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Victor Creed
06-22-2011, 01:44 PM
A copy of the Leadville Herald rests on the sidewalk amid the glow of a nearby streetlight. The paper rustles, the pages blown back in a strong evening breeze. Eventually the wind subsides as the front page of the paper falls back into place. At eight o?clock on a Saturday night it seems quite odd for the streets to be completely deserted, even for a quite little hamlet nestled amid the mountains of Colorado. The headline of the Herald leaves little mystery as to why.

City wide curfew still in affect as two more go missing!

In a town with a population of less than three thousand people tend to notice when their neighbors start to disappear. Leadville Colorado was in the midst of a panic and the fears of the city?s residents had only been heightened by a search team?s discovery of some bodies in the nearby woods a few days earlier.

Northeast of Leadville, the city of Aurora had seen something similar a month ago. A crazed beast was responsible for a rampage that had left many dead, that creature looked a lot like Victor Creed, AKA Sabretooth. However the thing that tore through Aurora was only a clone of Creed and was no doubt the handiwork of Mister Sinister. Sinister?s creation met his end at the hands of the genuine article as the real Sabretooth had quite literally ripped out his clone?s heart.

Yes the streets of Leadville Colorado are extremely quite. However if you were to head about three miles east into the surrounding forest, you?d find it to be much livelier.

?Sir, there?s some more blood. We?re definitely closing in on the target.?

The group of six men had come to a halt in the forest clearing. A squad of six would probably be a much more accurate description, judging by the military attire worn by the men and the automatic weapons that they each had strapped across their shoulders. At the clearing?s edge the pointman knelt further ahead of his comrades, rubbing what appeared to be fresh blood between his thumb and forefinger. He glanced back to the group as he made the declaration of his findings. Their commander lifted up his night vision goggles with a seemingly uncharacteristic grin. He answered, almost gleefully.

?Good? he?s hurt. It won?t be long now boys. We?re finally gonna put this dog down.?

Despite appearances these men aren?t part of the United States military but in fact are members of the Friends of Humanity. Thanks to Magneto?s assault on Washington D.C. months earlier the FOH has seen a substantial increase in membership. However, they haven?t just been growing in number. The FOH have also seen a rise in the quality of their ranks as a result of the new anti-mutant hysteria. Navy Seals, Green Berets, Army Rangers? men from all branches of Special Forces were enlisting to help confront what many of them now perceived as a threat to the very freedoms they?d been trained to uphold. These qualified individuals were put into what the Friends of Humanity called Eradication Squads and were being used to terminate mutant threats nationwide. The events in Aurora and the more recent slayings in Leadville had put one such group on the heels of the mutant Sabretooth.

The man in charge watched as his subordinate continued searching the area. He spoke up again, ?Mac, you picked up his trail yet??

There was no immediate reply as Mac continued to run his hands through the blades of grass at the glade?s edge. Finally he answered, ?Just give me a couple more minutes.?

They were being watched. Victor Creed crouched on a thick branch concealed amid the cover of the lush canopy as he surveyed his pursuers. These guys had been tracking him for hours and he knew they were professionals. Many consider Victor to be little more than a wild animal but when his bloodlust is in check he has an impressive tactical mind. This was one such occasion. He left these guys a trail of bread crumbs, even allowing them to get some shots off when they closed in on him about an hour ago. Creed made sure they hit him? he?d been slashing into his own arm to keep the blood flowing, intensify the illusion that he was wounded. Just as Victor had planned they hurried the pursuit when they thought he was hurt. He could hear their heavy breathing, these guys were getting tired.

Creed muttered to himself, ?Boys came runnin? when they smelled blood in the water. Unfortunately for them they ain?t gonna find no wounded seal but the biggest baddest shark in the ocean.? With that he quickly descended to the ground below.

Mac as his commander had called him suddenly shot up, a gleam in his eye. He turned as he spoke, ?Sir, I think I?ve got hiiiiiAhhhhh!!!?

Sabretooth had pounced from the shadows of the edge of the forest and in the blink of an eye had vanished, victim in tow, back into the now swaying brush. Mac?s bloodcurdling screams were instantly drowned out by the sound of gunfire as the Eradication Squad unloaded on the tree line. After a few moments of gunfire the forest grew eerily silent, the men glancing among themselves. The silence was broken by laughter.

"You missed.?

Again the group opened fire, this time toward Creed?s mocking voice. The storm of bullets rained down on the surroundings, sending leaves and twigs spiraling all around. Finally the sound of gunfire subsided, instead replaced with the clicking from the emptying of the magazines. A sudden awareness came over the men but a moment too late.

Creed leapt into action, surprisingly quick for such a large hulking brute. He dispatched one of the soldiers with a slash through the face and then with one swift motion another?s throat had been ripped out. The squad leader had managed to frantically reload; his compatriots never quite go that chance. In a panic the man opened fire towards Sabretooth just as the monster was making a dash toward the other two men. They were cut down in the hail of bullets. There was a moment of hesitation from the commander as he realized what he?d done. His grief was short-lived, quickly replaced by terror as Sabretooth was now upon him. Swiftly he turned his weapon toward the savage mutant, though Creed was much faster. A massive swipe of the claws tore the man?s FN-SCAR into two pieces.


A human skull wasn?t meant to hit a tree with that kind of force, though the loud crack that echoed through the trunk of the tree on impact made that point clear. The large hand tightened around the commander?s throat as the claws attached to it dug into the back of his neck. Somehow he had remained conscious, though upon getting his first real good look at his attacker he wished he hadn?t. The monstrous creature?s almost lifeless eyes stared unwavering into his own. The thing seemed almost human despite his mostly feral features.

?P? please let me go; I have a family? kids? I?ll do anything you want.?

The begging brought a psychotic smile to Creed?s face, his fangs shining in the light of the moon.

?I want you to scream for me.?