled.

"Gehen! Schnell!"

It would only be after they left that Kitty would make her own escape either by phasing through the floor or waiting for another opportune moment.

04-05-2010, 08:51 PM
The young Shi'ar's head was spinning. He was frightened, then confused by the rapidly changing series of events. Police snatching him up, guns pointed at him... now everyone was frozen in place, the young woman named Kitty was doing something to the primative weapondry carried by the police, and Mister Kurt was chastising Syaoran. As Richard guided the boy back into the building, the boy unconsciously took the man's hand while staring agape back at the Nightcrawler with such a myriad of emotions that Syaoran had no idea which one to actually feel. Confusion, anger, frightened, embarassment, frustration, weariness...

His stomach was still out of sorts from having been teleported, which made it easy for the juvenile to externalize all his ill feelings as being Kurt's fault. Syaoran would have very much liked to have caved into anger and kicked the blue elf in the shin! He decided that he didn't like Mister Kurt, which was totally unreasonable and - to a degree - Syaoran knew he was being unreasonable. But he was a child. He was supposed to be unreasonable. Reason was something to be dealt with by people whose ages were written using two digits. These beings were known as either villanous teenagers or ancient adults.
The scene turned around again as more police began to arrive and the statues moved, Emma having been propelled forward by a pat on the butt from Shaw. That in itself was confusing. Had Shaw just spanked Emma?

The crowd seemed to be equally confused as well, its attention being drawn first to Emma, then to the police officer that was arguing with himself, and then to the Oscar-worthy stylings of the mutant known as Kitty. For his part, Syaoran was not amused. He was tired of these humans. Tired of their primative ignorance. Tired of their petty concept of race and discrimination. He wasn't going to run from a human. He was better than that. But the trio of distractions had moved the attention of the police away from the young Shi'ar. The child stretched out his hands. The soles of his destroyed sneaker flopped against what few threads still bound it to the leather as he spread his feet apart. And then he drew in a deep breath.

As he did a soft, golden light enveloped his form, expanding outward before collapsing back into the child's body. As the pulse faded, a dark aura began to flicker around Syaoran as his face and hands began to appear completely black. It was an optic illusion, the same as created by the mechanically similar powers of Roberto de Costa, caused by the child's skin absorbing the surrounding light with such ferocity that his flesh appeared to be the very absence of light or color. His clothing was untouched by the luminary effect, though the black light field could be seen glowing through the tears in the sweatshirt. The black lit boy's figure was made that much more pronounced by the stark white eyes that were without iris or pupil. The Shi'ar was amassing a sudden load of biokinetic energy, a fact which he hoped the other X-Men would catch onto so to avoid being caught in the blast he was about to unleash.


Form and substance, as he exhaled Syaoran released not only the breath that he'd held but used the same as a focus for the release of the biokinetic energy he'd harvested from the light that he'd absorbed. More than that, he pushed. Forcing the light from out of his body as he forced the air from his lungs. In the simulated games played out in the Danger Room, Syaoran had manifested bursts with the intensity of a magnesium flare. This outburst was brighter still, more comparable to the sun erupting in the room. Intense color snapped like lightning in rapidly alternating flashes streaming from out of his hands, only the faintest outline of which remained in the column of light he had become, as the luminescent fury washed over the police and the mob. The sheer intensity of the light by its very potency was itself disabling, painful even to sheltered eyes. Painful to Syaoran as well, but not for the same reason.

With the sky overcast and Syaoran having spent a sizeable amount of his time riding in the enclosed public transport mechanism the humans called a 'bus' he simply hadn't absorbed much light. Even with the flourescent lighting on overhead, the illumination wasn't providing a steady enough stream of energy to have supplied the level of demand that the child was applying to his body. The only other time that he'd pushed his mutation this far had been during his battle with Alex Summers over the Fall's Edge military compound. It hurt, as though he was turning himself inside out. He felt his heart racing, his vision blurring, the clothing growing damp against skin chilled by goosebumps even while a sudden fever ran through his body. "Mister 'Crawler, port Mister Richard out of he -- urk!"

The words were cut off as the strong taste of bile hit the back of the boy's tongue, a wave of naseau staggering the young Shi'ar even as it robbed him of breath. The light began to flicker as Syaoran dropped to one knee, his shoulders slumped in obvious physical fatigue, arms trembling as the young warrior fought against the betrayal of his own body. He'd overdone it. He was spent. The light abruptly faded, though its effects would continue to be felt by those exposed to it for some minutes to come, as Syaoran collapsed to the ground. He was winded, finding it difficult to catch his breath as he wrestled to suppress the urge to vomit that had seized his body in an iron grip. His skin was flush and damp, his nose was running, and tears streaked his face from the pain of having pushed out every ounce of energy from his body.

I'm gonna be sick...

Swallowing the bile, Syaoran willed himself back to his feet... every fiber of his alien being crying out in outrage at the prospect of appearing weak. He staggered, but managed to get his feet back under him through sheer force of determination that dipped deeply into the well of anger that was building inside of the child. Anger that he wanted... needed... to get out of his system. Now. Glancing around the room, now occupied by people who were unconscious or dazed from the display, the child casually made his way back out into the alley. Anyone in his way was brushed aside with a complete disdain that harkened to the arrogance the X-Men had first encountered in the Shi'ar. He was the superior race. These primates were lower lifeforms. He wanted to get away from them... All of them. X-Men included. They'd frightened him and Syaoran didn't like that. He was angry... but at what was hard to pin-point.

Angry at the people who had grabbed him in the New York Subway, angry at himself for having been vulnerable, angry at the Brood that had killed his parents, angry at his parents for having died, angry at himself for not being able to stop it, angry at the people who had destroyed the Massachusetts Academy, angry at himself for not being strong enough to stop them, angry at Alex Summers, and then angry at himself for being angry because Jean told him that he shouldn't be. He was angry at the Shi'ar, angry at humanity, angry at the cops, at Mister Kurt...

Coming out of the museum was like a man on fire plunging into a waterfall. The child tilted his head back and drank of the daylight on his face. His hands grabbed hold of the hoodie and pulled it over his head, exposing his now bare arms and upper body to the light as well. The sneakers loose sole was on his nerves as well, prompting Syaoran to kick those off as he discarded the sweater on the ground as he fed on the light like an addict.

The child looked up and down the alley, his eyes tracing the lines of the unfamiliar buildings as he sought a place to escape and seek the solace of sunlight. A fire escape led up to the roof of an adjoining building. Syaoran liked roofs.

As he began walking toward the fire escape, the child passed Emma's car. Inexplicably, because Syaoran himself couldn't have explained why he did it, the boy reached down and grabbed the undercarriage of the car with both hands and flipped the car up. The resistance provided by the car's weight felt good against his muscles. The vehicle slammed against the side of the museum, metal and glass yielding with audible protest before the car fell back on its wheels. A small fist buried itself in metal as Syaoran let loose a scream and punched in one of the doors.

He felt better now. No, wait...

Lunging forward, the child ripped the door free of the car's frame, heaving it over his head before letting it rip through the air with another scream. He'd at least pitched the door in the direction of the alley's dead end, where no one was in the way. The projectile bounced off the red brick with a loud bang, bouncing off and slamming into a number of trash dumpsters with sufficient force to knock them ajar.

Now he felt better.

04-11-2010, 08:43 AM
Kurt wasn't really surprised by Shaw's underhanded actions. In all honesty they should have seen it coming. Shaw was their enemy after all, it was bond to happen. However when armed police officers have loaded guns pointed in your face, you tend to forgets certain things until they come back to bite you. Or in Emma's case slap.

Although her concentration had been broken by aforementioned slap, it seemed as if the blonde telepath had regained some control over the situation. That's if the officer that was talking to himself was anything to go by. This coupled with Kitty's wonderful improve, was more than enough to distract the other officers for the time being. Kurt himself had been slightly alarmed by the young brunette's performance, before realizing it was all just an act.

Kurt knew not to waste Kitty's diversion, and decided to take the girl's advise and Bamf while the Bamfing was good. He quickly turned towards the Syoran and Richard, contemplating on whether or not he should teleport them both at once---only to discover that for some reason his youngest would-be-passenger was now glowing.

Kurt realized a second to late what Sy was about to do, and before he could react a powerful burst of light flooded from the Shi'ar boy and onto the unsuspecting police. Even though Kurt had been behind Syoran when the blast was unleashed, he may as well have been standing directly in-front of it thanks to his enhanced vision. Kurt's eyes had a special tissue called tapeta lucida that absorbed and reflected all visible light directly back into his retna, allowing him to see perfectly in low-light situations. However in situations like their current one, where there was an excessive amount of light, what happened to Kurt's eyes was roughly the equivalent of wearing night vision-goggles in broad daylight.

As the light flooded into his eyes Kurt let out a pained and surprised gasp before quickly shutting them, cringing slightly as that only seemed to make it worse. He couldn't hear very much over the frantic cries of the people outside who were unfortunate enough to get caught in the blast, but Kurt was almost certain he her Syaoran's voice among the confusion. He blinked his eyes open, hoping to see what happened now that the light was gone, only to discover that he couldn't see anything. That is aside from black and gray blurs, which Kurt didn't think counted.

Since his eyes weren't working properly, and it didn't look like they would any time soon, Kurt had to rely on his other senses to figure out what was going on. Though that proved to be quite the easy task, as the sound of something heavy and metal crashed into the side of the museum. There was only one person around at the moment that could make such a noise, and Kurt immediately knew who. He was about to rush out the door and go after the little Shi'ar, when he remembered he couldn't really tell where the door was at the moment. Stifling a frustrated growl, Kurt turned towards the general direction of where he thought Emma and Kitty were.

?----Would whoever can see at the moment please go after Syoran? I'd do it myself, but I seem to be a bit visually impaired at the moment......? he said with a disgruntled sigh.

04-22-2010, 12:19 AM
Distractions. There were plenty of them. Syaoran had begun to throw a temper tantrum, which for a Shi?ar Aerie child happened to be a bit more than slamming himself on the ground and kicking and screaming. Kitty had decided to throw her hat into the ring for over acting of the year. And Kurt was well, he was attempting to call to everyone to help. ~Kurt, I?ll do what I can, but my attentions are elsewhere at the moment~

?Richard, get the officer into the building.? She glared back at Shaw who seemed to be in a particularly haughty mood, stood back and enjoyed the role in this chaos. Oh she would have words with him later, but her current focal point was on the crowd. She concentrated on each mind that surrounded her and had the panic controlled down to a dull but quick walk away from the situation. She was starting to feel the fatigue from using her powers so much. True she may be an alpha level mutant, but she still had her limits, and spreading herself so thin with her powers at the moment, and keeping the peace with a panicking hoard about her.

Richard had carried the young officer into the building with his partner. Of course they were close to the annoyingly large man that tapped his employer?s behind and then released her control over a mob that was intent of having their heads on the metaphorical silver platter. Now he was helping an officer with a head wound and possible concussion. He checked the pulse and then his eyes. He had a concussion. ?You?d better call for an officer down..? Yes he knew what the repercussions of such a thing, but a human being was hurt. Richard watched as Emma waited for him, he figured she was worried, but she was just glaring at the man that was standing near them. He was contemplating the idea of telling the officer that all of this was his fault and that hopefully, that would exonerate his employer and her friends.

~Don?t you even consider the fact, Richard. We?ll get out of this together, it?s what we do.~

Emma of course was feeling like she was needed elsewhere, but she wasn?t about to leave someone she cared for in the presence of Shaw without her protection. Of course, she wasn?t much of a threat to Shaw unless she ripped through his mind. You would think a man that surrounded himself with telepaths would build up a better defense against them. She was feeling the strain on her mind, though. It would take a quick nap to regain her full ability but she needed to help Sy. Her youngest student was well on his way of garnering SHEILD attention once more, and she was certain he didn?t want that.

?Shaw, in the presence of officers, I?d hope you?d behave yourself?.? ~They?ve conviently remembered that they were standing in this room during your assault on the man recovering in the corner~ She gave Sebastian a quick smirk, then walked herself back into the blinding light of Syaoran?s temper tantrum. She attempted to reach his mind but it was a big white wall, she took a deep breath and attempted the next best thing. She reached out to his wristband. It was sentient and she could communicate with it.

~Sy, this is Emma, come down right now!~ She wasn?t about to ask nicely, she was extremely ticked off but she was doing her best not to go off into a rage.

05-02-2010, 01:15 AM
Sy's outburst threw a whole new wrench into things and, seeing that acting would never help now, Kitty grabbed the legs of the two officers closest to her and went intangible, dragging them both down through the floor. Kitty had no real idea of what was underneath them but as they passed through the floor Kitty saw that they entered an old kitchen. Maybe this building had once been a hotel or something like that. Kitty became tangible again just in time for one of the policemen to slam onto a dusty, but otherwise empty, table and go silent. The other hit the floor with Kitty but after a second was quickly back on his feet.

"F$&%ING MUTANT!" The officer drew his pistol and leveled it at Kitty but, using her powers, Kitty snatched it out of his hands and embedded it into the table next to her. His pistol gone, the officer pulled out his nightstick but Shadowcat stole it away just like she did with his pistol. His weapons gone, the officer began punching and swinging like a madman but here Kitty gave him no satisfaction. She didn't even use her powers against him, instead she chose to bob, weave, and lean in order to dodge his wild blows until she grew tired of his efforts and delivered a solid jab to his solar-plexus and followed it up with a hook to his temple which knocked him out cold.

Satisfied that her work was done, Shadowcat became intangible again and air stepped her way up through the ceiling and out into the alley. She did this just in time for a car door to fly through her transparent body and slam around the alley. From the building Kitty heard Kurt yelling that someone had to get Sy who, apparently, had thrown what was more than a little fit.

With Sy walking away, Shadowcat ran after him, glad that the crowd had mostly dispersed. As she caught up with Sy she grabbed him and phased down through the alley and back into the underbelly of Mutant Town. In her short run Kitty had covered only about thirty feet but as she and Sy fell through the ground she saw that she'd phased them into the sewer system, and was thankful for the fact that this sewer carried fresh water through the city as opposed to human waste.

As she re-solidified and splashed down into the water Kitty reached out for Sy to try and reason with him.

"Sy are you crazy? We have to get out of here now, if not SHIELD is going to show up." Kitty took a second to think, wondering if Sy's unwarranted use of his powers had already attracted their attention. "Come on, Kurt will have to bampf Emma and her friend out of there on his own, for now we have to run."

05-06-2010, 03:35 AM
The young Shi'ar wasn't certain just what was happening. He'd heard the sound of someone running up behind him but, by the time he'd glanced back, he found himself both out of breath and falling. Not like tripping and falling, this was more like slowly drifting from out of the air. Like a feather tumbling along on an air currents. Curiouser and curiouser still, he was falling into the street itself. Passing through the asphalt, earth, and concrete before arriving in a tunnel underneath the city. It was then that he stopped falling, feeling himself released by whatever ghost had pulled him down into the underground. The child gasped as he found himself able to breathe again, collapsing onto the tunnel floor as he landed off-balance.

And off-balance was only the start of where things looked bad. The tunnel was dark. And Syaoran was out of his biokinetic solar power. The opposite of Kurt Wagner, Syaoran's eyes were attuned to being able to see in bright light. In the dim tunnel, conditions might as well have been pitch black for how well the young Shi'ar could see. And the boy was afraid of the dark. A panic ran through the child before he'd even managed to catch his breath.

"Sy are you crazy? We have to get out of here now, if not SHIELD is going to show up."

The voice. It was the teenager that Kurt called Kitty. Had she dragged him down here then? He'd seen her use her power like a ghost, so he supposed that it made sense... Speaking of making sense, none of what she'd said had been more than jumble of words, a fact which was confirmed when Syaoran realized that there weren't any lights blinking on his wrist database. Apparently her power affected computers when she did her ghost thing.

It was reassuring to have Kitty reach out to him, Syaoran grabbing hold of the older girl's hand out of fear at otherwise being alone in the dark. "I don't care," the child stated flatly, though in a quivering voice, at the statement about SHIELD. Syaoran knew all about SHIELD, or at least thought he did. SHIELD certainly knew all about Syaoran. His mutant registration card was government issued by X-Factor itself, laying now somewhere in his room within the Xavier Estate.

"I... I don't like it here," Syaoran added after a minute pause, swallowing as he inched closer against Kitty. He would have given anything to have Cyclops, Jean Grey, Synch, or even Jubilee burst in to rescue him just now. "I want to go home." There were no two ways around it, Syaoran was whining now. But he really did want to go home. And he was even more desperate to get out of this tunnel. He just wasn't an indoor kid. He needed sunlight.

"Come on, Kurt will have to bampf Emma and her friend out of there on his own, for now we have to run."

As Kitty began moving down the tunnel, Syaoran found himself stumbling along while struggling to keep up. It was a reversal from the norm, being that the child's physical abilities allowed him to keep pace with Olympic-level athletes with little more than what was a light jog for him... but that was when he could see where he was going. "Wait! I can't see too good here," Syaoran complained, still holding fast to Kitty's hand.

05-10-2010, 08:20 AM
As Kurt was finding out first hand, being blind was incredibly inconvenient---however at the very least his spatial awareness kept him from bumping into anything. ?Not that it helps much at the moment....? he thought, almost ruefully. It was a strange feeling to be honest; not being able to see anything, yet somehow being able to vaguely know and almost feel where he was, and where the things around him were. By now his vision has cleared up quite a bit, however everything was still gray for the most part, and he couldn't see anything more than a few feet away.

He blinked a few times to focus his eyes before glancing over at Emma. Judging by the way she was standing, and the frustrated, somewhat worried look on her face, he could tell she hadn't had any luck reaching Syaoran.

Kurt frowned slightly, he had enough trust in Kitty to know that she could handle the boy by herself, but he still couldn't help but worry. Deciding to check himself, he walked over towards the door that led outside--being careful not to step on anyone who laid on the ground--and took a quick look around the alleyway. There wasn't a trace of either Kitty or Syaoran anywhere.

Putting two and two together, he realized that Kitty had most likely done what she did best, and phased Syaoran and herself somewhere else. ?I should have guessed....? he thought, before turning back around to face Emma and Richard. ?It seems as if Kitty and Syoran have gone underground.? he smiled slightly despite himself, as he walked back over to his companions. ?Seeing as there is no longer a need for us to stay here, I suggest we take our leave.? he thought for a moment as to where exactly they were going to leave to, before an idea came to mind. He was sure that by now everyone was tired of using him as their prime motive of transportation for the day, so what better place to go to than to an alternative? Without waiting for a reply, he placed one hand on Richards shoulder, and the other on Emma's, before looking back to Richard with an apologetic smile ?I'm sorry Herr Richard but you may want to brace yourself, this will not be a very pleasant experience.? A moment after the words left his mouth, the trio disappeared, leaving nothing behind but the sound of rushing air, and a cloud of black and purple smoke.

-----And a mere second later, they reappeared behind the local bus station in the same exact fashion...... only this time they were about 4 inches off the ground. Kurt had landed easily enough, although once he touched the ground he was forced to drop onto all fours as the stress finally caught up with him. He took in a shaky breath and shut his eyes, trying to calm his stomach and hopefully keep his lunch down, as he fought off the rush of nausea that overcame him. This would have been much easier to accomplish if he didn't feel like he'd just been punched in the stomach.

Once the world had stopped spinning so much, and when he finally managed to catch his breath, he pulled himself off the ground and into a crouch---which was really the best he could do at the moment. He winced slightly as the upward movement gave him a slight head-rush, then quickly placed a hand on his head in attempt to fight off the headache that was sure to follow. ?Ach, that did not go as smoothly as I had hoped....?

05-12-2010, 06:32 PM
She and Richard had been plucked from the museum docks and then once again, forced through the tiniest pinhole that existed in the fabric of space and time and transported to of all places, a bus station. And four inches off the ground in a bus station. That was not the best thing because Emma was reeling from the transport and had she been in possession of her excellent balance she wouldn?t have fallen forward, scraping her tender delicate palms and ruining the tweed pants in the process. Of course while all this was occurring, she had to fight the urge to produce what might very well be the entire half of a grape fruit she had eaten for breakfast all those hours earlier.

Richard, not ever having gone through that before, had simultaneously fallen forward on his shoulder from the loss of gravity and balance, and throw up his morning bagel as he lay on his side. He didn?t even want to open his eyes for fear that Mr. Wagner and Ms. Frost had done this so many times that they had both landed on their feet and were looking down at him as if he were the first person ever have a reaction like this. But he did roll himself onto his stomach, having the feeling of a very old turtle as he did so. ?Oh?urk??

?Don?t?move?Richard?? Emma?s breathing was hard as she was attempting to keep her composure, well what she had of it. She sat up on her knees and examined herself, with what little eyesight she had regained. Her vision was blurring but shapes, colors and other distinctions were coming into view. She saw Kurt standing, or rather hunching, next to her as he was recovering as well. She then looked over to Richard. If she could reach out to help him up she would have but right now, staying still and not moving too much was at the top of her to do list. ?We?ll?all?..meet up and then make our way home?? Speaking a complete sentence seemed like a major bother and task at the moment but they needed a plan to get home and no one else was coughing them up?so to speak. Plus, some of them needed bandages?and new pants.

05-20-2010, 04:04 AM
Kitty couldn't help but feel bad for Sy. Kneeling down in front of him she gave him a heartfelt hug and then pulled back, her hands coming to rest on his shoulders.

"It's alright, we all want to go home at one point or another." Kitty struggled to think of something comforting to say. "What will set you apart from everyone else isn't your powers Sy, it will be your resolve and commitment." Kitty smiled gently. "But for now, we can at least go back to the mansion"

Taking Sy by the hand again Kitty air walked them up and out of the underground. As they came up Kitty poked just her eyes out from the concrete, checking to see if anyone else was around. Fortunately no one else was around and Kitty finished phasing them through the ground and into a small store that had looked like it had only recently vacated, probably when the world outside the store turned upside down not too long ago.

Kitty looked around once more and, satisfied that no one was in the store, turned to Sy.

"You wouldn't happen to be psychic would you? I have no way of communicating with Emma or Kurt right now and we need to hustle to get out of here, especially with you not being in disguise." Kitty looked around and was somewhat relieved to notice that there was a modest selection of clothing that looked like it might be in Sy's size. "Well, we don't have time to get your into style but we can at least do something about your shredded clothing." Turning around Kitty snagged a baseball cap and plopped it down on Sy's head.

"That's a start."

05-28-2010, 12:23 AM
If there was one thing in the universe that Syaoran had learned to appreciate, it was hugs. It had not not always been the case, in fact until he'd been orphaned on Earth the boy had maintained a rather opposite attitude. He used to hate it when his mother would hug him, finding such emotional displays embarrassing - especially in front of his friends. But then suddenly his mother had been gone. And, for a time afterward, there hadn't been any more hugs. There were now. And that was but one of the reasons why Syaoran made sure that he hugged Scott and Jean every day, because he feared the day when the hugs would stop again.

The boy listened to Kitty's words, but he didn't understand them. Whatever her meaning, and she seemed like a gentle enough human, it wasn't something that he comprehended all that well. But the gesture did have the benefit of affording him assurance enough to relax despite his fears of being in the dark.

"But for now, we can at least go back to the mansion."

The comment caught the boy's attention only because it seemed to draw a distinction between 'home' and the Xavier estate that didn't exist in Syaoran's mind. "The mansion is my home," the child stated, falling into step with the teenager as she took his hand again. As he did, the boy began babbling on along the topic, a trait common when he was tired. "Well, it is now I guess. I used to live at this other mansion and school. It was called the Massachusetts's Academy, but some giant robot things came and burned it down. But then, then I lived in Alaska with Scott... that's Cyclops... and I got adopted by him and Jean."

Giving a yawn, the young Shi'ar rubbed at one eye as he thought for a moment about the fact that he didn't really know much about the human families of the people in the X-Mansion. He knew that Scott's father was Corsair and his brother was Havok - whom Syaoran still thought was a bad guy - but he had never thought of any of the X-Men living anywhere except the Xavier estate. "Do you have a home somewhere else on your planet?" It was probably an odd question. It seemed very few humans ever left their homeworld. Which was just plain weird if you were ask Syaoran.

The conversation was temporarily stalled by the girl phasing them back into the air and back to the surface above, an experience which Syaoran was able to better appreciate now that he was better prepared for the sensation of holding his breath while walking through solid rock. It was a very cool mutation. He imagined that, were he to have that ability, he could use it to escape having to take a bath. Or even to slip out of his bedroom and watch cartoons at night.

Or, better yet, phase a water balloon through a ceiling onto Mister Bobby's head!

"You wouldn't happen to be psychic would you?"

The absurdity of the question immediately drew a litany of juvenile giggling from the boy. This teenager was very fun. For a girl, that is. "No. My mom is though. Phoenix, that is." Syaoran informed Kitty with the same silly tone, yawning a second time as he squinted and rubbed his eye with his free hand as the pair solidified in the store. The question brought to mind just how many telepaths that the boy realized he knew. "Mom is. Miss Emma is. Miss Betsy is... Monet is, but she has like every power,... Is psionic mutation common among humans?"

While Kitty looked around the store, the sleepy Shi'ar continued rambling in what seemed almost like a daze. Were there a place for him to curl up, he'd likely pass out immediately. "My real mom, she... she, like, had light powers like I do," the child murmured, right before a ball cap landed on his head.

"That's a start."

The grade schooler's face scrunched up into a pouty expression, the boy plucking the hat from off his head and examining it out at arm's length. "I don't like these things. They crunch my feathers down. And they shade my face from absorbing light," the child complained, continuing to play with the hat in his hands.

Finally, Syaoran hopped off the floor so that he could plop the cap on Kitty's head. Landing back, the small Shi'ar looked up at the now hatted teenager and just blinked twice. Then he broke out into a full belt of childish laughter.

He was very, very tired. And humans looked really funny.

Human girls more so.

06-01-2010, 09:08 PM
After a few moments of deep breathing, Kurt finally managed to collect himself once again. As the smoke around them began to clear, he looked to his two passengers. While he was used to the unfortunate side effects of teleporting, Emma and Richard were not, so they were more than likely having a harder time coping.

And sure enough, they were. Emma had sunken to her knees, while Richard had fallen flat on the ground. Kurt's brow furrowed slightly with worry once he saw the state they were in, and he couldn't help but feel a bit guilty considering he was the reason they were in such a bad shape. While his teleportation was convenient, it defiantly wasn't the most comfortable form of locomotion, especially to those who had never been through it before.

He glanced briefly at Emma to make sure she wasn't about to fall over, before tending to Richard, who was by far in worse condition. He placed a hand on the elderly man's shoulder to hopefully help him up into a sitting position, before speaking ?I vould like to apologize once again for the rough landing......believe me it gets easier the second time around.? he said gently.

He didn't mention that the reason for the rough landing was because he couldn't remember the exact location of the bus-station floor, and it was much more preferable to reappear a few inches above the ground, than a few inches below it. ?Better safe than sorry? as the expression goes. The only thing that would be gained by telling them that would be stress---and they really didn't need anymore than they already had.

?We?ll?all?..meet up and then make our way home??

Kurt nodded at this, given everything that happened, going home seemed like a favorable idea. ?Ja, that is probably for the best.? he said, making sure Richard was steady before looking to Emma.

?I should probably go outside so they can know where we are, after all I'm the easiest of us to spot in a crowd.? he said with a slight smile. If there was one thing the fuzzy-blue German could be counted on for, it was making light of a bad situation.