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12-16-2005, 12:23 AM
James slogged through the sewers underneath New York City. It was close to 3:30 in the afternoon, though James was unaware of time. All he knew, was that light was still pouring through the sewer and stormgrates at intervals and certain spots that he knew of in the sewers. To most people that wouldn't really mean much, other than the fact that it was the middle afternoon and the work day was nearly over. However, to James it meant that there was still too much light and that he would have to wait until later, once it was dark, to sortie forth from the sewers in search of something to eat.

The lizard-man hadn't had a real something to eat for two days, as his stomach was constantly reminding him. Without thinking about it he ducked as he passed through a low archway. At six feet seven inches, James was certainly a taller than average individual, and he'd banged his head on more than one doorway proving this fact to himself. Putting a scaled hand on the wall, James felt his way along the filthy, grime covered walls of the sewer using the wall as a guide.

Suddenly, just ahead there was a familiar sound that found its way into the James' ears. It was the scrabbling sound of rats as they fought over some small morsel of food or bit of territory within the sewer system. A grin split the James' face as he recognized the sound, and his pace quickened. Rats meant food, either food they were fighting over or something he could eat.

Rounding a bend in the sewer James was instantly aware of just where the rats were. Judging by the heat signature he was getting through his heat sense there had to be at least four of them, maybe six. In two quick strides, James was upon his quarry his hands darting out and snaring a rat in each. The other rats scurried off for cover as their brethren were caught, and James quickly dashed the brains of what was to become his meal.

Dropping into a seated position on the cold hard stones of the sewer, James dug into his first food in days, grateful that it was still warm. There wasn't much meat on either of the scrawny, flea infested rodents. But, James thought to himself as he savored the food, anything was better than nothing.

12-18-2005, 06:30 AM
Scraps of fur littered the area immediately around James' spot on the sewer's stones as he finished his meal. 'Barely two mouthfuls of food,' he thought to himself, and the growl from his stomach heartily concurred. Tossing aside the carcass of the rats, both of which had been picked clean of meat and internal organs, James stood from his seated position.

Passing near a storm grate, it was apparent that it was still far too light outside to be even considering an upperworld adventure yet. Sighing to himself, James set off for a little nook that he;d managed to carve out in the sewers. It wasn't much, but it was home to the lizard-like mutant.

A few minutes later he approached his extremely humble abode and got down to crawl inside. On entering, James surveyed his surroundings, which were roughtly ten by fifteen feet. It was extremely dank and moldy, this place James called home. Illumination came from a storm grate overhead which did not look directly down on James' dwelling. Sometimes when it rained, Jame's home would flood. But, the bright side was that when it rained James was able to collect ample water supplies that were clean enough to drink, especially for someone who wasn't accustomed to actually having bottled water available to him.

With another tired sigh, James reached for one of the bottles that held water. Uncapping it, he put it to his nose and sniffed. Not smelling anything that smelled stagnant, he put the bottle to his lips and took a long pull, gulping the water greedily.

'Downside of rats is they always leave me so thirsty,' he thought to himself as he capped the bottle and then removed his cloak as he lay down. What few meager possessions he had were arrayed arouind him. There were a couple of ratty, foul, moth-eaten blankets piled in the corner where James slept. In another corner were James' water supplies that were beginning to run low since it hadn't rained for awhile. Finally, along the wall opposite of where James slept were his most prized possessions, which he was always careful to keep dry when it rained. First, there was a large hunting knife with a deer horn handle. James had found it while scrounging in a dumpster one night and had immediately claimed it as his own. True, he'd had to work hard for several hours to scrub off the dried blood that had caked the knife, but the use he gotten out of the knife had made the investment of time well worth it. Next to the knife was an old, stained New York Mets baseball cap and underneath the cap there was a stack of pictures of various Mets players that had been crudely torn out newspapers and magazines over the years.

Most of these clippings were yellow with age and exposure to the sun, and James couldn't read any of the names in the few that had captions under them, but that didn't matter to him. The pictures were his, and he was a Mets fan even if he didn't understand the game of baseball. To James the pictures represented the hope of a better life in the upperworld. The hope of a time when he would be able to go out in public without having to hide his appearance because people would hate and fear him.

With a groan, James pulled the two balnkets up to cover his body and used his cloak which had been wadded up as a pillow as he dropped off to sleep.

12-21-2005, 07:49 PM
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It didn't take long for Simone to reach the garage. Once she did, she picked out a decent car to travel in, grabbed a set of car keys, and set off on her journey that was to come. She had done this once before and took the liberty of driving the Mercedes, but this operation was larger than just herself. She needed something stylish and elegant, appealing and fashionable. Then it hit her plain as day. Why not drive the Hummer? It was black and clean, and large enough to house many teenagers hungering the mall. The wheels alone were larger than Simone's lithe body, and the engine was louder than any mutant firecracker could handle. Simone did not worry, though, because she had a driver's license and knew how to handle herself in certain situations. She was more worried about her returning friends and newcomers. How would they handle the mall? New York, even?

Simone was not a psychic, so she didn't know how the students would handle anything. She could have always asked Emma Frost, but she hadn't seen her mother yet. Instead, the blonde pushed all her worries aside and placed her care into the vehicle. Pressing the handheld operator key, the large vehicle beeped to life, unlocking the doors in the process. She entered the vehicle and sat in the driver's seat, sinking into the massive, monstrous machine. It was huge! Simone was the ward of Emma Frost - she liked things huge. The technology was well kept, too. A radio, an electronic map, and other various chromed mechanics stared at the blonde as she waited for the students to arrive. It was only due time; when she heard the clatter off the wind, its essence guiding the sounds to her ears, she then knew that the students were coming.

The turnout proved worthy of a trip to the mall, and once everyone came within the garage, Simone started the car. It roared to life as if it was human itself, and Simone was somewhat shocked. She didn't know why, but there was something about Hummers that wasn't quite right with her. The space was exactly what everyone needed. "Buckle up," Simone stated, informing everyone that safety was always first. But they knew that, and Simone opened the garage soon afterwards. A breath of fresh air expelled from the wind manipulator as she shifted the gear into drive. The next thing she knew, they off the mansion grounds and heading down the street.

Give or take, twenty minutes afterward and the group was arriving in New York City. Before them was a large sign entitled Macy's and Simone was parking the car. For but a moment, she sat in the driver's seat as phase one of the opperation had been completed, without interruption or damage. "Everybody still alive?" Simone asked as she turned down her CD: Destiny's Child - #1's. She enjoyed this particular CD and wished that she could sing in some way. There had been many times when Alison Blaire had woke with a nice song before the mansion, in the shower, in the Danger Room. The younger blonde envied the woman for her talent, but enjoyed it all together.

Nevertheless, the group was at the mall and it was time for fun. "Get out, explore, and come back to this spot in two," Simone began. "Oh, and..." She looked around for anyone close by before she spoke in a lower tone, "... no powers."

12-21-2005, 09:40 PM
Bosh followed Simone to the garage after dealing with Skye. He jumped shotgun, feeling guilty, but comfortable in the environmentally inconsiderate Hummer.

The ride was longer than it seemed, most likely due to Destiny's Child, which put Bosh with his head hard pressed against the window. Of course, Beyonce was his girlfriend, but listening to her bands CD was hard for him nonetheless. Bosh felt freedom on the streets as Simone parked the Hummer nearby a Macy's.

Simone gave her instructions and Bosh had to roll his eyes. He nudged Enzo. "Is it just me, or did she get more like Emma?" Bosh pointed out, not at all bothered by his friend Simone, but seeing more similarities between the two blondes than when she was at the Gen X Academy. Bosh was glad to know he wouldnt have to use all of his own money, since Simone claimed to have some Professor's credit card.

12-21-2005, 10:41 PM
Hiram Rodney Hale was a long way from home, and he was considering going even further. New York just wasn?t working out for him, and he was pondering maybe giving Canada a shot. He had heard the old stereotypes, the further south you got the more racist you got. Well, Hiram was from the south and in regards to mutants, it looked to him like the north and south finally had something in common.

Times have been worse, he reminded himself as he sighed and sat down at the food court. A few months back he had never stepped foot in a mall, or any store bigger than the Hazard Wal-Mart. Now though he had been in far too many to count. For a teenaged runaway the mall was an oasis of jobs one couldn?t afford to pass up. And with the aid of a fake ID, Hiram had been working full-time at a local burger joint in the mall up until today. He thought back to the moment he was fired: it started with the two stoners showing up an hour late as usual. Then one bet the other that he couldn?t stick a fork in the outlet without being electrocuted, so while Moron#2 was having his life flash before his eyes Hiram grabbed his hand absorbing the electricity and pulled him away. Everything probably would?ve been fine, except when Hiram went outback to clear the electricity from his system, the manager had come out and saw him shooting a small lightning bolt out of his hand.

?Sorry, kid. No mutants. Store policy.? Hiram whispered bitterly, recalling the words of his termination. It wouldn?t have been so bad if he had gotten paid for the day, but instead he was stuck with his last ten bucks. Hiram then remembered the cigars in his pocket and sighed bitterly, more like six bucks now. And all because I stepped in and saved some idiot?s life.

Then Hiram conscience reminded him he wasn?t so innocent. After all, it was because of Hiram that Moron#1 got the idea for the bet. It had been late one night after pay day, and he was still having trouble making ends meet. While Moron#1 was high (as usual) and working the late shift with Hiram, the mutant bet the stoner 50 dollars that he could stick a fork in the outlet and walk away. He did, the druggie paid, and Hiram was able to stay at the cheap hotel for another night.

?And now I?m flat out on my ass,? he reminded himself bitterly, shaking his head. ?I hate this damn city.?

He decided to shrug it off, he was never going to make it if he took this stuff seriously. At least it wasn?t like that time in Ohio when he had a mob chasing him after he accidentally triggered his static field. He had to literally hop on the next train out of town that time. And at least here he had gotten a sweet gig as a part-time mechanic for a while, until the manager realized his ID was fake. That hotel he had been staying at was decent, not too many cockroaches anyways, although he didn?t have money to stay another night. Looked like he was either on the streets or in a shelter tonight.

Leaning back in his chair he pulled out one of the cigars, a Black & Mild they had been the ones on sale. He quickly sparked it up with a cheap pack of matches he had found on the floor one day sweeping up, he had lost his lighter about a month back. One thing he hated about the mall was how much he stood out, especially with kids his other age around. Most of them wore bright clothes or name brand stuff, Hiram wore faded blue jeans and a red and black flannel over his short sleeve white t-shirt. The tattered Coal Miners Union hat he wore on top of his head was a clear testament that he was not from around here, the one thing he probably missed most aside from his grandparents was the mountains. Reaching into his backpack he pulled out a road map of North America and spread it out on the table.

?All right,? he whispered with the cigar in his mouth, smoke exiting through his nostrils as he exhaled. ?Where to next??

12-22-2005, 03:13 AM
Enzo was excited for the trip to the mall, but one thing was troubling him. Why was Simone driving? Everybody knew men were better at it, and everybody who was anybody knew Italians were the best of the best. "Andretti anyone?" he thought to himself with a smug smile. His heart sunk when Simone picked out the Hummer. Was there a more ridiculous car on the planet? He sighed and resigned himself to the seat behind Bosh.

The ride was agonizing for him. To the core he was a backseat driver. The Destiny's Child didn't help much either, but that was something he could rectify. An orange glow surrouned his ears, shielding them from the horrifying soundtrack. Enzo stifled a laugh at Bosh's whisper. "Just a little bit," he replied mentally.

A nod of agreement was Enzo's absentminded response to Simone's last instruction. They had just stopped running from the Sentinels, the last thing they needed was to draw more attention to themselves. Although he was certain Bosh and himself weren't really interested in the same wardrobe, the combapny would be nice. He waited for the rest of the teens to exit the car before heading towards the entrance.

12-22-2005, 04:37 AM
There seemed to be some sort of trip taking place and after all the trouble inside of the mansion, Skye could think of only one other place that she would want to be less and so followed Bosh into the garage. Inside sat the biggest car she had ever seen. It could hardly even be classified as a vehicle, it was more like a small tank. The black paint glistened and despite its immensity, the Hummer offered comfort as well as safety. She wasn't really sure of where they were going but she wanted to tag along in any case.

Putting her bag in first, Skye climbed inside the spacious vehicle and settled in for the ride. "Buckle up," the blonde in the driver's seat stated and Skye did as she was told. Immediately she recognized the driver as the girl who'd rushed by. 'Well, here's her destination then.' The girl started the car and pushed in a cd before Skye had a chance to see what it was. A second later, she groaned as Destiny's Child filled the car with their "music".

A rather long time later, they parked the car by the mall, Skye guessed, and everyone began climbing out. "Get out, explore, and come back to this spot in two. Oh, and no powers." Skye barely heard these instructions as she gazed around her. The other mall-goers were splitting into groups and going off in different directions and she suddenly felt very alone. Why had she even come? She didn't know any of these people, or anything about this place. What would likely happen was that she would get lost and have to find her own way back to the mansion. And, god forbid, have to relive that horrid entrance scenario all over again. "Maybe I should just stay by the car," she muttered to herself miserably. Sighing, Skye set her bag down on the cold concrete and sat down beside it. She leaned her head on her left hand and resigned herself to a long wait.

12-22-2005, 04:52 PM
Bosh didnt really know where he was going to head first. He didnt have much shopping sense, and decided he would just roam around with Enzo. After all, there was strength in numbers, and if things heated up, he would love to have the human shield right there with him. Turning back to the Hummer, Bosh saw Skye huddled beside it, not looking too good.

"Im afraid we cant leave ya there. Too dangerous. Why dont ya just come with Enzo, this guy here, and I, Bosh?" Bosh offered, as well as introducing himself and Enzo rather untraditionally. He could practically feel the confusion in the girl. Things were confusing for him when he just arrived at the Gen X Academy, but he wasnt thrown into a Hummer on a shopping trip moments after to stir up his mind even more.

Bosh turned to Enzo. "Well, all I really need to hit up are the essentials. Man, everythin like socks and boxers...all gone." Bosh explained, reminding himself and others the disgust of his clothing situation. Alaska didnt help much. Being inside the stagnant cabin after being out and about in the cold caused him to sweat a lot. Leaving his current clothes in a dumpster when they were done shopping was not such a crazy idea.

12-22-2005, 06:49 PM
Skye heard approaching footsteps on the concrete and looked up as two shadows fell over her. It was the water man, and some other guy she hadn't met yet. "I'm afraid we cant leave ya there. Too dangerous. Why dont ya just come with Enzo, this guy here, and I, Bosh?" hesaid in his comforting accent. Skye barely had to think about it before replying, "Yeah, that'd be great." She grabbed her bag, stood up and brushed herself off before introducing herself properly. "I'm Skye."

Bosh turned to Enzo. "Well, all I really need to hit up are the essentials. Man, everythin like socks and boxers...all gone." The teenage girl was curious as to why all of his clothes were missing but didn't want to overstep her bounds. After all, she had just met the guy.

She nodded and thought back to what she had brought with her from London. It really wasn't that much clothes, enough to her through a couple of weeks but her bag was mostly packed with items that were more meaningful than useful. Her journal, photo albums, postcards, loose pictures and other memory-filled things. "I need to get some things too, I didn't exactly pack light but the majority isn't clothes."

12-24-2005, 04:17 AM
"Alright then, let's go," Enzo said now that Skye was joining them. Although he too needed "the essentials," he was a little bit more modest than Bosh, and wasn't about to let everyone know that he needed new underwear. The entrance to the mall was just a short distance away, and the trio made their way inside. Mall sights and sounds bombarded them as they entered the bustling hub of activity. Massive corridors stretched out, lined on both sides by stores and in the middle were an assortment of vendors with their movable carts.

A directory of the stores was straight ahead, decorated on either side by a movie advertisement. "Where to first guys?" Enzo questioned as he looked through the list of stores. Macy's, AE, Gap, PacSun, Delias, the list went on. They just had to pick a first stop.

Elf Junior
12-24-2005, 11:33 PM
Tj sighed hurriedly as she ran down the hallways of the school that seemed so similar to the ones she knew so well, but were different on so many levels. The crack she had made in the kitchen door when "borrowing" Kurt's swords was missing but the door otherwise looked identical to the one she kicked open every morning in her quest for breakfast and cookies. She marvelled by how much she had been engaged in noticing these subtle differences, like shards they were. It was almost as if someone had gone through her memories and decided to blanket out all the things that made the mansion feel like home. Which was a rather disconcerting thought upon reflection.

Tj had taken longer than she had calculated to reach Hank's room and find the fabled image inducer he had long since discarded which had proved to be a difficult task consdering the circumstances. Now, as she hurtled down each corridor she felt her worriedness increasing, what if they'd left without her? She had been rather late, and no-one had known she was tagging along, Except maybe the silly fainting girl, but she seemed so out of it that she probably hadn't even heard.

"Garage" The blue elf muttered as she stopped in front of yet another familiar door, exactly how she knew it as well, except without the large burn marks she had inflicted when her anger got the better of her hex bolts. Mister Logan had found it rather amusing, but her dad had been rather, with lack of a better word, peeved. Kicking open the door, Tj charged into the garage, Tj registered that the car seemed to have left, "Damn!" she yelled, "Couldn't they have waited?"

Turning around angrily, Tj kicked the wall, her shoes making a dull thud echo throughout the room, "Urgh" she murmured, "Couldn't the fainting girl have told them I was coming?" Leaning against the wall, Tj felt her arms heat up, anger was bubbling to it's surface on her psyche. It was bad enough she was in a freakin' alternate universe, but now she had none of her things and to make matters worse, everyone had gone to the mall without her! "Somebody tell me I'm having a bad dream!" she murmured, glaring at the wall, as a hex bolt fired up in her hand, "Cos then maybe I could bloody wake up from it!"

The glowing ball of energy sparkled brightly as she studied it, hexes were conatined it, she knew it, even if her father did insist it was from "his" dimension. The ever famous brimstone dimension she had heard so much about. Tj clenched her fist and the hex bolt fizzled out, she was Talia Josephine Wagner, grand daughter of Magneto! She was NOT going to give up!

She searched through her pockets and withdrew a black object that looked like a small television remote. Pressing it, her old face and skin colour was gone. Tj Wagner no longer looked blue, and she had all five fingers, her skin was tanned, her hair was still blue, but that didn't matter much. It seemed she could now go to the mall, even if it meant running there. Opening the garage doors, the controls seemed alot more effective in this world. Of course that was obviously because she hadn't smashed through the door on Mister Logan's old motorcycle.

Tj smiled to herself as she felt the breeze on her face and began to run, a little hesitantly. She had run too much in the past few days, she deserved a little mall-time, especially if it meant new clothes! She noticed the car the kids had taken driving in front of her and grinned to herself, she could catch up with it! she was sure of that fact...

Running on the sidewalk always had it's disadvantages but with any luck it would soon be over, running up alongside the stylish car, Tj knocked rapidly on the window as hard as she could.

"A little help here?!" Without waiting for a rpely, the girl pulled open the door and clambered inside, sincerely thankful that there was just enough for her.

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12-25-2005, 04:17 PM
Skye shrugged at Enzo's question. "I've really got no clue what's in this mall so it's really up to the two of you. If I see anywhere I'd like to stop at while we're walking, I'll let you know." Continuing their walk, the blonde added, "And don't worry about me being in there for a fortnight, trying on clothes. I've got very specific clothes in mind and I know all my sizes." A thought then occurred to her. Would the sizes be different here? In England she didn't have to try anything on, but this was America, and she'd heard from some of her friends that the sizes were called different things. 'Well, I guess I'll just ask Bosh. I hope he's been here long enough to know size in Europe corresponds to what size here.'

The teenage girl made a list of the clothes that she needed in her head, 'Hmm... let's see. Socks, some knickers, a couple of pairs of jeans, definetly some shoes, maybe a few skirts....' Frowning, Skye realised that this was going to take longer than she thought. She hoped these guys were patient. If not, then they could split up and meet somewhere once they were all done.

Skye's stomach gave a growl, and she blushed, remembering that she hadn't eaten much that day. She glanced at the boys and said laughingly, "Maybe we should get something to eat as well."

12-27-2005, 03:20 AM
Hiram started to wonder if he was even allowed to smoke. He knew from a legal stand point he was too young, but that wasn?t the aspect he was wondering about. He had been buying tobacco products since he was eight, his grandpa enjoyed a cigar or some smoke from a pipe every now and then and the gas station clerk was always satisfied with that answer. When he had left home Hiram had purchased a fake ID because he thought he would need it for work, he was surprised how much he had used it to buy cigars since he left. The thing that surprised him the more than this though was what lengths you had to go to find a place to smoke in New York. Back home in Hazard it was common to see people walking down the aisles of Wal-Mart flicking ashes on the floor, in New York finding a place where you could smoke inside was harder to find than a clean public restroom.

He shook his head again, this time in wonder what harm could it possibly do to allow people to smoke in public. Sure there were always the arguments about second hand smoke, but Hiram figured there was no way in hell it was riskier than first-hand smoke. The smokers were taking all the risk, so Hiram figured if anybody earned complaining rights it was them. Reaching over for a near empty cup, the runaway dropped the last bit of his filtered cigar into the orange liquid and sighed. I'm a mutant and a smoker, the whole world hates me.

His stomach let out a loud growl as he stared down at the map, trying to figure out the best route. He wondered what he would do in Canada, and he thought immediately of all the stereotypes he had seen on TV on shows like The Simpsons. The profession he immediately thought of was lumberjack for some reason, you didn?t need a high school diploma for a job like that did you? And wasn?t there an episode where Bart and Milhouse played for the Canadian Basketball Association, he was sure if they could pull that one off then so could he. But then again, he figured cartoons probably weren?t the best sources in the world. Or maybe he could get a job as a chef, wasn?t Canadian bacon just fried ham, that shouldn?t be too hard to make.

That was one thought Hiram should?ve stayed away from. His stomach let out another loud growl, and he grinded his teeth. Hiram started to wonder if he should spend his last six dollars and some odd cents on a meal or save it for the open road? His stomach was screaming at him that six dollars wouldn?t make that much difference hitchhiking, but it could make the difference between an empty stomach or full stomach. Hiram stood up from his chair, and looked in his wallet for his employee discount card hoping it was still valid, and wondered if some day his brain would speak louder than his stomach.

Hiram felt a sense of dread as he saw who was behind the counter today. None other than Moron#1 and Moron#2. Still, his stomach urged him on so he trudged up to the counter and showed his card. ?Hey fellows, does this thing still work??

Moron#2 looked over with bloodshot eyes and a goofy grin. ?Hiram, man we was just talking about you. Look, I just want you to know I don?t have any problems with muties.?

Hiram wondered if he should be flattered or insulted. Was the word ?mutie? the equivalent of calling a black person the ?n word?? ?Thanks.... I think. Look, can you guys get me a number six combo please??

?Are you kidding dude?? Moron#2 chuckled. ?You saved my life. I say that earns a free meal.?

?Dude, did you hear?? Moron#1 came over with eyes just as bloodshot, and gestured to Hiram. ?A bunch of you guys are attacking DC, man. The crap is all over the news.?

Hiram rolled his eyes. ?Really? A bunch of Kentuckians are attacking the capitol??

Moron#1 chuckled and looked around. He started to whisper, either so people wouldn?t know Hiram was a mutant or because he was high and didn?t notice he had lowered his voice. Hiram wasn?t sure. ?Nah, dude. You?re other people. You know, the muties.?

Hiram was surprised that he actually hand an intelligent comeback. ?Buddy, you?re Asian. Now did a bunch of you guys bomb Pearl Harbor or a select few??

At this point Moron#2 had returned with the food and placed the tray down in front of Hiram. The two stoners looked at each other with somber looks on their face. ?Hiram dude, that?s some deep stuff.?

?Yeah I thought so too,? Hiram said with a grin as he picked up his food and headed back to his table. As he sat down he took a huge bite out of his chicken sandwich. He had so much fast food the past few months, he was getting sick of it. He was ready to kill to try some of his mamaw?s cuisine.

12-30-2005, 09:03 PM
Enzo wasn't really hungry at the moment, but his throat was starting to itch with thirst. The smell of mall pretzels and cookies wafted into his nose, and the map pointed them down the corridor to the left. "I'm not that hungry," he answered, "but something to drink would be nice. Lets head this way, I think there's a food court." A final look over the directory gave him an idea of where he would want to stop. Old Navy, American Eagle, maybe Macy's.

A Starbucks Frap would go over real well right about now though. He wasn't actually much of a coffee person. It didn't really do anything for him, and it tasted like dirt. but freeze it and add some french vanilla syrup and you had a high quality beverage! "Starbucks," he mumbled with a smile as the trio walked through the bustling mall.

12-31-2005, 12:56 AM
Gator awoke from his nap and rubbbed the sleep from his eyes, blinking as he looked up to check the light. Of course, light flooded through the grating, but it was the harsh artificial kind of lighting. Grinning to himself in the darkness he rolled over and tossed the nasty blankets off of his body as he reached for his cloak and sat up. Advancing to the wall along which he had his possessions, James picked up the knife and dropped it into a pocket, attired for an evening of dumpster diving.

Exiting his home he began to slog through the sewers in the direction of one of the Malls in New York. To James the Mall represented a number of varying pros and cons. On the upside, the Mall dumspters were always teeming with food and things to drink, everything could be found in a dumspter if one looked deep enough from burgers and fries to leftover sodas and lemonades. All that food trove in addition to the mice, rats, and insects that were invariably in those dumpsters. In dumpsters in other areas there were other goodies to be found, clothing and other tools were not common, but could be found with enough patient searching.

However, the Mall also presented several significant threats, threats that James was well aware of. First, and most dangerous was the fact that the Mall area was well lit, meaning he'd be very visible as he scurried towards his prizes. Second, and almost as bad, was that the mall was often teeming with people, individuals who would raise all kinds of alarms if they discovered James and maybe even attack him.

In the end though, the risks were worth the rewards when you were hungry enough and cold enough. Findinf his designated sewer exit, James climbed up and out of the sewer, exiting from a storm grating that he had long ago destroyed using his acid. Slipping out of the sewers James hurridly set off towards the Mall's food court, pulling up the hood on his cloak as he moved quickly towards the area where he knew he'd find the most food.

12-31-2005, 04:30 AM
Skye nodded and silently followed. She was feeling a bit awkward, tagging along with the two boys. They'd obviously taken pity on her and allowed her to come along with them and it wasn't a feeling she particularly liked. Shaking her head, she argued with herself, 'Better to be pitied than ignored, stupid. At least I'm not sitting there like a complete prat.'

Clearing her throat, she ventured, "Bosh, I was wondering... would you know the size differences here? I know all my sizes at home but I haven't got a clue as to what they are here. It just might make things go a bit faster."

01-01-2006, 05:27 PM
Bosh agreed it would be a good idea to get stay near the foodcourt. Upon arriving, Bosh saw that the stores surrounding the court had everything he really needed. "I dont see no reason to go anywhere else. Probably just get lost. Looks like ya can find whateva ya lookin for right heya." Bosh suggested, spinning around to see all the different clothing stores he could chose from.

Skye caught Bosh a bit off balance when she asked about size differences. It was something that Bosh hadnt really thought about in his transition to the states. "Hmmm..." Bosh scratched his thick, clumped hair. "I think the tag says it, at least on shoes. I dont know much about waist sizes..." Bosh found his eyes drifting down Skye's frame and quickly snapped himself out of a momentary trance. "Just rememba inches...not centimetas."

Bosh turned after giving his wonderful advice to see a very simple outdoor clothing store called Woolrich. He saw flannel and got excited. "I'll be back in a sec. Hey, Enzo, can you get me a vanilla late sort of thing." Bosh asked, handing his friend a five dollar bill. Following the scent of woodsmen, Bosh made his way towards Woolrich.

01-01-2006, 06:51 PM
"Hmmm...I think the tag says it, at least on shoes. I dont know much about waist sizes..." Skye nodded at Bosh's reply and simply smiled a little under his stare. She knew the kind of power her body held when it came to men, and she'd simply accepted it since reaching puberty. She simply shrugged off the stares and wolf whistles at home and here would be no different. "Just rememba inches...not centimetas." "Right. Simple enough. If I get confused, I'll just ask a salesperson. Probably easier."

A second later, Bosh said something about vanilla before going into a store covered in flannel. Skye had seen something on the directory about a Victoria's Secret and wanted to make her way over there but she didn't think that Enzo would be all that comfortable going in so she said, "There was a store that I wanted to go into, it should be right around here. I'll be back in just a mo', ok?"

Elf Junior
01-03-2006, 02:54 PM
Tj wasn't exactly sure where to go, in true Nocturne style she had left the group and started wandering around the crowded building, finding herself growing increasingly more annoyed as people with even more manners bumped into her and walked off without even so much as an apology. It was lucky that they didn't feel her fur underneath the image inducer thing she was wearing, of course that could be easily explained away by the fact that the thin red jacket she had borrowed from the mansion. There was no way of knowing whose it was, but it served her purpose, pulling it down over her three fingered hands, which she knew where there but instead found herself looking at five thinner digits, Tj looked around. She wondered vaguely where the others had gone, she may have walked off on her own but was always nice to know where other people were.

There was someone who she recognised from the car, a guy named Enzo, she had caught part of his thought pattern during the journey unintentionally of course, he seemed interesting enough. Tj shrugged and began to walk over to him and the other two people there, one was Skye, the fainting girl that forgot to inform Simone that she was also going shopping and a guy called Bosh. wierd name

01-05-2006, 12:03 AM
James crossed the Mall parking lot at a leisurely, but determined pace. There was no sense in running, that might alert undue attention. Slipping quietly into the shadows of the mall he made his way towards his target set of dumpsters around the food court. In one quick and fluid motion, James leapt quietly into the dumpster farthest from the doors and ripped open a bag of food trash.

After a few minutes of sorting through napkins, used condiment packets, and food wrappers James hit the jackpot, a double cheeseburger that someone had only taken a single bite out of. A few more seconds of searching yielded five separate cups of varying soft drinks. Dumping all the drinks into the largest cup, James leaned back in the dumpster, placing his back against its wall and bit into the cold burger.

Diana Morris
01-05-2006, 02:29 AM
Diana was sitting in a bathroom at the mall on verge of tears. She had just gotten off the bus she had spent two days on. She was sore, tired, hungry, and even worse... alone.

She didn't know what she was doing here anymore.

'Gallivanting away from everything she knew, to a city far too large for you to feel comftorable in was all well and good when Uncle Harry gives you a hundred dollar bill, but the bus ticket cost you almost half of it ', she chided herself.

She was down to 53 bucks, and she would probably have to sleep in one of those no-tell motels. It wasn't like she had money to spare. And she didn't know how to get to the studio without blowing half her cash on a taxi.

She rested her head against the tile walls and immediately whispering voices filtered trough her head, thousands of them, vying for her attention. She stood up and burst out of the bathroom stall struggling for control. A few mother hugged their kids closer at the sight of the big bad teenager.

She looked at herself in the mirror and saw what they saw. A girl with disheveled hair, huge dark circles under her eyes, and so much clothing nothing but her neck and face showed. She grimaced, and slung her duffel on top of the counter. She dug through it, and brought out her brush. before she started attacking her tangles she collected herself, piecing together her limited control.

She blocked the echoes of footsteps, and intense muddle of words that filtered through her head. She blocked the smell of the bathroom out, and the taste of her teeth which hadn't been brushed in over twenty-four hours. Her sight hadn't gone yet, thank God. Slowly she wrapped in the tendrils of touch that told her of every difference of weave in her flannel farm boy shirt, gloves, and cloth pants.

Once Diana had her body under control she started pulling the brush through her hair, slowly, until her scalp became accustomed to the pain. She brushed her teeth, and looking at herself one more, she didn't look quite so scary.

When she started walking her body protested again, and her stomach growled loudly, drawing glances from several people. At least se could do something about that.

She walked to the foodcourt and glanced around. She ducked into fastfood chain, and got her food. Diana took in the dialated pupils of two of the cashiers and snorted to herself.

'That's nice my food is getting made by some druggies.' she thought.

The place was absolutely packed, and as she looked around there was only one open seat. But there was a guy sitting in the other chair at the table. Damn.

Diana walked over and shifted a few times on her feet before speaking out loud.

"Do you mind if I sit here? There's really nowhere else."

Just so that he didn't think she was trying to hit on him or something equally bad.

01-05-2006, 05:30 AM
With the chicken sandwich resting peacefully in his gut, Hiram felt a new wave of relaxation come over him. He focused on it and tried not to think about the waves of disappointment he would undoubtedly feel in the next few days. At least the Morons had been decent enough to give him a free meal, and Hiram supposed the manager who had fired him was alright to. He had never had any problems with him until the guy accidentally saw his powers, that?s store policy for you. Even though Hiram had no grievances against them, he ust envied them for having a well paid-gig while he was broke.

Taking a long drink from his soda, he thought he felt something on his lips. He swore under his breath and wiped the mayonnaise from his mouth. It was at this time that he heard a voice and looked up. He thought about saying no for a moment, he wasn?t in much mood for company but the way she was dressed made him think twice. The flannel shirt and the duffle bag reminded Hiram too much of his shirt and his backpack that rested at his chair. He guessed that he was dealing with someone who was far way from home too.

?Help yourself, darling,? Hiram answered in his eastern Kentucky accent as he moved his resting feet from the adjacent chair to the ground. ?Free country and all, right??

Hiram then turned his attention to his french fries when he noticed the stain on the arm of his flannel over shirt. He swore another four lettered word under his breath as he pulled it off and tied it around his waste. Once done with that he took off his Coal Miner?s Union cap, wiped the long black hair from his eyes, and then turned it around backwards.

?You don?t see many girls who go for the flannel look. You see even fewer who can pull it off,? Hiram said making idle chit-chat. He then noticed the girl?s food and looked over at his former place of employment. He grinned and shook his head. ?I see you met the Moron Twins, they?re not so bad really.?

Their outburst caught Hiram?s attention again as he glanced over. The two were now throwing ice cubes at each other. He guessed the manager was still on his lunch break, Hiram could never figure out why someone would turn down a free lunch but this guy always did and drove to restaurants up town. Maybe having worked as long as he had there he had grown sick of everything on the menu.

?Well okay, they are dumb as a sack of bricks.? Hiram corrected himself. ?But there?s a lot of decent idiots out there. Being one of them, I suppose I shouldn?t talk though.?

Diana Morris
01-05-2006, 10:45 PM
As the kid made some nice chitchat Diana heard the twang in his voice and actually took a moment to look at him as she sat down. She didnt need her powered sight to see that he had caucasian features, but a tinge of copper. It was then that she noticed his backpack which looked just a tad grungy, and the clothes he wore which looked well-worn.

'What's a kid like that doing in a mall like this?' she wondered as she ran through the multitudes of rich young yuppies she had seen walking around.

She heard his comment about her shirt and blanched, and then proceeded to smirk as he spoke of the two employees of the restaurant she had just come from.

"It's comfortable." she stated with a shrug, trying to ignore his comment on how she could "pull it off"

She took a swig of her substitue water to wash the taste of flouride out of her mouth, and took a bite of her burger.

"They're also druggies you know. I've been on a bus for a few days... Has there been any news? Like important stuff. But you're not from around here, so you wouldn't know, would you?" she asked.

Maybe, just maybe he would have seen something with Xavier in it, and start talking about how much he hated mutants. Then she could figure out the station, as a backup plan.

"I'm Diana, by the way."

01-06-2006, 02:07 AM
Before Enzo could really object, Bosh and Skye had split off to go to seperate stores. Bosh's $5 bill rested in his hand which struck him as odd for a second. They were both out of sight now, and he wasn't really interested in waiting for them to do some shopping of his own. He screwed up some courage to telepathically communicate with them. "I'm going to go to a store too, why don't we meet back here in 30 minutes or so? Simone gave us the cash cards from the professor so use those to pay for what you need," he "thought" to them.

Since he was going to try on some clothes right now instead of later, Enzo decided to pass on the drinks. He'd give Bosh his $5 back later. American Eagle, Old Navy, or Macy's first? Recalling the directory from his memory, he was almost positive that AE was right next to Macy's, and that Old Navy was closest but in the opposite direction of the other two. A quick look around pointed him in the right direction, and he could even see the blue and white Old Navy sign up ahead.

Old Navy wasn't really his choice in jeans, but the polos were unmatched for quality, and there was always a sale on cheesy t-shirts. A quick trip to the back of the store netted five shirts in about as many minutes. "Bingo," he thought to himself. Enzo payed and was on his way. One down, two to go.

01-06-2006, 02:38 AM
Hiram began to think the girl must be real insightful, being able to tell he wasn?t from New York. But then again he had assumed she wasn?t from around here either and he didn?t consider himself insightful. And besides that, whenever he first spoke to people during his odd job quests they always asked where he was from. He guessed telling someone wasn?t from New York when they looked and spoke like he did wasn?t all that special. He grinned when she spoke of the Moron Twins.

?Of course I know. But what they mainly do is weed, mixed with some alcohol and some good old fashioned legal tobacco, so I never felt the need to report them to the law. I used to work with them actually, but me and the manager had a parting of ways not so long back.?

He scratched his head in thought. ?I don?t follow the news to well, really. According to Cheech and Chong over there though, some mutants are attacking DC. But with those two you can?t tell if they saw it on the news or had a vivid hallucination.?

?Hiram,? he said in response to her name, and reached a hand out to her. ?And you?re right, I ain?t from here. Hazard, Kentucky. And don?t worry, you haven?t heard of it. No one else has either.?

Diana Morris
01-06-2006, 02:53 AM
Good old fashioned tobacco?! Good old fashioned tobacco????

Diana was lucky she wasn't drinking soda when he said that becuase she nearly choked on her water as it was. She looked at him again. and watched his hands with her detail oriented mindset. His right hand had some yellow stains, and his teeth. Well she couldn't tell with his teeth but... Eww... Yellow fingers... And he couldn't be any older than she was, probably younger!

"Why'd you lose your job? And how did you get a job in the first place?" she asked curiously.

He then started talking about the mutant attacks.

"Mutants are attacking Washington D.C.?" she asked incredulously.

"You've got to be kidding. That just botches... well it's so bad as it is. With the mutant stuff. I mean do umm... they have to make the government crack down any harder or what. Nice to meet you Hiram." she finished lamely. she wiped her already clean hand on a napkin and took his.

"Hazard, Kentucky, eh? That sounds promising. Wouldn't happen to have anything to do with a coal mine now would it?" she asked nodding at Hiram's cap.

Diana felt ready to break into a sweat.
'Well that was about as subtle as you can get, isn't it?' she asked herself. One sign of suspicion and she might have to run and leave her 5 dollars and 63 cents laying on the table.

01-06-2006, 04:45 PM
As she walked off, the blonde heard Enzo's voice in her head, "I'm going to go to a store too, why don't we meet back here in 30 minutes or so? Simone gave us the cash cards from the professor so use those to pay for what you need,". The telepathic communication startled her a bit as no one had ever "spoken" to her that way before. She looked back to where Enzo was and noticed a girl walking towards them. She looked vaguely familiar but Skye couldn't place her. 'She sort of looks like that blue girl from the mansion but that's impossible. She'd still be blue!' Skye shook her head a little and continued towards her destination.

Ten minutes later, Skye emerged from the lingerie store with a medium-sized bag, filled with all her undergarment needs. The saleswoman had been very understanding and had quickly measured her to get her sizes. From there, it had been a breeze. Her brown eyes slowly scanned the stores around her and selected her next target. Old Navy for clothes and then if there were any "skater" type shops around, she would hit them for shoes. Decided, she quickly made her way to her selected stores.

Another 20 or so minutes later, the Brit left the last store on her list with all of her shopping finished. 'Thank goodness,' she thought, 'I can't take another minute of this bloody shopping.' Upon reaching the food court, their intended meeting place, Skye gratefully sat down and rested her bags around her feet. Her stomach gave another loud protest at all this energy usage without replenishment and Skye bit her lip in thought. 'I'll just get something to eat while I wait for them.' She stood up, grabbed her bags and got in line for the nearest fast food chain. Looking behind the counter, she could see the cashier dilated pupils from where she stood. Skye rolled her eyes as she approached the counter and said, "I think I'll take... a number 5 please."

Food in hand, the new mutant returned to her seat and dug into her food. She hadn't realized how famished she'd really been. Thank goodness for fast food.

01-06-2006, 05:47 PM
Ang breezed into the food court of the mall carrying a couple of bags. She was petite, standing only a couple of inches over five feet, but her shoes added another inch or two. Angie had long dark hair with a natural waviness to it, that she was currently wearing loose. She was wearing a short skirt and an attractive top, a couple of shiny bracelets on one wrist and a pink scrunchy on the other. Overall, she made a pretty attractive package, with an exotic, striking look, compliments of her mother.

It was still early, and she wasn't due to meet back up with her brother for quite some time yet, but a morning of shopping had taken its toll. Time to stop and get something to eat! She was just terribly amused that she and her older brother had talked their way out of a trip to another dull museum, and thus out from under the watchful eyes of their parents. "You two stay together" they'd warned. "Oh ya, we will" she and Michael had answered in chorus, giving each other a look that said "exactly as long as it takes to ditch you guys".

She cruised around the perimeter, pausing to read what the different stalls had, just far enough away so as not to encourage the fast-food thralls to offer assistance. Baby-sitting and janitor work for her Dad's office weren't glamorous, but at least she didn't have to ask "would you like fries with that?".

Angie was focused on her mission (finding food) and largely oblivious to her surroundings for the moment. Probably not the best idea in an unfamiliar mall in an unfamiliar city, but true nonetheless.

01-06-2006, 07:20 PM
James finished off the last of the burger he'd found and savored the last little bite before throwing down the last of the soda hodgepodge he'd found. This done, he tore open a few more bags of trash and proceeded to go through them searching for something else that might hit the spot.

After a few moments of tossing trash every which way, including out of the dumpster, he threw the hood back up on his cloak and hopped out of the dumpster he was in to move off in the direction of another dumpster that was near the food court, hoping to maybe find something to eat in the second one that had been as good as what he'd found in the first.

01-06-2006, 10:29 PM
Bosh came out of Woolrich with a full bag. Inside were some cheap, thin flannels, and three pairs of jeans. He still needed some basic clothing such as socks, t-shirts, and boxers. He only liked to buy t-shirts that meshed with his character, so they were pretty much impossible to find. Occassionally, he would find some cool design that made him inspired to purchase, but usually it was simple clothing and concert shirts.

Bosh entered a Gap and bought 5 plain t-shirts of various color. He also threw in a nice green sweater and a pair of khakis for whatever fancy occasions he would be having at the mansion. Grabbing the cheapest socks and boxers, Bosh got on line and paid with an extremely convenient Professor X Cash Card.

He came out of Gap feeling good and fresh again...well actually, maybe for the first time. He halted in his steps, overcome with shock that he had actually bought a sweater. He looked into the bag and back at the store in disbelief.

"Wow..." Was all Bosh could mutter as he walked back to the foodcourt. He got on a line for a couple slices of cheese pizza and a coke. Balancing a tray and two bags of clothes, Bosh scanned the crowd with haste. Finding Skye, Bosh made his way to the hot brit, dropping his bags to the ground beside the chair he chose to sit in. New York pizza was now in his grasp. He had heard the legends before, but now he would test them all.

"So, how did ya do?" Bosh asked Skye, referring to shopping, before taking a bite of his pizza and then a quick slurp of his coke. Now all they had to do was wait for that 5 dollar thief, Enzo, to return.

01-07-2006, 05:24 AM
Skye swallowed the bite she had just taken and replied, "Fairly well actually. I got just about everything I wanted although they didn't have the exact trainers that I was looking for." She eyed his bags and smiled, "Looks like you did pretty well too."

She took the last bite of her hamburger and a drink of pepsi while studying Bosh. He looked a bit... rough, was what she thought, but not in a bad way. She wondered how old he was and how long ago he'd left England. The thing that Skye was most curious about was whether or not Bosh was a mutant like her and if he was, what the other brit could do. She wasn't quite sure how to bring up the subject but the blonde had never been one to beat around the bush so she decided to simply dive right in head first. Her brown eyes scanned the surrounding patrons and not seeing any of them within whisper range, she lowered her voice and asked, "I don't mean to sound rude or anything but... are you a mutant too?" Skye winced as she realized that she had just revealed her secret to an almost perfect stranger and regretted the question immediately.

01-07-2006, 06:33 AM
She reacted stranger to the news of the mutants than Hiram would have expected. He figured she would?ve responded with a ?well, are you really surprised? Those freaks are dangerous!? So Hiram figured she must be from the other extreme branch of thought, some liberal hippy chick, free the whales, save the rainforests, and hug the mutants sort of deal. Still, he decided to play it by ear and answer the question about his job and where he came from first.

?Most of eastern Kentucky has something to do with coal mines,? he chuckled and shook his head. ?And unfortunately, Hazard ain?t any different.?

?Its not that surprising I had a job. I?m eighteen, you know? Yeah, I look like a kid. I get it all the time. Can?t count how many times I?ve been carded trying to get a cigar.? That was an outright lie though. But it was the lie that he had came up with the day he ran away, and after telling it so many times he had perfected. Sometimes he had trouble remembering that it wasn?t the truth. ?But soon as I turned eighteen I dropped out of high school and left home. I didn?t want to die working in a coal mine like everybody else, and since my grades were never very impressive I just high tailed it one day and headed north. Found myself here. Unfortunately I lied on my application, told them I had a diploma. They found out, and they don?t hire drop outs so they let me go. Store policy, it?s a bitch.?

He then chuckled and started to lean back in his chair. ?You asking what I think of the mutie epidemic? I always heard you shouldn?t talk of three things at the dinner table: sex, politics, and religion. I have a feeling mutants are going to be fourth on the list, and its going to climb up that latter real fast.?

He yawned and stretched his arms as he leaned back. ?But what the hell, I?m in a talkative mood. As for sex, I won?t talk about it because even though I don?t look it, deep down I?m a proper....?

He let his sentence trail off as he saw a girl who looked a little older than him walk-bye. He paid particular close attention to her short skirt as she walked by, and didn?t take his eyes off her for a second. ?Umm.... what was I saying? Something about.... oh yeah, right. Well okay, I may not be a proper gentleman, but I have my moments so I?ll skip over that subject. Now moving on to politics, hell they?re more democrats than they are coal miners in Hazard, guess I am too. But politics are such a headache I just pretty much stay away. Religion, I was raised Old Regular Baptist.... to an extent anyways. My grandparents and my mom weren?t really looked highly upon, so they never went to church much. Personally though, I think God took a vacation a long time ago and he doesn?t have any plans on coming home just yet.?

He let his chair fall forward as he thought of his next words. ?As for mutants, I heard a few arguments. Abominations of god, well you know my opinion about the big guy so I guess I don?t much care for that opinion. Then you hear the whole freak argument.....?

He looked down at his hands. Hands that could absorb electricity from an object and store it in his body. Hands that could shoot that very same electricity out again. Hands that could be encased around a weak static filed that gave off a faint glow. Hiram looked down at these hands while he answered.

?I guess I believe that one. You ever see a freak show at circus? The things mutants can do can top those guys any day of the week. And if they are the next stage of evolution, well isn?t that what they call the early animals who first show a mutation before the rest? Ain?t a three-eyed fish and a six-legged dog a freak of nature? Guess if a human can fly, or lift up a car with one hand, there ain?t no real difference.?

He looked up smiling though. ?But I don?t think there?s no shame in being a freak neither. And no, I don?t think they deserve to be locked up or killed or anything like that just for being different.?

He took a sip from his pop before he said. ?Besides, I can think of lots of times when a third eye would come in real handy.?

Diana Morris
01-07-2006, 06:36 AM
Diana turned her attention to her food, which she appreciated immensly even though she did have to weed the burger of pickles and onions, and the sour sweet taste lingered on the cheese.

She took in bits of conversation from around the mall. The click of heels, the rustling of the paper and plastic bags. The oil fries were cooked in sizzling, and liquid shifts of the garbage when each new person discarded their leftovers.. She heard bits of converation with the usual high-pitched girly voice, or an a-typical male. A Controlled voice that was truly longing to crack.

But then she picked up on an accent. A strange one, more out of place than Hiram's southern twang. It was light, and tucked back farther within the person speaking. British? And then anther lighter accented voice was there as well, only male. They were nearby. Diana's gaze flicked round the store searching for the mouths that matched the sounds.

When Hiram began to speak again she tore her eyes and ears away from the search, and blocked out all the sounds she'd had to let in to do so.

?Most of eastern Kentucky has something to do with coal mines,? he chuckled and shook his head. ?And unfortunately, Hazard ain?t any different.?

Well, that's nice she thought absently, trying to find the voices again with hr normal hearing and sight.

?Its not that surprising I had a job. I?m eighteen, you know? Yeah, I look like a kid. I get it all the time..."

Diana didn't even bother listening to the rest of what her said. It was sure to be rubbish as well. No way in hll was he older than she was.

"No way in hell you're older than I am."

?You asking what I think of the mutie epidemic? I always heard you shouldn?t talk of three things at the dinner table: sex, politics, and religion. I have a feeling mutants are going to be fourth on the list, and its going to climb up that latter real fast.?

He proceeded to give his opinion on all three which Diana would gladly have forgone, but whatever. Go with the flow had been her policy since she was 13. Kinda had to be.

She held up four finger and ticked them off.

"Sex, I've frankly no interest in, so for future warning, my chosen attire and whether it can be pulled off shall be refrained from in terms of conversation. Politics... My ideals got shot to hell a while back. Never thought much about it after that. And religion? Don't really ave one. One of those nondenominational ones back home. Went every Sunday, said a little prayer. Never really bought that stuff, though my parents were into it."

Diana watched his sudden interest in his hands and cocked a corner of her mouth.

"I don't suppose you've noticed the yellowing, or is it something else I'm missing entirely?" she commented.

She burned and flushed when he compared mutants with the local freak show. And muties? What was that?

"That's so screwed up." she informed him.

"Those kind of people don't have any use for what they were born with. Mutants do. Just like some people have a talent for carving wood, or something like that, only bigger. There was this story about a kid I heard next town over who started a fire in his parents hay yard from a bad dream... Like a boyscout starts a forest fire with a dropped match." she looked at the guy sheepishly and shrugged a bit.

01-07-2006, 07:39 PM
Bosh didnt mind her question at all, but he did notice her wince and that got him thinking. Bosh realized that all events leading up to now pointed to the fact that she was one of them. Hell, why else would she be at Xavier's or here at the mall with them. He put down his pizza and burped into his hand politely.

"Yeah, Im a mutant, just like everyone else you've met today." Bosh replied. He leaned back and examined her regretful expression. "And, dont worry, I thought you were too. Thats why you came to the mansion, isnt it?"

Bosh was glad that it was her time to talk. The pizza was as good as the legends told it, and he couldnt wait for more. Hopefully she would tell a little about herself so he could finish the two slices, and get to know her a little better.

Diana Morris
01-07-2006, 09:04 PM
Diana had let her hearing take over again, and just as she found the voices, she heard something that made her stomach flip.

"Yeah, I'm a mutant, just like everyone else you've met today."

Her appetite was suddenly gone.

She looked to Hiram, and tried to hold the puzzlement and excitement back from her face and voice.

"I'm sorry I have to go. It was nice meeting you."

She stood up and swept her duffel onto her shoulder. The voice had come from her left. That was good not as many tables to her left as her right. Come on, speak again she prompted. She needed another hearing to figure out where the voice was.

"And don't worry, I thought you were too. That's why you came to the mansion, isn't it."

She had her senses on full alert and though pain screamed through every sense in her body, she repressed the urge to pass out telling herself that it was more than the worth of a migraine and dizziness to find... others like her. When he spoke again she swept her body around towards the noise. There! She heard and saw the words form from his mouth and as she walked towards him her powers refused to be taken under rein. She walked as quickly as she could towards the table with her slurred vision and heavy limbs. When she reached the two she fell to her knees beside them, from the physical exhaustion of trying not to faint before she could talk to them.

Diana looked up desperately and spoke.

"You wouldn't happen to know Professor Charles Xavier would you? I need to talk to him."

She rested her head against the table and felt supremely happy that she had been able to talk to them. With effort she moved her screaming muscles and looked up again.

"You wouldn't happen to be like me?"

As she spoke the final words her body screaming from lack of control caught up with her feeble attempts at repression. Diana passed out, and crumpled to the floor.

((Umm... wake her up if you like, carry her back to the hummer. dump ice over her. something like that. Yeah feel free to do that sort of thing. No physical harm please, although I don't anticipate it...))

01-07-2006, 09:17 PM
At Bosh's reply, a feeling of pure relief flooded through Skye. She had gone to the right place then, she belonged at the mansion. "And, dont worry, I thought you were too. That's why you came to the mansion, isnt it?" Twisting a strand of blond hair around her finger, she nodded and answered, "Yeah, I saw him, the Professor, on the news a few times and when my powers... showed up, he was the only person I could think of to help me." Just as she finished her sentence, a girl who had approached the pair without Skye noticing, said, "You wouldn't happen to know Professor Charles Xavier would you? I need to talk to him. You wouldn't happen to be like me?" before collapsing on the mall floor.

Skye jumped out of her seat and bent down to help the fallen girl. She looked extremely tired, with dark circles underneath her eyes and was wearing travel worn clothes. 'She looks like I must have when I showed up,' Skye thought ruefully.

Turning back to Bosh, she chuckled and stated, "Looks like there's a lot of this going around today."

01-07-2006, 10:33 PM
Caleb was irrepressibly relieved to be out of his aunt's clutches. Though he'd appreciated her sheltering him, it was only a matter of time before her fawning became annoying. She'd finally agreed to get him a little place of his own--a small apartment that had served as his home since he'd run away. The only downside was that he had to do his own shopping.

It was this matter that had brought him to the mall in the first place. His favorite jeans had a few too many holes in them, and he'd stopped in to pick up some suitable clothing. His longish shaggy brown hair brushed his shoulders as he slung his bag of purchases over his shoulder. He'd only had the funds for a couple of pairs of jeans and a few t-shirts, but it was enough; he was anything but picky, after all. His free hand clutched his sphere protectively.

As per his usual routine, Cal had stopped by the food court to pick up a bite before heading back to his apartment. He'd just gotten a large cup of water and a burger when he heard gasps erupt around him. Casting his eyes about, it took mere moments to realize that a girl had seemingly collapsed. "Oh, hell," he said mildly. Tucking his hand behind his back, he quickly transformed the Ka into a crude plastic bracelet and slipped it onto his wrist.

That done, he grabbed his cup and burger and made a beeline for the fallen girl. If there was one thing that his rather neglected childhood had taught him, it was how to take care of himself--and, by default, others. Dropping his bag at his side, he knelt and looked first at the girl on the ground, then at the girl who seemed to be tending to her. "Is your friend okay?" he asked worriedly, then offered her the cup that was in his hand. "I think she could use this. I haven't drunk out of it, yet." The transformed Ka dangled inconspicuously at his wrist as he offered a friendly smile.

01-08-2006, 01:11 AM
After Old Navy Enzo headed towards the other two stores on his list, Macy's and Amecan Eagle. Eagle was just a few stores away from Macy's, an anchor, so that was first. It wouldn't take him long to find what he need, he knew his size and the exact pairs he was looking for. Ten minutes and three trips to the dressing room later he was finished, two pairs of jeans, a pair of khakis, and two shirts in tow. "I have to hurry now though, only ten more minutes before I'm supposed to meet back with Bosh and Skye," he muttered.

Enzo walked quickly down the corridor into the large department store. After navigating what seemed like an endless supply of bags, shoes, and six different women's departments, he found the men's department. The idea of having a new pair of underwear sent a shiver down his spine, after wearing the same pair since Massachusetts. Several pairs of Calvin Klein's in his hands, he made his final purchase of the day.

A glance at a wall clock made him realize that he was running out of time, only two minutes till he was supposed to meet Bosh. Enzo began walking back towards the foodcourt at a brisk pace. There was a small crowd beginning to form and he was afraid to think of what that might mean. Pushing his way towards the center he found, too his dismay, Bosh and Skye next to a collapsed girl. This kind of attention wasn't something they could afford.

Enzo felt for the girls mind and was met by a flash of pain that knocked him back a step and made him tear. Trying his best to not pass out himself, he tried to coax her back to consciousness, "Wake up, it's ok you're safe. No one here will hurt you, wake up..." It wasn't his brightest idea ever, but at the moment, anything would do.

Diana Morris
01-08-2006, 02:46 AM
Diana was floating pleasantly through... nothing really. The type of lights you see when you close your eyes were all around her alternately bright and pitch black. she still felt the pain but only with a little bit of what she was aware of then, which wasn't very much except her fascination with the light.

Then some silly voice started talking to her

"Wake up..." she absently told it to go away, but the annoying thing continued.

"It's okay you're safe."

Damn right she was.

"No one will hurt you."

'So what? Oh come on' she grumbled as sensation began to return. Since she wasn't conscious she wasn't in control, and she couldn't stop the pain that was coming now.

"wake up..."

'Fine.' she thought and started swimming what seemed like up throuh the crazy lights.

Diana lay still for a few moments after she regained consciousness, immediately pulling up her control, which was back in her hands ater what felt like a very brief rest.

She sat up and noted the crowd around her and met blue green eyes. She pursed her lips and still looking at him, thought very deliberately, in case he was still fishing about in her head.

'I was fine where I was.'

She then turned to the people around her. She saw the people who she talked to and pretending to ignore them spoke to the general mass of bodies pressing around her.

"I'm fine. I faint at least once a week. Doctors say it's normal for my family. Hereditary. I assure you I'm used to it. Bye bye now."

She stood up and made shooing gestures and smiled prettily, just to get them away. As the crowd dispersed she turned back to the people she had been trying to find since she was thirteen, and smiling cheerily. Diana turned to the guy who she thought had been in her head.

"It was you mucking about in there wasn't it?" she asked quietly, still smiling. "Lovely talent..."

She surveyed the four remaining people and sighed.

"I'll tell about mine if you tell about yours." she promised.

01-08-2006, 04:38 AM
"Is your friend okay? I think she could use this. I haven't drunk out of it, yet." Skye looked up and met with a pair of green eyes peering worriedly at her. She accepted the cup of water before replying, "I'm sure she could, thanks." Before the teenager could offer the water to the fainted girl, she awoke, sat up and spoke. "I'm fine. I faint at least once a week. Doctors say it's normal for my family. Hereditary. I assure you I'm used to it. Bye bye now." The blonde furrowed her brow, she highly doubted that anyone without a serious medical condition fainted on a regular basis. 'It's not my problem to take care of a stranger.' Skye sighed and stood, noticing for the first time that Enzo had finally arrived. She nodded in his direction and turned back to the young man with the water. Smiling, she handed the cup back to him, "I think she's going to be just fine."

The crowd of onlookers that had gathered around them was beginning to thin and Skye couldn't have been happier about that. The last thing they needed was attention and although Skye didn't know Simone, she didn't think that the other blonde would be too pleased with them.

Skye shook her head and began to look down at her sneakers, but a dark stain on the arm of her green corduroy jacket caught her eye. Ketchup? No, she could feel a throbbing pain that all the excitement had kept at bay until now. Her cut from that damned woman in the airport had begun to bleed again, probably from carrying around her bags. Skye muttered curses to herself as she looked for to stop the bleeding. Not seeing anything worth using, the girl thought that she had better get to the bathroom and quickly.

Just as she was turning to gather her bags, the fainting girl spoke again and what she said made Skye stop in her tracks. She had turned to face Enzo and said, "It was you mucking about in there wasn't it?" "Oh shit,' she thought before, "Lovely talent...I'll tell about mine if you tell about yours." Her brown eyes quickly glanced at her companions and made a quick decision. Deny, deny, deny! The brit composed her features into what she hoped was a confused expression, "Tell you about our what, exactly?"

01-08-2006, 05:29 AM
Caleb nodded to the girl who took his cup of water from him, indicating that she was more than welcome to the beverage. The first part of his intended 'treatment' was over, at least. Standing up, he gestured mildly at the people who were clustered around, trying to catch a glimpse of the fallen girl. "Ambulance watchers," he groused quietly, then waved his hands at them. "Back off; give her room--"

He broke off suddenly as one of the men in the crowd stumbled backward a bit, looking rather like someone had bludgeoned him in the face with a hammer. 'Oh, don't let him faint, too,' Cal groused to himself, attributing the man's reaction to the fact that he probably knew this girl. With as little information as he had, that was the best hypothesis that he could come up with.

Caleb moved as if to begin shooing people again, but it was at that moment that the girl who had fainted climbed rather steadily to her feet. She then began to blather on a bit about how her fainting was normal, but Cal had his doubts. He knew about narcolepsy, but he was fairly sure that what she had exhibited wasn't it.

The girl who had accepted his water earlier pushed the cup back into his hand, and Cal took it without protest. Now, he felt rather awkward, with a Wendy's bag in one hand, a cup of water in the other, and his bag hanging from his arm--not to mention, of course, the Ka. He wasn't all too sure how long he could make it keep the shape of a bracelet, but hopefully, it would be long enough.

He nodded in response to the girl's question. "Yeah. It looks that way. That's good, at least." He raised his hand in a gesture of farewell and was about to turn away when the girl who had fainted said something that made him stop in his tracks. "Mucking about?" he murmured faintly, mostly to himself. "Who uses that phrase, anyway?"

Of course, his rather poor use of humor was meant to conceal the fact that he was quite shocked at her choice of words. The way that the statement was worded made it seem as if the man had delved into her mind--but that would mean that he was a . . .

Caleb's view was validated as the girl went on. "I'll tell about mine if you tell about yours." That settled it. His mind churning, Cal tried to figure out a flippant response to her insinuation. He could tell by the way that her eyes had travelled over him that he was included in that 'yours'. Luckily, the first girl spoke up, and her assertion reflected mere confusion. Good idea, really.

"I'm with her," Caleb said with a nod in the first girl's direction. "What are you talking about?" His heart was thumping hard in his chest; he'd never met another mutant before, much less a group of them, and he wondered if he was doing the right thing by feigning ignorance.

01-08-2006, 06:35 AM
Hiram listened to her own thoughts as he leaned back in his chair. He smirked as it appeared he had angered her with his thoughts on mutation. Sure it was pretty much what he thought, but he didn?t articulate it very well. Besides, the more he played the racist hick card, the less she would suspect what he was. He didn?t think she would be a threat if she knew, but it was crowded and their voices carried a tad bit too much than he would have liked. Hiram had figured out the hard way that mobs are dangerous.

?Later, Diana.? He said as she walked off. He grinned as she walked off, his secret was safe for another day.

He spent the next few moments leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed. Hiram realized he was just putting off the inevitable, he knew that he had to get moving soon. New York hadn?t been particular kind to me, but at least nobody had tried to hang him. Standing up from his chair he picked up his backpack, and that?s when he noticed the crowd forming around a table not so far away from his. Deciding that it was none of his business he turned to walk away when he felt a hand pull him around. It was his other old manager, a short balding man who had never gotten along with Hiram... the feeling was mutual.

?Did you do that, freak?? He asked in a quiet angry voice, but it was growing in volume to Hiram?s discomfort.

?Do what?? Hiram asked genuinely confused.

?That girl you were sitting with!? he exclaimed. ?She was perfectly fine before she crossed your path!?

Hiram then turned his attention to the dispersing crowd, and saw Diana sitting with some new people. He didn?t like where this conversation was heading. ?Well, what can I say? My southern charm sometimes leaves the ladies breathless.?

?Real funny aren?t you, Hale? You always were a smart ass!? His voice was getting even louder, Hiram guessed the guy was building for a climatic end for the people that were starting to stare. Hiram was just waiting for the magic word. He wasn?t kept in suspense long.
?You know if it was up to me, I?d lock all you mu-?

The manager face suddenly went white as he was caught off guard. He looked like he wanted to scream, Hiram suppose he could understand why. He had triggered his static field around his body, his hair was sticking up and was giving off a faint glow. This was hard to see though, normally his hair shot straight up but right now it was merely raised a little because Hiram was focusing with all his mind to keep his field at the bare minimum. He was not about to have his cover blown, not here where crowded hungry people could turn into vigilantly justice. Hiram thought what was scaring the manager the most though was that he had grabbed the manager?s arm and he was currently feeling a slight shock where Hiram?s arm was. He pulled the manager close and started to whisper.

?You?ve had your three minutes of fame, now shut up.? Hiram was gambling that the other manager had only told him he could shoot lightning, there was no way they could know that was only possible after he absorbed it. What he was doing now was strictly static electricity, but it was keeping his old employer quiet. So he continued to whisper. ?Now keep your damn mouth shut or I?ll fry you like an egg on a hot New York sidewalk, you get me? Now walk away, I hear you screaming, you go to the mall pigs, and you won?t even see the bolt that cooks your body black. Now get the hell out of here, take a lunch break, I don?t give a damn just don?t let me see you.?

Hiram let go of the guy and dropped his static field, his hair dropped back into place. The manager nodded quickly and started to walk off, which soon turned into a quick jogging pace. Which soon turned into an all outright run. Hiram had a bad feeling though that the guy was going straight to the nearest pay phone to call the police, and there were still a few people staring at him, but now most of their focus was turned on the manager who crashed into a trash can. Hiram turned his hat forward and started to walk away.

01-08-2006, 03:44 PM
Bosh leaned back in suprise as the young female stranger fell beside their table. Once again, some chick was asking for Xavier. "Professor X must be quite the ladies man." Bosh thought, realizing he had never actually seen the man behind the myth. What was his mutation anyway?

"Shhh...okay...we can talk, but not here." Bosh replied to her. Of course, with the day's building oddities, she had to pass out. "Shit." Bosh whispered harshly. He immediately looked at the families around him. The little kids always caught on first. Their constantly drifting eyes were bound to catch sight of a girl on the floor. Then they would pull on their mother's sleaves in fear, and ask what was wrong with that girl. They were now the center of attention in the foodcourt.

Some kind young man jumped in to help. Well, at least some humans did more than stare. Still, Bosh knew he had to seperate themselves from the crowd, even this kind human helping them. "Please...we got it unda control." Bosh told the young man. Enzo arrived, much to Bosh's relief. He stood up beside him.

"Enzo, we have to go. You should contact Simone. I'll handle the girl." Bosh whispered, pointing to his head, hinting towards Enzo's telepathic abilities. Then tension rose. The girl gave strong hints to the onlookers about him and Skye possibly being mutants. In his paranoid mind, Bosh saw some fathers in the foodcourt standing up with hatred, their wives telling them to be nice. But no, they needed to defend their children from the mutie race. Bosh quickly paced next to the revealing girl.

"Listen kid, I'll take you to see Xavier. But right now we have to start movin. People are watchin." Bosh whispered to her, moving close to her ear so nobody else could possible hear. He had to get this party moving. The young man who had helped was obviously human, since he agreed with Skye's phony curiousity. He had to be dealt with.

"Excuse me sir. Thank you for your kindess, but we really have to get her back home. She cant stand crowds and all, makes her crazy. Voices in her head, feinting, it's quite sad really. Thanks again." Bosh improvised quickly, patting the young man on the shoulder. He then turned and took the desperate young girl by the hand, his other hand carrying his two bags, and began walking towards Macy's. He made a gesture with his eyes to Skye, telling her to follow him. He knew he didnt have to tell Enzo, or that he would come up with a better plan for himself and Simone. If they were seperated, they could surely communicate eachothers whereabouts with Enzo's abilities and get back together with no problem.

Bosh pulled the girl closer to him with his arm as they walked steadily towards Macy's. "Just play it cool. Your my sister, okay. Now whats your name, sister?" Bosh asked. Once through the Macy's entrance, Bosh head in the direction of the doors that would bring them back to the street. Lucky for them, it was pretty crowded, and hopefully any patriotic anti-mutant brutes who were probably following them now, would lose them in the crowd of shoppers. The vengeance for Washington D.C. was strong, and a lot of people thought they could do their part in this war by killing a few of the enemies in their city. Bosh knew better than to wait around as hatred filled humans gathered against them.

01-08-2006, 04:20 PM
A faint glow in the corner of her eye distracted Skye from the drama currently unfolding and she looked in the direction of the glow. Her jaw dropped as she saw it was coming from a kid, he looked no older than 16. The man standing in front of him looked pretty shocked as well, when the kid began walking away. 'Another mutant!... I guess I should get him.' She hardly heard what Bosh was saying, something about taking the girl to see Xavier, but she did catch his look. 'Follow me' it said, but Skye wanted to get to the boy before he could leave. She mouthed 'I'll be with you in a moment' before beginning to jog to catch up with the kid.

Skye kept her footsteps as light as possible, not daring to make a noise should the kid bolt. A thought occurred to her... although Simone had specifically said no powers were to be used, the beauty could think of no better time. She could get around him and stop him. She concentrated on her body, on every molecule and atom and soon felt that oh so familiar tingling sensation. Skye looked down, didn't see a body and began to run. She quickly got around the young kid, and stopped moving. She let go of her mental hold on her body and felt herself rematerialize. She hoped this would be enough to stop him. [/i]

01-08-2006, 07:09 PM
Hiram was starting to get a very bad feeling. As he started to walk away from the food court, he glanced back and saw Diana walk away with another group of people. He swore wondering if he should check if she needed help. They didn?t seem like a lynch mob though, and they all seemed close to her age, except for the old dude. Hiram was guessing he was somebody?s uncle or something.

Forget about her, she?s not in trouble Hiram reminded himself. Now get out of here, walk don?t run. Last thing you need is someone thinking you?re stealing. So far your covers not blown, just questionable. Just keep calm, and you?re home free hitchhiking to Canada. Hiram felt like he had the anxiety to just bolt and run under control when a girl appeared in front of him out of nowhere. Not a figure of speech either, one moment Hiram was just walking and then the girl was just standing there.

Under normal circumstances Hiram?s field might have staid in the off position. But he was tired, nervous, angry at the manager and now surprised. All that piled together was a recipe for disaster. Suddenly static electricity encased his entire body, giving off a dim glow but considerably brighter than the one at the food court. As this happened the hair on top of his head shot forward, straight up as it was encased in the faint electricity as well, and it knocked his hat about a foot behind him.

?Damn,? he swore, and closed his eyes and shut off the field as soon as he could. He looked around, but luckily the area was nowhere near as packed as the food court. He saw one store clerk gaping at him in shock, and an old man walking bye shake his head at Hiram?s sticking up hair.

?The things kids do today. In my day....?

Hiram looked at the girl, wondering what she was doing. He decided that he didn?t have time to be paranoid, and turned around and picked up his hat, and used it to press his hair back down. He walked forward nervous, guessing at what the older girl was.

?Small world, ain?t it beautiful?? He said as he walked by. Though she was older Hiram was several inches taller than her. ?All right, you have my attention, darling. That?s a nice trick you can do. Doesn?t mess up your hair at least anyways.?

Diana Morris
01-08-2006, 07:43 PM
"I use that phrase." Diana shot back at the kid who was standing there stupidly with a cup of water in his hand. His humor was lost on her at the moment. All this was too crucial.

"And they're all gone..." she commented as he started commenting about the people watching. There were a few little kids here and there stil looking at her wideeyed but they were being brought back to tables by parents who had already forgotten about her. "I'm not that stupid brother."

"Who's Simone?" she whispered."And why is she lying?"

"Listen kid, I'll take you to see Xavier. But right now we have to start movin. People are watchin." as he leaned in towards her ear his breath tickled her senses and as she started laughing a little bit and some of her control slipped. Her laughter stopped abruptly as she lost some of her control. She hadn't had to deal with human touch in a long time.

"That tickled. And I'm Diana. Who're you?" she asked as he started shepherding her through the mall.

"I don't make it a habit of letting people I'm not even sure I was right about touch me. It's bad for my system. Makes me nervous. Although based on your earlier conversations I'm betting I'm right." She said in a whisper.

She wasn't lying. His hand guiding her was messing with her mind. She hadn't been touched by anyone in years. All of this was way to much for one go. She grimaced and thought of how long she would have to sleep whenever she next got near a bed. She'd probably be knocked out for a day.

01-08-2006, 07:45 PM
James hopped out of the dumpster he was in after pulling up his hood. He'd just finished digging through the three dumspters on the right side of the entrance into the food court. He knew there were three more that were on the left side of the entrance, but in order to get to them he would have to pass in front of the Mall's entrance. Pulling his scaled hands deeper into his sleeves and the hood of the cloak tighter over his head he began to walk with his head down at a determined clip past the front entrance of the Mall, never seeing the young woman emerging from the entrance until he bumped into her.

01-08-2006, 11:35 PM
Skye shook her head at the boys cool demeanor. Any normal person would have freaked at the sudden appearance of a girl in their path, which meant that she was right, he was no normal person. She reached out her uninjured arm and grabbed his hand with her own. "Very small," she said in her soft accent. "Just small enough for you to run into a group of mutants at the mall. And your trick's pretty good too." Still not letting go of his hand, she continued, "Look, I think I know someone who can help you out. With your...trick I mean. He's going to help me too and with the car we're in, there's more than enough room for one more." Nodding in the direction of Bosh and the fainting girl, she added, "Two more actually."

Having finished her mini speech she let go of his hand and began turning to walk away. Absentmindedly taking hold of her pendant with her index finger and thumb, Skye shrugged, "It can't be any worse than hanging around a mall alone." She fully turned her back to the boy and started walking in the direction the others had taken. The blonde hoped that he would follow, she didn't want him to be left alone. Although she didn't know his story, she had heard the twang in his accent that indicated he was a long way from home and she knew how alone one could feel. 'I made my offer, now it's up to him.'

She tried to put him out of her mind and walked a little faster to catch up with the others. The last thing the mutant wanted was to be left behind.

01-09-2006, 03:49 AM
Enzo hadn't expected a reply to his mental message. The girl's stare and subsequent verbal response made his heart sink and his already sick stomach sicker. His head still sort of hurt from just a few moments before so most of the ensuing conversation went over his head. He was aware enough to follow them as they headed for an exit, but Bosh's command caught him offguard. Contact...Simone? "How on earth am I supposed to do that? We don't even have a clue where she is..." he worried to himself.

The mall was crowded and bustling, with people swirling all around them, picking out Simone would be like finding a needle in three haystacks. Enzo knew he had to try though, there was no other way for them to get in touch with Simone - no cell phones, not even a pager. Falling into step behind Bosh he stretched out his mind as far as he could. The initial scream of foreign voices in his head made him shiver and he almost gave up right there. By force of will he slowly began eliminating the foreign presences from his mind.

The easily distinguished masculine images were the first to go, followed by the very young and the very old. "Simone..." he whispered, thinking he might get a reflexive response and be able to pinpoint her that way. A faint but un-ignorable blip appeared on his mental radar and he focused on that point. Enzo's mind was stretched so thing he couldn't even be sure it was her, but there was nothing else he could do. "Simone, get to the hummer, we have to go, NOW!" he implanted in her mind.

Hands shaking and cold, Enzo tried to relax his burning nerves, taking deep breaths and slow deliberate steps. Bosh was still ahead of him, though he was lagging behind. He didn't have the energy to walk any faster, his feet felt like they were in lead boots. Watery eyes from the piercing headache caused his nose to start loosening up. Internally he started to whimper, "I just want to go home, I just want to go home..."

01-09-2006, 02:52 PM
Angie settled on a bowl of teriyaki chicken with rice and vegetables for her lunch. She didn't really want to sit in the crowded food court, so she headed outside, hoping to find a bench or some other comfy place to sit and enjoy her food. 'This is so healthy, even Mom would approve' she thought, giving an amused snort as she looked down at the steaming bowl of food.

Angie wasn't paying much attention where she was going, and came around a corner blindly, running smack into a large man, who was a good foot and a half taller than her. She stumbled back a step, as the bowl of food hit the ground, top-down.
"Excuse me!" she said, looking up. At least her brother's pranks had conditioned her enough that a simple accident like this didn't trigger a response from her mutant ability anymore.

James's appearance was another matter. Angela looked way up, higher than she normally had to look, even given her short stature, and looked into reptilian eyes...and a scaled face. Angie inhaled sharply, her eyes big as saucers as fear and panic invaded her face.
"EEEEEeeeeeeeee!" came the scream, loud, long, and enough to set someone's teeth on edge. Anyone hearing it would probably assume someone was being attacked, or worse. If someone had seen the source of the scream, they probably would have wondered how someone so small could be so loud.

Something else interesting happened at the same time though. Even while she screamed, the girls features changed. Her tanned, silky skin changed to pure white, her eyes becoming darker almond spots on her face, perfectly sculpted like a fine statue. Her hair became a solid but fluid mass, also slightly darker than the white of her skin. Pink nail polish stood out on pure white fingers, as she stood and shook for a second, the fight and flight instincts getting into an argument over who would win control of her brain and thus her body. The change was very rapid, and she looked like a life-size porcelain statue, but still wearing the same cute clothes as before.

01-09-2006, 05:54 PM
"EEEEEeeeeeeeee!" came the scream, loud, long, and enough to set someone's teeth on edge. Anyone hearing it would probably assume someone was being attacked, or worse. If someone had seen the source of the scream, they probably would have wondered how someone so small could be so loud.

Something else interesting happened at the same time though. Even while she screamed, the girls features changed. Her tanned, silky skin changed to pure white, her eyes becoming darker almond spots on her face, perfectly sculpted like a fine statue. Her hair became a solid but fluid mass, also slightly darker than the white of her skin. Pink nail polish stood out on pure white fingers, as she stood and shook for a second, the fight and flight instincts getting into an argument over who would win control of her brain and thus her body. The change was very rapid, and she looked like a life-size porcelain statue, but still wearing the same cute clothes as before.

James yanked the hood of his cloak back onto his head as the girl screamed. "Oh shit," he muttered. Not knowing what else to do but realizing that she was, like him, a freak, James grabbed the girl with both his scaled hands, clamping one hand tightly over her mouth to cut off the noise. "I'm not going to hurt you," he hissed, slipping his other arm around her waist and getting her off the ground.

'Got to hide, got to hide, got to hide,' was the thought running through his head. Not knowing where else to head to hide, he started to bolt for the row of dumpsters where he'd just been rummaging for food. Dropping the girl into one he hopped in after her and quickly put his hand over her mouth again, before she could scream. "I'm not going to hurt you," he said again in a whisper. "Please don't scream anymore... I... I don't want any problems really, just something to eat." He took his hand away from Angie's mouth. "You can't leave yet... if, if they see that you're a... a freak like me, they'll hate you too..." The bigger mutant backed away into a corner of the dumpster and held his hands up, to show he wasn't going to do anything.

01-09-2006, 06:17 PM
Hiram was ready to go about his merry way, when she reached out and touched him. That got his attention again, and he stopped to listen. He found it funny the effect physical contact from a member of the opposite sex made him react. It didn?t make him into a stuttering fool like it did with some guys, but it did make him focus attention on less important matters at the time. When she spoke of a group of mutants, he found his interest spark a little. He never met another mutant until today, or as far as he knew he hadn?t. Her accent was also something he wasn?t expecting, it reminded him of the guys from the Monty Python movie he watched once.

As she continued to speak of a place for him in there car, his eyes widened when he saw her gesture to Diana and the group of people she had left with. It suddenly dawned on him why the girl had seemed so open minded about mutants. He guessed why she feinted too, sometimes using his powers made him exhausted.

As she let go, Hiram felt himself thinking of what to do next. He didn?t like the idea of trusting a bunch of strangers, and he did alright on his own. Except for being fired and down to six dollars, and considering going even further from home. Then the last part she said really hit home for him, it couldn?t hurt. Where was he suppose to go anyways? He guessed he had no real choice so he swore and followed her.

?You?re lucky I?m a sucker for blondes,? he said as he soon caught up with her. Then he grinned. ?And if you like my trick there darling, you?ve only seen the half of it.?

Elf Junior
01-09-2006, 08:58 PM
Talia was rather worried if truth be told, she knew something was about to happen, she had that horrible butterfly turned into bats feeling in her stomach. Turning wildly around she felt her eyes automatically flitting to each of the poeple she knew, Skye, Bosh, Enzo, all fellow students and mutants too, no less. Enzo didn't seem especially comfortable at the present moment so Tj, reaching out with her telepathy scanned the top thoughts in his mind. He was contacting the wind girl, Simone.

"We gotta leave now?" she asked, her telepathic voice sounding quiet against everything else, her telepathy was weak at best and she could already feel the beginnings of drowsiness begin to set down upon her. Telepathy was hard to use, especially if it made the user want to sleep for a week. "What's happening?" she felt herself running over to him, jostling through the crowd, pushing passed girls who, thanks to her image inducer kindly donated by Hank, were blissfully unaware of the demonesque mutant they were so close to.

01-09-2006, 09:19 PM
The new girl sure seemed irritable. Bosh didnt mean to be rough, he just needed to get her out of the mall as soon as possible. He only half listened to her complaints. The other part of his attention went towards the quickest way out. A salesman suddenly jumped in front of him to spray his hand, a great way to get a sell. In aggravation, Bosh shoved the man away. Bosh hated fake scents.

"Fine, I wont touch ya. Run off on me, and you'll be dragged. The names Bosh." Bosh introduced himself, pulling away his hand from her. It was better for both of them. Now Bosh could age the stench of the scent off of his sprayed hand without Diana being aged as well. It was a quick process that nobody seemed to notice, only about one second of aging.

Bosh saw some doors leading outside and couldnt help but pick up his pace. Quickly afterwards, Bosh heard a shrill scream outside.

"Probably some bratty kid not getting what they want." Bosh thought. It was suspicious and all, but he just wanted out of there. He pushed through the doors with haste, and they automatically stayed open for the others. He moved out of the doorway and waited against the building.

"Okay..." Bosh said, as some others joined him. "Now we just have to find a way to get to Sim...bloody hell!" Bosh shouted in shock as his wandering eyes that were searching for Simone caught sight of an abduction. He saw the last seconds of it. A girl was being carried away by a hulking hooded figure who had her mouth covered, muffling a scream. Bosh felt stupid for not picking it up before. You would think after what he's been through with the team he would have been able to tell the difference between a bratty cry and a blood curtling scream.

Without much thought anywhere else but newfound ideals responsibility, Bosh made a run to the corner where the kidnapper had turned. By the time he turned into the alleyway, the lid to the dumpster was already closing.

"Stop!" Bosh shouted, letting out all the warning the sick f*ck needed and all he would receive. As he ran for the dumpster, Bosh charged up his hands to an illuminous purple glow. After slamming into the dumpster hard, Bosh laid both hands flat on the metal base of the dumpster, letting his aging effect run wild. The green painted metal quickly rusted in 5 seconds. Content with the weakness of the metal, Bosh quickly moved back about 15 meters. Then in a brisk sprint, Bosh lept in the air, threw his legs out in front of him and drop kicked the corroded and rusted dumpster. The entire structure of the dumpster crumbled from the hit, the impact spreading like cracked glass. Bosh rolled away as the lid came falling down towards his legs. There was now nothing between the kidnapper and Bosh but a pile of rusted debris.

He stared at the sight before him with a look of fear. There before him was some sort of beast, and he had seemingly turned this girl into porcelain! He had to force the fear of the image from his mind in order to help this girl in any way. His eyes flashed back and forth between the lizard man and the shiny doll-like girl before him.

"Your fights with me now, monsta man. Your lady glazin days are ova." Bosh said, on one knee, trying to hide the pain in his leg from the kick. For the moment, he turned off his power and pulled out his switch-blade. He was waiting for the reptile to make a move, then he would hopefully connect with a stabbing lunge.

Most of the reason Bosh wasnt taking the best defensive precautions was because he knew that Enzo would be joining him soon, and that was his expertise. It was time for these new members to show their value as well. Hopefully they could do more than feint.

Diana Morris
01-09-2006, 10:50 PM
"Fine, I wont touch ya. Run off on me, and you'll be dragged. The names Bosh."

"Nice to meet you Bosh. I'm not gonna run off, and I can't help not liking contact. It's part of my specialty. At any rate why should you care if I did, I'm nothing to you."

Suddenly the smell of the fruity cologne disapeared from the area around her. She normally didn't pay attention to smell, but one disappearing entirely had never happened to her before.

"What'd you-" before she could finish the sentence, she heard a whisper of conversation that her brain had shot through her mind louder than the rest. She and Bosh walked out the door as the sentence finished.

I'm not going to hurt you, please don't scream anymore... I... I don't want any problems really, just something to eat. You can't leave yet... if, if they see that you're a... a freak like me, they'll hate you too..."

What the hell was up with all these mutants today? Maybe malls were just a good hiding place...

'Well I sure wasted alot of time...' she thought to herself.

A scream rent the air around Diana, and she collapsed to the ground, her hands clamped tightly over her ears. Her eyes teared a bit before she banished the echoing sound from her head.

Then Bosh started going all crazy, rusting some dumpster half to death kicking it to dust and flipping open a switchblade at the guy she guessed she just heard.

Diana ran after him, dropping her duffel, and not touching him because of the ominous sheen of the blade. She started talking.

"He's not trying to do anything. Much less lady glazing. Don't hurt him. He told her he wasnt going to do anything. It's your own power doing that, right?" she asked the tiny girl.

She turned to the reptilian thing, and despite herself she flinched at his appearance.

"Come here" she told the girl "Just so macho man doesn't stab gator guy. Show of good faith my friend, we've got a little tweaking in our gene to." adressing the other mutants.

"Bosh just don't do anything yet."

Diana knew she would be useless if fighting ensued.

01-10-2006, 12:09 AM
Well, Caleb knew when he wasn't wanted. One of the males that made up the group that he was apparently intruding upon quickly seized the girl who had fainted and dragged her off. That was probably a good idea on his part; it wouldn't do to have mutants going on and on about themselves, especially not with the situation in D.C. at the moment. Still, Caleb couldn't let himself ignore the question that she had asked, and he let the two get well ahead of him before following them.

Very slowly, he put his hand into the bag hanging from his arm as if he were going to withdraw something. As soon as his wrist was hidden from sight, he allowed the Ka to return to its normal shape, the bracelet on his wrist spontaneously changing into a ball once again. Seizing the Ka, he pulled his hand from the bag once more. The entire process took mere seconds, and to any onlooker, it would have merely looked as if he'd pulled a stress ball out of his bag. The transformation had been slowly draining him, and for some reason, Cal didn't want to be handicapped at all if he decided to approach these people.

Brushing past a mannequin as he followed the pair into Macy's, Caleb tried his best to be inconspicuous. He kept his distance lest they spot him, and made a show of examining an array of jeans. He stuck to them until they left the building, and waited a few moments to give them a chance to walk away before following them outside.

He immediately regretted his hastiness. They hadn't gone far, and what was more, their group had expanded significantly. 'Think fast. . .' Caleb thought frantically, not wanting them to notice that he'd been following until he was sure of the others' trustworthiness. He was contemplating just strolling away as if he hadn't noticed a thing, but as he purposefully averted his eyes from the group, he noticed a rather shocking sight--a girl was being dragged away by a rather large, cloaked figured. "Oh, sh--" he began to exclaim, but he cut off when he saw the guy that had dragged the girl through Macy's set off at a run toward where the abductor had disappeared. The girl that he had dragged along took off after him.

Well. there was no use trying to pretend that he wasn't there, now. Caleb could be of use if a fight broke out, anyway. Taking a deep breath, he sped off after the guy, turning the corner just in time to see him slam his hands flat down on a dumpster. As the metal began to age under the guy's hands, Cal's mouth dropped open. 'So he is a mutant!' he thought triumphantly, before it occurred to him that it really wasn't the time to think of resolving his own issues. The other mutant kicked the now-ancient dumpster to pieces and pulled a knife, and Caleb nodded resolutely, dropping his bags and leaving him holding nothing but the Ka.

Moving up quickly, he stood to the right and just behind the male mutant. "Hey," he said tensely, hoping that he wasn't about to make an enemy of this stranger. "Trust me on this--I can help you out." He raised his right hand and released his grip on the Ka--which promptly floated a few inches above his hand.

He tensed as the girl spoke up, and he turned and raised an eyebrow at her. His first impression of her was that she was a bit pretentious; he'd gotten that impression from the very first words that she'd said. Regardless of his own opinion, he had no idea how she was viewed by the guy who appeared to be her friend, nor did he know if her little idea had any merit. Choosing to remain silent, he kept his eyes on the reptilian mutant.

01-10-2006, 01:22 AM
Hiram was headed outside where the others were heading when he heard the scream. He turned around, surprised once more but this time able to keep his static field from jumping up. It took him a few moments to process the whole scene, a hooded figure much larger than him picking up... a life-sized porcelain doll? It took Hiram a couple of seconds to recall where he had seen the outfit on the pale figure... then he recalled the girl he had been staring at in the food court. Next thing he knew he saw the old dude hanging out with Diana run after them, then Diana herself, and then some guy he hadn?t noticed yet. Hiram shook his head and muttered to himself and Skye:

?Damn. I oh so hate being the hero.?

Instead of running straight out to the foray though, Hiram walked back inside the mall, and then a little further distance to a Radio Shack. He walked inside whistling and headed near a display of TV?s. Looking to make sure the clerk?s weren?t watching he followed the cord to an outlet. Hiram quickly placed a hand on the outlet and slowly the lights and appliances started to flicker and fade within the place, and once again Hiram?s hair stood up as he absorbed the electricity into his system. Walking past the confused on lookers, he quickly stepped outside to see what was going on. He listened to what Diana said and snorted.

?Howdy Diana, funny how we keep running into each other ain?t it?? He wondered if she would recognize him with his hair standing up and his hat tucked into his backpack. He went and stood between the guy with the knife and the guy with a floating.... thingie.

?You say you heard Wally Gator here say he didn?t mean no harm?? Hiram shook his head. ?I saw him take the girl, I take it you guys did too. I say actions speak louder than words, and if he didn?t mean no harm he?s got a funny way of showing it.?

Hiram pulled up the sleeves of his flannel and looked at the two older guys next to him. A knife and a sphere thingie. He didn?t like to brag about his power, most of the time he liked to pretend it didn?t exist. But there was times such as these were it came in handy, and if this was the only things these two had to offer he was glad for once about his power. As Hiram rolled up his other sleeve he raised out his hands, and spread his fingers about an inch away from one another. With a thought and metabolic reaction Hiram shot some electricity in the form of blue bolts from one set of fingers to the other, and reabsorbed them into his system. It was more to show the others what he was capable of so as not to have the older guys to tell him to buzz off.

?I?ll play this the same way you guys do,? he said to the two temporary brothers in arms. ?There?s a lot of things I can forgive in this world, taking a pretty girl though.... that?s definitely somewhere at the bottom of the list.?

01-10-2006, 01:34 AM
Skye was relieved when the boy caught up with her. She laughed at his remark and began walking faster. They finally caught up to Enzo and Skye turned to say something when Enzo's expression kept her quiet. His normally olive skin was pale and he looked very weak. She wrapped her uninjured arm around him and said,"We've got to catch up with the group,"when suddenly, a scream cut through the air like a knife. It hurt the brit's ears to hear something so high pitched and she immediately ran towards the sound. "Come on!" she yelled at her companions.

Reaching the source of the sound, Skye was astonished by what she saw. Bosh, drop kicking a dumpster that promptly collapsed, to expose a hulking figure with what appeared to be a statue of a girl thrown over its shoulder. The faint glint of steel caught her eye as the older mutant pulled out a knife and she inhaled sharply. Skye had never been in this kind of fight before and she wasn't quite sure what to do. The blonde tried devising some kind of plan but she couldn't think of a way that her invisibililty would be useful.

The fainting girl interrupted her thoughts as she began pleading with Bosh. She obviously thought that the reptilian person wasn't hurting the girl, and Skye agreed. She was usually fairly acccurate in her assessment of others' characters and the impression the girl was getting from him was one of someone simply trying to survive. Stepping up, she put her hand on both the boy and Bosh's arms and said, "Don't do anything rash just yet." She thought maybe she had a plan if things began to get out of hand.

01-10-2006, 02:36 AM
James tumbled backwards as the dumpster collapsed around him, and the hood fell away from his face. When he got up, he took in his situation. 'Surrounded, gonna have to fight,' he thought to himself, quickly sizing up the situation. Pulling off his cloak and tossing it on the ground, James stepped between the group and the white girl, and began to bring up acid into his mouth. The three boys were well within spraying distance.

He watched the three of them preen and posture, and took note of the small electric bolts shooting between the fingers of the one in the middle. 'He's the threat, he's gotta go first.' James allowed some of the acid in his mouth to drip out onto the pavement where it sizzled and burned through the asphalt a little ways.

"Come here" she told the girl "Just so macho man doesn't stab gator guy. Show of good faith my friend, we've got a little tweaking in our gene to." adressing the other mutants.

"Bosh just don't do anything yet."

"I... I won't let you take her," James said a bit loudly, spraying a little acid, but not very far. "You can all pass as normal, but I am a freak... and she is a freak, like me... it is dangerous for her and me... when she returns to normal look, I will let her go... she will be safe then."

James watched the group close ranks around him a little more. This wasn't looking good, they were going to attack. Bringing up about half of the acid he had in his body he sprayed it on a dumpster, which began to hiss and sizzle as it dissolved. "I-I don't want to fight, I want peace! But, if you force my hand I will kill you." The reptilian mutant's eyes narrowed to slits. He knew they had no way of knowing how much acid he had in him, or that he would never actually use it on them. He began to back away from the group towards a corner, careful to keep himself between Angie and this other group.

Diana Morris
01-10-2006, 03:22 AM
Diana was on high alert, and her senses were strting to scream again. Not now she told them, and she toned them down a notch until the nauseating pain was just a migraine. She sighed a bit. At least she hadn't lost control again. But they were being such men.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm not stupid." she said to the water kid from before.

Why did she suddenly feel the need to say that so often?

"I... I won't let you take her," he said a bit loudly, spraying a little acid, but not very far. "You can all pass as normal, but I am a freak... and she is a freak, like me... it is dangerous for her and me... when she returns to normal look, I will let her go... she will be safe then."

"I'm not normal. I just fainted in there. He." she gestured at Hirams hair "doesn't look normal either. And neither does that floating ball. It's not like there's anyone but us around anyway." she scanned the alleyway once again. There were people inside near the door, but none coming out, and none nearby.

"The only reason he," she pointed at the gator thing "touched her is because he didn't want the two of them to cause trouble. I heard that before all this started."

She glanced at the three boys/men carefully. Hirams hair was floating aroud and dazzling flashes of lightning flew around him. The kid with the ball was obviously some sort of mutant. The ball was floating after all. as she inspected the little blue thing closer, her eyes widened. Memories of the bracelet he had been wearing earlier that had a similar color. She checked his wrists. It wasn't there. Bosh simply looked menacing with that dagger. She eyed it carefully and shut her eyes a bit when it reflected light. She looked at the reptilian mutant, and the spots where liquid had flicked off him. Diana zoomed in for lack of a better word, and noted how the asphalt was eaten through. Well, he did look odd, but there was no help for that. This was all way too much.

"He probably didn't do that to her anyway, his stuff is like acid." she pointed out.

She crouched to the ground and rummaged through her duffel. She pulled out a long skirt, a sweater, and a hat. She reached ver slowly to hand them for Angie. She glanced at the gator and tensed ready in case he moved.

"Just until she's normal." Diana stated quietly.

01-10-2006, 04:58 AM
Bosh looked deep and hard into the reptile man's eyes. There was not the look of a criminal. Bosh slowly put away his switch-blade. "Alright..." The brit turned to the young man with the static hair. "...looks like we could be wrong on this one." Bosh pushed himself up to a stand, keeping a wary eye on the lizard. He then turned to the young man with the ball hovering over him. He recognized the guy as the one who was trying to help Diana. "So, your a mutant. Nice."

He looked at the acid smoldered floor and gulped with fear before taking some careful steps forward. "Listen, we can actually help you..." Bosh managed to get close and was laying down some understanding when the sound of sirens cut the air. The sounds were all too familiar to Bosh. Turning fast, the brit could see two mall security cars had pulled up and barracaded the alleyway off. Four guards then slid low out of the cars and hid behind open doors, not hesitating to draw their weapons. Behind them formed a crowd of angry civilians. Bosh turned back to the lizard man.

"This is mall security. You have been suspected as mutant terrorists. Put down all your weapons and then I want to see your hands and stomach flat on the concrete." A scratchy megaphone addressed the group of mutants. These guys were a bunch of pigs who werent going to play nice. The headlights beamed straight at them.

"Looks like we're on the same side now." Bosh said briskly in the direction of the lizard man. He was always one to act quickly. Bosh knew that they could not comply. With what was going on in the country, every single one of them could be convicted for some false accusation. Once again Bosh Jaric would have to take on the law. Forming a dense purple orb in his two hands, Bosh looked around his surroundings. His eyes struck gold at the sight of a fire-escape hanging two stories just in front of where the security cars were.

"Get ready to run!" Bosh shouted to the young guns. They couldnt afford to wait for city police to arrive. They needed to break through these four guards and then make a run through a probable angry mob. Bosh hurled the two orbs of aging, each in the direction of the metal supports of the fire-escape that were further from the group and closer to the guards. The alert guards looked up with curiousity, not seeing any real effect yet. Two even made the mistake of lowering their weapons in their dumbfoundedness. After a series of creaks, the farside supports gave away and the massive fire escape towered down on both security cars. The sirens and windows both smashed, and the guards fired random shots in fearful response before laying flat on their stomachs to avoid being crushed by the metal. One was positioned directly under a staircase that created a makeshift prison. The three others, had their hands over their heads to protect themselves from the loose rusted metal still falling from the escape. Now was their chance.

"Come on!" Bosh shouted to the others. With fast feet and light steps, Bosh managed to manuever his way over the mess he had made. He didnt miss the chance to knuckle punch a guard in the face who was recovering to a kneel, sending him back down with his buddies. Bosh picked up his shopping bag from the wall at the Macy's doorway and then turned to make sure the others were following okay. Bosh was just about beginning to feel safe again when he saw the formation of a group of men from the foodcourt forming between them and their easy way back to the Hummer. One of them was wearing an apron and looked like he had a bone to pick with some mutants. Time was against them.

((OOC: Feel free to show your powers on one of the dazed guards. Also, there is the mob which we will need to fight through. It is being led by Hiram's manager guy who he spooked before. He did indeed get some security and rallied some anti-mutant friends from the foodcourt.))

01-10-2006, 05:18 AM
Talia tried to ask what was happening but Enzo could only reply in a whimper. "We gotta go, we gotta go, go," he said quietly. Too many voices that weren't his own were filling his head. Whiny kids, bratty teens, tired store clerks, flustered parents; it was always the negative thoughts that stuck the hardest and they were starting to break him down. Using his telepathy had opened a floodgate he couldn't close on his own. He couldn't talk to TJ right now, in fact he was having trouble doing much of anything at the moment. He put his hands over his ears and brushed passed Talia, trying to keep up with Bosh.

After what seemed like ages they exited the mall. The foreign voices were diminishing but their imprints remained. A real scream caught his attention for a moment and he looked up to see everyone sprinting around a corner. His movements sluggish, Enzo followed after them into the darker alleyway. It was beginning to get crowded, with the group that had came to the mall now joined by Diana, Hiram, another kid, a giant lizard, and huge porcelian doll.

As far as his fuddled mind could tell a brawl was about to break out; Bosh's knife was out, Hiram was all tingly, and the newcomer had a shiny disc floating over his head. "No, no, no! No fighting!" Enzo urged. His energy field extended from his body, covering everyone in the alley and preventing anyone from doing anything stupid. His quicksand brain sucked up the thoughts from everyone involved.

Luckily, Bosh was conviced by Diana and the rest. Unfortunately, they'd taken a bit long on their way out. There was only one way out of the alley and that was through two Impala security vehicles, four guards, and a disgruntled mob. Enzo was really starting to crack now as he began to speak in Italian, "Per favore, andiamo a casa." His shield vanished and he leaned against the wall for support. His head was pounding, his heart racing, his hands shaking, and his nose was bleeding now.

Bosh struck the first blow, essentially dropping a fire escape on the cars. "Collateral damage!" he screamed at Bosh. Sure they were in danger, but dropping steel chunks on the heads of mall security wouldn't help their image any. Enzo used his shield to make a makeshift ramp over the debris so everyone could get over it. Energizing further, he force a wedge through the mob, creating a path they could get through, but he couldn't hold it for long...

01-10-2006, 06:38 AM
OOC: Yes, James is strong enough to do this, but he's not THAT strong. He's gonna be a bit slow if he has to carry them both.

Not really sure what all was going on, but well aware that he couldn't just stand there like an idiot, James did the only thing that seemed sensible. He quickly grabbed his cloak and threw it on, not bothering with the hood. "I hope you'll forgive me," he said quickly to Angie and Diana. He picked them up, one at a time, and got Diana onto his back and gathered Angie into his arms. They seemed like the two who would be least able to defend themselves, and since they seemed like the nicest of the bunch James felt obligated to do what he could to protect them.

As he started moving James began to slowly, but steadily build up some speed. He knew he had to be lugging close to two-hundred and fifty pounds between the two girls, and they slowed him some. As he made his way past the guards he spit tiny bits of acid at them, aiming for the guns when possible. Up ahead there was a mob forming, but he had a more pressing problem. One of the guards, who seemed to have misplaced his gun, was standing directly in the way of the moving lizard-man. "Hang on," James grunted, lowering his shoulders and charging the guard for lack of a better idea.

The blow from the scaled and moving reptilian sent the guard to the ground, and James managed to leap him albeit in an ungainly manner. As he did so he spied an open gap in the mob, no doubt created by one of the other mutants. Plowing through the gap James stopped near a big Hummer and hoped that the vehicle belonged to the group. He was relieved when the doors unlocked and one of the back ones was flung wide. The reptilian quickly, but gently placed Angie down in the back seat as the other girl fell to the pavement. "Go, go!"

Now that the girls were safe, James was free to enter the fray. With a grin, he began to advance slowly and methodically towards the crowd. He spat a bit of acid in their direction and watched them slowly back away from where it hit as he called up the last of his acid reserve. 'Hope it's enough,' he thought. "I'll cover you, retreat," he barked at the boys.

As the last of the group ran past, headed for the Hummer James began to spray a mist of acid from his mouth as high into the air as he could. Running a quick line he continued to spray until he ran out and then sprinted for the Hummer, which was now idling. "I wouldn't go through that if I were you," he yelled back at the crowd as he dove aboard the Hummer through its raised trunk hatch and pulled it shut behind him. As the vehicle started to move he backed into a corner of the huge vehicle, brought his knees to his chest, and tried to make himself as small as possible which was a difficult task. He was really in a bind now, stuck with this group of people he didn't know and heading who knew where. He was also out of acid, and that was his primary defense mechanism, without it he was defenseless since he hadn't grabbed his knife before leaving his sewer home that night.

Diana Morris
01-10-2006, 11:53 AM
Yeah, when she had said "Don't do anything." she had meant don't drop a hulking bit of metal onto the police, just as much as she had meant don't kill another mutant. Well, Diana followed orders and began to run when the gator thing picked her up and put her on his back.

"Stupid idiot!" she had screamed.

Then she though a bit. Hey, at least she didn't have to careen around a bunch of metal and through a mob with a nice big duffel bag.


She saw an opening in the crowd, a gap that was totally free of others.

'Nice, very very nice.' she thought and she would have clapped except she was hanging on to the gators back like her life depended on it. It probably did. She thought of getting behind the wheel, but she was a cautious driver... Not exactly ideal for this sort of situation so she hopped in the car and dug through her duffel, getting a swiss army knife. It wasn't like she could do much with it, but just in case. She crouched in the doorway of the hummer, waiting for the others, prepared to throw the knife if she had to. She had killer aim.

01-10-2006, 01:55 PM
As soon as the security came onto the scene, Skye knew they were in some major trouble. She'd never had a run in with the law before, not even the mall law and she wasn't about to start. Bosh was using his mutation to create a distraction for the cops and he gave them a way out. The metal fire escape's foundations had crumbled and the whole thing had fallen on top of one of the cops, trapping him inside of it.

The blonde could feel herself panicking and all at once, her body's nerces began singing. She immediately looked down and groaned, her stupid power had turned itself on. "Come on!" Bosh shouted and began running and Skye turned to follow when she saw the angry mob. They would never let them through... but they would let someone through they couldn't see. She ran as fast as possible towards the mob and began pushing, hitting, fighting her way through, trying to make a path for her companions. "Follow me!" she yelled. 'I really hope they get what's going on,' she prayed silently. So far, none of them even knew what her mutation was but a couple might recognize her voice and put two and two together.

The mob was at first stunned at the invisible force trying to get through and the first half gave way easily but the others were proving more difficult. They were trying to fight her efforts and Skye was making little progress. She could feel her strength wavering as the use of her power took its toll on her energy.

Out of nowhere, she could another force, wedging a path between the people and the blonde was grateful to whoever was helping. With renewed efforts, she continued battling her way through the crowd, towards the Hummer.

01-10-2006, 03:48 PM
Caleb was quite alarmed when yet another mutant joined the group, but when he addressed the girl who was seemingly trying to make peace--Diana, judging by what he'd heard--he knew that he was an ally, not another foe. The crackling energy around this guy was intimidating, to say the least. They were then joined by another girl who he recognized from earlier. Upon hearing her words, Cal raised an eyebrow at the guy with the switchknife. Bosh was the name that the girl had used to address him, and Caleb filed that away for future use.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm not stupid." Diana snapped at him, and Caleb sighed and shook his head. Now wasn't the time to have conversations among themselves. He figured that it would be more prudent for them all to ponder their next move.

"I never said that you were stupid," he said simply, but his tone didn't sound as if he were being entirely sincere. Oh, well. He could ponder that later.

He looked back at the reptile as he began to speak and noticed the acid dripping out of his mouth, wincing involuntarily. That didn't look like it'd be any fun to come into contact with. . . the gator spoke then, interrupting his thoughts. "I... I won't let you take her. You can all pass as normal, but I am a freak... and she is a freak, like me... it is dangerous for her and me... when she returns to normal look, I will let her go... she will be safe then."

Diana then began to talk to the reptile ("It's called a Ka," Cal remarked sullenly as she referred to his 'floating ball'), and started to move toward him. It was then that things began to happen rather quickly. Mall security was quick to block off the alleyway, and Caleb cursed under his breath. "Oh, great. As if we didn't have enough problems." Of course, their situation was suddenly made much better by the fact that Bosh somehow brought a fire escape down on the cars. To top that all off, his skin suddenly began to prickle, and he looked around to see a guy that he assumed was a mutant as well, one that could do something mind-related. He was also quite alarmed by the blood steadily trickling from this one's nose. "Sorry, guy," he said blankly. "I don't think we'll be able to avoid fighting. . ." he cast a look at he mob--and was stunned to see that there appeared to be a clear path right through them. This had to be the nosebleed guy's doing.

The situation was really insane, now. That girl who'd accepted his water was nowhere to be seen, and everyone else appeared to be fleeing through the mob, toward a vehicle. 'Works for me,' Caleb thought to himself, and set off toward the ramp that the new guy had formed. He hadn't gotten far up before a hand seized him around the ankle and pulled, hard. One of the security guards had apparently gotten his bearings. Losing his balance, Caleb fell to the side and onto the hard ground, skinning his forearm and ripping a new hole in the knee of his jeans. He didn't even have time to say 'ow'.

Thinking quickly, he formed a concept in his mind, and the Ka quickly changed into a slender metal bat. He grabbed the handle, muttered, "Sorry, man," and hit the guy soundly on the area between shoulder and neck. The man crumpled, and Caleb jerked his knee from his grasp and leapt back to his feet, scrambling over the debris and heading toward the path that had been forged in the mob. He ran with a slight limp now, but he ran nonetheless. He was dimly aware of the gator-man grabbing up two of the girls behind him, but he merely concentrated on following Bosh through the crowd, hoping that the invisible wall that seemed to be blocking the mob held up.

01-10-2006, 04:24 PM
Running through the space kindly provided by Enzo, Bosh wouldnt hesitate to throw some bar-room brawl on any mob member that got in the way. Their open path was starting to receed. A hefty man who looked like he worked in construction stepped in front of Bosh, causing the Brit to bounce off the man. With a heavy arm, the man swung a monkey-wrench aiming directly for Bosh's head. Bosh threw up his hand in defense. Upon contact with his aura, the metal wrench rusted and broke in too. This did not save Bosh from an incredible sting of pain in his wrist. Bosh threw his other fist, the one holding his shopping bag, at the man's face, then charged a knee to his gut while he was in shock. Finally, Bosh shoved the man away as best he could. Stumbling back a few steps, the man was soon rained upon, along with many others in the mob, by the lizard man's acid. Many men now ran cirlces, fell to the floor, and rubbed themselves all over, trying to fight the pain of the acid while screaming. Bosh was very confused by all this until he heard the lizard man's warning. He couldnt not throw him a thumbs up for that trick.

Once the acid spray settled, Bosh ran through the pain-struck crowd, swinging his fists at easy targets. Getting threw them, Bosh made his way to the drivers seat of the hummer. How lucky he was to have grabbed the keys from Simone before they seperated. He had told her before they seperated that he would be done early with shopping and would take it to fill up on gas for the ride home. In all truth at the time, he just wanted to drive the monster home. He would get his wish, but not in the situation he expected. Bosh turned on the ignition and quickly put the Hummer into drive. He quickly turned the car around in the other direction, pointing away from the security wreckage. He saw that others still needed to get inside the car, so he waited for them to get in. Looking outside, it was then that Bosh first realized how weak Enzo was. Switching the vehicle to reverse, Bosh stepped on the accelerator and backed up into a group of 5 mob members who were in Enzo's way. He pressed on the brakes directly in front of his friend, who was also accompanied by the other two boys and Skye, and rolled down his window.

"Come on, get in!" Bosh shouted to them. Looking quickly at the rearview mirror, Bosh saw three New York Police cars fly around a corner towards them. "Shit!" Bosh shouted. After they had all piled in, Bosh slammed the pedal to the floor, sending the Hummer into a momentary skid before it rocketed towards the exit of the parking lot. He felt the power of the beast roaring underneath him. This was going to be as fun as it was dangerous for him.[/i]

01-10-2006, 07:16 PM
Enzo limped over to the barely stopped Hummer and crawled into the front passenger seat. He said weakly, "You know, Andretti was not British..." His seatbelt clicked for what was sure to be an interesting ride, and being that he was the last one in, the Hummer chirped it's wheels and took off. "Bosh, we need help, we wont lose them in this. Not exactly a sports car and we can't hurt cops," he said quietly.

The large vehicle whipped around a corner and out of the parking lot. Enzo looked out the rearview mirror to see the police cars in hot pursuit. They were bottle necking into an exit ramp. Focusing his powers for one last hurrah, he formed a spike like strip in front of the lead car. Rubber popped and hissed as the car jerked violently to a halt, blocking the two behind it. They'd have to back up and go out another way, buying them some time, but the Hummer wasn't very inconspicuous either.

Enzo curled his legs up and hugged himself in the seat as he tried to regain a steady presence in his own mind. Using his now ruined shirt he wipe the blood from his nose.

Diana Morris
01-10-2006, 09:58 PM
"My god." Diana whispered as she stuggled into a seat. She was upset and the sensation of being thrown around in a Hummer was not fun. She clicked the Swiss knife back into its slot and that into her bag. She remembered the clothes she had dropped earlier, and shrugged to herself. They were replaceable. She panicked a bit thinking of the battering the bag had gone through, and started sifting through its contents. At the bottom were pictures of her family that she had swiped from her uncles album, and a little plastic ring that was too small for her. The ring had a crack down the side. She touched it gingerly and resisted the urge to cry. Her brother had given it to her for her tenth birthday pre-powers. Somehow the symbolism scared her.

She surveyed the people within the hummer and the first thing she noticed when she let her detail oriented senses come up was the tangy smell of blood. As soon as she registered that her eyes found the guy who had been yelling in Italian. She dug through her pocket and brought out a little pack of kleenex, that she needed every so often when smellystuff came up. She handed him one, just so that he'd stop wiping it on his shirt.

"You alright?" she asked absently. He looked like she did when she had done too much with her head. Tired, pale, and weak.

As she waited for him to take the tissue she opened her ears to the sirens. Of course a whole bunch of other sounds flooded in with them, but not getting thrown in jail was a good enough incentive. The pressure on her sinuses intensified. Intense concentration flowed over her features. She tried to focus on their radio transmissions, but that was too erratic to keep tabs on, plus, it put her in the same situation as the other guy, a bloody nose. She focused on the sirens again. The squad was coming from the right. She did manage to hear a few things along with it.

"back up.... mutant...shoot to kill..."

Air support! Shoot to kill!!!

"They've got orders, shoot to kill. We've got to get going! They're coming from the right."

Thinking fast she surveyed the group. "Hiram, you couldn't interrupt their energy, stop the battery working maybe? And you, Ka kid, you couldn't make that thing turn into spikes, bust their tires, could you? Or maybe his acid, and you get it to the rubber. It could get rid of rubber right?"

Diana was starting to panic. Spots started leaping across her vision, and she took a breather, bringing what she felt as low down as she could manage. The nauseating feeling went away, and the vein in her nose stopped bleeding so hard. Her headache receded into a dull ache behind her eyes. She fished out another tissue and stuffed it up her nostril, not really bothering to be pretty about it.

01-10-2006, 10:34 PM
Thinking fast she surveyed the group. "Hiram, you couldn't interrupt their energy, stop the battery working maybe? And you, Ka kid, you couldn't make that thing turn into spikes, bust their tires, could you? Or maybe his acid, and you get it to the rubber. It could get rid of rubber right?"

"I can't use the acid for awhile... I used up all of it in the get away, and I'm not bulletproof, just big," James piped up from his spot in the rear of the Hummer. "I know where we could hide though, maybe..."

01-10-2006, 11:41 PM
Hiram wasn?t sure if he could trust the giant reptile, but he had said it was the other two?s game and he would play along. So grunting under his breath he brought his hand down... and then everything went to hell. He was getting ready to shoot a bolt of electricity but Bosh beat him to it. After a few seconds when nothing happened, Hiram was about to say something smug when suddenly the fire escape toppling over and shut him up. He can do that and he pulled a switchblade?!

What followed next was a scene of pure mayhem as he and the other mutants made their way through the mob. As he ran over the wreckage of Bosh?s power a guard reached for him, so Hiram met his reach with his own hand and let loose some electricity, the same effect as a stun gun occurred as the guard fell on the ground twitching. Then there was the mob. He was panicked, he was frightened, but deep down, Hiram Hale was having the time of his life. Hiram was never one to back down from a fight, except for when he left home because he thought it would better for his grandparents and his mother. He saw this new mob as the same, and he felt no shame in hitting the ones he could, shocking the others, and bringing up his static field to scare the rest. This didn?t go without its toll though, he received a black eye, a bloody nose, and his ribs were sore. Those were all on the left side of his body though, so he pulled his hat over so people wouldn?t notice as much. Before he jumped in the car though, he was able to see his manager.

?Hey!? Hiram yelled getting his attention and summoning the remains of the electricity in his system system sparking through his finger tips, smiling at the shock look on his old boss?s face. ?I always keep my promises!?

Hiram sent the last of the electricity through the mob at the manager. Luckily Hiram?s speech had scared most of them out of the path, and his old manager frozen in place. The electricity sparked through his body, knocked him back, and he twitched on the ground like the guard. Hiram smiled that he had the self-control not to kill the jerk... but then again he was low on electricity. After that ensured the crazy get-away scene. He tapped Gator on the shoulder and nodded to him.

?Hey, I take back that Wally Gator crack earlier. You fight good.? Hiram smiled and reached a cigar in his mouth. He didn?t light it, but just the presence of it made him more comfortable. ?What more can you ask from a friend??

He then snorted at Enzo?s comment. ?Why can?t we hurt them? You don?t think they?re going to hurt us? And have you guys ever been arrested before, I have it ain?t fun. When they found out I?m a mutie back home, they showed up at my Papaw and Mamaw?s with a mob and a rope. My Papaw got knocked out so I turned some electricity on the crowd. You know what I got charged with? Reckless endangerment, battery, assault, instigating a riot, and they were even considering attempted murder for Christ sake! The only reason why I got off was because my best friend happened to be the local judge?s papaw, I?m guessing we don?t have these connections this time around.?

He then smiled at Diana?s idea as he chewed on his cigar. ?Well I could, but that would involve jumping from one car to the other. I can only absorb it with touch. Sorry darling, it?s a good thought but beyond me. I?m out of juice too, so all I can do is throw a few static bolts at them, but those things are only about as powerful as a punch. Might crack their windshield and make them back off... but even that?s iffy.?

He then glanced at Boss and back at Diana and Skye, Enzo looked too weak for what he had in mind and as for Gator and the other girl... well it was a little hard to tell if they were able to drive.

?Wish he could switch places with one of you, I ain?t too smart but I?m pretty sure rusted cars don?t go so fast. But we probably won?t have time to stop and switch. I guess we should listen to Wally... oops...? Hiram glanced over at the reptilian mutant. ?Hey buddy, what?s your name? I don?t want to keep calling you a cartoon character, because if I do that I just open the door to hick jokes.?

01-11-2006, 12:19 AM
Having scrambled into the Hummer with the rest of the mutants, Caleb threw himself into the first seat that was empty. The door closed behind the gator-guy just as Bosh floored the accelerator, and Cal held onto the seat for dear life as they careened into the street. Sure that the danger was now over (except, perhaps, the danger of collison), the bat reverted to the Ka, which floated over his right shoulder.

Everyone seemed to be fairly well off, which was a relief to Caleb, though a little worse for wear. There were a few nosebleeds going around, the electric guy seemed pretty beaten up, and Caleb's own knee was swelling quite nicely. A thin trickle of blood was trailing toward his elbow from his scratched arm, but he could ignore that since it was just a mild tingle. He took the moment to look around at the others--all foreign faces--and he remembered that none of them even knew who he was. Even electric-guy seemed to know a couple of the people somehow, and gator-guy was the center of attention, what with the stunt his pulled.

Wincing, Cal flexed his knee, only looking up when he heard the word 'kill'. Man, he'd really gotten himself in deep this time. If he'd just managed to walk away, he'd be on his way back to his aparment munching on a cheeseburger (his stomach rumbled as if to chide him for leaving it behind). Diana's suggestions seemed viable, and he could easily call the Ka back to him if he had to throw it since it was a part of him, after all. When electric-guy (Hiram, he noted), said that such a thing wasn't possible for him, and the gator-guy replied that he was out of acid, Caleb nodded. "All right, then. I can do it," he said with a touch of uneasiness.

Moving gingerly to avoid jarring his knee, Cal got the window down and leaned out, now holding the Ka in his hand. Luckily enough, he was on the right side of the vehicle, and he could clearly see the police cars that were getting closer. "Here we go," he told himself, trying to concentrate as the wind whipped his hair into eyes. It took him a moment to visualize a concept that would work, but in the end, he was holding two thick strips of metal that were each about a foot wide and three feet long. They were studded with sharp spikes that looked rather like waves, as if the metal had been flash-frozen from its liquid form.

The strain of holding this transformation stunned him for a moment; he'd never tried to make something so large, much less two somethings. Still, he managed to make himself line up his aim before dropping first one sheet, then the other. The procedure went as desired--first one car, then another, ran over the sheets and immediately spun out of control. The cars behind them became quite busy with trying to avoid crashing into their fellow squad cars, which had stalled in the middle of the road.

A tugging sensation made itself known between Caleb's eyes, and he winced, but a few seconds later, the Ka sped out of the melee, stopping to hover by his shoulder again. By the time he drew himself back into the car, Caleb was pale and shaking slightly, and sweat stuck clumps of his hair to his forehead. The strain had definitely gotten to him, and he leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes, drawing a few hoarse breaths. "I think. . . I'm done," he breathed. He'd never tried to push the limits of his power before, and was very surprised at the toll that it had taken.

01-11-2006, 01:03 AM
Bosh kept most of his attention on manuevering between lanes and avoiding other cars. The young lot in the back was making conversation, but he really wasnt paying attention too much to that. When Enzo spoke up beside him, he was all ears.

"Bosh, we need help, we wont lose them in this. Not exactly a sports car and we can't hurt cops,"

Bosh took in what he said, but couldnt find himself to agree with the latter statement. "Come on now, Enzo. You and I both know what the law has done to us. You should know what they would do to us given the chance." Bosh replied in a calm, hushed tone. He didnt want the southern kid to think he was agreeing with him against Enzo. This was merely telling his teammate where he stood. They always had different ways about dealing with things in the past, and time didnt change that. Nonetheless, Bosh was glad to have him at his side now, since he learned to trust him to do the smarter thing.

The young guns were doing something in the back, Bosh assumed, as he felt the wind coming through an open window. "They'll shoot ya, crazy fool!" Bosh shouted back to the kid with the floating ball friend. He had to draw his attention back to the road as a car began to brake in front of him. Bosh performed a quick manuever and avoided a collision. Looking back in the rear-view mirror for the cops, he was suddenly taken aback as the two that survived Enzo's trap began to spin out. The kids ball then came whizzing back into the car. "Okay....." Bosh couldnt get it out right, his mouth down in shock with a mix of being proud and reprimanding. "...nice, but no more of that."

Bosh turned off onto the next exit. They had lost the law for now, but hope wasnt huge at the moment. Bosh looked around him to check a thought that didnt need much clarification. "Yep, we are the only Hummer I've seen so far today...dont get too comfy back there." Bosh reported bleakly. He turned to Enzo, willing now that he could drive a steadier, more legal pace. "Simone...did you contact her?" Bosh asked. "She's gonna be pissed about this. 'Specially if she has to fly back home."

Diana Morris
01-11-2006, 01:19 AM
Diana smiled for what felt like the first time that day. She couldn't help being elated, even though the kid was looking peakish.

"That was marvelous. Look at what you've done." Diana said warmly. She glanced back over her shoulder and realized that they were already a block or so away, and it might be hard for him to see exactly what had happened after the initial puncture.

"We've formed a blockade. The two cars end to end, and I think they can't start them. They'll be stuck there for a while... If we can get far enough and keep our plate from being recognized... Bosh, you couldn't rust out some figures could you? Someone else can drive nicely so we don't get nabbed on accident. Hide lizard man in the back, get dollie back to normal, clean up some cuts, play the racist hick joke if we do get stopped. Hiram could do that." Diana almost didn't know where all of this came from.

She admitted to herself that staying under the radar was her life. She had avoided attention at school, when she bothered to go, kept out of town, and kept her cover until today. She noticed, well, rather smelled the cigar Hiram was chewing on. She wrinkled her nose and tried to ignore the bitter smell, but if the kid tried to light that thing...

"How old are you anyway? You're definately not 21, which means you definately shouldn't own that thing. Sorry..." she sighed. She guessed she wasn't quite used to all the input in regular peoples lives. "Could you stow it though?" she asked. Nicely...

01-11-2006, 01:52 AM
James yanked the hood of his cloak back onto his head as the girl screamed. "Oh shit," he muttered. Not knowing what else to do but realizing that she was, like him, a freak, James grabbed the girl with both his scaled hands, clamping one hand tightly over her mouth to cut off the noise. "I'm not going to hurt you," he hissed, slipping his other arm around her waist and getting her off the ground.

While her weight was doable, the now-porcelain girl was a lot heavier than one might expect. More like lifting a small statue. Angie froze and stiffened, as the giant...thing grabbed her. The only thing she could think of were those old movies her dad had, called "Alien" and "Aliens". He was quick, and her teacher had never talked about 'what to do when grabbed by a giant lizard'.

'Got to hide, got to hide, got to hide,' was the thought running through his head. Not knowing where else to head to hide, he started to bolt for the row of dumpsters where he'd just been rummaging for food. Dropping the girl into one he hopped in after her and quickly put his hand over her mouth again, before she could scream. "I'm not going to hurt you," he said again in a whisper. "Please don't scream anymore... I... I don't want any problems really, just something to eat." He took his hand away from Angie's mouth. "You can't leave yet... if, if they see that you're a... a freak like me, they'll hate you too..." The bigger mutant backed away into a corner of the dumpster and held his hands up, to show he wasn't going to do anything.

Angie shook her head "No" just before it dropped her into, of all things, a dumpster.
"Eeeeww..." she said, trying to wipe off something slimy that she'd been plopped in. "You are so not going to eat me" Angie hissed, as they retreated to their corners. "If you try to put some icky thing on my face, I swear, I'll tie it around your neck!" Angie hoped that her threat sounded real. Actually, she was afraid she'd freeze up again, if he had one of those nasty little things from the movie scurrying around. This was just too far outside of her experience, and she was feeling very overwhelmed.

01-11-2006, 02:08 AM
((OOC: katie, it looks like you missed a page of posting. Take a look at what happened since the dumpster scene, then maybe you can add to your post so you can be with us.))

01-11-2006, 04:00 AM
?Hey, I take back that Wally Gator crack earlier. You fight good.? Hiram smiled and reached a cigar in his mouth. He didn?t light it, but just the presence of it made him more comfortable. ?What more can you ask from a friend??

James had absolutely no idea what the wierd person was talking about. He remembered the Wally Gator crack, but had no clue what it referenced. "It's ok, and thanks," he replied, not sure what else to say.

James watched as one of the boys, the one with the wierd floaty thing, leaned out the window and took care of the police car problem. ?Hey buddy, what?s your name? I don?t want to keep calling you a cartoon character, because if I do that I just open the door to hick jokes.?

"My name is James... James Svitek," James replied, trying to curl up a little tighter in his corner.

"We've formed a blockade. The two cars end to end, and I think they can't start them. They'll be stuck there for a while... If we can get far enough and keep our plate from being recognized... Bosh, you couldn't rust out some figures could you? Someone else can drive nicely so we don't get nabbed on accident. Hide lizard man in the back, get dollie back to normal, clean up some cuts, play the racist hick joke if we do get stopped. Hiram could do that." Diana almost didn't know where all of this came from.

Hearing Diana say to "Hide the lizard man in back," James pulled his cloak off and rolled a little onto the floor of the Hummer, covering himself with it as he coiled into a tight ball. For a big guy he really could scrunch up pretty small.

01-11-2006, 05:02 AM
Finally having seen that everyone got through the path she had helped to create, Skye ran as fast as her long legs would carry her to the Hummer. Bosh was already in the driver's seat, with the engine and the still invisible girl scrambled into the back. Slowly, her body began reappering and she heaved a sigh. Her muscles were screaming with the effort of having used her power and fighting at the same time, she was zapped of energy. Skye closed her dark eyes and let the conversation in the vehicle surround and envelop her. She was beginning to feel to drowsy but the blonde knew this wasn't a good time to take a nap.

She could faintly hear the sound of more wreakage from behind them and Skye wondered how in the world they thought they were going to escape. They were in a VERY conspicuous vehicle, racing down the street... their chances didn't look good. A pounding headache interrupted her thoughts and although there wasn't much extra room, Skye squirmed and found herself a nice, comfy person to lay her head on. 'I hope whoever it is doesn't mind.' "I think. . . I'm done," she heard in her ear and Skye whispered, "Me too."

The cut on her arm was now much more than a throb that she could ignore, it was bleeding steadily and giving her a hell of a lot of pain. One of the members of the mob had inadvertently wrenched her injured arm and further opened the wound. With her body in complete pain, all she wanted was to go home.

01-11-2006, 06:39 AM
James uncovered his head a little when he felt someone lean back against him in the back of the Hummer. The blonde haired girl had seemingly decided that his chest made a good pillow. His nose sniffed the air for a second, something was giving off heat... and blood. He looked down at the blonde girl and saw a crimson splotch on one of her arms. "Here," he said softly to her. "Let me see your arm."

Diana Morris
01-11-2006, 04:26 PM
Diana started rumaging through her bag again and brought out a mini first aid kit.

"Sensitive skin." she explained with a shrug as she slid gauze antibacterial goop and some tape to the blonde across the cars floor. She took out the pressure cool pack, and started crushing the contents. When it was nice and cold she gave it to the kid with the "Ka".

"Anyone else?" she asked waving the pack in the air "I've got bandaids bandages, gauze tape, antibacterial agent, and for some reason an eyepatch..." Diana looked at the thing and resisted the childish temptation to slip it on over her head.

Taking her attention away from the people in the car she tried to hear sirens. she kept extending and extending trying to hear any. She felt herself start to slip out of consciousness again, and she slammed her fist against the side of the wall to bring senses back to her body. It worked. A little too well.

"Damn it!!!" she yelled. "Sorry... Umm.. we're fine by the way. Theres no cars with sirens for as far as I can hear. It's a couple of blocks." she looked sheepishly at Bosh, he was the authority figure after all.

She started inspecting her knuckles in an effort to keep the stupid tears from coming.

'This is why I don't fight' she thought to herself.

01-11-2006, 06:14 PM
Through her drowsiness Skye heard "Here, let me see your arm." and tried to lift her head to look up. It seemed as if her entire body had gained a huge amount of weight and it took all her energy to open her brown eyes and look at who had spoken. It was the reptile man, James, he'd said his name was. Skye was too tired for his appearance to startle her anymore and when she looked into his eyes, all she saw was kindness. This man, who the "normal" people would call a freak and a monster, was a far better person than most of them ever would be but most of the humans would never get to see that.

She smiled faintly and took off her jacket very tentatively, her breath hissing over her teeth when the stabs of pain became worse. That done, she took a look at the cut and whispered, "Oh bloody hell." It was worse than she'd thought.

She could hear noises from in front, when a hand appeared with a bottle of antibacterial cleanser and some tape. Skye took them and said, "Thanks." The hand then proceeded to give a cooling pack to the kid on the other side of Skye. She could see a huge bulge where his knee was supposed to be and grimaced, that was a lot of swelling.

The blonde turned back to James and gave him the first aid equipment. "Could you patch it up for me?" She didn't think that she had the will to put the antibacterial stuff on herself, she knew how much it would sting. She continued, "I guess I should get some stitches later."
That presented a bit of a problem. If she went to a hospital, there would be some uncomfortable questions and no way to answer them. "Bosh, is there a medical... lab in the mansion? So that we don't have to go to a hospital?" She glanced at the boys and added, "It looks like a few of us could use some help."

01-11-2006, 07:44 PM
Through all the chaos, the porcelain girl seemed to pretty much shut down. Overwhelmed by everything happening around her, she wrapped her arms around herself and didn't say anything. After Gator loaded her into the hummer, she pulled her knees up to her chest and then sat motionless, staring at the seatback in front of her.

After they had outrun the police and things calmed a bit, she could be heard saying something, apparantly talking to herself.
"Oh my god, oh my god, I've never been arrested. I've never even been in trouble. I didn't do anything, I was just shopping. I just wanted a place to eat my lunch."

She finally put her feet down, but she kept her arms wrapped tightly around herself. She glanced back out the rear window. While there weren't any more pursuing police cars, she still looked very worried, but she had quit muttering to herself.
"What do you suppose they'll charge us with, when they catch us?" she said softly, as she glanced back and looking as worried as a statue can.

01-11-2006, 09:33 PM
Bosh heard the mention of Skye's arm bleeding and her question about the mansion's facilities. It seemed everyone was a bit bent out of shape. "Yes Skye, ya need'nt worry about that. Just hold on a bit while we try to figure this out."

Bosh saw they were getting into a more suburban area, and luckily in the direction they had came from the X-Mansion. Still, it would take a while to figure things out, and clean up the mess he had made. Bosh pulled onto a residential street and pulled the Hummer over. There were kids in the back who didnt know what was going on. Bosh realized this, and knew that he had to explain some things to them. Putting the Hummer in park, Bosh unbuckled his seatbelt and turned around to face the others.

"Okay...some of you are really confused, I know. How do these mutants drive a Humma and so willinly run from the law? Well," Bosh turned to Enzo and paused for a moment, wondering if he should go on. He would not say too much. "We come from a school for mutants. Skye, Enzo, and I came with our friends to shop. We got seperated, got into suspicious staring situations, abductions and this bloody mess, where we are now. Since you are all mutants, Im wonderin if any of you would like to come see the school. I cant make any guarantees, but after we lay low for a while and wait for the D.C. mess to blow ova, one of the headmastas could have time to speak with ya. We take in young mutants around the world, give them a home and a place where they can learn to cope with their powas and feel safe. All I'm sayin is check it out. For some of ya, it could be just what you've been lookin for." Bosh explained. With the last statement, he couldnt help but look at James. He knew where the guy was at, and he could confidently say he would be better off physically and emotionally at the X-Mansion. He couldnt quite easily make such assumptions of the others. One thing he did know was that if being a mutant in society was hard now, when the Washington D.C. attacks were complete, being a mutant in society was going to be suicide. These kids could have families to consider, something Bosh was conscious of.

"Ya wont know anythin else about the school till we get there, since it really isnt in my authority to tell ya anymore. Anyone who wants to go home, I can drop you off at the next train station, or anywhere else in reasonable distance from our way back, and away from any cops." Bosh explained. It was going to be a bit much to take in, and he didnt expect them to reply quickly, about their decision. He had to give them a choice, and then kindly escort them to anywhere they could go where they wanted from with ease.

"Dont any of ya worry about the cops neitha. Our vehicles pretty much dont exist. The license plates wont mean anythin to any machines, and the only threat is back miles now dealin with flat tires and the like. Im just gonna start drivin in the right direction, and look for any signs towards Westchesta. It would be much appreciated if ya helped. Thank you, and enjoy the trip." Bosh said in faux hospitality. He wasnt sure what they were going to do about Simone, but he was hoping something would pop up in time.

01-11-2006, 10:09 PM
Angie listened, watching Bosh intently until he had finished.
"I, um, I guess I'll go with you. I don't know how to change back, except by falling asleep. I guess I missed something?" she continued, cautiously. "What happened in Washington?" she asked, not quite sure if she wanted an answer.

She looked around at the people in the car. Except for the green scaley guy, they all looked fairly normal now, but she knew they weren't. She decided on further inspection that he looked less like an alien, and more like an iguana. A six and half foot tall, bipedal iguana, who spoke English. Whatever. What was it he called her? A freak? Maybe that was why mom always insisted on her hiding her abilities, so that people wouldn't think she was a freak.

"My family is staying at the Sheraton. Can I like, maybe call them when we get there? If I'm late, they're going to get really worried" she finished, sounding concerned but a lot more calm now.

01-11-2006, 10:52 PM
Caleb managed to summon up a grin in Bosh's direction as he gave an almost reprimanding statement. He was just glad that it had worked, even if he had had to expend much more energy that he'd initally expected to. Diana appeared to be elated that her idea had worked, though Cal only half-noticed; his eyes were still shut, after all. He heard the gator-guy introduce himself, and it was at this time that he was vaguely aware that he was apparently the only one in the car who hadn't done some kind of introduction to someone.

It was a few minutes later that he felt something cold pressed into his palm. Looking back up, he saw that Diana had handed him a cold pack, which he did desperately need. His knee was now throbbing painfully, and it looked awful through the rip in his jeans. "Thanks," he said with a weak smile. As gently as he could, he ripped the hole at the knee of his jeans a bit wider and settled the cold pack over it.

Apparently, they were safe for the moment, and when Bosh pulled over, Caleb tilted his head back up to look at him. As he began to speak, Cal slowly began to realize that this school that he was talking about was exactly the sort of thing that he was searching for. The only place that he'd ever felt welcome was at his aunt's house, but she didn't really realize how it was to be a mutant. . .

"I. . . I'll go with you," Caleb said with a nod. "I've been hoping to find a place like this, what with the way the country seems to be out for blood, now." He shifted the pack on his knee. "By the way, I'm Caleb Waller."

01-11-2006, 11:21 PM
In response to Angie, Bosh turned on the radio. He flipped through the AM stations until arriving at a standard news channel that came in. Hell, the news was all over the place. ((The radio will be talking about the same context as the news report here

http://baku-panda.org/ux/viewtopic.php?t=359 ))

Bosh looked back at the new girl. "Well, thats great then. Ya betta come up with a good story when ya call, or perhaps one of us elders could talk to 'em. If ya havent heard yet, my name's Bosh. Whats yours, missy?" Bosh asked, realizing she had yet to introduce herself.

Bosh grinned at hearing the young man's response. "Glad to hear so, Caleb. You and your ball friend will fit in perfectly. What the hell is that thing anyway?" Bosh asked, rather bluntly. He was now weaving his way back to busier roads, where he would continue to travel east until he found good signs.

01-11-2006, 11:27 PM
Skye was reassured by Bosh's reply and listened intently as he explained the situation the others. It was nice that he had included her as a part of the school but Skye was no more a part than the others. She was sure they'd be surprised to learn that she'd spent no more than 10 minutes there before leaving on this little adventure. The blonde's eyes widened as he told them that the institute was really a school for mutants. This was something the teenage girl hadn't anticipated. She thought that it was a place for them to live inconspicuously and without fear but a school implied learning about their powers. How to use them and expand them. The thought of being able to turn her invisibility on and off at will excited the mutant and gave her energy.

The older mutant also said that their vehicle would be undetectable to the cops and Skye let out a sigh of relief. "I, um, I guess I'll go with you. I don't know how to change back, except by falling asleep. I guess I missed something?What happened in Washington?" the statue girl said. Skye wondered the same thing. Since leaving London, she hadn't been anywhere near a television and throughout her journey, she'd had her Ipod turned on, so she hadn't heard any news reports. "My family is staying at the Sheraton. Can I like, maybe call them when we get there? If I'm late, they're going to get really worried", the girl finished. 'Sheraton? Well off then.'

Taking a closer look at the statue girl, Skye saw expensive clothes, manicured nails, perfect hair... every sign of someone who had everything they needed and much, much more. She wondered what the rich girl's parents thought of her "talent".

One of the other boys interrupted her musings by stating that he would continue on with them. "By the way, I'm Caleb Waller." Skye turned to the long-haired teenager and extended her other hand. "I'm sure you've guessed by now, my name's Skye, Skye Walters."

01-11-2006, 11:59 PM
The girl with the bandaged arm spoke up after his introduction, offering her name as well. He'd learned it from the others' speech, of course, but it was nice to know that she was polite. He took her outstretched hand in his own and gave it a firm shake. "Nice to meet you, Skye." He offered a weary, but cheerful smile.

When Bosh asked him a question, Cal automatically turned to peer at the Ka where it was hovering over his shoulder, rather like an obedient puppy. He'd never actually thought of the sphere as a 'friend', but it was the second time that it had been referred to as such and he figured that it was in some way, rather true. After all, it was with him all of the time, and he was fiercely possessive of it. When he had tossed it into the path of the police cars, it was the farthest that he'd ever been from the Ka; it was partially the distance that had taken such a toll on him, he supposed.

"I call it the Ka," he said in response, leaping onto the topic of conversation with relish. It was a relief not to be discussing their current situation, after all. "It's a part of me, sort of, and as you saw, I can change it into things, but only if I know how they work. . . I don't really know the limits, yet." He suddenly felt rather uncomfortable--the people in the vehicle who went to the academy were probably much more experienced that he was in using his powers, and he must have seemed like a painfully undertrained novice. Of course, he was.

Diana Morris
01-12-2006, 12:26 AM
When Diana heard the news of the Mansion her head shot up and a few of the held back tears did fall down her face. She brushed them away and started to grin.

"There a school? A real school for mutants. I hadn't expected that... I've no real ties. I just came to meet Charles Xavier. He doesn't run it does he?" she asked curiously.

Of course she'd go. It was like a dream. A real live dream come true. Except for the run in with the law.

"Like a powers school? Where we learn how to use them? I don't know what I can do either. I mean not how to control them or pinpoint anything in particular. If I take anything in I take everything in." she explained. She had about a million questions busting through her head, but she stopped there. For now...

"I'm Diana by the way. Diana Morris."

01-12-2006, 01:21 AM
Hiram rolled his eyes when Diana started to complain about his cigar. It looked liked it was a good thing he had went against his first reaction to light it. Now he was half tempted to light it to piss her off and another half tempted to light it because he was on the edge after all they had been through. But before he could open his mouth, Bosh began talking about the school they came from. Hiram thought about it for a few moments, it would beat going to Canada. But he?d be lying if he said he hadn?t enjoyed not going to school.

?Look, I?ve been smoking since I was twelve. And I know about the whole lung cancer and everything, and quite frankly I don?t care.? Hiram pulled out his wallet and handed Diana his fake ID. ?This says I?m eighteen, and if its good enough for the good people at the Ameristop, its good enough for you.?

Mumbling as he put the cigar back in the little box it came in he sat back. ?And second of all, you can?t say hick. That?s our word. You have to say Appalachian-American.? Hiram grinned and winked to show he was kidding. Even when he did get wiled up, normally he could calm back down pretty quick. ?And I can?t come off as a racist.? He gestured over to Angie, but never being one to embarrass easy he didn?t lower his voice. ?I checked her out when she looked Asian didn?t I? Not that she?s still not pretty, guess I just prefer the old form.?

Hiram then tried to remember the names of the people in the car, just so he wouldn?t forget. Bosh was the limey who could rust things or something like that, and Skye was the other limey. He guessed Enzo was the other guy with a funny accent in the car. Caleb was the one with the floating ball called a ka, and James was the walking, talking, alligator. Diana was the girl he had met at the food court, and the girl who looked like a statue was still an unknown.

?One question about this school of yours.... it got a basketball court? I ain?t played in a while. If its got a court sign me up.? He yawned and leaned back and pulled his hat over eyes. ?As for me, I?ve had a very long day. Hold my calls. By the way, the names Hiram Hale. And Caleb, don?t suppose you could turn that ka of yours into a waterbed, a pillow, and Ashley Judd? I could use some things to help me sleep.?

01-12-2006, 01:34 AM
Bosh listened to Caleb explain the Ka. It was incredibly interesting. Common in his thought pattern, Bosh wondered if he could age the thing. His curiousity didnt last more than two seconds though. Diana seemed rather excited by the idea, which Bosh expected, given her dramatic introduction at the foodcourt to him and Skye.

"Well, I like to think of it more as a home for mutants. Sure, you can choose to learn about ya powa, but really it's more like a safehouse in a way." Bosh suddenly felt akward. He had only just arrived at the X-Mansion, and was simply referring to the Gen X Academy that had been destroyed by the government for most of his descriptions. Scott and Emma had told them it would be no different at the X-Mansion with Professor Xavier. "Enzo and I are from another school for mutants which was affiliated with the one I'm taking you to now. For certain reasons, we have been relocated to this one. And yes, Diana, Charles Xavier runs this school."

Hiram spoke up all of a sudden. Boy, that was interesting. He hadnt heard anything as close to a southern accent since his good friend Marc left them. This kid obviously had his mind in the gutter, but Bosh never held that against anyone, especially himself. Hearing about his illegal smoking, Bosh took the opportunity to play cop. "Hello, Hiram. If your not gonna smoke that, I'll take it." Bosh commented, retrieving the lighter from his pocket with the hand not on the wheel. He loved his tobacco in moderation. Having to face the fear of time as much as Bosh did, he realized he was wasting his own worrying about his health when regarding such a relaxing thing as smoking. He could use that cigar right now as means of distraction from the problems back at the mall still brooding in his mind.

"If ya loved ones ask where you are, tell 'em you've found a very nice private boarding school, and you were wonderin if you could go there. All of ya should get ready to come up with some convincin shit. Ya runaways and loners, todays ya lucky day. No connections, no problems." Bosh grinned, remembering his lack of connection upon joining Generation X. Easy as pie, and smooth as a feather. Bosh was wondering how that Katie chick was going to fair with her upper class parents. "Hey, dollface, what would your parents say if ya told them you wanted to go to a private boarding school? I tell ya, they'd probably think you've been kidnapped by rockstars or somethin and fed drugs. Pretty outlandish story and all. If that is the case, put 'em on the phone with me and I'll have a wow of a time with 'em." Bosh jested. The joint was too stiff, and needed some loosening. It was about time to see how these kids faired with Bosh's rambling jests.

01-12-2006, 01:44 AM
Skye snorted and rolled her eyes good-naturedly at Bosh's jokes to the girl with the unknown name.

Now that everyone had calmed down, she could see that it would be easy to be friends with these people, should they all stay at the mansion. They all had pretty different characters, but for the most part, they seemed to mesh well together. All except Diana and Hiram, Diana didn't appear to like the boy too much, but Skye couldn't pinpoint why.

She looked at the electric boy curiously, he had flashed an i.d. card saying he was of age but Skye was suspicious of it. He didn't look old enough and she casually asked, "Hey Hiram, would you mind if I looked at your i.d.?" She innocently widened her eyes as she spoke and smiled just slightly. The blonde wasn't usually one to use the way she looked to get what she wanted but it certainly came in handy on occasion. Just for added effect, she began twirling a strand of her golden yellow hair around her finger. For some reason, males always seemed to be fascinated by her hair.

Diana Morris
01-12-2006, 03:00 AM
"I'm much higher class than the Ameristop folk. Plus I don't appreciate bing lied to." she joked. Her face became serious even though the following words were still in good humor.

"But really Hiram I care not for your lungs. What I care about is my nose. That thing smells about ten times worse to me than it does to you. And as to being a racist appalachian American, you really could have fooled me." she said with a very womanly snort as she remembered the "mutie" fiasco.

She massaged her temples when Bosh asked for the cigar. It's not like she could ask him to get rid of the thing. Nicely...

Diana grinned when the girl named Skye pulled out her feminine wiles. For all Diana hated lying, manipulation through non-verbal assault was just fine with her morals. It wasn't as though people could mistake a truth and a lie when given proper information, but physicality could be spotted quite easily, and taken a number of ways. Diana thoroughly approved.

01-12-2006, 04:29 AM
Hiram chuckled as Diana spoke again. ?Don?t be so sure of that, Diana. I met some real nice folks there from time to time. Like this time I was hitching through Indiana, and I went in to buy a sandwich. I was three dollar short, and the lady just gave it to me for free. And as for being racist...? Hiram just chuckled harder and shook his head. ?I guess that?s a matter of perspective, ain?t it? I say ?mutie? a lot, yeah. But where I come from no one says the word ?mutant?, its ?abominations?, ?freaks?, ?weirdos?. Compared to those words I?d say I?m pretty damn politically correct. And even if it is a racist word, how come I can?t use it? There?s a reason why 50 Cent or whoever can say the ?n-word? in his songs but that Eminem character can?t. If an oppressed people likes to say a dirty word that was intended to hurt, but turn it to give them strength I don?t see the harm in it. Look what happened today, I say we fall under the heading of ?oppressed people?, wouldn?t you? So say mutie all you want, because we?ve earned it darling.?

Next when Skye started to speak up he slowly smiled. He reached into his wallet again to pull his ID out. Of course he knew what she was doing, Hiram was actually pretty familiar with this technique. He was a freshman playing varsity basketball, so before he was outed as a mutant he was actually flirted with a lot. Plus, he had seen his mom do similar techniques when they were late on the rent... but he chose not to compare Skye to his mother.

?Why sure you can, beautiful. Want to make sure I?m legal? I understand, I?d hate for you to get deported on my account.? He then turned his hat up that was covering his black eye. ?It?s a damn shame they ruined my good side, though.?

?And I?m always damn glad to meet a fellow smoker. I?ll tell you, try finding a place to smoke in New York. And they say we?re southerners are racist? I?ll tell you, the only one who has it worst than mutants is smokers. And being both, why then the whole world just hates us don?t it?? Hiram spoke as he handed Bosh one of his cigars. ?I?d crack the window at least though. Diana?s under the delusion these babies stink. Poor non-smokers, never stopping to smell the tobacco. It?s sad really.?

He then started to sit back down wondering if Skye would notice the thing wrong with his ID. It looked like a perfect State of Kentucky Driver?s license, it had Hiram?s weight and height right, it was a perfect forgery. Except they were two false things on there that would out him easily, his age said 18 and the name read Rodney Bullfeather. He figured his grandparents would report him missing so he had his name changed on it, the Rodney came from his father?s name (Hiram?s middle name) and the old tale that the Hales were actually descendants of the Cherokee. Being the darkest people in his hometown, Hiram believed it.

?So Skye, eh? That?s a nice name, very progressive. Kind of the opposite with my family. I?m pretty sure no one?s been named Hiram since World War One. But hey, my mom thought it would put her back in good light with her dad, bad call on her part though.? He then gestured to his ID and smiled. ?Done looking yet? Very impressive with the twirl of the hair. I would have given you the deed to the family trailer if you had been wearing a low cut shirt while twirling.?

01-12-2006, 04:44 AM
Skye laughed out loud at Hiram's "legal" comment. "Don't flatter yourself, darling." She took the i.d. from him and he said, ?So Skye, eh? That?s a nice name, very progressive. Kind of the opposite with my family. I?m pretty sure no one?s been named Hiram since World War One. But hey, my mom thought it would put her back in good light with her dad, bad call on her part though.? She looked up quickly and replied, "Thank you. I guess it's progressive although my parents aren't. They're completely straight-laced, which is why I'm here. I always thought that someone had slipped they something the night they decided on my name. And don't try distracting me."

She looked down intently at his identification. Height and weight both looked alright. 18 it said. 'Yeah right.' Just as she was about to hand it back, she noticed the name. 'Bullfeather?!' "Well this is interesting, Mr. Rodney Bullfeather. Where in the world did you come up with such a terrible fake name?" She laughed again. "Oh damn, you've figured out my trick! Well I suppose I'll have to come up with something new then." The blonde handed him his card back and asked in a kind voice, "How old are you really? You can't be more than 16."

01-12-2006, 05:15 AM
James accepted the first aid materials from Skye, glad that they were fairly straight foreward devices. Taking Skye's arm gently in his hands he cleaned the wound and bound it as he listened to the driver talk about some kind of haven or school thing for people like him.

James snorted as the driver finished talking. "Tough call, sewers or this place called the 'Institute'," James said quietly. "I think I'll take my chances with you all, though it is a total toss up."

He watched as Skye began to flirt with the self-labeled "hick". "I better get back to hiding," he muttered, laying back down and curling into a ball again as he covered himself with his cloak and draped his tail over his body yawning loudly. The action had taken its toll on his energy reserves as well, mostly because he didn't have the carbo and calorie resources that the others had... and because the wierd white girl was wicked heavy.

01-12-2006, 05:50 AM
Enzo didn't really look up or pay much attention to anything anyone was saying for the next few minutes. For one, he was kind of shocked at Bosh's answer. Cop killers got the death penalty, and heroes don't kill! He'd ponder that later, he still had much on his mind, and most of what was on it wasn't his. A tissue found its way into his face and he whispered a thank you as he pinched his nose shut. Shivers still ran through him, but they were settling down slowly but surely.

Enzo couldn't keep from giggling like a schoolgirl at Hiram's fake name. "Rodney Bullfeather!" he said, his voice taking a higher pitch than usual, "What are you a cartoon!?" Times like these made him wish that his powers weren't this way; it hurt and it was too confusing to shield his mind with his shield after he took it down and that led to some mighty uncomfortable situations. "No smokin'" Enzo added, his voice changing again as well, "you smell like shit...Now where's my lollipop? I want my lollipop!" He started to whimper before he realized it wasn't really himself who had sad that. Or it was...but not.

A soft sigh escaped Enzo's lips as he tried to get comfortable in the seat. He buried his head into the cushion and rested it on his arm. The voices were fading fast, but they were being replaced by a massive headache and a mild burning sensation down his spine. In truth he just wanted to go home, but he hadn't had a place to call home for years.

01-12-2006, 02:05 PM
Angie sat quietly as the city opened up and things got a little more scenic and pastoral. Mutants attacking Washington? She was shocked by this terrible news, but it did explain the mob at the mall. She no longer had her arms wrapped around herself, but instead her hands were folded neatly in her lap. She definitely gave the impression of still being a bit uncomfortable with her new companions. A few glances her way clued her in, that everyone in the car had given their name except her. Even iguana-man had introduced himself.

"My name's Angela Pederson, but usually I get called Angie or Ang. We were just visiting, and actually checking into some private schools. Every time this happens to me, we wind up moving and changing schools and my brother and sister are really getting tired of it. Do you, um? do you suppose they could help me learn not to change like this? Or at least, how to change myself back?" she asked. She would have had to admit that she was intrigued by the idea of going to a school where no one would be particularly surprised when someone's power kicked up and something goofy happened as a result.

Angie glanced down, and realized that one of her bags had actually made it to the car. Apparently it had stayed hooked over her wrist through the whole thing. Curious, she opened it and pulled out a "I (heart) NY" T-shirt, that she had bought as a mandatory tourist item. It seemed oddly appropriate that this one item had survived the afternoon's events.

She offered the boy next to her on the seat a slight, shy, smile and asked "How's the knee?" She couldn't quite remember his name. Something that started with a 'C' or 'K' maybe. Looking down at his knee and leg brought her back to her own skirt, which was stained with who-knows-what. She really didn't want to think about it, and choked down another 'ewwwww' reaction. What she really wanted at this point was a shower and some clean clothes to change into. Unfortunately, the only clean clothes she had available at the moment was the single t-shirt, which didn't solve the problem that it was her skirt that was the most soiled. Time enough to worry about that after they reached their destination. The guy driving this mini-tank seemed to be right though. No more police cars seemed to be pursuing them, so they seemed safe for the moment, and she relaxed a tiny bit more. She realized she was sitting bolt-upright in her seat, and allowed herself to settle back into leather a little bit more.

01-12-2006, 02:58 PM
Listening to Hiram talk was rather amusing, merely because the southerner seemed to have quite the ineffable sense of humor. Cal could tell a pretty mean joke, as well, but mostly on good days. At the moment, he felt as if he'd never been so tired in his life, save for the night that he'd run away from home. When he heard himself addressed, Caleb grinned at Hiram. "As much as I'd love to give you what you need, I'm totally spent. Remind me of your fantasies when I'm more inclined to deal," he said with a soft chuckle.

The atmosphere in the vehicle had lightened considerably now that they were no longer being pursued, and Caleb listened with interest as Hiram's alias was poked fun at. The guy with the nosebleed pointed out that it sounded rather like a cartoon, and Caleb silently agreed--but when he began to go on about a lollipop for some reason, he arched an eyebrow. "Hey, man--Enzo, is it? Are you okay?"

Before he got his answer, his health was inquired after by the girl who looked like porcelain. Gently, he tipped up the cold pack to look under it and groaned. At least the cold was keeping it from hurting too badly, but seeing it gave him a considerable jolt. "No permanent damage, I suppose," he said as cheerily as he could manage.

For some reason, Caleb didn't feel uncomfortable at all about the fact that he was in a car, headed somewhere completely unknown. Wel, at least these people were mutants, too--at least he was among kindred spirits. And, to top it all off, he was going to a place where Charles Xavier apparently was; Xavier was the only person that he'd heard of that he felt he could run to. After all, he hadn't expected to spend his entire live in that tiny apartment.

01-12-2006, 03:17 PM
As James settled back into his former hiding position, Skye thanked him for patching up her arm. "It feels a lot better now," she said cheerfully.

The blonde had gotten her second wind and was in a much better mood for it. Skye laughed when Enzo told Hiram that his name sounded like a cartoon and she completely agreed. The name brought up an image of Foghorn Leghorn in her mind's eye. Her laughter died as Enzo continued talking. Lollipop? Where had that come from? Caleb asked him if he was alright and she voiced her concern as well. "Yeah, are you alright there mate? That was a bit weird."

Clearing her throat, she settled back into her seat and looked out the nearest window. Skye wondered where they were and when they would get back to the mansion. She was longing for a hot shower and some homemade food. And tea! She'd never wanted a cup of tea so much in her life! "Hey Bosh, I hate to sound like a tot, but are we almost there yet? I'd like to get into something clean and preferably not bloodstained sometime soon." She crouched behind the driver's seat and playfully messed with the other brit's hair, making sure to use her healthy arm. Cheerful or not, she wanted to move her right arm as little as possible. At least she was a lefty, she could still write a letter to her brother later.

01-12-2006, 03:46 PM
As James settled back into his former hiding position, Skye thanked him for patching up her arm. "It feels a lot better now," she said cheerfully.

That was a surprise, no one had ever thanked James before... for anything, not even that lady he'd rescued in the subway. Taken a bit off guard, the reptilian mutant wasn't sure how to respond. In the end, he settled for snaking a hand out from underneath the cloak and patting Skye's knee, to show that he had at least heard her. Not sure what he should do with his hand after he patted her knee, he settled for just leaving it resting there. He reasoned that if she wanted it gone she'd smack it to yell at him or something like that. Yawning loudly, again, he closed his eyes under the cloak.

01-12-2006, 04:11 PM
"I hear ya kid." Bosh replied to Hiram's comments about the hardship of being a smoker. "Dont worry, soon it will be socially acceptable to give obese people a hard time, then us smokas will just coast unda the radar."

Enzo of course, hated most of Bosh's bad habits, and took the opportunity to voice it once again. That on top of respect for ultra sensitive Diana, made Bosh tuck the cigar carefully into the pocket of his leather jacket. "For lata then, alright chap?" Bosh would be happy to wait till they had a more appropriate opportunity to enjoy a smoke. The last bit Enzo said caused Bosh to do a double-take to his teammate. "Dude, first off, candy shop aint on our list of places to go. Second, what the bloody hell was that about?!" Bosh asked in a freaked out crescendo. The guy was getting stranger every day.

Bosh was taken aback by someone playing with his hair, and prayed to God it wasnt Enzo. That being done after his lollipop comment might have warranted him a boot to the curb. To both their benefits, Bosh matched the voice speaking to him as Skye and clarified it was her by giving a short look back. "Just about there, Skye. Saw a sign a couple minutes ago sayin the exit to Westchesta was only 15 miles away." Bosh replied to her. It was strange having her mess with his hair since he hadnt had that done to him since he was back in London with his friends. In an odd way, it made him feel a bit ticklish inside, and he couldnt fight off the smile that came across his face.

01-12-2006, 04:49 PM
"Hey Bosh?" Angie said, after waiting for a polite break to quiz him. "Can you tell us anything about Mr. Xavier? I mean, just like what he's like or anything? Will we get a chance to meet him today do you think?" She paused for just a moment, but then continued on with her questions.

"Do you like living there? What's it like at the school?" Apparently getting a little more comfortable with these people, Angie's curiosity seemed to be piqued, and a lot of questions were beginning to bubble to the surface. She had slid forward on her seat a little, and she was looking around at the other people with greater interest.

Her face was still expressive, but a little bit of facial body-language was lost due to her eyes having become part of the porcelain. There's something about having a conversation with someone who no longer has irises that is a little disconcerting in a subconscious sort of way. On the other hand, it wasn't like Bosh could do more than catch a quick glance either over his shoulder or in the rear-view mirror anyway.

Diana Morris
01-12-2006, 04:58 PM
Diana listened amusedly, and decided not to point out just yet that she had lived in Kentucky for four years and had gotten hit on by more potbellied men than given free food by nice women at Ameristop.

"I've always compared my sense of smell to that of a vampire. Garlic smells good normally, but once your sense of smell gets ramped up ten times, it's like a poison. It made me pass out once, and I was a floor above the kitchen. Of course I was very upset at the time, so that might have been part of it."

Diana was feeling a bit uncomfortable about the supposed right she had to call herself a freak.

"Abomination and freak doesn't give me strength. It gives me memories. It's why I left home. My parents were religious, I guess I was to, and one night when everything was still entirely uncontrollable I heard them talking. My mom called me an abomination of God. They would always talk about whether they could still love me but that night my mom broke down. Hit my dad a couple of times. So I left and went to stay with my uncle. Left behind my little brother. My favorite person. My Riley. He was always cracking jokes about it to. He never cared." Diana stated.

Saying it was more for herself than anyone else. and she was just whispering, but it felt like a scream to her. She looked back towards the people in the car and smiled. This was her new family she guessed.

"Tough call, sewers or this place called the 'Institute'," James said quietly. "I think I'll take my chances with you all, though it is a total toss up."

Diana wrinkled her nose at the though of living in a place that would smell bad no matter what she did.

"you smell like shit...Now where's my lollipop? I want my lollipop!"

Diana looked sharply at Enzo and remembered he was the one in her head before. She heard the different nuances in his voice, like most of the other people, she was sure. She slipped her hand onto his shouder and whispered quietly into his ear.

"That wasn't you, was it?" she asked.

As she waited for a reply she took in what everyone else was saying, and stored away the doll girls name for a later date. She silently thanked Bosh for not lighting the thing.

01-12-2006, 05:58 PM
Angie chuckled slightly at Diane's predicament, but not in a mean way.
"Ten times? wow. Don't come over when daddy is making spaghetti then. Even I can smell the garlic all the way in the garage. He gets a little carried away with it" she said with a fond, wistful smile.

"Abomination and freak doesn't give me strength. It gives me memories. It's why I left home. My parents were religious, I guess I was to, and one night when everything was still entirely uncontrollable I heard them talking. My mom called me an abomination of God. They would always talk about whether they could still love me but that night my mom broke down. Hit my dad a couple of times. So I left and went to stay with my uncle. Left behind my little brother. My favorite person. My Riley. He was always cracking jokes about it to. He never cared." Diana stated.

Angie listened and fell silent for awhile. A little cross of gold hung from gold chain around her neck. After awhile, while staring at her hands in her lap, she spoke.
"My brother thinks this is cool. My sister hates it. Daddy says it?s a gift but I have to learn how I'm meant to use it. Mom forbids me to use it..." She paused for a few seconds, then looked up and over to Diane, her statue-like head cocked quizzically to one side.

"And people wonder why mutants are confused?"

01-12-2006, 06:51 PM
Covered by the cloak as he was, the rest of the group couldn't see the hurt look on James' face when someone said he "smelled like shit." He knew he probably didn't smell very good, it was a side-effect of eating garbage and living in a sewer. Still, they could have been a little nicer and more understanding. After all, he had played a big part in their get away. Sniffing quietly to himself, not expecting anyone to hear, he scooted as close as he could get to Skye without being in her lap. So far, it seemed like she was the only one that was grateful for what he'd done for them, and the only one that wasn't going to be mean to him any.

01-12-2006, 06:57 PM
?Up with smoke, down with cholesterol,? Hiram yawned as he sat back in his chair. He raised a fist up in the air to Bosh?s comments about smokers and muttered something about smoker pride. He then listened to Diana and Angie talk about their families and their reactions, and couldn?t help but compare it to his family silently in his mind. His Papaw and Mamaw couldn?t have cared less that he was a mutant, his Papaw had even faced a mob with a shotgun. It was the first time he had ever heard the old man use the ?f-word.? As for his mom, Hiram wasn?t even sure if she knew. For all he knew, his mom didn?t even know he was gone. He then chuckled along with everybody else about his alias.

?Well, its not that much of a stretch really. My middle name is Rodney. Was my daddy?s name too. Then there was this old family tale that the Hales are actually descendant from Indians. Cherokee, if I recall the legend right.? He held up his hand and looked at it. ?Not sure if it?s right, but it would explain my less than ivory complexion, I guess. I thought Bullfeather sounded pretty Native, guess it was my way of keeping my roots while ditching my name. And Diana, their just words. They only hurt if you let them.?

He then let his eyes widen as he glanced down at Gator. ?A toss up? A toss up between the sewer and us? Buddy, come on now look around. You?re in a car with three hot girls! Sure you got a bunch of guys mixed in with us, and my Papaw always did say ?You should always have more jars than pickles?, but beggar can?t be choosers!? He then pointed at Bosh. ?And he mentioned another girl named Simone earlier, and you just know she?s going to be hot! When have you ever seen an ugly girl named Simone on TV or the movies? Plus, you saved my ass back there. That means I?m indebted to you, to all of you I guess, which means you got a friend for life. And I?m a good friend to have... sometimes anyways.?

Hiram chuckled and sat back down. He always liked to look on the bright side of things, this was no exception. Sure they were probably wanted criminals, but he was in a car with a British hottie, Angie an Asian sensation (when she wasn?t looking like a statue), and Diana was pretty too even though Hiram had a feeling she wasn?t too fond of him. It didn?t matter to him though, he tended to get along with most people, except the ones who tried to kill him of course.

?What the hell...? he muttered as he felt his under shirt was sticky. He pulled off his flannel and saw a tear in his shirt and a cut on his ribs. It wasn?t very deep, but he wondered where he got it from. He then recalled a particular close encounter with one of the mob members with a switchblade... he guessed it was closer than he thought. Hiram swore and peeled off his shirt, revealing the cut and some bruised ribs. It also revealed something else, even though Hiram was the youngest he was as tall as Bosh who was the oldest. His body also showed that before Hiram was a runaway he was an athlete, lean and muscular. He rummaged in his bag and found an old Dropkick Murphy?s t-shirt, it was a couple years old but it would probably still fit.

?Hey, Diana toss me a bandage or something will you, darling? Oh, and is all you can do is smell good or can you feel good too? I?m wondering if my ribs are broken, cracked, or just bruised.? He then glanced over at Skye. ?And I?m fifteen years young. Feisty little scamp, ain?t I??

Diana Morris
01-12-2006, 08:42 PM
"Fifteen? Ok then... Yup all the five senses are mine to manipulate."she confirmed

She winced to see the cut under Hirams shirt. Focusing on it she saw a small smooth gleam of bone. Diana brought brought the little pack to Hirams side, and focused her sense of touch. Gentle fingertips ran along Hiram's ribcage, and she shuddered at the tacky feeling of blood. She applied gentle pressure trying to feel any irregularity of bone beneath his skin.

"I think you're alright...I can't tell about cracks or bruised bone, but I don't think you've broken anything."

As she began wiping blood away from the actual wound with a hydrogen peroxide soaked pad of gauze, her forehead wrinkled up as she thought how to explain that the words she had heard were more than words.

"Hiram... My family was very tightknit. I was happy, and I was raised to hate mutants and love my family. When I changed, I was sent reeling head over heels and when my mom started with that... I had always been able to talk to her and Dad... I don't know... It was like part of my heart was ripped out, along with part of who I was. They weren't just words. Do you need another flannel shirt?" she asked, a bit embarassed to be talking about things like her family. She hadn't really allowed herself to feel anything about them for years.

01-12-2006, 10:35 PM
((OOC: Gator, just to let you know I am 99% sure Enzo was commenting on Bosh smelling like shit, because he smokes and cause he hasnt been able to change in a while. Whether you knew that and just wanted to play it differently, I dont know. Just thought id clarify that so you didnt think Enzo was a mean character. Or, im wrong, and it was someone else speaking through Enzo, along with the lollipop line.))

"Sorry Angie, but ya gonna have to wait till ya meet with him. He's probably busy now with the events takin place, but from what I've heard he's a great man, and it's worth the wait. As for how I like it, it's beautiful. I cant say much else since I just arrived today. Enzo and I come from another school. If your patient, everythin will be answered hun." Bosh replied to Angie. They all seemed to be getting anxious.

Diana went off about the problems with her powers and her family. Some others chimed in their stories. The memory of one of his earliest power displays caused him to squint his face in disgust. "If it makes ya feel any betta, I woke up next to an old woman once. She ended up bein my date. Try figurin that one out." Bosh shared with the group in the back. He would let them brood on that one on their own. Something told him Hiram would understand, if he caught on to his aging power that is.

01-12-2006, 11:40 PM
Skye glanced down as she felt James move closer to her and smiled. It was probably going to take a lot of care to get him to open up but she was willing to try. He seemed like a nice enough guy. The blonde beauty nodded at Hiram's explanation for the strange false name and said, "Well if you think about it that way, it makes sense. And I can guess why you would get a fake i.d. . To work right?" She was slightly taken aback when he admitted that he was 15, she didn't think that young but it fit, she supposed. She winced at his injuries but was impressed with the body underneath the blood. 'He obviously worked out before he left home.'

Skye had for the most tuned the conversation out when Bosh's remark cut through her thoughts. "If it makes ya feel any betta, I woke up next to an old woman once. She ended up bein my date. Try figurin that one out." The brit grimaced at the thought of waking up to someone who you weren't sure who they were when her mind wandered. The two of them had slept together, which led her to, 'Bosh... naked...' The thought startled her and Skye involuntarily blushed a deep pink. She hoped that nobody noticed.

Holding her hands up to cover her cheeks, Skye turned to look out the window and narrowed her eyes. How much longer could it possibly be? Well, since everyone else was sharing, she thought that it would help to pass the time if she contributed her own story. She cleared her throat and began, "I know what you mean Diana. My parents are... ultraconservative. When my powers first started showing up, I kept it hidden. I didn't tell a soul. But I woke up one morning, completely invisible and had a nervy. b. I started screaming and my parents rushed in. I dunno how it happened but I touched my mum and her hand disappeared." Skye sighed and looked down. "Things went downhill pretty fast from there. They sent me away to this laboratory, to be studied. Cured, is what they said. All the doctors did were prod and poke me. After a fortnight, I couldn't take it anymore. I ran away, back to my house. My parents found me in the morning and demanded to take me back. I convinced them to let me stay another night and take me back the next day." She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. The mutant wasn't sure if she should be sharing this much but once the words started coming out, they wouldn't stop. "That night, I gathered all my important things, some clothes, took out all my money and left. And that would be how I ended up here."

As she finished her tale, Skye looked around nervously. It was strange, finally revealing something so personal. It still hurt that her own family had turned her away, tried to lock her away, and Skye's chocolate eyes began to water. She hid her face in her hands and tried not to cry. 'Don't start sobbing, don't start sobbing...' the girl repeated over and over in her head.

01-13-2006, 12:09 AM
The conversation around Caleb seemed to fade into the background as he stared blankly out of the window, a slight smile on his face. He hadn't felt so completely surrounded by kindred spirits since the first day of Ancient Theology Club. For once, he didn't feel as if he had to be freakishly aware of everything around him since he was fiarly sure that he could trust these people not to conspire against him.

His attention drifted back to the conversation as everyone began to discuss how their friends and family had reacted to their mutations. It would appear that he wasn't the only one with a painful background. Keeping respectfully silent, he turned his eyes on each person that spoke in turn, nodding slightly as they discussed their unique situations. Bosh's story had him raising an eyebrow, but at the same time, it gave him a bit of information. He was sure now that Bosh's power was one of aging, as he'd seen with all of the rust. Darn useful, though Caleb would probably not be ingenious enough to do the quick thinking that had helped save their butts back there.

When Skye finished her story, Caleb reached over and patted her softly on the back. "Sort of reminds me of me," he said with a wry, bitter smile. "I had a twin brother. There was a car crash. . ." he shook his head, sending his shaggy bangs in front of his eyes. "He didn't make it. It was just after that that the Ka manifested, and my parents blamed me for his death, somehow. I don't think there's a point in trying to understand their logic. My dad wanted to destroy the Ka--I don't even know if that's possible--and I panicked. I ran off just like Skye here, only I had nothing but the clothes on my back and the Ka. No money. Hell, no shoes, either. I was lucky when my aunt took me in."

There. That was enough sharing on his part. There was no need to go into the painful details.

01-13-2006, 01:47 AM
Hiram chuckled lightly as Diana put her hands on his ribs. Not because he was embarrassed or anything, but because he was ticklish. Luckily for him though the slight stinging of the peroxide stopped him from laughing too hard. He shook his head as she asked about another flannel.

?Nope, I got a spare. Besides, can?t take them from you. You look too good in them, it?d be like stealing a priceless painting from a museum.? He then chuckled again as he listened to Bosh?s story. ?Hey, that happened to me once too. Only for me it was because of too much whiskey.?

Hiram scratched his head. ?So you used your power? I thought maybe you could only do stuff to metals.... you know the dumpster and the fire escape? But, when us and James were on opposite sides of the western front, you pulled a blade.... the girl you were with? Ever able to fix her??

He shrugged his shoulder in answer to Diana?s problem with the words, he hadn?t had that problem. And if he had, he didn?t really know how he would react. Probably look on the bright side, but he could never be sure. He listened to some of them explain how they learned about their powers and he thought back to the day it happened himself. First though he looked through his bag and checked on some things, keeping them low so no one could see. The framed picture of his papaw and mamaw, himself, and mother was all right, but the picture of his father in his senior year of basketball was broken at the frame. His whittling stick and pocket knife were both in good condition, and his small collection of CDs that he hadn?t listened too in months was okay, but....

?Oh crap.... not Fenix TX!? Hiram moaned looking down at the broken yellow and blue CD. ?The regular humans have gone too far. Anyway, there was this field party we was at one night, and a thunderstorm just came out of nowhere. Everybody pretty much had the bright idea to head for shelter, I on the other hand figured I had never been four wheeling in a storm before. I figured it?d be a hell of a time. One tight turn and I flipped the four-wheeler, luckily I came out with just a few scratches and bruises. I was leaning up laughing, just happy to be alive, then the next thing I know this bolt of lightning comes crashing down. It hits my four wheeler which I?m leaning against, and instead of frying me on the spot... I take it in and shoot it back out, taking out a nearby tree. Almost started a forest fire, but luckily it started pouring rain right afterwards.? He shuddered at the thought. ?I was damn lucky, I learned this thing I can do has limits. Just touching the four wheeler, felt like I was going to blow up, hate to think what would?ve happened if the bolt had hit me directly. But I was able to keep the lid on my power for a while, before I had to leave. Still, I was right in a way, it was a hell of a time.?

Hiram smiled and glanced back up toward the front seats. ?Hey, Bosh? Please tell me that this school is called Freak University,? He glanced over at Diana and winked at her, then raised his middle finger. ?I always wanted to go to a place called F.U.?

01-13-2006, 02:38 AM
Skye was surprised when she felt Caleb's hand patting her on the back. All the boys she knew would have been uncomfortable with this kind of display of emotion, especially from her and she was grateful for the comfort. She had calmed down now and took her face out of her hands to look at the group. Just then, Hiram began his tale. 'Four wheeling in a lightning storm? Was he mad?' ?Hey, Bosh? Please tell me that this school is called Freak University,? He glanced over at Diana and winked at her, then raised his middle finger. ?I always wanted to go to a place called F.U.? This comment made her laugh out loud as she wiped away the few tears that had managed to escape. "Very classy, Hiram, very classy," she smiled.

Feeling much calmer now, Skye settled contentedly back into her seat and sighed. Her adrenalin had dissapated now and she felt drained again. All she really wanted was a hot shower. The girl's mind wandered back to her entrance into the mansion and the little part of it she'd seen. She was curious as to what the rest of the mansion looked like and hoped that someone would be willing to give her a tour once they were all rested.

Skye spent the next few minutes musing about the mansion and the people inside. She sincerely hoped that somewhere in that huge house there was a place for her to practice her kickboxing, preferably in private. The blonde was afraid that she would get out of shape if she didn't continue her training. Plus, it might come in handy should their little group get into anymore fights like today's. 'I wonder what all the other people are like.'

Diana Morris
01-13-2006, 02:55 AM
Diana listened quietly to the others tell of their manifestations, and problems. Somehow, although she chided herself for feeling good about others' suffering, it felt good to know that she wasn't alone in bad experiences with her powers. She blushed madly at Bosh's story, and listened with a horrified expression on her face when Skye talked about her parents. She wrinkled her forehead in concern at Calebs story, thinking of losing Riley forever.

"Don't laugh. You'll make my hand slip." she told Hiram as he chuckled, although she smiled as he said it. That was one thing she was lucky about, she had never been ticklish.

?Nope, I got a spare. Besides, can?t take them from you. You look too good in them, it?d be like stealing a priceless painting from a museum.? he said

"Two sizes to big and they're like a priceless painting? Well I'll be. I never knew I was a Michelangelo portrait." she teased "No... I don't like how he does women, make it a Botticelli angel..."

She glanced at the stuff he pulled out while she was busy picking some little bits of thread from his shirt out of the cut. She wondered why his father wasn't in the one with him and people who she took to be his mom and grandparents. She listened to his story with interest, and thought of what it must have felt like. Probably like her first week with her powers.

Hiram smiled and glanced back up toward the front seats. ?Hey, Bosh? Please tell me that this school is called Freak University,? He glanced over at Diana and winked at her, then raised his middle finger. ?I always wanted to go to a place called F.U.?

Diana's eyes widened and she glared at Hiram a bit before she appreciated the humor. Then all of a sudden she started laughing. As abruptly as she began she stopped and looked about at the people around her. She hadn't done half of the things she did today since she was 13. The girl thought about laughing. It had been ages. Diana contemplated her former lack of human emotion and somehow shrugged it off. She taped down the gauze against Hirams skin, and patted it gently surveying her work. It was neatly done.

01-13-2006, 05:06 PM
Being reminded of the horrific fact that he could not change his date back was nothing of a joke to Bosh. It was then that he recalled the connection he had shared with that beautiful young woman before they went to sleep in her apartment bed. Things changed rapidly after, and Bosh couldnt bear to be there when she woke up, so he left. What happened after was a big reason why he left the UK. She of course went to the cops in distraught. Who wouldnt be. It was a sick thing, Bosh's power, and to be affected was to lose time. Bosh carried a heavy burden from the past victims.

"No..." Bosh replied to Hiram's questions regarding if he was able to turn her back. It came out as it should have; sad, regretful, with guilt. "...and thats why I used the switchblade. One would notice Bosh's mood had taken a sharp drop. He did manage to smirk at the F.U. comment.

Just then, Bosh turned a corner and head down a lush street. After some driving a rooftop could be seen peeking over the treeline in the distance. "There she is." Bosh said quietly, in wonder of how beautiful it looked from the road. He didnt get to see it much before, but now saw it as the others did. It was magnificent. The gates opened automatically for the Hummer, and Bosh carefully pulled the vehicle into an automatic garage opening down the path.

He wished he could get the kids accustomed to their surroundings, but for one thing he didnt know enough. Another thing was he needed to fix the Simone situation. She might kill Bosh. It was after all her idea and she was the driver. Hopefully his explanation of the days events would validate his decision.

Bosh put the Hummer in park and turned off the engine. He then turned to the others. "Okay everyone, we are here. Now, big things are happenin with D.C.. Right now I think the only thing I can do is take ya inside and sit ya down somewhere comfortable till this thing blows ova." Bosh explained to the group. It wasnt what they wanted to hear, but its what needed to be said.

Bosh got out of the Hummer and made his way through the door from the garage to the mansion. Luckily, this was same way they came with Simone, so he didnt seem too confused. It opened up close to the living room area, with the kitchen nearby as well.

"There are some couches." Bosh pointed out to the group behind him. He wished he could be a better host, but hell he wasnt. Maybe it was wrong for him to bring them there. All that was going through his head was how bad these kids were gonna have it soon, and how bad it was already for them. They obviously seemed excited about the whole thing, so its not like he was forcing them or anything.

"Enzo." Bosh called his teammate over as he head for the stairs. "We have to find someone, tell em what happened, ask em whats goin on and all. Renna and Ari have to be around somewhere. I guess we should find em first." Bosh's mind was racing with mystery, fed by the brooding quiet of the mansion. They wouldnt get any answers by standing around. Bosh turned back to the new group.

"You guys should stay here...Enzo and I are gonna have a look around." Bosh told them. "Im sorry, but we need to find out whats goin on here, and havin you guys bump into any one might cause an upstart. We will be back shortly."

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