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12-06-2003, 05:08 PM
Continued from Departure, this takes place about a week after that.

He had always known the base was located in Washington, but it was still rather difficult to find. Luckily Shatterstar had a knack for tracking those that couldn't be found.

As Shatterstar loomed over the grounds of what was known as the Fall's Edge Compound, he stayed there perched on a tree as he thought of a plan to get in. Obviously this wasn't a place he could just walk in, and for once he wasn't to keen on the idea of breaking into government property which housed mutants.

Unlike the X-Men, they could prove to be very "upset" at a break in, and seeing as how he may not have been known by the team on the inside, it was a very risky chance.

So Shatterstar would have to do something that was so out of character for himself, that it was to unbelievable to think of. Dropping from the tree, he had his shoulders sheathed so he didn't appear hostile in any way in case they had security cameras present.

Walking cautiously to the main entrance, he stopped at the locked door. He noticed a camera had zoomed in on him, so he spoke into it.

"I come in peace for I mean no harm. I want simply to speak to the man of authority here." he shouts at the camera. Being from a different reality, he was still akward around the primitive machines of this world.

TBC: (OOC: Hey, All I need is somebody on the inside to open the doors for me, so I can get to the offices of Val Cooper. I can take it from there.)

12-07-2003, 05:12 AM
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Emily was in search of a gym, feeling a bit put out about Kyle's unhappiness and frustration, and still not familiar with the base, found herself facing a pair of doors. An odd device next to these lit up with a screen showing a very handsome (if stern looking) young man with the most amazing meltingly brown eyes she'd ever seen.

"HELLO!" she said aloud and stopped to look at the picturesque hunk, curved brows rising in interest.

Seeing the interface was similar to others she had used, the little healer swiped her id card for the device and paged Val Cooper while she answered.

The light above the camera near the screen lit up and she smiled up into the lens as if looking straight into the man's dark eyes.

"Hello! Remedy here... I'm assuming you're expected, since we have new arrivals coming in. I've paged Ms. Cooper, and in the meantime I'll let you in so you can meet with her." she said, exotic golden eyes sparkling, voice resonant and professional.

Seeing that the computer had, indeed found his profile Shatterstar?! Interesting name...., Emily swiped her card again, and opened the door.

Seeing him in person was startling. She barely came up to his lower lip. Used to often looking up at the men on these teams she smiled anyways, tilting her head to the side with honest curiousity, her smile held very real warmth.

"Hullo. Welcome to the base, Shatterstar." she held out a graceful hand, burning with curiousity to see what he felt like with her powers. She swept back glowing bronze hair over a shoulder and met the brown eyes with a firm and friendly gaze.

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x Shatterstar x
12-07-2003, 06:33 AM
Shatterstar was given access inside by a woman whom called herself Remedy. She was rather attractive, although Shatterstar was obvlivious to this. He walked on the inside and seeing her extended hand, he shook it gently, careful not to grip it to strongly due to his strength.

Bowing his head slightly, he looked around what he could see at this part of the base. It was the typical set-up, much like many other of the bases he had been around in this world so far.

Not to take his mind off why he was here, he quickly turned his attention back to Remedy.

"Remedy is it? Obviously your ver much familiar with this place. Could you tell me who the leader of this faction is. You see I'm here to offer my services to the team known as X-Factor, and I would like to talk to the boss first." he says as he crosses his arms, speaking in is usual stern manner.

He noticed that she looked at him in a rather strange way. Not one of mistrust or peculiarness, more one of fascination. He was rather used to it by now. From the moment he stepped into this realm he had been recieving that look from various people.

It had become almost as natural to him as his blade was.

12-07-2003, 11:18 AM
Emily's hand was shaken gently, firmly, and she felt the calluses of a swordsman on his palms and fingers. If she was hoping to learn more about the young man, she was sadly disappointed. His body was like any athlete's; superb in condition, and nutrition, in peak form.

His lean face was sternly handsome, which made Emily's heart speed up a bit more.

Her own handshake was firm, hinting at strength without being overt. The level golden-brown gaze of her eyes flicked over his features, and tried to read his body language. She saw that he noted her abundantly curvacious body with mild interest, like one would give a statue or a work of art, and with as much passion as the lifeless media would have.

Woo, he's a cool one. All business, like Kane. she thought, but hope refused to die, like a stubborn child it dug it's heels in and niggled in her mind.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh a challenge... kinda?

He moved with a sinuous grace, his long hair sliding over his back and briefly over his broad shoulders as he crossed his arms.
Woops, definately DON'T touch material. Or touch me and be kicked in the corner... darn, another cutie relegated to the eye candy only list. she thought sadly, especially liking the intelligence in those eyes, the control and discipline every line of his body seemed to hold. But, too, she wondered at a hint of something in his eyes... saomething like pain and sadness ...?

imagining things again Emily? Putting your own troubled past and horrible childhood on others! When WILL you learn to stop projecting your own emotions on others? she chastised herself silently.

Her smile grew no less warm, and her politeness still hinted at a friendliness and genuine care that was her unconscious trademark. He'd just have to accept that this was honestly the way she was... like it or not.

When he suggests that she knows her way around, her laugh is genuine and husky, a full honest guffaw. She shook her head at him, her long hair sliding over the black leather of her coat like bronze skeins of fine floss.

"'Fraid not, Shatterstar. I just arrived earlier today actually, so we might have a slight adventure in the making." she admitted, a warm smile on her pretty heart shaped face.

Turning with unconscious grace, the littl ehealer is able to get a schematic map on the display with her data card and nods to herself.

"Ah, okay, here we go... Ms. Cooper's office... this way hun." she chuckled, doing a small dance before leading the way at a gentle lope, a sweet smile thrown over her shoulder.
"I've paged her already, so she'll most likely be expecting us."

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x Shatterstar x
12-08-2003, 11:03 PM
Shatterstar raised a slight eyebrow at Remedy, showing off something similar to a humorous look. When she returned his handshake, he had felt a firm grip on her part. Not many women that he knew of had a relatively strong grasp. If this was any indication that her complete strength was much more powerful than this, she would make a great sparring partner.

It made him curious to see what exactly her mutant abilities were. Perhaps maybe she would be someone worth getting to know after all.

Surprised that she to was a newcomer to these grounds, Shatterstar felt more at ease around her. He had expected all the people here to be longtime members of the team.

"Well in that case, it shouldn't be to hard for the two of us to locate her quarters," he says in a calm voice.

He followed her direction taking notice of the buildings layout. It wouldn't be to hard for him to become familiar with it himself, as he planned on being there for a while. At least for as long as he saw fit.

TBC: Val Coopers office