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Dr Cooper
05-26-2004, 09:06 PM
Val had just been through an unforgettable night, not a particularly pleasant one. Things were about as prepared as they could be.

The crowded assembly of press representatives and news crews waited noisily in the audience room of the lower office chambers. She peeked from behind the drapes, even from that opportunity she was caught out with the phosphorescent flash of cameras. She checked her watch, it was almost ten now.

?Great. I think we can begin.? She looked back at the team. ?Are we ready?? She didn?t wait for an answer, but stepped out to the podium to face the audience.

?Ladies and Gentlemen,? She began ?? Thank you all for coming. As you may well realise this conference was called to officially recognise the reformation of the government sponsored team X-Factor. While with the recent installation of the Sentinel programme, the government still feels that a special task force is required to deal with those assignments needing mutant expertise. The government are keen to project that those resolutions to deal with issues such as the mutant phenomena are handled for issues of public safety and that positive public relations between America?s GeeCee population are strengthened. So without any further delay I?d like to introduce X-Factor.?

Dr Cooper stretched out a welcome arm toward the drape that concealed, to the stage left, the team.

The conference room burst into a frenzy of photography as the team made their entrance.

05-27-2004, 09:41 AM
Jamie smiled for the cameras as he waved thinking how he hated these things he just knew it would be a zoo and then the fact that he was last known as dead might come up. Part of the job though cant just make the money and fight the good fight without getting some sort of bite in the butt.

Fuzzy elf
05-29-2004, 04:18 PM
The biggest grin was on Guido's face as he appeared from behind the drape to face the cameras. Just before coming on, he'd smoothed his remaining clump of hair back, to look his best. Right from his first days with the team he'd loved the media attention and couldn't get enough of it.

05-29-2004, 11:00 PM
Calvin step out onto the podium, where the organizers had set up a table for the entire team to be in full view of the press. He grinned, and milking his newfound fame for all it was worth, spread his stolen wings to their fullest extent. This action, was immediately followed by an obvious reaction from the press, as the camera flashes increased in intensity. Mimic certainly hoped he wasn't irritating which ever one of his team mates that was behind him, well at least not terribly irritating.

He almost had the nerve to sit in the middle chair of the table. Almost, but Mimic new his place, he was standing in quicksand as it was and better not provoke his new superiors. Instead he chose the seat to the right of the middle, knowing it would get a great deal, if not the maximum amount of attention. Once he had seated himself, he folded his wings as much as he could, and pressed them against his back in a manner that still made them visible, but much less obtrusive.

That done, he flashed an icy smile in the general direction of some of his favored news figures. He then sent his thoughts in Val's direction. and spoke, directly into her mind.

~Val, you when are we going to get this thing on the road?~ he asked, with a hint of impatience.

Dr Cooper
05-29-2004, 11:19 PM
Val stood, directly in front of the microphone filled table for the team, preparing to keep the interest of the press until all the team members had settled in, and the first question was fired.

She cleared her throat, and, speaking into a microphone taped to her collar (giving her a greater mobility when the need came for answering pressing issues.) saying, "Ladies and Gentlemen, if I can have you're attention for just a moment before we begin. I will just fill in some ground rules while the X-Factor team settles in."

She paused, taking a moment to gather her strength, when a telepathic message invaded her personal thought space. Being slightly familiar with this kind of communication, she silently answered back.

~When your peers have also had the chance to take a seat Mr. Rankin. I believe it would greatly be appreciated by most of the people here if you became slightly more patient and restrain yourself.~ She tried to project her thoughts to carry a bit of a sting.

Turning her attention back to the press, she continued, "As it is, I will pick on the first reporter to ask his/her question, the said reporter will direct the question at whoever he wishes, and then, the appointed X-Factor member will answer the question, and then proceed to chose the next reporter. We will begin in a few minutes, and we thank you for your participation."

Smiling, she took her seat in the center of the X-Factor chairs.

Wyrd Norse
05-30-2004, 12:06 AM
Pietro was stunned to see Madrox still alive. However, the moment passed as he accepted it for what it was. When your mutant power is duplicating yourself, showing up after being thought dead wasn't all that inconceivable.

Guido's face and form brought a slight smile to Pietro's face. How he missed the big brute's oddball antics. Sure he was obnoxious and annoying, but having been away from that for so long, he found it did manage to make life less boring for Pietro.

Pietro recognized the Mimic upon his entrance, but did not think much about it. He knew who he was and what he was capable of, but didn't think much of him one way or the other.

The one person he didn't care much to see was Val Cooper. Too many bad times and wrong dealings with her to think about at this time. He was currious as to how they would interact when he went to talk to X-Factor later on.

He stood in the crowd, thoroughly disguised in plain clothes, even making sure to wear a hat that both covered his face, as well as his trademark hairdo. His purpose in coming here was to talk to his old team mates, not draw attention to his being there. He was not hiding from them, as he had every intention of letting them know he was there.

He remained in the crowd, waiting for the right time to say hello.

05-30-2004, 05:25 AM
Curt stood on the podium, gazing out at the array of reporters. Things were not like this in his homeland of Canada, so he was new at this. It seemed like Dr. Cooper had things under control, and he also knew that there would be some questions about his inclusion on the team, so he would answer, if asked. He awaited the first question, standing along with the other team members.

06-02-2004, 03:43 PM
This was definatley what Jamie did not miss about X-factor. So he sat down at the conference table mentally preparing for questions still severly worried about the children.

Kathryn Pryde
06-03-2004, 07:46 AM
Rahne appeared on the stage a little late. She rushed in and was beside Guido smiling. Her eyes scanning the crowd. She was in her lycane form and the smells of all the reports was slightly over welming. But it was the way she was recognized. She was as much a part of the team as the others, even though she hated the press confrenses. She allways felt they were to long and drawn out. Stupid people asking stupid questions. She smiled sweetly at the cameras but turned away quickly and took her seat at the table.

06-04-2004, 08:33 AM
Lorna walked in right behind Rahne, her hands on her hips. She looked out into the faces of all the reporters, and tilted her head to the side, allowing her shocking green hair to fall over her shoulder. Should any of the reporters get out of line, she was almost compelled to wrap the camera around their neck. That was about the mood she was in at the moment.

Fuzzy elf
06-04-2004, 05:21 PM
Still waving and smiling at the press, Guido sat down in an empty chair next to Rahne. No doubt after the conference Val will give him a telling off for opening his big mouth and letting something stupid come out...just like the time when he came up with the term Gee-Cee live on TV.
Not that Guido minded though, he liked being the centre of attention.

Dr Cooper
06-10-2004, 04:12 PM
Val walked over to her seat at the table behind her, and sat down. She looked out, over the masses of the press. How did they see her, she thought. A human, working with mutants. Oh well, she'd chosen to be here, any bad press can't concern her from here on in. Looking around at the rest of her team, checking that everyone was accounted for, she cleared her throat.

"All right," she said. "I believe we can being now. And our first question will be from..." She scanned the mass of eager reporters, each one begging to be called upon. After a few moments she pointed to a man in a dark blue suit. "...you." She said, making sure that evryone saw to where her finger pointed.

The man stood up, and cleared his own throat. "Jeff Sternman, USBC." After a small pause, he continued. "I'd like to ask an open question for the team and yourself Dr. Cooper. Your work with X-Factor came to an abrupt end some months ago after a series of unfortunate events. Under what circumstances did your team find it best to re open the programme?"

Val gave a smile, although mentaly she was cursing her head off. She had hoped that a question like this wouldn't arise, but there was no stopping now. She kept on smiling, and said, "I'm glad you asked that question Jeff. After the Operation: Zero Tolerance, the government felt a public face was necessary to maintain beneficial mutant relations. The government recognized that the Sentinels aren't exactly warm and comforting," she pause during the small laugh that crossed through the conference room. then, she continued, "That being so, the government decided that assigning actual people to a task force to help combat mutant-related conflicts would be more beneficial to mutants, who would be more willing to support something like that. Also, it would allow for a public face that citizens could look up to."

She looked over at her team mates, waiting for a response from one of them.

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06-14-2004, 01:04 AM
Wanda, dressed much differently and much more casually than she would be in her battle uniform, almost instinctively realised that her twin brother Pietro was there amongst the many others, that seemed to grey in presence, in comparison to him, at least somewhat. Ah, so we cross paths without knowing we would yet again my brother, my other half. Yet, when one can move so fast and the other has quite a deal to say regarding the forces of probability, this kismet is not so taboo after all perhaps.

Things did not feel right at the institute for Wanda. The watchful eye of her fathers mortal enemy constantly probed her, in ways his telepathy could not. There, it was as though she was as if she was constantly tryign to escape the eye of judgement for her past, from all who learnt it, and that was almost everyone. However, Wanda did still believe in the ideals of Charles Xavier and she had sworn commitment to it, which wa snot so hard for her as standing for what one believes in against the face of adversity had became her first nature, given her troubled and challenging life which was ruddled with catastrophe and hardships.

Perhaps then I am here because I seek to continue my journey on the very same path as I have been, only under the moderation of a different vehical. I will not fall upon knowing eyes here amongst X-Factor...that is if I can find a way in. Then again...my brother IS here after all...he has connection with them...and no matter what HE is here for, I am sure he could do his sister a single favour for her. Now there's a conundrum...what IS Pietro doing here? One can only dare to wonder.

Wanda fit into the crowd perfectly, but then she was so humane, if it weren't for her mutancy Wanda would surely be renound for her human qualities famously, a representative of all things good that came from all things bad, of that which faces the ultimate pain of fighting against the power of a corrupt father, a sad, troubled child whos trials and tribulations had made her flourish into a beautiful young woman. And don't I know it.

Kathryn Pryde
06-14-2004, 06:35 AM
Rahne reached down and took Guido's hand as much to comfort him aswell as herself. She listened to Val answer the first question and nodded. She felt like she was in the right place....the perfect fit....she hadn't been able to fit in for so long. This was going to be fun...being a part of the team again. Working together with friends and family to make the world a better place....or at least try to anyway. She wasn't so naive anymore as to belive that world would eventually learn to accept mutants. She knew better. She smiled sweetly at the cameras, but tried to keep most of the focus off her. Sniffing the air again she picked up two unique scents....two scents she recognized but couldn't quite place at the moment.

06-20-2004, 04:17 PM
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As the minutes of the Conference ticked off, Mimic listened with half interest as the questions were called off. He only barely registered that all of the questions so far had been directed toward Val. He wondered if these were because she was the 'leader', or i the crowd had some limited views on mutants, or perhaps if it was some other reason.

Some of the questions asked, went along the lines of:

"How will the upcoming run for the presidency effect X-Factor?"

"Recent reports noted the inclusion of the criminal, Juggernaut joining the team on the salvage mission in the Pacific. We notice he isn't present, does his membership still stand?"

"What are your thoughts on Eric Lensher's statement of Kelly's run for presidency?"

Mimic listen half asleep, of how 'X-Factor' believed that the new presidency would need to rely on them more than ever, or how they had no comments of Magneto. He half smiled after hearing that Juggernaut was not ready for a public appearance, and as such didn't show.

Yawning, Mimic looked at his watch, seeing there was only enough time for one more question, he straightened up. Perhaps now he would get a chance to be on TV.

Wyrd Quicksilver
06-22-2004, 07:02 AM
Pietro's patience was being tested to the max, as he waited out every inane and boring question. Not to mention the silly and stupid replies given by Val and the other various members of X-Factor.

Yet he had missed a certain degree of what their company provided. He would wait for the last question to be asked, and then he would approach them. It would be nice to see their old faces again, and get to talk to them one more time.

Dr Cooper
06-23-2004, 06:56 PM
Val cleared her throat, looking over at the eager press. Although there was still some time left on the agenda, the way all the questions had been directed at her made her believe that perhaps it was time to close this conference.

She smiled at the crowd, and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we thank you for your time and patience. Unfortunately, we are all completely out of time. If anyone has any further questions, they can be mailed to the address of X-Factor's temporary Headquarters, which will be handed out in a few minutes. Thank you, and good day to you all."

Standing up she walked off stage, signaling for the rest of the team to follow her. Outside, two military helicopters were waiting. One of them, was for Val, to take her to a meeting with her superiors. The other chopper was assigned for X-Factor to take them back to base.

Turning to face her team, she relayed the information to them. "All right team, behind me you'll see two helicopters, the one on your left is tasked with returning you all to base. I will be using the other chopper for some government business that I must attend to. We will rendezvous back at the base in four hours."

With that, she climbed into the helicopter and signaled for the pilot to take off.

Wyrd Quicksilver
06-24-2004, 11:40 PM
As Dr Cooper's helicopter took off, Pietro made his move to the rest of the team.

with a slight run, in no way giving away his powers, he rushed towards the group. He noticed there was a rather tame security force, that just barely noticed him before he got past them. I guess when you're X-Factor you don't need high amounts of security.

Pietro used his mutant gifts and rocketed toward his former team mates. He caught them before they had gotten too much closer to the helicopter and therefor didn't have to shout over its rotating blades.

"Well if it isn't the old team come back together. Minus a couple individuals, that is. Not that Madrox couldn't fill those spots in himself mind you."

Pietro could already feel himself slipping into his old shoes, and he hadn't even joined his old group yet.

"Nice to see you alive and well Jamie."

Juggernaut XT
06-28-2004, 01:53 AM
For once in his life, the normally obnoxious loud mouth man known as Cain Marko was unusually quite. That was in part due to the fact that he was out of his element. In the past the only time he had been surrounded by reporters was when he was being held in cuffs, or his picture had been placed on TV as one of the most wanted men in America.

Another reason he didn't speak was because he really didn't need to. Every reporter that fell into his line of sight tensed up real quick, afraid that he was going to catch a random attitude and just start releasing his frustrations out on the nearest individual. A misconception Cain blames the media for. He didn't attack with purpose, well at least not all the time.

The meeting over he casually made his way to the designated helicopter, which he noticed had been specifically modified to fit not only the team, but Cain's needs as well. A regular sized aircraft just wasn't enough for the behemoth of a man.

"Our own private 'copter, a guy could get really used to this." he says with a smirk.

Fuzzy elf
07-10-2004, 05:20 PM
Guido raised an eyebrow as he saw Pietro aproach.
"Hi Silver...or should that be Hi ho silver,", the huge mutant paused a moment to laugh at his own joke. "Guess yer just in time for a free ride...that is unless you'd rather jog."
As he said this, Guido walked over to the remaining military helecopter and began to climb inside.

uber morlock
07-10-2004, 07:08 PM
Continued in 'Falls Edge' thread.