View Full Version : A New Start (open to all)

05-28-2005, 10:22 AM
Danielle Moonstar stood outside the Xavier Institute, looking up at the cold stone walls. It had been a long while since she had last been here and she had changed since then. She shivered slightly in the April chill, the brisk wind blowing through her thin layer of clothing and tossing loose strands of hair into her eyes. She seemed to not notice the effect the weather was having on her as she waited, her long fingers toying with a small pendant hung around her neck, the agitated movement the only outwards sign of the ongoing struggle in her mind. All the excitement she had felt about returning to her former home had been swept away in a wave of uncertainty.

I don't belong here, I left, I fought against them, they won't accept me, I should just leave now and save myself the trouble..but how will I know if this is the right path if I don't try it? I made my decision and now I have to stick with it. I have to at least attempt to start again with them. Surely they won't refuse me another chance..But what if?..No! No ifs, not now.

Releasing her hold on the trinket, she straightened her shoulders decisively and tossed her hair back out of her eyes. Silencing any doubts still lingering in her mind with a firm shake of her head, she strode forwards, covering the ground between her and the door almost too quickly for her liking. Raising her hand before she had time to pause again, she banged loudly on the solid door, announcing her presence for all to hear.