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Codename: Wild Child (Wildchild)
Real Name: Kyle Gibney
Alias/Nick: Weapon Omega; Wildheart
Age: I was unable to find an age, so 30+

Height: 5?8?
Weight: 152 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue

Place of Birth: Cromarty Scotland
Relatives: Mother and father, who threw him out because of his mutation.
Group Affiliation: X-Factor


High Regeneration:
Wild Child heals faster than the ordinary human. His powers allow him to recover from basic combat wounds (slashes, punctures, etc.) within a matter of hours. Consequently, this means that he doesn?t recover in the midst of battle, but rather has to withdraw in order to recover. This means that he would not be able to keep up with Sabretooth or Wolverine in a combat, as they regenerate in only minutes. This power also makes him immune to illness and poisons and slows down his aging process.
(Note: There is an inconsistency with this in that there are a few sources that show he heals at a rate closer to equal with Wolverine and Sabretooth. Due to his history and the more common results, I am sticking with the idea that Wild Child does not have instantaneous healing regeneration, but an accelerated one.)

Wild Child has an animalistic mutation which greatly enhances his physical attributes. This includes his strength, stamina, speed, senses, agility, reflexes and gives him retractable claws on his fingers and toes and elongated canines. Wild Child?s strength allows him to lift and hold 300 lbs. with one arm (as shown when he lifted Wolverine), which means that his maximum capacity exceeds 600 lbs. His stamina allows him to perform at maximum effort for several hours before fatigue begins to set in. His agility, speed, and reflexes perform beyond the limits of that of a trained human athlete. Wild Child?s claws are strong enough to cut through most materials up to the stronger metals.

Wild Child has enhanced senses, allowing him to be aware of things beyond the normal. His eyesight allows him to see perfectly in anything outside of pure darkness. His sense of hearing allows him to hear sounds that a human wouldn?t hear, whether by distance or pitch. His increased sense of smell allows him to recognize someone by their scent or track someone or something by its scent, even a scent that has been worn by natural effects. A scent covered chemically would be beyond his ability. In addition, due to the tests done on him by the Weapon X program, his sense of smell is sharp enough that he can tell when someone is lying because of the change in pheromones and the sweat on a person?s body.

Wild Child also has an immunity to mind control. Because he is very mentally unstable and very animalistic by nature. As he says himself, ?There isn?t much there to control.?

Wild Child has been trained by Wolverine and special operations programs. He was trained in martial arts, armed and unarmed combat, and Spec-Ops for his entire life. While he is in his civilized personality, he relies on skill, when he is in his feral personality, he relies on sheer rage to carry him through the battle.

Wild Child has received Olympic level acrobatic and gymnastic training. This, put together with his naturally enhanced abilities, make him extremely hard to hit. This is only available to him when he is not in a feral rage.

When Wild Child is in a feral rage, he is immune to a lot of pain in the heat of battle, similar to going berserk. His rages don?t increase his healing factor or enhance any of his abilities, but they definitely make him formidable in combat. In this personality, he is able to fight just as long and hard as he would if he were in control of himself, but his weaknesses would be different.

Wild Child does not have a regeneration factor fast enough to keep him from being killed in combat. He would be able to resist most things that would kill a human (bullet to the chest, large amounts of cuts and punctures), but it would tax him greatly of his strength and would eventually need to withdraw. He is ferocious, but sometimes it?s just too much for him to be able to handle. A heavily armed force would be able to bring him down if they worked at tiring him out.

Wild Child also has an animalistic mind. This happened when he was injected with the enhancing DNA, which made him become practically uncontrollable. He is mentally instable and is prone to violent behavior. He can go into fits of rage in which he will attack anyone he can get his hands on, killing them if he can.

While Wild Child is in his killer personality, he doesn?t apply his trained skills very much. He relies more on his instinct and natural reflexes to get him through combat. Meaning that while he is in a rage, he would be much more vulnerable to someone who has been trained in dealing with those situations.

Physical Description:
Wild Child is very animalistic in appearance because of his mutation and tests done on him by Weapon X scientists. He has long, pointed ears that stick out, almost bat-like in appearance. He has long blond hair that is somewhat ragged. His eyes are cat-slitted, but are normally shaped around his face. Wild Child is also slightly hunched over when standing casually, but is capable of standing straight when he focuses. His fangs are clearly visible when he smiles and his skin is very pale. All around, it gives him an impish appearance.

When Wild Child reverted back to his ugly looks, he adopted a new costume as he no longer could wear the one of Canada?s official hero group. Wild Child came up with an orange and brown, sleeveless suit. The sleeveless jacket revealed extremely hairy arms. In public, he often wore a wide-brimmed hat and trench coat (and usually a pair of gloves) to hide his ugly features.


In a psychology test done by Dr. Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch), it is revealed that Wild Child has two distinct personalities created by the experiments done on him by the Secret Empire: A civilized personality and a feral, animalistic one. This was diagnosed as a form of multiple personality disorder, as Wild Child had no control of when he switched from one personality to the next. Because of this, he is subject to fits of animalistic rage. These rages cause him to kill uncontrollably. When he is in these rages, Wild Child has no control over what he does and has attacked friend and foe alike. Now, his feral personality usually stays down unless he is going through an emotionally stressful time.

Wild Child is a loner. Though he has served in many Spec-Ops units, he usually leaves them for one reason or another. He doesn?t like feeling as if he belongs to someone else, and has walked out on the team when he felt that he was property rather than his own person. He has no issues with being part of a team, but has an issue with being required to do something. Because of the number of units he had been with, Wild Child?s mind had been so twisted so that he would obey any command. But in the long run, he needed to feel that he was his own person.

Wild Child has shown that he could handle a romantic relationship, but has only done so once. This was during a time where his mutation was under control. This was a short relationship with Aurora. When his mutation fought the treatment, he left Aurora, believing that his appearance would harm her psyche. He later develops a small crush on Shard, but that doesn?t develop into much because of circumstances involving the holoprojector. Since then, Wild Child has not shown interest in starting another relationship.

Wild Child used to be extremely aggressive about his appearance. Before he and Aurora entered a relationship, he attacked her for calling him ugly. Since then, he has come to accept his looks. He no longer lashes out on first comments, but will typically feel a pang of anger towards anyone who talks about his ugliness.

Wild Child is also very battle-eager, even when not in his feral personality. When he knows that a battle is going to occur, he gets very excited and a bit more on edge.

When Kyle Gibney?s powers were just beginning to develop, his parents kicked him out. This was because the feral mutation that started at puberty transformed him from a normal kid into a creature. Since then, Kyle Gibney has been the subject to experiments and tests. In between being a lab model, he has been recruited for multiple Spec-Ops units. It wasn?t until after he went through his first set of experiments and was recruited that he took on the code name ?Wild Child?.

When he was kicked out of his house, he was found by the underground Secret Empire. Not much is known about this organization, but it was this organization that destroyed Kyle Gibney?s mind in an attempt to turn him into the perfect killing machine. They injected the DNA of a well-known assassin, Wyre, which left Kyle completely unstable mentally and completely uncontrollable. He was later saved by the same assassin whose DNA was now in his body, when Wyre rebelled against the organization and destroyed their headquarters.

While he was there, the Secret Empire went through a process to further the mutations. Their method included getting a psychologist to come to him in order get him to open up. Dr. Valerie Cooper was chosen for this job. At the time she was unaware of what he was and he developed a connection. As soon as this happened, he was separated from her which triggered the full mutation, bringing his feral looks out completely.

This was when Kyle was found by the Canadian government and placed in their developing superhero project. They placed him in the entry level program, Gamma Flight, and gave him the code name ?Wild Child?, which he used from there on out. Here he was trained to use his powers in order to try out for the highest level Alpha Flight. During his time here, Wild Child was trained by Wolverine until Wolverine left to join the X-men. Soon after, the Canadian government cancelled the project and released its hero teams.

Some of the Canadian agents secretly kept some of the heroes in training, recruiting them for Omega Flight and Alpha Flight. Wild Child was recruited for Omega Flight, whose director was set on destroying Alpha Flight. The director of Omega Flight planned out the method in which to destroy Alpha Flight. When the two teams came together, Alpha Flight was under the impression they were helping Omega Flight. That impression was lost, however, when Aurora called Wild Child ?ugly? to his face and he lashed out at her, causing an immediate battle to occur.

Alpha Flight captured Omega Flight, despite the fact that Omega Flight was superior in combat, which included Wild Child. He later escaped, shifting to his feral personality. In this rage, he killed ten innocent people and nearly killed off all of Alpha Flight, including the director. Wolverine chased him down determined to bring him back. Wolverine lost the trail, but Wild Child was arrested later and regained partial control of himself.

Soon after his arrest, it was noted that Alpha Flight had gone missing for a number of months. The Canadian government reopened the Flight program and recruited Wild Child to Gamma Flight, because he was the only one available from the original Flight programs. Alpha Flight returned in time to answer to a crisis that took both groups to solve. After this, the Canadian government had Alpha Flight disband. Gamma Flight attempted to attack them and bring them down, but Alpha Flight prevailed.

As a solution to this problem, the Canadian government assigned Gamma Flight to a training program. When Wild Child heard this, he immediately went into his feral personality. He attacked everyone around him and ran off. With Wolverine?s help, the Flight teams tracked down Wild Child and put him in prison. Nemesis, however, sensed there was still good in him. She broke him out and teleported away.

A number of months later, Wild Child reappeared as Weapon Omega, seemingly cured of his rages and his appearance completely changed. It was during this time that he started a relationship with Aurora. He took on the name Wildheart to break ties with his previous life. But his mutation won over whatever had cured him, causing him to shift back into his tendencies and he had to break off and leave the unit. He believed that his leaving would be better for Aurora than for her to see him in his feral appearance.

Wild Child (still known as Wildheart) later accepted an offer to join the United States X-Factor. He mutated further, however, and left the unit in order to learn more about himself and his new abilities. In his searches, he wound up in the Weapon X program, mostly against his will.

In the Weapon X program, a few scientists would treat him. This treatment would reverse some of the effects of the mutation, make him more intelligent, and enhance some of his powers. However, the reversal of his physical mutation would cause him to take on his now impish appearance.

Player Name: Darth Nocturnis
Contact Information: PM, board reply


Another mission, another job. Wild Child stood outside the city, watching the vehicles go by and the people walking around in their daily lives. Someone?s life was about to get changed big time. Currently, Wild Child had complete control over himself. Which was good. It meant that he could finish his job and get back without too much problem. Provided his target didn?t make too much of a struggle, Wild Child could get back within a decent amount of time.

He lifted his nose to smell the air. He was trying to renew the scent trail, which he lost in all the exhaust of the vehicles. Wild Child wrinkled his nose and pulled his wide-brimmed hat down a bit more. He snorted in frustration, ?Gonna make this difficult on me, aren?t ya lass?? Saying this, he started in towards the city, keeping his nostrils open for the girl?s scent.

As he entered the more crowded areas, he did a mental check to make sure that he was decently covered. While he was running this check, the scent came back to him briefly. He stopped immediately and looked around for the source. It was still mostly covered by the smog, but it was just enough that he could make something of it. Immediately dropping his concern about attire, he took a deep breath through his nose, turning his head as he did. He stopped as the scent got slightly stronger.

Wild Child smiled and growled with pleasure, ?Got ya now, sweetie.? He turned on his heel and turned towards the apartment where the scent was coming from.

He slipped into the alley beside the building and watched to make sure no one was watching. When he was confident that the general crowd was occupied, he pulled off his gloves and extended his claws. He swiftly climbed the side of the building, leaping up and over to the roof. He landed in a crouching position, snarling slightly and looking around, noting the stairway immediately.

Standing up, he retracted his claws and walked casually to the stairwell. The girl?s scent wasn?t there, but he didn?t expect it to be. His plan now was going to be to walk down the stairs until he found it again. He stopped at the second floor going down. Her scent was strong here, which meant that she was on this floor. He opened the door and walked in, taking deep breaths through his nose.

When Wild Child got to her door, he didn?t bother being subtle. He broke the knob off and walked in. ?I?m home!? he announced. He extended his claws and scratched along the walls, searching for the girl. He walked into the main room and saw the window broken. Wild Child growled in anger. Wild Child went over to the window and took in a deep breath. She really had jumped out the window. He snarled, she got away this time, but he would find her again.

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