View Full Version : Prelude to an attack.

President Caedman Lamm
09-18-2005, 10:03 AM
President Caedman Lamm sat at his desk in the Oval Office, scanning the day's report from his National Security Advisor, the main focus of which was the Mutant Threat, and the possible effects Operation Zero Tolerance would have on it.

His days in the White House were numbered, although for a far different reason than he thought. Unfortunately, the Constitution of the United States of America did not allow a President to serve for longer than 8 years, and he was very quickly getting to that 8-year threshold. Senator Robert Kelly was out there campaigning his ass off, his rising numbers spurred on by the surprising support of Senator Kelly over even the sitting Vice President, who had fallen out of favor with Lamm.

But he had no desire for his legacy to be passing the Mutant Problem onto the next President. He did not want to be the guy history remembered as the President who let the Other Guy take the credit.

The man who was coming to visit him now was part of his plan to make sure that didn't happen.