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Information gathered from Comicvine.com and Marvel Wiki

Codename: Toad
Real Name: Mortimer Toynbee
Alias/Nick: The Terrible Toad-King
Age: 30-ish (At a guess, around the same age as the original X-Men)

Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 169 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Place of Birth: York, England
Relatives: Unknown
Group Affiliation: XF

Toad has some degree of superhuman strength and endurance, particularly in his lower body, which grants him the ability to leap to heights and distances far greater than that of an ordinary human. He has a vertical leap of over 24 feet and a horizontal jump of approximately 36 feet, although no definite limit to his leaping ability is yet known. With his superhuman leg muscles, Toad can press at least 1 ton.
Toad's leaping ability is also aided by enhanced bodily coordination and balance, which are beyond the human body's natural limits.

As well as strength, Toad possesses great stamina. Toad's muscles produce much less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of an ordinary human. He can exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair him.
Toad's body is also somewhat tougher and more resistant to physical injury than an ordinary human's, meaning he can withstand impacts and physical trauma that would severely injure or kill an ordinary human with moderate discomfort. However, he is not invulnerable and can still be injured in ways similar to an ordinary human, like being shot or stabbed (or having their tongue ripped out by Carol Danvers).

Toad has a very flexible spine, allowing him to remain in a crouching position comfortably for hours without strain, though he can stand if he wishes.

Another of Toad's physical mutations is his prehensile tongue, which can elongate to aproximately 25 feet in length. Toad uses his long, powerful tongue to lash out at high speeds or to constrict people like a boa constrictor. His tongue is superhumanly strong to the extent that he once killed a magistrate of Genosha by ensnaring him with his tongue and squeezing him, causing the magistrate to be crushed to death.

Toad's body produces a quick drying, adhesive slime that he spits at opponents to incapacitate them. His body also generates a sticky resin from his hands that allow him to stick to and climb most surfaces with ease, even if they are vertical, inverted, or slick. The solution also has paralytic properties, and has been known to numb or paralyze a victim?s whole body.

In the old days, Toad had very little knowledge of hand to hand combat, fighting mainly by kicking wildly and by leaping about, attempting to land on his opponents. Recently, he has demonstrated a better sense of combat, using both his leaping ability and his elongated prehensile tongue to his advantage. He is highly formidable in kick-boxing, despite a lack of any formal training.

Toad has a surprisingly great knowledge of advanced technology, which he gained while he was held captive by the Stranger, as well as his studies of machinery in the possession of Arcade. He has demonstrated the ability to use this advanced technology, but lacks the creativity to make progress beyond his existing knowledge.

Toad also has some command experience, having acted briefly as the leader of The Brotherhood and the (ahem) Misfits. While his leadership skills can't be classed in the same league as those of Cyclops or Cannonball, he has shown the ability to use his scheming mind to concoct cunning plans.

Toad is very obviously a mutant. There is no hiding the fact, no matter how many large coats or funny goggles he wears. If he went out in public, he would be liable to start panic, or maybe even get lynched (we all know what those normal humans are like, with their hate and fear yada yada).
On top of that, Toad is a known member of the Brotherhood, with a criminal record.

Despite his superhuman durability, Toad is far from invulnerable and can be injured in ways similar to an ordinary human. For instance, he is not bulletproof and can be injured by weapons composed of conventional materials.

An awful side affect of his chemical-secreting talents is a chemical imbalance that leads to unstable, often just strange behavior. Coupled with his many social and emotional issues, due to a lifetime of bullying, Toad is quite a mess. On a few occasions Toad has seen a psychiatrist about his problems, but hasn't made much progress.

Physical Description:
Mortimer Toynbee isn't exactly the most handsome guy around. His skin has a rather sickly greenish/yellow tinge, befitting his namesake. But even that would be easy to get over if it wasn't for his personal hygene, or lack thereof. Due to his chemical secretions, Toad has a permanent greasy, grimey, slimey, icky and sticky appearance.
He's the kind of guy who, if you ever shook his hand, you'd imediately feel compelled to wipe your palm clean with a napkin, or better still, give it a good scrub with soap and water.

And that's not even mentioning the stench. Toad's secretions, coupled with his habit of rarely bathing, give him a strong, foul smell which it would be impossible to blame on anyone else in an elevator.

Due to his flexible spine, Toad spends most of his time in a crouched possition, and prefers to travel by hopping and jumping, rather than walking.

Having ditched the old 'Medieval jester' outfit that he wore for much of his career, symbolising his place as Magneto's fool, Toad no longer really wears a costume. He tends to wear clothes that he has found discarded, since he would cause quite a scene trying on clothes in a trendy shop. Toad wears an old dirty duffle coat, which even Lt. Columbo would consider too crumpled to wear. Toad's other clothes are also in a similar state of shabbiness. The only item which might stand out is a pair of goggles that he wears, partly to hide his toad-like eyes.

Mortimer earned his name, The Toad, not only because of his mutant abilities and physical appearance, but also because of his toadying nature. From an early age, constant bullying made Mortimer traumatized and insecure. So desperate did he become for affection that he developed a pathetically subservient personality, and would unquestioningly obey anyone he thought sincerely cared about him. In his mind, Magneto was the father he never had, for whom he would do anything to please, and Scarlet Witch was the Juliet to his Romeo. He never doubted that the course of true love would bring the two of them together.

Alas, over his career, Toynbee's eyes have been opened about a great many of the things he previously held to be true. He realised that Magneto saw Toad more as a cross between a punching bag and a door mat, while Wanda would rather make time with some robot 'stud' from the Avengers than be with her soulmate (although to be fair, the last time Mortimer saw her, she didn't look all that great. Her belly was out like 'this' far. Yeesh, and people used to tell him 'he' was ugly. So perhaps things worked out for the best, in the end).

Due to his past experiences, Toad has been left with some trust issues. Mortimer has found himself suspicious of others, and mistrustfull of their intentions toward him. Which is fair, really, since he's not the most trustworthy guy around, himself. In a world full of much more powerful mutants, Toad survives on his wit and cunning. He has learned to be sly and sneaky. Even though he is no longer quite the same subserviant sichophant he once was, he has no problem playing along with his repuation if it will cause people to underestimate him.

Toad isn't exactly what you would describe as loyal. What passes for loyalty is rather a strong sense of self preservation, leading Toad to side with whoever looks to have the strongest hand.

Born in York, England, Mortimer Toynbee's mutant appearance was present from the moment of birth. He was abandoned by his parents so early in childhood that he has no memory of them. Mortimer spent many years in an orphanage, where he was constantly tormented by the other children due to his ugliness and strangely shaped body. Toynbee was so traumatized by his loneliness and the continual abuse he received that it affected his learning abilities. The teachers and administrators in the orphanage therefore regarded Toynbee as mentally retarded, even though, in actuality, he was of normal intelligence.

At some point after achieving adulthood, Toynbee was discovered by Magneto and recruited for his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Magneto gave Toynbee the alias of the Toad because of Toynbee's powers, appearance, and personality. Magneto did not believe that the Toad's powers would be of any great service to him, but he thought it useful to have an expendable pawn who would follow his orders unquestioningly. The Toad was indeed pathetically devoted to Magneto, whom he subconsciously referred to as a surrogate father. He blinded himself to Magneto's continual verbal and physical abuse because Magneto was out to conquer the human race that had rejected the Toad. The Toad believed that he would be given a place of honour in the new society that Magneto would create.

As a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the Toad met the mutant Scarlet Witch, and became infatuated with her, though she did not reciprocate the feeling. Also on the team were the Scarlet Witch's brother Quicksilver and the illusionist Mastermind. The Brotherhood battled the original X-Men repeatedly, but the X-Men continually thwarted them.

Magneto and the Toad were captured by the alien called the Stranger and imprisoned on a distant world. When Magneto first escaped, he callously left the Toad behind, and the Toad's attitude towards his master began to change. After being recaptured, Magneto escaped a second time and took the Toad with him, but his continued bullying caused the Toad's resentment to increase until it flared into murderous hatred. The Toad abandoned Magneto to die in an explosion that followed an encounter with the Avengers and the X-Men.

The Toad became a recluse, but was soon captured, along with the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, first by the mutant-hunting robots called the Sentinels and later by the extra-dimensional warrior Arkon. When the Avengers rescued Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, the Toad asked to remain on Arkon's world, where he employed its technological resources to build a ship that would carry him across space and the dimensional barrier. He returned to the Stranger's planet.

There he studied and stole the Stranger's technology and equipment in an effort to become more powerful and thus more appealing to the Scarlet Witch. However, just as he prepared to return to Earth, he leaned that the Scarlet Witch had married the Vision. Enraged, he planned to strike out at her, attacked the Avengers to learn her whereabouts, and was defeated.

He served a short prison term and was released, at which time he commissioned the criminal Arcade to construct a series of deadly traps in a seemingly deserted castle in upstate New York. Renaming himself the Terrible Toad-King, he planned to entrap everyone who he felt had abused him, placing them in the castle where they would be killed in the attempt to escape. The first victim of the Terrible Toad King was the X-Man Angel. In capturing the Angel, the Toad accidentally kidnapped the Thing, too. Just as the two were about to escape, Arcade stepped in and demanded immediate payment for his services. Unable to pay and fearful for his own life, the Toad fell into a panic.

The Angel took pity on Toynbee and formulated an agreement with him to convert the castle into an amusement park, paying the debt in the process. The endeavor was a success until it was discovered that the castle's original owner was Victor Von Doom. Doom sent a robot of himself and a security force to remove the Toad and restore the structure to its original state.

Toynbee again fell into despondency and decided to commit suicide, an attempt that was interrupted by Spider-Man. In an effort to raise Toynbee's spirits, Spider-Man offered his friendship. As eager for this acceptance as he had been for Magneto's, the Toad became determined to be Spider-Man's sidekick, despite Spider-Man's gentle protests. The Toad resorted to a ruse in an effort to change his mind, and hired a group of criminals to attack Spider-Man, an assault the Toad would then help foil. In the process he attracted the attention of Frog Man and Spider-Kid, two young men who also wished to team-up with Spider-Man. During the fight, the three found themselves interested in a partnership of their own and formed a trio they called the Misfits.

Though seeking the help of a psychiatrist during this period, Toynbee was still obsessed with the Scarlet Witch. In direct contradiction to his law-enforcing partnership with Frog Man and Spider-Kid, the Toad used the technology stolen from the Stranger to attempt to kidnap her. The Scarlet Witch was eight months pregnant, and when the Toad confronted her, he found her condition repulsive. She defeated him, but he escaped.

Eventually the Toad sought to form a new Brotherhood, recruiting Blob, Pyro, Sauron, and Phantazia. Under Toad's leadership, the Brotherhood battled both X-Force and X-Factor, before disbanding and going their seperate ways.

Board History

Following a battle with X-Factor in Genosha, during which Toad's tongue was (cruelly) ripped in two by Carol Danvers (tut tut), Toad was taken into X-Factor's custody. Fortunately, the X-Factor medics were able to work wonders, and reattatched the missing portion of tongue. Along with Magda, with whom he was forming a strong friendship, Toad was placed under the watchful eye of Xavier and his X-Men. That was, however, until Magneto showed up to take Magda away, and took Toad with him too.

Once more, Toad found himself with the Brotherhood on Asteroid M, under the thumb of Magneto. Toad tried to bear it as well as he could, because of his fondness for Magda, but all the old resentment he felt towards Magneto came flooding back. He began to formulate a plan to otherthrow Magneto. A plan for which he'd need the help of more mutants. Toad, and several others, returned to Genosha in order to grab some mutants to help with his plan. Instead, he once again found himself duking it out with X-Factor. The battle was a destructive one, but for a second time, it ended with Toad being taken into X-Factor's custody.

Player Name: Tobias
Contact Information: PM

So, here he was again. Swept out of the way into another X-Factor holding cell. It was probably even the same one he was in last time. Certainly looked the same, but that didn't necessarily mean anything. The whole complex probably looked like this.
Since arrival, Toad had gone through several stages. A few days of anger and threats soon turned into a period of dejection and begging. All of which was ignored by the SHIELD personell who would deliver Toad his tray of food.

Toad's attitude changed, however, after overhearing a conversation between two of the SHIELD guards. They mentioned something about some Brotherhood 'hottie' being allowed to join the X-Factor ranks.
?Blimey, that's a right turn up!? Toad thought at length on the matter. If X-Factor were hiring Brotherhoodies, he reasoned, then it was obviously innevitable that sooner or later they'd be making him an offer. A sly grin spread across Toad's face. He could picture it now.

?The name's Toynbee.? Toad said, addressing an imagined girl in the corner of the cell, ?Mortimer Toynbee. Agent of SHIELD.?
The girl rushed forward into his arms, ?Oh, Mortimer, yes!? No...wait...she should be Russian or something. ?Oh, Mortimer, da!? she said instead. Yeah, that was better. Looking deeply into the girl's eyes, Toad caught the reflection of a KGB agent sneaking up on him. Spinning round, Toad's tongue whipped at the agent's leg, sending him toppling into the bathtub.
Wait, why was there a bath there? Shhhh, this is good stuff.
The KGB agent raised his pistol, but Toad was too fast for him, nimbly leaping aside. His tongue once more lashed out, this time knocking the electric fan into the bathtub. Fsshhzzzzttt!!!
Toad raised an eyebrow. ?Shocking!? he quipped, with a bad Sean Connery accent. The girl dove into Toad's arms, and they kissed.

?Yeah. That's exactly what it's gunna to be like.?

The following day, as Toad heard footsteps approaching his cell, he knew the offer was coming. He'd play it cool. Make it seem like he was doing them a favour. Play hard to get.
?Yeah, can I 'elp you?? Toad said, addressing the guard. But instead of responding by offering Toad SHIELD membership, which was what he was expecting, the guard merely placed the usual tray of food on the floor, then left.
In panic, Toad leapt after him and began pounding on the door of the cell. ?Wait...Come back...I really want to be a SHIELD agent!? He sobbed, ?Please...can I be in X-Factor...pretty please with sugar on top!? Mortimer's words degenerated into tears.

Sometime later, he wasn't sure exactly how long, the cell door opened again. Toad remained balled up on the floor. He didn't want to be humiliated again.
?Mr. Toynbee, come with us.? Toad squinted up through tear stained eyes. ?We've got a proposition for you.?

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