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uber morlock
08-15-2004, 02:14 PM
Forge busied himself on preparing for X-Factor's briefing. He sat concentrating on the data scrolling before him.

He'd made a careful study off all the evidence filed in the FBI report along with their findings. With this in mind he brought up an overhead surveillance photo of the blast site on the console and at once projected the huge greyscale image onto the screen behind him.

Forge pondered the image comparing their search site with the original architectural plans. The blast origin fitted over some garage feature the size of a warehouse.
The report stated that forensics had matched debris to Sentinel carapace as well one or more large vehicles. It seemed to Forge that what they were looking at was deliberate sabotage or assassination.

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08-16-2004, 04:29 AM
Heading to the briefing room, Theresa pondered about Jamie Madrox. She felt his hand squeeze her hand before leaving the infirmary. She had hoped he would come out of his comatose state, but apparently he wasn't at the condition to do so. Once told that she was needed for this meeting that Forge was holding about a mission, Theresa had to leave Jamie behind and pray that he comes out of his deep sleep when the mission is said and done. However, she also hopes she comes back from the mission! With every mission, she was putting her life on the line and there is no telling what could happen. She knows that feeling of fear all to well. The unknowing is always frightening. But if anything, she's always came through thanks in part to her team. If anybody she could count on to return home, would be her team.

Upon entering the briefing room, she caught Forge looking up at a large photo of what seems to be some type of debris. Debris of a destroyed building. Theresa Forge was investigating the picture. It was apparent that the photo had something to do with the mission Forge was going to discuss. "So what does this photo have to do wit our mission? It looks as though ye have our work cut out for us, Forge." Theresa took a seat at the briefing table in front of her.

Wyrd Quicksilver
08-16-2004, 02:19 PM
Pietro was already in the room, having arrived shortly before Theresa showed up. She had not noticed him as he was leaning against the entrance wall, in the doorway's blind spot. This was not done intentionally, he simply was avoiding Forge at this point, and it happened to be the furthest point away from him in the room. He was too bored to further drag his life down by engaging in idle chats with the new leader. As such, his eyes rolled back ever so slightly at Theresa's question.

"So what does this photo have to do wit our mission? It looks as though ye have our work cut out for us, Forge."

He pushed himself off the wall and took a few steps in her direction. With a monotone voice that in its lack of emotion signafied even more clearly his lack of contentment, he spoke before Forge had a chance to answer her.

"I would assume Forge would rather wait until everyone is here. That way he doesn't have to repeat himself over and over again as we all enter one at a time. Not to mention I'd rather only have to sit through this once."

It was a curse most of the time to have such speed. It was almost impossible for Pietro to be late to something, but not without lack of trying. Sometimes he just couldn't force himself to drag his feet enough to be the last one to a briefing.

Juggernaut XT
08-16-2004, 04:14 PM
Cain Marko was the next to arrive, glancing towards the silver haired Pietro, then towards Siryn and Forge. Cain knew Theresa alot better than he did Forge and Pietro because he often worked with her Uncle Tom many times in the past. Theresa herself had even joined up with them once or twice, but this was before she went the good guy route and reunited with her father.

Seeing her here made him miss his friend, and took note to give the guy a call once the mission was over. It had been far to long since he heard his old friend speak in his arrogant Irish accented voice. Taking a seat down, though he was obviously to big for it, Cain had to manage himself in anyway.

Knowing that the actual briefing had yet to start, Cain kept to himself while maintaining a hardened expression. These were neither his friends nor allies, and he wasn't going to pretend they were such. Especially not when he was working for them against his will.

Fuzzy elf
08-17-2004, 06:28 PM
Guido entered through the door. "Sorry for keepin' you", he said through a mouthfull of steak. "I hope I don't get a tardy slip on my first day back."
Guido leaned against the wall as he finished eating. He glanced around at the team and shook his head with a smile...this should be funny if nothing else.
"So, Forge", he said after he'd finished eating, "what's uncle Sam got lined up for us?"

uber morlock
08-19-2004, 01:22 AM
Forge leaned forward, palms out stretched on the desk at his front. He scanned the rag tag assembly allowing him to evaluate the plan the proceeding mission. They appeared at this point to be more of a collection of ill matched egos rather than a working unit.

?X-Factor? He began, pointing at the overhead display ?? what you see on the screen is a surveillance photograph of Wilson Fisk?s Westchester mansion, or what remains of it. This satellite image was taken two nights ago after an explosion that decimated both house and grounds within one quarter of a mile radius. The FBI who had handled the preliminary investigation suspected that the incident had been an assassination attempt on Fisk?s life. The Bureau?s department on organised crime have made Fisk the centre for several other major investigations in the past; however they have asked that a section of the case be handled by X-Factor.?

Forge turned to the copy of the file, brushed a line of text with a prosthetic finger and continued the briefing.

?Forensic reports have a likely lead on the whereabouts of at least one of the seven missing Genoshan Sentinel robots.? With a quick motion at the console Forge enlarged a further series of images on the overhead screen. ?Fragments found within the blast radius match an alloy employed uniquely within Sentinel carapace manufacture. Further evidence indicates that the Sentinel itself had been the centre of sabotage, in this instance the robot had been rigged for detonation. Unfortunately and further more the FBI have been unable to make any progress as to who the supplier of the Sentinel may have been, a number of anomalies have all but confounded investigation here. Our task then is to track down the suppliers; any leads now will help us to trace who was behind the Sentinel heist.?

He looked at each of the team in turn. ?Our first call is to start at the source; X-Factor will fly out to Fisk?s estate in Westchester County where we?ll proceed to search the site. Now, I?m not expecting any fire works, the local police force have been informed and are stationed there for the duration of our investigation; so the likelihood of coming across any of Fisk?s operatives is next to zero. However should we uncover further data I?m anticipating our investigation will take us into gangland so to speak, I?ll want all X-Factor members on hand. Any questions??

08-19-2004, 05:34 PM
Nate walked in the meeting room with Guido. Nate was mostly silent. He never said much of anything, although, he know that once he was able to get comfortable with everyone else, he would have quite a bit so say.

Nate stood in silence, listening to Forge go over the details of this mission. There were even visuals to go along with his presentation. Then Forge said one final thing. "However should we uncover further data I?m anticipating our investigation will take us into gangland so to speak, I?ll want all X-Factor members on hand. Any questions??

Then Nate responded. "Uh, yeah. When do we start?"

Juggernaut XT
08-19-2004, 06:02 PM
Cain had gotten confused and lost in Forge's speech somewhere in between "gangland" and "investigations". Not even going to pretend as if he understood half of what Forge jus told him, the muscle bound brute cracked his knuckles as he looked over towards Nate Grey then back at Forge.

"Yeah, what he said. Let's crack some skulls so we can get back by dinner time." Cain says with every ounce of seriousness he could muster within himself.

Wyrd Quicksilver
08-19-2004, 09:25 PM
A light breeze was blowing Pietro's white hair ever so slightly. Just enough to move the few loose hairs he had jostled out from the rest. The breeze was not caused by an open window, or any ventilation in the room. Rather it came from his super speedy thumbs, twiddling around faster than the eye could keep up with. Well, any eyes other than his.

This meeting was horrid. Not a single point would be awarded Forge for entertainment. In fact, so tedious was it, that Pietro didn't even bother to ask the one rather obvious question everyone was thinking, and that Nate had bothered to ask. Instead he sat there, waiting for Apocalypse to attack. Or for the Brood to arrive.. or even for Juggernaut to spaz out and attack Forge right in the face. Anything but this ridiculous meeting. How he wished people would see better ways to multitask. This meeting, as pointless as it was, could have easily been given on the ride over. Now he would also have to figure out something to do then, in order to relieve the boredom.

08-20-2004, 12:48 AM
Siryn sat through the meeting, listening intently and following everything that Forge had to present for the upcoming mission. If anything, it sounds serious and especially since the world "Sentinels" was involved. The sentinels were not anything to joke about as the robots have proven to be quite a force. They were dangerous in every way. Forge finished his presentation and Theresa snapped back into reality to hear Forge finish.

?Our first call is to start at the source; X-Factor will fly out to Fisk?s estate in Westchester County where we?ll proceed to search the site. Now, I?m not expecting any fire works, the local police force have been informed and are stationed there for the duration of our investigation; so the likelihood of coming across any of Fisk?s operatives is next to zero. However should we uncover further data I?m anticipating our investigation will take us into gangland so to speak, I?ll want all X-Factor members on hand. Any questions??

There was nothing Siryn could ask. The mission sounds simple, but sometimes, the simplest things could be the most dangerous things ever! Theresa took noticed and didn't take this information for granted. "Forge, ye presented quite a mission and it sounds simple enough. However, is there anything in particular that we're looking for in the ruins? Are we looking for files? Or are we looking for tracks of the one who caused this damage?" Serious about this mission, she wanted to make sure what was to be achieved successful. Everything had to go right accordingly. Although she may have sound intent on the material presented, she was in the back of her mind thinking about Jamie. She did during Forge's speech hoped he would have jumped in on the meeting, but it was to be. Since Jamie was obviously out the mission ahead, Siryn put as much of her thinking into her upcoming work waiting for the answers to the questions she just asked the team leader.

Fuzzy elf
08-20-2004, 05:03 PM
Guido looked around at the rest of the team. Most of them seemed impatient to get the mission started. He himself hadn't got back ito the swing of things yet...the last couple month recovering in a health farm, and before that in a coma. It would take him a little while to get used to the spped of X-Factor, although with Pietro around, it shouldn't take too long.

Guido nodded at Theresa's question. "Yeah, I'm not used to playin' detective. What is it we're lookin' for? Or do we just have to keep our eyes peeled for the unusual?"

uber morlock
08-26-2004, 04:30 PM
His opinion of X-Factor not-with-standing, he was pleased that at least Siryn remained focused on the task at hand. Her's and Guido's question, the latter worded more irreverently, however was important.

"What we're looking for, ideally, is any surveillance or electronic data that may have survived the explosion that could give us a clue to the identity of Sentinel transporters. The best place to check for this would be in the remaining structure."

Forge indicated on the site plan the areas he intended to search. "As for setting off, we leave now. Upon arrival I'll split us into two search groups."

Shutting down the lap-top, Forge folded it up and began leading the team towards the hanger. Upon final prepping of the old Fantasticar, he waited for X-Factor. It would become immediately obvious, he thought, that this transport was only capable of carrying four people, including himself as the pilot, something, given the time he'd need to remedy.
"Siryn, Pietro are you comfortable travelling in your own means?"

08-27-2004, 06:03 AM
"What we're looking for, ideally, is any surveillance or electronic data that may have survived the explosion that could give us a clue to the identity of Sentinel transporters. The best place to check for this would be in the remaining structure. As for setting off, we leave now. Upon arrival I'll split us into two search groups."

Shutting down the lap-top, Forge folded it up and began leading the team towards the hanger. Upon final prepping of the old Fantasticar, he waited for X-Factor. It would become immediately obvious, he thought, that this transport was only capable of carrying four people, including himself as the pilot, something, given the time he'd need to remedy. "Siryn, Pietro are you comfortable travelling in your own means?"

Lead out to the hangar seeing the Fantasticar, Siryn could tell that there was no way of everyone fitting. Of course, she had an idea about what was to be asked next thanks to Forge. Siryn indeed was capable of taking care of her own travelling needs. When asked to fly, Siryn wasn't exactly thrilled to do so, but she didn't let her disappointment show. Instead, Siryn nodded and accepted the suggestion. "Of course Forge. I'm ready t'fly when ye are."

She noticed that Forge also asked Quicksilver about taking care of his travelling needs. Out of everyone on this mission, Quicksilver is the one to most likely arrive at the destination before the Fantasticar and before Theresa could arrive as well. Theresa thought about asking Pietro if he may want a ride that way he won't have to move on foot, but knowing Pietro and his spunk, he would prefer foot anytime over flying and especially the screaming that Theresa emits when in the air.

Wyrd Quicksilver
08-28-2004, 12:11 AM
"Siryn, Pietro are you comfortable travelling in your own means?"

"I'd rather." He said, in a cold manner which did not give away his pleasure at being able to use his powers. He enjoyed it when he had the chance, and thats what part of re-joining X-Factor was all about. As a goverment agency they were in the public eye, and therefor he didn't have to worry about keeping his powers to himself.

Though his foot speed could surely take him there much faster than the Fantasticar, but there was no point in him arriving before the others. Surely Forge would complain at great length, should he arrive to find Pietro having searched the entire compound before the rest of the team even arrived. Forge wanted to split them up into two groups, and he was sure that didn't mean Pietro as a group of himself.

Instead he would simply pace alongside the Fantasticar, maybe running a few laps around it just to pass the time. Either way he would play this as a group thing. Keep Forge off his back for awhile until he can establish a bit more respect from the man.

Kathryn Pryde
08-28-2004, 12:54 PM
Running as fast as she could Rahne came up just after the car had taken off. Sighing heavily she wiped some dirt off her boots. "Well...how am I supposed to join the mission now....is there another car?" she asked herself more than anyone else.

Wyrd Quicksilver
08-31-2004, 07:43 AM
Pietro did not know why he turned his head to look back, perhaps it was because he wanted one more quick view of the headquarters he had recently returned to. However, something caught his eye. It was the frail and slender form of one member of X-Factor he was quite familiar with, Rahne. It would appear she missed the boat.

Pietro spun on his heal and began to run back towards the base. It was rather fun to switch directions at such a high speed, only coming to a stop for a brief fraction of a second before blurring again in the other. He stopped next to Rahne and gave her a slight bow.

"Rahne. Care to join the rest of us?" His tone implied that she was at fault for missing her ride, but it was not cold or hurtful. In fact, if it were uttered by any person other than Pietro, one might thing it a joking tease.

"I'll carry you if you don't mind the speed, or the company." He knew quite well that he could manage to lift her the entire way to the investigation site. His strength was more than enough to accomidate her. His only concern was that his speed might cause her to flip out and he wasn't about to let her claw him in mid run. He would leave it up to her if she would allow him to take her along.

Kathryn Pryde
09-02-2004, 04:44 AM
Rahne backed up a bit when Pietro stopped in front of her and smiled sweetly. "Aye...A dinae mind the speed. But are ye sure ye cin... carry me. A mean is it a far distance....even though ye are fast...cin ye hold mae weight that long?" she looked up at him with wide blue-green eyes. "As for the company...ye know A would never mind that." she grinned at him.

Wyrd Quicksilver
09-03-2004, 11:36 PM
Pietro flashed a slightly awkward smile back as he swept Rhane up off her feet, and cradled her in his powerful arms. He gave her a slight reassurance before he took off.

"I've carried things a great site heavier than you, Rhane. I have the fortune that it was you who was left behind this time, and not Guido."

It was true, she was very slender and compact for something that can do as much damage as he had seen her do before. He would have no problems managing her addition in his running for their destination. He set off slowly, allowing her to adjust to the change in speed. Although he did not use near his full potential, they quickly arrived alongside the rest, and Pietro mathced his pace with the Fantasticar.

Kathryn Pryde
09-05-2004, 08:31 AM
Rahne closed her eyes as he took off. It was almost like flying, something extreamly freeing about it. Opening her eyes slowlys he grinned at him and put her arms around his neck securly. The last thing she wanted was to go flying off.

"Yeah...A guess that was lucky for ye....A dinnae think ye would have been able to carry him." she grinned at him and closed her eyes again. The wind rushed through her hair sending it flying everywhere as they jetted by.

Val Cooper
11-03-2004, 12:22 AM
After her meeting with Cable, and a talk on the phone with some higher ups in the government Doctor Cooper was all but rushing to catch X-Factor before they left on their mission. The truth was most of them would not be needed on that mission, as her high heels click clacked down echoing hallways Dr. Cooper wondered just how well some of the team would take the news. Doctor Cooper quickly rounded a corner coming into the main hanger of Fall's Edge Facility. The team was assembled and looked like they were ready to take off, taking a deep breath Dr. Cooper raised her head and puffed out her chest.

"Ladies and Gentlemen i'm afraid there's been something of a roster change on the team."

Getting confused looks from most of the team Doctor Cooper took off her glasses and continued.

"I'm afraid some of you are being transfered to other government divisions. All of you except for X-Man, Quicksilver, and Siryn should head upstairs for re assignment."

Most of the team members responded with a bit of shock, Dr. Cooper kept her cool taking a deep breath.

"None of these are permanent transfers, we are just re adjusting the budget for X-Factor and some of you are needed elsewhere at the moment. I've also taken the liberty to appoint a new team leader whom the rest of you will be meeting at the ruins of the Fisk Estate in Westchester County. The three of you know where you are going, so you should head out as soon as possible."

Valerie exhaled once again, for some reason she thought it would have been harder to break the news to the team but in her heart she knew she was doing all of this for her country, and it was the right thing. Slowly she began to walk away, heading back to her office to finish re adjusting the budget for X-Factor.

Cable X
11-07-2004, 02:15 AM
Cable pulled the small red sports car up to the ruins of the Fisk Estate. Not much of the structure still stood, and the crime scene was still taped off by police and FBI Officials. Luckily it was now dusk and not many officials still remained, Cable used his telepathy to mask the prescience of himself and his team from the remaining few guards. Without proper credentials they'd have a problem getting on the premise, and Cable certainly didn't want trouble when it was still entirely possible his clone would be arriving here shortly. Cable turned the car off and pushed himself out of the automobile.

"Star, check the perimeter make sure there is no other mutant prescience except for the one's we are waiting for. Hybrid stick with Shatterstar, we're working with a U.S. Government team this time around so be ready for anything. I'm going to do a quick TK sweep of the area and see if I can assess the situation."

Cable closed his eyes and began to focus, awaiting the arrival of the rest of the X-Factor team.

Bosh Jaric
11-08-2004, 01:52 AM
Geo would make sure to stay close to Shatterstar. The setting was spine-tingling to say the least. The estate was in ruin. Such destruction reminded Geo of something in particular. That along with the familiar smell of metallics in the air, led Geo to the same gulping assumption. Sentinels in reality. Geo had an eery feeling they had been here, and they had done this.

Reaching into one of his pouches, Geo's hand played around for a spotted patch of cheetah skin. In seconds his body formed into what appeared to be a standing cheetah, still maintaining the muscular chest and arms of a man. He purred as he noticed Shatterstar further ahead. Leaping into all fours, Geo quickly came along side Shatterstar and returned to a stand. He grinned at Star, certain the man would be shocked at his new spotted feline form.

"There were sentinels here?" Geo asked Star, with a slight pur to his voice.

Baron Fel0
11-08-2004, 05:52 AM
Shatterstar turned around as he heard Geo bounding towards him. His eyes widened in shock at yet another of the young man's forms. This one a cheetah shaped one. He smiled somewhat as Geo stood up.

"There were sentinels here?" the mutant asked.

"I couldn't say," Star replied looking at the devestation in the area. A sentinel could easily do this however it was to early to tell for sure. "As we scout keep an eye out for anything like, big footprints in the lawn and the like. If there was a sentinel around that'd be a sure fire way to find out."

WIth that Shatterstar started moving walking along the inside wall of the estate, until they reached the first corner. Once there he went into a sprint towards the corner on the other side of the mansion. "Race you," he said simply figuring he'd lose but intirested to see how fast he was in this new form.

11-08-2004, 10:33 AM
Before Theresa could fly off, a blonde woman dressed in business attire called a halt of the team, catching everyong off guard.

"Ladies and Gentlemen i'm afraid there's been something of a roster change on the team."

Getting confused looks from most of the team Doctor Cooper took off her glasses and continued.

"I'm afraid some of you are being transfered to other government divisions. All of you except for X-Man, Quicksilver, and Siryn should head upstairs for re assignment."

Siryn looked at the rest of the remaining teammates. "Me wonder who could be our team leader? Who are we te look for going on with the mission?" Theresa glanced at Quicksilver and X-Man for any theories of their own. However, Siryn realized that duty called. "Either way lads, we must go. We should take the Fantasticar. At least now that there is room for all of us."

Bosh Jaric
11-09-2004, 01:39 AM
Geo was confused when Star broke into a sprint around the corner of the inside wall.

"Race?" Geo shouted with a bewildered glance at the running Star. His blank expression morphed into a grin.

"Oh...a race!" Geo said laughing with a kiddish joy. Star had a big gain on him, but he was now mixed with the fastest land animal ever known to exist. Leaping from a stand to all fours, the true benefit of Geo's new form became apparant. His arms bent the wrong way for a human, becoming forelegs. All four limbs were stacked with new muscle. He seemed to glide over the path as his paw hands and feet kicked the ground in a rythmic motion. What a feeling it was. To know you were the fastest thing around you. Zooming past Star, Geo was at a top speed of about 50 mph. Not close to a real cheetah's top speeds, but fast for Geo. He could not be exactly as fast as a cheetah since there were still a handful of traits that didnt crossover during the morph. He still maintained his non-aerodynamic bulky shoulders and limbs that weighed him down.

Turning his head as he raced past Star, Geo laughed playfully his direction.

"Next time I'll give you a mile start...then maybe...OOF!" Geo was suddenly off the ground. He had tripped on something large. Geo flopped to the ground, rolling far from the high speed on impact. He would make note not to turn away from his path when running 50 mph again. Staggering to a stand like a human, Geo checked and was assured he was uninjured. He had small scrapes on his forelegs where he hit the unknown object. Geo walked over to a shadowed object that lay across the path. He knocked on it to discover it of metal composition.

"Star, look what I found." Geo shouted back to his partner. Trailing his paw down the large object, concealed by darkness, Geo grasped one of five large finger joints. With a suprised cat hiss, Geo pulled back his paw, its claws shot out.

"Sentinel." Geo said with wide glowing green eyes. He looked up at Star with fear. "They were here."

Cable X
11-13-2004, 09:43 AM
Cable descended down onto the scene of Geo conversing with Shatterstar, it was true Sentinels had been here. Although it did not appear as if the Sentinel had attacked, more so it had exploded, but why? A self defense system would not cause such destruction to the property. No - the Sentinel was moved inside and had been destroyed in a single explosion. There was only residue of one explosion, and then several small explosions, but none of the small ones were large enough to be weapons fire. It was probably just the Sentinel's parts exploding. But why?

Had the government done this? No, why would the government hire one of the worlds finest telepaths to investigate? A cover up to make themselves look clean? Not likely, a man like the Kingpin would be giving extra hefty bonuses on his tax payments and contributions to select politicians campaigns to avoid such problems. Wilson Fisk was the Kingpin of crime and he'd have over enemies, it would probably be in investigating these enemies that Cable would find answers. He addressed his colleagues.

"That's right Geo, a Sentinel was definitely here. But this man was not a mutant and this does not appear to be a deliberate attack. Someone somehow got a hold of a Sentinel and used like something of a bomb. I doubt the government had much of anything to do with this at all, it was probably one of the crime lords enemies. Once the rest of the team arrives we can find out more about this case and plan our next move."

Cable crossed his arms, a stern look came across his face as he impatiently waited for the arrival of the rest of X-Factor.

Baron Fel0
11-16-2004, 01:43 AM
Star, looked in amazment at the wreckage Geo had found, not expecting to find a sentinel in this area.

As Cable explained what he thought the sentinel's were here for Shatterstar considered it. The possibly to make the Sentinel a walking bomb seemed somewhat far fetched but then so was a sentinel attacking a non-mutant target. However something about a Sentinel bomb just showing up and exploding struck him as wrong.

Shatterstar turned to Cable as a thought struck him, "Sir, perhaps it wasn't an outside enemy, I imagine a sentinel showing up would cause quite a ruckus and give a crime lord more than enough time to escape. The sentinel might have already been here and was wired by someone staying or visiting, to explode. Perhaps to take out the head of the crime ring so that the other person could ascend to the top of the stair."

Nate Grey
11-17-2004, 02:55 AM
Nate was a bit taken aback by the news of the new reassignment for the other team members. He espcially was surprised to see Forge go. Even though he had made an attachment with this world's Forge, Nate knew that this Forge wasn't the same one he knew back in his home world.

Siryn suggested the team take the Fantasticar. Nate was ready to go do something, so that he wouldn't think about home so much. "Yeah, let's get this underway!"

Cable X
11-23-2004, 12:02 AM
Cable gave a quick nod to Star, this was clearly a case of some kind of espionage. Someone had wanted to take Fisk out in the worst way, perhaps someone who owed money to the crime lord, perhaps an underling as Shatterstar had suggested. In the criminal underworld the possibilities were nearly endless, however for the mutants the day was not as long.
As the sun was setting and dusk was setting in Cable decided that they should likely call it a day. There was a Hotel nearby that the team had planned on meeting at after the days investigation. Cable would take Geo and Shatterstar there and the others would likely know well enough to go there when the crime scene was vacant.
"I think unfortunately we've gotten all the information we're going to get from the Fisk Estate. Let's call it a night, there's a hotel nearby where hopefully the rest of the team will meet us at. Tomorrow we can travel into the city and try to shake up some further information on the Kingpin and his associates."
Walking slowly to the automobile they'd arrived in, Cable took a moment to make a mental note to contact Doctor Cooper about possible leads from here. Of course Cable had his own suspicions, turning around he remembered something last moment. "Geo grab that piece of the Sentinel, we'll see what we can do with that." Cable nodded to the young man getting inside of the automobile.

Bosh Jaric
11-23-2004, 03:45 AM
Geo nodded to Cable's directions. He did a quick change into a rhino, his complex body mixing with the DNA within the chip of rhino horn around his neck. His grey muscles tensed as he lift the large mechanical arm onto his shoulder with a grunt. He followed Cable back to the vehicle.

When there, Geo rest the sentinel arm in a standing position on the ground.

"Shatterstar, what is a hotel?" Geo asked his companion beside him in a hushed voice, feeling very akward and embarassed.

Baron Fel0
11-30-2004, 01:13 AM
Shatterstar followed behind Geo as he carried the robotic arm to the car.

"A hotel, is a place that you can pay to stay at when you're away from your normal dwellings," Shatterstar whispered back, quite aware of how it feels to be out of the loop on things. "They tend to be plain, but are a good, fairly safe place to rest and plan."

Bosh Jaric
11-30-2004, 07:10 AM
Geo nodded to Shatterstar, understanding now.

"I see. Hotel like home away from home. Sounds nice." With this last phrase, Geo had to force a smile to hide his distaste. He had to actually stay in a home that wasnt his overnight...inside. This was strange to Geo, of course.

Geo hauled the arm over the back seats of the automobile. He then got into the back and placed the metallic joint over his muscular grey thighs.

"I hope there are no poachers on the team." Geo said, looking out the window of the car into the darkness. It was a strange comment to an American, but one of the biggest concerns plagueing the Madagascar adopted English teen's mind. The other concern was had more of a chance being on Shatterstar's mind as well.

"Cable...what is the evil we will be fighting?" Geo asked, the sudden feeling of being left out in the cold coming over him. Geo was always intrigued by the unknown, but once in awhile it scared him too.

12-12-2004, 08:02 PM
Before Siryn and X-Man got into the Fantasticar, Theresa thought of something. She realized some possibilities and remembered that she and X-Man had abilities to get themselves to the site of their mission in another and faster way. "Ye know what boyo? I think we should just fly ourselves to the mission. Me don't think we need the fantasticar to get there. Afterall, we're meeting the new team leader at the site and me sure our new leader has transportation." said an enthusiastic Theresa.

Looking up at the sky, Theresa glanced back at the young man with brown hair and a white streak. She smiled at him."Come on then. I know ye can fly too. Let's take to the sky instead."

Bellowing out a screeching sound, Siryn slightly lifted off the ground and into the air. X-Man was sure to follow along. In the meantime, it was about time that Siryn and hopefully X-Man got to their destination.

Nate Grey
12-14-2004, 01:25 AM
Siryn lifted off the ground, and started to rise above Nate. He followed her body as she gently lifted into the air. Following her idea, Nate consentrated. Nate tapped into his telekinetic ability and began to rise into the air. After he rose up to Siryn's level, the two began to fly off to their destination.

Cable X
12-15-2004, 11:49 PM
Cable now stood in the lobby of the hotel arguing with the woman behind the desk. For humanities sake she'd allowed Shatterstar and Geo to proceed up to a room, but was now giving Cable a hard time over how he intended to pay for the room, and why was he here instead of the original X-Factor team?

"Sir you're a fairly well known mutant terrorist," replied the short, stocky clerk who from his size and from his apparently oily skin looked like he needed to lay off the fast food. "I know you're a mutant, I know who you are, but I don't know that you're here with the X-Factor group. Right now I can't get in touch with your office and you've shown me no identification so far that wasn't.... well that hasn't, well it's all from the god damn future."

Cable let out a heavy sigh resting his head against the counter for a moment. "We were last minute re assigned government agents, the rest of our team should be arriving shortly and..." Perhaps arriving shortly was not the best way to put it, in fact Cable recognized a familiar, no two familiar minds approaching rather rapidly. It appeared as if the rest of X-Factor had finally decided to show up.

"My friends are going to be outside momentarily, would you mind waiting?" Cable looked the young slab of humanity in the eye wondering why he simply didn't just mind wipe the little punk.

"Sir that's going to be a..." as the young clerk was finishing his sentence he found himself on the receiving end of a deep frying. Before either men realized what was happening the hotel lobby burst with energy and exploded. The once warm, cozy area, decorated with odd floral patterns and pastel pink arm chairs was now no more, as was the overweight clerk. All that was left now was flaming wreckage scattered all over the hotel lot, inside some of the hotel rooms, and in the surrounding forest. In the middle of the flaming wreckage stood Cable, his telekinetic eye burning brighter than any of the flames. A last second telekinetic barrier had saved him from the explosion, sadly he could not save the desk clerk, but the nature of the explosion had only really caused damage to the lobby. Injuries were a very real possibility at this point, but fatalities were more than likely out of the question... for now. The nature of the explosion puzzled Cable for a moment, he should've extended his telepathy even further to pick up just who exactly was arriving. It was clear this was not the work of Siryn or "X-Man." The attack was of a more chaotic nature, and if Cable didn't know any better he'd say he was expecting to see his father when the smoke clear. However as a wind gust through the now skeletal remains of the lobby, taking the black smoke of the initial explosion with it he found he'd gotten the old silver medal. It was not Cyclops, it was simply the next best thing. Why was he here? Cable didn't know, but there was something wrong with him. Stepping out of the smoking ruins Cable's nostrils flared as a sneer came across his face.

"Havok what the hell are you doing here you maniac? You killed an innocent man and maybe many others. Is this your idea of a greeting? I'm in charge of X-Factor now, explain yourself!" As he spoke Cable got closer and closer to the man himself. This was the last thing Cable wanted to deal with, another off the handle episode from good old Uncle Alex. As he got closer to the man the smell of liquor became increasingly stronger, the man was clearly intoxicated and probably angered that his brothers son was now leading up his old team. Alex had always been jealous of Scott, and Cable figured this was just icing on the cake, something he'd have to deal with one way or another eventually. He just hoped it wouldn't be like this.

Cable kept a small TK barrier over his entire body as he squint his eyes, now standing face to face with Alex Summers. "Well? What have you got to say for yourself." Cable demanded an explanation from the man. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Havok's long time lover Polaris floating above the trees. The woman looked confused, and while she'd clearly brought the man here, it appeared to have been under different pretenses. She still wore her X-Factor uniform, if this was Val Cooper's idea of back up it was a joke.

Baron Fel0
12-16-2004, 02:51 AM
Shatterstar slowly got up from the rubble. The blast had caught him by suprise, but luckily he healed fast. Looking around he saw Cable approaching a blond haired man, after a second Star was able to put a name to the face. Alex Summers, Havok, flying behind him to the left was a green haired woman who would most likely be Polaris. Obviously Cable thought Alex and her had attacked the hotel.

"Geo, where are you?" Star asked looking around the rubble for his companion. Already formulating a plan of attack to keep the two attackers seperated. Hopefully whoever else was joining them from X-Factor wouldn't be quite as violent. Of course if they were Star would happily bring them down.

Bosh Jaric
12-16-2004, 04:35 AM
"This place is great! Did you see that huge bowl of water in there? It tastes a little different..." Geo rambled with joy, walking out of the foreign bathroom and wiping toilet water from his mouth.

Suddenly, just a couple steps out of the bathroom, there was an enormous explosion. In lightweight human form, Geo was tossed into the air, smacking into the ceiling and falling back down. He reached for a lamp and hung on like an ape. Shatterstar called for him from across the room.

"Im on the lamp!" Geo shouted in a quick response, he kicked off the lamp and tumbled backwards to the floor. On all fours, yet still human, Geo swiftly crawled to Shatterstar's side. He followed his eyes and saw Cable confronted by another man and a green haired woman. She was flying, and the two men looked like they wanted to destroy each other. Geo realized his friend was in trouble and he was outnumbered.

Geo looked up at Shatterstar with a wild urgency.

"Lets get her!" Geo snarled to his companion.

12-16-2004, 08:59 AM
The air still wafted fresh with the sent of the dead. The chairs, tables, fine trinkets imported from lands far away, now but tiny particles of ash. The Marriot Marque, once a temple to the affluence of its Westchester county patrons, had been transmogrified into a portrait of hell on earth. A master piece of wanton destruction. It?s master...Alex Summer?s, Havok, his signature already scribed in blood and flame.
The mutant Cable stood before him now. Taught in his sinews and ready to lunge for attack, but even through gritted teeth, his pain could not be masked. With the last minute utilization of his psi-shield Cable had managed to save his life, but some of the energy forced through, and this beast was indeed wounded.
?Well,? he said from in between gasps, ?what have you got to say for yourself??
What utter conviction in his one eye, Havok thought, what resounding fury, he looks, just like, well he looks just like... me!
At this thought Havok could not help but burst into a wave of uproarious laughter. He rested his hand on what was left of the bar and cleared tears from his eyes with his thumb.
?Oh little lamb,? he said, ?derelict without time or place. Guised behind his machismo, but still little more than a lost child!? At this again Havok burst to chuckles till his sides ached, ?What do you say Nate, let?s wrangle ourselves a drink,? he looked over to the rather confused Cable, ? or are you to much of a big man to do a little bonding with old uncie Alex??
He turned now and put both fist onto the counter behind him, ?Barkeep! Barkeep!? no answer. Alex ran his hand through his beard stubble, ?well would you look at that, I guess I killed him.?
He looked back over to a cable, a devious smile growing across his face, ?Forget it then,? he said, ?I didn?t want you to miss any of this anyway.?He pushed himself up with both hands.
?Whats say we skip all the formalities then,? he cracked him knuckles and rolled his muscles to warm them, ?Come little lamb. I shall be your shepherd.?

Jade Lorna
12-17-2004, 07:11 AM
Polaris levitated herself high above the treetops, looking down upon the confrontation taking place between Alex Summers and the time-traveling powerhouse Cable. Further beyond, she noticed the swordsman Shatterstar and another unidentified individual Polaris had not encountered.

To be truthful, Polaris didn't understand why she was here in the first place. She slowly began to descend to the ground below her, the green-haired beauty's booted feet coming to rest upon the soft ear as she stood behind Havok. This situation was very strange and certainly some aspect of it didn't seem quite right. But the magnetrix trusted Havok, whether it be a genuine sense of admiration or due to the fact that Lorna Dane still loved him. Regardless, at this present point in time, had the plasma-wielder told her to walk through hell and back, Lorna Dane would probably have agreed to his wishes.

If Nathan Summers was deamed expendible by Alex, then his death was necessary. Lorna had enough faith in Havok to recognize his decisions as legitimate. His capabilities and prowess as a leader were unmatched, and that was a fact that Lorna believed fervently. And that was another reason why she stood by the blonde man with such perserverence.

A soft breeze whipped through Polaris' emerald curls as her dark jade eyes engulfed Nathan Summers. This certainly wouldn't be an easy task, but it had to get done regardless.

Baron Fel0
12-18-2004, 12:30 AM
"Let's go get her," Star heard Geo say.

"Good idea, but one suggestion, you go around and try and get to her from behind while I take the front flank. You'll probably know when it's the best time to strike. Just try and knock her unconcious though. I'm sure Cable will want to know why they're attacking us." Star said as he rushed towards Polaris yelling. With Cable's cybernetic limbs he'd be but a cat toy to someone controlling magnetics, she needed a distraction, do to the circumstances Geo and Star are it.

12-18-2004, 06:43 AM
The red haired, Siryn bursted in the sky, flying as fast as possible to reach her destination with X-Man by her side. Screaming like a "banshee", the irish born woman eventually found her target. She looked up above to see the hotel and with a smile, she glanced over at X-Man while pointing up ahead. "Ye see that lad? There is where we will meet our new team leader." said Theresa even as she was screaming at the same time. The weird part about Theresa's ability was that she was capable of speaking and screaming at the same time. Quite amazing, huh?

Siryn and X-Man drew closer to the hotel, but then there was a sudden boom, thundering below! Siryn's attention turned to look down to see the front of the hotel explode! She couldn't believe her eyes and was quickly worried, knowing full well that friends were there and could be injured or worse! Willing herself to fly faster, Siryn finally got closer to see to her amazement what looked liked the attacker or attackers, but it couldn't be! "What the? Look below, lad. Are me eyes kiddin around or is that Havok and Polaris? Could they have caused this damage?" asked a paniced Siryn.

Amongst the rubble, Siryn noticed long time friends Cable and Shatterstar with another young man. Having a past with Cable, Siryn knew what to do. "It looks like trouble is going to go down. We must meet up with Cable. He will know what to do. If Havok and Polaris are the attackers, go in slow and steady. Take extreme caution. Both are very skilled mutants."

With that said, Siryn flew near by to the action, watching herself from Lorna and Alex, while trying to reach near Cable. She wasn't about to let anybody try to hurt each other if possible.

Bosh Jaric
12-18-2004, 09:22 AM
Geo grinned like a mischievous child at Shatterstar's reply. This would be his first real fight. From this day on he would face enemies much more challenging than poachers. Flinging his long blonde hair back, Geo roared like a cat, inch long fangs appearing on his now furry maw. He slowly formed into a bengal tiger. His skin sprout orange fur with black stripes. It was much like the cheetah transformation, except his arms were stacked with twice as much muscle as were his legs. He would not be nearly as quick, but with the right momentum behind him, would give a more powerful hit than most animals on Earth have ever been able to perform.

He lunged his tiger-humanoid form onto the grass, picking up speed as he sped into the cover of smoke from burning trees. He had disapeared momentarily. Returning a good distance and behind Polaris now, Geo began to pound his paws hard into the grass, picking up chunks of dirt with his sharp claws. There was a fallen chunk of slanted roof that made a crude, yet useful ramp. At a forceful speed, Geo lept off the ramp directly towards the back of Polaris, incredibly muscled arms outstretched. If all went well, he would have her tackled to the ground with such force that it would knock her unconcious as Star planned.

Jade Lorna
12-19-2004, 07:46 AM
Apparently today Lorna Dane was a hot commodity, because Cable's entourage was flocking to her like a fat kid to a jelly donut. Shatterstar himself approached her, brandishing his blades with a vengeance.

Preparing to engage the enemy, Lorna ascended into the air - a move that proved to be lucky for the green-haired magnetrix as the mutant feral Geo pounced on the empty space Polaris had been stationed in mere moments before. Instead of tackling her, his claws ripped a tear across the fabric of Polaris' skin-tight leggings, slashing a cut across her thigh.

She cursed silently as eyes burned with a jade flame of anger. Her lips were pursed in a vicious snarl as she flew higher into the air, hovering above both Geo and Star. Emerald energy crackled gaseously about her fists and from her slitted eyes. Polaris sized up her attackers, recognizing Shatterstar to be the more prominent threat. She hadn't been exposed to the new lupine-like mutant, but as long as she stayed in the air Lorna imagined that she'd be safe from his onslaught; the same couldn't be said for the alien swordsman.

"Love the get-up, Star," Dane called to the man. "You'll make my work here easy..." Magnetic energy erupted from Lorna's outstretched hands, enveloping the plethora of organic metal composing Shatterstar's physique. Grasping the man in a seemingly "telekinetic" hold, Lorna's arm made a rigid gesticulation. In unison, Shatterstar went flying backwards. Hopefully that would be enough to take care of the ponytail-sporting man for the time being. Polaris turned back to Geo.

"First blood to you, Tiger," Lorna declared, nodding towards her bloody wound. "We'll chalk that up to beginner's luck." A viridian pulse beam composed of magnetic manipulation exploded from Polaris' outstretched arms, aimed below her at the mutant. It wasn't enough to maim or kill, merely because Polaris didn't want to completely diminish her energy reserve, and partially because that wasn't what Alex and she were here for.

It was then that Lorna Dane began to question the intentions of Alex Summers. Did he really expect the two of them to be able to combat Cable and his army of subordinates? Why exactly was he even deamed to death?

Bosh Jaric
12-20-2004, 12:49 AM
Geo's pounce missed by a long shot as Polaris took to the skies. He managed to catch the woman's thigh, but it wasnt worth the effort as he tumbled into the dirt. His body rolled multiple times from the momentum highspeed he gathered in the run and leap. Shaking his large tiger head as he rose, Geo realized this women was going to be tougher than he thought.

She was now in a dominate position above Geo, and he couldnt help but cower as she conjured some mystical aura around her. Without warning a bolt of some sorts shot from Polaris' outstretched arms. A painful roar filled the area as Geo's nerves experienced electromagnetic shock for the first time. The force of the beam sent Geo into a hotel window. He was now surrounded by a wall of fire as Polaris found safety from all danger in the skies. Little did she know, two could play that game. With human trait posture, Geo felt for his necklace, blind from the smoke and sent into a coughing fit.

His paw found the rare condor feather. A gift from his traveling Uncle in Madagascar. The beautiful creatures with their 10 foot wingspan were coming closer to extinction every day. When that day comes, there will still be this feather around Geo's neck as remembrance and he will carry on the legend of the condor at moments like these.

With a graceful motion and flow, Geo rose from the smoke and flame of the hotel building. He came through a gaping hole in the roof, ash and fiery debris following him. He resembled a phoenix for a moment, before the flames subtled and his dark form was displayed in the fire's glow. His armspan had doubled in length and was now adorned in a dark brown coat of thick feathers. A sharp hooking beak protruded from a manlike face. His blonde hair oddly remained as did his stance. He flapped strongly, holding up his human legs which hid tailfeathers behind them. Lastly, small feathers sprouted from his face and legs, and sharp talons appeared on his always barefeet.

Without a sound, Geo angled his massive wings towards the powerful Polaris. Gliding from higher above, Geo came from above the women. In a swift motion, he snapped his strong taloned feet towards the women and dropped altitude, hoping to land with a piercing force directly on her.

Baron Fel0
12-20-2004, 11:20 PM
Star wasn't overly shocked as he found himself flying through the air towards a large pile of rubble. When you wear metal armor and fight someone who controls metal you have to expect some problems. Which is precisely why Geo was there. The shapechanger should provide enough suprises to hold Polaris off, at least until Cable could take care of Alex.

Groggily Shatterstar got up, and heard the sounds of panicked voices from nearby. It appeared that not everyone had escaped the destruction. Hoping that he could spare a few minutes or at least find a way out and towards Polaris again Star moved towards the voices.

Jade Lorna
12-23-2004, 01:40 AM
A searing pain shot through Lorna Dane's shoulders in an instant. Before the stunning mutant had a chance to react, Geo was upon her, recovering quickly from Polaris' pulse blast. Although he was green, Geo possessed an astounding stamina and vitality that would normally impress Polaris. But, in this instance, it just pissed her off.

His claws tore into the back of her uniform, slicing through leather to cut into her epidermis. The green-haired beauty screamed as her skin was torn, blood flowing along her backside. She darted away from the mutant, now in the form of a condor. She ran a fingerless-gloved arm along the small of her back, and brought her hand back to her face. Before her eyes, Lorna grimaced as she observed the sticky crimson hues of her lifeblood.

"That was a mistake," Polaris snarled, as magnetic force surrounded her in a protective field. Now Lorna Dane was unaware of anything going on around her - she was oblivious to Havok and Cable below her... Now all that was on her mind was this boy flying towards her at every second.

With a snap of her fingers, Geo stopped in his place, hovering high in the air. A hazy jade aura emanated from Lorna's green-lacquered fingertips, surrounding to condor like a mist. Meticulously, Lorna found all of the trace metals that circulated in the boy's bloodstream, and compacted them together, effectively plugging his bloodflow.

There was a pang of guilt within Lorna as she continued weaving her potent magnetic manipulation, sweat breaking out across her wrinkled brow as she focused in deep concentration; she wouldn't kill him ... but hopefully this would be enough to silence his threat for a while.

Cable X
12-23-2004, 02:42 AM
Cable was slightly dumbfounded, it appeared that Alex Summers had finally lost his mind. In many ways this did not surprise Cable, after all the man had been through it was no surprise he was having illusions of grandeur, showing up to a mission site drunk with his little tramp and attempting to murder his replacement. This required action and quickly, but Cable had to wonder what approach to take in this fight. Was there anything left of Havok, or was he simply a dying dog begging to be put down. It was somewhat troubling, but Cable's instincts told him there wasn't much of Alex Summers left worth saving. The man spoke of being a shepard, and looked to Alex as a lamb, but it was now Cable who would show Havok the light. "I'm afraid this is all going to stop now ... Uncle. You're going to be put down now, you've had enough I think and maybe if there's another life you'll be dealt a better hand." Cable spit on the ground after he spoke, could this deranged man really be the brother of Cyclops, could it really be his uncle? "If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get, but if you plan on ... explaining all of this, or if you want help I suggest you surrender. You're sick Alex, and if you give yourself to me, if you chose to fight, then you will die."

The man was a natural powder keg, in his personality and his abilities. He'd almost done great harm to Cable in his initial attack, but then again it was also an attack completely out of the blue. Havok would not get a second chance to get a hit off like that, while he was giving Havok a chance Cable was still completely ready to defend himself. If Havok chose to act against Cable, it would truly be his final act.

01-07-2005, 04:39 AM
Geo felt a sudden jolt and realized he was stationary in the sky. Then came an odd sensation in certain areas of his bloodstream. His sensitive bird ears heard his pulse become sporatic and out of rythm. In fear and unable to do anything, Geo let out a desperate cry.

"Star! Help me! She.....oh no...my blood...." Geo made a final shout before his eyes rolled back in his skull, still being held fast by Polaris.

Baron Fel0
01-12-2005, 05:05 AM
Star turned as he heard a cry from his young companion, it appeared he had underestimated Polaris, letting out a grunt of frustration Star jumped through the remains of the building , seeing Polaris floating with Geo slumped over in the air, Star decided to hide and try to sneak up on the Mistress of Metal, knowing that he'd only get one chance to attack. Staying low and ducking behind rubble, trees, or whatever he could find he made his way as close to Polaris as possible. With a yell Star threw both of his swords at the Green haired mutant feeling his body vibrate with energy as he prepared to release a sonic shockwave.

Nate Grey
01-23-2005, 11:36 PM
Nate and Syrin arrived to the scene. Nate glanced at Siryn as she pointed to a hotel. *~"Ye see that lad? There is where we will meet our new team leader."*~

Once Nate and Siryn arrived closer to their destination, they were welcomed by an explosion. After the loud, thunderous boom, Nate heard that Irish voice say, *~"What the? Look below, lad. Are me eyes kiddin around or is that Havok and Polaris? Could they have caused this damage?"~*

Nate wasn't quite sure what to say. He didn't know of a Havok and Polaris. He only saw a blonde haired man, and a woman, a pretty one at that, with green hair. "What's a Havok and Polaris?" There was a bit of a tremble in his voice, but he wasn't really scared.

*~"It looks like trouble is going to go down. We must meet up with Cable. He will know what to do. If Havok and Polaris are the attackers, go in slow and steady. Take extreme caution. Both are very skilled mutants."*~

Nate nodded, and both of them flew downward, toward Cable. As they landed, Nate heard a commanding voice from Cable, *~"...and if you give yourself to me, if you chose to fight, then you will die."*~

Nate looked over at Siryn, "Well, I think maybe he's got this situation under control. I think those two need help.", as Nate pointed toward Shatterstar and Geo.

Nate Grey
01-30-2005, 07:58 AM
Nate saw a young man in the sky, with his body contorting. He could hear the boy screaming in pain.

As Nate tapped into his telekinetic abilities, his aura began to vibrate, and he was off his feet, flying toward the green-haired woman. In his mind, Nate was laying out a battle plan as he drew closer and closer.

Okay, so I plant an idea in her mind. Think, think! Right. I?ll put fear in her mind, and that should make her cower in a corner, giving me time to help the guy in the air, and give the other dude a chance to--

Then Nate felt something. He felt energy building up. He was almost sure that the energy build would be released. He saw the source of this energy with his mind?s eye ? Shatterstar! He quickly surrounded himself with a telekinetic shield.

Cable X
02-02-2005, 11:12 PM
((I've decided to move this along, with luck Havok himself will be back soon.))

So much for our first mission, Cable thought to himself. Thanks to the intervention of Havok and Polaris, the new mutant team now had civilian casualties on their hands, along with that most of the sentinel arm Geo had recovered had been destroyed. Things were only getting worse by the moment, and it now appeared as if Havok had gone into some kind of trance like state. He hadn't responded to Cable at all in several moments, was he toying with him? No matter how unstable Havok had always been, this was certainly not normal, even for him. As the team's leader it was up to Cable to end this now. If Havok didn't want to talk then he'd get a fight, and judging by Polaris's actions she'd get just the same once Cable was done with Havok. Hopefully a few days in the X-Factor Psych Ward would provide answers as to what was wrong with these two mutants.

Cable looked down at Havok one last time, letting out a heavy sigh as he sent a heavy boot flying into the mutants chest. In whatever state he was in Havok did little to fight back against Cable's assault. Alex Summers flew backward much like a flimsy rag doll launched by an unruly child wanting an ice cream cone, or another pony ride. Deep down Cable truly did not want to harm this man who for all appearances was his flesh and blood. Grabbing him in a TK hold, Cable held the mutant in the air, who at this point was just cackling like a mad man. "God damn it, what the hell is wrong with you!?" Cable extended his arm forward, tapping into his telekenesis, he stopped all blood flow to Havok's brain for three seconds, letting him loose of his TK grip as he did. The man instantly fell to the ground lifeless, twitching a bit. Cable began to stomp through the charred muddy soil over to his lifeless opponent, cracking his knuckles as he did. Reaching down Nathan grabbed Havok by his hair, lifting his body off of the ground. Curling his other hand into a fist Cable began to hammer punches with rhythmic style into Havok's stomach. The semi-conscious mutant began to drool blood out of his mouth, coughing up small amounts of saliva mixed blood as he did. Never being one to go overboard Cable decided Havok would no longer pose a threat. Dropping his lifeless body to the ground Cable turned his attention to the other fight taking place.

Sizing up the situation Cable realized battle lines had been drawn. It was Shatterstar, Geo, Siryn, and an unknown mutant, probably "X-Man," taking on the mistress of magnetism herself. Geo was in trouble, and Star didn't seem to be making fantastic ground himself. A mental suggestion to Polaris would end this encounter as soon as it had started. Tapping into his telepathic abilities Cable changed Geo's form to that of Havok, or at least that's what Polaris would see, the sound of Havok screaming in pain would now flood Polaris's brain. While the two seemed to have each gone completely nuts, Polaris seemed to be holding back far more than Havok, it was likely she was simply a sheep following her shepard. Cable waited for the mental suggestion to take hold, gritting his teeth as he continued to concentrate his powers on Polaris's brain.

02-12-2005, 06:18 AM
Alex Summer's could not help but slyly laugh to himself as he roze again to his feet a degree of astonishment gracing the visage of Nathan Summers.
Did the mutant Cable really think that he would enter battle alone? He slapped the dust from his trenchcoat licking the blood from both sides of his mouth. Obviously a frontal attack would not work on the telekentic, a degree of strategy would need to be implemented, he raised his eyes now to the ceiling and with a wink towards Cable sent a full scale plasmatic blast through the ceiling of the hotel lobby sending chaff and large ammounts of debry in a violent cloud.
With Calbe covering his eyes now too block the whirling storm of dust Alex sprinted foward grasping him by his collar and striking him with his left forearm, all the time whispering, "come back in my mind boy, I dare you."

Cable X
02-13-2005, 01:54 AM
There were few things Cable hated more than taking another man's elbow to his face. Aside from that Havok had also succeeded in breaking Cable's concentration, so while she would likely be dazed Polaris would now be free from the mutants illusion. On top of these two problems, Cable also wasn't really sure how Havok was up and fighting, one thing was clear though and that was that Cable was going to put him down. "You shoulda stayed down Summers, now you're going to get hurt."
Before Alex could land another blow Cable grasped Havok's skull with his right hand, getting a firm grip on the rogue's temple. Tensing his neck muscles Cable prepared to give Havok a psionic head butt, in which he'd not just head butt him with all of his might, but also send a psychic blast right to the center of his brain. With his techno organic eye burning brightly, Cable spoke the last words Havok would be hearing for quite some time. "I don't know what the hell is wrong with you Alex, you're muttering like a maniac and now it's time to go to sleep!"
Unleashing his assault on Havok, Cable's skull connected with the other mutant's with massive force. However the second half of Cable's attack had surprisingly shocking results. Shaking his head Cable stumbled backward, his techno organic arm going wild, now liquid metal jerking out in wild directions. Clearly this was a reaction to the use of his psychic powers, and Cable was nothing short of amazed. Somehow a mutant with no psychic ability whatsoever now had the power to defend himself from the psionic attack of one of the most powerful psychic mutants on Earth. It hadn't been huge psychic force, and now Cable's arm seemed to be calming down. The mutant dare not imagine what would have happened to him had he launched a full out fatal blow. Staring at the now dazed Alex Summers, Cable spit out of the side of his mouth. "Alright you bastard, I have no idea what the hell is going on, or who you even are for that matter. You've done your homework, and it's clear you're not alone. But if I have to take you apart piece by piece i'll defeat you, and get to the bottom of this garbage."
Taking a deep breath Cable raised his fists, hand to hand combat was not a new idea to Cable, and he was sure even without his psychic powers he'd be able to defeat this upstart. Perhaps Havok would get sloppy and think with his power he'd still have some kind of advantage over Cable, and hopefully he'd find out he was wrong.

Cable X
02-13-2005, 02:02 AM
There are quite a few things one could observe if they stood Cable next to Havok, however the first thing one would notice is that Cable is a hell of a lot bigger than Havok. The idea that he'd been knocked down by the much smaller mutant baffled Cable in many ways. He'd been caught by surprise by his raw speed, but now Cable would have to teach him a thing or two about raw power.
Pushing up with all of his might, Cable benched pressed Havok off of his chest and into the air like a rag doll. While he couldn't use his powers on Havok, he'd allowed a body TK shield to take the blunt of the mutants already hopeless assault. Now coming back to his feet Cable began to dust himself off, sneering at Havok who now laid on his back motionless. As he dusted a bit of black dirt off of his hip, Cable felt a familiar prescience. Havok began to stagger to his feet just as Cable pulled his plasma blaster from it's holster. "What the hell did you think you were trying you little @#%$?" Squinting his eyes at what had now become little more than a thorn in his side, Cable let his finger grace the trigger. "You!" Cable fired a blast into the center of Havok's chest, plasma burning away at his already dirty and tattered uniform. "Are!" Cable charged at Havok, pulling his right arm backward then smashing the butt of the pistol into the already broken mans jaw. "A JOKE!" pulling his right leg back, the mutant smashed his huge foot into the stomach of Havok, causing the mutant to collapse onto the ground. Cable licked his lips, then pump his chest forward, now in a fit of anger. "Come on @#%$, what else do you have?"

02-13-2005, 02:03 AM
Well... that was a large miscalculation. The takedown was beautiful, emaculate even, but sadly Havok had not factored in the great defferntial in size and weight. He'd have to send those damn tapes back for a full refund.
And now Cable was using his guns? Oh there would be no sport to this battle, no use holding back any shots. And the voice of the overseerer was now screaming to Havok to implement his mutant abilities and put the metalic mastodon down for the count.
Oh so this is how he wanted the fight to go, sometimes you have to play by someone elses rules and as an expirenced combatant Alex fully comprehended this. So now with his sour battered muscelings tensing to their most extreme, his skin turning a deep purple with the force of his exertion he exploded with an ejaculation of this primal plasmatic force, sending Cable flying through the air as if he was Warren Worthington himself.
"Sonuvabitch (lol)," he gasped now with his rib cage heaving uncontrolably,"throwdown!"

02-13-2005, 02:20 AM
Rendering Cable's physic force nutured by nature of his "over seerers" protection, the playing feild had now been leveled , and with his mutant power still utilizable may have even shifted the nature of combat to his advantage.
Yes the carefully mapped battle tactics were moving along as written. Not even his older brother Scott could have played a better hand.
But now Alex Summer's wished to revert from his original tactics. Putting Cable out now with a plasmatic blast seemed hardely becoming of good sportsmanship, and besides Summer's had been looking foward to implementing some of the good old fashioned ground and pound techinical knoweldge he had recently aquired from a copy of Frank Shamrock's video taped seminar on close quarter battle.
So with a smirk Alex raised his hands in kind. However he quickly juked in for a sweep tackeling the baffeled Cable with a collegate wrestling style double leg take down. Now in a full mount position on the larger mutant he rained a series of straight rights and lefts. All the time hoping in his head that the lumbering mutant would not be able to out quick his strikes.

Cable X
02-16-2005, 02:43 AM
Maybe Cable had gotten a little cocky, sure he was a monster compared to Havok, but he was still a powder keg of raw energy. He'd just barely been able to put up a TK shield when Havok fired upon him, this action probably saving his left arm. Cable now stood up, his chest burnt and his jacket in tatters. On top of that the left side of his body was now revealed for what it really was. His "skin" had been completely vaporized by Havok's blast, and now he stood in his true cyborg state. Wiping a bit of blood from his nose Cable let out a heavy sigh. He was angry, very angry and quite determined to put a stop to all of this. Breaking concentration on his fight with Havok would spell his doom, but he knew Shatterstar and Geo were likely still having trouble with Polaris. Cable looked to his left, somehow the fantastic sports car they'd arrive in was still in one piece. That all however was about to change.

He'd taken the blunt of Havok's blast in his chest, so luckily his plasma pistol was still in one piece. Cable began to concentrate his telekinesis, within moments the car was floating a few inches off of the ground. He broke out into a sprint toward Havok, yelling at the top of his lungs in a blood curtling howl. Cable fired two shots at Havok, close shots but he knew the mutant would easily be able to dodge them. Right before he would've simply plowed into Havok he jumped to the left, tucking and rolling when he hit the ground. The whole time his massive frame hid the sideways convertable that now telekintically flew at Havok at break neck speeds!

02-21-2005, 11:59 PM
((OOC: I'm NPCing as Polaris for the time being))

The Mistress of Magnetism hovered calmly in the air, the young mutant Geo in her death grip. Normally she would not be focusing so much on a single foe, however she did not want to kill this boy. What she forgot to pay attention to, or even acknowledge however was the fact that Shatterstar had sent a supersonic blast directly at her. She'd not seen Shatterstar use this power before, and now the usually martial arts based mutant had gotten a direct hit on her. Polaris screamed, the force of the attack and Cable's psychic attack hitting her both at the same time. She grabbed her head as she began to spiral toward the ground, had she been attacking Havok, what was going on?

Polaris hit the ground hard, taking the blunt of the collision with her right arm. She struggled to get to her feet, still rubbing her head she looked to the sky. No, she hadn't been attacking Havok, this was clearly the act of Cable the psychic mutant. However Cable had his hands tied with Havok and that fight was not hers, now she had to deal with the fact that now Siryn, X-Man, Geo and Shatterstar were all probably still ready to fight and no one really knew who was on whose side. Fed up with it all Polaris questioned what was going on, why she was following Havok so blindly, action had been taken but now perhaps words would take actions place, if not simply followed by more action. Looking to Shatterstar she spoke again, "What the hell is going here, why are you, Cable..." looking up to the gasping Geo she continued, "and your friend here?"

03-02-2005, 04:31 AM
Geo gasped for air as his blood started to move again. Beads of sweat from the panic trickled down his face as a scowl of rage replaced his worried expression. Soaring down to the ground and landing on his human legs, Geo strongly approached Polaris, who was just getting up from the ground. Shatterstar stood ready to strike again beside her.

Geo ran to his companion's side when Polaris started to address Shatterstar. The sudden change from hostility to conversation caused Geo to become frustrated, his feathers perking up in aggitated response. Geo noticed Shatterstar seemed to ease his stance at Polaris' statement. Geo took a deep breath to compose himself and reply.

"You and your friend cause explosion that hurt many people, Thats whats going on. Remember?" Geo fumed, sarcasm not really coming out of him too smoothly yet. He calmed a bit more.

"Shatterstar and I just protecting people and friend Cable from you. Why do you stop fighting?" Geo asked with a cocked eyebrow. He looked to Shatterstar, reassuring himself his friend was still there in case of a suprise attack. Geo mentally prepared himself to kick off the ground and take flight if need be.

03-04-2005, 12:52 AM
With the grill of the compact car flying quickly into a full scope , Havok abandons his traditional sense of battle tact and blindly shoots a reflex plasamatic blast from his hands. The car, (nearly on top of Summer's) explodes into mechanical dust. However gas streaming from a leaking engine block ignites creating a back draft that sends the limp body of the mutant tail spinning like a broken dove.
Landing some 25 feet back, the smell of burnt hair and flesh congealing to a solid in his nasal cavity, he opens his eyes now to an expansive and infinite whiteness... the explosion had left him blind.
A voice from far inside his soul screams out now, "All plans must be postponed, improvisation Summer's! Die if you must, but Cable shall not live to see a new dawn!"

The panic stricken Havok, convulsing with emotional and physical exhaustion beckons all remaining strength and sends a plasmatic tidal through the entirety of the gutted skeleton of what once the five star hotel. Becoming in essence, a human A-Bomb! An act of insane desperation that either mutant would be lucky to survive.

Cable X
03-05-2005, 04:40 AM
So launching a car at Havok hadn't gone as well as Cable had planned, the now blinded mutant was shooting his plasma blasts in all directions, endangering Cable and those he cared about. It was time to end this, this trash had gone on long enough and Cable frankly needed a drink. His psychic attack had failed once, but it wouldn't fail again, Havok was hurt and he'd be easy to take down now. Cable quickly ducked, avoiding another wild plasma blast as he began to charge at Havok at full speed. The half mutant half machine barreled toward his powder keg of an opponent when it hit, Havok somehow caught Cable head on with his plasma blast, releasing his position with a mighty howl Cable continued to charge. Havok laughed manically, realizing what he'd hit, it was too late now, all Cable could do was keep going. With aid from some unknown power, or perhaps from deep within himself, Cable trudged on, smelling his own skin and hair burning and bubbling from Havok's full on assault. He leaped, having nothing left physically he grabbed Havok by the throat slamming him to the ground and seemingly knocking him unconscious. Breathing heavily, Cable established a connection, entering Havok's mind.

This time he would not be denied, something deeply evil infected the conscious of Alex Summers, and truthfully for the time being all Cable could do was try to put blocks up in his mind. Struggling to stay conscious Cable focused all of his power, not receiving any actual resistance from whatever the entity was, it appeared to be unconscious as was it's host Alex Summers. With the psychic blocks in place Cable grudgingly left Alex Summer's mind, the ground work had been set and in the following months he'd have to keep Havok under close observation, whatever this problem was it was immense, and for the time being it was beyond Cable's abilities.

Cable stood up from Havok's now lifeless body, wiping blood from his nose that was clearly a backlash from the over extension of his psychic abilities. Polaris now addressed the rest of his team as if she was a friend, however to Cable he'd bee through enough, she was the enemy. Focusing his psychokinesis powers to his fist, Cable fired a massive blast into the back of Polaris, the woman let out an unexpected scream as her eyes rolled into the back of her head falling unconscious. Cable grunted, falling to one knee and beginning to vomit for a moment. Whipping the swill from his mouth Cable stood again, beaten badly but victorious he addressed the rest of his soldiers. "Alright team, we've gotten what we've come for, Geo grab what's left of the Sentinel and let's go." Cable's body shuddered as he encompassed Havok under his psychic sway, taking flight. "Take care of Polaris, Geo, we have to go." Cable's body twitched a bit as he took flight, heading back to the Fall's Edge Facility. The team had taken a heavy blow today, the important part however was that they'd stuck together, and persevered.

((OOC: Alright team, let's meet up with Cannonball, take a final moment to post here and then we'll move it to Cannonball's arrival thread.))

03-05-2005, 07:06 AM
Geo was tossed to the ground from the force of the plasma explosion caused by Havok. Cable handled the situation apparantly, since the onslaught was over in a short moment. The hotel, however, had taken some extra serious damage. It was hopelessly lost beyond repair now.

Geo was shocked to see Polaris suddenly fall to the ground. He saw Cable running towards them and understood, also not doubting there was valid reason for his decision. Geo was ordered to get the sentinel arm from the hotel ruins and deal with Polaris. Waiting for Cable to fly off, Geo knelt beside Polaris, a bit concerned. Had she not made the slight change of attitude towards the end of their fight, he would have just left her there. Deep inside him, Geo felt hope in this woman. Gently, Geo grasped around her upper arms with his talons. Flapping his extended winged arms with wind-beating force, Geo took to the skies.

Medical trucks were just starting to arrive at the scene. Geo looked towards the direction of Cable and made sure he wasnt looking, worrying he would have disagreed with his next decision. Geo descended to the medical trucks location and released her in a field of tall grass. Making a loud caw before taking off, drawing the attention of many EMTs, who spot the fallen Polaris and came running to her aid. The airborn Geo sighed in relief to see she would be alright.

Flying over the hotel rubble, Geo directed his eyes to look for any sign of the sentinel arm they had found at Fisk's mansion. His keen eyesight picked up something standing out in the flames of an upstair building, most likely their room. Gliding down, Geo perched on a window sill wreathed in flame. Flapping his large wings, Geo blew away the flaming debris surrounding the sentinel arm near the window. Making a quick grab at it with his talons, Geo pulled out before the flames licked back to their rightful position near the window. Geo inspected the arm once airborn and realized it was only half of what it had been. Only the hand and forearm pieces were there, leaving Geo assuming the other part was blown off in one of the explosions.

Wings of the condor spread against the moonlit sky, stretching off it's first fatigue from a challenging night in it's struggle for survival.