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Xtreme Windrider
05-10-2005, 04:17 AM
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ic: Storm's fingers had been tainted with blood, and every time her blue eyes fell to the controls in which she was in control of, she saw that and had images of the battle back at the Pyramid within Cairo. For the most part all was silent, she hadn't really said anything as well as any of the others though it was kind of hard for them to speak after what just happened. Warren had slipped into unconcious back on the battlefield, Beast was in horrible shape, Kitty was obviously still in shock about it all, and Nur was someone she was just not sure about all together. As the jet tore through the clouds above, Storm kept her gaze locked infront of her. They were nearing New York as the seconds pass and she couldn't have been more glad about that at all. It would be nice to return to home. She'd done everything she could to help out in Cairo as much as possible, and now it was time for her to return to the X-Men.

A few beeps from the Blackbird told her that their coordintes were near, and it was time for her to land the Blackbird. It'd been some time since she'd actually flown the jet but the lessons never left her well being. They were always part of her in some way, form, or fashion. Everything that she learned as an X-Man stuck with her and that was all that mattered in the end. As Storm maneuvered the jet around through the air so that it began to descend and lower in altitude towards the hangar doors that began to open, the sound of the wheels coming in contact with the ground was heard. Her first thought was to try and contact Charles, by reaching out to him with her thoughts, but thats only after the jet is landed perfectly. Ivory locks of hair spilled freely along her shoulders, and along the curve of her breast cage. Silence had long since overcame her, and as she pulled the jet to an immediate stop, she began to press a few buttons, undoing the straps of her seat belt in which she had been wearing.

Rising from her seat at the controls, she turned and began to make her way in the direction of her team mates, Archangel first. He was in dire need of recovery and aid and she knew that she'd need help. ~Professor Xavier! ...~ She wasn't a telepath so all she had to work with her was the shout of her thoughts in hopes that Charles Xavier would catch them. ~IF you are on the grounds, I need assistance in the Hangar...~ There was a small breath that escaped her lips as she moved to unbuckle Warren from his seat, letting the fallen X-Man use her body for leverage. As she eased her arms around his waist, she glanced in the direction that Kitty had been in noting her already beginning to unbuckle Hank from the seat as well so that they could get both of their team members to the Medical Lab where the proper steps could be taken to get them back up to par. The hatch had been lowered, and as she glanced in the direction of Nur to see if she was alright she knew that deep down this is what she had been trained for so many years ago. It wasn't always a bad thing to be prepared and besides, she'd led the X-Men before, this was just another hurdle in the Goddess's way.;

As Kitty finished unbuckling Hank from his seat, she glanced towards Storm. <span style="color:black;">"Once I get him off the jet, I'll get him to the Medical lab, and come back to help you with the other two."</span> Simple as that. It would've been nice to have some help from Nur, Kitty knew the girl could teleport. That would've saved everyone alot of trouble but she wasn't exactly sure whose side the girl had been on. It was strange to her, but it was something she pushed from her mind. First thing was first. Help the team mates out any way that she could and getting the wounded to the medical lab was first option.

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