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05-19-2004, 05:36 AM
The Defense Secretary got off the phone with Major Leigh. Major Leigh told the head officer of the Pentagon to call the mutant known as Forge.

Defense Secretary Kurt Williams didn't know how to get to Forge directly, but he did have the number to the woman responsible for X-Factor. He got one of his classified files marked, "X-Factor Program" and opened it. Inside was the number to a Dr. Valerie Cooper. D.S. Williams picked up his phone, and called Dr. Cooper.

uber morlock
05-21-2004, 02:34 PM
Baldrick, Dr Cooper's personal secretary received the incoming call. Even from the floor below the team were making quite a racket. He put a finger to his other ear.

"Dr. Cooper's office." He replied.

At that moment a pale faced Valerie Cooper, desiring a moment's peace entered the room. She looked curiously at the phone, as if asking who it was.

Baldrick cupped his hand over the mouth piece.
"It's the Defence Secretary on the line Dr. Cooper."
Val's expression turned to one of mild surprise and puzzlement, she took the call and wafted a hand to dismiss Baldrick.

"Defence Secretary, how can I help you?" She listened intently to what was said, the incident wasn't described too specifically. "...Indeed? I believe Forge is in West Virigina now sir, I can contact him and get him to pay a visit to the base now sir... yes I understand the importance of that sir, leave it to me."

Slowly Val hung up the receiver. This delusional mutant had been found at not too great a distance from the Falls Edge facility, certainly it was important that Forge was contacted to investigate further, especially if he had been mentioned by name by the detained mutant in question.

She picked the phone up again to dial out.

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uber morlock
05-21-2004, 03:56 PM
-Falls Edge Facility-

Forge got to his feet, wiping the grime from his hands with a rag. He pressed a few buttons on the communications console, making sure the incoming call was not in any way bugged, it wasn't.

"Hello Val, is there anything I can do to help?" His tone had resumed a stern and formal manner.

05-26-2004, 03:39 AM
Domino followed him inside and watched as the phone rang. She leaned against a wall not covered by some sort of button or lever. Taking in the room, she committed it to memory and would try to follow Forge's use of it. Of course, until the somewhat silence was shattered by the phone.

Val? While she was aware of Valerie Cooper, knowing who she is without really knowing her. She has perked an ear without really looking like she was eavesdropping. Idly, a smirk came to her lips at the though of him trying to disarm her. Well, he must trust her atleast a little or else he would have said something about that.

While was on the phone, she wandered the room idly, getting a better look a few monitors and the like. Perhaps it would come in handly later. She always tried to give herself as much knowledge about her surroundings as she could.

uber morlock
05-26-2004, 06:25 PM
Val was brisk with her words, the details she had just been given to pass on to Forge seemed far to important to delay despite her own list of problems to deal with.

"Forge." She began. "... I've just received a call from the Defence Secretary, the military base in Pennsylvania is asking for you. Apparently a young mutant they are currently holding spoke of an aquaintance of his called Forge, seems their interested infinding out who this boy may be. The FBI were originally on the case after locals complained about a firery disturbance the other night. I thought it best to contact you."

uber morlock
05-26-2004, 06:26 PM
Forge's eyes glazed with introspection as Val communicated the news. His mind skimmed over the visions he had seen after his battle with the Adversary, could this be what Naze had refered to.

After a few short moments Forge replied.
"Thankyou Val, I'll get on to that immediately. Certainly these events require my attention, leave it with me. Over and out."

Forge acknowledged Valerie's farewell nod and disengaged communication with Washington. He stood contemplating the empty monitor as his bionic hand rested against his chin.

He caught sight of Domino subtley touring the equipment within the room. He let fall an acute sideways glance.
"My attentions are required elsewhere it seems, our meeting has come with ill timing ... or perhaps not..."

05-27-2004, 04:04 AM
After completeing her "inspection" she goes to lean against the doorframe, arms crossed over her toned stomach. Hidden by the vest and black spandex shirt underneath. She was an impressive sight, garbed all in black. The "tough girl" atitude turned on full blast.

His words to her let a smirk tilt her lips upwards. I don't think he's going to just leave me here with all of these nice unfinished security settings. And I'm thinking he won't want me to leave for fear I might break in again.

Of course, her thoughts always coursed like this. A never ending chess game where she had to predict the movement of others, most of the time, she was rather lucky. "Looks like I'm coming with. No she wasn't inviting herself. She could care less whether or not she went. Of course, she might learn some things. But she was confident in her predictions, and was just leading about the next logical steps. Saved time.

uber morlock
05-28-2004, 01:22 PM
"So it seems." He replied cooly.

He reached under the console he had been working on previously and flicked a switch, the security monitors scrolled a refreshed stream of data as the systems came back online.
"We'll need to depart immediately."

Forge left the tools out in the room, as he entered the code for the door and it hissed open. Briskly he strode down the corridor back to the hanger.

05-30-2004, 07:23 PM
Why did she feel like a little puppy? Always caught in the aftermath of his decisons. Of course, she really didn't like this and it set her mouth into a grim line of determination. She would bide her time though, and let herself atleast be percieved as the ultimate in cooperation. Of course, in no way was she going to assume that he would just underestimate her like that.

She didn't reply to him when he confirmed her suspicions. Merely followed him. Letting her brisk walk make it look neither like she was following nor leading. Merely...walking. Desitination happening to be the same as Forge was going.

She would make a good body guard. She would never allow herself to be leased out in such a way though. To put one's life on the line for someone she barely knew wasn't something she was easily willing to do.

uber morlock
06-01-2004, 08:12 PM
Situations were out of hand, with time Forge would have prefered to have dealt with things properly, unfortunately these, so-called things, had happened all rather suddenly.

The hanger was before them, his preferred vehicle was out on loan and the only craft left to him was the car that Jamie Madrox had driven here in.
Taking to the rungs of an exterior ladder he soon found his footing on the gravel bay outside the facility. The car could be easily entered. The driver's side window was fully down. A fine coat of dust over the paint betrayed the fact that the last journey this car had been taken on had been some time ago.

Forge opened the door, found the keys restings above, let them fall into his hand. The car started up at once, quite surprising. Forge kept a critical glance over the dash board in check. There were certainly improvements that could be made, but then insurance companies didn't like extras that they couldn't provide the quotes for.

06-01-2004, 10:54 PM
Domino would follow him like the good little puppy she was turning out to be. Even if he didn't get the keys to the car, she could have hot wired it, of course, he probably wouldn't have liked that very much.

So, she invited herself into the passenger's seat, raking a hand through her hair in the process. "Want to tell me where we're goin'?

She stretched her long legs out in the seat, resting her arms on the arm rests and vaguely longing for her own car. I don't think he'd let me drive. Too bad.

uber morlock
06-02-2004, 03:19 PM
"I have pressing business in Pennsylvania." He replied.

The car spun off to a start over the gravel heading towards the narrow road that eventually wound its way out of the mountains of West Virginia.
"I'm afraid I don't have the proper means to grant you authorised entry into the military base, which is why after we leave Falls Edge you have the choice, either wait for me outside or make the best of your opportunity. Of course there is nothing to stop you ditching me straight off, however something is concerning me, perhaps you could help?"

((OOC: I'm going to suggest that we deal with the journey's duration briefly once conversation has reached a conclusion. I realise it may seem like you are just along for the ride however I have to get Forge to juggle all these matters at once, this up coming thing in Pennsylvania is dealing with a long over due character intro.))

06-04-2004, 01:04 AM
(( No worries. I understand perfectly. I know that things have to get evened out. lol...and it doesn't really seem like I'm along for the ride. I just put that as Dom's perspective. ))

Domino nodded somewhat. Weighing her options. "If I was going to ditch you. I would have already. So, it looks like I'm waiting outside." No, it itsn't bravado, or a boast. She simply would have. For the first time since she was caught, she wondered what she was doing here. Sharing a car like a normal person with someone she was suppose to have stolen from. Gosh, how things can take a backwards turn.

When he spoke about her helping him, she lifted a carefully sculpted pitch black eyebrow. "What might that be?" Hunkering down in the seat some, she got ready for the ride, perhaps even relaxing. Her hair created a pillow as she leaned it back against the headrest. No, she wouldn't do anything as foolish as falling asleep. But you never knew when you would need a reservior of strength. Better to build up when you had the chance.

uber morlock
06-04-2004, 03:49 PM
Forge realised what he was on the verge of speaking about and he shook his head in mild disbelief.

"You'll probably have to bear with me on this one." He paused to bring the car out onto the wider mountain road.

"A few days back I knew that that I would be called out to meet a young man, a boy really, called Nathan. Now think what you like, but this vision, I felt, was meant to mean more to me than I realised. This boy that I had never even encountered before seemed familiar. But if you knew under what circumstances this vision came to me, then you would realise my concern."

Forge turned to Domino to figure out her reaction, he didn't want to be too specific, the pain that the Adversary had made him witness was still too fresh in his mind.

"I go to meet him now, and find out whether he really did just appear out of thin air. This is where you could help me, I have a detailed recollection of where I envisaged the boy appearing."

06-04-2004, 06:12 PM
For a moment, she was taken aback. This was awful personal information that he was sharing. Visions and the like...his hesitance. It signaled something that he didn't wish to really talk about openly. Something told her that at their core, they were pretty alike.

Neither possessed abilities that weren't concrete. No telepathy or telekinesis for them. Of course, Dom's "luck" really wasn't something that you could botttle up and save for later. But she really didn't see anything mystical about it. Her face was a mask when he looked at it. Void of any expression. A poker face. Which...for her, is probably the best reaction of all. It meant that she was thinking. Years of habit had trained her to not give away anything. So even something as simple as a conversation, when it required thought, was put into this category. That's why she was a hard person to infuriate.

"Could it be someone planting these images in your mind? Or do you really feel that it was a vision?" It had happened before. What if this boy himself had done it, just to somehow cover something he had done. Since she wasn't the type of person to receive visions daily...depending on the circumstance, she was either skeptical to it or shaken into believing it.

Her eyes stared out the window, still cloaked in thought. "I'm unsure as to where I come into all this..." Was she suppose to go out and find this place that the boy appeared, and report back anything...unusual? She stole a sideways glance at him, reading his expressions as well.

uber morlock
06-08-2004, 08:22 PM
Forge juggled the possibility of Domino's words. Perhaps the boy could have being responsible for implanting the images into his mind, a form a powerful telepathy could explain the vivid recollections. This would be discovered in Pennsylvania.

Forge smiled faintly in response.
"I believe you know already what I would ask. If I'm correct, the boy was found about twenty-or-so miles from that town." He pointed a prosthetic finger to a smear of smokey light shining from further down the valley. The lines of great pine trees could be discerned in the night, between it and the road they were now on.

"Although the locals never knew about the boy, a few witnessed a strange display of light and fire up in the hills. If you could do some recon perhaps we could find something out about this Nathan boy."

06-09-2004, 02:33 AM
Of course she did. She was a great guesser. Eyes flicked over towards where he pointed, and she nodded. This would probably be her first real test with this guy. If she did the recon job and returned with the desired info...it would earn her points. Of course, he would have to give her the car...so she could take off. He was taking a big chance. She smirked to herself. If she was about ten years younger, she might've taken off. But she needed to stop burning all her bridges. If she got bored with it, or it turned out the wrong move, she could leave. But right now, she would give it a chance.

Only then did her head turn, mind made up. "Okay. Need any hard core proof?" She wouldn't specify that she had brought her camera...even though she hadn't taken pictures of his machine. Coming those milkwhite hands through her hair she pulls it back into a ponytail. The neatly cropped locks conforming nicely.

uber morlock
06-11-2004, 06:00 PM
"Find what you can, if there is anything, when you've checked the area just let me know what you find. I can be reached at this number."
Forge fished out a modified cellular phone out of a jacket pocket. "I'll be back this way as soon as possible, I don't like to leave Falls Edge at the mercy of intruder for too long."

Forge pulled the car to a stop just outside the town, by now the road was in pitch darkness except for the car's head lights, and the misty haze of the sleeping community.
"Do you have what you need?" He asked the question as a way of annoucing that his passenger's mission has just begun.

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06-15-2004, 02:48 AM
Domino nodded and unconciously patted down her vest and the like, taking a mental note of all of her resources. It wasn't that hard. She usually kept track of what she did have and what she didn't have.

"I'll be in contact shortly. And we'll meet back here." Silence on his other question, the default affirmation being her answer. A pause, for him to add any further comments before she would take action.

She would open the car door, and get out, shutting it behind her. Eyes adjusted somewhat to the near swallowing darkness and she made for the direction that Forge had told her to go. This would be a cake-walk compared to the failure of her last mission. Oh well, you couldn't always win the jackpot.

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