• Welcome to the UXRPG

    Welcome to the Uncanny X-Men RPG!

    We are an on-line community of Marvel, X-Men, and general comic book fans from across the globe that have been writing together since 2002! Originally an ezBoard community, the UXRPG is today a place where you can create content for canon characters or even create something unique within the universe created by Stan Lee back in 1964.

    Our community was created by Nick Seiler, who remains our overall administrator and is otherwise in charge of the asylum here. Assisting him is Iceslushee, our resident Super Mod.

    We hope you take a moment to explore the stories that we've scripted here through the years, which take place in the 1990's era X-Men comics (between the major storylines of the Phalanx and Onslaught). We'd love to have you join our community, but please make sure to browse through the rules before jumping in.

    And finally, we have to note that the X-Men, X-Factor, New Mutants, Generation-X, and all other associated characters are copyright and/or registered trademarks of Marvel Entertainment. Our use of such we believe falls under the Fair Use Doctrine. Original characters are copyright to their creative writers. The banner image on the site is the art work of Marko Djurdjevic.