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02-24-2004, 11:52 PM
One thing a person can easily say of New York City, it is very hard to travel in there when you have wings, even if they're not yours. Mimic closed the door to his high-rise flat, and secured the bolt in place.

Removing the long overcoat he had worn, he revealed two gaint wings growing from his back. "I've really got to get rid of these puppies someday," he said. He tossed the overcoat in the derection of a wooden coat rack, missing it by about ten inches. Mimic frowned, to which the coat responded by leaping up, and haning itself neatly on the coat rack.

Unfortunatly, this only help to remind Calvin how he was wasting his gift, along with his life. In his fustration, he did not even notice that he had stepped on a rusty nail on the floor. Nor would he notice it either, as the wound was gone in seconds.

He leaped onto the kithcen counter to reach a can of soda pop, he then became aware of a buzzing sound, eminating from his bedroom, indicating that his alarm clock had gone off while he was out, which left his neighbor still banging on his ceiling, (Calvin's floor) to turn it down. From Calvin's eyes shot beams of red light, aimed at his clock, blasting it to peices.

Returning to the living room, and ploping down onto the couch, he used his mind powers to turn on the TV without the remote. Whereupon he heared:

"What we're looking at is the Coast Guard vessel 'Alliance' which has been dispatched to investigate the disappearance of what is rumored to be a military vessel carrying Sentinel robots from the island of Genosha to the United States. These robots were in fact the same used by Magneto as leverage to gain sovereign control over the island mere months ago. We're told that military personnel are working on a salvage operation to try and unearth the remains of the vessel, which I'm told, and I quote, 'will likely be unsuccessful.' Also, and this is just in, I'm told the government sanctioned mutant group X-Factor has arrived to assist with the investigation. M---"

That was all he stayed for to hear, after hearing the words: mutant, and X-Factor, he decided time had come for him to change his life drasticly. He found his old X-Men costume hidden in the dusty crevices of his closet. After cleaning it out, he put it on, opened the window, and took off.

((TBC - A thread somewhere in Washington))

03-11-2004, 12:25 PM
Mimic flew, miles above civilization, beating his full feathered wings as he fell. His destination, the Pacific. To pass the time, he read the minds of the innocent bystanders down on the ground, watching the news. This gave him almost instant knowledge of what was happening around the world. One piece, in particular, caught his attention. The only problem was the human's thoughts, which kept butting in.

"We join site of the military's involvement in what appears to be potentially one of the most important salvage operations of recent history. While we have reports that the Sentinel's will have only a slight chance of recovery, we have little information on the progress but appears to be early days yet.
X-Factor's involvement however has sparked controversy. Up until now the mutant team has remained out of public knowledge. 'Damn government/mutant conspiricys. Officials in Washington re-opened the program concerned that recent policies regarding the mutant phenomena had been the cause of upheavals of political extremists. 'burn 'em all' X-Factor, it appears is here to reassure us that this mutant phenomena is firmly in hand, and that GeeCee relations are of primary importance.
Later this week the members of this X-Factor program are due to make their first public appearance with a press conference headed by their chief liaison Dr. Valerie Cooper. 'look out White House, heh.' Until then we can only watch and wait in this latest crisis.
This is Trish Tilby, CNBC, Pacific coast."

With this revalation, Mimic nearly stopped in mid-air, and dropped about 200 feet before regaining himself. He decided that he was going in the wrong direction, and that his wisest move would be to contact Valerie Cooper in Washinton. He quickly rreoriented himself in the right derection. It would be a long flight to Washington, so he used his telekinetic power to keep himself aloft. He beat his wings and began to fly.