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    Default A&C - Chapter One - A Speaking Engagement

    The thick pages of the day?s edition of the New York Times slammed upon Charles Xavier?s desk with enough power to shake the picture frames and other knickknacks he?d collected for display over the years. The latest print of one of the nation?s most widely read papers featured a new article regarding Congress? decision to pass the Mutant Registration Act, a horrible piece of legislature that required, among other things, that all persons with the mutant gene to register with the government, effectively outing them in a country that still remains bitter and vengeful over the mutant attack on their capital.

    And it seemed in the spirit of that emotion, elected representatives found themselves in one of two positions. Either they heard the growing sentiment about the mutant population from their constituents and felt this vote was the only way to appease their state, or they were simply too stupid to think for themselves and understand that, when Washington was attacked by Magneto and then Apocalypse, it was the mutant X-Men that were giving their all to protect the city.

    But that didn?t seem to matter to the important voting block of this nation. Because when the chips were down and their hand was forced, Congress had come down on the side of those carrying the pitchforks. Any politician with any kind of political instinct at all knew that siding for the rights of the mutants at this point in history would earn them a bus pass out of Washington. And of course that?s exactly what Senator Robert Kelly was counting on whenever he authored this bill.

    Kelly was also counting on President Archer, already politically weakened as he was a vice president failing to do a president?s job, to get behind the bill as well, because if Archer had any aspirations of a continued political career, he couldn?t side with the mutants either.

    But in the end, no matter who supported the bill, the only thing that counted was that it as Kelly?s and it was supported. One more step towards the oppression of a co-equal race by one man on the path to the presidency.

    ?It?s like the Patriot Act all over again,? Xavier found himself saying aloud as he turned his gold hoverchair towards the rear window of his ground floor office.

    He would give the Senate some credit, however. Upon passing the MRA, an investigative committee was immediately formed to determine the best method of collecting and archiving mutant registration information. When he?d heard about the panel, Charles had made a specific request to speak in front of the group to discuss not only the dangers of the bill itself but the specific dangers created by making mutant identities public knowledge ? the finger pointing and suspicious eyes from behind the curtain, the money wasted in false alarm emergency calls as neighbor reports neighbor despite no provocation, the effect that hate crimes against outted individuals will have on health care costs. It was a shame that his proposed presentation was on the dollars-and-cents of the issue, but he knew that was the only way he?d be taken seriously by a governmental body that voted over 80% in favor of this legislation.

    In the end, the committee had granted his request and his scheduled testimony in Washington was quickly approaching. But articles like the one in today?s paper, which detailed how mutant families were being forced to line up on the street and await their registration, made Charles wonder if anyone running this operation had even considered the topics he?d be bringing up regarding the individual?s right to privacy.

    Looking out to the green grasses of his estate, Charles couldn?t help but wonder how much longer his school would remain a private institution for mutant education. He?d been a public defender of mutants for quite a while now, yet no one had put the pieces of the puzzle together just yet. A part of Xavier couldn?t help but wonder if his determination in being a public figure in the fight for human/mutant co-existence wasn?t putting his students, his school, and his very livelihood in danger.

    With all these things weighing on his mind, the last thing Charles Xavier needed was a front page filled with bad news.

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    Hank McCoy


    OOC: I now see this was a little shorter than I thought. I will take care to add more content to my next post.

    Hank McCoy had not been overly surprised that Congress had passed the Mutant Registration. Not simply because of the kneejerk hysteria that was growing in the country over mutants, but because he had a very low opinion of politics in general. Congress couldn't be trusted to balance the national checkbook, let alone manage something of such importance as addressing the status of mutants.

    "Democracy is only a step from anarchy, but at least it's not as loud," he quipped to himself as he ambled down the hallway towards Professor Xavier's office. He often tried to avoid walking 'gorilla-style' with all four limbs, but he was in something of a rush and the simian gait allowed him to move much faster than a normal person.

    The passage of the MRA put Dr. McCoy in a precarious predicament. He was open about his status as a mutant, not that his physical appearance gave him much of a choice, and it would only be a matter of time before the authorities began to wonder why his name was not on their lists. This meant that McCoy faced the paradox of cooperating with a law he thoroughly disagreed with. But then again, what choice did he have? He did the X-Men little good locked up in a cell somewhere. And since he was out as a mutant, it was really just a formality for him to register.

    The real issue was that his doing so might set a precedence, justifying the MRA when it was a thoroughly unjust piece of legislation. Oh how he hated politics.

    "Good afternoon Charles," he said to the Professor as he finally reached the man's office, pushing the door open with one meaty fist. "I take it you've been reading on the most recent antics of our vaunted leaders?"
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    The room was ice-cold, partly hidden in the shadows, every book was carefully covered with a layer of dust and her conversation partner-to-be was what 'normal' humans would call a blue-haired monster. Only difference was that this one read Shakespeare and was an expert in genetics.
    To put it shortly, a nightmare come true for every young student. Especially this one. The woman in question is Jennifer Stavros aka Roulette. Born as a mutant with extraordinary abilities, she was a member once of the villain team the Hellions. Now, she's enrolled at Xavier's College as a student and X-trainee. The 'blue-furred monster' is Henry McCoy, also a mutant, and a teacher. More precisely, her personal teacher. But why had he summoned her to his office? Her grades were acceptable and she hadn't run into any trouble (yet). She could only hope he wasn't planning to give her a lecture about values and that kinda stuff. She was already 'going' for a place in the 'official' X-team, which meant that one day she'd actually have to get along with them. She could do without their 'moral standards'.

    Ever since her first run-ins with the New Mutants, the junior squad of the x-men, she had detested the x-teams. Their precious 'dream', their 'high-standards'. God, she got sick just thinking about them. All this, because of one crippled man. She wasn' t too fond of the Professor. She thought of him as a rather cold man, and the idea that he could bare her mind, her deepest secrets, strip her of her emotions and memories wasn't very reassuring. Lately, he didn't look that cheerful either (did he ever?) with the acceptance of the MRA and she considered herself lucky that she, as a trainee, met him rarely if ever.

    "They really think they're the only ones... That their way is the only way to salvation. Hah, salvation! They have more in common with Magneto than they think." The bookcases were filled to the top. Book after book, all piled one on the other. Judging by their cover, none of them would ever be touched by a student, at least not voluntarily. She giggled as she looked across the titles. He had to be a real fan of...what was it? Oscar Wilde... If Hank, professor McCoy, had the time to read all those books, life as an x-men might not be that hard. Not that she would use that free time to read of course.

    The room had only one window, and the curtains were closed. Apparently, mr. McCoy didn't spent too much time here. And, judging from the dust piled up on the floor and the desk, it seemed that the cleaning service of Xavier's had its limits too. I'm not born to do the cleaning here, but this room really needs a bit of light! she thought as she pulled the curtains back and welcomed the light of the sun.
    "Mr. McCoy certainly has a great view from here" She looked out on the sport fields of the college, and the excellent weather had invited the jocks on the field of grass. From this distance, she couldn't discern any facial features, but their muscles shined in the sun, as if they were lubricated with oil. Maybe Xavier's wasn't that bad after all...

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    Ororo Munroe


    Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning, Westchester. For some, this was merely a school for the most gifted youngsters. For others, this was a secret training place for mutants to learn how to use their gifts. For Ororo Munroe, it was a place she could call home. Whatever happened, she could always return here, where she could rest when the world had spit her out again, usually after she had saved countless lives. Again. And again. Now, she needed the school more than ever.

    Flecks of rain peppered the windscreen and the taxi driver had switched on the wipers. The shower swiftly became a downpour and even on full power the wipers were unable to cope with the cascade of water. "God, what's with the weather today? First sun ? volont?, then rain pouring down, followed by a short reprise...and now it's pelting down again?! Merde!" As the driver continued his rant against the fickle forces of nature, Ororo felt guilty. The elements were going out of control and she felt it in her every vein. She knew she was powerless to do anything about it, but what bothered her the most was that she might be the one to blame for it. For a moment, she had let her guard down, succumbing to her deepest fears, hidden desires and this was the result. Her powers weren't reacting to her orders as well as they used to, and she had been left with no choice but to take a cab back to the school. Something wasn't right.

    The cab stopped in front of the fencing. "That'll be a fifty, miss. Thanks. I'd move fast if I were you, it's a long way from here to the door!" the driver sympathetically added as she handed him his fee. Storm calmly replied "Thank you for your concerns, but I have seen worse. And I came through." Now why did I have to say something like that? she thought as she stepped out into the downpour. I'm just trying to encourage myself, keep myself in check...

    When she finally entered the school, completely soaked of course, Ororo was still conversing with herself. The hall was empty anyway, but she hardly payed attention to the fact. There were other matters occupying her mind. So many strange or disastrous events have passed lately. The drama of Washington, her failure in the sewers, losing control over her powers and herself, the unnatural weather distortions... And the girl she met in the park. What had happened to her? Was there a girl in the first place, or had it been her own voice of sanity? Too many questions, she said to herself. I just have to speak to Charles, and together we'll be able to work this through. Many times she had relied on the wisdom of the professor and he had a way of comforting her in even the direst of situations. Still, even as she was knocking on the door of Xavier's office, one thought kept going through her mind: was she going mad?

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    Distracted in deep contemplation, Charles Xavier?s thoughts were interrupted as the door to his office creaked open. He turned his eyes from the view outdoors to the visitor he?d be hosting, only to see the large form of Doctor Henry McCoy casually passing through the frame of the doorway. He smiled, turning fully around to greet his colleague and friend.

    "Good afternoon Charles. I take it you've been reading on the most recent antics of our vaunted leaders?"

    Xavier?s eyes fell to his desktop, where the New York Times sat in a rather disorganized pile, the result of what happens when one tosses it down in disgust rather than taking the time to fold it as it was meant to be distributed. The smile evaporated from his face slowly, the sign of a man with much on his mind. He leaned forward in his chair, pushing the paper across his desk in case Hank had yet to review this specific edition of the national coverage.

    ?If anything, it?s work and not pleasure,? Charles said grimly, turning to look back through the office window towards the world outside. So peaceful, so calm. If a person wanted, they could practically shut out what was going on in the rest of the world and enjoy this kind of day. But for a man like Charles Xavier, a man who had spent his entire life fighting not just for his own livelihood but for all mutants to be considered a co-equal inhabitant of this planet, there were few days where he could be so selfish as to simply enjoy the world around him for what it was.

    He turned back to Henry, now commanding his hover chair to circle his desk so that he was no longer behind it but in front, where Hank had likely chosen to stand for their conversation. He?d save the behind-the-desk routine for a troublesome student down the line. ?There?s a Senate sub-committee meeting in Washington regarding the implementation of certain aspects of the Mutant Registration Act. I?ve been invited to testify and provide my thoughts about how the government would best go about taking the actions included in the legislation.?

    Charles couldn?t help but pause, because it was at that moment after having voiced the event aloud that he couldn?t help but feel as if he were betraying his mutant family. Going in front of Congress and telling them how to enact a bill he was vehemently opposed to was not his idea of progressive opposition fueled by his beliefs. But then again, Xavier had little intention of actually providing what the panel had requested.

    ?I plan, however, to use the opportunity to voice my direct opposition to the Act itself,? he said, connecting eyes with Hank. ?Of course I?d only admit this to my closest of students, Henry, but I can?t exactly say I?m looking forward to sitting in front of Congressional leaders and purposefully inciting them. But these are the fights we choose to fight and the burdens we choose to carry.?

    Gliding across the carpeted floor to a table on the far side of his office, Charles poured two small glasses of water and brought one to his friend. He took a sip of the cool clear liquid and let out a long breath before returning to the welcomed discussion the two were engaged in. ?But I?m not the only one taking on additional burdens, am I? Along with your regular teaching, I?ve understand you?re tutoring one student in particular? Tell me, what in particular drew you to young Miss Stavros any--?

    His thoughts were interrupted as he sensed something; this was nothing incredibly abnormal for Charles, nor would it be odd to Hank. One of the most powerful telepaths in the world, Charles Xavier was capable of detecting the presence of near-by mutants, a skill that required little exertion on his part and one he was regularly tapping into to ensure the safety of his school. As it so happened, he felt a very familiar pattern approaching his office door just as he and Hank spoke. Only a second or two after the pause in his sentence, a knock interrupted the brief silence, and Charles took another sip of water before welcoming the next arrival.

    ?Please come in, Ororo.?

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    Hank McCoy


    "Fear is a motivator beyond measure, I'm afraid," said Hank with a heavy sigh. "And who better to fear than mutants? Not all of us are as benign in appearance as others." He held up two furry, claw-tipped hands for emphasis. "People by their very nature are apprehensive of things that they don't understand. And in certain cases they have good reason. Magneto and Apocalypse are prime examples of what a human with the wrong social adjustment can do with their powers."

    He adjusted his spectacles, a telltale sign of thought on McCoy's behalf. Did he share Charles' anxieties about a Congressional testimony? There was no doubt it would stir up considerable controversy. Perhaps violence. There had been far too much of that lately.

    "I think you are doing the right thing by accepting," said McCoy finally. "There will be unfortunate consequences from the fallout, that is clear. But to stand by and do nothing would be far worse. The recent events Scott and his team faced at the registration center attack is clear proof that the MRA can and will cause danger to the innocent, law-abiding mutant population in this country. You must take a stand." The shaggy scientist shrugged his shoulders and cracked an ironic smile. "For the sake of posterity, if nothing else."

    "But I?m not the only one taking on additional burdens, am I? Along with your regular teaching, I?ve understand you?re tutoring one student in particular? Tell me, what in particular drew you to young Miss Stavros?"

    "Roulette is the name she prefers," noted Henry. "Not an uncommon trait among younger mutants. And my interest? Certainly her mutation is exceptionally interesting. Many of the most amazing and powerful mutations we can still understand in a scientific sense. While we are not totally sure what causes your telepathy, for example, we do know how it works and how to harness it. Cerebro is a perfect example. Yet Roulette's ability to alter probability is simply unexplainable. I've theorized it has something to do with alteration of-"

    He winced and shook his head. Another heavy sigh. "All my stars and garters, I was supposed to meet here in my office right now." He glanced at the door, still not opened, as Charles gave his greeting to Ororo. "Ah, if you wouldn't mind Charles, could you summon Miss Stavros for me?" Hank tapped the side of his head for emphasis.

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    What a bummer, she thought as the jocks ran back to the covered gym. This flood had come out of nowhere, and her perfect view on the fields was now getting blurred by splashing raindrops. The tempest raging outside, Roulette stayed watching nonetheless. Oh, this is just perfect! she thought angrily, yet a smile formed on her pretty face. McCoy had appearently forgotten all about her and she'd have him for that. The room was still muffy and outdated, but outside! That's where the real action was. With a firm hand she opened the windowlock. Immeadiately raindrops started splashing on her face and clothes as she pulled the window further open. She'd always loved a great storm like this, even when she was a child. Thunderclouds, raging winds, the pooring rain... It had always fascinated her. And especially lightning. Concentrating her anger, her desire for revenge, she willed a black disk to form in her hand. With all her strength, and a precision that was the result of years worth of practice, she threw it to a small group of trees near the window. It hit the branch of the largest tree and bounced once before disappearing. A bolt of lightning flickered suddenly and in less than a second one of the trees caught fire. "Whoops! Guess that one just slipped from my fingers..."

    Despite the heavy rainfall, the trees kept burning brightly, but Roulette quickly lost attention. She knew that within a few seconds, the effect of her disk would wear off. Revenge was what she wanted, but not at all costs, so she had kept her powers down (a bit). Indeed, after a short while the fire was extinguished by the rain. But now she was derived from her fun. She needed to do something, something more exciting than this, and unless she would leave this dusty office, nothing was gonna happen. Jennifer wasn't the kind of girl that would wait for a guy (or in this case, a teacher) to approach her. She would show them that she was something special. For starters, she thought in a detective-like style, I can 'investigate ' the dissapearance of the subject Henry McCoy. Characteristics: blue-furred, big teeth, big feet, big hands, big brain, big...? I guess that one isn't important, is it? The thought alone made her giggle, and she began to wonder wether McCoy was seeing someone. As soon as she would find him, she'd get him a girl, she decided. A pretty one, of course. "Pretty", she laughed, "to his furry standards of course!". The thought of humiliating Beast made her smile, and she threw the door of his office open with force. Now where was that blue guy hiding?

    As she wandered through the halls, Jennifer started to realize that this was really a big school. There was nobody to be found in the entrance hall and the greatness of it all was even more emphasised now it was empty. Xavier had to be a really wealthy man that he was able to build this house. And rebuild it several times too. And pay for the maintenance too. Maybe he has some secret treasure hidden in this mansion, she jokingly thought. But now it was time for real business. Where was her teacher?
    She was wandering through the many halls of the mansion, glancing at the many posters hanging on the doors as she passed them. The resonance of her heels hitting the ground was amplified by the cold concrete she was walking on. This hall had to be something special. There were quite a few places where he could be hiding, but she had a feeling he was hanging out at an important place. Inspecting the door at the end of the hall she stood in, she read the the sign: "Charles Xavier - Headmaster". Now wasn't she lucky?
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    Ororo Munroe


    OOC: The first paragraph accidently contains a bit of humor. It doesn't really suit the current situation, but hey...

    She instantly recognised that voice. One that could comfort, console, yet also be definitive, intimidating. It was a voice Ororo had heard in many situations, in various tones, yet she still felt a warm feeling of recognition hearing it again. Gently pushing the door open, the heavy lighting in the room blinded her for a moment. As her vision slowly returned, she immeadiately discerned the silhouette of the professors hover chair. His bald head reflected the light heavily, but she was used to that now. She remembered their first meeting: even back then he had fascinated her, with his bald head. Nowadays, she was still intriguied by his head, but not because he had no hair on it. It contained what was maybe the most powerful mind on Earth, and a will that could move mountains. Figurally speaking of course. "It is good to see you again, professor." Even though she had spoken to Xavier so many times, she felt strangely uptight.

    As she greeted the professor, Ororo perceived another presence in the room. Reflecting back on the situation, she couldn't understand how she could've missed him. But her mind was troubled and her vision blurred. In this state, even an imposant man like Henry McCoy could go unnoticed by her. "Oh, hi Hank." she adressed the blue-furred man. "I didn't think someone else would be here now. But it is good to see you again, old friend." It had been a long time since their last meeting, and she'd missed her fellow team member. Overall, she had missed being able to talk to anyone, someone whom she could share her feelings with. But already the company of two of the most prominent men in her life was calming her down. A bit. As Ororo talked, she noticed that the mood in the room wasn't very relaxed. Was it ever? But now, with the MRA active, there was every reason to be depressed. Maybe this wasn't the time for her personal troubles. But this was important too. For her. Was it her duty to put aside her personal worries because she was a hero?

    Nervously, she spoke: "I... hope that I'm not interrupting anything important, but I need to speak to you, professor. I know that this is probably the worst of times now, but I... I don't trust myself anymore. Ever since the drama of Washington, I haven't felt the same. It's like I lost all confidence and self-control... unexplicable events...the park..." Ororo started stuttering. Laying her head in her hands, she couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She knew she was losing control again, but she was too weak, too tired. All her feelings, her worries, seemed to pour right out of her, as she struggled with her words. Raising her head, she managed one hushed sentence: "Help me..."
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    3:01 am

    Bobby lay sleeping in his bed, tossing and turning. His mind racing as he dreamt, suddenly


    Bobby sat up in his bed in a cold sweat, his hair drenched, as were his sheets. He grabbed at his chest searching for the bullet hole that he knew where there. Slowly he began to realize that it was all a dream, will that this time it was a dream. As he got up out of bed, he looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand.

    ?Great it's 3 in the morning just fantastic.?He complained as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, deciding that sleep was out of the question he sat at his desk and turned on his laptop. It had been a couple days since he had even thought about doing any work but with Warren gone, someone had to manage the Worthington Empire. Bobby had been his accountant for a long time now, just another way to keep it in the family he said when Warren had asked him to do it so many years ago.

    Lately though every time, he did any work on the books he could not help but think about his old friend that had turned on them. ?Wonder if he?s ok??Bobby thought to himself as he typed in his password. The picture on his desk top pop into view, it was a picture of the team in their field uniform. Really, it looked like something out of a comic book; Bobby stared at it for a moment reminiscing on better days.

    Opening the correct program, Bobby went to work balancing the books. It was not very hard; as he was not the only accountant on the job. There were others but it was up to Bobby to look over and finalize with his stamp of approval. After about an hour of reviewing he was bored, what he really wanted to do was speak to the professor, when they got back from their last mission Bobby could not find him and decided it was a matter better left for the next day. It was only four something in the morning; he knew it would be a few more hours before he would be able to speak to his mentor.

    ?Myspace here I come.?He said as he opened up his profile page and began to look through his unanswered mail, four and a half hours flew by like minutes and before he knew it the sun was up and it was morning. Myspace is very addicting and can eat up time like a hungry fat kid at a buffet. Finally closing out the page and logging off, Bobby prepared to take a shower. He knew that by the time he was done there would be a good chance that the professor would be in his office. After showering and getting dressed, Bobby combed his hair, a little hair gel and he was done, looking at his refection for a moment he let the faded memory of his bad dream go finally, at least until he had time to talk to Charles.

    The Spec ops officer?s actions at the courthouse still weighed heavily on his mind; one of his main fears was that this was only the beginning of what was going to be a very bad time for mutants. Bobby made his way to the Professor's office on his way he heard the sound of high heels in the hallway, as he turned the corner he saw Roulette standing in front of Xavier?s door.

    "Charles Xavier - Headmaster", her voice sounding somewhat sarcastic and she looked like she was looking for something or someone, as bobby stepped up beside her.

    ?Hi Jennifer how are you doin this morning? Looking for the Prof.?? He was prepared to open the door for her when they were ready to enter.

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    Default Colossus

    The Greyhound bus had traveled a vast distance carrying passenger?s long prolonged distances. Smoke trailed in large well-formed clouds spewing out the backside of the bus until it came to a stop in front of institute. The screeching doors opened followed by a gentle expression from a man with a heavy Russian accent. "This is good. Thank you my dear. I pay you now?" The man went on to hold a small conversation between himself and the bus driver. After some the large Russian man stepped off the bus happy to return to the one place he was still welcome. Colossus had finally returned home. The large Russian man was towering and massively built with a number of fine lean muscles that made up his torso. Colossus carried a large suitcase in his hand while a carry-on bag was placed across his shoulder. He walked through the front doors of the institute his large frame easily stood out among the other students.

    Piotr made his way down the hall, all of the students were asleep and Piotr did his best not wake them. He made his way down the hall until he came upon his old room and reached down to open the door. Setting his traveling bags down, Piotr started to unpack, placing clothes back in their proper places while he made himself at home once again. Charles Xaiver, a man Piotr had to come respect utterly, through him the possibilities for a world where nobody died would be possible. Certain events weighed heavily on Piotr, however; he would overcome them at any cost in order to make the world a safer place for mutants and for the ones he held closest to his heart. Piotr arranged several pictures in his room of his previous family members and closest friends, some dead, some still alive. It was from his loss?s in life that drove him to protect others, so that would not have to suffer the events he has had to witness in his life. The recent mutant registration act had to be stopped or more innocent people would die in the process or worse, be forced into slavery.

    Piotr started the shower allowing the water to warm while he studied himself in the mirror, running his hands down his facial features for a moment. When he could not look in the mirror any longer he stepped into the shower allowing the warm water to wash away the painful memories of the past and give hope to the future. Piotr would take a shower and get dressed while wondering how well the institute had held together over the time period that he had been absent. Piotr stepped out into the hall closing the door behind him very gently. He was anxious to help the team once again, if only he could have known that of their mission earlier he could have helped at the courthouse.

    Piotr wondered through the hallway; making his way towards Xavier?s office. A shadow cast across the doorway as Piotr walked through the doorframe. The massive Russian stood six-foot-seven and weighed around two hundred and fifty pounds of developed muscles. It would seem the large attendance was no doubt in response to the recent mutant registration acts that had been taking place. Piotr glanced around the room taking in the atmosphere that he had walked in on. Piotr couldn?t help but notice the desperation in Ororo?s voice and frowned in response while thinking something must have happened and he was to late. "Excuse me comrades, I meant not to interrupt. Is good to see you all are well." Piotr said in a genuine tone.

    Piotr was genuine in his statement and now the gentle giant remained quiet. Piotr had tried to bring Xaiver?s subtly to other mutants, however; it was obvious that not every mutant shared his dream for a better and safer world. Piotr crossed his massive arms over his chest while he listened to what the others had been discussing. He would help in anyway he could to prevent more loss of life. "All seems not well?" Piotr said in response to their discussion on the mutant registration acts. Piotr had finally returned.
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    ((OOC: Exodus, I don't mind if you use this thread as a way to introduce Colossus back onto the team, but soon we'll be beginning a mission and the sign-ups for that mission have closed. So you'll need to move Piotr on to another thread when that happens. Just letting you know!))

    "And who better to fear than mutants? Not all of us are as benign in appearance as others."

    There was a brief moment where Hank?s words stung a bit, as Xavier thought that perhaps that was a bit of envy in his good friend?s voice. But Charles knew that Hank was simply being objective about their situation, and of course, he was correct. It was far easier for a mutant like Charles or Scott or Jean to fit in with the rest of the human world than it was for someone like the Beast, whose physical appearance was enough to form tears in the eyes of children and make mothers cry out for help. Then again, it wasn?t entirely Hank?s mutation that had brought about his furry blue appearance.

    As Charles sat quietly, pondering his decision, Henry offered his ever-valued opinion. "I think you are doing the right thing by accepting." The man made an incredible case, one that had been playing in some part through Xavier?s mind already, but hearing it from another gave Charles the kind of assurance he needed. He had to withhold a bit of a grin, irresistibly finding humor in the fact that after all these years, he needed a pep talk from one of his students to reassure himself that he was making the right choice. But not all choices in life are meant to be made alone, and with the expertise of Dr. Henry McCoy behind him, Charles knew he was on the right path. said McCoy finally. "You must take a stand."

    ?It?s a stand we?ve all committed ourselves to taking,? Xavier responded with a nod of his head, proud that so many of his students have stayed true to their fight for human mutant coexistence.

    Their discussion about the mutant teenager known as Roulette proved fruitful and enlightening. It pleased Charles to see Hank intrigued and excited about the child?s mutant ability, and though Xavier did not need the reminder, he could clearly see why Hank was such a valuable member of the Xavier Institute teaching staff; his care and interest in the students was beyond compare. But it seemed their talk had fogged the memory of Doctor McCoy, as he?d forgotten that he?d actually had an appointment with the young mutant at this very moment. "Ah, if you wouldn't mind Charles, could you summon Miss Stavros for me?" Hank asked, tapping the side of his head as if to signal Charles to activate the telepathic pager.

    Xavier reached his index and middle finger to his head, an unnecessary habit but one he occasionally repeated nonetheless. As he prepared to telepathically reach out to the young student, his eyes caught something through the doorway that Ororo had just opened. Smiling a bit, Charles leaned his head over towards Hank. ?From the looks of things, that may not be necessary.?

    It would seem that a large contingent had taken residence outside his office door. He knew that Ororo was waiting to enter, but the arrival of Iceman and Roulette had gone unnoticed to the powerful mutant. As Ororo walked through the doorway, Xavier waved the rest of the group through as well, and it wasn?t long before his office began to look as crowded as the war room downstairs. Xavier welcomed all of them in with a nod, and then turned his attention to Ororo first.

    The weather goddess known as Storm had a grave confession to make, and a part of Xavier was disappointed that he?d invited everyone in to hear it. But he knew Storm was a strong person of little self-consciousness; sharing her concerns in an office full of her friends would not be cumbersome for her. But then, she started to well up with tears, prompting Xavier to hover around the perimeter of his desk to comfort her, a gentle hand greeting her shoulder. As she raised her head to ask for his help, she found herself met with a smile. ?My dear, we all go through many changes in our lifetime, and I?ve known you long enough to feel confident that you have the strength and the willpower to meet this challenge head on.?

    The gravity of her concerns would likely not be completely calmed by his words, though. Knowing that he would be leaving shortly on his own business, he knew they would not have the kind of time she deserved for the two of them to sit and discuss everything that?s on her mind. And though in an instant Charles could telepathically probe her and determine everything she was worried about, every true feeling and thought in her person, he preferred not to make such grand intrusions. Instead, he saw an opportunity present itself, not just for Storm but for the others as well.

    ?I have an idea,? he exclaimed, turning his head slightly to look at nothing in particular ? an aside moment of thought ? before returning his gaze to his former students. ?I would like the four of you to accompany me on a short trip I?m taking to Washington DC. There I will be testifying in front of a Senate panel regarding the recent passing of the Mutant Registration Act. Ororo, that would give us a chance to talk in more detail about your concerns and fears. It would also allow Robert to brief me on exactly what happened in New York. And I think it would be good, Doctor McCoy, for your young student-? Xavier nodded his head in Roulette?s direction. ?-to see the kind of challenges mutants face in this world in their fight for co-existence.?

    He paused for a moment, allowing his offer to sink in with the group. As he waited for their response, another new arrival appeared at his doorway. This time it was Piotr Rasputin, the mutant who in armored form was known by the name Colossus, a code name that was also rather applicable to Peter in normal form given his exceptional build and physique. Peter?s arrival put a smile on Xavier?s face; it was always exceptional to see one of his long-time students return to the fold, and Peter was no exception. His tough and often metallic exterior hid the thoughtful and artistic interior that only his closest friends had gotten to know so well, and thought the young mutant has faced more than his share of troubling times, Xavier admired his often upbeat and positive approach to situations.

    ?Excuse me comrades, I meant not to interrupt. Is good to see you all are well.?

    Charles nodded at his former student, stretching out a hand in a welcoming gesture. ?It?s wonderful to see you here again as well, Peter. You know you are always welcome at this school. Your room is just as you last left it.?

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    Hank McCoy


    "Ororo!" Hank took Storm by the hand and led her over to one of the seats in the office, indicating for her to sit. Ororo Munroe was by far one of the most strong-willed individuals he had ever known, her sheer force of character enough to literally hold back the elements. To see her in such a disconcerted state was quite a shock to him. "All my st.... please Ororo, sit down and rest for a moment. Whatever it is I am sure we can sort this out." McCoy gave Xavier a glance that said by 'we' he meant their resident psychologist and super-psychic.

    He too took notice to all of the people quickly accumulating outside of Xavier's office. It seemed that in this trying time the Professor would become more and more of a beacon for everyone who would be looking for some guidance. How many times had Hank himself sat in this office for long hours when his own doubt, fears and even grief became just too much?

    McCoy inwardly shook of those feelings. He was not a young man anymore. He was a teacher here and like Xavier, McCoy would have to be strong in the face of adversity for the sake of the students. One man could not be expected to act as the emotional rock of an entire people. If the Professor truly was going to stand against Congress and the might of the United States government, Hank vowed that he would back the man with every ounce of strength he had. Mental strength he hoped, not the physical kind. That usually involved violence with lots of running, screaming and generally fighting for his survival.

    Ah, the life of an X-Man.

    "Roulette." McCoy motioned for his pupil to enter the office, not that one with a will as strong as Ms. Stavros would need or care for encouragement. "My apologies for missing our appointment today. Things have been quite a bit hectic, with the MRA being passed and the recent violence Mr. Summer's team encountered. I want to talk to you about-"

    "And I think it would be good, Doctor McCoy, for your young student
    to see the kind of challenges mutants face in this world in their fight for co-existence.?

    McCoy, who had been speaking softly to Roulette as Xavier was talking, stopped in mid-sentence at the mention of bringing Jennifer. He had of course expected that Charles might ask him or one of the other X-Men along, but to bring such a new and, well...... overly headstrong girl like Roulette along was a big shock. McCoy implicitly trusted his old mentor's judgment but he had to make an effort not to appear shocked.

    "Ah, I see." McCoy cast a glance back at Roulette. "I am sure it would be an interesting learning experience." If there was one thing that could change a person's world view, it was hearing Charles Xavier pontificate. Maybe it would do her some good. "Er, Jennifer, you do realize that it will be necessary for us to be a bit more subdued in the use of our powers while at the Capital Building?" Though he was of course as gentle and polite in his statement as he could be, the meaning behind his words were clear. 'Please don't do anything reckless.'

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    Bobby entered the professor?s office; he had been here many times. He still remembered the first time he came into this room so many years ago. Of course, the entire mansion had been destroyed and rebuilt many times but this room still looked the same to Bobby, only now it seemed a lot smaller as he looked around and saw that it was crowded. He almost made a comment about sardines but instead waited quietly as Ororo and Charles exchanged words. It took him by surprise to hear his long time friend had worries about her powers, but he had to admire the fact that she could admit it openly. Something Bobby felt he would never be able to do; he?d rather just make jokes and push worries to the side.

    Speaking of side, he looked over at the woman he had walked in with; she and Hank were having a quiet conversation. Bobby could not help but think about how beautiful she was. Her blonde hair and blue eyes really did command attention. She was dressed well and her clothes only helped to show off her fit body, Bobby was tempted to say something to her about it earlier but opted to wait on it. He knew she was a Hellion and wanted to see where her head was at before attempting to make any kind of move on her. Although, he knew he would test out the waters eventually.

    Then the Professor suggested they all go with him to DC, at first, Bobby was not too sure, the last time he went out on a mission he had inadvertently begun a riot that ended in the death of an officer. An Officer that had saved his life by doing what was right and paid the ultimate price. Bobby had to admit that he was slightly worried that something else would go wrong, and given the last time the Xmen went to Washington, they left it in shambles, he had reason to be. Although he would not admit it aloud, he knew the others must have at least been thinking the same thing.

    When the professor suggested that he would have a chance to fill him in on the events of his last mission, Bobby could not help but lower his head. All he had thought about all morning was talking to Charles about what happened and how to find the people responsible, but now when faced with the chance to do so; Bobby felt a twinge of self-doubt. ?What if we don?t find out what went wrong or who they were?? He thought to himself, as he nodded to the professor in agreement, ?Count me in Prof.?

    With out warning the massive Xmen known as Piotr Rasputinwalked into the office and said, ?Excuse me comrades, I meant not to interrupt. Is good to see you all are well.? Bobby could not help but make a joke. ?Oh yeah now I really feel like we?re a bunch of sardines in a can.? He walked over to his long time friend and extended his hand in greeting, ?Long time no see dah? How have you been?? Bobby looked up at the towering man in front of him, the giant of their team with the ability to become even larger. Bobby always wondered how someone so artistic and thoughtful could be capable of the sort of devastation Colossus was capable of yet he did not let it get to his head. He was like a yin yang symbol and Bobby admired him for it.

    When Beast agreed to bring Jennifer along, Bobby did a little Shazame move in his mind, he was already plotting his next move when he turned his attention to Professor X and asked, ?So when do we hit the road??

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    Ororo Munroe


    Ororo felt better after her confession. The psychic burden she had to bear was still heavy, but in the presence of her friends, and with their support, she would might be able handle it. Both Xavier and Hank had been quick to assist her when she, unexpectedly, had burst into tears. It wasn't hard for her to imagine their shock at seeing a friend who's usually so composed, so confident, seemingly losing control over herself. Storm herself hadn't expected to show so much emotion, as this wasn't the first time she had doubts about herself. Her powers. Her life. But somehow, this felt different. It lay deeper, and she had no answers, only questions. "All my st.... please Ororo, sit down and rest for a moment. Whatever it is I am sure we can sort this out", Henry spoke as he led her to a chair near the desk of the professor. As she took the offered seat, Xavier consoled her.?My dear, we all go through many changes in our lifetime, and I?ve known you long enough to feel confident that you have the strength and the willpower to meet this challenge head on.?Ororo grabbed a handkerchief from her purse, and as she cleaned up her face, allowed Xaviers words to sink in. "Your words offer comfort, professor. But this is something I cannot manage on my own. I can't trust myself anymore... it is all so...unexplicable and bizarre!"

    Ororo continuing her plea, she didn't notice the two other people entering the room. Beast turned to them, and Ororo was too focused on her conversation with Xavier to have a look at them. Charles, however turned to the new entrants too, and so she followed his gaze towards the two young mutants.

    Iceman and a girl that looked familiar to her, but she didn't know who she was until Beast spoke her name. Roulette. She remembered her as one of the Hellions, a team of misguided young mutants under the care of the Hellfire club. Almost all of them had been slain by sentinels or drained of their life-energy in a conflict that involved Emma Frost, Trevor Fitzroy and the mutant called Bishop, but somehow she had survived the carnage. Ever since she saw her at the mansion, Ororo had felt guilty towards the young mutant. She was one of the x-men who were sent to rescue them, but they had arrived too late. Somehow she felt responsible for the girl losing her friends, but she had avoided a direct confrontation with her. Why? She didn't know, but her reluctance to go and talk to the girl ashamed her. And then there was Robert, like Hank one of the five original x-men. He had recently returned from a mission that, like everything these days, had gone terribly wrong. Ororo didn't know the details, but she tried to imagine how he was feeling. For so long, he had battled for Xaviers cause. Someone could say that between his first mission and the present, little has changed. Like all of them, he carried painful marks that couldn't be erased, but he seemed to deal with it quite well. His ability to joke his way out of a tight spot was one she admired, even though it sometimes led to him not being taken too serious by others. But like her, he had to have his limits too. Turning to Xavier as he spoke to the group, she prayed that when that time came he would be stronger then her.

    ?I would like the four of you to accompany me on a short trip I?m taking to Washington DC. There I will be testifying in front of a Senate panel regarding the recent passing of the Mutant Registration Act. Ororo, that would give us a chance to talk in more detail about your concerns and fears. It would also allow Robert to brief me on exactly what happened in New York. And I think it would be good, Doctor McCoy, for your young student-? Xavier nodded his head in Roulette?s direction. ?-to see the kind of challenges mutants face in this world in their fight for co-existence.? His offer surprised Storm. She had suspected him to help her more personally, especially faced with a delicate matter like this, but at the same time she understood him. Their days had darkened with the passing of the MRA, and time was of the essence here. Xavier was a teacher, but also an inluential man of international importance when it came to mutant affairs. She knew she couldn't demand his time for her personal problems alone. But still, this trip could perhaps help her to find out more about what has been causing her recent doubts about herself, her leadership, her sanity. It all seemed to have begun since their disastrous mission in Washington, and it would be quite possible that she could find some answers there. With her friends beside her, she would be fit to return and be confronted with her doubts and fears there. Yes, she decided, she would face her demons and fight them. She wouldn't be denied! "I agree professor. This way, I also might be able to learn more about who or what's been causing all of this. I have to know."

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    She didn't know what was more surprising: Xavier talking in her head, telling her that she could enter his office, or the sudden approach of a guy who she recognised as the x-men's running gag: Iceman. What she did know, was that neither of these 'surprises' appealed to her. Knowing that your mind can be invaded at any time by some old, yet dangerous man like Charles Xavier wasn't the most comforting thought for a woman like her. She blamed herself for being surprised by Iceman, having been too caught up in her thoughts to notice him. But even if she would have seen him, it wouldn't have changed her opinion about him. Like all x-men, Drake would eventually pay for leaving her friends to die. But for now she was his friend, and maybe more than that she thought as she took notice of his eyes. She knew those eyes. Hungry. Wanting. She had seen that gaze many times (Bobby wasn't the first), enough to know what was going to follow. Indeed, he gallantly held the door for her as she stepped into the old man's office. "Thank you, professor Drake. Gallant men have become a rare breed, and it's a pleasure to meet one." She knew exactly how to deal with young men like Robert Drake, though she had to admit he looked good. Deep blue eyes, shiny brown hair, nice abs... Why wouldn't she have some fun with him first, before destroying him?

    As she turned her attention to the people already inside the grand office, Jennifer couldn't help but think that she really did led a weird life. Three people were in the room: a bald man in some sort of futuristic weelchair, a sobbing black woman with white hair and a blue-furred beast wearing glasses. Any normal person would immediately leave the room in terror, running away from these 'freaks'. Roulette, however, recognised the freaks as Charles Xavier aka 'the professor', Ororo Munroe aka Storm and Henry McCoy aka Beast aka Blue-Boy. She was surprised to see the weather witch cry, but it gave her a feeling of deep satisfaction. "Looks like we arrived at the right time", she whispered to Bobby, momentarily forgetting about politeness and other nonsense. "Will you get the popcorn, I'll get the-". Her sentence was cut short as the furred-one motioned her to come closer. "My apologies for missing our appointment today. Things have been quite a bit hectic, with the MRA being passed and the recent violence Mr. Summer's team encountered. I want to talk to you about-". Jennifer surpressed a giggle as the Beast was cut short in turn by his beloved professor, thinking it serves him just right.

    "And I think it would be good, Doctor McCoy, for your young student to see the kind of challenges mutants face in this world in their fight for co-existence.?

    Her teacher obviously unhappy with the prospect of her joining the trip, Jennifer couldn't surpress her joy anymore. A silly smile formed on her face, but wether it was because of Beast disapproving Xavier's proposition or the opportunity to go to Washington she couldn't tell.
    "Ah, I see." Blue-Boy cast a glance back at her. "I am sure it would be an interesting learning experience." The expression on his face, however, revealed quite the contrary. It was quite obvious he expected trouble in bringing his young student along, as revealed by his next sentence: "Er, Jennifer, you do realize that it will be necessary for us to be a bit more subdued in the use of our powers while at the Capital Building?" Though she knew herself well enough to know that McCoy had reasons to be suspicious about her, she felt quite disappointed by his lack of trust in her. For a moment, it even hurt her feelings. However, she recovered her bearings quite quickly. "Sure, mr. McCoy. I'm really looking forward to this!" However, as Henry turned to Storm and Xavier again, she hatefully thought What about you, Blue-Boy? It's going to be tough to hide all that fur, not? Smiling at an enthusiastic Bobby, she thanked God for giving her more subtle powers. Powers that could be used without anyone noticing.
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    One of Piotr?s eyebrows raised for a mere moment while he pondered. "Sardines? Can?" Piotr brought a hand to his chin as if pondering for a moment before he released who was making such comments. "Ah Bobby, only you would jest about such." Piotr reached down to shake Bobby?s hand in return.

    "Tis good to see you well, I wish I was going with you, but I must remain here for now." Piotr exclaimed. "Good luck on your mission, if you need any help, you know where I am. Come see me when you return?" Piotr asked. Piotr would wish the team well and head out of the office, allowing them to carry on their mission.

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    The winter winds swirled across the short runway, forcing Charles Xavier to pull his dark toboggan down tightly over his head. Behind him, one of the flight attendants rotated his wheelchair so that he could be backed down the staircase of the private jet onto the runway where two cars awaited his arrival. The slight bumps of the chair?s wheels as they closed the space between stairs was a tolerable and somewhat forgettable disturbance; Xavier was too busy reviewing the mental notes of the points he?d planned to make to truly pay them much notice. He did, however, glance at the small group of personal security ? no more than four men provided by the United States Senate for protection purposes ? that waited by the opened doors of the two sport utility vehicles.

    He gave no exterior sign of displeasure, but Charles hated all the show. He would have been perfectly content flying commercially and taking a taxi to the Capitol Building, but with the recent mutant registration incident in New York combined with some other minor outbursts across the nation, the Senate panel thought caution was required. Xavier graciously accepted, but his gesture was not one of agreement ? he knew that his X-Men would be much more capable of handling a situation than these hired hands.

    Reviewing that thought in his mind caused Xavier to pivot back so he could see the X-Men that had come with him to Washington. Now that he?d descended from the plane?s front door, Hank, Ororo, Bobby, and Jennifer were all able to make their way down the staircase as well. As they approached the bottom, Xavier took a chance to direct traffic a bit. ?If no one minds, Ororo and I will ride in the first truck. Hank, you and Bobby can accompany Jennifer in the latter vehicle.? He briefly looked over to Storm and nodded slightly, telepathically explaining his request to her. ~This way, we can speak in relative privacy.~

    Charles assumed none of his students would speak up with concerns about his travel arrangements ? Xavier anticipated that Hank would want to stay close to his personal student, and Charles got the feeling earlier that Bobby would appreciate the same courtesy as well. Looking up to the attendant behind him, Charles nodded as if to alert the young man that he was prepared to make his way to the car. The attendant obliged him and rolled Xavier the remaining few yards to the vehicle. Charles declined an offer of assistance from two of the security personnel and, in a surprisingly fluid motion, lifted himself into the back seat of the S.U.V. The wheelchair was then folded up and put in the trunk.

    Motioning for Ororo to join him, Xavier waited until all of his students were inside their respective cars before confirming with the security personnel, who also served as the driver and front seat passenger, that they could begin the remainder of their trip. The two vehicles cut across the airport runway with ease, demonstrating the kind of clearance that allowed them on the grounds to begin with. Before long, both trucks were on the road, dodging D.C. traffic on their way to the focal point of the city.

    The two men in the front seat did not speak, and thanks to a telepathic suggestion from Xavier himself, they wouldn?t be listening either. Once his mental barrier was in place, he turned to look at Ororo. ?So, my child. Tell me what?s been troubling you.?

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    Hank McCoy


    McCoy had to give the Secret Service agents credit, they showed no visible signs of shock when he exited the private aircraft. They had probably been briefed as to what to expect in Xavier?s entourage and were trained to be iron-willed as well, so it was no surprise the stoney-faced G-men wordlessly directed the gaggle of mutants towards the awaiting SUVs. Painted in government black, of course. The good doctor was not as bundled against the biting DC cold as the others thanks to his own personal (and permanent) fur lining. Other than his best charcoal three-piece business suit he wore a simple wool jacket. As they marched towards the vehicles Hanks was forced to take up two whole seats in the back row, the only space that could encompass his massive frame.

    ?You are not too warm are you, Robert?? said McCoy to his fellow instructor. He tried to break the simmering tension of being escorted by armed guards to give testimony that would likely determine the future of the mutant race with a joke. Bobby Drake was the only person Hank knew to tan in mid-December.

    He also looked at Jennifer out of the corner of his eye. Young people never seemed to be impressed by the power and majesty of the United States government, lacking a respect for its institutional mystique. He himself had espoused such thoughts in his youth. And he doubted a semi-anarchist like Roulette would be very impressed either. Could she be relied upon to control herself? He wanted to say yes. She had more or less behaved herself very well since arriving at the Institute and had earned the trust of most of the staff, McCoy among them.

    Still?. young people.

    The only thing that really concerned McCoy about this trip, besides the hearing itself, was Ororo. His friend and teammate was ill and that obviously concerned him. Storm had a will stronger than steel and to see her brought so low by whatever it was eating her was very concerning. He just hoped the Charles could aid their friend and handle Congress at the same time.
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    The plane landed and after the professor and his wheelchair were lowered to the ground, the other exited as well. As they made their way down the stairs Xavier, being the great leader that he was did a little directing, ?If no one minds, Ororo and I will ride in the first truck. Hank, you and Bobby can accompany Jennifer in the latter vehicle.? To this arrangement, Bobby had no problems as he smiled at the professor. His mind flashed back to an hour before, when he and Jennifer had been sitting next to each other on the plane doing some light flirting. Just two good-looking people getting a feel for each other.

    When Hank called Bobby over to him, Hank seemed to be concerned with Bobby?s interest in the young woman. Hank warned Bobby and told him it would not be a good idea to get involved with a student, especially one with a past such as hers. To which Bobby replied ?Come on Beast you know me? and flashed him his signature grin. ?Yes I do Robert and that is why I?m warning you my friend.? Hank said before going and sitting down next to Jennifer. Bobby figured he done enough flirting with her for now anyway and decide to go change his clothes.

    Now as Bobby stood at the bottom of the stairs in his Armani suit he hardly noticed the cold, he was Iceman after all and it would take a lot more than a cold DC day to give him the chills. Looking at the two SUV?s sent to pick them up. ?What no rims? Come on, throw some D on that ish.? He stopped himself before finishing the sentence. One of the Security guards smiled at him, the first sign of life he had seen in any of them since stepping off the plane. He knew the man had heard the song and was most likely playing it in his head. Prosser X helped himself into the SUV much to the surprise of the two security guards that had offered to help him into the vehicle.

    Hank being the biggest had to sit in the last row of seats. That left the middle seats for Jennifer and Bobby, after he sat down and put on his seat belt Hank said from behind him, ?You are not too warm are you, Robert?? to which Bobby laughed and replied, ?Actually I was getting ready to ask you the same thing buddy.?

    He then turned to Jennifer and smiled, ?If your feeling a little cold please feel free to take advantage of our complementary Bobby Drake blanket. Guaranteed to keep you hot.?

    After her response he looked towards the driver and said, ?Okay scarecrow were off to see the wizards?

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    As they were driving towards the Capitol Building, Roulette felt the freezing cold through her green designer dress. Why the hell had she bothered to change into her best outfit? It was not as if she was going to something important, was it? Due to the fierce wind, her golden earrings had jingled from the moment she got out of the plane until she stepped into the S.U.V., much to the amusement of her fellow travelers. But she knew she had to pull through this. Her time would come. But until then, she had to be strong. Or sleek. Jennifer naturally prefered the latter, which is why she chose this dress to wear on the trip. She knew sir Bobby Drake had a certain interest in her. On the plane, it had become obvious that he this interest in her was not that of a teacher for his pupils, but as something more personal. She realized this could be useful to her plans, later. Much later. For now, she simply enjoyed teasing the poor boy with glimpses of her nicely curved body and some flirty chit-chat. But this amusing fa?ade didn't mean she'd lost her sting.

    "Eh driver? Ever heard of heating?"

    The haughty tone betrayed the feelings she had hidden so well for so long now. Fearing for a moment Drake would be put off by the comment, she added an unconvincing


    Luckily, Drake appeared to be too busy chatting with McCoy to take any notice of her slipping out of her role. McCoy was sitting alone in the last row due to his size. And that's right where he belongs, she said to herself. He had clearly expressed his doubts concerning her coming along, and seemed to have noticed her subtle flirting with Bobby. If that blue-furred beast would manage to talk Bobby out of his attempts at her, he would rob her of both her fun and her chance at revenge. She could not let that happen. Beginning to brush her arms against her shoulders, she tried to attract his attention. Unsurprisingly, it worked.

    ?If your feeling a little cold please feel free to take advantage of our complementary Bobby Drake blanket. Guaranteed to keep you hot.?

    Some men are just too predictable. Turning towards Drake, she let her arms drop, exposing what could be defined as her most convincing attributes to him, covered only by the thin green dress. "I'm afraid I cannot accept that offer, Mr. Bobby. Having you so close to me would certainly get me...too hot, if you know what I mean. If fear I would make you...melt. And we don't want to make these seats wet, do we?" Jennifers spoke softly, slow and hushed. She took care to form each word, covering each one with the same layer of sweetness that had attracted and trapped so many guys before this one. His reaction was, again, predictable.

    ?Okay scarecrow, we're off to see the wizards!?

    He seemed a bit shocked by her sudden attempt, quickly changing the subject, but she knew exactly what she was doing. She may have scared him now, but before long, he would come to hit at her again, craving more. Like all guys, Drake was simple and predictable, and had an interest in her. Maybe not so much for who she really was as for her delicious body, but this didn't mattered to her. She was going to use him, and it would be fun.

    It was going to be a bumpy ride to Capitol.
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