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Codename: Multipleman
Real Name: Jamie Madrox
Alias/Nick: Jim, James, John, Arthur, Maddocks, Maddrox, Dupe, Prime
Age: late twenties
Height: 5'11
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Place of Birth: Los Alamos
Relatives: Daniel, Joan Madrox parents both deceased
Group Affiliation: X-Factor

X-Factor: Madrox creates an identical physical living duplicate of himself upon any physical impact, possibly via extradimensional mass acquisition similar to the process used by Ant-Man or the Hulk. This process is spontaneous and cannot be prevented by Madrox. Although he can create multiple duplicates, and the duplicates themselves can also replicate, each is only able to create one duplicate at a time; he has been seen to produce around forty duplicates before no more would be created. The duplicates think, feel, and act independently, though usually guided by the original. Each tends to manifest one aspect of Madrox's personality very strongly, like caution, machismo, or adventurousness, and the aspect increases in strength with lengthier separation from the original; these traits have recently become more extreme.

Madrox is telepathically and empathically linked to his duplicates, suffering severe, potentially fatal, trauma if one dies. He can survive the death of a dupe aside from the mental backlash he does not physically feel any of the duplicates pain. However absorbing a dead dupe without being adequately prepared for it has its own repercussions. Madrox can "reabsorb" his duplicates, gaining their new knowledge and skills. Similarly, he will acquire any physical injury - though not any actual toxin - from a duplicate; symptoms are typically lessened by half during absorption. If Madrox himself were killed, it is not known whether any existing duplicates would continue to function independently; it is virtually impossible to distinguish the original from the duplicates.

]The original Madrox can absorb duplicates back into himself either by touch in a manner that appears to be smothering the dupe or simply by force of will which can be done from a distance and does fatigue him slightly. Jamie has enough control that he can create a "dupe" by clapping, or stick a finger under a door and create a dupe on the other side. The extent of his power is to duplicate both clothing and inanimate objects that are within physical contact with him when creating a dupe. This can work both in his benefit or against for instance if the original was handcuffed the dupe would also be created with a dupe set of handcuffs.

Skills/Weapons/Other:Madrox has acquired extensive knowledge and skills via his duplicates' experiences, such as human anatomy, speaking Russian, and Shaolin monk stealth techniques. Recently he has gained the absorbed abilities of an independent duplicate, the US Airforce pilot Captain Arthur Maddicks. With other such duplicates out in the field or simply forgotten about, it is possible for Jamie to acquire an even large number of skills and weapons expertise. Although the level of expertise is only as good as that experienced by a duplicate, he is in no way the natural that Taskmaster appears to be in acquiring a set of skills or abilities.

Jamie doesn't usually wield weapons, although with SHIELD training and absorbed experiences he has learned some basic levels or fire arm skill, that would be considered above the marksmanship of a Hydra agent. As a last resort and when in a tight bind, ordinary club like items or anything formidable in reach could be used in conjunction with his multiplying powers to create a small army of hand wielding combatants.

Weaknesses: Jamie has some psychological issues that have been identified as Isolophobia and Autophobia, this condition is due to the acute stress of his tragic childhood. His living alone for many years as a child created an almost pathological need for attention to ensure he would never be alone again, and he is willing to do virtually anything - whether it be telling jokes, playing gags, or creative use of dupes - to get people to notice him. There is also an almost ADHD like nature to him, which when left unchecked usually leads to said pranks or random musings. Jamie is not inherently volatile, however there are aspects of some specific duplicates that cannot be trusted. The dupe often calls himself the "X" or "X-Factor" and he is a trickster, but mainly just unpredictable. Jamie himself is a normal man with no enhanced durability or reflexes and can sustain injuries like anybody else. When absorbing a duplicate Jamie can appear disorientated or overwhelmed by the additional experiences flooding into his mind.

Physical Description: Jamie stands just under six foot tall and has a slim but, athletic build. He has dark brown hair that is of a medium length and left generally messy. The man has the look of a hero with a squarish chin followed by handsom-ish angles of his jaw and cheekbones although Jamie has beady looking blue eyes and the look of someone up to no good permanently plastered upon his face.

Uniform wise, Jamie has a special suit that he wears to help neutralise his mutant power, it is a form fit undergarment with a number of control elements printed on the front torso. The design is reminiscent of the original he wore minus the circuitry that makes for malfunction and electrical power surge nonsense. There is also a hood to the suit though it is rarely worn up, except maybe to signify a dupe. Jamie will either be forced to wear a SHIELD uniform over top of his regular costume or more often than not a duster coat or similar to make him look cool. It has no function other than that, although it has inspired him to mimic some of his favourite Noir film detectives. Aside from the prominent look of spandex and coat, Jamie's apparel consists of a pair of good sturdy military boots.

Seldom is Madrox out of his uniform, even in casual wear he would generally have a circuitry laden long sleeve shirt on at least, it is very much a part of his look.

Personality: Jamie is rather irreverent and carefree when it comes to matters of any kind of seriousness. He will often make light of a situation, even when it is quite dire. With a sense of humour in tune to that of his best pal Guido, Jamie often makes use of pop culture and references everything and anything that he has either read or watched in a movie, tv series or otherwise. If you were to call Jamie cultured, it would be born of an MTV culture. He has an adventurous streak and isn't afraid to try new things, especially of the absurd kind. What he is afraid of though is being left alone, whether it is to his own devices or ignored. He cannot have it, there is something within Jamie that forces him to cover this trait with his jokes and pranks. The irony of his powers is that he can almost instantly create himself a crowd, though there is also the fear of the unexpected in his duplicates.

Having absorbed a number of duplicates that had experienced their own extended independent lives, Jamie may infrequently swap personalities when not dominating his own psyche and it may be possible that another of his past selves may try to seek dominance or reappear as another dupe. There is a Jamie prime that is generally in charge of the rest of the Jamies though he isn't always entirely sure when it is him, nor can others by outward appearance. It is often the case that Multipleman may be assigned to more than one mission at a time and in doing so gains more experience, but is also simultaneously wearing himself out.

History:Originally Moira MacTaggert's research assistant, Madrox stayed out of most dealings with the X-Men for years. When X-Factor was re-started as a government team, Jamie was recruited, and was a mainstay for a while. On a mission to Genosha, Jamie gave mouth-to-mouth to a mutate dying of the Legacy Virus, and became infected himself. Realizing that if he merged with that dupe, he would be totally infected, Jamie never did that, and the dupe deteriorated. Haven attempted to cure him, but he died. The shock of losing a dupe messed up Jamie's mind, and he disappeared for a while. When he resurfaced, X-Factor was hunting him, although they didn't realize who he was. Jamie had been recruited by elements in the government who wanted to turn him into a one-man-army. While he turned down an offer to rejoin the government-sponsored team, Jamie agreed to join the new, independent X-Factor that Havok was forming just before Alex became psychotic and attacked his own team mates. By this stage however the original Jamie had taken off on a break leaving a dupe with the belief that he was indeed the original Multiple Man. Consequently the original Jamie lost contact with this dupe and believed that the dupe had died under extenuating circumstances.

As before, when one Jamie was seriously injured or killed, did the other duplicates feel the pain too. However, this time, due to additional stress of this dupe being independent for so long, he was left with amnesia. While X-Factor held a funeral for their supposedly deceased team mate, Jamie wandered around the streets, not recalling his former life. Not knowing why, he felt himself drawn to Washington and even visited X-Factor?s old base, though unfortunately none of them were present. In another incident, he almost ran into Val Cooper.

He was recognized by some federal agents, who took him in, claiming to have Jamie?s best interest at heart, when actually they wanted to train him as some ultimate secret agent who could serve as (you guessed it) a one-man army. Around that time, Multiple Man?s memory returned, but the feds decided to keep him away from X-Factor. Jamie didn?t like this one bit and was already thinking of escaping from the base where he was held, when a familiar face showed up ? Havok. However unbeknownst to the original Jamie, Havok had changed much in the meantime. Though Jamie thanked him for bailing him out, he wanted to have no part in whatever operation Alex was up to. Before leaving, Alex warned Jamie to be careful about X-Factor. Because of this it has been some time before Jamie picked up the nerve to contact his old team and it was only on the so chance that one of Valerie Cooper's prot?g??s had picked him up and informed him that Havok had been mind controlled.

Now a team had been assembled and led by Cable of all people, Jamie thought this would be an opportune time to get back into the swing of things. It did not take long for the duplicating mutant to become part of a team again, and less time still before adventures between extra-dimensional encounters, Horseman attacks and the destruction and reconstruction of the Falls Facility. Jamie collaborated with his long time friend and team mate Strong Guy on both work and pleasure as they fought, drank and returned to their usual comedic routine. Globe trotting between Canada, Russia and Genosha, Jamie has really made a foothold with his position in the team. Having gone above and beyond the call of duty he has even had duplicates obtain a number of skill sets to help improve his value to the Government. As a member of SHIELD, Jamie is a registered mutant that is charged with the duty of upholding the Mutant Registration Act. They still fight for truth, justice and the American way, but the added bonus of hunting down dangerous, sometimes criminal mutant figures in the greater population. It's only a matter of time before he gets to lead his own team of dupes into the field as a one man army of agents.

Player Name: Iceslushee
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-Sample Roleplay: Jamie thumbed through a pamphlet in the waiting room as he swung his feet back and for the under the green plastic chair he had been warming. He lifted an eyebrow as an attractive young brunette swayed passed, her perfume was exotic and the military uniform was a nice touch. The lady at the counter had been typing away furiously and it was almost as annoying as the sound of her deep breathing, it sounded like she was about to have a panic attack or something. Jamie mused that he could sneak up behind and make a dupe to surprise her, that'd definitely give her something to panic about. He looked at his newly replaced Swatch which the American tax payers had provided him, shame though he was happy with his knock off water proof watch but of course all his belongings where confiscated so as to bug all the new ones. The new trench coat would need to be left out in the open for a while to get the same gritty feel to it but he was glad he could join up with a team again small sacrifice. A man in a white coat approached him and made a hushed noise over his clipboard. "Hey, the place looks clear the agents are talking it up at the coffee machine. I say we break for it" Jamie looked up, he was sure he could have thought of a better disguise than that, "Why have you got a mop on your head?" he asked. "Hey I snapped the end off its supposed to look inconspicuous, y'know" Jamie sighed and put his palm to his forehead the charade had played on long enough. "Ok, I just wanted to see what their response was where?s Curly and Moe?" The faux doctor dropped his head down conspiratorially but dropped the mop from his head and hit Jamie on the knee, a dupe popped up on the seat next to Jamie and smiled. "Ok both of you cut it out I'm going to need a straight head to find the others, I've already accepted the compromise..." Ahh who am I kidding he thought, now I'm talking to myself.. again.

Jamie grabbed a hold of both the dupe sitting next to him and the man in the white coat and they both vanished leaving a medical outfit scattered on the floor. The other two couldn't have gotten far, but he knew he was told not to leave this seat until the G-men brought the paper work for him. So he improvised, thinking specifically about what 'lab coat' had just seen and imagining grabbing the two other dupes he stamped his foot. The grotesque at the counter looked up and made a noise whilst the dupe crawled on the floor passed her watchful eye. Jamie returned his thoughts to the pamphlet again, wondering what his old pals Pietro and Guido were up to and if they were even on the team anymore. There was a knock on the frosted glass door, and the counter lady buzzed it open without even asking who was there. Some security he thought, the door opened and it was the suit that had driven him to this complex. He smiled and removed the standard issue sunglasses, "I believe we've been doing a little scout work?" Jamie ignored him and kept reading, that was a first a whitty remark or something was expected of him. "You know we can track your dupes around what with all the fancy micro chips we've placed on you. All I gotta do is push a button on this ordinary PDA and you and yours light up like a christmas tree." the agent sneered at him whilst toying with the device. Jamie looked up momentarily and grinned. "Listen smart guy, I'm just about to break wind and I've eaten a whole heap of chilli today so if you want that multiplied by ten you'd best play nice." The agent moved away suddenly and made some hushed words into his hand, then stuck his finger in his ear waiting on a response. Two dupes wondered in, one of them covered in chocolate the other one holding him in a choke hold. Jamie sighed again the sugar high was going to give him a headache later. "Yeah thanks a lot mister smarty pants" he absorbed the first dupe quickly and then asked, "Where's the other one?" the dupe shrugged and dived into Jamie and disappeared. The two other agents came in with some foul smelling coffee that smelled and looked like tar. "Here you are mister Madrox I hope you like it black. The paper work is ready for you to fill out as soon as we get our doctor to give you a clean bill of health." The guy wandered off towards the lady at the counter and they had a conversation just as they had finished up a dupe appeared out of nowhere behind her and clapped his hands over her eyes and cried "guess who!?" the lady screamed out of shock and surprise the two agents jumped the counter and grabbed the Jamie dupe whilst the driver covered the original that hadn't left his seat. "What it's not like I control their every move!" The agents relaxed and helped the two Jamies to fuse to one another again and shoved him into a theatre.