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Baron Fel0
08-07-2005, 12:44 AM
Sinister was not happy. After all his hard work, Nur had escaped, he had played his hand and now Apocylapse and quite possibly Nur were both after him. He snarled wondering how his options had dwindled so quickly when he noticed a spot on one of his monitors. This was intiresting, Nathan Summers, the mutant known as Cable, was registering in two places at once. Perhaps, Stryfe had returned, and if so could he use that to his advantage? He punched into local surveilance cammeras and was suprised to see a very young looking man about to board a helicopter. Sinister paused the image and stared at the boy, there was no doubt he was Sinister's work yet somehow he was unfamiliar to him.

This could prove intiresting, he mused, sitting back into his chair. Maybe things aren't as dark as he had thought. He watched as the helicopter took off, heading towards Winchester, where Nur was. very initresting indeed.

And The Pale Rider Was Death
08-07-2005, 03:52 AM
It took some looking, but it was not long before Nur felt him out. By now, his presence was familiar enough to her, and with the battle fresh in her mind, she knew that finding him, now, at least evened the ground between herself and Apocalypse. While he continued to retain and thereby ruin Nicole, she would keep tabs on what he had so disdainfully "given" in return.

True to her word that she would not intrude upon Apocalypse while he remained in sanctuary, it was probably more likely that she found Essex, now, because she knew he was a free outlet for agression. Nicole was damaged by her contact with Apocalypse, but for a moment, Nur saw that the damage was repairable, and Apocalypse could not kill her, so she did not worry.

However, she wondered how far she could drag this other Essex. If he were conditioned and controlled properly, loyalty would be instilled, and it would indicate she had succeeded where Apocalypse had most obviously failed.

She appeared firm and confident, seemingly unruffled by her previous struggle, and still quite nude. Pricks of light caught at the metallic blue markings that lay coiled over her body, making them fluid and animate. She announced her presence with a very light clearing of her throat as she approached, a decidedly wicked look in her eyes.

"We have some unfinished business, I believe." She said it in a very formal manner, as though discussing a contract; in reality, she was. After all, it'd been his promise she heard before Apocalypse's discard.

Baron Fel0
08-08-2005, 08:18 PM
"We have some unfinished business I believe." Sinister heard, from behind him, spinning around in his chair he saw Nur standing there watching him.

"He turned back to his controls for a second and had his various surveillance equipment set up to watch the young man he had found. He could prove useful, in eliminating both the former and his new master.

"Yes I suppose you can call it that, so you still intend to allow me to help you defeat Apocylapse?" Sinister asked, as he turned back towards this other Nur he had promised himself to. He had to be careful, although he amost longed for it he could not risk her trying to assert dominance like she had the last time again.

And The Pale Rider Was Death
08-14-2005, 10:16 PM
"Yes I suppose you can call it that, so you still intend to allow me to help you defeat Apocylapse?"

What insolence! "You say that as if I would even require your assistance," she murmured, the slow strides she'd been taking toward him moving to a full walk, until finally she came to stand before him. "No, Essex, I believe our bargain rolled upon the concept that you required my help."

She reached for him, or rather around him, with the intent of grasping him and pulling him closer pretty much by the base of the neck. There was a full glare in place on her visage, now, which probably made her look even more like her male counterpart than she ever had before.

"But at present, I have other concerns, and am not feeling terribly reasonable because of that. So business aside, I think you're just going to amuse me for a while."

Mister Sinister
08-24-2005, 05:39 AM
"But at present, I have other concerns, and am not feeling terribly reasonable because of that. So business aside, I think you're just going to amuse me for a while." Nur said as she wrapped herself close to him.

Sinister would be sweating if he could. She looked more like Apocylapse than ever before and that was begining to worry him. Perhaps his bargain had been just to switch one evil for another. Still anything was better than Apocylapse and even playing the two against eachother so he could finish the victor off.

"My lady, I meant nothing by the comment other than what you have stated. How can I serve you? I'm not sure if I have anythng to amuse you with. I am after all a mere scientist."

And The Pale Rider Was Death
08-29-2005, 10:37 PM
"My lady, I meant nothing by the comment other than what you have stated. How can I serve you? I'm not sure if I have anythng to amuse you with. I am after all a mere scientist."

Nur clamped her hand on the back of his neck, easily meeting him at eye level. For a moment she'd forgotten that he was -- through and through -- still an Englishman. So of course, the minute he was reproached, he simpered and back-pedaled. Satisfying on one level, but disappointing on another. However, she was not so stupid as to underestimate Apocalypse's assessment of him, or what that meant in regard to the other man. If he was that much trouble, then she was not about to trust his grovelling at face value.

"Essex, I do not care for most men, specifically those that fail to be straightforward with me," she said boredly, tracing his jawline experimentally. Brief whisps of flesh color followed along on his face in the wake of her fingers. "And if your previous master failed to trust you, then I know I have little reason to as well." Her hold tightened. "So I am going to make this easy for you. I am not your previous master. The only reason you're not screaming right now is because I see no reason to break you yet. And don't think that I can't. Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

Mister Sinister
08-31-2005, 08:26 PM
"Crystal, madam," Sinister said feeling once again allured and yet repulsed by Nur, the more he knew of her the more he regreted having made this deal it seemed that he might have to go and find his weapon against Apocylapse and set it against them both. If they truly were as similar as it appeared Nathan Summers should be able to kill both or at the least kill the survivor when there conflict would come.

And The Pale Rider Was Death
09-02-2005, 10:51 PM
"Crystal, madam."

Following his admission, Nur was prepared to release him, though she paused. The hand near his face traced along to rest on his cheek, and she shut her eyes briefly. Though her touch effected him physically, there was still no mistaking it; on some strange level, down to the point where the vibration of his aura touched the faintest and most frajile of her senses, he felt just like her.

This world was proving to sport the second side to every coin after all.

Nur lingered a moment, face set in a deep, concentrating frown as she leaned nearer, until finally her forehead practically touched his. It was soothing, resting for a bare moment, and taking enough of that likeness to assure herself things were fine -- that her charge was not caught in her own maddness at the hands of Apocalypse.

As it was, it meant she could not remain long; there was still much to do.

But just a minute longer.

Baron Fel0
09-06-2005, 09:42 PM
Sinister was amazed as the Nur woman suddenly pressed her forehead to his and held it there. It seemed tocomfort her somehow and he although not having such thoughts for over a hundred years didn't mind the proximity either. It seemed to him as if things slowed down somehow. Perhaps he was mistaken in thinking she was like Apocylapse after all?

And The Pale Rider Was Death
09-13-2005, 03:39 AM
Nur released Essex, more gently than she'd first intended to, and she searched his face, seeking further familiarity. Perhaps in the eyes, the nose, the mouth. She felt a deep seed of disappointment settle in her when she found none of these, no echoes she could see. Some expression akin to disgust marked her features, and she turned away from him.

"I'm wasting time here," she murmured. "But you can be of some use to me. The ship that remains in the Xavier mansion contains schematics for the Celestial Ship. Acquire them." She afforded him a brief glance before her form dissipated, and quickly as she'd appeared, she was gone.

Mister Sinister
09-13-2005, 11:28 PM
Sinister smiled at the orders he had gotten. Schematics for Apocylapse's Celestial Ship? This was to good to be true and on top of that it'd give him time to check up on a few side projects that were hanging around the mansion. He smiled and went back to his monitors checking up on various expierments, watching X-Factor in one window, Jean and the Professor in another, watching Sabertooth attack D.C. in another, and seeing Nate Grey in the last.