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Charles Xavier
06-27-2005, 04:48 PM
((OOC: This is a continuation of what was going on in the medlab.))

Xavier had nearly reached his limit. He'd been working on Warren for what seemed like hours now, but he knew it hadn't been that long. Seeing one of his students - one of the originals at that - in so much pain made Charles' chest ache. He hated putting these children in danger, but he knew he could no longer consider them children. They were grown adults now, and they made their choices long ago. They knew the risks of battling for the coexistance of humans and mutants, and often times that battle was waged against other mutants trying to make that dream a nightmare.

Looking at the blue-skinned mutant that was laying on the medical table, Xavier knew that he'd done all he could, medically. If Warren wanted to come out of this, whatever it was, it was going to have to be on his terms. From the look of it, Psylocke was doing her best telepathically to try and coax him into a calmed state, but Xavier knew full well that doing so might have damaging repercussions on Betsy herself. Telepaths gambled whenever they entered the mind of someone in pain, someone close to the edge of life and death.

But now, all Xavier could do was wait, and that made him feel more helpless than ever. For a man who spent his entire life trying to make a difference, being unable to do so here was tearing him apart. As he waited to discover the outcome of Warren's condition, Charles wheeled himself over to Hank, whose wounds seemed to be much less serious. Charles knew that Hank was having a rough time restraining himself while one of his teammates, his brothers, were hurt. Xavier put a hand on Hank's forearm to comfort him, then looked over to the Nur child, who had now grown into a full woman. He said nothing, allowing her to have the first words if she wished. Otherwise, he would merely be there for Hank.

And The Pale Rider Was Death
06-27-2005, 08:01 PM
As things grew quieter -- as they could be, anyhow, Nur began to linger closer. Her hairless brow furrowed in thought, blue lips thin and smaller against a drawing frown. Memory of the prior battle fresh in her mind, now, she had some idea that she could probably help. However, she knew it would be better if she waited. It was no longer her concern that touching Worthington might make his condition worse, but she knew that if anything, it would slow his recovery. If her touch took away what Apocalypse put there, then she would likely be sapping some of the man's extra strength as well.

She came to stand near the seated telepath, who she remembered vaguely from their troubles with Caliban that seemed to have happened so long ago. Her physical age at the time probably had to do with that feeling. Being a full adult, now, with considerably fewer issues with shyness, she regarded the man with some revere. "I have no doubt that he will recover," she murmured thoughtfully, glancing down at him. "It was not En Sabah Nur's intention to have him dead, I do not think."

Farseer Sephiroth
06-28-2005, 04:30 AM
(continued from awaken to failure)(i was in the med lab too)

Caliban started walking towards the group of mutants, it seemed thaey had not noticed his presence just yet but he was sure with Charles Xavier in the room he could not keep up that illusion for long, his Body was never the most invisable of ones, not as Death, nor even in his current tall thin shape, he had no intention on stayong unnoticed either as his intentions were peaceful.

It seemed Angel was being opperated on. Caliban had many differences but also many similaraties so the winged x-man, Angel was Calibans predecessor as the horseman of death. They had also met more than once in battle, they would never find it easy to trust eachother. Caliban strode over to the mutants without acknowledging any of them, his actions were slow as to not cause reason for attack or gloom.

There was a smell of free chlorine that made his eyes water. This smell always reminded him of the cleaner areas of the morlock tunnels.This made him feel at home and at ease, his heart beat slowed from its state of shock.

If the nur child was here and Angel was damaged then surely an encounter with apocalypse must have happened. Calibans heart began to pound again and beat rapidly, it pulsed with a nervous whinge as sweat began to drip down his face. What had happened? The grey morlock was sure he had failed now. Perhaps it would be a better idea to follow the ways of the x-men, for the time being at least, Caliban knew that his emergence with apocalypse was innevatible but perhaps he could find a better way of living life. His presence would cause a stir in the med lab, nevertheless he needed answers, and he was in no rush in getting them.

It was not apocalypse that caliban missed the most, it was the fact that he no longer had his horseman upgrades, Caliban knew that he was weak in his current form and he was addicted to his past powers, he was at apocalypses mercy.He wished he had no addiction to the dreaded horseman way of life.

On nearing the Nur child he sited a major change, she was no longer a child, but the mutant energy pattern was the same, there was no doubt that this was the Nur.

Caliban overheard the words
"It was not En Sabah Nur's intention to have him dead, I do not think." coming from Nur, this concluded all of Calibans fears, he alerted Xavier and Nur to his presence silently by simply walking over and sitting on the cold floor beside them, greeting them with a gentle wave.

The British Butterfly
06-28-2005, 05:40 AM
Elizabeth had been by Warren's side the whole time. Mentally whispering words of comfort through a mental link that she had established with him. Even though she knew the toll that it would take, she also knew that she could handle it. Although her appearance might state otherwise. Outwardly her body was showing the strain she was putting on herself mentally. Her expression was one of wear, lips pointed expressivly downwards at the corners, her eyes, when they looked up from Warren's still form were dull and gained the look of vacancy that often filled a person when waiting was the only option. There were shadows that began to form in dark crescents on the soft flesh under them. She didn't care though, and would be thoroughly insulted if someone were to suggest that she needed rest. After all, Warren wasn't getting any rest. He needed her. Needed her to be there with him. To let him know that he wasn't alone.

She had long since pulled up a stool beside him, and had slid her hand into one of his. When she wasn't talking to him in near mindless words of comfort, she was sending any and all of the optimistic and comforting feelings and vibes that she had within her towards him. To see Betsy being so positive wasn't something that most people could attest to. Of course, as it was now, no one could -see- everything she was doing. Perhaps Charles.

Not a glance was spared when Charles moved away. She knew that he would do everything in his power. Slowly, and softly she eased herself down. Gently she let her head rest on Warren's chest. Positioned so that she bothered not any of the electrodes hooked up to him. Just enough to where she could hear his heart beating. Silly, to think that something so small could bring her any comfort. But she was grasping for straws right now. There didn't seem to be many left. Her body was rigid in this position. Tense. As though she didn't want to put any weight on him at all. For fear that it would cause him more pain. And of course, if she felt the slightest of resistence from him, she would raise herself up. Last but not least she would let her eyes fall closed. Not intending at all to go to sleep. But the eyes could only do so much for her right now. She didn't need them. Telepathy allowed her to see far better than her eyes ever could. Visions of the room around her weren't what she would concentrate on. That's not what she needed right now, and would undoubtedly spread her too thin. She didn't need to overdo anything.

Charles Xavier
06-28-2005, 10:45 PM
Charles watched as Betsy continued to strain to help Warren. He was trying as best he could to monitor her progress with his own telepathy, but he did not want to go too deep into the work she was doing. Warren and Betsy were in a relationship, and Charles was betting that it was Betsy that would be able to bring Warren out of this. His presence would only interfere. He trusted his student and her abilities to help her love.

Making no movements as he was joined by Nur and Caliban, Xavier merely continued watching. Nur's words were spoken carefully and tactically, the words of a full adult that Xavier had not yet truly been introduced to. He moved his head toward Nur slightly, still keeping his eyes on Warren and Betsy, but more than willing to address Nur's point.

"That may be true," he said, with a slight pause after his initial statement. "But even those who do not intend death may still do harm."

And The Pale Rider Was Death
06-28-2005, 10:56 PM
"That may be true, but even those who do not intend death may still do harm."

Nur's lips pulled up into a smirk. "We do not mistakenly do anything to anyone," she said matter-of-factly. "If En Sabah Nur had wanted the Angel dead, he would be, pure and simple, and would have expired on the battle field."

Her thoughts lingered on the battle itself. Apocalypse had used an object to incapacitate Warren. Judging by the man's nature, she knew that had to have been a bold move. He spoke with such certainty -- no, finality would be the best way to say it. He trusted too much in the apparrent and the logical to trust magic to do his work for him without some underlying price. Even she didn't mess with magic unless she had to.

She nodded toward Warren and Betsy. "She may be doing the most help of all. En Sabah Nur made use of a device of mystical nature -- bold especially for him. One's will must be fully intact to combat anything like that."

06-29-2005, 01:41 AM
Warren had stopped, he'd stopped shaking, he'd stopped twitching, he'd stopped sweating, he'd stopped spasming. His body lay on the table lifeless, only his steady breathing would even imply the mutant still lived. The question was had he stopped fighting? Fighting the evil that En Sabah Nur had forced into him. To any onlooker it may appear that at this point he'd won, or that he'd given up. Steady breathing, stabile body temperature -- maybe he'd won. Still unconcious, not responding to telepathic cries -- maybe he'd lost.

At this point Warren Worthington himself did not know, he could still hear her psychic cries, and could even hear slight murmurs from the outside world. Had he defeated Apocalypse's evil? Even he did not know, it felt as if it had been an eternity since Cairo, and his body was completely exhausted. He couldn't remember a breaking point, positive or negative, all he could feel now was sadness -- infinite sadness and sadness that was not his own. This had all gone on far too long, and while even the Archangel himself did not truly know the outcome with his latest battle with Apocalypse's evil, he knew he had the will to continue, he knew it was time to wake up.

First shuttering eye lids, then a hand slid across the metal examining table, pushing an elbow back, propping himself up ever so slightly. Betsy's weight on his chest was nothing -- his eyes not completely open were nearly slits, the light in the room would burn them if he opened them too wide. A raspy groan escaped his throat, half cough, half speech, "Hey..."

The British Butterfly
06-29-2005, 02:14 AM
Faintly, in the back of her mind she could hear the concern of the mentor, and the other one. The one that she didn't know. Their words were like looking through a frosted window into a blizzard. Hazy and while the outside world could be perceived, it was almost surreal. She was that focused on Warren. The thing that had scared her through this entire time was that she didn't know his condition. She could feel his heart beating beneath her cheek, and know that he was breathing. But as far as mentally. Mentally she couldn't be more lost. It was hard for her to not focus on that. And hard for her not to press the issue. Not to push Warren, force herself into his mind and will him to be better. One aspect of her strong personality wanted that. Wanted to just force it. But the more rational part, the part that calmed the rage before the storm told her that doing so would harm him further. It wasn't her demons that needed to be fought. She would do so in an instant. Fight all his demons away. But she couldn't. Not this time. All she could do was offer her support. Be something that when he thought all was lost he would know that it wasn't. That she was there for him.

Obviously something had worked. She wouldn't claim bragging rights to this, of course she was sure that in later conversations it would make them a bit more even on the 'saving your life' count. She couldn't explain the change that occured within him. The change that was so subtle if she hadn't been paying attention it would have taken her by surprise. As it was, she couldn't have imagined that it would happen this way. That he would just decide to wake up. Continue on with life. The sequence it happened in was smooth. There was that small mental inkling that something was different. Barely inperceptible. And then the slight rise in his position. And then his word. At the slight tilt in his position, that tense and rigid body had darted vertical once again. Ink black locks sent to cascading over her shoulders and flung behind her along her back.

Those lavender eyes, so odd and so expressive locked onto his own squinted ones. Carefully sculped brows arched high in disbelief. That word that fell from his lips was like a breaking point in Betsy. And she didn't know how scared she had been for his life until that point. A flood of relief washed over her and any lesser woman would have fainted at that very moment. But Betsy didn't faint. It was a character flaw that she refused herself. The most she felt from that desire to let everything overwhelm her was a small dizzyness and the sharp silver piercings of the oncoming headache that she knew would show itself with the strain that she's put on her body.

Gently, she slid shut that link she had forged with him. So none of this pain would spill into his no doubt wounded and vulnerable psyche. It was a gradual withdraw, as she didn't want him to endure any shocks right now.

With the link between them let go, she needed to stay connected with him somehow. And so unless he pulled away from her himself, she would keep their hands locked. Right now, more of a comfort to her than for him probably. The other hand, seemingly of its own accord rose to let her fingers gently caress along his pale blue skin. This motion helping make the reality of what her eyes were telling her more concrete. The gesture was simple but infinitely affectionate. A side that few got to witness of Betsy. Rarely did it need to break out.

These two sides were obviously a conflicting one in Betsy, her overwhelming need to be strong, but then the one thing that seemed to be the foundation of her strength being threatened. Pink tongue darted out to wet her rosy lips and she swallowed hard, clearing the lump that had formed there in preparation for her own words. "Hey...gave us quiet a scare there, luv." Rich British voice wavered just a bit as she spoke. Her hand hadn't lingered there, the touch was brief and private. The hand retreating back into its lap. Quickly, she flickered her eyes towards Charles, and they glistened with unshed tears. No mental wisp was needed to convey the gratitute that she was feeling.

As more and more moments passed it seemed that she was regaining more and more of herself. Becoming stronger and stronger by the moment. Despite the fact that she had just put herself under a nice little mental workout, the adrenaline that came with his arrival was enough for now. Reaching over, she grabs a cup that she had filled previously with water. A single straw dangled over the side. She raised the cup to his lips in a silent offering. Untangling her hand from his, she quickly reaches over and grabs a pillow and puts it behind him. Two more are added to the pile to help him sit up better.

06-29-2005, 02:55 AM
Blink hugged herself as she watched the drama unfolding in front of her. She found it strange to be watching such an intimate moment between two people she did not know. Emotion began to well up in Clarice, as she watched the woman named Betsy hold her lover's hand. It was such a small thing, yet Clarice yearned for that. For the warmth of a relationship which afforded such support.

Tears began to flow now, slowly, silently. She had seen such affection in her world, but like everything else it had been somewhat tainted. This somehow, even with such strange players, seemed much more...natural.

When the angel spoke, she felt the relief in the room. It was tangible. The people here cared so deeply for one another, the camaraderie of men and women who fought for and alongside eachother. That she was familar with. Blink wiped the tears from her eyes, a little embarassed and glad that the attention was focused on the recovering warriors.

06-29-2005, 07:42 AM
Amara stood in a near by corner, arms folded and her head down, facing the ground. Her eyes shut, holding back the tears that seemed to form with the thought of her teammates...her family hurt. These people, the X-Men have dedicated their lives to mutant and humans co-existing, risking their lives so many times for that dream and each other. Amara could count the times when many of her friends have been in danger and faced death. However, Amara also knew there was such a thing as miracles. The only thing the young blonde mutant could do was prey to the gods for their help for Warren.

Beast was well. He was doing fine as the molten lava controlling, Magma could see. She was glad that Hank was fine, but as for Warren, there was only hope. The environment was quiet. Not much could be said, except the slight exchange of words between Xavier and the strange woman called Nur. The two debated on Apocalypse's intentions to hurt or kill Warren. The first thought that came to mind in Amara's head was how sick of a discussion to have in the room where Warren lies motionless on a bed with his life possibly slipping away! What are Charles and Nur thinking? Couldn't this discussion be taken somewhere else? Especially for poor Betsy, who sat by her winged lover, trying to reach his mind through her telepathy.

As Amara stood in the corner, waiting for something to happen and preying to the gods, there was finally a miracle. A raspy voice spoke...coming from Warren Worthington himself. Amara's mouth dropped, her eyes wide, her face expressing surprise and then happiness. "Thank the gods." whispered Magma. She headed closer towards Warren's bed, seeing that Betsy has to feel like the happiest woman alive.

06-30-2005, 03:53 AM
The Archangel opened his eyes wide, allowing them to adjust to the light that cascaded in wildly, causing his pupils to shrink immediatly. He had known Betsy was there, but had no idea that so many more of the X-Men, including Professor X were present. He had no idea how long he'd been incapacitated, but he was glad to see that he was back at home, with his family. He ran his hand through Betsy's long dark hair, smiling slightly through dried cracked lips as he did. "Thank you all, everyone."

His muscles ached terribly but the blood was starting to return to them. He shifted his weight with his free arm, sliding to the edge of the examining table, allowing his legs to slide off of the table. He took a deep breath, allowing his head to fall into his hands. Warren rubbed his hands through his sweat caked hair, rubbing his scalp with his fingers for a moment, and then looking up again at the X-Men. An aghast look came across his face, a look of sheer horror at what he saw. Where the X-Men had once stood they had fallen, most of them decapitated, their entrails spread across the room. Their corpses brutally defiled, their blood soaking the walls and flowing flreely from their eyes and mouths. Warren could not speak, he shut his eyes and shook his head, allowing his heavy head to fall back into his hands once again.

When he looked up again things were as they were, back to normal. Of course how they were, it had all been an illusion, but why? He almost felt like crying, why had he just seen that. Warren shook his head, a look of incredible sadness coming across his face, a look of failure, one of infinite sadness. He looked up to Betsy once again, as if his whole reality had been destroyed, or at least ... was going to be, "I think I need to go lay down upstairs."

Warren slid off of the table, his boots landing on the tiled floor softly, his large metallic wings sliding lifelessly along the examination table behind him. He held his right hand to his temple, he still couldn't believe the imagine he'd seen when he'd looked up at the rest of the X-Men. Was he just woozy, or was it whatever Apocalypse had done to him working its evil. With a deep sigh he looked up to Betsy, almost afraid at first to look at the rest of the room, he found that things were still normal when he looked up this time, "Wanna give me a hand? It feels like I was hit by a train." Warren forced an exhausted smile, perhaps when they were alone he'd confide what he saw in Betsy, but for now the nightmarish vision of evil that he'd seen would stay his secret.

Farseer Sephiroth
06-30-2005, 05:37 AM
As the silence was broken and the mutant known as Angel had to some extent recovered Caliban knew it was time to look for answers. He looked towards the newly grown Nur child as well as the Professor and announced

?I must know what has happened, I can sense apocalypses taint and how come Nur has grown.?

Caliban may have looked vacant but really he was putting all the training he had received as a henchman of apocalypse to block the professor from reading his mind, finding his real objective of finding what had happened to apocalypse, and perhaps gaining some temporary allies at least.

There was a slightly warmer feeling among the group as Angel was now better, the mutants seemed more at ease and greeting, and nothing had even been said yet, it was simply the sighs of relief and smiles among Caliban and his hosts. It was a happy moment and the feeble morlock had no intention on spoiling it.

The craving for the power of being a horseman set in once again, Caliban?s heart began to beat rapidly, thumping like a drum, the rattle almost shaking his small chest. He felt a drop of sweet approach his brow via the grey, barren, forehead of his confused head. A new symptom had now set in, a small painful ping noise in his ear, as if an acute voice was singing in the back of his head. Caliban wondered why this did not happen before, why any of this did not happen before. He then looked at the fallen Angel and wondered if he received these aching symptoms also. A question which would never be answered.

The British Butterfly
06-30-2005, 06:04 AM
The way he had tangled his fingers into her hair was a blissful memory. For a moment, it seemed that things would be alright. That once again, good prevailed over evil and the X-men would come out on top. Just for a second she allowed this feeling to wash over her. To fill her, and further energize her. Of course, such things never lasted long when you were a mutant. Life was always going to be difficult and the odds were always going to be stacked against you. She watched him as he sat up and hung himself over the side of the table. The expression on his face was one of horror and pain. Reflected in those beautiful eyes of his. The likes of which she couldn't remember seeing. Parting her crimson pout she is about to speak, to try and comfort him in some way. She can't even guess what he went through. Of course, that's when he dropped his head and then looked back up. The expression washed from his features replaced by another. These glimpses into his current state of mind were disturbing to say the least.

"I think I need to go lay down upstairs." She let her eyes flicker over towards the Professor.

~*~I think that will be best for now. I will keep you informed of his state.~*~

"I agree. We both need some rest..." Her voice was soft and silky. Almost displaying the fatigue that she was feeling. Of course she didn't let herself go just yet. A bad feeling was brewing in the pit of her stomach. Almost as though she knew this wouldn't be a happy ending. She needed to be strong...for the both of them.

Calling up on all of her reserves she lets her eyes slide over his wings as he stands. Already by his side before he even asks for her help. Sliding a strong arm around his waist and shrugging his own arm onto her shoulders she crutches them out very much the same way that she crutched them in. She would be silent for now. The urge to probe into his mind and strong one, but not overwhelming in the least. She respected him much more than that. Linking was okay but probing was something that you needed permission for.

Once they were outside, she would head over into the nearest shadow. The physical labor it would take to get to their room would perhaps be equal to the strain it would put on her to use her shadow powers. It was much more convienent. She had to admit. Even though she was tired, she couldn't help but feel a little excited. It was new to her, this way of teleporting. As they disappeared into the shadows she leaned up against the wall and closed her eyes. She would need to concentrate more than usual this time. Fatigue, it seemed made the creatures pull that much more on her. Slowly the inky blackness that lingered in the minds of every child began to swallow them. They worked their way around the two lazily, like a giant snake that was swallowing something three times as wide as itself.

EXIT TBC: Reflections of a Nightmare.

Doctor Henry McCoy
07-01-2005, 02:11 AM
Henry McCoy didn't exactly enjoy being left on the exam table, doing nothing while his partner and teammate was across the room, suffering. But he knew he'd only do further damage to himself by getting up and trying to help. The fact that Charles had backed away from Warren to let Betsy do what appeared to be some telepathic treatment of her own calmed Hank's nerves a bit, knowing that even if he were well, it was out of his hands.

As Warren began to come to, a smile grew on Henry's face, happy to see his friend recovered from his near-death experience. While Warren did not look one hundred percent, he was out of the frying pan. Hopefully his next trip was not into the fire. Searching his mind for the perfect Shapspearian quote for the moment, Hank joined in his other teammates who had felt it appropriate to say something, adding, ""Love comforteth like sunshine after rain," nodding to Betsy in a sign of gratitude for her work in saving Warren as the pair left the med ward.

Hank then overheard Caliban's question...

?I must know what has happened, I can sense apocalypses taint and how come Nur has grown.?

...and couldn't help but join in the mutant's curiosity, for he himself had wondered about Nur's growth into a full adult. He turned to look at the young woman, who now shared similar features to Apocalypse in epidermal tone and design. He forced himself into a sitting position, looking at Nur through slightly squinted eyes as he concentrated on her features. Her voice and mannerisms certainly seemed adult as well.

And The Pale Rider Was Death
07-02-2005, 05:55 AM
?I must know what has happened, I can sense apocalypses taint and how come Nur has grown.?

Nur glanced down at Caliban, smiling in rememberance of him, though the sound that immediately escaped her throat at his words was something close to a scoff. "Taint indeed!"

Though she wondered if he did sense something. Only the barest fringes of the effect their battle had remained, nothing physical to show, though inside something dragged. Was the change that she and Apocalypse forced on one another something that could be sensed? Even now, after so much time had passed? Could Caliban have sensed something on Sinister were he there now?

Her gaze darted to Mccoy as he forced himself to sit up, and her face marked with a deep frown where a sardonic smile had been before. The majority of her care was given by this mutant; he had been the one she in the guise of an infant most longed for, recieved the most affection from. Though the damage on her mind had imprisoned her in such a helpless form, and she was loathe to admit how much she'd relied on these people, it was not something she could undo -- nor could she forget that while helpless she was, none took strong advantage. Him most of all, and she was grateful.

"I am grown because I am not truly a child, nor was I when you first encountered me," she said, sauntering over toward him now. "As Nicole, as noted in the ship's log explained, I sustained brain damage; because my powers were in no way effected, my body reverted to the state my mind was in. As the scar tissue has faded, my memory has returned and I have aged to my proper form again -- though because some things are still foggy, I am sure that there is still some healing to be done."

07-02-2005, 09:54 AM
Hank's words couldn't have been much sweeter for the great scene of seeing Warren come around. ""Love comforteth like sunshine after rain," echoed from the blue furry mutant. Amara couldn't help but to smile and nod warmly in agreement. Her head glanced around the room, she saw Blink, also known as Clarice share in the warmth of a healing friend showing signs of recovery, then seeing Charles Xavier and Hank of course, back on his feet, using his scientific knowledge to use as he carefully examined the mysterious young lady who returned with the crew from Cairo.

Speaking of the mysterious character in the room, Amara practically forgot about the girl! Amongst all the trouble and trauma, Amara remembers seeing the girl, but never really getting a good look. An uneasy chill went up her spine, noticing that this girl resembled one of the X-Men's most notorious foes...Apocalypse! Also in the room was another mutant who called himself, Caliban. Amara did not know these people and felt it was best she asked who they are. Are they new members of the X-Men?

If anything, the X-Men always continue to grow. There is never an end to the growing roster. The lava controlling blonde walked up towards Hank, aka The Beast, seeing if she can get any information regarding who this woman was. All Amara knows was overhearing Caliban mention the name Nur. That must be the name of the girl. Before saying a word, Magma heard the girl speak about her current physical condition. Apparently, it sounds like the girl was once a child due to memory loss, but now that her memory is returning, she's returned to her true form. Interesting story and quite weird, but if anything, the X-Men are used to the weird stories and situations.

Amara put her hand on the shoulder of the ever so intelligent and gentle Beast. "Hank, perhaps you could fill me on who this woman is. Who is she and where does she come from? I have not been around long enough to know of any new additions to the Institute." asked a curious Magma

Farseer Sephiroth
07-02-2005, 03:18 PM
Caliban did sense Apocalypse?s taint, it wasn?t just in the destruction that he had caused to Archangel and the Beast, it was also in the Nur?woman, it was as if she had now taken more than just his name, but also a little part of him. He felt there was no evil in this child, but was more than capable of doing things her own way. It was as if Caliban?s mutant tracking power was picking up a bit of Apocalypse in this room, not all of him, not even an awareness, but perhaps some of his power.

This woman was not taken by evil. It was this that made Caliban more than just interested, Caliban was never an entity that desired to do evil things, in fact he despised evil actions and hid his fear of evil in doing evil things himself. Apocalypse was his master, always would be, due to the power an ideals of the tyrant. Survival of the fittest was a good idea, an idea that Caliban once believed in but now realising that it can only be achieved by evil, was no longer acceptable. But now there is another way, an Apocalypse in a good form. The thought of a new master raced across the grey skinny fellows mind, what did Caliban know about Nur, he knew she was kind and compassionate but also was no push over, even as a child that was evident.

Calibans mind was made up, his allegiance was with Nur. Caliban would never betray her, he would never betray Apocalypse, this was simply a new, better Apocalypse. He was now simply with his master, a master who?s methods and conclusions he would agree with. It was the power she had obtained which was the thing that attracted him to her the most. No other entity had such a power to change the world. Caliban waited until the right time to announce his new alliance, he could let his thoughts run free again, there was no need to protect his thoughts from Xavier. He was too smart a man not to notice the power Nur had gained.

"Your power has incresed as well as your age I see, you have profited from your encounter with your other..." Suddenly Caliban stumbled over his word as he realised perhaps Nur did not know of her now strength, it was too late now to hide anything from the child.Now what would be the most correct word to end the sentence?

And The Pale Rider Was Death
07-02-2005, 08:48 PM
"Hank, perhaps you could fill me on who this woman is. Who is she and where does she come from? I have not been around long enough to know of any new additions to the Institute."

Nur cast a sidelong glance at the girl, doubting Mccoy could answer all her questions. Her aura was a thrilling one to read; potentially strong-minded -- not afraid to speak up at any rate -- on top of that she probably yielded most interesting abilities. Nur smiled, the blue lines touching the corners of her lips seeming to recede in the gesture; she would want to test her later. "My name is En Sabah Nur," she answered, though she was not the one questioned. "And where I am from is far too complicated to explain in a single sitting."

She turned as Caliban came near to her again. "Your power has increased as well as your age I see, you have profited from your encounter with your other...self"

Nur attempted to form a better explaination. "My power was never less when I was smaller; I just could not access all of it." At this mention of Apocalypse, she felt the need to clarify -- though the objective opinion might have been just as right as her own. "Apocalypse and I appear to have an odd effect on one another. I am not completely sure what it is yet, but I do know that contact with him has caused my powers to recede and dampen for a short time."

07-03-2005, 10:17 AM
((OOC: Yeah, Bobby's still here))

To be completely honest with himself and the others in the room, Robert Drake would have to admit that he really did not necessarily know how to react to all that had happened in this medical room. Of course he was overjoyed that Warren had recovered, but the ghastly look on his face as he set up disturbed him, perhaps moving so quickly had hurt him once again, perhaps it was more. Not that Bobby wasn't happy that Warren had recovered, he was, and he was more than glad that Hank was seemingly back on his feet. But now Nur had grown from a doll toating little girl into an adult, and Caliban had returned to the X-Mansion, sans his Apocalyptic "gifts".

It was Iceman's nature to be naturally care free, but he was also very protective of those he cared about. Nur had referred to herself as En Sabah Nur for the first time in a very long time, and in some ways that distrubed him as well. This was still so very much to take in, and in attempting to do so, the Iceman decided it was best he stay out of conversation for now, deciding instead to observe the on goings of the room. He leaned against the wall, storking his frozen chin with a determined look on his face as he let this all unfold.

Farseer Sephiroth
07-03-2005, 03:51 PM
Caliban wondered if it was better to simply shut his mouth or to continue talking. Was there a risk in saying what he needed to say, would the X-men and even Nur herself look at her differently? It was too late for that now, and besides the X-men had seen stranger stuff in their time.

?You can not feel it, but I can. You speak of a time when you touched Apocalypse, that ye had a strange effect on each other? Well a dormant power you now possess, not necessarily for evil, not necessarily for good, but a great power, once a part of your name sharer. Caliban wishes for it to be used for good, and will help make sure of it being done so. I?m sure you agree??

Caliban felt confident of what he had said was the right thing. He also knew that all the X-men in the room would be critical on whether Caliban was really good or just up to his own tricks. Caliban did not blame them for this, it seems he had changed his mind too many times to trust himself over some things, but not this, this was different.

07-03-2005, 08:07 PM
"My name is En Sabah Nur, and where I am from is far too complicated to explain in a single sitting."

She turned as Caliban came near to her again. "Your power has increased as well as your age I see, you have profited from your encounter with your other...self"

"My power was never less when I was smaller; I just could not access all of it. Apocalypse and I appear to have an odd effect on one another. I am not completely sure what it is yet, but I do know that contact with him has caused my powers to recede and dampen for a short time."

As though expecting Hank McCoy, The Beast, to answer her questions, the woman called En Sabah Nur fully answered instead. For a moment, Magma felt it was a little rude as she wasn't sure to completely trust this Nur woman inside the mansion. But who better than to get some answers from than the woman her self. Amara crossed her arms, hearing Nur's words. After being able to answer her questions, Nur replied to Caliban, a being who seems to be closely studying the now grown En Sabah Nur.

In the process, Amara did some studying of her own. She noted the very closely resembled marks of Apocalypse on Nur's face. If anything, it was very creepy as the only thing that Nur can remind Amara of would be the dangerous villain the X-Men has had the unfortunate experience of knowing. Thinking to herself, Amara put one hand on her chin, resting her elbow on her other arm, crossing her body. "I know my friends seem to trust this woman, but there is something telling me not to. Maybe my gut instincts are telling me a message from the gods themselves to watch Nur. I just wish I could put my finger on why for certain of my distrust. Perhaps I will need to give Nur some time. After all, we did just meet."

Moving her head around, Amara saw Bobby Drake, also known as the wise cracking Iceman. Surprisingly, Amara could not have been happier to see her friend. He was always a delight to have around and always helped Magma be at some peace of mind. She waved at the chilly man from across the room, then she looked back at Nur. There was more Amara wanted to know. "I don't mean for this to be an insignificant question, but because I'm just now getting to know you, Nur, but are you the daughter of Apocalypse? If so, I had no idea that a mad being such as Apocalypse had any children." boldly asked by Magma.

And The Pale Rider Was Death
07-03-2005, 08:30 PM
?You can not feel it, but I can. You speak of a time when you touched Apocalypse, that ye had a strange effect on each other? Well a dormant power you now possess, not necessarily for evil, not necessarily for good, but a great power, once a part of your name sharer. Caliban wishes for it to be used for good, and will help make sure of it being done so. I?m sure you agree??

Nur examined Caliban carefully; she would not argue with him, though her knowledge of how her body functioned was nearly flawless. If he sensed something, then there was indeed something there, and there was a slim chance that Apocalypse was encountering the change as well. However, she rationalized that what he could have been sensing was whatever part of her old self that hadn't been triggered yet.

"I don't mean for this to be an insignificant question..."

She turned toward the girl again, quirking a hairless brow to indicate that, yes, she was paying attention.

"...but because I'm just now getting to know you, Nur, but are you the daughter of Apocalypse? If so, I had no idea that a mad being such as Apocalypse had any children."

Nur watched her, blinking her ivory eyes as though confused while she mentally rolled over what she said. The corners of her mouth raised in a smile and before she could stop it coming, she laughed. It was unusually clear and fresh sounding, as though she was not one to do it often but relished it just the same. After a moment, she shook her head. "No, child. I'm not the daughter of Apocalypse." The way she considered the man's body language -- and the way he reacted to Nicole, she wasn't entirely sure he'd ever had sex before. "To better explain -- in another world and another time, I am the one who you would call Apocalypse."

Farseer Sephiroth
07-04-2005, 06:09 PM
"We shall speak no more about it, until later"

Caliban did not wish to speak of the topic no more, he felt a confidence in Nur that she knew what she was talking about, perhaps she was right in what she was saying, perhaps it was an untapped power that was not active in a younger form, it just seemed that this woman had now a courage and leadership quality that could?potentially take over the world, form the 4 horsemen? or could help make the world a better place, become the queen in the chess game against evil.

There was no point in argueing, it was a power she would have to see for herself, if present, or if given the chance to use it.

07-05-2005, 11:17 PM
Nur watched her, blinking her ivory eyes as though confused while she mentally rolled over what she said. The corners of her mouth raised in a smile and before she could stop it coming, she laughed.

The laughter was nothing that Amara had expected. Probably at the first moment, Magma felt it was a little rude and unsettling. Nur's white eyes and her resembling smile of the mad Apocalypse sent almost a chill through Amara's body. However, Amara wasn't going to show any kind of fear in front of Nur. After laughing over the question, Nur finally gave an answer that Amara was wanting.

It was unusually clear and fresh sounding, as though she was not one to do it often but relished it just the same. After a moment, she shook her head. "No, child. I'm not the daughter of Apocalypse." The way she considered the man's body language -- and the way he reacted to Nicole, she wasn't entirely sure he'd ever had sex before. "To better explain -- in another world and another time, I am the one who you would call Apocalypse."

The news was shocking. Amara would give credit to the female version of Apocalypse for the news to be shocking. One question that ran through Magma's mind was, how crazy are the X-Men allow some other time's Apocalypse in the mansion? Although she is fully grown and regaining much of her full potential in abilities, what if more memories return and she becomes like the Apocalypse everyone has grown to known? Whatever it is, the distrust remained in Amara's mind. Nur maybe a friend for now, but what if that all changes the next day?

Caliban announced in the room that the topic would be closed. All Amara could do was nod, agreeing with Caliban, but she kept a good stare at Nur for a moment. The woman seemed happy...at least for now. Still though, Amara didn't appreciate the laughter all that much as she was trying to understand who this Nur was and how she came to be. The reaction must be Amara's hot blooded Nova Roma spirit, but she took in a deep breath and released, feeling a lot better. Magma turned her head to glance at Bobby, just standing across the room. She walked over towards the ice mutant with a gentle, warm smile. "Hi Bobby. How are you?" Magma asked.

07-06-2005, 11:01 PM
"To better explain -- in another world and another time, I am the one who you would call Apocalypse."

At the mention of the evil one's name, a shiver went down Blink's spine. Her eyes flashed with lavender energy and she stared at the woman who would brazenly admit such resemblance. Her whole experience with Apocolypse ran through her mind as she watched the conversation play out, and finally end without resolution.

Suddenly she realized that she had been digging her fingernails into the flesh of her arms, one even breaking skin. She released her grip on herself, and the tension that had been building eased.

07-10-2005, 08:51 PM
Running down the list of events that had just taken place the Iceman found himself feeling rather aghast. Nur was indeed Apocalypse, or at least an Apocalyse, whatever that meant. Iceman never much cared for interdimensional time traveling. Apocalypse was always a titanic threat, and while he doubted Nur posed a threat tot he X-Men at the time, he knew that Apocalypse was tricky, crafty, and devious, who knew what Nur really was, or what her connection to their Apocalypse truly was.

He took a deep breath, sighing heavily as Amara made her way to him from across the room. "Hey darlin, I'm just sorta letting this all sink in." While chatting it up with a blonde with a pretty face was usually number one on Bobby's list, other concerns ran through his mind.

Drake turned to Caliban, one time ward of X-Factor, a one time friend, and a classic betrayer. His physical appearance would lead one to believe that his ways had perhaps changed. However few people in this room were present when Caliban had first betrayed X-Factor, seeing the Archangel debuted for the first time Caliban had been jealous, and had openly welcomed Apocalypse into his life. Now however he appeared to no longer have any kind of Apocalyptic augmentation. This bothered Bobby, afterall Warren who had never asked for Apocalypse's evil had never been freed of his physical changes, and he doubted Apocalypse was simply willing to let Caliban live freely so easily. Raising an accusing brow, Bobby first gave Hank McCoy a look, and then turned his attention to the skinny grey mutant, "Among all of this conversation I don't think it's yet come into question how you've found yourself in your current physical form. What happened to you Caliban?"

07-11-2005, 03:51 AM
"Hey darlin, I'm just sorta letting this all sink in." Bobby was always quite the charmer. Knowing Bobby as sort of a joker, Amara smiled in response. While after answering Amara, Iceman drew his attention to Caliban. "Among all of this conversation I don't think it's yet come into question how you've found yourself in your current physical form. What happened to you Caliban?"

Caliban was a name that Magma has heard before. Needless to say, the mutant was a name heard through the grapevine, but it wasn't until now that Amara got to see the grey mutant in person. Caliban was quite imposing and big. Even for a moment, Magma kept her eyes open not only on Nur, but Caliban as well. If it is true for Caliban to have worked with Apocalypse before, who's to say he couldn't be doing it now?

Amara crossed her arms, hearing intently on the conversation as Bobby asked Caliban a question. Apparently, Caliban's physical form was altered. Apocalypse has altered mutants before, just like Warren and now Caliban. A mad mutant such as the immortal Apocalypse should be stopped thought Amara. However, the X-Men will one day stop Apocalypse all together from harming another person. To herself, Amara thought it all in her mind. It's scary enough with one mad Apocalypse running lose in the world, but now two with Nur is a little weird and wary. After Bobby asked Caliban his question, Magma waited to hear Caliban's response.

Farseer Sephiroth
07-11-2005, 05:29 AM
?Apocalypse did not feel Caliban deserved the enhancements given to Caliban, he felt Caliban should prove myself worthy of them once again so he took them away and sent Caliban on a mission?to capture Nur?

These words were known amongst many people in the room but the real question would be on how Caliban would answer. These words caused a stir between the x-men that were ignorant of the fact but this was to be expected.

?Judge Caliban as you wish but that does not change the fact that Caliban feels goodness and what he naturally would since the ridding of the implants. No more Berserker fury, no more anger. Can you X-men not see this?

Calibans words were true and sincere but also remembered that he was known for the betrayal of his teammates in the x-community. He concluded his explanation with

?Caliban understands and expects you not believing him and does not take offence?

Doctor Henry McCoy
07-14-2005, 09:50 AM
Still sitting on the table, Hank listened to the discussion that had now presented itself. He allowed Nur to explain, in rather mysterious terms and ideas, who she was and how she'd arrived here. When he heard the revelation of her being another world's Apocalypse, he wasn't surprised, because she certainly resembled the mutant now that she had grown. And it explained his fascination with her. The remaining question was, did their demeanor and motives share the same path despite different dimensions?

Beast chose rather to remain quiet as the conversation reached its conclusion. His eyes wandered to Charles, who also had remained rather quiet during the questioning. He was no doubt considering the same thoughts Hank was right now: was it safe to have this mutant in the mansion? did she pose a danger to the rest of the X-Men? is it only a matter of time before the world feels the wrath of a second Apocalypse?

No doubt Charles had more knowledge about the situation than Beast did, what with his telepathy to clue him in on feelings, thoughts, and intentions. For the moment, Hank would have to remain in the dark. But another topic seemed to come up, this time from Bobby Drake himself as he began to question Caliban, whose motives were worthy of such questions. However, the mutant had helped track Sinister in the tunnels. Did Hank believe in redemption?

He decided to speak up, once again putting forth some Shakespearian wisdom. "A friendly eye could never see such faults," he proclaimed, finally pushing himself off the exam table to walk toward Caliban. "I suggest our friend has proved his worth, in this form or any other." He turned to look over at Iceman, and smiled warmly. "He looks no worse for wear."

07-16-2005, 07:12 AM
"A friendly eye could never see such faults," he proclaimed, finally pushing himself off the exam table to walk toward Caliban. "I suggest our friend has proved his worth, in this form or any other." He turned to look over at Iceman, and smiled warmly. "He looks no worse for wear."

Amara couldn't help but be amazed by the graceful words spilling out of the mouth of one Mr. Hank McCoy. The words were perhaps very true. Maybe afterall, Caliban has proven his worth and alliance with the X-Men. But given previous history, there was that little voice of doubt that told Amara to think otherwise. However, the golden haired mutant ignored the doubt and went with the present. Caliban is apart of the team now, as is Nur.

It is very interesting to think that the X-Men now have Apocalypse on their team. One of the world's most dangerous foes, from alternate universe of sorts, now an X-Man!? Nowhere did Amara ever see such a thing coming. Again, there was the questioning of Nur's motives. Could she be as destructive and demented like the Apocalypse the X-Men have come to know and battle on a few occasions? Time will only tell, but in the meantime, it was important for the X-Men to heal up and be ready for another day of battle. In the world of the X-Men, trouble always seems to find them, and in some cases, at the worst possible conditions.

In the meantime, Magma glanced at Hank with a warm smile, taking a few steps to stand next to the furry blue genius, placing her hand on his shoulder. "So Beast, how are you feeling my friend? Hopefully better I presume." cheerfully spoken by the Nova Roman, Magma.

Farseer Sephiroth
07-19-2005, 02:24 AM
Dr. Hank McCoy?s words were accepted with a sigh of relief from Caliban. The thin Morlock was in no state of mind for anything else.

??I appreciate your kindness Dr. Beast, I hope the rest of you have the same feelings? nodded Caliban with a grateful tone, he was already sure that the rest of the rooms occupants felt the same way as the bouncy blue medical practitioner.

Caliban felt that he was now accepted among the x-men, almost a part of the team, he was surprised that they had taken to him so fast, , something which he perhaps would not have done himself. Also he found it hard to find a way in which he could benefit the x-men, although Caliban presumed it was better for them to have him as a friend than have him as a foe. The only power that would be beneficial to the mutant group would be his mutant tracking ability as he was vastly outmatched in the fields of speed, power, endurance etc. His own power could come in handy with the new threat to Mutants across the United States: the Sentinels.

Caliban was now smiling happily; he gave a warm glance at Nur, a woman who he respected for such a strange reason. The grey mutant could not bring himself to think of her as a master, he was now perhaps something of a team mate, there was freedom and respect now in his life, gifts which he had never felt as much as he felt now.

(o.o.c: Can we get something from Nur or Xavier soon please)

And The Pale Rider Was Death
07-19-2005, 09:33 PM
Nur allowed the weight of what she'd said to sink into the minds of all those present, though she would not develop further on it. Her mind was already on Apocalypse and wondering how to deal with him next. In all honestly, she wasn't up for a fight so much as she wanted to prod him for a few minutes, find out what made him tick. She frowned, though the minute she caught Caliban's gaze, and a smile, she returned it.

She vanished and reappeared crouching atop a counter close by, looking a mite bored. She wanted to look around, explore, prod at all the nooks and crannies in this place, but even someone like her had an odd code of ethics to stick to.

"As it is my way to linger near to what gives me intrigue," she said. "I would wish to remain for a time." She quirked a hairless brow at the man in the wheelchair. "That is, of course, entirely up to you, Charles Xavier. I am aware of the strain that an unwelcome guest can place on a home, and I would not wish to overstep my bounds more than I need to."

Charles Xavier
07-21-2005, 06:04 AM
((OOC: Sorry so short, I've got something else for the team that I want to get to soon, and this scene is pratically wrapped up.))

Xavier was concerned, sharing the same feelings that some of his students had expressed. But he had to trust the judgment of his students and the behavior of this newcomer, whom they had protected during her infancy in this world. "I've not closed my doors to those in need before," he said, wheeling himself toward the door of the medical ward while he eyed Nur. "I won't begin now. You may consider this your home, my child."

He paused at the front of the door, looking over at the group that was still assembled. "As for the rest of you, a well deserved break is in order. Hank, if you've the strength to move, go and relax, my friend. Recooperate from your wounds." Charles smiled at his student, and then wheeled himself out of the room.

07-26-2005, 08:24 AM
Iceman gave the whole situation a quick nod, Nur was staying in the mansion, and so would it seem would be Caliban. Fair enough he thought, but he would have to keep an eye on the two, sitting Nur down and talking things over with her might put him at ease, and maybe even help her feel more comfortable at the mansion, and with the dramatic changes in her psyche that had happened over the past few weeks.

Hanks advice, along with the Professor's had helped Bobby cool down some, of course as humorous as it was Bobby was always something of a hot head. But it seemed that relaxing and taking things in would defiently beat out rushing into a fight, especially after all the team had been through over the past day. The Egypt team had taken a beating, and he himself had found he could use his powers in a strange new way. Bobby rubbed his chin thinking for a moment, then clapped his hands together then shrugged, "Alright well, need a hand with anything Hank?" Bobby would be the first to admit that trying to decide how to spend free time was not an easy task for an X-Man.

Farseer Sephiroth
07-30-2005, 02:16 AM
Caliban was glad to hear the professors reply, he was now officially accepted by the x-men once again. Even though he was happy with the new revelation many questions were still unanswered. The first being?

?What now?? said Caliban in a quite passive tone as he turned around to face the beast and assist the iceman. His question was not aimed at anyone, nor was it rhetorical, it was aimed at everyone present, was there some daring adventure to depart on, or a thrilling session in the danger room, or was this his opportunity to explore the mansion. The first thing anyway was to attend to the furry blue bouncy one and then ponder on what to do next, or simply let someone else answer it.

The second question was was Caliban now a member of the mutant group that has sworn to protect the very people that hate and fear them. Did he want to. He did.

07-31-2005, 10:39 PM
Xavier's words were sweet to the ears. Now that trouble seemed to have been down for the time being, it looks like long needed rest has finally come along for the X-Men. Magma glanced at her teammates, thinking back on Xavier's words for a moment. It was so hard to think of something to do without any trouble for once! What desire does Magma have to do with her spare time? She wasn't sure.

Suddenly, an image popped in her mind. An image of beauty and relaxation. The image was of a beach. The weather was warm and the water of the ocean was cool. The breeze blew wonderfully, blowing the trees and in Amara's head, she saw her blonde locks being brushed from the breeze. The sand was soft against her feet and also warm from the sun. Amara slipped back into reality.

"You know what I would like to do for relaxation? I would love to go to a tropical island. I would love to be on the beach, to feel the sand and cool ocean. If only the gods could allow the time." said the lava controlling blonde with a sigh and her arms gently crossed.

08-01-2005, 07:50 PM
((I'm just getting back into this, so forgive my intrusion upon this thread, and the bad writing :) ))

Rogue hurried into the medlab. She was pale, wan, and looked as if she had been recently sick.

Her head was also pounding.

"Anyone seen Remy?" She asked. She, herself, had not seen him for many days. She was wondering if he was avoiding her as she had been avoiding him, but she was feeling now as if she could not go through this process alone. Her emotions kept swinging on this point. Her previous detachment from Gambit was unusual, but right now, she needed him, more than oxygen.

Her eyes began welling up with tears. She covered her eyes with a hand, hiding the moisture.

"Hank, isn't theah anythin' AH can do for the sickness?"

And The Pale Rider Was Death
08-07-2005, 03:25 AM
Once there was welcome expressed, Nur's demeanor turned from the almost severe casuality to something even more comfortable; her eyes roamed freely, though she did not speak, even when more entered. Having been given the invitation to remain, she felt she'd established a place to roost.

Of course, it also meant, to hear, that she would now freely come and go.

A full smile finally found her face, and she glanced at Caliban, bringing a finger to her lips in a "shh" gesture. With a whispering noise, she vanished.

Farseer Sephiroth
08-07-2005, 06:03 PM
Caliban was slightly confused. Did Nur want just a fancy exit or was he actually supposed to be quiet. His eyes began to wonder with a comical smirk on his face and raised his brow. With Nur disappearing act Caliban crept over to Rogue. He could not sense Gambit within the mansion. In fact most of the mansions population were in the med-lab.

?I can sense that Mr. LeBeau is not in the mansion or its grounds? whispered Caliban into Rogues ear quietly.

Then seeing that Beast had enough help in the form of Iceman and the vastly more powerful Rogue, Caliban accepted he would simply get in the way of Beasts recovery so he quietly exited the med-lab, walked down the hall and entered the elevator to the ground floor. On the way he was pondering where had Nur gone and also what to do next. Caliban had rested enough as it was, a sandy beach was not his next destination. As Amara said ?If only the gods could allow the time"...

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp : EXIT CALIBAN

(o.o.c. The last post gambit made was in rehab. (http://p089.ezboard.com/ftheuncannyxmenrpgfrm2.showMessage?topicID=459.top ic) He was about to fight a sentinel or something.)

08-17-2005, 01:08 AM
Unsure of where she fit in all of this, Blink decided it was time to leave. After all, the wounded were healing and the displaced had been accepted. She gave a quick glance around the room and "Blinked" herself into the main hallway that she had walked through earlier.

Exit: Blink

08-31-2005, 08:01 AM
So much has occured in the recent days of the X-Men. Upon her arrival back to Xavier's, Magma has found herself on the forefront, ready and willing to help her fellow teammates in any way neccessary. However, Amara has felt the harsh reality of tiredness brought on by stress of missions. Amara has felt this rush of tiredness and neediness of rest and so the lava controlling blonde decided her rest was very important and needed.

"I'm going to retire to my quaters. If anybody needs me, they know where I'm at. I will see you all later." announced Magma. She left the room, heading through the corridors of the medical room and to the near by elevator to take her upstairs. When standing in the elevator, Magma crossed her arms and yawned. The doors slid open, allowing Amara to step onto the floor of the rooms for all who lived in the mansion. The young blonde walked towards her room, her head bent slightly down, facing the ground. She finally arrived to her room where she stepped in, closing the door behind her. A long needed rest was about to be fulfilled.

-EXIT: Magma- Will be on hiatus until next week or mid September-