View Full Version : Rehab.

05-22-2005, 04:26 AM
Gambit's wounds, and the medical crap that went with them, were down to a scar and some gauze and paper tape, which he found didn't pull at the hair on his chest quite as much as anything else they'd put on it. Still hurt, though.

The inactivity, and subsequent pain and exhaustion, one feels after being shot led to a bit of a drop in his flexability and muscle mass, and now that he could move fairly well without grimacing, he though it time to work on such things. And if a little grimacing was involved, so be it. He was tired of doing nothing.

He stood in front of a fruit stand, looking through the oranges, when movement off to his left caught his attention, and the orange still in his hand, he shifted his gaze in that direction. A large man in a well-pressed silk suit had pulled a gun on a skinny whisp of a man, and was verbally and openly berating him on the street, paying little attention to anyone who might happen to look in his direction.

Nothing like a drug deal gone bad, Gambit mused, and grabbed another orange as he turned in their direction.

"Does dat really seem like-a grea' idea, mon ami? Ah mean, broa' dayligh' an' all?" Behind his sunglasses, Gambit's red eyes narrowed as he watched the movement of the large black man with the gun.

"This is none of your business, friend," his deep voice replied, the guns till firmly against the chest of the smaller man, "So maybe you should just go back to your fruit and let us continue our..." his eyes shifted to the other man, who was clearly afraid, "...discussion."

The only reply he recieved from Gambit was a chuckle, and the orange in his right hand began to glow as if it had suddenly become radioactive. The large man's eyes say this happen and by way of reacting, he brough the gun around to face Gambit as his body did the same.

"Hey, what the hell is-" his words were cut off when the orange connected with the gun, the insuing explosion knocking the warped and bent pieces of gun from his hand. He took a step back, clearly surprised, and his eyes went straight to the other orange, which had been shifted to Gambit's right hand and began to get that same, strange glow. He knew his options were few, especially now that he was unarmed, and so he went with the biggest weapon as his disposal.

"He's a mutant! One of those murderous mutants! Someone call a Sentinal! Call a Sentinal!"

Ah, Gambit thought as he advanced towards the shouting man, another quiet day in the life of a mutant...