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Jubilee (old account)
05-28-2012, 12:36 PM
A while back...

Professor Xavier was safely returned home to the mansion, following Havok's assassination attempt. Jubilee had been in the mansion's living quaters, excited to watch the Professor on television to give his speech - and kick butt doing it! The whole thing was surreal, watching it all unfold on the television screen. Concerned beyond belief, Jubilee waited for hours as Beast and Moira worked hard to keep the Professor stabilized. Finally after much of the traffic flow slowed down, the scared Jubilee entered the medlab, having some one-on-one time with a unawakened Xavier lying on the bed.

Approaching slowly, Jubilation reached out slowly with her hand, grabbing his. Odd as it sounds, she was relieved to feel his hand warm. A stream of tears fell from the corner of her eyes while holding the Professor's hand and using the other free hand to gently rub the top of his. "Oh Professor, why did this have to happen to you? Of all people," sniffling and her tone low.

Seeing the X-Men's father figure lying there, not moving, not speaking...it took the young girl's mind back to her nightmares. The nightmares she's had since the Sentinel attack in Massachusetts! So many of her friends were hurt that day such as her teacher, Banshee. The Irish man was knocked comatose too and to avoid detection, the Generation X group were led by Cyclops to Alaska. No other choice, they had to leave Banshee in the hands of a local hospital. Banshee's progress remains unknown. Everytime Jubilee has tried asking Cyclops about Banshee's condition, he's not been able to give her an answer.

Now feeling guilty for not being at the Professor's speech in Washington, Jubilee wished she was there. Alas though, Jubilee thought what Xavier would tell her and that is it is not her fault and there is nothing she could've done. Still, there was a certain sadness to Jubilee, totally unlike her in recents months. She's been a recluse, keeping her nose in the books and at home. Ignoring as best as possible all the missions that have called the X-Men into battle.

"You know, I didn't ask for this life. When I got into it, I loved it. But now...I can't help but always be scared," Jubilee admits to the unstirred Professor.

Continuing with her thoughts, "I've been studying hard. I know, me actually doing homework. You'd think alien parasites like the Brood took over my body," adding some humor to the situation. Jubilee cleared her throat and then wiped some tears from her eyes.

"You'd be proud of me. Believe it or not, I checked out some colleges," then she glanced down at the Professor's sleeping eyes.

Nodding at him, "Yeah, you're right. What's my point?" then sighing.

"Professor...I'm thinking of leaving. I'm not good here if I'm always scared, looking over my shoulder, thinking some giant robot is gonna burst through my window at night! Or that Wolvie's 'best buddy' Sabretooth will show up to claw me or whoever to pieces! And talk about best buddies. How about that Magneto?" The girl stopped, holding back her sarcasm. She had a feeling at this point the Professor would have frowned at her if he was awake.

"I know. I know. I'm sorry." then she paused for a moment.

"I'm gonna jet. Maybe I'll see you later. I um...I love you, Professor. Thanks for everything," she said softly, barely audible as the words were hard to say.

Leaving towards the exit of the medlab, she stopped suddenly and looked back at the Professor. Her head hung down, "Don't tell Hank, but I left gum on his chair. Was hopin' to pull a prank on him. For old times sake. Bye."

Not saying a word to anyone, Jubilee packed up some of her belongings in a backpack. With everbody busy, she managed to sneak away to the garage area with some keys she stole from somebody's room. Turning the lights on, the lights flashed on Wolverine's motorcycle. "You're gonna hate me, Wolvie, but I gotta do this." Zooming out of the garage on the thunderous bike, Jubilee quickly left the property without notice. Speeding off on the roads, the bike stealing teen traveled far and arrived to a familiar place - the Massachusetts Academy.

Jubilee (old account)
05-28-2012, 02:00 PM

"I've come here to this place several times already. Been gone from the mansion for a couple of weeks. I wonder if the guys have noticed," Jubilee thought, again roaring into the Massachusetts Academy entrance.

The sight was something for sore eyes. The school is in absolute shambles, part of it still standing and the rest...crumbled to the ground. Weeds, tall grass, giant roots and vines all surround the proberty. Windows shattered and some just broken, leaving sharp edges. The front gates were locked up with a chain, preventing people from entering, but Jubilee took care of that upon her first visit by blasting the lock off the chains with a small explosive of her powers. Driving up the formerly clean driveway, Jubilee amazingly kept Wolverine's bike under steady control. All the perks from watching the master work. Though the master himself would probably be scolding his "daughter" right about now for her actions.

Backpack on her back, thick black boots on, Jubilee decided to enter what was left standing of the school. The front doors creaked loudly, outstretching cobwebs from the crooks and crannies made by spiders. It's bizarre entering this place, almost like going through a time loop of some kind. All the old ghosts of memories seem to vividly show up. Looking at the stairs, Jubilee instantly recalls herself and former teammates running down the stairs. Everyone hurrying for class. Mr. Cassidy ran a tight ship, but moreso Ms. Frost. That glare she gave when entering her classroom even a minute late creeped anyone out!

"As if taking over Iceman's body wasn't weird enough," the teen remembered the time Emma's conciousness took over Bobby Drake's body when the former Hellions instructor was in a coma.

Shrugging her shoulders, Jubilee trekked through the dirt, rubble, and whatever else that was in her path to go further in the school. More memories flooded through her mind. Breakfast in the kitchen, chowing away at her favorite cereal. Then snoody Monet simply making a comment at Jubilee about the way she eats and talk at the same time. Little Miss Perfect watched on, only eating an apple before class in the morning. Like that made her special. Surprisingly, Jubilee found herself missing M.

Then there is Syaoran! The little feather man. So cute, but annoying at times. Still, Jubilee thought of him as a little brother she never had. She remembers when the Shi'ar boy was new to the customs of humans, trying to understand our ways. And like any child always asking, Jubilee would sometimes have to explain to him why humans do what they do...or even what they eat because it's just so damn good! "Sometimes, you don't need anymore explanation than that." she remembers telling the kid. A small smile crossed her face.

Just as the good memories are getting good, so did the bad ones. The day the Sentinels struck. Jubilee was unconcious for the battle while most of her friends defended their home and her. She barely remembers the whole thing, but can recall some instances of waking up here and there, seeing the Sentinels attacking her friends. "We are kids for cryin' out loud! We didn't deserve that!" her mind cried out.

A swelling of tears balled up in her eyes. The danger was so real at that moment. So much was at stake - their very lives! It's hard to believe our own government would do this by targeting a bunch of kids. Approaching a dusty window, Jubilee leaned against the wall, staring outside. Her eyes look at the sky, trying to see beyond the tall trees on the property. A bit of anxiety filled the pit of her stomach and her heart beating a little rapidly, thinking that at any moment a group of Sentinels are going to touch down any second. The anxiety scared her and turning away from looking out the window, Jubilee started searching with her eyes for possible places to duck and hide incase of an attack by the monstrous robots.

A certain corner looked good right about now. A large sofa stands in front of it with some kind of blanket. Imagining the situation, Jubilee figures she could run towards the sofa, grab the dusty blanket and hide behind the sofa while using the blanket (or whatever it is) to cover herself up. It is imagination like this that has fueled her recent nightmares. And yet very unlike her to be scared to this point. She knows this is not like her! She was never the type to just run away. For a long time, Jubilee had dodged missions with the X-Men, opting to focus on her studies - again, that's not like her too.

The threat of the Sentinels is gone! The X-Men took care of that during the Washington massacre, another event Jubilee thankfully was not a part of. Granted, she was still with Generation X at the time. Taking steps over to the dirty sofa, Jubilee moved the blanket away to reveal a decently cleaned spot. She removed her backpack to let it fall to the floor, then sitting down. Her thoughts went back to the X-Men, helping Wolverine when he was crucified. Tucking away on the X-Men's ship to Australia. Fighting The Reavers and Donald Pierce. Going to Genosha where she helped rescue some of the New Mutants during an aweful time in Genosha's history. Coming home to New York, meeting Professor Xavier and joining the X-Men and the many times she accompanied Wolverine - "God! That was so much fun! Nothin' like it anymore. What happened to beating up the bad guys?"

Continuing with her thoughts, "Now it's the government and conspiracies wanting to get rid of mutants. And a frickin' disease that targets us only. I'd rather go up against Sauron, Pyro, and Avalanche - the dweeb squad."

Every battle is because it was to save the world. To keep a peace between humans and mutants. Those lines are now blurred. "Wow, have I totally gone emo. Have I really let myself go? Have I really let society depress me?

"Next thing I know, I'm gonna be wearing net shirts, way oversized pants, write depressing poetry, and oh no...God forbid, only shop at Hot Topic," and her mouth slightly opened in disgust at the thought. Perish the thought, Jubilee. It was all the teen could suddenly think about in the moment. A small shiver went up her spine.

Standing up, Jubilee went back to the window. Sighing and thinking what Wolverine would say about our world. "It's not much kiddo, but it's our home." Her mouth crept a smirk and she began shaking her head. The man with claws would be right. This world is all she has and like everyone else, has a right to defend it to make herself safe and for anyone. History has shown civilization constantly changing. Sometimes, there are sacrifices, but all for the greater good. If not for those sacrifices, there wouldn't be awesome video games and clothes to shop for. Worst of all, no bubble gum! Or no iPod to listen to music. And oh yeah, like also, no civil rights movement, women's rights movement, gay rights, mutant rights...if not for those who trailblazed those rights. Guess the studying is coming in use afterall - but the X-Men are right. Sometimes, to help matters, the challenges made must be taken head on.

"I think I wanna go home," as she then grabbed her backpack. She places it back on her, heading outside the school to the bike waiting for her. Once grabbing the helment, Jubilee becomes distraced by a crack of a stick on the ground. Turning her head quickly, she caught the glimpse of a man in an odd suit and helmet coming towards her. Bad part is, he's not alone.

Jubilee (old account)
06-03-2012, 05:06 PM
The odd looking men began to close in on Jubilee and Wolverine's bike. The mutant teen paused with her head looking around in every direction of these men in suits approaching her. Heart racing, the fiesty Jubilee started putting strategies together in her mind. This was certainly unexpected! Plus, she has not been apart of the "action" in recent months. There was that fear of rust already settled in. One man barked for Jubilee to not move and remain still. Okay, so the man speaks out something that sounds like a cop, but yet he's definitely not a cop. Something is not right about these men whatsoever.

Glancing at the front door of the Academy, Jubilee hopes she might be able to somehow find her way to get back inside. It won't be easy since all eyes are on her at the moment. Thinking to herself, "Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please - let me get through this! Think Jubilee! What would Wolvie do!?"

The creepy men continued inching towards her. It was now or never. Closing her eyes, secretly praying her idea works, Jubilee summoned forth a tremendous burst of bright light from her hands! The colorful lights shot in the air from her raised fists, exploding in fury! The men stopped as some were suddenly blinded and others stopped out of fear, thinking the teen is about to nail them with her powers. Quickly, Jubilee ran for the front entrance of the Academy! Breathing hard and her heart pumping with the rush of adrenaline, energy blasts of some kind fired in her direction! Amazingly, Jubilee was able to dodge the blasts.

Nearing the door and an energy blast heading towards her, Jubilee takes a risk, front flipping to inch closer to the entrance! Apparently, her gymnastic skills still held on. Furiously opening the door, then closing it tight behind her, she tried looking for the lock. Flipping the lock over, she rested her body back against the door with a sense of relief. "That should hold'em off for a little bit," she breathlessly said under a murmur. Slowly turning her head though, Jubilee noticed a big opening in the former living quaters where there no longer stands a wall.

"Ah, crap," was all Jubilee could muster in response sarcastically.

Outside, she could hear the men barking orders to one another to surround the place and get inside! Running for the stairs, the teen ran up the steps in what seemed like she was calling on the power of Quicksilver, Magneto's speedster son, in comparison to how fast she moved! Frightened and yet trying to think her way out of the situation, she made it to the top of the steps, running down the long hallways. With a variety of doors open, Jubilee kept running, but not noticing that a man was flying from window to window from the outside, following his prey every step she ran.

The suited man summoned an bolt of energy, thunderously bursting the wall! Jubilee fell back against the wall on impact, shoulder first! The gaping hole showed the hovering man entering as Jubilee's eyes stare in her attacker's direction. More energy balls form around his fists and Jubilee's eyes widen! Knowing she's got to move, the spunky girl calls for all the strength she's got to get the hell off the ground now and move! Frontward rolling out of the way across the wooden floor, the energy bolts explode against the floor, snapping and bursting wood and a portion of the wall.

Without thinking, Jubilee reacts fast, outwardly extending her arms and hands at the attacker. Colorful beams of explosive engery target her opponent with ease! The energy hits his chest, busting open his suit! The man falls to the floor hard, screaming horrifically as if he just been injured badly. "NO! I'm exposed!" he terrifyingly cried out.

"Jeez, get a grip, will ya?!" said a blunt Jubilee, knowing full well that her attack was not meant to kill, but to subdue him. Yet, he acted like he was being killed.

Further examinging the man, Jubilee saw bizarre scars over his exposed body. It was as though the man had some very extensive surgery rather recently - plastic surgery gone wrong or something. Shrugging the thought on what this man did to his body, Jubilee ran further down the hall, but was immediately stopped in her tracks! Another suited man surprised the teen, stepping out of a room into the hall. The air escaped her chest as she tried stopping, but only got too close to the man that it allowed him to shove the smaller girl to the floor hard. Crouching on top of her, the man starts trying to pin Jubilee down.

Wiggly and doing her best to try and get away, the man's strength was impressive! He held her down with ease - as though he had all the strength in the world. It was abnormally strong. Years with the X-Men, Jubilee can tell the difference thanks to working alongside the likes of Rogue, Colossus, and M to name a few who have super strength. Putting her hands above her head and holding them together with his one hand, the man used his other free hand to reach into a pocket. "Let me go! Let me go now, you creep! Who are you?!" she asked out of fright.

Pulling out a sharp scalpel, that is when the worry really reached high levels in Jubilee. The man spoke into some kind of communicator, "I have the mutant. Proceeding to obtain organs," he spoke with no hint of emotion at all. He is completely formal in his objective.

"Organs?! You gotta to be joking, bub! I plan to be an organ doner and all once I get my liscense, but in the meantime, I'd like to keep my organs. Thank you very much."

Unable to escape the man's strength and the scalpel slowly inching towards her stomach, Jubilee remembered one thing Wolverine taught her was a weakness for attackers in these kinds of situations. The one secret move all girls should know. Hoping it works, gathering her strength, Jubilee bashes her knee in the man's groin! Now it's the man whose air escapes his chest as his strength severely loses grip and he falls over to his side, holding himself between his legs. "You're not so tough with that super strength now, huh?"

Bruised, dirty, and scared - Jubilee now had a new goal. Get the hell out of dodge! She ran down the hall further, entering a room. She had to get downstairs. Opening a window, she looked around at the ground, seeing none of the men in suits. However, she began to hear voices bark in the halls behind her and stomps all over the place. They were inside, getting closer to finding her. Not sure what to do to get down from the upper floor, her head turned to notice a water pipe along the brick wall. Perfect! Only problem is, Jubilee isn't exactly used to climbing down water pipes. Hoping for the best, the girl started exiting through the window, grabbing the pipe tight, crawling down it slowly.

"Great. I've reduced myself to be like a certain web crawler I see in the papers."

Thankfully, Jubilee made it down, but not without of course obtaining a cut on the inside of her palm. Right shoulder banged up, bruised and roughed up, narrowly escaping death, and getting cut - Jubilee hurries back to her bike where she zooms off quickly in the distance. Despite all that just happened, Jubilee felt a kind of accomplishment. She survived. Scared at moments, yes, but she fought back. She refused to be the victim to these badly scarred men with powers and trying to take her organs. Wolverine would be proud. No longer feeling like a victim, Jubilee felt rejuvinated and it's time to get back to the mansion. One thing is for sure, she knows something doesn't feel right, therefore the X-Men have to be informed.

A few hours later, Jubile made it home. Driving up to the entrance, she saw that a portion of the mansion was destroyed! Concerned, she zoomed up the mansion entrance, where she immediately got off the bike busting through the door after using her powers to blow it open! "Professor! Cyke! Anyone home?!" cried the girl in great worry. Running rampant throughout the mansion, Jubilee continued calling out to her friends - hoping someone would hear her...that someone, anybody...everyone is okay.