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Wade Wilson
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Codename: Deadpool
Real Name: Wade Wilson
Alias/Nick: Wade Wilson, The Merc with a Mouth,Wade T. Wilson,Beta Ray Wade, Chiyonosake,Takehiko Adachi, Mithras, Thom Cruz, Johnny Silvini, Corpus, Rhodes, Buchanan, Neket, Jack, Hobgoblin, Denny, Dead Man Wade, Deathpool, The Regeneratin' Degenerate, The Crimson Comedian, Weapon XI, 'Pool, Hombre Muerte, Thorpool, The Crimson Nutcase, El Mercenario Bocazas, Deadpoo',
Age: 34, maybe, different body parts are different ages?

Height: 6? 2?
Weight: 200-210lbs [depends on how many chimichangas he?s eaten]
Hair Color: Bald!, used to be blond before cancer, as Thom Cruz it was brown
Eye Color: Brown

Place of Birth: Canada, or The United States?somewhere in North America, just not Mexico?though that would explain a lot
Relatives: mom, dad, ex wife [maybe]
Group Affiliation: Merc with a mouth [picture that written in crayon]

X-Factor: Deadpool has been artificially endowed with a superhuman regenerative healing factor by the Weapon X program that is at times shown to be superior to that of Wolverine's or Sabretooth's. At the time of the gene therapy, Deadpool was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The scientists at Weapon X injected him with a specially engineered serum derived from Wolverine. The serum was calibrated to not only provide him with Wolverine's healing factor but to also account for the presence of the cancer cells in his body. The serum was programmed to produce replacement cells for what the cancer was killing off. As a result, this left his body in a constant state of flux and regeneration. Because of this, Deadpool's healing factor evolved to a point where it made him virtually unable to be killed. Removal of his powers would cause him to have a cancer relapse, as he himself is aware. As a by-product of his healing factor, he possesses enhanced strength, agility, and reflexes.

The healing factor enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. He can regenerate whole organs and even severed limbs. In at least one instance, Deadpool, after breaking nearly every bone in his body, strapped himself to a rack so his bones set properly. He has survived being decapitated, though his head did not regenerate; it was simply placed back in its proper place and allowed to heal/regenerate.

Deadpool can also come back from the dead, as a direct result of his healing ability. The reason for this is unknown. This has the apparent effect of slowly making Deadpool more insane every time he dies, to the point of becoming sociopathic, hallucinations, and multiple personality disorder.

Deadpool's brain cells are similarly affected, rendering him immune to psychics such as Professor X and Emma Frost. This constant flux may or may not be what causes his irreverent banter and ADD-type personality. His more recognizable demeanor established itself from the moment his healing factor began working at the Hospice. He is completely unpredictable, which has even extended itself to his physical coordination when he so desires. After checking Weapon X's files, Cable stated that Deadpool's cognitive functions would never be normal as long as the regeneration was in his system, and later used the last vestiges of his telepathic ability to correct the damaged areas of the latter?s brain. This allowed greater access to long and short-term memories, but Deadpool's behavior remained completely unchanged.

Skills/Weapons/Other: Deadpool is a superb assassin and mercenary, and an expert in multiple forms of armed and unarmed combat. He favors using bladed and martial arts weapons to meet opponents in single combat, but will just shoot them if he has a bad day or is in a hurry. His trademark weapons seem to be his twin katanas that he wears on his back when not in use, and his dual-wielded pistols. On occasion, Deadpool comically produces previously unseen weapons from thin air.

Weaknesses:: As mentioned above, Deadpool?s face has taken a toll due to the healing factor?s implementation. He is also mouthy in battle and in general, which can harm or help him in certain situations. He?s certifiably ADHD and can be easily distracted. Deadpool has also become officially insane, and his long-term memory was affected. Parts of this memory, like Wolverine's, is shrouded in mystery off and on, partially due to the procedure and sometimes due to traumatic events in his history His cancer is still alive as well, working in conjunction with his healing factor which multiplies cells at an abnormal rate, even for a healing factor, causing the complete lack of control.

Wade has a psychotic fear of clowns. If he sees one, he?ll go into a killing rage until every clown within a ten mile radius has been physically altered by his raging katanas.

Bea Arthur is the subject of his many delusions. Upon seeing her however he would probably be paralyzed in fear of catching her ire. Words that have odd sounds can be used against Wade as he has the oddest tendency to obsess over that word for long periods of time.

Wade?s healing factor can be dramatically slowed if Carbonadium is implanted inside of him, such as swallowing something made of Carbonadium or being wounded by a bullet composed of it. It causes his healing factor to be reduced to a slow crawl, at least in comparison to its normal speed, but doesn't fully suppress it. One would think that his cancer would then take the opportunity to attack his body.

Physical Description: At six feet, two inches, Wade isn't the tallest among the mercenaries of the world but he is often the most feared. The black and red uniform is his calling card. Just a glimpse of the mask could make a person wet themselves. He?s well muscled and he has excellent control of his body because of his intense lifestyle. However, once a piece of that uniform comes off, you can see the damage that the enhanced healing cancer has done to him. His body is scared from head to toe. He's bald now, no hair on his body, no eyebrows even, but he uses this to his advantage on Halloween. You've never seen a Freddy Kruger costume as awesome as his.

Off duty, depending on his mood, Wade goes out into the great wide world without his mask on, but always in a trench coat covering whatever else he decided to wear. Once he's gone to a bar in ducky boxers, house slippers and a trench coat. Though, he is never without some sort of weapon, which the trench coat often conceals. So you could say his swords most of all are an extension of his physical self, and if you said that to him, you'd become sushi.

First and foremost, Wade has the most outrageous personality, one moment he?ll be complacently sitting in chair, cleaning his gun while watching an episode of Maude, and then the next moment he?ll be hanging, literally, out the window screaming at a shoe that it owes him money. He?s difficult to pin down but it?s a bit of an asset as it keeps everyone around him guessing and absolutely terrified of his next mood swing.

He has a penchant for being the bad guy, but being a merc, what other way is there to go? Sometimes, only sometimes, he wants to be good. He wants the adoration, he wants the love, and he wants the women. But most of all he wants to recognition. And that?s why he does most things. He loves attention! Money=Attention. Fear=Attention! So on and so forth! Picture Wade in a diaper crying for attention, not only will you be disturbed, but you?ll get the idea.

Wade's life before he Weapon-X program is shrouded in mystery. Not a lot is known as far as details, but we do know he had a militant and abusive father and a mother who died of cancer when Wade was young. He was a trouble maker in his teens, and a friend of his ended up killing his father during one of his father's abusive waves.

Wade's adult life was filled with travel and assassinations, which was his trade. It started innocent with Wade only taking the jobs where he felt the victim deserved it, but over time his interests weren't as important. When he found out he had cancer he left his wife to numb her pain of his impending doom. He was later offered the chance of a second chance through Weapon-X, who claimed to be able to cure the cancer.

Weapon-X tried to cure Wade's cancer by infusing him with Wolverine's healing ability, but the procedure initially failed and caused intense scarring in his face and only caused the cancer to stop intensifying. He was sent to a Hospice after accidentally killing one of his team mates, Slayback, in the field. The Hospice was supposed to treat failed super human operatives, but it operated outside the Canadian government's knowledge as an experimental facility. The patients placed bets in a "deadpool" on how long they'd live.

Here Wade engaged in a "semi-romantic" relationship with the entity Death (which would trigger Thanos, another entity, to place a curse on him later in his life so that him and Death could not be truly together) . When a friend of Wade's was brutally maimed in an experiment Death convinced Wade to kill him to ease his suffering, however this called for execution in the Hospice. Wade's heart was torn out and he was left for dead, but this triggered his healing factor and he re-grew his heart and took revenge while saving the other patients from their hell. He then took up the name Deadpool.

His experiences with the Hospice and Weapon-X have left an emotional toll on Deadpool. He wasn't exactly the most amazing person to be around prior to the experiences, but his emotional state deteriorated rapidly after these events and eventually led him to his insanity.

Following these events Deadpool was employed by countless crime lords, organizations, and even the X-Men and X-Force and was deployed all over the world to accomplish his tasks. He holds within himself, however, a hope of bettering himself. Though he fails at this most of the time, he has many times made it at least for a short time in the world of the good.

Another noteworthy portion of his past was the meeting of a Vanessa Carlyle (Copycat). He was romantically involved with her prior to his dealings with Weapon-X, however her affiliations would pit them against each other much of the time. He stalks her from a distance and holds hopes of a possible future with her.

Deadpool was recently hired to assist and protect Magneto on forage through Washington DC, where they successfully destroyed much of the city. Things went sour, however, not from the X-Men's intervention but Apocalypse's. Deadpool had seen the massive bomb drop from the ship and had hit his teleporter, which crapped out at that very moment. In a sudden panic mixed with a strange insanity that swept through his body he ran towards the bomb. He wasn't sure why, maybe he thought he'd get there and disarm it or maybe he just thought it'd be prettier up close, but he was right at it when it went off. The burning wave of power, force, and energy hit him and sent him flying, carrying him as if it were solid. He was expelled from the blast radius with great force, landed far from the edge of the affected area, and sustained injuries that were beyond anything any other leaving being could endure, except for maybe Wolvie. Deadpool was unconscious, but his body was fast at work rebuilding itself, relying itself for Deadpool's next big adventure.

Later, Wade was brought in at the behest of Dr. Valerie Cooper, and at the fear and loathing of everyone in Las Vegas, on Operation ?Clean Sweep? in Genosha. In this particular mission, he was recruited in order to help bring in and filter any of the way ward brats and retrieve information with his ex/actual girlfriend, Copycat.

Player Name: Naomi
Contact Information: AIM: Sharkir, email: naomi.randolph@gmail.com (naomi.randolph@gmail.com)

Wade shuffled through the garbage that laid on the warehouse floor. ?WEASEL!? His voice shouted the name, but no answer came. ?WEASEL!? He brushed the empty and not so empty pizza boxes off to the side and looked under the poor abused couch.

?Where are ya little buddy? Poolie?s got a nice new laptop for you.? You?re lying. Shut up, he never tells the truth! ?Both of you shut up! And I do too..? Deadpool listened quietly and heard a noise. He reached out with his cat like reflexes, which were rather clumsy and he knocked the couch over with a loud thud and grabbed?a roach that was now squished and nothing but a head and gross guts in his hand. He stared at it a minute.
I really hope Weasel didn?t develop the mutant power to transform into a bug. You?re boned, dude. His little Roach buddies are gonna crawl of the walls and by pass Al? ?Eureka Fridays at 9/8 Central, on Syfy?.The knife room!?

Wade went to the door and cracked it open, holding a gun in hand, pointing it at the walls. ?Okay Weasel, call off your roach buddies and come help me with something techinicy! I just bought the best of Maude!? Maybe you should introduce yourself to our hapless viewers? Hapless?! B@(^%!@(&%$! They came to this channel on purpose!
?Guys! Shut up! I need my BluRay player set up so I can see Bea in all her Hi-Def glory?. WEASEL!? Okay, so anyone else entering the building would, well first they'd be shot on sight, or at least shot at. But they'd really be wondering what the hell was going on. But that will never bother Wade Wilson, Merc with a Mouth, better known as...Deadpool.

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