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Codename: Shatterstar
Real Name: Gaveedra Seven
Alias/Nick: Benjamin Russell
Age: Late-20?s
Height: 6?3??
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair Color: Strawberry-Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel (right eye) and White (left eye)
Place of Birth: Mojo-World (200 yrs. In the future)
Relatives: Mojo V (creator), Windsong (?wife? ? deceased), Longshot (rumored father), Dazzler/Alison Blair (rumored mother)
Group Affiliation: X-Factor, formerly X-Force


Shatterstar has the mutant ability to convert sonic frequencies in shock waves of vibrating energy. These same energies can be focused through the weapon of his choosing, as long as they are metal, to release staggering bolts of energy.

Since Shatterstar was a product of genetic engineering his body performs at peak levels at all times. His genetics allow him increased abilities well above the finest athlete?s skills, including: Acute Senses, Speed, Stamina, Agility, Flexibility, Dexterity, Reflexes, Coordination, Balance & Endurance. The combination of all these heightened abilities allow Shatterstar to produce movements that even the greatest trained individuals would have a hard time duplicating. Additionally, his bones are hollow allowing for cleaner movement and he can also shift his internal organs to lessen chances of serious wounds.
Other powers include:

Concussive Vibratory Shockwaves: Shatterstar is able to convert sonic frequencies around him into bio-vibratory shockwaves. These energies, apparently, must be channeled through a weapon of some sort. He has channeled his energies through his blades, daggers, shurikens and throwing blades. However, he rarely uses this ability as it does drain him, preferring to use his prowess instead.

Enhanced Strength Levels: Under optimal conditions, Shatterstar is able to lifts 5 tons.

Accelerated Healing Factor: His body quickly heals from minor injuries allowing him to push his body further while battling. Depending on severity, his injuries can heal in a matter of minutes or hours.

Advanced Learning Ability: His brain apparently works so quickly that he learns at a rapid rate, well beyond that of the average person.

Teleportation: Shatterstar recently showed the ability to transport people and matter across space. The other person has to be the one to think of the destination and in doing so, Shatterstar can slash open a portal to transport through. (With permission, I would like to explore this ability at a later time.)

(Credit: Comicvine.com)

An incredible warrior, Shatterstar is a master swordsman and hand-to-hand combatant due to his growing up in the arena as a fighter in the Morjo-World. Being a swordsman, he carries two mystical dual blade swords. Both blades are approximately 4 1/2 feet in length and are deathly sharp. The hilt is surrounded by guards covered in spikes for protection. These same blades were forged in a dimension of magic and science granting the both mystical and physical properties. Created of an alien material that nearly mimics that of the alloy called adamantium, the blades can cut through most any material - including most metals!

Due to its mystical origins the blades are also quite effective against magic. The blades are able to pierce magic force fields, destroy magic armor, and destroy any mystic bonds. The Swords are strong enough to severely injure an opponent, can be split into two swords and has a bio-electric current that makes it very hard for people besides him to wield it. Shatterstar also wears the body armor that he arrived to Earth with. Similar to his blades the metal it's created from is alien in nature.

Shatterstar is a weapons master, able to effectively use multiple weapons in battle flawlessly. He does though specialize in the use of dual swords. These blades can also be molded to take the form of any weapon he would like.
He is highly trained and skilled in unarmed combat and has mastered numerous forms of martial arts.
He is also an exceptional strategist and a natural leader.

(Credit: Comicvine.com)

Shatterstar?s biggest physical weakness is that when he uses his mutant powers, it quickly drains him tired, therefore would need some time to recover his strength, depending on the strength of he used his powers. The time needed to recover could take some minutes or a couple of hours. For this reason, this is why he prefers to use his masterful weapons skills and fighting skills over his mutant powers.

Another drawback to the warrior is that Shatterstar comes from a world where he was created to be a fighter. He was devoid of emotion and sensations of pleasure. The human emotion is a complex matter to Shatterstar, leaving him sometimes confused or unable to pick up cues when emotion is needed: such as knowing when to say thank you, congratulate a team member, apologies, flirting, etc. But thanks to his close friendship with Rictor, he?s been learning what it all means, though the experience is unusual to him ? in essence, it feels weird.

Only time will tell if he will fully comprehend a world that supports feelings. His time on Earth has exposed him to the bizarre acts of emotion thus far. With his mind solely focused on battle, Shatterstar?s mind is always strategizing his next move. He almost craves a battle, finding that battle brings honor and legacy to a person. He forgets that there is more to a person than their just battle and violence.


Physical Description:
The former founding member of X-Force is a man of normal height and weight, built in good shape due to his extreme training and physicality in the Mojoworld as an arena fighter. He stands 6?3?? and 195lbs. with long strawberry blonde hair that he usually wears into a pony-tail. His eyes are an unusual characteristic as the right eye is a normal hazel color, while the left is a pure white color with no pupil. The left eye also has a tattoo like appearance with a black star burst surrounding it.

His X-uniform can range in a variety of ways. One choice of uniform is a white top and pants with brown bulky shoulder pads, gloves and belt pockets, and matching boots. The top will always usually be armless, but depending on the uniform, he might wear a jacket. Another choice is the same type of uniform, but with no shoulder pads and the uniform is blue with sand colored boots, gloves, and belt. The third choice is new attire which remains white, but he wears a jacket and the uniform as a whole has a civilian-look, therefore allowing him to walk amongst town, but yet prepared for battle as the uniform is battle fit.

When not in X-uniform and hanging out at headquarters, Shatterstar will wear a tank top (optional) and loose pants (pajama bottoms).

There are many terms in relation to the characterization of Shatterstar. Many who know the man would call him loyal and brave. There is no dispute that when it comes to the battle field, Shatterstar is probably the first to approach with no fear. He prefers to battle with honor and without killing, but killing in battle he will do if the situation calls for it and he will not hesitate. Shatterstar is a logical thinker, constantly on alert and formulating strategy. He anticipates the next move. Perhaps this one track mind is what some might confuse as rude on occasion, depending on the response, though he does not mean it.

Shatterstar has much to learn when it comes to matters of the heart and emotion. He has only touched the tip of the iceberg thanks to his ties with X-Force teammates and especially Rictor, who has been like a compass of good conscious ? as well as the only person he can trust ? and care about. The sword wielding martial artist is finding out what emotions can do, but has found himself asking questions if the range emotions is good or bad. Typically, he might shove his feelings to the side as thinking logically and no emotion seems like the best bet to be safe in any situation. Only time will tell if that is a good thing or bad thing.

Meanwhile, despite a tough exterior and very stoic, Shatterstar does have his quirks. Thanks to the future Mojoworld he grew up in where the world was consumed with television, Shatterstar is a television and movie junkie! He can sit all day and watch television and movies, more than likely criticizing the entertainment. His favorites are gladiator movies. If he is not watching the tube or sitting in a movie theatre, his other hobby is working out ? practicing his combat skills and/or finding solitude by meditating to always be at his best physical shape and mind.

Gaveedra-7, or Shatterstar as he is more commonly called, hails from a planet called Mojoworld, 200 years in the future. He claims that he is a product of genetic engineering and that he has no parents, only a gestation chamber on Mojoworld, a world ruled by entertaining televised events/battles under the tyrannical rule of the "Spineless One" called Mojo V.

Since everyone is always looking for the next entertaining act, this is where Shatterstar comes in. Shatterstar's entire existence is to serve as a slave to Mojo V and provide entertainment. Being genetically created, he was engineered to have the perfect skills to make him both effective and entertaining in the Gladiator Arenas. Day in and day out Shatterstar would enter the arena to fight only so he could make others happy. The many long years as a slave and warrior in the arena, would mold Shatterstar in to the man he would become. Not only did he learn and perfect numerous fighting styles and skills while fighting, Shatterstar also developed a strong sense of honor and pride as a warrior. This helped him deal with the amount of death he encountered on a daily basis. Eventually, though, he grew tired of being a slave and he decided he would do something about it.

Shatterstar would catch wind of and eventually join the Wildways Alliance. This rebel group was aiming to overthrow Mojo V and put a stop to the slavery. The alliance knew that they needed more manpower so they sent Shatterstar on a mission to Earth 616 to enlist the help of the X-Men. He would set off at once but upon arrival, through teleportation, he doesn't find the X-Men. He finds instead the New Mutants and Cable as the team was amidst its changes to become X-Force. It?s a good thing too, as he had been followed by Imperial Soldiers sent by Mojo. Cable and his team help Shatterstar and they easily defeat the soldiers. Though they weren't the X-Men, Shatterstar would still request their assistance. Cable assured that they would help and offered Shatterstar a spot on the team. He would accept and thus began Shatterstar's longtime membership into the newly formed X-Force.

While a part of the team, Shatterstar would participate in many battles. He proved to be the perfect soldier: loyal, trustworthy and effective in battle. Shatterstar also became fast friends with his team-mate Rictor, building the foundation for a relationship that could withstand anything and even cause some speculation. The only odd thing was his obsession with TV.

He would spend all his free time connected to the television watching everything. This would be because on Mojoworld, television watching was the only important aspect in life. Seems Shatterstar was just hard-wired that way. Also, Shatterstar strangely began having memories that weren't his. He began to share memories with an Earthling by the name of Benjamin Russell. Not too long later, Cable holds true to his word and returns with Shatterstar to Mojoworld to aid the resistance. Not only would their ploy be unsuccessful but Shatterstar would be seriously injured in battle, nearly dying. Thanks to the timely assistance of the mystical Spiral they would be teleported to safety bringing with them Longshot and Siryn. Though they arrive back on Earth it would be at the Weisman Institute for the Criminally Insane. Spiral always has an ulterior motive and the group would find out what it was very shortly.
At the Institute the four individuals (Shatterstar, Cable, Longshot and Siryn) would be lead by Spiral to one of the patients named Benjamin Russell. Once everyone could see the comatose patient all would be shocked. The man lying on the bed in a coma was identical in appearance to Shatterstar. Benjamin had been in this state since the emergence of his mutant powers. He had no living relatives and had been at the Institute for quite some time.

A string of events would ultimately lead to Shatterstar willingly merging with Benjamin Russell, body and soul. Longshot would use is psychometric powers to transfer Shatterstar's "uemeur" or soul into Benjamin's body. The result would have the two men merge completely making one body and one soul. The only difference was that Shatterstar's hair was longer. Otherwise he claims that this was the very first time he had ever felt whole in his entire life. Once he fully recovered physically and mentally he would leave and resume his duties with X-Force. But even his time with the team would soon come to an end. His best friend Rictor needed to attend to a personal matter in Mexico and Shatterstar would come along to help. They would be successful but would part ways without explanation.

(Credit: Comicvine.com)

Board History:

After time away with Rictor in Mexico, at some point, Shatterstar would find his way to the government sanctioned mutant team known as X-Factor. There, he would see former X-Force team members Siryn and Cable in a mission to investigate the mansion ruins of the notorious Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. The Kingpin. It would turn out that exploding Sentinels were the cause, but the Sentinels were not the winners in that battle. The U.S. government brought soldier telepath, Cable who in turn had X-Force teammate Shatterstar join in on the mission. While on the mission, Shatterstar would get to know the young gun recruit called Geoclipse, rapidly becoming friends. While at a hotel waiting for the rest of X-Factor to arrive, Shatterstar, Cable, and Geoclipse were attacked by a rampaging, at the time unknown new members of Apocalypse?s Horsemen Havok and Polaris!

While Cable battled Havok, Shatterstar and Geoclipse would team up to challenge the daughter of magnetism, the green-haired Lorna Dane. Polaris would prove to be a tough match as her abilities were quick to overwhelm the duo. Cable seemingly had a mad Havok down for the count and then would cast an illusion on Polaris? mind successfully disquising Shatterstar as Havok, therefore rendering her vulnerable. X-Man and Siryn would join the frey just in time, but also coming in for the save was the Horseman Death, a.k.a. Archangel, who was just as deranged! The metal winged mutant would end up taking down Cable, giving the edge to Havok.

However, thanks to Cable?s illusion on Polaris and a sudden shock wave burst from Shatterstar colliding at once, Polaris was taken down and upon landing, was confused at what was going on! Watching the battle between Havok and Cable become more vicious, the tides would turn as Cable successfully rebounded and defeated Havok. Using his last bit of strength, Cable knocked out Polaris as well with an energy blast. Archangel then fled to whereabouts unknown. With Havok and Polaris in custody, the team left the site of battle to meet up with Cannonball and recent addition, Ms. Marvel at Falls Edge to hopefully find out more about what happened at Fisk?s estate. [Seen In: X-Factor "Fisk Investigation"] (http://baku-panda.org/ux/showthread.php?t=830)

Mysteriously, Shatterstar disappeared following the capture of Apocalypse? Horsemen (Havok and Polaris). He would turn up suddenly in Genosha, appearing in the apartment of former New Mutants fame, Amara Aquilla a.k.a. Magma! As it turns out, Shatterstar has been AWOL from the U.S. government, secretly assisting Magma in investigating the Friends of Humanity organization. Since Magma's attack when she was infected with the Legacy Virus thanks to one of the FOH's members, Shatterstar went undercover to find out it the FOH are the ones responsible for the fast spreading and deadly disease. Unable to find any evidence that the FOH could be using the Legacy Virus as a bio-weapon, Magma told Star that she ran into an old friend of his - Rictor - a few months ago on Genosha.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Star decides he will find Rictor as the two have not seen each other since Mexico! While Magma helped Star getting civilian clothes from a thrift shop, she then sent him to get a vehicle. While gone, he discovered the reports about a mutant attacking magistrates at Carrion Cove and blaming the Legacy Virus. Thinking Rictor had to be on top of this case, Star knew Carrion Cove is where he and Magma need to journey to. Upon his return, he noticed a disturbed Amara to which she broke down and hugged him. Confused at first by the emotion, he then realized things were bad for his friend, so he chose to hold her in her need.

As the mission progressed, Star and Magma split up in the Genoshan clinic in search of Rictor. Unknowingly, Star didn't realize the former X-Force teammate, Boom-Boom was leading a small squad to rescue Rictor too. He would meet up conincidently with a duplicate version of Jamie Maddrox where they would be confronted by the Sugar Man! Meanwhile, a deathly ill Magma would come in contact with Rictor, Boom-Boom, and her squad to escape. Star cuts off part of the tongue of the grossly bulbous Sugar Man and Magma sacrificed her life in an effort to allow her friends to flee the scene.[Seen In: X-Factor "Beta Squad Breakout"] (http://baku-panda.org/ux/showthread.php?t=3579)

Back at Falls Edge, Shatterstar felt relieved that Rictor was safely rescued, but was also affected at the loss of Magma in the process. He meditated heavily in his own way to mourn her death. In the meantime, Star brought himself back into X-Factor's facility to the Medlab where he would meet with a recovering Rictor and to his surprise, another recovering familiar face - Cable! Surprisingly concerned with emotions he is experiencing for the first time, Star invited Rictor to accompany him to the cafeteria for dinner and one-on-one time. Rictor agreed to the offer, but obviously had things on his mind to which Cable could sense and told Star to look after their friend. [Seen In: X-Factor "Of Clinics and Maladies"] (http://baku-panda.org/ux/showthread.php?3753-Of-Clinics-and-Maladies-(open-thread))

Player Name: Chris (Rogue, Lady Mastermind, and Magma)
Contact Information: cblevins20@gmail.com


2:00am ? Genosha?

?Jeez, what a night!? exclaimed Amara Aquilla, otherwise known as Magma. The former X-Men member has been living in Genosha on a coastal border, working as a waitress and part-time spokesperson at the local hospital for meetings where mutants infected with the Legacy Virus can talk. Magma is mutant living the virus, infected while on a mission that dealt with the Friends of Humanity when somehow, one of the crazy loons sprayed her with the virus. Thankfully with Genosha being mutant friendly and this sudden boom of the virus spreading, Genoshan scientists have been working hard at developing a cure, but for now have been able to treat it to a degree. Genosha was the only place Magma can be at with hopes of maintaining her disease. However, she?s never forgotten the day when she became infected and so much about it remains a mystery.

Walking across her apartment flat, Magma entered the bathroom where she began running hot water in the tub. The warm running water felt soothing to the touch. It was like magic to a very long shift at the nearby diner. She undressed out of her uniform and then wrapped a towel around her bare body. While the tub took forever to fill the tub, the Nova Roman walked out of the bathroom to the kitchen area, where she began to fill her tea kettle with water. Just as the kettle was placed on the stove?

?Amara?? echoed a whispering rugged voice. Magma quickly turned around in shock and fear, but thankfully it was a familiar face ? ?Shatterstar!?

With a hand on her chest and holding her aqua towel tight, Amara walked towards the martial artist, passing by him while talking at the same as she headed towards the bathroom. ?What did I say about sneaking up on me?! I could?ve blasted you with a lava ball!? Amara turns off the running steaming water that just filled the tub. Shatterstar had followed, standing at the door entrance, watching for the former New Mutant shut off the water supply to the tub and hearing her concern. ?More likely, I would have dodged your lava ball. I am a highly skilled warrior in combat.?

Not exactly what she hoped her friend would understand. Magma looked back at Shatterstar, seeing he was serious. Shaking her head, Amara stood up and approached the exit of the bathroom, again passing by the swordsman, ?You scared me is what I?m getting at, Star. Basically I?m saying, try giving me a little heads up if you?re in my apartment. For instance, maybe a phone call or a simple knock on the door.?

?That would be illogical. No one is supposed to know I am here and helping you.?

In the living room area, Amara shook her head in a yes-like motion, agreeing with the X-Factor member. His work with Magma has been top secret for a while. Sitting on the couch, crossing her legs, Magma turned her attention back up at the serious man. ?I appreciate all that you are doing for me, Star. I wouldn?t be able to do it on my own. So tell me, what have you found? It?s been a few months since we last spoke,? spoke Magma curiously. Like a good soldier, Shatterstar filled her in, ?I observed from many hideouts and places the Friends of Humanity have in the States. I tried learning about the idea that they may be harvesting the Legacy Virus, but that came up fruitless,? as Star then leaned against the nearby wall in the apartment, crossing his arms.

?The Friends of Humanity have many underground stations around the world. The people involved come from many walks of life. Some are lawyers, teachers, police officers, doctors, nurses, to retail employees, bakers, and your traditional house wife. All of funded by its members. They have their plans and creating weapons, but as for bio-weapons like the virus, I could not find a trace.?

Sitting up on the couch and disappointed, Magma feared this kind of news. Her hopes of finding some kind of background information on the Legacy Virus was now proven she may never know anything. Sensing his friend being distraught, Star felt an obligation to say something that will comfort her. His emotions have been tested over the recent years. ?Amara, we?re not giving up. The Friends of Humanity infected you and maybe there is a lot more they are doing to cover this up. We?ve only touched the tip of the ice berg on the inner workings of this group. Somewhere out there is the key to this virus that has allowed it to be used as a weapon and somewhere out there must be a cure.?

Taking in a sigh and shaking off the disappointment, Magma glanced back at Shatterstar, nodding her head. The search has been endless and tiring needless to say, but by the Gods, she will not give up. ?Thank you Star, for everything. I got some news to tell you. I ran into a man you might be familiar with. Rictor.? The name sent a shock way through his body. ?When?? quickly asked the mutant warrior. ?A few months ago. We ran into each other one night. Introduced ourselves and talked. I thought the named sounded familiar, but I kept quiet until you would show up again. I don?t know where he?s at, but apparently, he was here in Genosha.?

?I will search for him. It has been a long time since I saw him. Perhaps he can help us,? thought Star as Magma suddenly stood up. ?We don?t even know where to begin finding him? It?s not that easy, as she interjected his thoughts. Shatterstar?s glance out the window, turned back to Magma. He walked over towards the apartment?s porch door, looking out the clear glass sliding door, out into the darkness with only some highlight of the ocean waves crashing. ?I?ll find him, one way or another. You best stay here. Conserve your strength.?

?Whoa, Star! You are not going anywhere this late at night and I am not going to stay behind. I?m tired of waiting and searching for a cure that may or may not exist. It?s time I live my life. If you really want to find your friend, then we?ll start in the morning with some light to get a head start. For now, you are sleeping on the sofa and I?m going to do what I started out doing before you showed up ? take my relaxing bath.?

As Magma left for the bathroom, Shatterstar turned to look out at the dark ocean. It was ironic in a sense how the darkness of the ocean of the night seemed to represent what might be ahead. Determined to find his friend, Shatterstar thought about X-Factor, realizing he has been AWOL for a long time now. There is no doubt the U.S. government has forgotten him and more likely are keeping an eye out for him. He swore his services and acted as a good soldier would, but then found himself at odds when a friend called. For the first time in his life, he is disobeying orders, disobeying loyalty, and honor for the sake of his friends. The feeling was disturbing, but no way would Shatterstar allow his emotions to show. But despite his disobedience, he can honestly say it just feels right.

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