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06-27-2005, 05:01 PM
With a flick of her wrist, Jean Grey could make the flames in the fireplace dance into whatever shape, size, or figure she desired. It was in the sitting room that Jean had fled to recover her thoughts. For someone with such control over the world, capable of changing the elements of matter to fit her desire, she hated the lack of control she had over her current situation.

She'd lost Scott Summers to Emma Frost, and whether she'd like to admit her own hand in driving him away, she couldn't be sure. She expected Scott to be as he always had been - there for her in her time of need. But the Jean he'd known had effectively died on the table of the med lab, and Scott, bless his heart, had found a way to move on before when Jean "died" on the dark side of the moon. Could she honestly assume he would have been by her side forever?

Of course she could have. They were husband and wife. That's what marriage was about. And for him to just leave her, in sickness, for worse... a part of her hated him for that. During her time without memory, Jean was fueled by her emotions and feelings, and those in turn were fueled by the Phoenix Force which she once again was host to. It was a dangerous line she was walking, especially after witnessing her man in the arms of another woman's embrace.

She'd returned home to a situation no better. During her amnesiac state, her feelings for Logan began to return, as he was the one around her, ready to talk and hear her side of what was going on. Now that Scott had seemingly made his choice regarding what woman he wanted to be with, Jean's instincts were to run to Logan for comfort. But was that fair to him? If she ran to him, it would have to be as something else, because that's what her feelings were telling her, and she could sense that within him as well.

But their first moment together again had been interrupted by Ororo, and Jean let the two of them be alone for the time being. Now, alone herself, she watched the flames dance before her, twirling a finger idly to make them sway and shiver. Her mind was in torment, her heart in pieces. She wanted to lash out at the world for betraying her in this matter, but at the same time, wanted to curl up in a helpless ball and just brood until it was all over.

With her emotions conflicted, she merely sat and thought.

Xtreme Windrider
06-27-2005, 10:08 PM
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<table width="417" height="305" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="background-image:url(http://misusedmayhem.com/test/stormtable.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat"><tr><td width="405" align="right"><br/><br/><div style="width:150px;height:180px;overflow:auto;filter:chro ma(color=#BFB0BE);scrollbar-face-color:#202020;scrollbar-arrow-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-track-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-shadow-color:#66A3C7;scrollbar-highlight-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-3dlight-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-darkshadow-Color:#BFB0BE"><p align="left"><span style="color:#000000">Sometimes. It felt as if the X-Men were nothing more than a mere soap opera. So much had happened with them and between each other it was no wonder that Ororo hadn't just left and returned back to her home in Cairo. Or remained for that matter. She'd just returned, and to her surprise she'd found Logan and Jean together. Whether the situation was compromising or not in action was anyones guess but Storm had heard enough. Logan still cared for Jean so, and despite the fact that he promised not to hurt her. To do right by her, and to have something with her, the weather goddess wasn't too sure that he would come through with his promise. She'd saved herself for him and she'd let down each of her defenses one by one. To let him in, but if the end result was going to be him running back to Jean then it'd be in his best bet to not attempt anything with her or break it off all together. Storm was trying to open up to the feral mutant. And she was doing a good job about it, but she'd be no ones pawn. Just from Jean's leaving them to talk, Ororo could tell that something was bothering her best friend but she didn't know what it was exactly. She didn't even know where to begin to start to ask. She'd been gone for some time and in her time back she hadn't seen Scott Summers who was usually always around Jean. Which only led Ororo to believe that something was amidst with the perfect couple. If this was true, she knew she should be there for her friend. That would be the only plausible thing for her to do or she wouldn't forgive herself for at least not inquiring.

After suggesting to Logan that they check on Jean, Storm had made her way through the mansion in search of her friend only to find her sitting in the sitting room. The flames of the fireplace lit, and Jean seemingly lost in her own thoughts. Ororo craned her head to the side a moment as she stood in the entrance watching her. She knew that Jean would be able to sense that she was there. The red head was a telepath after all. Moving to take a few steps inward, Ororo cut her crystalline blue eyes towards the flames and cleared her throat. It was a form announcing that she was there thought it was not needed. "Jean, my friend," She began, as she let her eyes linger in the direction that Jean had been in. "What is it that troubles you?" Ororo had asked that in an inquisitve tone of voice, her african accent thick as she made sure Jean heard her and the like. Storm made it a quick notion to keep her thoughts and what she wanted to think and say at an all time low. She didn't need telepaths playing around in her mind and it was something that she often frowned up about. That just upset her when her mind is invaded without her consent. The mind tended to be like a personal diary in a sense. It was Ororo's personal space and she wouldn't dare allow someone to just willingly tamper with her thoughts with her permission. It's why she often seemed un-nerved when around some of the telepaths. Even those that were like her friends.

Ororo took several steps forward and eased around so that she could come to Jean's side. She had questions and she knew that she might as well ask them now. "What exactly is gong on between you and Scott?" It was a touchy subject for Jean, but Ororo did not know that. She didn't know of Scott's escapade with Emma Frost. If she had then Storm would have likely had to step out to make a visit. Nothing was going to change that from happening regardless if the story was given to Storm of what happened. Jean had amnesia and now she didn't. Surely Cyclops would not give up on his wife? The rituals of marriage were set in stone. Till death do us part was a big step for alot of people. Who wouldn't abide by those laws? A few ivory strands of hair spilled along the front of her face as she took the liberty to toss them back and away from her eyes. Storm didn't know exactly what to do or what to say. Or how to even go about making Jean feel slightly better. Perhaps a night on the town would be in order. It'd been a while since they went out and just had fun. Shopping. Dancing. Doing the things that women usually liked to do. Ororo's arm rose to lace over her stomach just under her bosom and as she took a small breath she watched her friend closely. Watching the expression upon her face. Watching the actions that she did as she seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. Jean had been a host for the Phoenix, and no one knew better first hand, than Storm what she was like when those emotions weren't exactly in check. It was said that a mutant lost control when their emotions were not in check. It'd happened to the best of the. Even Storm's. She wasn't exactly sure that was going to change.

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x Simone x
06-28-2005, 06:43 PM
Where is she, Simone thought as she peered down upon the mansion grounds. She was searching for the woman that had brought her to the mansion, the woman who just discovered her husband in the arms of another woman. To that extent, Simone felt a sudden urge to ignore her curiousities and leave the woman in peace - not that she would receive any after the constant images of betrayal and lies before her. Simone just wanted to figure out what was going on, what had occurred that was making even the leader of the organization seem uneasy.

Everyone did not always get what they wanted, though, and Simone was fine with the lack of information. The blonde was simply over-concerned with the means of this team when her team was somewhere unknown. She had the option of staying with Generation X and Emma Frost, but Simone was not right inside; Jean Grey mentioned another place she could go to for protection and help with her abilities, and here she is. Standing on the rooftop of the establishment, Simone felt the winds rush passed her slim body almost seconds before the drafts fully arrived. Simply an addition to her senses, Simone accepted the change in perspective as she fought hard from the idea of flying away. That would feel good, to simply fly to her heart's content and not feel the pressures of reality - instead only the air pressure of nature.

Arms extended into the air, Simone grew tired of waiting for answers. It was time for her to do something on her own, to find the source of the problem and nip it in the bud. However, in order for her to do such a thing, she must find guidance in someone else. Anyone else. Jumping from the rooftop of the mansion, nature caught Simone with its protective hands gripped together, and she started to make rounds around the mansion.

As she flew with the grace of a bald eagle, Simone withdrew within herself and pulled memories from earlier. Although the desire to think of Marc was high on her mind, the flying blonde could not stop the many images of Emma Frost and Scott Summers. Total opposites, even in their last names - one of winter and the other of summer. How could they have gotten together? How could the so-called leader of the Generation X squadron commit such adultry when his wife was away waiting on his return? Simone was no angel when it came to what was right and wrong, but she knew her limitations.

But maybe she didn't - that was why she was here. For some time, Simone had used experience to her advantage when her powers were ever mentioned. She was one of few mutant teenagers able to fend off aliens that attacked their home; she was strong, or so she thought. And, when it all came down to the wire, Simone did not know as much as one would think. It surprised her that, after so many years, everything was coming into the open. All her priorities were mixed in a jumbled array of misfortune and unhappiness. Something had to change. It had to change now.

Various windows came into Simone's air-bound view, and she did not uncover much inside. But the unescaping red hair that was once aflame with wild cosmic energy was something that Simone could not have possibly of missed. Instead of entering the scene, though, Simone decided it best to observe the situation. Jean did not look happy, and it seemed like she and the white haired African Princess were having a girl-to-girl moment. What better way to wait was there besides Simone pulling each word to her with the winds' help? Hell, maybe she will finally understand what was going on around the mansion.

06-28-2005, 11:11 PM
Ororo's entrance did not go unnoticed; there were few things that went unnoticed to one of the world's strongest telepaths, whose powers were augmented by a universal power known as the Phoenix Force. As Ororo cleared her throat, the sound did not surprise Jean or cause her to stir. She continuned to look into the fire, as if wanting to bathe herself in it and purge herself of these problems.

As the weather witch spoke, referring to Jean as her friend, for a moment Jean truly looked up at Ororo with familiar eyes, looking on her with friendship. They'd been there for each other for years, and now it seemed Ororo was ready to play the role again for Jean, asking what it was that troubled her. Jean did not turn her fellow X-Woman away, but made no move to welcome her either. She had rather liked being alone in her thoughts, though at the moment she made no attempt to return to that state.

But then, Storm asked what was going on with her and Scott, and it was as if something snapped within Jean. There was no outwardly sign, but those feelings of appreciation for a friend suddenly turned into spite and loathing. How dare she come to her with this question? If Storm was any kind of woman at all, she would have picked up on something between Logan and Jean on the porch of the Xavier Institute. And now, her question was of Scott? Was this some kind of new tactic to lay guilt at Jean's doorstep? She had no reason to feel guilty for what had happened between she and Scott, or with Logan. Her husband betrayed her with another woman, and Logan was there for her. If Jean knew Storm as well as she thought she did, she knew the weather witch would not back down or melt from a little competition. If Storm and Logan were truly together - and that would be a loose relationship considering how little time they spent together as of recent - did she feel so threatened by Jean to come here and bring up Scott?

Jean's head cocked slightly toward Ororo as she remained seated. The flames of the fireplace flared slightly, but someone as attuned to her environment as Ororo was would probably noticed. "Scott is in Alaska with Emma Frost," Jean said plainly. "And I am here." She finally decided to look Storm in the eyes, a look that was not exactly piercing or dangerous but was no longer the gaze of a friend. "Where have you been?" she said, her tone implicating that Ororo's absense was inappropriate for some reason - after all, in Jean's mind, Ororo would have a difficult time making a case that Logan was her's when she was often not around to claim him.

Xtreme Windrider
06-29-2005, 01:32 AM
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<table width="417" height="305" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="background-image:url(http://misusedmayhem.com/test/stormtable.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat"><tr><td width="405" align="right"><br/><br/><div style="width:150px;height:180px;overflow:auto;filter:chro ma(color=#BFB0BE);scrollbar-face-color:#202020;scrollbar-arrow-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-track-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-shadow-color:#66A3C7;scrollbar-highlight-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-3dlight-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-darkshadow-Color:#BFB0BE"><p align="left"><span style="color:#000000"> Ororo Munroe had been the type to be fully aware of her surroundings. She was one with nature after all and nothing was going to change that. But she was not only aware of her surroundings, she was aware of the little changes that happened around her. Such as Jean's change in attire to her Dark Phoenix garb which had disturbed her a bit upon opening that front door to greet them. Something was obviously going on between them. All three of them. Scott Summers, Jean Grey, and Logan. There had always been some sort of a love triangle between the three of them. Logan always having had feelings for Jean who he couldn't have because she was with Scott Summers. They were the perfect little family that one would find on a Hallmark Card. Them with their children from the future. Some more crazed than others. Ororo wasn't quite sure how to take Jean's attitude. When she gazed at her with those beautiful emerald hues, Ororo saw friendship within her eyes. They were those same warm, familiar eyes that Jean had when she and Ororo had first met upon Ororo's arrival to New York from Cairo. For so many years the two had been there for each other but as of late. Ever since she had gotten her amnesia it was as if the Phoenix Force was what guided her instead of Jean's actual concious doing what was right. The phoenix force shaped her personality and whether it was doing that now or not was anyone's guess. Ororo was trying her best to not think that Jean was letting the Phoenix toy with her emotions once again and run them at an all time high.

Ororo didn't need to be a telepath to know that something within Jean snapped when she asked her about Scott. It was almost as if Ororo could notice the emotion feigning from her friends facial features but she didn't exactly know what to do about that. A feeling of uncomfortableness rode through Ororo's frame and it was obvious as she shifted her stance a bit. Upon doing so, a few ivory strands of hair began to spill along her shoulder freely and down her back, the long calf length locks being tugged back with a simple hand as Ororo watched her friend closely. If she could even call her that. The way that Jean gave her a glance was not welcoming with Ororo and she was not one to fight with her friends for sake of savoring what a friendship was about. She feared nothing or no one but the great goddess, herself, and if Jean's intimidating glance was meant to do something it did nothing. It stirred something within Ororo which made her neatly arched eyebrows pull tight into a slight frown as she craned her head to the side a moment. Her weight had been shifted a bit as her hands grazed over the toned abdomen of hers which had been barron due to the uniform she'd chosen to wear. Ororo has had many uniforms throughout the years, but this particular one she liked because it reminded her of her time well spent with the Morlocks. The uniform was a combination of purple and silver. She wore a tight top that left her mid-riff and shoulders free, the definition of her arms and her abdomen, the muscle mass showing itself clearly. Attached were two ribbons instead of a cape that could be connected to her bracelets. This was combined with long low-cut pants that dared to give light to her pelvis region and clunky boots. The combination was first presented in black and gold, but she quickly switched to a purple/silver combination. Teh look had been combined with her classic tiara, but her long calf length hair that had grown longer probably since anyone had seen her remained down and straightened to a point.

Ororo was still trying to figure out what could have made Jean want to glance at her like that. She wasn't dumb by a long shot, and only a few more thoughts could have put it all together. It couldnt've been true however. Jean had to possibly know of what had been going on between she and Logan. Logan and Ororo were an item, or at least the last time she checked they were surely things hadn't changed over the time period that she'd been gone to Cairo. Perhaps Jean had taken her words the wrong way. Ororo had only meant them in a concerned manner but why didn't she just ask her about it instead? Why did she give her the look she had been given her. That made Ororo's eyebrows pull taut even more in a frown and she felt her muscles tense just slightly as she continued to stare into Jean's own eyes never blinking twice. Never looking in another direction. IT was a sign of submission that Ororo just didnt have within her. There wasn't one submissive bone in her body and perhaps that is why she had become leader of the X-Men a many times before. Perhaps that is why she was looked at as the second in command when Scott Summers was not around. Because she knew how to lead. She knew how to be strong for her team. For her friends. She knew how to handle most situations but this particular one that she had been in wasn't sitting on her stomach all that well and it was really working on that little nerve she had within herself that kept her from crossing over the line of insanity. This was crazy. Jean couldn't have possibly had feelings for Logan, could she? Not when she had a husband that was probably waiting for her wherever it was that he was at. And then Jean's words fell to her ears.

"Scott is in Alaska with Emma Frost," Ororo felt her heart lurch forward for a moment and all she could really do was blink her beautiful crystalline blue eyes at Jean as she began to speak. Emma Frost?! There was no possible way that Scott would be there and not here with his wife. Was there something going on behind the scenes that she didn't know about? That Jean was upset about? Emma was a slut through and through, Ororo knew this. Could the reaosn for Jean's anger inside. The look she'd given Ororo been because Ororo had made contact on a touchy subject? "And I am here." Those words fell on deaf ears however, because Ororo could see plainly through bright eyes that Jean was there before her. The flames of the fireplace crackled to life when Jean said what she had said, which is what led Ororo to believe that something had happened. It would explain the closeness that Logan and Jean have with each other while she hadn't been around and it was something that made Ororo's heart sink to an all new low. Jean wouldn't make a move on Logan. That was her best frend. She knew of what was going on between them, and she was sure Logan had to tell her. But if that was the case, why did Ororo feel as if she was on the brink of losing something that had just started? Craning her head to the side just slightly, Ororo felt a long strand of ivory hair dance along the sides of her face, the classic tiara keeping them from coming fore front. Jean's eyes no longer held the gaze of a friend, but the gaze of what would be an enemy and Ororo didn't like it. Storm didn't like it. "Where have you been?" Now that made the weather witch arch an eyebrow. She was trying to figure out where did Jean get off questioning where -she- had been. It offended Ororo and it was obvious as she moved to stand to her full height of 5'11". It was almost as if Jean had been suggesting that Storm should have been around but she wasn't.

"By the bright lady, Jean..." Storm began, her african accent thick, "Where I have been is something that shouldn't have to be questioned..." Storm trailed off, her words a bit sharper than usual. She didn't like Jean's tone with her, and she was not one for being opposed in an offensive manner and that is what it felt like. As if Jean was trying to call her out about something that she just couldn't bring or form into the words to fall from her lips. "... given that you are a telepath." She finally finished, her words hitting home completely. From the corner of her eyes, Storm saw a figure floating upon the outside of one of the windows but she made no motion to directly acknowledge the girl immediately. Storm's blue eyes remained on Jean for only a moment, almost not wanting to tear them from Jean's own eyes but instead she did. Her exotic blue eyes traveled in the direction of the window that Simone had been on the outside of and with a wave of her hand a gust of wind tore in the direction of the window to push it open so that Simone could enter. "Eavesdropping is something that I wouldn't recommend with many telepaths upon the grounds. Please. Enter." Storm's african accent was silent yet thick, her voice carrying heavily over to Simone. Despite Storm did not smile, there was still a warmth about her that wouldn't just send the girl running away.

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06-29-2005, 04:23 AM
Jean let out a sigh as she turned her attention back to the fire, the movement of the flames mirrored in Jean's glassy eyes. She watched the fire dance from side to side, longing to feel the warmth that such a fire would bring. But her husband was gone, off with another woman because some group of teens needed him. And now, her relationship with Logan was being challenged. For nearly as long as Jean could remember, it had been Logan that pursued her, trying to steal her away from Scott. When the marriage went through, things settled down, but the tension was still there, and Jean could sense the passion within him. Now, to want him and be willing to have him but not allowed... it was torturing Jean inside, especially knowing that it was her best friend that was standing in the way.

But Storm had been through a lot, and Jean regretted the fact that she'd questioned Storm's whereabouts. With Cyclops in Alaska, Storm was now leader of the X-Men, and with that title would come great responsibility, a responsibility that often meant pushing personal relationships and feeling aside to do what's best for the team. If Storm was elsewhere, it was because she had to be. "I'm sorry, Ororo," Jean said as she muffled her face in one hand, rubbing her temples to try and relieve some of the tension in her mind. "I'm sure you had good reason to be away."

She heard Storm direct her attention to the person eavesdropping from outside, and Jean's telepathy instantly clued her in as to who the person was. The last thing she needed was for the entire mansion to see her like this, so Jean waved a hand at the fireplace, signaling for the flames to die to a normal level. Rising to her feet, Jean used her telekinetic powers to rearrange the molecules of her costume, changing them into normal clothes within the blink of an eye. Rather than than bright crimson and yellow of the Phoenix costume, Jean now wore a baggy sweater and a pair of worn jeans that threatened to bust at the knees. She didn't bother looking out the window, but rather looked back to Storm, her eyes a mix of emotions, unreadable at present time. Jean really didn't know what she was thinking, but she needed some to lean on and someone to be there for her. While Storm was there now, that wasn't where Jean's mind first went.

"So where's Logan?" Jean asked, her stance not in the slightest way aggressive, but the mere fact that she asked about Wolverine perhaps strumming on the same chord Ororo had done when asking about Scott.

Xtreme Windrider
06-29-2005, 09:13 PM
<table width="100%" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3"><tr><td>
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<table width="417" height="305" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="background-image:url(http://misusedmayhem.com/test/stormtable.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat"><tr><td width="405" align="right"><br/><br/><div style="width:150px;height:180px;overflow:auto;filter:chro ma(color=#BFB0BE);scrollbar-face-color:#202020;scrollbar-arrow-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-track-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-shadow-color:#66A3C7;scrollbar-highlight-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-3dlight-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-darkshadow-Color:#BFB0BE"><p align="left"><span style="color:#000000"> There was something wrong with Jean and she didn't know if she should perhaps take it to the Professor before they end up at their wits end and an all out explosion happens or what. Storm's mind wasn't thinking too far ahead of it. The last time Jean acted in such a manner and in the way she did it nearly brought upon the destruction of the world itself. She was Dark Phoenix and the Hellfire Club had taken over her mind, so they thought. It was a horrid battle and it was something that she'd never ever forget no matter how hard she tries. It didn't scare her that Jean was acting the way she did, it was reliving everything that had happened. The last time she ended up in this predicament was when she saw Scott. With another woman. This had to be the case once more and Storm didn't have any intentions of questioning agian what had happened. Jean had let her know all too well through her emerald glance. That glance that had become cold. She'd let her know everything by the tone of her voice alone and Storm knew when to push things and when to not push them. There was a sigh that fell from her supposed 'best friend', and when her attention went back to those flames in the fireplace, Storm followed them there as well. Whether Jean knew it or not, Storm was offended by everything that had just happened. It was almost as if she wasn't herself, because Storm meant not to pose any kind of threat by her comments or her actions.

The Goddess had been through alot and she wasn't exactly expecting to come home to her best friend being short with her and treating her as if she was the enemy to whatever had happened while she was away. Storm was in Cairo for a reason and it had been long, hard months there. If anyone could understand that, Storm knew that Jean could. But obviously her assumptions of the red head had been wrong. Now who was the ivory haired beauty to turn to? Herself? To the great goddess herself? With Cyclops in Alaska, it was Storm that had to step up to the leader position now. She'd done it a many times before, this was no different. It was like a second nature to the weather goddess, and it was shown in the way she still exuded that calmness about her spirit, mind, and body. With this job, especially, Storm couldn't wear her emotions on her sleeve for the public to view. She couldn't. She had to push them to the side, and to the back of he rmind to do wha was best for her team in all. "I'm sorry, Ororo," The apology almost fell on deaf ears, but Storm was not the type to hold grudges. Jean had began to rub her temples and muffled her face and Storm watched her, those eyebrows releasing themselves from the tight hold inwards. The frown dissipating. "I'm sure you had good reason to be away." There was a simple nod of her head. Storm didn't directly respond to the comment of her having good reason to be away.

Ororo's blue eyes fell towards the window in which she'd blown open awaiting the girl that had been eaves dropping. Awaiting Simone. Jean had instantly clued her in onto who exactly she had been and there was a simple nod of her head in her direction. The girl could utilize the wind, one of Storm's many elements that she could utilize to do her bidding. It would be fun training her, Ororo was almost sure of it. A warm smile was finally offered in her direction, before it slowly began to fade as she turned to look towards Jean Grey. When Jean rose to her feet, Ororo caught the temperature in the immediate vicinity changing. Lowering. She felt it against her flesh, and she felt it dance along her face. Ororo knew why the change in temperature had lowered, even if it was just slightly, and as she cut her eyes towards the fire place, the flames having died out, that only summed up Ororo's answer in her mind. Jean had made them die out. The Phoenix Force was a mighty thing to be reckoned with but Ororo wanted her best friend to be strong and not let it consume her mind. The X-Men needed the force on their side. It was a great ally as well as Jean and when the two were one they did great things. From the corner of her eyes, Ororo noticed Jean's Phoenix garb changing into regular clothes and Storm let a small sigh of relief roll through her frame. Thank the goddess. But that didn't mean it was over. Nothing was ever over and the Phoenix worked in odd ways. Storm just had to be completely observant where Jean was concerned.

When Jean looked into her eyes, Storm let a smile play along the corner of her lips. But before she could open her mouth to say ANYTHING, Jean's words that fell from her lips had her mood kind of wavering on the bad side. "So where's Logan?" Her stance was not aggressive, though even if it was Ororo wouldnt've been intimidated. But when she asked about Logan, Ororo was almost tempted to ask her something that had been at the back of her mind but she chose to refrain from doing so. Ororo just settled for keeping that small smile curled at the corner of her lips and not letting Jean play on that chord. Tha tnerve chord that would have surely made things happen that didn't need to. When Ororo turned to look at Jean completely, it was almost as if an invisible wind danced about her frame. Majestic in manner, causing her long silky, beautiful, calf length ivory hair to rise from their resting place near her ankles just a bit.Her hair wasn't heavy to her in the slightest bit. It was actually quite normal, even when drenched with water. "I was going to ask you the same thing, Jean. We spoke momentarily, but I assumed he would have come back to speak with you given I interrupted an intense, passionate conversation between the both of you." It was hard to determin the satire of Ororo's words. Caustic Wit, Irony, Sarcasm. It could have been anyone's guess what exactly she was feeling through those words. Storm refused to let her emotions show on that sleeve. She kept that beautiful crystaline gaze locked with Jean however, never letting it faulter in the slightest. "You'll have to excuse my intruding, but you both were missed a great deal. More so, Logan, given you understand what has happened between the both of us." There was a nod of her head, her comment referring to the relationship the two were supposed to be in.

</span></p></div></td></tr></table> </font> </div> </table>

x Simone x
06-30-2005, 01:57 AM
With her perch upon many air particles, Simone could see a vast area of the mansion's grounds. It was an amazing sight, to say the least, but it was something that had concerned Simone very little. She was more interested in finding Jean Grey; after looking for a short time, she had found the weilder of vast cosmic forces and someone else. The dark skinned woman was no new face to Simone. She had heard and seen various images and reports of the woman back in the now destroyed Generation X mansion, and Simone was more than respectful toward her. More so, her powers.

Ororo and Simone were somewhat similar in their goals. At least, Simone thought they were when her abilities were put to the test. The white haired beauty controlled the vast energies of nature to its full potential, while Simone controlled only part of the equation. Although she was satisfied with her ranking with the winds, Simone could not help but become jealous at the woman's wisdom with mother nature. That, too, had not fully interested Simone at this point, but it was one of the many reasons why she accepted Jean Grey's invitation to the mansion.

What forever concerned Simone, however, was the fact that both women's expressions held aggressive, unfriendly connections toward each other. Simone was not a telepath or empath, but she knew when something was angering someone els. Plus, the winds' fortunate presence graced her with their sarcastic replies and witty textures. Slightly amused - not to the point of sending her palm to her knee - Simone peeked around the corners of the window to receive a closer inspection of what was occurring. At least until the windows flew open with an outraging gust of winds, almost hitting her in the process. To avoid an unfortunate accident, Simone air-back peddled to ensure her safety, but some words from the African Princess was more than enough danger to put Simone on guard.

"Eavesdropping is something that I wouldn't recommend with many telepaths upon the grounds. Please. Enter." Storm stated simply, suggesting that Simone enter.

And what did the wind manipulator do? She entered the sitting room through the window, without second guessing herself or a verbal fight against Miss Munroe. That was the last thing that she needed, to go up against someone that could conjure five to ten tornados to her one or, if she got lucky, her two. Immediately after Simone touched the elegant carpet of this room, she pleaded her innocence that would prove more than unhelpful in this certain situation. "I'm sorry," Simone began. "I didn't mean to eavesdrop, really! I was just..." The tone in Simone's voice decreased as she thought of what why she was outside a window, many feet in the air. "Just... Looking for Jean... Jean Grey!"

What a great day this turned out to be. First, she broke up with her boyfriend; then, she was attacked by Sentinels; and now she ended up in inside a room with two infuriated mutant leaders. One powered by this situation and another. Another that had scared the hell out of her within the last hour. This was not Simone's day.

07-01-2005, 02:40 AM
From where Logan sat, he could see the sky darken slightly, as if preparing for a storm that was long overdue. He thought to himself as to whether or not this could be Ororo's doing. Logan had learned that there was little the woman known as Storm could not do when she put her mind to it. Though he did not attend the wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, he was aware that Storm had used her powers to make sure that day was as perfect as possible.

Yes, the friendship between Jean and Ororo dated back as long as Logan had known them. And yet here he was, damn near pitting them against each other. Jean had lost her husband to Emma Frost, which Logan himself found hard to believe. For as long as he knew Slim, he was a man who forever loved Jean Grey, and would fight for her and to be with her with every ounce of power in him. For him to simply just move on seemed unlikely.

So now, without a companion, Jean came to Logan. He'd been her ear and her shoulder to cry on as she struggled with her lost memories, and a part of him knew that he wouldn't be able to dispute the notion that their connection strengthened during this time. Had the flame he'd carried for her for years been rekindled in only a few short weeks? He couldn't say, but something was there. He could feel it, and judging by the way she looked at him, she could feel it too.

And then there was Storm, perhaps his best friend in this entire damn world. They'd been through a lot together, but more importantly, they understood each other. Logan understood that Storm was burdened by being the strength of the X-Men, her leadership role with this team forcing her to put her personal life on the back burner so that she could be at the forefront of this battle. This had been her way for as long as Logan could remember - with Arkon, with Forge. When Xavier first suggested Storm lead this team, years ago, after Jean had died as the Phoenix, Logan supported the decision. There was little about Ororo that he didn't support and love. Would he risk pushing all that away because of the whims of Jean Grey?

There were the thoughts that had prompted Logan to retreat into the forests of the Xavier Estate, where he could clear his head and be one with nature, the first calm moment he'd had in who knows how long. The mental clarity of the forest helped him analyze the situation in perhaps its most simplistic manner. He'd given his word to Storm that he would not hurt her, and he intended to stay true to his word. Wolverine was nothing if not a man of honor, and it would tear him apart inside if he knew he'd intentionally done something to hurt his friend. Therefore the choice was clear.

It didn't take the Canadian mutant long before he was able to return to the mansion, his trousers scratched from the dense woods he'd been in, his thin cotton shirt stained. He walked through the kitchen, approaching the refridgerator for a beer before hearing voices in one of the sitting rooms. He walked closer, his feet light on the wooden floor of the mansion. Entering into the room, he stood next to Storm as the young strawberry blonde tried to come up with an excuse as to why she was present. "Somehow I'm not exactly buyin' what this girl is sellin'," Logan said as he listened to Simone's reasoning. In an immediate gesture of where he sided, Logan placed a hand on the small of Storm's back.

x Simone x
07-08-2005, 08:41 PM
It was amazing how Simone had not caught the scent or heard the steps of Wolverine upon the winds. He was an extraordinary person, with stealth and a smart mouth to match. Simone did not trust him, though. He was not the only person marked untrustworthy on her list, but some people were granted easier access than others. It was possibly the fact that he smoked or the sense of uneasiness between Jean and Ororo that made Simone feel uncomfortable about the feral. Nevertheless, his entrance did not go unnoticed, along with his words and the fact that he was now touching Ororo Munroe.

Were they a couple? Oh, they were a couple of something if Jean could simply stand there and accept the fact that her interest was now moving on. Despite the fact that this was of none of Simone's concern, she threw pity into the air for the red-head telepath. She had been through so much in the last few hours that Simone had witnessed. The blonde did not know of Jean's recovery or her additional abilities influxed upon her mental psyche, but the wind manipulator did see what went down with Emma and Scott. There was no way in Simone's heart that she could blame Emma Frost for her developed relationship with Jean's husband, but Scott knew better. He was smart, wise and a leader; he did not act as such in the midst of their kiss.

That was why Simone felt a little closer to Jean. In her teenage world, Simone had been through the same tramatic experience with Eric. Eric was a kind person, someone that treated Simone like a goddess on the clouds, but he disappeared. He left without a word and Simone went through hell. This was, obviously, what the infamous Marvel Girl was going through. It saddened Simone to see the woman go through such a situation, but there were ways to get over it. She had to get over it or the experience would haunt her for the rest of her life.

"Somehow I'm not exactly buyin' what this girl is sellin'," Logan replied to Simone's frail excuse of eavesdropping.

Not caring what he thought of the situation, Simone rolled her eyes to express her lack of concern for the male and his malish charm. "Well, I've been told not to sell anything to pimps anyway, so you're out of luck, buddy." Her comment was meak and somewhat fearful, but it came out in the end. Afterwards, Simone turned to face Jean who seemed to sit calmly in the sitting room's furniture, and a nice smile was awarded to the woman.

"Could you show me around the mansion, Mrs. Grey? I do believe I was just brought here, and I have absolutely no clue where to go."

Xtreme Windrider
07-09-2005, 11:24 PM
<table width="100%" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3"><tr><td>
<div class='postcolor'><font color='' face='Tahoma'>
<table width="417" height="305" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="background-image:url(http://misusedmayhem.com/test/stormtable.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat"><tr><td width="405" align="right"><br/><br/><div style="width:150px;height:180px;overflow:auto;filter:chro ma(color=#BFB0BE);scrollbar-face-color:#202020;scrollbar-arrow-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-track-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-shadow-color:#66A3C7;scrollbar-highlight-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-3dlight-color:#BFB0BE;scrollbar-darkshadow-Color:#BFB0BE"><p align="left"><span style="color:#000000"> "I'm sorry," Simone had began, "I didn't mean to eavesdrop, really! I was just..." The girl stumbled over her words and that made Storm arch a slender eyebrow as she cast her cerulean blue eyes upon the younger female before her. The look in her eyes was that of any normal person who wouldn't believe a child had they knew they been caught in a lie. Storm was a hardly a person to joke around and play games with anyone, much settle for a child eavesdropping on an adults conversation when it had been none of their business. Perhaps this was one of those days that everyone was going to dance on the chord within the usually serene, and peaceful goddess. That chord of annoyance of course. Storm didn't know but she had a feeling that this girl was going to be someone she would have to end up putting in her place should it come down to it. She meddled in matters that wasn't of her concern and Storm didn't exactly believe what the girl was saying. If she was looking for Jean Grey she could have just made her way on the inside instead of eavesdropping from the outside of the window. Simple as that. Why make things more uncomfortable than they already were? It didn't make sense to the weather goddess but she said nothing of it just yet. She wanted to see what else it could have been that she came up with. That had been all there was to it.

Footsteps reached her ears from the outside of the sitting room. Only when they were just outside of the room. While she didn't bother about turning her inquiring glance to who it could have been, she decided it would be best to keep it on Simone and Jean Grey. Jean had did well filling her in mentally on who Simone had been and what her powers were. Simone was a manipulator of the wind, somewhat like Storm, except Storm's powers were more vast and covered every basis of mother nature that one could possibly carry. She used her abilities with much precision. Care. And when there was something amidst in the world, in Ororo's vicinity, she usually knew. Perhaps it was apart of her demeanor with who she was as a person. Who knew. When Logan entered the room however, Ororo saw his strong, powerful form next to hers before she heard his words. It was then that the words fell from his lips which made her crane her head to the side. "Somehow I'm not exactly buyin' what this girl is sellin'," Logan had a way with words that intimidated people, and it gave them the wrong idea when it came to who he was as a being. When Simone rolled her eyes Storm had taken every note of what she had done. The way the girl acted nonchalant about things and the way she presented herself was something that didn't sit well on Ororo's stomach given the girl was new to the mansion and knew nothing about the X-Men's situation.

Silence was something that had long since over came her, and it was Simone's words towards Logan that made Ororo snap her beautiful blue eyes towards the girl. "Well, I've been told not to sell anything to pimps anyway, so you're out of luck, buddy." Then as she directed her attention to Jean and asked her to show her around Storm just watched for a second. Almost shocked at the way she'd come off. Dare she say, rude? Perhaps. Just perhaps. Clearing her throat, a few locks of ivory hair spilled along the side of her face. Storm had been so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't exactly felt Logan's touch to the small of her back and when she did she settled for leaning towards him somewhat feeling the comfort was needed in a sense given what had happened with Jean prior. Blue eyes remained lingering between thet wo and then they landed on Simone. "If you intend to remain around here, living upon the Mansion grounds, child, I suggest you give respect where it is due. The fact that you were eaves dropping on a conversation that was none of your concern bothers me. Lets not let it happen again." Storm's words weren't scolding in a sense, but there was perhaps something else that disturbed her. Perhaps it was the way Jean had been speaking and acting. Almost as if in a sense, she was jealous of she and Logan. Logan never belonged to her from the beginning. She had been the one who turned him away, and he simply found love within Storm as he told her once before.

Now that Jean was without Scott, could she simply want what she -couldn't- have? Storm didn't want to feel as if she was on a rivalry term with Jean. She didn't want to feel like that and before she let that happen she'd call things off with Logan to avoid the heartache of catching him in the arms of another woman. He swore to her that he wouldn't hurt her but if he did, Storm wasn't exaclty sure what she would do. Would her anger and sadness get the best of her? It was almost then that she saw herself taking her anger out on New York City, and Westchester. She was trying her best not to think about it. That was the best thing to do. The thought was pushed from her mind because she didn't like it when her anger ruled her powers. It was a horrible horrible thing and it's only happened onece before. The last time, she killed an enemy. Her attention was soon pulled from Simone and Jean to Logan, the man at -her- side. Lettng her blue eyes gaze into his darker ones she offered him a warm smile. "Where'd you disappear to, Logan?" She asked in a curious, concerned tone of voice. It was warm, and the happiness in her eyes to see him was quite evident.

</span></p></div></td></tr></table> </font> </div> </table>

x Simone x
07-13-2005, 01:28 AM
"If you intend to remain around here, living upon the Mansion grounds, child, I suggest you give respect where it is due." Ororo Munroe stated in dominance that only an African goddess could.

The response festered in Simone's mind after the initial moment that it was submitted. Was the Windrider serious? In Simone's eyes, the one that she had idled for sometime - ever since she uncovered Mother Nature through the computer screen many miles away - was betraying everything that was held dear. The blonde could not fathom the thought of respecting such a man that had not helped her at the, now fallen, Generation X mansion. Simone could not allow herself to respect someone that held no natural essence of goodness from first impression, which is why Simone was drawn to Jean Grey. When everything elevated, Jean was there to help Simone in her time of need. And, just for the little time that she had known the woman, Simone's loyalty was high, standing on a pedestal for the cosmic woman. Wolverine, however, had not proved himself to the blood young adult, and therefore, nothing was given.

Storm, on the other hand, was someone Simone had recognized for her trials, and she felt a connection with the woman. In an alternate universe somewhere, Simone and Storm were one in the same. Despite the difference in potential, Storm and Simone were gifts from nature. While Storm had the vast pieces of nature at her disposal, Simone commanded the winds. In the past, Simone had learned control that had either surpassed or equaled the Weather Witch. Picking up a pencil with the winds without affecting other elements of reality may seem useless or a worthless stunt, but it merely provided a foundation of the vast abilities Simone controlled herself. Simone's hypothesis of Ororo Munroe was obviously distorted, somewhat, and the blonde cursed herself that she had come to the mansion with false intentions.

"The fact that you were eaves dropping on a conversation that was none of your concern bothers me. Lets not let it happen again." Storm added into the mix of confusion.

Not able to simply accept the woman's suggestions and complaints, Simone went into defense. She was not going to challenge the woman in competition - that would be suicide - but Simone was one to get the last say-so. In this case, she felt that the weather manipulator was in the wrong. Something in inside Simone wanted Jean to interrupt their side conversation, maybe to even help Simone free herself from the situation, but if not, Simone would remain dominant and aggressive. Simone would remain everything that Storm was when she was younger. "I'm sorry..." Simone began, her head dipping so her vision would hit the ground before her. Quickly, the wind manipulator admired the fabric that held the mansion's structure so elegantly knit-tight, and then she came back with a response of her own. "If you think that I have to respect you, but I don't. Maybe I am a child when compared to your genetic influx, but in reality, I am an adult - not someone you can command or demand anything from. I'm sorry that you have mistaken that information about my appearance."

And, with a more than healthy sigh and a breath of hate-contaminated air, Simone started anew. "I came here because my home was destroyed, my family is on the run, and I want to know more about my powers. If this is not the place for me to be, then I guess I should leave."

Xtreme Windrider
07-17-2005, 11:59 PM
<blockquote> Ororo's words had obviously stuck within the girls head and she seemed shocked. Ororo had no intention of arguing with her, but Simone's intentions and what she had been doing had been wrong from the start. Ororo didn't like eavesdroppers and it took everything in her to remind her that Simone was a child. Simple as that. She was still younger than Ororo by many many years, and young enough to be Ororo's daughter. But the weather goddess didn't see her as such. She saw her as someone who was here at the mansion to learn of her abilities and was going about the wrong way. Jean brought her here, and as such Storm was going to leave it to Jean to keep a control on her young friend before she found herself in worlds of trouble. Perhaps the goddess was just distorted mentally from her conversation with Jean that offended her greatly, or perhaps Simone really did push a button. Especially where Logan was concerned. For the moment it had seemed as if things had been over. Ororo's attention was on Logan, but then something made her turn around to look at Simone and it was her words that made Ororo's stare go hard, cold. Firm. Something that oddly resembled Scott Summers. "I'm sorry..." She began, "If you think that I have to respect you, but I don't. Maybe I am a child when compared to your genetic influx, but in reality, I am an adult - not someone you can command or demand anything from. I'm sorry that you have mistaken that information about my appearance." And that was her first mistake. Ivory locks of hair had been tossed over her shoulder and she turned her form to face Simone now.

-Storm- was not about to argue with her, and where as Ororo was nice, Storm was not. It was almost a leadership roll within her that made her harder to deal with, and for the moment the weather goddess could not believe what she was hearing. She was about to say something but Storm had to chose the right words so as to not make them come off as extremely rude. It was time for the weather goddess to take her leave, with Logan, and that's all there was to it. But then Simone began to speak again which made the field leader of the X-Men crane her head to the side. "I came here because my home was destroyed, my family is on the run, and I want to know more about my powers. If this is not the place for me to be, then I guess I should leave." Storm watched Simone closely for a moment, and was almost tempted to ask her if her words were supposed to inspire pity within her. Because the goddess's soul had been molded by her time in Cairo into something cold like and where there was warmth there was not at the current moment. She was just taken back by alot of things that had happened within the mansion in her time away and this was only one of them. "I'm aware of what has happened with Generation X, Simone. But let me say this, and let this conversation not continue. As Leader of the X-Men there will be commands that you will have to take. And things that are demanded of you. Your first mistake while speaking to me was not acknowledging the fact that as Leader of the X-Men, respect is a must. So in turn, I suggest that if you are seeking training with your abilities over the wind, that you seek training with your mind first. And as such, I believe you should speak to Jean Grey or Professor Charles Xavier." Her words were clipped towards the end, african accent thick with concern, not anger. Because the girl vaguely reminded Storm of herself when she was a young teenager.

Turning her attention to Jean a moment, she bowed her head, and then turned to look at Logan. "I'll be outside, if you care to join me. I need a breath of fresh air." Storm was hoping that Logan would join her, but then again if he didn't it would not matter to her. She tried not to tell him what he should or shouldn't do. Everyone had a free will in her book. If Simone wished to leave, Ororo would not stop her. When being an X-Men there was alot that had to be done, alot of precautions to take, and Simone's actions were only telling Ororo that on the field if a command was given, Simone would not listen. Proof. That was what Ororo needed. Ororo needed proof that things wouldn't happen like that and as the seconds turned into minutes Ororo saw through and through why Charles started Generation X for the younger children. Because they were just that, children. They had yet to mature mentally for what the X-Men dealt with every day. Global threats. Magneto. Sentinels. It was obvious that the girl sought training in her abilities and was willing to learn, but Ororo wasn't so sure if she was ready for it because if she had to train Simone it wasn't going to be an easy course of action. It'd be long hard days and nights in the Danger Room. Long hard days on actual missions, and as such Ororo could not be her best friend. She had to be her mentor. Her teacher. Her leader. Simple as that. Starting off on the weather goddess's bad side was not the best of things to do. Ankle length ivory hair was tossed over her shoulder as sh emoved to make her way out of the sitting room and towards the foyer area of the mansion where the front door had been at. She stopped however to wait for Logan to see if he would come with her or stay and talk to Jean and Simone. Ororo had a pretty good idea what he was going to do, and if she was correct with her thoughts mentally then it would not surprise her one bit.

The truth had been that Jean Grey put doubts in her mind about the red heads feelings for Logan. Jean still cared for Logan and she wanted him as hers and didn't want Ororo to have him. She knew that much and that bothered Ororo on the inside more than she would actually care to let on because she knew that Logan's feelings for Jean wouldn't just diminish over time. For so long he'd been pitted with dealing with Jean being married to Scott Summers. And now that she was not with him anymore. Now that her and Scott have seemingly seperated, Jean was free for Logan to be with. Why was he still with Ororo Munroe? She asked herself that over and over as she had done now, and it bothered her on the inside. It bothered her more and more every day. Would Logan just up and leave her at the drop of a dime to pursue something with Jean? She didn't want to admit to it, but she knew she felt that he would partially and that was enough to cause her heart to drop just a bit within her chest. It was enough to cause her to redirect her beautiful crystalline blue eyes from the sitting room to the front door as she moved to step out in silence. Thoughts getting the best of her. </blockquote>

08-17-2005, 01:11 AM
(I hope it's ok that I enter this thread here)

Clarice walked, alone with her thoughts, and almost walked into Jean Grey. "Oh, I'm sorry." She muttered, and as she looked around the room she could feel more than see the tension in the small group gathered here. It was palpable. She wanted to walk quickly by, but something made her stay. There was something here that interested her. Even she could not identify what it was.

"I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" She asked, fully aware of the true answer.

Fuxxy Elf
08-23-2005, 10:38 PM
"I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?"

"No kid, I think you came in at just the right time," Wolverine looked to Jean who seemed to be doing her best avoiding his eyes, "I think I'll leave you ladies to it."

As he left the room he sniffed the air, Ororo's scent headed outside into the mansion grounds. But as he walked through the front door, the scent seemed to evaporate. She must have taken off, he thought.

" 'Ro!" he hollered into the night sky, " 'Ro, where are you?"

08-27-2005, 11:34 AM
((OOC: I also hope it's okay if I enter here.))

Kitty Pryde finished unpacking. It was somewhat disturbing to her that her life could fit into one or two small suitcases which could be filled and then unfilled within the space of about half an hour. Some clothes, her old barmaid's uniform from her college job and some art work of Peter's were enough to fill one suitcase. In her other bad was her Powerbook, an iPod and in a special case for large camera lenses the one bone claw that Wolverine had given her years ago.

For the time being she left the art of the room's previous occupant on the walls. Or possibly the mansion's default art stuff that the professor had picked up over the years to fill the many rooms when they sat unoccupied from time to time. They were naval pictures of old wooden ships, the sort that had once patrolled the seas.

Kitty sighed, plugged her computer into the wall careful not to phase and thus destroy yet another electronics device purchased with the last of her student loan, and then headed into the mansion be walking through the wall. It was nice, she realized, not to have to worry about someone seeing her using her powers. Back in Chicago she had always worried that a little time saving shortcut could throw her whole girl incognito act off and expose her as a mutant. Now in a school full of mutants, well who was going to complain.

She head a voice outside calling loudly and recognized it as Logan. She looked out the window to see him on the front stoop. She allowed her body to go intangible, passing diagonally through the window and down a floor to land softly about twenty feet behind Wolverine near the front entrance.

"'Ro!" he hollered into the night sky, "'Ro, where are you?"

Kitty tried to remain silent but she knew by now Logan would have heard her or smelled her. It had been years since she'd seen him but they had been close enough that he would not have forgotten. She glanced up into the sky looking for sign of Storm. Where they dating now?

"Logan," she said quietly, "I can't see her."

Fuxxy Elf
08-27-2005, 04:15 PM
Logan caught a scent, but it wasn't Storms. It was a scent that had not been around the mansion for a long while, brought back memories, good ones.

"Logan," a voice said quietly, "I can't see her."

Logan kept his eyes on the sky, "Come back, 'Ro," he muttered under his breath, "We need to talk."

He turned to see a young girl stood behind him, patiently waiting for him to acknowledge her. He knew she must sense some atmosphere around the mansion, so much had changed since she had left.

"Hey kitten, welcome home?" He took a cigar from his shirt pocket, as he lit it he said grinning, "That damned dragon's not gonna jump out on me, is it?"

08-27-2005, 05:05 PM
Kitty crossed her arms and regarded Logan. The act of lighting a cigar was designed to keep her at a certain distance, she would have to forgo the hug that she had wanted to give him. So there must be something between him and Storm if he at least on a subconscious level wanted to keep her away from him.

"No," Kitty shook her head, "Lockhead's not really a public friendly pet. I haven't seen him for awhile, though I do hope he'll join me eventually now that I'm back."

She sat down on the stoop. No matter how much she grew she'd always just be a kid to him, no older or closer to his peer than whatever teenager he'd adopted this month. It disappointed her, she had had feelings for him at one point during their time in Japan and now... now she was not sure. There did not seem to be a point in trying to decide since he seemed preoccupied.

"So Storm," she said letting her voice die off, "and you?"

She picked up a pebble from the ground and examined it as though she were really interested in it as that hung in the air. "Anyway, I'm back. Thought you'd want to know. Haven't really talked to anyone yet, don't even know what I'm doing really."

Fuxxy Elf
08-28-2005, 11:38 AM
"Huh, yeah," Logan blew white cigar smoke in the air, "Storm and me. Who knew?"

"Anyway, I'm back. Thought you'd want to know. Haven't really talked to anyone yet, don't even know what I'm doing really."

He sat on the stoop next to Kitty, he'd always felt like something of a father to her. And he supposed for a time Storm was like a mother to her, so maybe it was fate. Something about that thought made him laugh, and he almost choked on his cigar. With all the possible futures that the likes of Bishop and Cable talked so much about, he'd always liked to think that his future was his own to make. But if fate could tie himself to Storm and Kitty like that then maybe...

<span style="color:yellow;">"Shut up Logan! Thinking too much, bub!"</span> He thought to himself.

He looked at the girl he'd always admired as an X man, at first he'd thought that she had been far too young to be getting involved. She had gone through far more than any normal teenager should go through, at least Generation X were together, Kitty had been on her own with a bunch of adults and had to grow up to quickly. But she had done well, he remembered their time in Japan together, she'd learnt a lot there, become an X man for real.

And then there was Peter, he still did not understand that, they had seemed so right for each other. He remembered that bar he had taken Peter to after he had told Kitty about that girl on the Beyonder's world, he had tried his best to talk some sense into him but nuttin' doing. Kitty had gone through some rough times but she still kept coming back, gotta admire her for that.

"So what happened at college? Finished your studies, 'ave you?" he asked, not sure whether she was trying to hint at something. He never could pick up on subtlety.

08-28-2005, 05:58 PM
"Yeah I guess," Kitty said, "I didn't really finish finish but I'm done there. I thought maybe I could manage to have a normal life but that didn't work out. So I'm back."

She threw the stone away and sighed as she watched it bounce along the pavement and then stop. Despite Logan's cigar and the way it made him smell she sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. She turned her head to look up at him, "What I hate is that when I left university I had no where else to go. Deerfield isn't my home any more. This place is the closest thing I've got to a home and that can't be healthy."

"How long is it going to be until someone else close to me dies? Worse I don't even know half of the people I've seen so far. Maybe I don't really belong here either," she craned her neck and continued to look up at Logan with her head on his shoulder, wanting to hear something from him.

"Anywhere I go I just end up being really alone."

Fuxxy Elf
08-28-2005, 06:57 PM
"What do you want me to tell you, kid?" Logan inquired, "People are gonna die. Although slightly ironic, it's a fact of life."

He paused and placed his arm around Kitty, "Y'know, I've watched two women I loved die, I've seen friends die and hell I've pretty much died myself on more than one occasion. But I'm still here, fighting the good fight for Charley, 'cause that's what it's all about, kid. If you still feel you've got enough passion to believe in Xavier's vision, then you got every right to be here. And if you don't know any of the new faces then I'll have to introduce ya, 'cause they all know me."

He leant to her ear, "Besides," he whispered, "Cyke ain't here, so that's gotta be a bonus, ain't it?"

08-28-2005, 07:02 PM
Kitty laughed, trying to break free of the sudden overwhelming depression that she'd sunk into while out on the steps with Wolverine. Scott being gone just meant more women for Logan to chase, she thought to herself, remembering the torch that the clawed mutant had always had carried for Jean Grey.

She sat up, "I missed you Logan, I really did. I guess it's just going to take me some time before I start being glad to be home. As for that series of introductions, that sounds like a good idea, if we're not still waiting for Storm to show up again."

She tried to sound positive and excited but all of a sudden she did not feel that way. Still she would make the best of it. They say you can never go home again, but she was determined to try.

Fuxxy Elf
08-28-2005, 08:13 PM
Logan liked to hear Kitty laugh, with all the stress around the mansion at the moment it made a refreshing change. But at the mention of Storm he stopped smiling.

"I dunno, kitten," he stubbed his cigar butt on the stoop and tossed it into a potted plant nearby, one that Storm had probably planted, "I thought she would have waited for me out here, but she sure seemed in a hurry. Maybe she had second thoughts."

Logan had thought that putting his arm around Ororo in front of Jean would put across all the right signals, maybe he had been wrong, he had been before, "<span style="color:yellow;">Broads! Who needs them?</span>" he thought exasperated, "<span style="color:yellow;">Give me a good fight, at least I know where I stand.</span>"

He stood up and held his hand out to Kitty, "I'm not sure who'll be up at this hour, let's go to the kitchen and we'll see if anyone's around. Anyway, I need a beer."

08-29-2005, 09:48 AM
Kitty stood and nodded, "Beer right. Sounds like exactly what we need."

She grabbed Logan's sleeve and pulled him towards the wall, phasing as she went so both of them became intangible. They passed through the wall and entered the main hall. Once inside she let go of Logan and the pair of them once again became solid.

"So what is it that I need to know about this place now? What's changed since I left, aside from Cyclops leaving and you, Storm getting friendly and me being able to drink beer?"

08-30-2005, 09:10 AM
Gambit's recovery had been a slow one, but such a thing was not unexpected. He was lucky he'd lived through the gunshot wound to the chest, so a slow recovery time he could handle. At least, that's what he'd tell people. He was trying his best not to rush things, but he could feel himself growing more frustrated by his continued lack of agility with each passing day. Time off was not something he generally planned for, and over the past few days he'd been working out for hours in the Danger Room. It hurt when he'd twist and jolt his midsection, but he was determined to work through the pain.

He sat in the kitchen now, wearing a white tank top and a pair of Xavier School sweat shorts, sweat standing out on his body, having obviously just finished another of his workouts. A large, half empty bottle of water sat on the table in front of him, and next to it a half empty bottle of pain pills. The lid was off, and his red eyes were staring at the bottle, an intense internal debate going on over whether he should take two or not. He was trying to get himself completely off of them, but after workouts like the one he'd just done, his wounds felt like they were being run through with a hot poker. So every time, this debate began all over again. Thus far, he'd taken the pain meds all but once.

Fuxxy Elf
08-30-2005, 04:09 PM
As Kitty let go of him, Logan felt himself become solid, he shuddered, "I'll never get used to that," he complained.

The mansion was quiet, even to Logan's sensitive ears. As he led her to the kitchen he looked over his shoulder to Kitty, "Everyone'll be pretty much asleep right now. You got back real late, too late for a welcome home party but if we'd known then maybe we could have got some balloons or got Hank to make you a cake."

As he joked he caught a scent from the kitchen, <span style="color:yellow;">Aah Cajun</span>, he thought.

Logan opened the door to see Gambit staring at his painkillers, he considered turning right round and pushing Kitty out of the way. She'd only just got back, he didn't really want her faced with the troubles of recent months straight away, but then again maybe the Cajun needed to see a friendly face, might just cheer him up.

"Hey Gumbo, you look beat," he said with a wry grin as he headed to the fridge and pulled out two beers. Snikt! As he handed an open one to Kitty he nodded to her and said, "look who's back."

08-30-2005, 05:42 PM
As Kitty made her way to the kitchen she noticed Gambit already there. Though she had never really been close to the Cajun she had the same wave of nostalgia that she'd been feeling since she arrived back at the mansion as she saw something so familiar and yet now so foreign.

"Remy," she said running up to him giving him a hug, partially because had felt like hugging the handsome thief and partially because she felt a brief flash of evilness and wanted to make Logan jealous. Not that Logan would get jealous over her, but still a girl could dream.

"How are you doing? How is Rouge?" she asked.

She took the beer that Logan handed her and opened it, "Thanks Logan." She had gotten used to drinking beer over the years, and had even worked at a bartender in a bar frequented by off duty Chicago cops during her time at university. The job had paid alright, and with tips she had managed to only take on a small amount of debt.

09-02-2005, 09:18 PM
Silence was something that filled the quarters of the living room as everyone began to file out. She tried her best to take note of everything that she could take note of, but there was a part within the red-headed vixen that just did not care about the ongoings. She had her own problems to try and sort out, and she was hoping deep down that it could have been with Logan. The man that had helped her in more ways than one, whether he realized it or not. But that was something that was not to happen. He had made his decision before the very eyes of Jean, that he was with Ororo Munroe. That there was no more room in his heart for Jean herself. She'd lost two men in a very short period of time and she didn't know why she would even begin to think that things might have been different here at the mansion in Westchester. It was all the same and nothing could be done about it. There was only her now. She, and the Phoenix. When Ororo began to file out of living room to head outside, announcing to Logan she would like to speak to him, she turned her emerald green gaze towards Logan who obviously remained behind but whose attitude seemed to inflict something different upon Jean's mind. A few strands of red hair spilled themselves along the front of her face, and down her shoulders and as she continued to watch the male she found her gaze diverting from him towards Simone and then to the rambunctious Kitty Pryde who soon entered amongst the fray of what had been happening.

When they soon departed as well, she found herself standing in her place, her arms laced over her stomach. There was something alit in her eyes and she soon found herself making her way towards the exit of the living room as well but stopped in her tracks. Turning so that the shadows his the right profile of her face, she cut her eyes towards Simone who would have naturally been left by herself. "Make yourself comfortable, Simone. I must depart." She spoke in a voice that was almost devoid of any kind of emotion that could have been deemed as 'warm'. She didn't feel warm on the inside at the current moment. She felt alone. A hollow shell that was left for someone to take over. There was alot on Jean's mind, Phoenix mind, -their- mind. She didn't want to be bothered. Not by friends, not by anyone. She was to be left alone, because even now she feared what her own emotions would cause to happen. The emotions within Jean Grey-Summers lie conflicted and in a heep that was on her heart. She still hurt on the inside because of what she flew into at the Massachussette's Academy. Emma Frost had been in the arms of her husband. The bitch. Who's to say that Jean didn't have a right to be jealous? Even on the inside she felt her emotions wanting to rule over her actions. She wanted with every fiber of her body to make Emma Frost feel the pain she'd caused her, but did her anger really lie with Scott? She hated him for what he did, but could one really say that it was out of the ordinary? He'd ran to another woman before, when Jean was in her 'down' time. But like the Phoenix, she rose from the ashes to live again. To fight on.

Jean Grey-Summers felt emotionally drained and that was never a good thing given the amount of time she put into trying her best to be the best that she could be when it came to being a good wife. Trying to please Scott in ways that she thought that only -she- could. Dare one say a tear formed in her eyes with her thoughts? A finger delicately traced under each eye as she wiped it away. Her steps carried her away from the living area as she headed for the stairs that rose upwards to the floor that housed the rooms of each individual that lived within the mansion. The flight of stairs proved to be not a challenge for helping her get to the top as fast as she could. Upon reaching the last stair, she moved to head in the direction of the bedroom that she shared with Scott Summers, but stopped. Her direction changed because there was no way that she would allow herself to be in the room that she and her husband shared. He was supposed to be helping Emma Frost with Generation X, but instead he chose to help her in other ways. No doubt thanks to the manipulation she'd possibly used, sans her telepathy. With Jean's path changed she knew where she needed to go. She needed to speak with one person in particular. The male that was like a father to her. Someone she could rely and count on in her most troubled times.

Her mentor -- Professor Charles Xavier.

TBC~ Jean, Elsewhere.

09-12-2005, 09:54 PM
Kitty leaned against Logan, it felt comfortable to be around him again. They had been very close for years and now it was easy to fall back into the patterns that they had established. She took a drink of the beer.

"So," she said addressing both Logan and Remy, "what have the X-Men been up to these past few years? I mean surely it's not been anywhere near as fun around here without me."

She smiled and took another drink. She was drinking faster than she should, the odd emotions she was dealing with in respects to seeing Logan again and finding out he was with Storm were best dealt with with beer.